The Little Whore

The Little Whore

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The Little Whore

Being a single father isn’t easy. I suppose being a single mother isn’t easy either. Anyway my fifteen-year-old daughter Charmaine found a way to get all of the things that she wanted. She became a high school prostitute.

I had become suspicious when I saw Charmaine wearing new clothes that I hadn’t bought for her. She had a computer, a cell phone, and an ipod too. We had been accumulating DVD movies and music CDs too.

I told my boss that I had a doctor’s appointment and that I had to cut out early. He wished me luck and told me to go. I went home but I parked on the other side of the block and cut through several yards to get to my house.

I was hiding in my bedroom when Charmaine came home. Since my bedroom door was directly across from her bedroom door I could stand on a chair and look through the crack at the top of the door right into her room.

I heard her say, “You guys stay here and make yourselves to home. I’ll call you in one at a time. Have your money ready.”

Charmaine never closed her door she just went in, removed her clothes, and then walked down to the bathroom naked. When she came back she hollered out, “Number one, come and get it.”

A boy came running down the hallway and into her bedroom.

She asked, “What will it be?”

He replied, “Anal.”

Charmaine said, “Seventy-five dollars.”

He handed the money over, Charmaine counted it, and took him over to her bed. She dropped his pants, his underwear, and then she washed his cock off with a washcloth. Next she greased up his pole and her asshole, and then she bent over her bed with her ass right up there for him. Obviously he slipped it into her as she let out little several cries of pain as he entered her. She told him how big he was, that she had never had anything that big in her ass before, and she was totally lying to him. He didn’t last very long at all and soon was pumping into her like mad and pulling his cock out.

She said, “For another twenty-five I’ll suck it clean for you.”

He said, “I don’t have any more money.”

Charmaine washed him off, helped him on with his clothes, and said, “Come back when you have more money.”

She made a quick trip to the bathroom and called out, “Serving number two.”

To the best of my calculations Charmaine had serviced fifteen boys and taken in close to a thousand dollars. Just before I was to come home she got rid of the few that she couldn’t service telling them that they would be first the next day. When she came back down the hallway my door was open and I was standing there waiting for her.

Charmaine smiled at me and said, “So you know.”

I said, “Yup, you’re a cheap whore.”

Charmaine smiled at me again and said, “Dad, I’m anything but cheap. I made a thousand dollars today. I make that much every day of the week and more on weekends. I keep my grades up and I have enough money to pay for four years of college. However, I want to go to school for eight years and not have to work. I want my books, food, and housing all paid for. I want to be able to party, to go on Spring Break, and go to concerts if I want too. I can accomplish all of that if you just let me keep doing my thing until I graduate.”

I said, “You really have this all worked out, haven’t you. I suppose I could let you stay open for business until dinnertime. Would that help you?”

Charmaine hugged me tightly, pressing her nude body into me, and then she kissed me like a daughter would kiss her father.

Then Charmaine said, “Can we eat later? Like maybe seven o’clock. I can study after that. I’ll even give you a free one at bedtime if you want.”

She backed up, looked down, and asked, “Should I get dressed? Or should we just take care of that now? It’s only five o’clock and I’ve two more hours to work.” Then she laughed and pushed me into my bedroom saying, “I haven’t changed my sheets yet so your bed is cleaner.”

Like the boys that she had dealt with, she dropped my pants and my underwear to my ankles. I pushed her back onto my bed and undressed completely. I was not going to be another one of her five-minute quickies.

Charmaine said, “Oh, you are a big boy. I hope you don’t hurt me with that thing.”

I looked at her and said, “Don’t pull that shit with me. We both know that you can take a Shetland pony’s dick in any of your holes and not feel any pain.”

Charmaine giggled and said, “I had one in my pussy last month and it felt pretty good too. I charged the boy five hundred dollars to let his Shetland pony fuck me.”

I looked at my fifteen-year-old daughter and I could clearly see her mother lying there. Her hair was fanned out above her head on my pillow, her breasts were hanging slightly off to the sides, and her pussy was shaved clean. When her mother was alive she had hair that length, she kept her pussy clean, and her breasts sagged slightly to the sides under their own weight.

I got my cock into position and then I leaned into my daughter. As my cock entered her I pressed my chest down onto her breasts. I smiled when they didn’t flatten out like pancakes. My last few dates were not as firm as her. I closed my eyes and pretended that her mother was under me. I heard her moan and groan for real, I felt her squirming beneath me to enhance her own pleasure, and I felt her pussy muscles tighten around my cock as her first orgasm hit her. That was the first of three and I joined her that third time. I shot cum into my daughter’s pussy, the same cum that had created her.

She cried softly into my ear, “Wow. Sex has never been like that.”

I replied, “That’s because that was making love, not having sex.”

From that day on Charmaine entertained her young men at home Monday through Thursday from right after school until seven o’clock. On Friday it was until midnight. On Saturday and Sunday her hours were extended from eight in the morning until midnight. Her pussy got more than double the use and she took in more than double the money.

By the time Charmaine graduated from high school with honors she had picked out a college, paid for her entire eight years of tuition, and bought a house for us near campus.

I smiled when we moved in. There were enough bedrooms to run a brothel. Charmaine’s sentiments exactly.

The End
The Little Whore

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