Mind Controlled Janice Pt. 21

Mind Controlled Janice Pt. 21

I hurried out of school just hoping she would be there waiting for me and she was. The day before she had told me her name was Janice, she had taken my face in her hands and gently kissed my lips, a lingering kiss and placed my hand on her breast, I had squeezed it tentatively hoping she would not mind and she had smiled and promised me a good time.

My name is Ahmed I am about 4 foot 6 inches tall of Pakistani origins and a student at Farfield School.

I was pleased she was waiting as I was skipping school to see her. Janice had written me a note to take to school saying I had a dental appointment at 11am I would need to leave school at 10:30, she had signed it in my mother’s name.

I was now over nervous I did not really know what to expect, I knew sex was something a man and woman did and it was exciting but otherwise I was clueless about it. I also knew that I should be sixteen to do sex and was younger than that.

I hurried after her, Janice had said I should follow her not walk with her so that people did not know we were together.

We walked along the road from school, she turned right into Merton Avenue and I followed noting the house numbers. Janice stopped at number 30 looked over her shoulder at me and walked up to the front door and let herself in. I quickly followed into her house and she shut the door behind us. She led the way up the stairs and into a bedroom.

“Excuse the messy bedroom.” She said.

She turned and looked at me.

“Have you ever seen a woman naked?” She asked. I shook my head too nervous to speak.

I watched as she undressed to her bra and knickers. I think my mouth was hanging open as she took her bra off exposing her breasts. Like the day before she placed my hand on her breast but this time it was a naked breast. Janice stood back and removed her knickers. She stood nude in front of me. A young boys dream but I did not know what to do. She kissed me on the mouth for several minutes, an experience I enjoyed and I kissed her as well. She told me to put my tongue in her mouth as we kissed which I enjoyed.

She told me not to be embarrassed and asked if she could see me naked. I told her no, that I was too embarrassed.

She said, “Come on, I have undressed for you, so you undress for me and show me your body but you have to promise you won’t tell.”

Her hands unfastened my trousers and she pulled them down. I was embarrassed about my cock it was stood up hard in my underpants. She helped me to remove my shoes, socks, shirt and vest.

She knelt in front of me and I did not know where to look when she pulled my underpants down and off.

She told me I had a big cock for a little boy. She asked if she could touch it and I was too embarrassed to answer.

She slowly reached out and put her hand on it and started rubbing it gently, it felt so good.

She moved closer to and I thought she was trying to get a better look but she surprised me when she opened her mouth and shoved my whole thing in. It felt better than anything I could have imagined as she gently sucked it.

I moaned “Oooooh! What are you doing Janice?”

She said she just wanted to see if she could fit it all in her mouth. Then she asked me to promise not to tell anyone about what we were doing as she could get into trouble.

She laid on the bed and spread her legs and started rubbing herself between her legs. She told me if I kissed her down there like I kissed her mouth that it would make her feel really good and asked if I wanted to try it.

I was extremely excited but hesitant because I was scared but she promised not to tell anyone and that it would be our little secret. She told me she would teach me how to do it the right way to make a girl feel good.

I started kissing her down there with my tongue and she told me where to kiss and lick. She told me not to stop until she said so.

I kept kissing and licking and she kept squirming and moaning and telling me what a good boy I was. She finally started breathing very heavy and moaning and telling me don’t stop that I was being so good for her.

Finally she collapsed on the bed and told me it was ok to stop. She told me I did a fantastic job and that she had a reward for me. She then told me to lay on my back.

She got on top of me, grabbed my cock and started rubbing it between her legs. It was wet and hot and felt so good. Then she slid it into her and eased down on top of me. I was shocked that anything could feel so good!

“Oooooohhhhh Janice! It feels so good! I have never felt anything like that before! It feels even better than when you put it in your mouth!”

She moaned and started moving up and down on my thing.

“Ooooh! You’re such a good boy! Fuck me good! Fuck my pussy like a good little boy!”

She kept bouncing and moaning until I felt even more tingly down there but it felt so good I didn’t want to stop.

“Janice it feels funny down there”, I told her

“OHHHHHHHHHHHH!!” She moaned. “Your cock is going to squirt because it feels so good. Be a good little boy and squirt it in my pussy! Squirt in my pussy like a good little boy!”

She bounced harder and harder and breathed heavier and the more she did the better it felt. Finally after so much build up all the tingling felt like it exploded out of my cock. It felt like nothing ever has. It was the best feeling in the world!

She moaned and slid slowly up and down on my cock a few more times and then rolled off me and onto her back.

“You squirted your cum in me thank you I enjoyed having your black cock in me and you squirting your cum. If you are good I will let you do it again. It will be our little secret.”

She laid on her back and let me kiss her mouth and breasts and she showed me how to rub my fingers between her legs to make her get wet.

Then we did it again Janice laid on her back and I laid between her legs and she guided me in to her pussy and it felt even better than before and because I knew what was going to happen I enjoyed squirting my stuff into her even more than before.

That was a really nice time she let me do it once more then said I would have to leave before her son and husband came home but that she would let me see her again for us to have sex.

When I got home I went straight to my bedroom and listened to my phone as I had put the voice recorder on I listened to Janice and I talking, the grunts and noises we had made and the creaking of the bed. I was looking forward to the next time which it turned out was the next week.

This time I did not even go to school but went straight to number 30, I knocked on the door and Janice quickly let me into the house and she led me to the bedroom.

“I am looking forward to this, a full day together.”

Janice asked me if I would like to remove her clothes and I did. Her bra was difficult to unfastened when it was undone she let me squeeze and kiss her breasts and when I took her knickers off she let me rub the rough hair of her pussy.

Janice undressed me and like before knelt and took my cock in her mouth she sucked it for so long I could feel the funny sensation in my cock and it squirted into her mouth.

I apologised but she said she enjoyed it.

We laid on the bed and like last time she knelt over me and lowered her pussy on to my cock again it felt wonderful, my cock in her warm wet body, this time I managed not to squirt into her as quickly and I enjoyed it even more when I did.

We spent the day in her bed kissing and I squirted into her another four times.

Just before I had to leave she reminded me not to tell any one and keep it our secret.

“That’s because you could go to jail if I did.” I said.

“Yes.” She said, “how did you know that? “

“I asked my friend at school, he is in the same class as me,” I admitted ashamed that I had broken our secret.

“What else did you say to him?” She asked with a frown.

I took a deep breath ashamed of what I had done. “I wanted to know, so I told him what we had done, I swallowed, I recorded the sound of us together and I played it to him and he made me give him a copy of the recording.”

Janice had gone very pale and I felt like crying that I had betrayed her.

“He says that he will take the recording to the police unless you let me take a picture of you with no clothes on and tomorrow he wants to do the same to you as I have and he wants to watch me squirt into you.”

Janice was very upset and did not say anything for several minutes. She took a deep breath, “very well take your photograph of me naked and bring your friend tomorrow and it will be our last time together, I had hoped to see you several more times.”

I sadly broke my news to her, “you will see us many times my friend Hazeen says he will want to see you many times to squirt his stuff into you and I will have to do it as well and he may start bringing some of his friends to you.”

I took my picture of Janice with out her clothes on and left her. I was sad I had broken my secret but pleased I would be seeing her many times again.

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