The Sex Shop – story 16

The Sex Shop – story 16

Firstly, my name is Lucy and I’m 24, 5ft 5 with long thick blond hair, 32b breasts and I weighed at that time about 110. Most people would say I was nicely put together, my ex always said I was well fuckable. I didn’t find it difficult to get guys. They just came to me and I had difficulty saying no. Young, old, good looking, ugly, thin or fat. If they had a dick I needed it inside me.

I’d been working at the brothel for a little more than four months and I was still fucking Faith’s Dad whenever he came to London for business. But there were some days when that just wasn’t enough. I hadn’t worked for three days and it was mid week, which basically meant I hadn’t fucked for three days. I know that that doesn’t sound like a very long time to go without, but for me, a girl who needs to be fucked or finger fucked (at the very least) on a daily basis it felt like an eternity.

It was periods like this that I felt unsure of myself. Days when I knew I’d have difficulty in controlling my urges and I’d do something stupid like fuck a stranger in an alleyway or go into a bar I hadn’t been in before, wait till a guy tried to chat me up and then ask him to take me somewhere and fuck me. Often that would be in the toilets of said bar, the back seat of a car, behind some bushes or on one occasion bent over a wheelie bin.

My heart was pounding in my chest and it felt like my blood was boiling inside me. I checked out guys walking past me in the street wondering how it’d feel to have them inside me. My knickers were soaking wet as I turned the corner and felt a wave of relief. There was a sex shop on the corner. I remembered seeing it before but I’d never been in. I’d been to a few sex shops before and I knew a lot of them had cabins where you could pay to watch porn. I had a vibrator in my bag so at the very least I thought I could get myself off before continuing on my mission to do some grocery shopping.

I walked straight into the shop without looking around outside and closed the door behind me. I surveyed the shop. There was one guy I could see checking out some DVDs. He was maybe 55. I walked past him and looked at the title. ‘Daddy does teen’.

I walked to the counter. There was a younger guy, maybe 30 behind it. He looked up at me and smiled.

“We don’t get a lot of women in here,” he said. “Especially women who look like you.”

I smiled. “Thanks. Eemm, do you have cabins here?’ I asked.

“To watch films?. No, sorry. We have a porn cinema down stairs. But there are normally a few guys down there wanking themselves off.”

“That’s ok,” I replied. “How much is it?”

“Normally it’s £10, but you can just go down if you want,” he smiled.

He pointed out the stairwell and I started towards it. He called me back before I got there. The old guy looking at the DVDs left the shop and we waited for the door to close. “You know, if you go through the door on the left there’s a glory hole.”

He smiled at me. “If you want.” He added.

I looked around. “There’s no one here.”

“Someone walks in every 5 minutes around here.” He held up his hands and added, “ it’s up to you.”

I turned and walked away towards the stairs, but the idea of doing a glory hole was making me wet. Just before I reached the stairs I changed direction and went through the door. I was inside a small closet, with just enough room for a stool. I sat in front of the stool and looked directly into a dark hole. I sat and waited for what seemed like an hour, but was probably only a few minutes.

I was a little scared and excited. I hitched my skirt around my legs pulled my panties off. I sat back down on the cold stool and played with my clit. Suddenly a dim light came on on the other side of the hole. I looked through but all I could see in front of me was a pair of jeans so I pulled my head away and waited. I knew the guy behind the counter was wearing shorts and so I wondered who was on the other side of the hole.

I semi-hard cock poked through the hole. It was big and black even semi-hard. I wrapped my fingers around it and massaged it to full erection while the voice on the other side moaned. I took the cock in my mouth and licked the tip. I spat on his cock and rubbed my saliva up and down before deep throating him as best I could with the wall pressed against my head. I rubbed my clit as my head bounced up and down on his cock sucking and licking while massaging the base with my hand. I heard him moan and thrust his cock forward as much as he could.

“Suck it slut. Suck my big black cock like a good little whore,” he shouted.

I wanked and sucked him harder, egged on by his filthy mouth.

“Harder slut.”

Then I felt it. His hot sticky, salty spunk striking the back of my throat and coating my tongue.

“Drink my cum you filthy bitch.”

I swallowed as fast as I could, but rope after rope splashed out of his japs eyes. I chocked and pulled away as the last squirt struck my lips. I caught my breath and licked his black cock clean.

When he pulled his cock back through the hole I stood up and pulled my skirt down. I picked up my knickers, wiped the cum off my face and then I slipped them into my handbag and turned to leave. That’s when another cock came through the hole. It was big and white and attached to grey pubes. I couldn’t go without giving the old guy a day to remember so I sat back down. I drank the old guys cum, then another three guys after that before I opened the door and left.

I looked around the shop, the guy was still standing behind the counter. He gave me a dirty smile and I wondered if I drunk his cum. The though that I might have, got my pussy tingling. The idea that I might have let him cum in my mouth but I didn’t know if I had or not was exciting. So much so, even with five different loads of cum in my stomach, I was hornier than when I walked into the shop.

I smiled back at the guy behind the counter and went down the stairs. I could hear the sounds of fucking coming up the stairs. It was obviously a porn film. I stopped at the bottom of the stairs. There was a guy stood I front of me. His back towards me looking at the film on the big screen. I walked up behind him. With the noise of the film he didn’t hear me or see me. He was lent against the left wall of the passage and I could see that he was rubbing his cock as fast as he could.

I stepped up beside him; lent my stomach against his right side and looked at him. He was a shocked to see me standing there so I reached out and grabbed his cock knocking his hand away. I wanked him hard and fast and his left hand went for my tits. Pushing inside my red v neck t-shirt he squeezed them hard. His right hard went around me, found the hem of my skirt and inched it up around my waist. He pushed and finger up my arse and a moaned.

I looked across, from right to left. There were maybe thirty seats. Three older guys sat, watching the film slowly rubbing there cock. Then I noticed the fourth, just a half meter away to my right. His left had reached out and rubbed up the inside of my legs until he found my pussy and massaged my clit with his fingers.

Suddenly the guy standing in front of me moaned and his cum flew from his cock as I continued to rub it frantically. His spunk coating the aisle between the two sides of the cinema. He turned away and almost ran back toward the stairs.

I felt a pair of hands around my waist. “Cum here bitch,” he said and pulled me down into the seat. My back pressed against his stomach. I dropped on top of his cock.

“Wait,” I moaned.

“Shut the fuck up. The only reason a girl like you comes to a place like this is to get fucked. So stop fidgeting and let me get my cock in you.”

I stopped moving and I felt him directing his hard cock towards my pussy. But before I could do anything he used all his strength to pull me tightly against him, thrusting his hard cock straight up into my arse.

I screamed out in pain. I couldn’t believe how much it hurt. And yet it felt so good to have this stranger inside me. Then I noticed the other three men in the cinema. All looking at me, alerted by my scream.

The guy with his dick in my arse signalled for them to come over. They all stood in at the same time and walked towards us, there cocks out.

When they stopped in front of me the guy behind me said. “This filthy slut came to get gang fucked. Help me get her cloths off.”

The guys in front of me pulled at my t-shirt, pulling it over my head leaving me just wearing my red bra. With each movement I rode up and down on the cock in my arse. Feeling it ripping the flesh inside me each time he tried to thrust up inside me. He unclipped my bra and suddenly my tits were out in the low light.

One of the guys must have been close because he stepped up and shot his cum on to my tits before directing his cock into my mouth so I could suck it clean. He buttoned up his trousers and left.

When he was gone one of the others said “What a waist. I’m going to cum in her cunt.”

He quickly pulled his trousers off and climbed into a position in front of me. With some manoeuvring of my little body his slowly pushed his big fat cock into my tiny little cunt stretching it wide.

I lent back as they lifted my legs over the seat in front. I was now sandwiched between these two strangers and with each hard thrust of a cock in my cunt my body lifted off the cock in my arse and then dropped back down onto it as the guy in front pulled his cock from my cunt.

He fucked my cunt harder and faster forcing my arse up and down on the second cock filling me.

“Ahhhh,” I creid. “Don’t stop. Fuck me harder. Please,” I begged.

I could feel tears running down my face as the road me like a cheap slut. “I feel like a real slut,” I moaned. “I’m a whore,” I creid out.

“You’re a fucking filthy slag,” the guy behind me shouted.

“I’m cumming,” they shouted in unison and I felt a hot stream of spunk flow into my arse. A second later a second thick load of cum filled me cunt.

“She a fucking cum filled slag is what she is,” the other said as his cock dropped from my cunt.

I screamed out loud as I orgasmed. My arse clamped down on the cock inside it and my pussy lips vibrated as cum dripped out of it. Everything went white for a second and then they tipped me onto the floor in the aisle. Stood up and started to get dressed.

The final guy, the only one who hadn’t cum looked down at me on the floor. His cock was out and hard. I rolled onto my back and opened my legs for him. It didn’t seem fair to let every guy here either fuck m of cum on me and leave him unsatisfied.

He dropped down on top of me positioned his dick at the opening to my cunt and pushed his old cock inside me. He was easily the oldest guy here, 65, maybe a little older. I was surprised my the force he used to drive his cock inside me and pull it out again before fucking me rigorously. He breathed heavily as he thrust away.

I cried out as I came again.

“Fuck her old timer,” one of the guys said.

“Yes, fuck that young cunt,’ the other shouted and then they walked away.

“Call me Granddad,” he mumbled into my ear as he continued to thrust his hips, ploughing his dick into my cunt.

“Fuck me Granddad, please,” I begged. “Make me cum Granddad.”

I moaned as he fucked me. “I’m cumming,” I screamed; arched my back and tipped my head back I let out the loudest scream as I came for the final time.

Then I felt my pussy filling with hot spunk as the old man collapsed on top of me. “Thank you little girl.”

“That’s’ ok Granddad. You made me cum.”

He smiled at me before climbing to his feet and putting his cock away. He left without saying another word. I slowly got dressed and made my way up the stairs. When I arrived at the top I could see it was dark outside.

“I’m just closing up,” the cashier said.

“So much for getting some shopping done,” I said.

“Do you want to go for a drink?” he asked.

“A drink or do you want to fuck me?” I asked.

“Ok, I want to fuck you,” he replied. “But you look exhausted.”

“How about we get a drink,” I smiled, “then you can take me back to your place. Then I can take a shower before you take your turn,” I replied.

“As long as I get to fuck you tonight,” he smiled.

“You can fuck me all night. I think I’ll be too tired to go home by the time you’ve finished with me.”

He grabbed his coat and keys from the table. “Let’s go,” he said and grabbed a DVD from behind the bar.

“Where we going to get a drink,” I enquired.

“My place,’ he smiled.

“So much for giving me the time to get some rest.”

“Don’t worry, I got us a film to watch.”

I looked at the title ‘teenage gangbang’ and smiled.

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