Carol's Christmas Story - Part 1

Carol's Christmas Story - Part 1

December 24th


Carol Johnson walked into the crowded mall on a Saturday, surrounded by her friends. They were talking loudly, mostly about guys at school, as most freshmen girls do in high school. Carol normally wouldn't have come to the mall on a busy day like this, since she hated large crowds of people, but she still needed to get a gift for her mother.

She and her best friend Lindsay broke off from the main group and headed toward a small jewelry store. On the way they saw Santa's village, with the fat man sitting in a chair, talking to a small boy about what he wanted for Christmas

Lindsay suddenly got a devious look on her face. "I dare you to go sit on his lap and tell him what you want for Christmas", she said giggling. Carol just sighed and laughed along. She was used to her friend trying to get her to do weird things.

"I'm too old for that", Carol said. "After all, we're in high school now." "Come on, live a little", Lindsay whined, grabbing her arm and dragging her toward the line of people. "I'll do it if you will." "Fine", Carol said, giving in to her friend's cajoling.

As they stood in line, Carol was glad she had given in. She still secretly believed in Santa, even though she knew it was foolish. She knew there wasn't actually a man living at the north pole with elves who delivered toys all over the world in one night. But she still believed in the idea of Santa, that the world could be full of magic and wonder, if you only looked.

Before she knew it, it was her turn in line. As she walked up to the mall Santa, she could have sworn she saw a strange look on his face. But she decided it was just her imagination and she quickly sat down on the man's lap. He laughed in the traditional Santa laugh and asked her what she wanted for Christmas.

She picked some random thing she'd seen online, since she knew she wouldn't be getting it. He smiled and promised to bring it to her. Then, just as she got up and went to leave the area, she felt a strange sensation, almost as if a chill passed over her body. She shook it off and waited for Lindsay to finish her turn with Santa. Then the two girls headed toward the jewelry store.



If Carol could have heard Santa's thoughts, she would have been astounded and maybe horrified. When the girl had walked up, the man had quickly looked up and down her body, very excited by how sexy she looked.

Her honey blonde hair hung just past her shoulders, her eyes shone a bright green, her body was trim and fit, just the way he liked them. Her breasts were about a c cup, but still looked like they could grow some more and her ass looked amazing in the Christmas themed legging she was wearing.

Then, when she sat on his lap, it took every ounce of willpower to keep his cock from making a tent in his pants. Every bit of will power he possessed, and a little bit of magic. Yes, magic. For, unlike most mall Santa's, this guy was the real deal. Chris Kringle himself.

He'd come to this town on a mission and it seemed he had found his target. The girl had told him what she wanted for Christmas, her very voice turning him on. Then, when she got up, he used a little magic to freeze time.

He stood and lifted her shirt, exposing her braless tits. They were perfect, firm and just the right size for his hands. It had been a long time since he'd held a pair of fresh teen tits. Then he grabbed the hem of her leggings and pulled them down.

Underneath he found a red, lacy thong, which he promptly pulled to the side. "She's wet already", he said aloud as he slipped a finger inside her cunt. He quickly found her hymen intact. "Good. I want to be the one to corrupt her", he thought as he returned her clothing to it's original state.

Then he whispered a few words in her ear, words that would ensure his success when he visited her house tonight. Finally, he returned to his seat and let the flow of time resume, as if nothing had happened. Her friend, not nearly as hot, was next in line. But Chris wasn't even paying attention to her. All of his focus was on Carol and what tonight would bring.



As Carol got ready for bed that night, she could barely contain her excitement. She loved Christmas and she couldn't wait to see her family's faces when they opened the gifts she'd bought them.

As she changed into her nightie, she stopped for a second to admire her body. A flat stomach and a small waist. Sure, her tits could be bigger, but she knew she was sexy. She loved all of the looks she got from boys at school. And the looks from her friend's dad's, although they thought she didn't notice.

She suddenly yawned and started feeling tired. She looked at the clock on her nightstand. "Why am I so tired? It's only nine", she thought, but she couldn't escape the exhaustion that was setting in. She crawled into bed, snuggling up to her teddy bear and quickly fell asleep.



It seemed like only moments had passed when Carol opened her eyes, but she could see light coming in through the window. As she sat up and stretched, she looked around and a startling revelation hit her. She wasn't in her own bed. "Where am I", she wondered, although, for some reason, she didn't feel scared.

As she stood up, the first thing she noticed was the smell. The air was filled with scent of peppermint, cinnamon, and something she couldn't identify. Whatever it was, she loved it. She looked around the room, trying to find something that could tell her where she was.

It was a large room that clearly served multiple purposes. Besides the large bed, which was very expensive looking, there was a large homemade table in the corner. A large fireplace filled one wall, a fire burning inside.

Suddenly a door opened and a girl walked in. She was wearing a green miniskirt with a red, sheer blouse. Long, black hair hung down her back and she was carrying a tray of food. As she bent over to set the tray on the table, the skirt rode up, revealing that she wasn't wearing any panties. Carol tried to look away, but couldn't and she felt her pussy getting wet at the sight.

"Excuse me, where am I", Carol asked as the girl turned back around. "I'm not supposed to tell you. He'll be in soon and he'll tell you everything", the girl said. "Who will be in soon", Carol asked. But the girl didn't answer. She just left the room without another word.

Carol tried to follow the girl out, but the door was locked. She sighed and went over to the table. The food did smell delicious and she realized she was starving. She sat down and grabbed a spoonful of eggs. Just before she brought it to her mouth, the door opened again.

A man entered this time, his very presence commanding her attention. He stood just over six feet and looked very muscular. His silver hair was pulled back in a ponytail and he had a trimmed beard on his face. "So, you're awake", he said.

She couldn't even answer before he walked over and forcefully knocked the spoon from her hand, the eggs scattering on the floor. "Don't you know it's rude to eat without the host present", he said. "Yeah, well, it's rude to kidnap someone too, so there", she said and stuck her tongue out at him.

What happened next shocked her. Carol had been a good girl all of her life and rarely got into trouble. Yet, the second she mouthed off to this stranger, her abductor, he slapped her. Her face stung and tears welled in her eyes as she rubbed her cheek. "You will not speak to me that way. You are in my home and you will respect me", the man said.

Carol was so shocked that she couldn't even respond. The man sat down and began eating. "You may eat now", he said as he took a sip of coffee. She wanted to refuse, but she was starving. As she started eating, she looked him over. Everything about this man exuded strength. She would have to think long and hard to find a way to get away. "But why should I get away", she heard herself thinking. "This place is wonderful and, aside from the slap, I'm happy."

"Who are you and why am I here", she asked suddenly. "I'll tell you who I am in good time", he said. "As for why you're here, because I wanted you here. I find you sexy and I want to enjoy that perfect young body", the man said. Carol was shocked at his bluntness, but a small part of her was excited. No one had ever told her she was sexy before. And, without even realizing it, she found herself looking forward to whatever he was going to do to her.



Chris Kringle loved eating. It was no secret to any of the girls who lived at the north pole with him. Yet he managed to stay shape, thanks to his magic. It was this same magic that created the smell around the place that kept the girls he had kidnapped docile.

So when he entered the room and found Carol eating already, he was understandably upset. Yet now, as he ate and watched her do the same, he only looked forward to what was to come. "So, how did you kidnap me", Carol asked after setting her fork down.

"It wasn't hard", Chris said. "Yesterday, when you came to see me at the mall, I knew I had to have you. So I froze time and placed a spell that would ensure you fell asleep early and would stay asleep until you got here." The girl looked dumbfounded.

"Wait a minute, what do you mean? I've never seen you before", Carol said. "Sure you have", Chris answered. "I just looked a little different." "You're crazy", Carol said. "And also, there's no such thing as magic spells." "Sure there are", Chris answered. "How else would I be able to travel all over the world in a single night?"

"What are you talking about", Carol said although she was beginning to get an idea. "Come on", Chris said. "You're not a stupid girl. You can figure it out. You visited me at the mall yesterday and I travel all over the world in one night. But perhaps you need some help putting it all together."

He stood and snapped his fingers. Suddenly his body began to change and became the familiar figure that children all over the world knew as Father Christmas. "No fucking way", Carol said, her jaw dropping.

To be continued...

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