My love, chris

My love, chris

My best friend chris and i have been friends for about 3 years now. we began to get close cuz i was making a huge effort to see his full nude body. i swear he was the most beautiful boy ive ever seen. dirty blonde/brown hair with his new style of using gel, his body looked like he was 13 but he was really 16. he didnt have much leg hair, or pitt hair, and i was dying to know about is pubes. i was 18 but i looked 16 maybe 17 puberty wise. anyway i had his sleep over my house one night out of many times. it was late october and we were both in the hot tub outside talking about how we would like to fuck a girl (of course i was gay but i was reallly good at pretending to be straight). we talked about girls than bragging about our dick sizes. i can already tell he was probably about 6' hard like me. this was never a problem taking about us jacking off cause we always talk about it. he likes to stroke the whole thing while i focus on the we talked and talked as i was getting hard (i hadnet jacked off in 2 days) and was dying to get a better look at him. everntually i finally made fun of him and said, "dude, u have no pubes." he smiled and stood up, trying to hide his boner, and pulled down his shorts reveailing the hairs that he had, he still looked so young he ahd small hairs but was noticeable from a distanced.. a beautiful site. then he surprisingly flashed me his whole area and saw his beautiful circumscised dick. then i flashed him my own cut dick and we both laughed and slashed each other. then the akward silence as we both started at eachother eyes. "you know" i said, "ive been in love with you for a long time now chris" he paused and listened more carefully. "i hoenstly beilive that you are the most beautiful boy in the world." he came closer to me and i knew what was was coming. he put his mouth on mine and we made out in passion. i took off his shorts for him as he did for me and we both touched each others rock hard dicks. mine was thicker so it looked more superior. we both decided to go back to my room and sex each other up. we didnt bother to dry ourselves and he lightly pushed me on my bed and jumped on me and continued to kiss. our dicks, touching each other and rubbing eachother. i put my hand on his head and swrived my hand in his hair. he then moved his mouth from mine and kept his mouth on my chest, then moving down to my stomach eventually to my pubes and then my dick. he began to jerk me off until he put his mouth on it and swivled his tounge around the head. i was i heaven as i kept my hand on his head and moved it across his face. i felt the urge to cum right there but i knew i could wait. he kept sucking me for like 10 minutes. i was about to cum when he stopped. it was my turn. ive waited for this moment for so long. he got on the bed and i put his legs on my shoulders and then went down to his dick and massaged his beautiful pubes and his dick. " i decied to get some of the lube be bought earlier in the year. i got it and porued over hsi dick to make it more slippery. it was rasberry flavored as i soon lathered it up and then began sucking him. i foucised on the backside of his gland and i could tell he was liking it cuz he was moaning like, "ahh,oh god tha feels good." he closed his eyes and lifted his arms to reveal his pitts. he only had like 4 hairs on them each which turned me on even more. while my mouth worked on his dick my hands rubbed his balls, hairless balls i might add and his pubes and even his ass a few time. i could tell he was about to cum but i stopped just in time. we made out for a few like 30 minutes giving our dicks a break but still hard. we then tried a 69 positon which was awsome. the feeling for my dick being sucked and sucking chris's dick at the same time was amazing. we were both ready to do anal. he went first. he dick was big but his gland was smaller than i thought it would be. he lubed it up again and slowly penatrated me in. as soon as he did he moved it in and out nice and slowly. it hurt a bit at first but then he began to reach out and kiss me at the same time to ease the pain. his balls were ram onto my ass and his pubic hair brushed my ass too. i could tell his was about to cum cause it began to throbb and his breathing began to increase. he was sweating which made it better for me to look at. he stared to pump faster and was like "ahhh, ahhh, im gonna cum." as soon as he said that he took his dick out of my ass and jacked off until he was squirting his cum all over my dick and my chest. he had thick thick cum which surprised me. he fell on top of me and we contied to kiss with the cum on our chest. i wansnt done yet and he knew it. i got him on his back with the cum still on our chest. and lifted his beautiful legs. i rubed them first and made my way to his thrights until i made it to his dick. then i lubed myself up and began to penatrate him. i had a big head to he squealled when it first went in" uggh. careful." i tried to be and like what he did to me i made out with him to distract him from the pain. i pumped my dick for like 5 minutes until i felt the rush of my cum begining to arise. ii moan" ahh, uhh," i took out my dick and jerked it closer to his face. i orgasmed like i never have before. the cum shot all over his face and hair the dribbed down to his chest and then his dick. his dick was now soft and i cleaned him up with my mouth and we slept together in bed for the rest of the night.

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