Property of Devil's Outlaws (Part 3)

Property of Devil's Outlaws (Part 3)

Chapter 4: Breaking Hannah Begins

Just as Hannah thought, the bikers headed straight back to the bar. They’d been gone for only about an hour, but when they entered the parking lot Hannah noticed that there were at least 10 more motorcycles sitting there. Her heart was pounding in terror as she was hauled back into the large tavern, with the other Outlaws right behind her. There were several bikers hanging out in the lounge and drinking beers, but as soon as they saw Hannah they got up and followed her into the back.
“Get your ass naked slut,” Tank commanded, shoving the little Asian toward the mattress while he greeted one of the bikers already in the room. “What’s up Jimmy? You bring the stuff?”
“What’s up man? Yeah I did,” the heavily tattooed giant answered, holding up a large duffle bag.
“Nice, get the cane out,” Tank requested, before turning his attention back to Hannah. “I said get your ass naked! What the fuck are you waiting for?”
“Please don’t rape me anymore,” Hannah pleaded nervously, as she began stripping off her clothes. “Please, I’ll do whatever you want, just don’t rape me.”
“On your knees cunt,” Tank ordered, as he towered above Hannah with a large steel cane in his hand. “You know what this is bitch? This is what you’re gonna feel on your ass and your pretty little tits each time you don’t follow orders. If you wanna keep your ass and tits from getting bloody, you’re gonna be a real good little whore and do what we ask.”
“Please, don’t…don’t hurt me, please,” Hannah wept, flinching in terror as the biker pressed the tip of the cane against her nipple.
“You’re nothing but a cheap, dirty whore, and from now on that’s exactly how you’re gonna be treated,” Tank continued. “You don’t have a name anymore, and you’re never allowed to use ‘I’ either. You’re gonna refer to yourself from now as ‘this whore’ or ‘this slut’ and you’re gonna call us ‘master’ or ‘sir’ got it?”
“Yes sir,” Hannah answered, trembling as the huge Outlaw tapped the steel rod against her breasts.
“Now since we fucked your ass and pussy pretty good this morning we’ll give those holes a break,” Tank stated, before smiling wickedly down at the Asian. “So we’re all gonna take turns fucking your mouth and cumming down your throat. I wan’t you to beg slut, beg us to suck our cocks and swallow our sperm, do it right now.”
“No please, I—I can’t, please don’t make me do that,” Hannah begged, looking up at the massive biker desperately.
“Wow you really are a retarded little cunt, what the fuck did I just say about calling yourself ‘I’?” Tank said angrily, before turning to the other bikers. “Hold her arms.”
“No please I’m sorry, please this—this whore is sorry, please don’t,” Hannah pleaded, as a pair of Outlaws knelt down next to her and grabbed her arms.
“Stick her tits out, and hold her tight,” Tank instructed, as he cocked his arm back menacingly.
“No! Please don’t! I’ll do it! Please!” Hannah shouted in panic, squirming around between the large bikers.
“Too late whore, you need to learn your place,” Tank replied, grinning in excitement as he stared down at her naked, helpless breasts. “I’m gonna give you five shots on your little tits and five on your ass, then we’ll see how well you cooperate slut.”
“No please don’t! I’ll do it! Don’t hit me please!” Hannah shrieked, her eyes widening with terror as the biker prepared to strike her.
Tank viciously swung his arm down and whipped the steel rod into Hannah’s breasts as hard as he could. The sound of the cane cleaving deep into the Asian’s tender flesh was sickening, and it was immediately followed by the most ear-piercing scream of agony from the girl. Hannah’s reaction to the blow was so intense that she nearly broke free from the grasp of the bikers holding her.
“That’s one bitch,” Tank declared, staring down at the long, dark welt that was already starting to form across the top of Hannah’s small, round tits.
“Aaaaauuuugghhhhhhh!!!” Hannah wailed, twisting around miserably as the huge Outlaw tore the cane across her breasts a second time.
“That’s two!” Tank laughed, watching the Asian’s breasts jiggle pathetically from the mighty blow.
“Please stop!! Please!!! I’ll do whatever you want just stop please!!” Hannah piteously begged the fiend.
“That’s three!” Tank shouted back, ripping the steel cane into Hannah’s tits once more. “And what the fuck did I say about calling yourself ‘I’? You still ain’t learning a goddamn thing bitch!”
“Aaaaoooowwwww!! Please I’m sorry!! This whore is sorry!! This whore won’t do it again please!!” Hannah begged, tears streaming down her cheeks as she stared at the floor in utter shame and misery.
Tank drew his arm back and unleashed two more devastating blows on the Asian’s tits in rapid succession. The last one landed right on her nipple and resulted in the loudest, most excruciating squeal from the girl yet. The other bikers were gathered around Hannah and staring lustfully at her quivering breasts. The mounds were covered with five long, fiery red stripes that looked incredibly painful.
“Turn her around, and get that ass nice and high,” Tank instructed the bikers who were holding the sobbing Asian.
“Please! Stop it I’ll do what you want please!” Hannah begged, as the men quickly turned her around and flipped her onto her hands and knees.
“Damn look at that ass,” one of the bikers praised the terrified Asian. “I can’t wait to tear that ass up.”
“What are you bitch? What’s your name?” Tank asked the girl, running the tip of his cane gently across her buttocks.
“Hannah, I mean slut, I’m a slut,” Hannah quickly corrected herself, crying in embarrassment at the words.
“That’s better bitch,” the biker responded. “I’m still gonna have to beat this ass though.”
“Please don’t, master, I promise—this slut promises she’ll be good,” Hannah pleaded, trembling in horror as she felt the cane being lifted from her ass.
“Noooooooooooo!!!” Hannah screamed, thrashing around feverishly as the giant slammed the cane down into her ass with all his power.
The massive bikers were barely able to keep Hannah still as Tank proceeded to furiously batter her small ass with the cane. He administered four more torturous blows, pausing for a few seconds between each one to gaze at the Asian while she writhed around in agony. She was screaming at the top of her lungs and desperately imploring Tank for mercy. When he was finished, Hannah’s ass was also decorated with five severe, blistering welts.
“Turn the cunt around,” instructed the biker, a hint of disappointment in his voice from being done.
“You ready to be a good little whore now?” Tank asked, tapping his cane against the kneeling Asian’s breasts.
“Yes, this…this whore will be good,” Hannah sobbed, tears streaming down her cheeks as she stared down in dejection.
“Good, then let’s start over,” Tank replied, smiling sinisterly. “I want you to beg to suck our cocks, and swallow our sperm. After you do it, you move on to the next man and do the same. Don’t stop till you’ve sucked every single one of our dicks, got it?”
“Yes sir,” Hannah answered dismally.
“You can start with me whore,” the huge biker commanded, as he dropped his pants and underwear to the floor.
“Can I—can this whore suck your cock sir,” Hannah requested, before finally adding, “and swallow your cum?”
“Why yes you can, you fucking dirty little slut,” Tank responded happily, tilting his cock down so it was pointed at Hannah’s face.
The small Asian was crying openly now as she reached forward and took the massive cock in her hands. Trembling, she leaned forward and wrapped her lips tightly around the thick shaft. Tank groaned in delight as Hannah began pumping her mouth up and down his hard penis.
“Look at me bitch, look me in the eye, and keep sucking that cock,” Tank commanded, reaching down and grabbing a fistful of the girl’s hair.
Hannah dutifully turned her gaze upward at the smiling brute. She locked her wary eyes on his the entire time while she serviced him. As she did, Hannah looked for any sign of mercy or humanity in the man, but found neither. It was clear he did not give a shit about her well being, and viewed her solely as a piece of meat to use for his own pleasure.
“Okay bitch enough bullshit, put it all in your mouth,” Tank said, as the girl suckled on just the first couple of inches of his shaft.
“Please sir, I can’t—this whore can’t, it’s too big,” Hannah replied, taking her lips off the huge cock but keeping her eyes fixed on the biker.
“I said get that cock inside your fucking mouth whore, I don’t give a shit how big it is, you find a way to do it,” the Outlaw shot back angrily. “Or do I need to turn you around and beat that ass some more?”
“No, I’ll do it—I mean, this whore will do it,” Hannah responded quickly, before wrapping her mouth back around the huge shaft.
“All the way in slut, don’t stop till those balls are smacking your chin,” Tank instructed.
Tears of utter misery were coursing down Hannah’s cheeks now as she bent forward and slowly inserted inch after inch of Tank’s cock into her mouth. She was able to fit about half of it in before she felt the tip push against her throat. She tried to squeeze more of the monstrous shaft in but immediately began gagging violently. After a few more attempts to get the cock inside her throat, she stopped and looked up at Tank imploringly.
“Please, I—this slut can’t sir, it’s too big,” Hannah begged, taking the cock out of her mouth for a second.
“Bitch, get that cock back in your mouth right now, and quit complaining, you’re a fucking whore, I know you got plenty of experience deep-throating big dicks,” Tank ordered.
Hannah reluctantly put her lips back around the huge cock and buried it deep into her mouth. She futilely tried to get the full 8” of it inside her throat, but continued to retch each time she tried. After waiting for a couple of minutes, the massive biker finally lost his patience and grabbed Hannah by the back of her head and slammed her face against his dick as hard as he could. Hannah instantly started choking as the enormous cock brutally crammed its way into her throat. Tank held the little Asian against him for a moment, ignoring her as she frantically beat her fists against his legs. When he finally released her after what felt like an eternity for Hannah, she immediately pulled her head away and began vomiting all over the floor.
“You stupid fucking cunt!” Tank shouted, grabbing the Asian’s hair and slapping her in the face viciously.
“Aaaggghhh!! Please! I’m sorry—this slut is sorry, this slut…,” Hannah squealed, wiping the puke from her lips as she broke down into tears.
“Open that mouth whore, we’re not stopping till you learn how to give a proper blowjob,” Tank commanded.
Hannah was shaking in fear as she parted her lips, allowing the ruthless biker to sink his penis back into her mouth. Tank wasted no time as he held her head firm and drove his cock deep into her mouth and toward the back of her throat. Hannah once again began choking right away and tried to push the massive biker away with her hands. He held her face on his cock until her gagging became so violent that it was clear she was suffocating, then finally released her and allowed her to get some oxygen. After a few seconds, however, he ordered Hannah to open her mouth again and mercilessly plunged his dick deep into the opening. After a couple of minutes of enduring the constant assault on her throat and repeatedly almost choking to death, Hannah finally could not take it any longer.
“Oh God please stop!! Please!!! I can’t take it anymore!!” Hannah sobbed miserably, as Tank extracted his cock from her throat after forcing nearly all of it down there for what seemed like the hundredth time. “Please don’t do this anymore!! You’re killing me!!”
Hannah hung her head in shame and despair as she wept. Her face was a dark shade of red from the constant lack of air and trails of drool were running down her chin. Her small breasts were bouncing up and down as she coughed intensely.
“Open your fucking mouth, you piece of shit whore,” Tank commanded, jerking on Hannah’s hair and forcing her to look at him.
“Please stop!! I can’t, please sir…this whore can’t do anymore,” Hannah pleaded, gazing up at Tank pitifully.
“You want me to beat your ass and tits again? Because I’d be more than glad to slut,” Tank warned.
“No, please don’t hit me, I—this slut is trying, please,” Hannah sobbed.
“Then open that mouth whore, and relax that throat,” Tank ordered, pulling hard on Hannah’s hair and crudely smacking his dick against her face.
Hannah parted her lips slightly and closed her eyes as the giant biker thrust his penis deep into her mouth. He held her tightly by the back of her skull and began ferociously slamming her face against his shaft, ignoring her violent retching as he plunged his cock past her jaws and down her throat. Hannah’s face was contorted into a look of absolute misery and tears were streaming down her cheeks as Tank ruthlessly fucked her mouth.
“Fuck!! I’m cumming!! Jesus Christ yeah I’m cumming! Keep that mouth closed slut! And get ready!!” Tank bellowed.
The huge biker pulled his cock out until just a couple of inches remained in Hannah’s mouth then roared proudly as he began ejaculating. He could hear the Asian groaning in sheer anguish as her mouth was quickly filled with his hot, thick sperm. The other bikers were all gathered around Tank in a tight circle and were laughing and cheering him on as he drained his load into Hannah’s mouth.
“Drink it bitch! Swallow that jizz right now!” Tank shouted, gripping the Asian’s head firmly in his massive hands while he finished shooting off in her mouth.
Hannah was moaning wretchedly and struggling to control herself as Tank pulled his cock from her lips. She came extremely close to spitting out the huge load of semen but remembered the cane and kept it in her mouth. After several seconds she summoned all of her willpower and began downing the awful man-juice. It took her a couple of gulps, but eventually she swallowed Tank’s entire load, screaming in disgust and torture as soon as she did.
“That’s a good little whore,” Tank congratulated the Asian girl, before wiping his cock off with her hair.
“You know what to do next,” the heartless brute said, motioning to the circle of men. “Get to work bitch, you got a lot of dicks to suck.”
“Please stop this…I can’t do this, please sir, I’ll—this slut will give you everything I have, just please,” Hannah pleaded hysterically, burying her face in her hands as she wept dismally.
“That’s it man, turn this bitch around,” Tank instructed the gang, as he bent to pick up the cane from the floor. “Stupid piece of shit still doesn’t get it.”
“No!! Please!! Please stop I’ll do it!! This slut will do it please!!” Hannah screamed in horror, struggling as three Outlaws stepped forward at the same time and grabbed her.
Hannah continued to beg frantically as the men turned her around so her ass was turned to Tank. They forced her to get on all fours, as two of them held her legs wide apart while the other man had her hands pinned against the floor. Hannah felt the tip of the cane on her bare, upturned ass and immediately began whimpering in sheer terror.
“You need to learn your place slut,” Tank said, as he cocked the cane back high above his big shoulder. “Now brace yourself, this might hurt a little bit.”
“Aaaaaagggggghhhhhhh!!!” Hannah screamed, squirming around in agony as the huge biker cleaved the steel cane deep into her tender ass with all of his strength.
“That’s one bitch! You got four more, and then it’s your little tits next!” Tank shouted, before delivering another insanely vicious stroke across Hannah’s gorgeous ass-cheeks.
“Noooooo!!! Please I’m sorry!!! I’ll be good I swear!!” Hannah shrieked, writhing in agony.
“Two!! And what the fuck did I say about calling yourself ‘I’ slut?!” Tank roared, furiously whipping the Asian’s buttocks a third time.
“Aaaaooowwww!! This slut is sorry!! Please this slut is so sorry!!!” Hannah begged wretchedly.
When the massive Outlaw ripped the cane into her ass again Hannah released an ear-piercing scream and began weeping uncontrollably. She could not take this abuse anymore. Her ass was extremely raw from the earlier thrashing, and now it felt like the skin was actually being torn off of it with each additional blow. The pain was so excruciating that she thought she was going to pass out. The crazy giant was beating her as hard as he possibly could with the metal rod, and Hannah could not believe how insanely sadistic he was.
“One more bitch!” Tank declared.
Hannah wailed in total agony as the biker administered one last awful blow to her cheeks. The flesh on her ass was now covered with many long, extremely severe welts, and several of them were even starting to leak a little blood. Hannah’s ass almost looked like it had just endured a caning Singapore style, and it certainly felt that way for the poor Asian.
“Okay, turn the little slut around,” Tank said, after admiring Hannah’s inflamed, welt-covered ass for a moment.
“Please stop this!!” Hannah beseeched the sadistic bikers, as they turned her around and forced her to kneel in front of Tank.
“Stick her tits out,” Tank said to the two men holding Hannah’s arms.
Hannah was shaking in fear and trying with all her might to escape from the men, but their grip was firm and she could barely move an inch. They pushed her shoulders forward so that her breasts were forced out, making them a very inviting target for Tank. He smiled down at the firm little tits before raising his arm back and slashing the cane across both mounds ferociously.
“Aaaaiiiieeeegggghhhh!!!” Hannah screamed in torture, as the lash landed perfectly on one of her nipples.
“That’s one! Beg me to hit your tits slut! Fucking beg!” Tank roared, cocking his arm back once more.
“No!! Please just stop!!!” Hannah cried, looking up at the Outlaw in complete terror.
“Beg me to beat your tits whore! Or I’m gonna make it ten hits instead of five!” Tank warned.
“Oh God…um…please…please beat this slut’s tits…sir,” Hannah requested, barely able to utter the words.
“With pleasure slut,” Tank replied, before happily ripping the cane into Hannah’s burning chest.
“Aaaooowww!! Pleeeaassssse!!” Hannah screamed in agony.
“Keep begging whore!” Tank ordered, pulling the steel instrument back once more.
“Please beat this slut’s tits!” Hannah cried, closing her eyes as she awaited another excruciating lash.
“Yeah! Look at those tiny little titties dance!” One of the bikers laughed, as Tank viciously thrashed Hannah’s tits twice in rapid succession.
“Beg whore!” Tank commanded once more.
“Please beat my tits! Please beat this slut’s tits!” Hannah screamed wretchedly.
Tank furiously cleaved the cane into the Asian’s chest one final time, eliciting an agonized wail from the girl. Hannah was weeping deplorably and her entire body was shaking in pain and horror. The skin on her small round breasts were covered in terrible welts and looked just like her ass now.
“Now are you ready to be a good little whore?” Tank asked the kneeling, weeping Asian. “Or do I gotta start making you bleed?”
“Yes…this slut…this slut will be good,” Hannah blubbered.
“Then get to work bitch, start sucking these guys’ cocks, don’t stop till you’ve sucked every single one of them,” Tank commanded. “And remember you beg them to suck their dicks, like a good little whore.”
Still sobbing, Hannah shuffled over to the first man she saw. He was one of the bikers from last night. He was very fat and hairy and Hannah remembered just how bad he’d smelled. The thought of tasting his cock was too awful to put into words, but she willed herself over to the slob and knelt before him like a slave.
“Can this slut suck your cock sir?” Hannah requested, staring down at the floor in disgrace.
“Yes you can whore,” the filthy biker responded, happily pushing his pants and boxers to the floor. “And you can swallow my jizz too.”
Hannah whined gloomily as she reached forward and took hold of the man’s fully erect cock with her hands. She wrapped her lips around the bulbous head and began pumping her mouth back and forth along the meaty penis. The look of sheer disgust on her face revealed how sour and putrid the shaft tasted, and how difficult it was for her to concentrate on the blowjob.
“God fuck yeah,” the overweight Outlaw groaned, seizing Hannah’s head and driving his cock back and forth between her stretched jaws.
The man only last a couple of minutes, but they were a brutal couple of minutes for Hannah as she was forced to constantly take nearly his entire cock down her gullet. She gagged countless times on the penis as he kept stuffing it in her throat and keeping it there until she was on the verge of passing out. It was one of the most horrendous kinds of torture imaginable and Hannah desperately begged for mercy throughout the entire ordeal. When she finally felt the man’s cock starting to twitch in her mouth she almost welcomed it.
“Yeah! Fuck yeah! Here we go bitch!” The biker exclaimed, pushing his dick deep into Hannah’s mouth before he started cumming.
Hannah closed her eyes and shuddered in revulsion as a river of sperm gushed into her mouth. Because the cock was buried so far, the filthy seed was basically being dumped directly down her throat, so she was forced to swallow the load in quick gulps rather than allowing it to pool in her mouth. She groaned miserably but continued to swallow the man’s cum like a good whore. She could hear him grunting in animal pleasure and wanted so badly to kill him, along with the rest of the bikers.
“That’s a good little whore, there you go, swallow every last drop you dirty little slut,” the hideously fat biker stated, as he finished depositing all of his jizz down Hannah’s gullet.
When he was finished he pulled his cock out of the Asian’s mouth and congratulated her on a job well done before smacking her in the face. Hannah buried her face in her hands and began sobbing wretchedly. She still could not believe this was all really happening to her, it was worse than any nightmare she could have ever imagined.
“Let’s go whore, get another cock in that mouth right now,” Tank ordered, after giving the Asian a minute to cry.
Hannah was about to start begging Tank but stopped herself when she remembered the steel cane. She crawled over to the nearest man and knelt before him. She gazed down at the floor in complete desolation and repeated the same awful words.
“Can this slut suck your cock, sir?”
“Sure bitch, you can suck it,” the brawny Outlaw answered. “Don’t worry about swallowing my jizz though, I’m gonna shoot all over that pretty little face of yours.”
Hannah felt her stomach turn at the man’s words, but respectfully took hold of his large cock and buried it between her lips. She immediately began sucking him with passion, hoping that it would satisfy him and keep him from deep-throating her. Those hopes were dashed, however, as he quickly grabbed a chunk of her hair and began slamming her face viciously against his rock-hard penis.
Hannah beat her small fists against the man’s hips as he fucked her mouth in the same brutal fashion as Tank and the other fat biker. His cock was nearly as big as Tank’s and each time he crammed it into her throat the little Asian retched horribly. He then pulled out and gave her just seconds to recover before plunging his massive shaft back between her lips.
“That’s right you little gook whore,” the Outlaw said disdainfully, as he yanked Hannah’s head back and forth along his dick. “This is what you were made for, the only fucking thing you’re good for.”
Hannah’s vision was blurry as fresh tears were flowing from her soft, big brown eyes. Her face was red and she was starting to feel lightheaded from the constant lack of oxygen. She was slowly learning how to suppress her gag reflex and fit more of the man’s cock inside her throat. However, with the way he was violently smashing it into her mouth she could not avoid choking on the shaft.
After a few more minutes of the terribly rough blowjob, the Outlaw began shouting in pleasure and anticipation. Hannah could feel his cock start to spasm and knew what was coming. She forgot about his promise earlier and braced herself for the discharge of cum in her mouth. She gasped in shock, therefore, when he suddenly pulled out and blasted a huge wad of sperm right onto her eyes.
“No bitch! Keep those hands down!” The biker roared, as Hannah instinctively tried to shield herself with her arms.
Hannah whined dismally but put her hands by her side. She closed her eyes and cried in absolute misery as the huge biker began shooting his cum all over her face. She could hear him grunting in savage joy and wanted to scream so badly. It took all of her self-control to remain still while he painted her face with his hot, sticky semen. By the time he was done, Hannah’s face was just about completely covered in cum and she truly looked like a disgraceful whore.
“Look at you,” the biker stated in disgust, as he stared down at the weeping Asian. “You’re nothing but a piece of shit whore. Stop crying bitch, I know you’re enjoying this.”
“Let’s go bitch, start sucking,” Tank commanded, as Hannah remained on her knees and wiped the slimy cum from her eyes.
Whimpering in total sorrow, Hannah removed as much cum from her face as she could then reluctantly moved to the next biker she saw. He already had his huge cock out and was stroking it while he smiled down at her. Hannah recognized him as one of the two Outlaws who’d held her in the air and brutally fucked her earlier in the morning. He looked like a complete maniac and Hannah shuddered in fear as she knelt before him.
“Can I…can this slut suck your cock sir?” Hannah quietly asked.
“You sure can slut,” the giant Outlaw replied, clutching Hannah’s head with one hand while he guided his cock to her lips with the other.
In just seconds Hannah was gagging horrendously as the biker started slamming his cock into her mouth and throat. It took him nearly ten minutes to climax, and he didn’t let up the entire time as he fucked the Asian’s face violently. For Hannah it was the most exhausting, brutal blowjob yet. When he’d finished depositing his cum down her throat she was given almost no respite and forced to suck another cock.
On and on it went, as Hannah serviced one biker after another with her mouth. More than an hour went by as she blew eight more Outlaws. Five of them drained their sperm down her throat and into her belly while the other three elected to cum all over her face. Hannah puked twice throughout the ordeal, once from an extremely cruel biker who’d kept his cock stuffed inside her throat virtually nonstop, and another time after swallowing the third load of cum.
“Please!! I can’t take—this slut can’t take anymore!!!” Hannah begged, after downing yet another biker’s sperm.
So far the Asian had serviced twelve Outlaws total, and she was only about halfway finished. Hannah had also gulped down eight different loads of cum, and the absolutely putrid feeling of all that semen inside of her made her stomach churn. As she looked around at the horde of bikers still awaiting their blowjob, Hannah’s body slumped in despair and she had no idea how she was going to finish her task.
“Get your ass back to work bitch,” Tank warned, tapping the steel cane against the girl’s head. “Or I swear to God I’ll beat the skin off those pretty little tits.”
Hannah whimpered hopelessly and crawled over to another one of the large, tattooed bikers. She repeated the same line that had been deeply engraved into her brain at this point, politely asking if she could suck his cock. He gladly accepted, of course, and she spent several minutes blowing him before he deposited his semen down her throat. Tank gave her about 30 seconds to recover before commanding her to resume her duties.
It took nearly two more hours, but Hannah eventually and somehow found a way to suck all the bikers’ cocks. By the time she was completely finished, 18 Outlaws had dumped their jizz into her belly and another seven had ejaculated on her face. Her long, dark hair was matted with thick lines of sperm and torrents of the goo were smeared all over her pretty face. Hannah’s jaw felt like it was dislocated from the vicious blowjobs and she felt like she was going to die from how much sperm she’d consumed.
“Congratulations slut, I knew you could do it,” Tank applauded, stepping in front of the sobbing Asian. “I think you’ve earned yourself a little break. Shower up and we’ll get you something to eat whore, but then it’s back to fucking time.”
Hannah was completely fatigued and had to be carried out of the room by two of the bikers. They took her to the bathroom and placed her inside the tub before turning on the shower and leaving. Hannah remained on her knees and wept in total misery as the hot water cascaded down onto her body. The burning sensation of it on her beaten ass and tits was unbearable, and she had to turn down the temperature. Even now she still couldn’t grasp how this was all really happening, and she thought about how concerned her friends in Cabo must have been by this point. The thought that she would never see them, her family, or her boyfriend ever again ran across her mind, and she began crying harder.
“Let’s go bitch,” one of the bikers ordered, startling Hannah as he pulled the shower curtain aside and grabbed her arm.
“Please, wait, just a little more please,” Hannah requested, trying to free herself from the large man as he yanked her out of the bathtub.
Hannah frantically pleaded with the Outlaw as he hauled her out of the bathroom. It felt like she’d only been inside the shower for a couple of minutes and she’d barely been able to clean herself at all. Even though she’d washed off all the sperm on her face, she could still feel some of the disgusting spunk in her hair. Her pleas fell on deaf ears, however, as the biker dragged her out into the adjacent lounge room where the other men awaited. He forced her to sit at a large wooden table before Tank came over.
“Dinner time slut,” the man announced, as he set another plate of leftover garbage scraps in front the Asian. “Eat up bitch, you’ll need the energy, you got another long night ahead of you.”
Hannah stared at the plate of nasty, half-eaten food and felt her stomach turn. There were various pieces of steak and ribs that had been already chewed as well as a big pile of soggy salad that had also been recycled. Even though she’d barely eaten anything earlier, Hannah could not bear the thought of consuming this utter crap.
“I said eat your dinner slut,” Tank ordered, tapping the steel cane on the table. “Or do I need to remind you what happens when you don’t listen?”
Hannah quickly grabbed the fork next to the plate of food and began eating the disgusting remains. Every single bite she took was intolerable, and it took her nearly half an hour to finish the meal. The men were nice enough to also give her a glass of water, and she gulped down the entire thing as soon as she was done with the food. She then sat nervously at the table, with her hands in her lap as she waited for what was going to happen next.
“Well, what do you say?” Tank asked, taking the plate away. “Thank us for that wonderful meal slut. Say it.”
“Thank you for the…for the wonderful meal, sir,” Hannah replied.
“No problem whore,” Tank said. “I think that was a long enough break, don’t you? You ready for another round with us bitch? I know these boys are just dying to fuck your tight little ass again.”
“Please no, please stop, I can’t—this slut can’t take anymore, this slut is so tired, please sir,” Hannah pleaded.
“Get over here slut,” Tank commanded, as he stood near the other side of the room.
“No cunt, on your hands and knees, I want you to crawl over here like the bitch you are,” the cruel biker clarified, as Hannah began walking toward him.
Hannah wiped the tears that were starting to flow again and got down on all fours. She slowly began crawling over to the giant Outlaw. She could feel herself blushing in shame as the other men stood by and watched her, making vulgar comments about her body. She could feel her ass swaying from side to side and knew how much it was turning all of the bikers on.
“I want you to beg us like you did last time, except now you’re gonna beg us to fuck you and cum in your body,” Tank instructed.
“Please, this whore is so tired…please just give me a break,” Hannah beseeched the man, as she looked up at him in agitation.
“This is your last warning slut,” Tank said, as he grabbed the steel cane from the floor. “If you complain even one more time it’s gonna be ten hits on your ass and tits. When I tell you to do something you fucking do it whore, no complaining or bitching. Now beg.”
“Can this slut…can you fuck this slut…and cum in her body?” Hannah asked after several seconds, as she barely managed to get out the words.
“Yeah I’ll fuck you whore, it’s all you’re good for anyway,” Tank replied, as he began unbuckling his jeans. “Get on the bed slut, on your back and spread those legs real wide.”
Hannah was crying dreadfully as she slowly crawled over to the large mattress and climbed onto it. She rolled over onto her back and parted her legs. She could see the huge biker walking menacingly towards her while he massaged his cock with his hand. She whimpered as he grabbed her ankles and roughly yanked her legs far apart before he positioned himself between them.
“Get ready whore, I’m gonna fuck your tight little pussy,” Tank declared, pressing his massive cock against Hannah’s twat.
Hannah squealed in pain as the biker viciously rammed into her, stuffing her sore vagina with his meaty shaft. Tank grabbed the girl’s flailing arms and quickly pinned them to the mattress. He was crushing Hannah beneath his large frame and could feel her desperately struggling to free herself as he began pounding into her pussy.
“Aaaauuuhhhh!!!” Hannah screamed, wrapping her skinny legs around the man’s hips as he brutally fucked her.
“Yeah bitch, wrap those legs around me! Beg me to fuck you whore!” Tank bellowed.
“Please stop!! Please!!!” Hannah wailed, as the huge biker fucked her will all his might.
“Beg me to fuck you slut!! Now!!” Tank demanded angrily.
“Please—please fuck me!! Please fuck this slut!!!” Hannah screamed wretchedly.
Despite her words, Hannah continued to struggle feverishly as Tank hammered away at her aching pussy. He held her wrists against the bed for several minutes while he used his big, strong hips to rip his cock into her. Finally, when he could not hold off anymore, the biker gave one last thrust and began shooting his seed deep into Hannah’s tight little vagina.
“God please just stop!! Please!!!” Hannah sobbed, writhing around beneath Tank’s massive frame as he pumped her full of cum.
“Thanks bitch, that was nice,” Tank said, before pulling his cock out of the Asian’s cunt.
Hannah screamed in pain as the Outlaw grabbed her hair and roughly dragged her off the bed. He jerked her onto the ground and forced her to get on her hands and knees.
“Let’s go bitch, start begging these boys to fuck you,” Tank commanded. “You got a lot of cocks to pleasure.”
Hannah nearly uttered a plea for mercy but stopped herself just before it escaped from her mouth. She thought about the cane and wisely decided not to beg the man. She crawled over to the closest biker and knelt before him. Hannah could not bear the thought of another rape. She could already feel Tank’s sperm oozing out of her raw, aching pussy.
“Can this whore…can you fuck this whore, sir?” Hannah whimpered in fear.
“Sure I’ll fuck you bitch,” the hulking Outlaw replied, as he grabbed a fistful of Hannah’s hair and dragged her back to the bed.
Hannah whined pitifully as the man bent her over the edge of the mattress and stuffed a dirty pillow beneath her belly. She screamed in pain as he gave her a hard slap across her ass. The skin on her buttocks was still extremely raw and sensitive from the earlier caning, and even touching it was painful.
“Aaauugghhh!! Pleeaaaassee!!!” Hannah shrieked, flailing her legs as the biker viciously smacked her ass several more times.
“Ain’t nothin’ like beating an Asian whore’s ass, ain’t that right fellas?” The cruel biker asked, drawing a round of laughter from the other men.
“Spread those legs whore, I’m coming in through the back bitch,” the Outlaw commanded, as he pulled Hannah’s ass-cheeks apart and lined his cock up with her tiny anus.
“Aaaaaggggghhhhh!!!” Hannah screamed, instantly thrashing around in agony as the huge biker ripped his cock deep into her asshole.
“Yeah bitch! You’re still tight back here! I fucking love it!” The man roared, fiercely slapping Hannah’s ass a few more times.
“Please no!! Don’t hit me please!!!” Hannah begged miserably.
Hannah squealed in torture as the Outlaw grabbed her hips and slammed more of his huge dick inside her ass. He quickly gave a few more hard thrusts and just like that, his entire cock was stuffed inside her rectum. Hannah began screaming at the top of her lungs as the cruel giant then began pounding into her asshole with long, powerful strokes. The pain was beyond excruciating and Hannah thought she was going to pass out from it. Her raw, ultra-tender anus literally felt like it was being fucked to shreds.
“Pleeeeaaasssee!!!” Hannah wailed, clutching the sheets with her hands as the Outlaw savagely raped her.
Each time the massive biker slammed into Hannah he yanked back on her hips so that the penetration of her asshole was even more agonizing. He was fucking her so hard that the sound of his hips slamming into Hannah’s ass was audible above the cheering and laughter from all the other men in the room. Each time he drove his cock into her Hannah thought she was going to pass out from the pain.
“Fuck! I’m cumming bitch!” The biker bellowed, after he’d spent several more minutes hammering Hannah’s anus.
He gave one last thrust and sank every inch of his dick inside Hannah’s ass just before he started ejaculating inside the opening. Hannah groaned in disgust but a huge part of her was grateful that the man was finally finished. She lay still and buried her face into the mattress while the Outlaw finished dumping his sperm inside of her. When he was finished he removed his cock and gave the Asian one last slap on her ass before walking away.
“That bitch’s ass is still tight,” the hairy beast proclaimed to his friends. “I wonder how long it’ll stay that way.”
Tank gave the Asian about a minute as she lay on the bed and wept uncontrollably. She was still bent over the mattress and the bikers all gazed at the trails of semen that were leaking out of her asshole and vagina and down her thighs. After a short moment, Tank walked over and grabbed Hannah’s hair and forced her back onto her hands and knees on the floor.
“Let’s go bitch, that’s only two cocks,” the Outlaw said. “You got a long ways to go before your night is over.”
Hannah lifted her head and looked around the room and felt her heart absolutely sink. He was right. There were close to two dozen bikers sitting around the room waiting to fuck her. The fact that she was going to have to beg all of them to do it was too awful to describe. Hannah had no idea how she was going to survive the night.
“Will you…will you fuck this slut, sir?” Hannah asked, as she crawled over to a nearby Outlaw and addressed him.
“Sure I’ll fuck you, get your ass on that bed bitch,” the tattooed giant commanded, as he removed his pants and boxers.
Hannah miserably crawled back over to the large mattress. She tried to ignore the countless lewd comments the other bikers made about her upturned vagina and asshole. When she got to the bed she pulled herself onto it and laid on the edge with her back to the men, waiting for the next Outlaw to use her.
“Turn around whore, get on your back and spread your fucking legs,” the beast ordered, easily flipping Hannah over onto her back.
Hannah was trembling as she looked up nervously at the huge Outlaw and spread her legs for him. He quickly grabbed her ankles and yanked them far apart before pushing them down and pinning them to the bed above Hannah’s shoulders. Hannah whined dismally as she was forced into the awkward and uncomfortable position. He held her legs down while he probed around with his hips until his cock was pushing against her defenseless vagina.
“Noooooooo!!” Hannah screamed, as the biker violently plunged his cock deep into her sore pussy.
Hannah instantly struggled to escape from the massive brute, but with the way she was bent in half and trapped beneath his hulking frame there was nothing she could do. It took the man just seconds before he started hammering away at her vagina. Hannah screamed in anguish as he slammed his cock down into her, using all of his weight to drill it as far into her sex as possible.
“God this bitch is still tight,” the Outlaw groaned blissfully as he continued to pound the small Asian.
The huge biker gazed down at Hannah as she screamed and wept miserably and simply loved it. Like the rest of the Outlaws, there was just something about watching the little Asian whore suffer that gave him so much joy. It was probably simply the fact that none of them would ever have a chance to fuck and abuse her in any other circumstance. She was so hot and probably had numerous guys pampering her back where she lived. Here, however, she was nothing but a fuck-toy to the biker gang.
“Yeah you got a nice tight pussy still slut,” the Outlaw chuckled, as he looked into Hannah’s anguished eyes. “I hope it stays tight for a long time bitch.”
“Please stop!! Please not so hard!!” Hannah squealed, gazing up at the man pleadingly as he continued to brutally ram his cock into her.
After about two or three more minutes passed the biker sank his dick into Hannah one last time before proceeding to ejaculate deep inside her cunt. Hannah turned her head to the side and closed her eyes, as she could not stand seeing the man’s depraved face any longer. Once he was finished emptying his sperm into her, the Outlaw let go of Hannah’s ankles and left the mattress.
“Let’s go whore, get back over here now!” Tank shouted, this time not even giving Hannah a minute to recover.
“Please! I’m so—this slut is so tired!” Hannah begged, as she climbed off the mattress and collapsed to her hands and knees.
Despite her suffering, Hannah respectfully crawled back over to Tank and the other Outlaws. She shuddered in disgust as she felt another fresh river of cum seeping out of her gaping pussy. When she finally got to the group of men she knelt before another one of them.
“Can you fuck this slut, sir?” Hannah whispered, looking at the floor in complete despair.
As expected, the burly man gladly accepted Hannah’s offer. He hauled her back over to the bed and bent her over it, and in an instant was fucking her ass hard from behind. He raped her for several minutes, as Hannah wailed and squirmed around in agony the whole time. When he was finished depositing his load inside her anus he gave Hannah a painful slap in the ass before leaving the weeping whore on the mattress.
After a stern warning from Tank Hannah got back on all fours and crawled over to another biker before asking him to fuck her. After he was finished using and abusing her, the process simply repeated itself. Nearly five whole hours elapsed as Hannah was continuously and savagely fucked by one Outlaw after another. Throughout that time she was forced to ask each and every one of them to fuck her, and Hannah had no idea how she made it through the nightmarish struggle.
“Jesus Christ that feels good!” The biker fucking Hannah doggy-style exclaimed, as he drained his sperm inside her badly torn asshole.
He was the 26th and final Outlaw to use her. After he finished emptying his entire load of cum inside Hannah he pulled his cock out and stepped back to admire the girl’s sickeningly damaged anus. The hole was stretched very wide and torrents of sperm and blood were flowing from it. Likewise, her pussy looked just as bad.
Hannah, meanwhile, was sobbing in total misery and shock. Her body was drenched in sweat, some of it from her own exertions and some of it from the filthy bikers. She was so utterly drained, both physically and mentally, that she could not even lift herself off the bed. Her pussy and asshole felt like they’d been literally mangled and ripped completely apart. Both holes had been battered for hours by countless massive cocks and Hannah knew that they would never be the same after tonight.
“Well boys it’s getting late,” Tank declared. “How ‘bout we take this bitch outside and shower her down before calling it a night?”
Right as soon as he finished speaking two Outlaws grabbed Hannah and pulled her limp body off the bed. Hannah moaned in sheer exhaustion and depression as the men carried her out of the room and down the hallway. She was led through a couple more doors and soon found herself in a small yard out near the back of the tavern. She was forced to kneel on the dry grass as Tank stepped in front of her with the cane in his hand.
“How you feeling whore? You having a good night so far?” The man chuckled. “I think we’re just about finished with you for tonight. You just got one last thing to do. Tilt your head back and open your mouth, and keep your mouth open until I say different. Right now bitch let’s go.”
Hannah looked up at the man in confusion and fear, but slowly perched her head backwards and opened her mouth wide. As Tank stood in front of her, a few more Outlaws joined him and created a small semicircle around the girl. Hannah could feel the dread in her stomach as she watched the brutes unzip their jeans and pull their cocks out. All five dicks were aimed straight at her face, and Hannah began crying as she realized what was about to happen.
“Remember bitch, you close that mouth even once and it’s gonna be 20 strokes on your tits and ass,” Tank warned grimly.
“Let’s wash this bitch down,” one of the bikers declared, just before unleashing a heavy stream of urine right onto Hannah’s face.
Hannah cried in shock and dismay as the other four Outlaws quickly began pissing all over her face as well. She squeezed her eyes shut just in time to prevent any of the urine from entering. Hannah groaned wretchedly as the men quickly adjusted their aim so that they were all peeing directly into her mouth at the same time. The taste of the piss was simply too terrible to describe, and it took Hannah all of her willpower to remain on her knees with her mouth open. Within seconds, her mouth was completely filled with urine.
“Ah yeah that’s what I call the perfect toilet,” one of the bikers stated, smiling down at the Asian girl while he continued pissing into her mouth.
Hannah was weeping miserably now as torrents of urine overflowed from her mouth down her chin and onto her breasts. She could hear the men laughing and making cruel remarks about how she was a filthy whore and slut. She was beyond mortified and simply could not believe that men this evil could exist in the world.
Hannah was forced to kneel for nearly five minutes as the bikers all used her as a toilet. Whenever one of the Outlaws finished peeing on her, he was quickly replaced with another one. There was never a moment when less than three streams of piss were being dumped into her mouth. It was only a few minutes, but for Hannah, it felt like a century. To have to remain on her knees the entire time while the fiendish men urinated into her mouth was one of the worst tortures imaginable. Eventually, however, the jets of piss dwindled down before ceasing entirely.
“No bitch! Keep that mouth open!” Tank shouted, just as Hannah was about to spit the large pool of urine left in her mouth out. “Swallow it whore! You fucking swallow that piss!”
Hannah whined in horror and frustration. She could not believe how utterly sadistic the man was. It took everything she had to keep her mouth open while the gang had all pissed into it, but the thought of actually drinking the foul urine was just too much for her to handle. She tried to bring herself to swallow it but simply could not, as she remained on her knees and wept dejectedly.
“Last warning bitch, swallow that piss or I’m gonna beat the skin off you,” Tank cautioned the little Asian slut, tapping the steel cane against her glistening tits.
Hannah grumbled in despair but somehow forced herself to down the huge puddle of piss. It took her several gulps but she finally managed to get all of the urine into her belly. As she felt the fluid working its way down her system she nearly puked.
“That’s a good girl,” Tank said in approval, grinning down at the crying Asian.
After a few seconds he turned around and headed back into the bar with the other bikers. Two men quickly grabbed Hannah and towed her back inside as well. She was taken straight to the bathroom and dumped inside the tub.
“Wash up slut, you’re a fucking mess,” one of the Outlaws said, before disappearing out the door with his friend.
Hannah immediately turned on the shower and rubbed her hands back and forth along her face, anxiously cleaning the piss from her skin. She took the bar of soap and cleaned as much of her body as she could with it. Her ass and pussy burned so much from the earlier rapes and she sobbed piteously while the hot water fell onto her. This time the men gave her plenty of time, and she was able to clean herself thoroughly before one of the bikers finally entered and dragged her out of the bathroom.
“Looking fresh bitch,” Tank said, as he grabbed the Asian and led her to the mattress. “I’d fuck you one more time but I figure you’ve had enough for today. I’m a pretty nice guy you know.”
He was the only man left inside the room, and Hannah trembled nervously as he fastened one end of handcuffs on her wrist and the other end onto the metal bed frame. He then shoved Hannah onto the bed and secured one of her ankles the same way. When he was finished Hannah’s right leg and arm were both dangling down the edge of the mattress and tied to the frame below.
“Sweet dreams whore,” Tank said, as he walked to the door and turned off the light. “You got another super fun day tomorrow.”

**I hope you enjoy the story so far. Feel free to email me at [email protected] I would love to hear comments or ideas about the story.**

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