Shadows in the Storm- Part 2 of 5: Corrine, Bill, and George

Shadows in the Storm- Part 2 of 5: Corrine, Bill, and George

Bill glared at Samuel Andrews’ office, put his hand over his mouth to remind himself to not yell, and shook his head while he waited for the elevator to the lower basement hoping he was in time to catch one of the three jitneys to the lock up located at the armored car preparation area so he could drop off cash and instructions for the drivers on Friday. Once he was in the elevator he used his middle finger to press the button for the armored car floor and lifted it high in the direction of the operations manager’s office. It being Thursday at close of business, the armored car floor was a hive of activity as everyone scurried and scrambled to get things finished before start of business Friday. Two jitneys were gone and the driver for the only one still in the parking area had taken Thursday off so that he could begin a long week end. Bill still had a little time, but it was too far to walk with the case full of cash, so he would have to take his own SUV. It took 8 minutes to catch the elevator up to the unsecured personal vehicle parking floor, another 3 to walk to his vehicle, and another 2 to reach the down ramp to the lower floor. The heavy steel gate at the entry to the lower floor was already closed.


He hit the steering wheel with his fist.


Any harder, he may have broken the wheel or his hand. He punched the passenger seat, grimaced, and accepted that he was just too late. On Thursday, it was one of his routine duties to take cash and detailed instructions to the armored car lock up area so that the cars could get what they needed and depart on Friday to make their deliveries, but a continuous string of odd jobs throughout the day sent him on one rabbit chase and then another and now he was faced with two choices. The company approved choice was to store the case in the upstairs cash processing operations offices’ vault overnight and then get back to the operations center early enough Friday morning to take the items to the lower floor so that the armored cars could leave on their routes to make their cash deliveries to the member banks on time. His second choice was to carry the case with the cash home with him for the night and get back to the garage first thing Friday morning. Either way the objective was to enable the armored cars to leave at the prescribed time to deliver cash to the banks before or shortly after they opened. Taking the company’s cash home was a riskier choice but he had done it before on several occasions when he had been delayed and there had been no problems. Andrews knew that Bill did it from time to time and had even done it himself when he had to fill in for him. It was accepted if Bill did not follow the approved procedures he would have to answer for any losses.

Tomorrow was the end of the quarter, so he had a larger amount of cash in the case than normal so that the cash processing services fees would be higher for the quarter. He dropped his head, grated his teeth, looked up, and set his jaw. Now that he was out of the hellish office atmosphere he dreaded leaving the peaceful serenity the vehicle provided to return to the noisy fray of the operations center with all the bureaucratic signing in, badging in, badging out, and security issues not to mention the hassle of having to get the required permissions to open the vault outside of regular business hours and hooking up with a guard to accompany him during opening the vault.

Working with stacks of blue binders crammed full of pages of green and white striped computer print outs covered with columns and rows of numbers all day had left him mentally spent and the case on the floorboard looked secure, so he put the vehicle into first gear, and steered to the ramp up to the street to begin the drive home. He took a deep breath and blew it out.

At last!

Now that he was out of the clutches of the office, he knew it was safe for him to let go.

“Sam! You are a total asshole.

“No! You’re what comes out of an asshole!

“A turd!

“Nope! That’s way too nice a word.

“Sir! You are a piece of shit! Excrement! Feces!

“Fuck you! Fuck you! Fuck you!

“I hope you get herpes from fucking your wife! No! Your daughter!

“Nope! From fucking YOURSELF!

“Now that would be funny! To get herpes from fucking yourself!”

At last he made himself laugh. He loosened his tie, unbuttoned his collar, and switched on the radio.

The trip home was so routine that all he had to do was to mindlessly operate the vehicle. After several more deep breaths, he remembered who was there for him, his eyes softened, and he smiled.


Just keep thinking about Cory.

A strong dose of Cory is what I need.

Get home to Cory as fast as you can!

Cory tapped her two index fingers on the counter top mindlessly keeping time to one of their favorite songs and looked around the kitchen to make sure she hadn’t overlooked anything that would be a distraction when Bill got home. She inhaled deeply, held it in, and slowly let it out before calling up her go to fix, physical activity that she could focus on and then drop, whenever she was especially anxious. After sliding all four chairs back from the table, she moved the chairs clockwise around the table, pushed them back, went to the utility room, and peaked is as if Bill might magically appear. And for the second time since noon she walked to the refrigerator and counted the bottles of beer.


Why would it change?

There were three before lunch.

Three last time I checked.

Bill hasn’t been here today.

No one that would drink a beer has been here all day.

And even though she knew they had been in the frig all day, she picked up each bottle just like she did each time she did a count and wrapped her hand around it.

Good and cold!

The cold bottles reminded her. She snapped her fingers, put two soaking wet sponges in the freezer, glanced at the clock on the kitchen counter, looked over at the time on the microwave, and confirmed the time with her phone in case the other two had somehow drifted off.

Almost 545!

Darn it!

I don’t think there’s enough time for a trip to the store for more beer.

I spent too much time with my movie.

But, it was worth it.

But, it’s Thursday!

And besides, I know Bill doesn’t like the same kind of beer every time so I don’t know what he would want me to get.

She checked her phone messages and voice mail to make sure she hadn’t missed anything from Bill. If by some chance he wasn’t expecting to be home at the usual time, she would have time for a quick trip to the convenience store if she hurried and would just get something dark. Dark beer was always a safe bet but sometimes if he went he would choose something that they didn’t typically carry like a German bock or a Scottish ale. He really liked to try different beers.

There were two messages. The first was from George Simpson.

No need to read that.

George has one purpose in my life.

I was with him on Tuesday.

Bill will be home soon.

Nothing George can do will help me right now.

Just delete it.

She checked the second message. It was from Bill. He said he was on his way home and expected to be there about 5 minutes after 6.

Every time Cory thought about being with George she became disgusted with herself. When she wanted to feel loved she went to Bill. But when she wanted to make sure she had an orgasm she went to George. She worried Bill might find out and if he did he would throw her out which she felt she could deal with as just another bump in her life but the thought that her behavior might cost her his love, something that was still new and made her feel worthwhile wasn’t. That he might stop loving her worried her but her need to be satisfied sexually was an overwhelming biological force. Nothing she tried was an adequate substitute for a cock wielded by a man who knew how to fuck and make her cum. Even for her fantasy orgasms to work she needed the memory of someone fucking her good enough for her to have an orgasm.

Bill always made her feel appreciated and loved. To lose that love over anything was a punishment but to lose it because of the itch between her legs with some biker trash like George was a humiliation she didn’t want to face. Occasionally when she was really disgusted with herself, she considered leaving Bill to eliminate the possibility but every time she got close to doing so, she lost her nerve at the last minute and finally decided as long as she could she would stay with Bill and if it ever came about that he stopped loving her she would just deal with it when it happened.

Cory met George in college before Bill. After she started dating Bill, she quit seeing George but Bill was often too quick to have an orgasm and he couldn’t satisfy her sexually so she went back to fucking George. She never felt secure and safe with George like she did with Bill. George was a more sure fire, orgasm producing fuck than Bill, but Bill was the one she came to love. Occasionally, she played mind games, fantasizing about how George’s cock felt in her when she was actually fucking Bill, and when she was fucking George she fantasized that it was Bill inside her. On the occasions when she would not have an orgasm with George she would vow to never be with him again but then she and Bill would fuck, she wouldn’t cum, and she would go back to fucking George.

Having both Bill and George as lovers in college had been quite thrilling but then she came to the realization that Bill was her true love. And with that realization it had been hard for her to continue any relationship with George. But her sex drive was so strong that she continued and now she was practically addicted to it. As much as her behavior disgusted her and even though she knew it could cost her so dearly she couldn’t resist the power of her sex drive. It didn’t help that it had become so easy for her over the years and took very little planning. At most, she only needed to be with George for 20 minutes and she would be taken care of. He was always ready to fuck her and strutted around like a game cock when he was around Cory. But Cory had decided long ago that she would drop him without a moment’s hesitation if Bill could satisfy her sexually.

She selected George’s message to delete it but forgot about it as soon as she heard the rumble of the garage door rollers in the guides, the first indication that Bill was home. She waited until she heard the garage door start to close, went to the freezer and got out the partially frozen sponges, moistened the freezing cold sponges in the master bathroom sink, and pressed them against her breasts. When she heard the car door close, she dropped the sponges in the sink and shivering dried off her chest, put on her dress, and gave herself a quick look over.

The freezing cold sponges had done their job making her breasts tighter and firmer, her areolas shrunk, and her hard nipples standing proudly at attention. She walked into the kitchen just as Bill was coming in the door.

The undone tie and unbuttoned shirt collar weren’t unusual but the shoulders were more slumped than usual even for a Thursday. Bill looked worn out.

I’ve seen worse but not by much.

It’s bad.

Those beautiful sweet eyes.

He looks so tired and worn out.

But it is Thursday.

Cory started to frown but then realized that it would only make Bill feel more stress and put on her happy smile face. Bill’s eyes immediately fixated on Cory’s chest and as he looked at the shape of her breasts from her shoulders to her nipples, he took in every curve and nuance and felt the first faint prickle as his testicles began to swell and his limp penis perk up.

In the vast array of sensations Bill put that initial tingling prickle close to the top of the list. If he had his way it would last much longer. He liked it so much that he would occasionally fantasize about Cory whenever he was in a business meeting to the point that he became totally hard and if he had to get going, he would think about computer print outs or armored cars in the basement until he got rid of the erection.

She didn’t want to break his focus and would have been very content for him to grab her, take her to their bedroom, and have his way with her but thought she could say something in case he wasn’t quite ready.

“Hi Sweetheart!

“Is everything all right with you?

“I was about to go to the store for some beer.

“There are a couple in the refrigerator now. Can I get one for you now?”

Bill took in a deep breath, let it out, and forced a smile.

Cory is not the cause of your anger.

“Give me a few minutes to blow off steam.

“I’m a little tired. I spent all day looking at green and white computer print outs.

“I wish they would change the cartridges on the printers more often.

“Sometimes the print is so light and blurry that you have to compare the paper copies to the display on a computer screen.

“Anyway, everything’s adequately fine. Now anyway. The boss was in a bitchy mood all day. Every little thing seemed to irritate him. I would feel sorry for myself, but I’ve worked with that jerk for long enough to know that’s his style. He was that way with everyone today. He’s been that way all week.

“One of the new people in the office, a young woman, freshly graduated with her degree who just came to work, got chewed out for asking how he wanted something done to make sure she got it right. I felt really bad for her.

“She burst into tears and he looked like he had just reached the highest point of his day by making her cry. I wanted to punch his face.

“I worked as fast and as hard as I could and didn’t take any breaks this afternoon. And he just kept adding one odd job and then another until I didn’t have time to get the most important thing done. But for now, everything’s okay. I’ll just have to get going earlier than usual tomorrow to take care of the thing I didn’t get around to.”

Cory was working hard to keep her happy face. Looking closely at Bill made it easier. Every time she first saw Bill even if after only a few hours, she was awestruck as if she never had seen him before and her spirit soared at the thought of being loved by such a good looking super guy. He wasn’t the prettiest man she had ever seen but he was ruggedly handsome, the kind of handsome that makes you feel safe and protected, with kind, loving eyes that seemed to say “Welcome!”, a nice straight nose, a strong jaw, and a pretty mouth with full lips that always seemed to be greeting you with a sly “Glad to see you!” grin. His eyes were the first thing she noticed about him when they first met. So warm and friendly. He was lucky to naturally have an athletic build. Most other men had to spend hours in the gym to have a body like his.

She could see that the venting had relieved some of Bill’s stress and the beginnings of a genuine smile to replace the forced one.

“I love you so much.

“I hope you know that!

“Is the music too loud?”

Bill let out a deep breath and smiled at Cory.

“The music’s fine.

“I know you love me.

“I love you too.”

Cory was beginning to glow now that it seemed that she was making progress.

“I’m sorry you have to put up with all that mess from your boss.

“I wish I could do something to make it easier for you.”

Bill finally shifted his eyes away from Cory’s breasts to her hair, moved to her blue eyes, and continued to her mouth.

She is beautiful.

At the end of the day to have you waiting to greet me at home makes it all worthwhile.

How in the world did I get so lucky?

Bill’s focus moved back to Cory’s breasts. He loved the curve of her chest from her shoulders to her nipples and knew she wasn’t wearing a bra. Cory’s pretty white breasts, her pink areolas, and her dark almost purple nipples seemed to be hanging from the petals and his awareness that those were separated from his touch by only a thin layer of soft cotton cloth was what Cory had hoped for. The first glance had begun making him hard and he continued to fill his mind with the way she looked, how she smelled, and how she sounded causing the space left for the stresses and pressure of the work day that had ended less than an hour earlier to shrivel and shrink into nothingness.

Shoulder length ash brown hair, sparkling deep blue eyes, beautiful lips, gorgeous face, great tits.

I want to feel her pressed against me, touch her with my hands, and hold her body against me when I enter her.

“Sweetheart, you’re my reward for working so hard. Coming home to you every day is like hitting the jackpot and makes it all worthwhile.”

Flushed, Cory shifted her eyes downward briefly and quickly looked up at Bill.

“That’s so sweet for you to say.

“Do you know how good it makes me feel to hear you say that?

“Why don’t you put that case down so I can show you how sweet I think that is?”

Bill dropped the case so that it landed with a soft thud and licked his lips as Corrine moved close enough for him to feel the heat from her body when she put her hands on his shoulders and pushed him down to sit on the nearest chair. His eyes were level with the nipples he had been staring at just seconds before. He wondered if he could look at one nipple with one eye and the other nipple with his other eye. He winked at each breast. Cory leaned forward so that the front of the dress sagged, teased him with sweet small kisses starting at the corners of his mouth, and then firmly kissed his mouth.

I love that dress!

She has the greatest tits.

No bra.

I want to make those bounce!

She winked at Bill with each eye, then with both eyes, and started singing one of his favorites.

“Scotch and soda.

“Mud in your eye.”

Bill grinned at her.

Cory winked at Bill again with each eye and continued to sing.

“All I need is one of your smiles.

“Can you give me one of those?”

Bill winked at her and smiled.

“I love that smile.”

She could see little stress in his face now. He touched her chin to draw her closer. It was stimulating and soothing at the same time. He started to move his hand away so she covered his hand with hers to keep his hand on her.

“Don’t stop, baby!

“I’ve been needing to feel you touching on me all day!”

She bent down to kiss him a bit more firmly on the corners, then lightly on each side of his mouth, and when he parted his lips she slid his lower lip between her lips so that their lips overlapped.

He moved his hand to the back of her neck to keep their lips together and let her go after he gently bit her lip and noisily smacked her lips.

“I’ve been needing you all day but never more than right now!”

She started singing another of his favorites.

“Let me entertain you!

“Let me make you smile!

“I’ll do some old tricks and then some new tricks.

“I’m very versatile.”

“Show me some tricks, lady.”

Sure that Bill’s playful, naughty sense of humor was back, Cory slid her hand under her left breast, lifted it, and dropped it.

“Do you know what this is, mister?

“It’s been hanging around all day.”

“Maybe if you show me, I’ll recognize it.”

Corrine slid the left side of the dress down, lifted her left breast again, and dropped it


“It won’t stay put.

“Now do you know what it is?

“I got another one like it.”

“I don’t believe you. There can be only one like that one. You better let me see for myself!”

Corrine slid the right side of her dress down to her waist, lifted her right breast, shook it, and then dropped it.


“I even tried to wake it up!”

“Why don’t you do that again?”

Cory lifted both breasts as high as she could and dropped them.

“They won’t stay put.

“Would you like to see if you can get them to cooperate?”

“Yes. Please.

“Why don’t you come closer and let me have a try?”

Corrine put her hands on Bill’s shoulders to steady herself and started rocking forward then back sliding the inside of her knees along the outside of his legs. He squeezed one breast, lifted it, and dropped it.

“That one seems well behaved to me.”

She moved her other breast to his mouth.

“See if you can get this one to behave.”

He flicked the nipple with his tongue, then put his mouth around the nipple and half her breast. The combination of her hard nipple and soft breast in his mouth with her feminine smell being so strong, he was totally hard. He looked at Cory.

“Their behavior seems perfectly acceptable to me.

“But since there are two, I don’t know which is my favorite.”

“You don’t have to choose! They’re both here for you. And just like me, both are happy to have you paying attention to them.”

It wouldn’t have mattered, but Bill was making no attempt to hide the hard bulge in his pants. Cory puckered her lips and blew Bill an air kiss.

“That’s not all I have.

“Do you want to see what else?”

Cory licked her lips and winked at Bill.

“You don’t seem to mind.

“I’ll decide for you if you will permit me.

“Maybe you’ll see something that interests you.”

All day long Bill had been holding himself in check, suffocating, suffering silently like all the other office workers in the stale, musty cash operations office. But now that noxious, stifling atmosphere was being shattered into millions of broken pieces and the pieces ground into a cloud of dust particles so minute that they no longer had any identity by themselves.

Cory knew Bill liked what he saw when he walked into the kitchen and she was radiant. And just like the cold sponges, the dress had done its job so that she didn’t care what happened to it now and would have been quite happy for Bill to rip it off her, carry her into the bedroom over his shoulder like a brute, and fuck her until she was too sore and worn out to move.

She slid the bottom of the dress up to her waist, squatted with her hands clamped around his waist, and pushed her hips forward to press herself against Bill’s erection.

“Would you let me rest myself against you?”

Bill moved hands to the back of Cory’s butt to hold her tightly against him. The cotton felt good and he could feel how firm and warm her butt was. He moved one hand to rest on her hip.


She feels so good!

Cory unbuttoned Bill’s shirt and slid her hand inside to touch Bill’s chest.

“I sure like your chest.”

She pulled him tightly against her flattening her breasts against his bare chest. He put his hands behind her back and held him tightly against her.

“That feels so good.”

She kept rocking her chest against him.

“I have a special request.”

“Yes mister?”

“Would you pinch my nipples?”

Cory leaned down and nibbled Bill’s right and then his left nipple.

“Is that what you have in mind?”

“You can keep doing that!”

She moved her mouth up to Bill’s neck and gently nibbled from the bottom of his neck to his nipples.

“Do you like that?”

Just twenty minutes earlier Bill had entered the room like a tired warrior after a battle having to force himself forward, each step requiring effort just to place one foot in front of the other. But now the touch of Corrine’s fingertips trailing across the back of his head, the feel of her body pressed against his, the sound of her breathing, her intoxicating female fragrance, and the taste of her lips was like a coordinated attack on all fronts destroying and annihilating each of the irritating memories, pushing them into the gutter to be washed into the drain where they would vanish into oblivion. He slid his hand up along the back of her neck, entwined his fingers in strands of her soft hair, pulled them to his nose, and inhaled deeply. The little remnant of the slightly sweet perfume fragrance of the shampoo she used was subtle, intoxicating, sensual. He continued taking in the sweet scent, letting the warmth of Corrine’s embrace flow through him, and he pulled her more tightly against him letting the soft heat of her body surround him. Cory kept pressing her chest against him so that with each movement he could feel her breasts pressing into his chest. Corrine loved to feel Bill’s arms controlling her, relentlessly pulling her to him as if she were being totally consumed and devoured by him.

Bill knew he needed to slow things down to keep from getting overexcited, prolonging their intercourse, giving Corrine time to have an orgasm, but after his workday, he was tired and unable to hold himself back as Corrine softly wove the erogenous strands of her greeting into an atmosphere of complete arousal. Bill gave up, allowing himself to be swept along with Corrine controlling the pace of their lovemaking.

Cory loved getting Bill hot and the hotter she got him the hotter she became. She leaned forward and softly whispered into Bill’s ear.

“Hey mister!

“Do you want to fuck me?”

“Uh, huh!”

“I’ll take that as a yes.

“Are you going to fill me up?”


Cory unfastened his belt, hooked her fingers around the waist band, and pushed everything below his waist down to his ankles leaving Bill naked above his ankles. With access to Bill from his feet to his waist, she put one hand on the small of his back then squeezed each butt cheek, trailed the fingers of one hand down between his cheeks, and put her hand around his testicles.

“I like your ass.


“Yes madam.”

“I like your toys. Will you let me play with them?”

“I wish you would!”

She wrapped one hand around his penis and started slowly sliding her hand up to the tip and then back to the base and used the fingertips of her other hand to fondle his testicles.

“That feels so good.”

“Yes sir! You certainly do.”

She moved the hand that had been stroking his testicles to grasp the base of Bill’s cock steadying it and flattened the palm of the hand she had been using to stroke his cock to press against the tip, rotating it in a circle one way, then the other, gently compressing and stimulating the sensitive tip.

As Bill’s preliminary fluid prepared the path for the flow of his cum into her that would soon take place she felt the slight bit of wetness form.

“Are you going to cum inside me?”

“Yes, I am!”

Pressing down harder with her palm on the tip, Cory cupped her fingers together around the top part of the shaft and slid her fingertips toward the tip. On several occasions she had used her hand to stimulate Bill to the point that he had an orgasm and since she did not want for that to be the case tonight, she moistened Bill’s penis with her tongue, and then blew gently from the base to the tip. The sudden coolness was enough for him to lose focus.

I thought he’d like that!

“I want to feel you inside me.

“I think I may be too small for your dick.

“I’m afraid you’ll hurt me.

“Are you going to hurt me?”

“I don’t want to hurt you!

“I want to fuck you!”

“Would you please? It hurts so good!

“Fuck me until it hurts!

“Any way you want!

“As much as you want.

“But please, please!

“Fuck me! Fuck me! Fuck me!”

Cory’s seductive cooing was elevating Bill’s arousal higher and higher, pushing him closer and closer to having an orgasm. With very little more stimulation she knew he would ejaculate whether he was inside her or not. She quickly stood up, took the rest of her clothes off, put the tip inside her, and lowered herself until she had pierced herself with half of him inside her. Bill grabbed her waist, pressed down, and thrust his erection inside her as deeply as he could. Corrine knew what Bill sounded like when he was close to orgasm and knew he would likely cum very soon. And as much as she wanted him to not reach an orgasm before her, she knew that it likely that it would not happen like that.

She loved every aspect of Bill fucking her, but she did have her favorite parts. One of her favorites was the change in Bill’s face when his orgasm was only several seconds away. The closer he got to a climax, the more savage and animal like his face became. She had thought about the look on his face and compared it to a broadcast of a wild animal feeding. He looked like a hungry wolf may after a hunt, tearing off chunks of flesh, swallowing one chunk, and then another and another until the victim had been stripped completely bare of flesh leaving only bones.

The feeding frenzy which began just a short time earlier with their appetizer like teasing was now about complete as Bill’s wanton desire continued to be satiated by devouring Cory. The first several times she watched the transformation as they made love and when he was about to cum the look of savagery frightened her. But now she longed to see it. It made her feel as if Bill’s lust would only be satisfied by totally consuming her. She had never been able to come up with just the right words to describe it, so she avoided even talking to anyone about it. When he was in the midst of his orgasm, he was capable of only animal like groans and savage guttural groans like a beast during a harsh winter feeding after a brutal hunt.

Cory’s was almost there and from his movements and the sounds he was now making knew that his orgasm was imminent. If she could reach her orgasm very soon they would cum at the same time. The sudden backward jerk of his hips and then the powerful thrust forward as if he was trying to push his penis all the way through her was quickly followed by a sudden, uncontrolled quiver of his buttocks as he came inside her flooding her cervix.

So close!

We were so close.

She waited until she felt him start to withdraw, slid back along his thighs to kneel between his knees on the floor, put her mouth around him, and used the soft pointed tip of her tongue to extract the remaining bit of cum from the tip.

With her throat as relaxed as she could make it, she pushed as much of his penis into her mouth as she could, waited until he became totally soft, and starting with the tip of his penis continued up along his chest to finish by kissing him firmly on the mouth.

“Thank you, baby!

“That was delicious.”

Unable to focus he shook his head to clear it.

Cory leaned forward and whispered in his ear.

“Now I’m going to go get some beer for you.

“Do you care what kind?”

He shook his head again.


“I’ll be back in a little while. Do you want me to get a beer for you from the fridge?”

Bill shook his head.

“I’ll take care of that.”

“I’ll make dinner when I get back. I’m planning on pan grilling rib eyes. We have a little cold ham and cream potatoes in the refrigerator right now. Do you want me to warm some up for you before I go for beer?”

He looked like he was about to fall asleep.

Cory kissed Bill,

“You do whatever you want to.

“Okay then.

“I’ll be back in a bit!”

Cory, swollen, Bill’s cum dripping from her vagina, slipped her dress back on, and grabbed a pair of high waist all cotton panties from the hamper in the utility closet before walking out the door with a roll of paper towels. Sex with Cory was exactly what Bill needed to push all of the pent up stresses and frustrations of the work day out of his mind and he was still floating in a trance when Cory left for the beer run.

Embarrassed by her very own sexuality and even though there was no one else in the garage, she ducked behind the rover to wipe up cum that had flowed out of her, pulled on her panties, and fumbled with the SUV remote before finally managing to drag herself into the driver’s seat to make a beer run.

I almost made it!

The sticky feeling between her legs that hadn’t been there before Bill got home was screaming at her and letting her know in no uncertain terms that there was unfinished business. She turned the mirror so that she could see herself and shrugged her shoulders.


She shot the finger at the face in the mirror.

Damn it!

Fuck you!

The face in the mirror staring back at her disgusted her so she turned it so that she couldn’t see herself. She balled up her fist as if she wanted to hit something. Anything would do. She slapped herself on her right cheek, then her left cheek, and wacked herself with glancing blows on both sides of her mouth with each hand.

I could wait for Bill to fuck me again, but it’s Thursday, he’s tired, and I don’t think he’ll be able to fuck me again tonight.

And even if he can and I don’t cum I’ll be even more frustrated.

I’d rather not jack off.

Bill has three cold beers and some cold ham and potatoes.

I should be able to get this done and be back before he notices.

She backed out of the drive, stopped about a half block past the corner, and quickly skimmed George’s earlier message before she sent a reply.

“Meet me at the park!”

She waited 30 seconds.

No response.

Maybe he’s doing some drug deal or who knows what?

He’s supposed to be my go to fuck.

Am I not going to be able to get a good fucking tonight?

I need an orgasm.

Hear me!

I need a fucking orgasm!

I need a good fucking!

She waited another 30 seconds and sent a follow up.


Damn it!


It’s a crappy choice!

Shitty actually!

But maybe I’ll have to just jack off!

She shifted into drive to continue the beer run, but then she heard the beep that she had a call, stopped, and picked up the phone.



“I’ll meet you there!”

Cory was his first choice but after no reply to his earlier text, George went to the pool joint on the corner assuming he would either have to fuck one of the bar flies or get blasted. So, he did both. Bonnie was the pool joint pincushion. About the only time you couldn’t stick your dick in Bonnie was if she already had someone inside the hole you wanted to use. And then you only needed to wait until whoever she had inside her finished and then fuck her. Or if you were really in a hurry and she had a free hole you could fuck her, drop your load inside her pussy, mouth, or ass and then be on your way. It wasn’t unheard of for Bonnie to take care of three guys at once. Her record for the number of guys she had serviced at one time was four. The first guy fucked her in the ass, the second guy put it in her mouth, and then two more fucked her pussy. She had once taken on all the football players from the home team and then the visiting team in that team’s dressing room after a home coming game. On her 18th birthday she was in the joint as a nine ball tournament was going on. Whenever a player lost a game, as a consolation prize he got to fuck her on the table before the balls were racked for the next game. By the end of the tournament she had fucked all 12 entrants whether they lost or won. Every year on her birthday she tried to increase the number of guys she fucked and the number of tournament participants continued to grow each year. A lot of the entrants didn’t even know how to play nine ball and they lost on their first game. She had changed her priorities when she turned 22 so that last years champion got to start the tournament for the next year by fucking Bonnie in the poker room before the first game. On her 26th birthday 3 years ago she set her personal best record with 28. The big joke in the hall was that Bonnie had more balls sunk in her than all the other pockets in the hall combined.

After a joint, six beers, and 20 minutes fucking Bonnie doggy style with her bent over cartons of toilet paper and boxes of paper towels in the storage room, George was sufficiently blasted and fucked out to stagger home and crash. At least he had the sense to leave the Nomad at home and walk to the bar. Cory’s text woke him. Still loaded, he stumbled to the bathroom, splashed water on his face, and shook his head to finish waking up. He was already thinking about Cory and how good it was going to be to fuck her in just a little while.

He finished admiring himself in the mirror, cinched up his pants, and gave himself three “Hip, hip, hooray!” cheers while he sauntered out to his motorcycle. For tonight he would ride without a helmet so that he could look more macho.

Bill thinks he’s so smart but I’m the smart one!

He works his ass off and I fuck his woman!

I’d like to have been there when my mom shoved it in his mom’s face that Bill’s dear darling Cory, his sweet little wife, has been getting me to fuck her from before they met in college.

And I’m still fucking her.

The reason she comes to me, Bill, is that you’re a lousy fuck and don’t know the first thing about how to satisfy that horny little bitch.

Let him work his ass off. When Corrine needs a good fucking, she comes to me.

I think it’s great!

When Bill licks that whore’s pussy it’s like he’s licking my dick!

It was a typical early Thursday evening at the park. Cool but clear, empty except for a few people who were there minding their own business, and making it their business to keep the noses of others out of their business. Cory parked in the secluded spot she and George used on Tuesday but since it was a little cool and the temperature dropping she left the motor idling and the heater on a low-medium setting. She touched herself to see if any cum had leaked out on the drive to the park, found nothing, but used one of the moist wipes she kept in the back and the paper towels she grabbed on the way to her SUV anyway.

George often used the park for his drug dealing and lived only a few minutes away. As soon as he finished his awards ceremony acceptance speech, he rode to the park and stayed out of sight until he saw that Corrine had parked so that he could make his grand entrance, revving the engine excessively to broadcast his arrival as he rode up and parked in front of Cory’s SUV. As soon as she saw George’s motorcycle driving up, she gave herself a final look of disgust in the mirror, hung her head, and gritted her teeth.

Just get it done as quick as possible slut!

Still grinding her teeth, she slid into the back of the SUV, hiked up her dress, and started finger fucking herself so that she could cum and be on her way as soon as possible. George opened the rear hatch, clambered in, and flopped down next to her.

Corrine had no time to waste. She grabbed the back of George’s head, pushed him down to her crotch, and shoved her vagina up so that he could stimulate her clitoris with his tongue.

He looked heavy eyed as if he had been sleeping. She wondered if he was awake enough to fuck her and thought she might need to give him some coaxing to wake him up, so he would fuck her, and she could get going.

“Damn, baby!

“You do it so good!”

Even though she was already hot from fucking Bill and her own finger fucking, she knew that George’s tongue licking her clitoris would only get her so far.

A man’s hard cock ramming my cunt fast and hard is what I need and not some drawn out turtle dove cooing, romantic, foreplay crap.

An ORGASM is what I’m here for and the sooner I can get that the better.

She turned him to lay on his back and put her mouth around his dick.

How about that Bill?

She’s sucking MY dick!

Corrine licked George’s dick with her tongue and nibbled the tip with her teeth to get him hard like she wanted him to be. She grabbed his dick and gave it a good squeeze.

Hard enough!

She put her hands on his shoulders, slid up along his hips, pushed the tip of his erection inside, waited a couple of seconds, and pushed down one more time to take him completely inside her.

Corrine, you are a terrific fuck.

And George. You are one lucky son of a bitch.

And Bill. You may be successful in your job and be married to Corrine but I’m the one she comes to when she needs a good fucking!

Like she had with Bill a short time earlier, Corrine set the pace, rotating her hips, grinding George against her clit, and now the orgasm she needed was happening. George felt the series of her vaginal contractions squeezing his cock and came deep inside her.

12 minutes after he joined her in the back of the SUV, they cleaned up with the moist wipes and paper towels, zipped up, and Corrine was ready to resume her beer run. He climbed out and looked around as if he were about to address a crowd of adoring fans. Cory had already moved to the driver’s seat, rolled down the window, and was adjusting the heater.

“Tell Bill I said thanks.”

Cory’s head snapped around to look directly at George.

“What? What did you say?”

“Tell Bill thanks for letting me fuck his wife.”

She shook her head in disbelief and growled through her clinched teeth.

“Do you really think that would do anything positive?

“We both got what we came here for didn’t we?”

Wide eyed and stunned, George looked at his bike wishing he had just left instead of saying anything to try to pump up his ego. He hunched his shoulders and looked back at Cory with a nervous grin wondering how he would salvage the situation.

“Don’t be such a prude.

“Yeah! We got what we’re here for.

“How come you didn’t answer my text?”

Cory finished straightening her dress and shrugged her shoulders.

It was not the meek, helpless intimidated female reaction George had been hoping for. He puckered his forehead and decided to give Cory another poke to try to get the response he wanted.

“You know what?

“Bill’s mom is always acting so high and mighty around my mom.

“Maybe the next time I get together with my mom I’ll tell her what we do and she can pass that along to Bill’s mom.

“Maybe I’ll tell her that even on your wedding day, I fucked you.

“What do you think about that?”

Cory shook her head harder this time, rolled her eyes up remembering a time when the three of them were in college, and George got into a verbal put down contest with Bill only to be crushed before he knew it. She was confident that any direct assault George could make on Bill would end just as miserably for him. George could only hurt Bill by hurting someone he cared a lot about like his mother.

She set her jaw. Instantly, her mind was made up. Tight lipped, she turned to look at George. It would be no contest for Cory. If she felt Bill’s love for her was at risk, she would end her relationship with George right then and there. But she needed to think about what she had to do to keep George from hurting Bill’s mother and using that to get to Bill.

“I would tell Bill that you aren’t anything but a liar.

“That I never have fucked you since he and I started dating in college.

“That he is a better fuck than you ever were.

“What do you think about that?

“And who do you think he would believe?

“Me who he loves?

“Or you?”

George’s off-hand ego pumping remark was exploding in his face. She was one of the classiest women he knew and he didn’t want to stop fucking her, but his male vanity was wounded and he desperately needed to recover some amount of male pride.

“Do you want to find out?

“I have pictures of your SUV with my motorcycle parked behind it here at the park.

“I’ll give my mom the pictures and she can show them to Bill’s mom.”

George pulled out his cell phone to show Cory the pictures.

Cory laughed so hard that George shoved his phone back into his pocket before he had turned it on.

“Anyone can take pictures dumb ass. They don’t prove anything except you can take a picture with your phone.

“Do you know that before I came here tonight that Bill fucked me?

“And that just before you licked my pussy, his cum was dripping from me?

“And that you swallowed some of his cum?

“Did it taste good?

“What do you think about that?”

“I think that’s a lie.”

“Why else do you think I was already so tight and wet?

“Are you really so dumb to think it was me thinking about fucking you?”

George’s eyes darted around not knowing how to recover from the situation he had put himself in.

This is turning into a mess.

He wanted to think that when Bill licked Cory it was like he was licking his dick and maybe swallowing some of his cum but Cory’s explanation of why she was already so wet and tight left him shocked. The bike wasn’t going to save him so he looked at the picnic table hoping it would save him, gave up and turned back to face Cory still hoping to say something clever, and regain some self-esteem.

“Well, slut!

“Before I came here tonight I fucked Bonnie doggy style.”

Cory clapped her hands and howled.


“Fucking a dog like table top Bonnie?

“Was there another nine ball tournament?

“Was she awake or passed out?

“What number were you?”

George looked like he had just had the hell beaten out of him. Cory looked at him for a long time.

Let him go or he may actually do something you’ll regret.

It took almost a minute for her to compose herself. She turned back to George.

Now is not the time to tell him that he’s nothing to me except a stupid fuck monkey!

Nothing but the life support system for a dick!

“Do you want this to be the last time you got to fuck me?

“So, go back to your sleazy, cheap bar maids that reek of stale tobacco and cheap booze with their rotten teeth, overdone make up, and dirty hair.

“Think about it George.

“Did you just have the last time with this classy lady!”

George looked hopeful that he might yet salvage his pride.

“Well, maybe I don’t really want to fuck you anymore.

“And maybe I think it would be the classy thing to tell Bill’s mom what kind of slut Bill’s darling Cory really is.”

Cory knew George well enough to know that he was nothing more than a bag of hot air. She ground her teeth angry at herself for allowing herself to be put into such a vulnerable position.

It was totally distasteful for her, but she thought the smart and best thing for her would be to give in, wave the white flag, surrender. At least for now.

She leaned forward palms ups to offer a truce to end the spat.

“Why did you start this?

“Don’t you like fucking me?

“You don’t have to pay any bills or take me on any dates. You get to fuck me. You don’t have to do much except stick your dick in me. Is that not enough for you?”

Anxious to confirm that he had managed to get to a position that victory was within his grasp, George lifted his eyebrows and extended his neck forward.

“Well, next time I send you a text message you better answer quicker.”

Cory thought he seemed calmer, like his ego had been stroked sufficiently, and she sensed that any threat had passed.

“I will but I still have to be a bit discreet.

“You do understand that don’t you?”

She thought one final stroke would be sufficient to drive the final nail in.

“Bill? Well he pays the bills but YOU’RE the clever one. You. His wife runs to you and YOU get to fuck her all the time.”

She threw out a final chunk of bait to shut George up and seal the deal.

“Maybe we should take a trip together?”

George nervously glanced at Cory.

“And you’ll pay?”

Cory let out a deep sigh realizing she was out of danger.

“Yes. Let’s plan to make it happen soon.

“Make sure you have a valid passport.”

With his pride recovered he strutted back to his bike.


Maybe I’ll get a nice trip out of this as well as fucking Cory.

And she’ll pay!

She was still shaking when she could no longer see the bike’s tail lights. After putting the SUV in reverse instead of drive, she managed to calm herself down enough to finish the beer run. Most of the time if she were going to fuck George to get her orgasm fix, she would have done so much earlier in the day like she had on Tuesday so that she had time to thoroughly enjoy the warm afterglow feeling that always followed. But tonight, the spat with George left her shaking and no time to coast. All the way back to their house she kept snatching glances at her reflection to practice making a carefree face for Bill to see.

The stickiness between her legs was no longer there only because of Bill and it disgusted her. She had already accepted that her behavior might be the end of Bill loving her, but the thought of George hurting Bill because of her was paramount.

This has gotten too risky.

Cory, you need to end this with George.

Neutralize him.

Do not let him get to Bill because of you!

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