Running Into Taylor Again at The Park

Running Into Taylor Again at The Park

It had been several month since Taylor and I happened to be drawn together, and as time went by, I ended up seeing my old girlfriend. I was trying to put the experience behind me, but whenever I had sex, I always seemed to end up thinking about Taylor. I was obsessed with her, to the point where I would drive by her house, desperately hoping I might run into her.

I had started to realize I’d never see her again, but I continued to take my dog for walks around the lake everyday, sometimes even twice. Again, I never expected to see her, but one afternoon as I made my way around the lake, and I looked ahead, there she was.

I couldn’t believe it, thinking “Could it really be?”

She was walking her German Shepard, Major and as I continued to look that way, I tried to be as nonchalant as possible. I didn’t want to bring any attention to the fact that I saw her, but it was obvious she had seen me too. As we walked toward each other on the path, I couldn’t help but nervously smile and then as our eyes met, I could see Taylor cautiously smile too. However, as we got closer and that giant German Shepard saw me and my dog, it pulled slightly, which made her smile and pull back, almost laughing.

She was wearing some loose fitting grey sweatpants, and a plain black t shirt. Taylor was still so pretty, sandy brown hair, green eyes, and a great smile. Quickly trying to drink her in, I could see her perky little tits pushing against her t shirt and knew her sweats were hiding a firm little body.

Trying to search for the right words, being I was so excited to see her, I couldn’t help but continue to check her out. Catching myself, I looked up and seeing her smile as we again made eye contact, I excitedly said, “Hi,” and continued by saying, “It’s good to see you.”

Nodding, Taylor still seemed nervous, but as our dogs checked each other out, I reached out to shake her hand. She really had a great smile and even though the sweatpants and t-shirt hid her body, I smiled thinking about her. Taylor apprehensively looked down at my hand, and as we eventually shook hands, I asked, “How’s it going?”

It made her smile, but she didn’t say anything, and wanting to keep our conversation going, hoping the opportunity to ask her out would present itself, I said, “I’m really glad I finally ran into you.”

Embarrassed, Taylor blushed and then shyly looking down she told me everything was good. Smiling to myself, hearing her reply, I smiled and letting go of her hand, I blurted out, “I’ve missed seeing you.”

Looking back at me, she again didn’t say anything right away, but then said, “I didn’t think you’d want to see me again.”

Smiling and pausing, giving her a more serious look, I said, “I’ve been thinking about you a lot.“

There was now an awkward pause and seeing she was hesitant I asked, “Would you like to get coffee sometime or maybe get something to eat?”

Taylor continued to smile and after a couple seconds said, “I’d ask you to come over but my parents are home.”

I wasn’t sure she’d be open to getting together again, but was glad to hear she was, and when I boldly asked,”Do you want to come over to my place,” she seemed to be a little nervous.

I immediately thought it might be too soon, however, she smiled and nodding said, “Yea, sure.”

“Oh my god,” I thought, “really?”

I was so excited and stammering a little, I jokingly replied, “Okay, you ready to go?”

There was a brief pause, and when she said, “I don’t know,” I realized she had taken it literally.

Taylor looked a little apprehensive but then said, “I think I need to take Major home.”

Pulling my dog closer, I simply said, “Okay,” as I searched for what to say.

However, as we looked at each other, Taylor smiled and quickly replied, “I can meet you back here in 15-20 minutes,” and then continued by asking, “Is that okay?”

Nodding, trying to hide my enthusiasm I replied, “Yea, that sounds good,” and then suggested we exchange phone numbers.

Smiling she took out her cellphone and after exchanging numbers, we both headed out of the park.

As I opened my car door I said, “See you in a few minutes,” Taylor smiled and then headed down the street.

Getting in my car, I couldn’t help but think about being with her again and as I watched her walk down the street toward her house, I quickly made a u-turn and headed home.

As I went inside and looked around I thought, “I better clean up a little before I go get her.”

I wanted this to go well, and after quickly tidying up, I made my way back over to the park to pick her up. I was anxious to be with her and as I turned down the street and rounded the corner toward the park, I could see her standing there. Smiling to myself and pulling over, I could see Taylor smiling too but then she nervously looked around briefly before getting in the car.

Asking her if everything was okay, she nodded and as I put the car in gear I asked, “Where did you tell your parents you were going?”

Taylor didn’t say anything right away but then said,”I told them I was going over to a friend’s house.”

Looking over at her and reaching across the center console I asked, “Are you sure it’s okay?”

She again nodded and when I said, “You should tell your friend,” Taylor acknowledged by saying, “Yea, I did.”

Taking her hand and giving it a gentle squeeze, I glanced over and told her, “I’m really glad I ran into you.”

It made her smile sheepishly and then as I continued to my house, she leaned toward me, continuing to hold my hand. I knew she was probably nervous, I was nervous too, but I didn’t want to let on and as I pulled down my street and into my driveway I enthusiastically said, “Here we are.”

Quickly getting out of the car and ushering us inside, I hoped no one saw us and as we went through the front door, I could see her again nervously looking around, which made me smile to myself and tell her, “Come on,” having her follow me toward the living room.

She nervously looked around, checking things out as I continued to lead her over to the couch. Sitting down, I politely asked if she wanted anything to drink. Looking at each other, she smiled and said, “Sure.”

It again made me smile, and as I hurried into the kitchen, I opened the refrigerator and announced, “Well there’s Pepsi, water, beer, and I have some hard seltzer, if you want.”

She didn’t reply right away, and being Taylor was so young, and maybe under age, I wasn’t sure she’d want any alcohol, however, she surprised me by saying, “Bring me a seltzer.”

Smiling to myself, I grabbed two, quickly heading back to the living room. Sitting next to her again, I opened one and after handing it to her, I opened mine too. Taking a big drink, I smiled, and as Taylor took a sip, testing it I think, I watched as she look at the can.

Taylor smiled, and then taking another sip, I realized that she must have liked it, which made me take another drink too. Grabbing the TV remote off the coffee table now, I asked if she wanted to watch something.

We ended up finding a movie to watch, but I think we were both thinking about something else, and being there was an awkward pause, I courageously reached over taking her hand, and saying, “I’ve thought about you a lot.”

Again, it made her blush and when she nervously look away, I leaned toward her. Taylor looked up at me and as I went in for a kiss, and our lips met, she closed her eyes. It was nice, I didn’t want to push it, and after giving her a hug, I anxiously asked if she wanted another seltzer.

Looking at me she smiled and after taking a big drink, finishing it, she shook the can and nodded. Knowing these flavored seltzers went down like Kool-aid, and not wanting her to get too drunk, I suggested, “How ‘bout we get a pizza?”

Her eyes lit up with excitement and as I took out my phone and stood up, heading into the kitchen to place the order, Taylor followed me. We decided to order a medium pepperoni and after hanging up, we went back over to the living room.

Sitting on the couch, we both ended up having another hard seltzer as we watched the movie. I was feeling no pain, and as I looked at her without saying anything, I thought about wanting to have sex with her. Immediately glancing up and seeing her looking at me, Taylor suspiciously asked, “What!”

Shaking my head and smiling I leaned over, hugging her and when we again kissed I casually found myself feeling on her chest. I could tell she didn’t have on a bra, she really didn’t need one, being she was small breasted and they were so firm.

Pushing my tongue in her mouth, I moved my hand up under her shirt and as our tongues twisted in each other’s mouth, she casually moved her hand to my crotch, searching for my cock. I wanted her to feel how hard I was, and so I took her hand, and moved it until she could feel it. Taylor was smiling as we continued to kiss and then rubbing it she jokingly asked, What’s this?”

I couldn’t help but smile too, and wanting to feel on her pussy, I slid my hand down, trying to feel on it through her sweats as we continued to kiss.

Suddenly, the doorbell rang, and looking at one another, nervously thinking we got caught, I smiled when I realized it was just the pizza delivery.

I could see Taylor was worried and so I smiled and said, “It must be the pizza,” as I quickly stood up.

Adjusting myself, I hurried to the door and after paying for the pizza, I took it into the kitchen. The pizza smelled great and as I passed the living room, Taylor stood up, following me.

We both probably needed to take a break, at least I know I did and being we had been drinking on an empty stomach, we needed to eat something. Handing her a plate, we both grabbed a couple slices and then hurried back out to the living room.

It tasted great and after gobbling it down, we ended up back watching the movie and drinking our seltzer. I was really enjoying being with her and I think she was too, but as we looked at each other, I still felt there was either a nervousness or an anxiousness we were both feeling.

Not saying anything for a couple seconds, I asked, “Are you okay?”

Looking at me, Taylor smiled and simply said, “Yea.”

Reaching over and holding her hand, I drunkenly remarked, “I’ve thought a lot about you, and then asked, “Do you remember?”

Looking down at our hands, Taylor hesitated and then looking up replied, “I’ve been thinking about you too,” and then continued by saying, “I thought you might be mad.”

Smiling, I leaned toward her, giving her another hug and after a kiss on the head, I stood up quietly saying, “Come on,” pulling her to stand too.

Taylor smiled and asked, “Where are we going?”

Continuing to smile, I led us down the hall to my bedroom. As we went through the door to my bedroom, and I turned to face her, grabbing her by the waist, Taylor seemed a little apprehensive. It was probably for good reason, because I so wanted to fuck her, and hoped she’d let me.

It was, kind of dark in my room, but a little light manage to sneak in from the living room, which gave us just enough light. Looking at each other, I pulled her close, and seeing a nervous smile, I kissed her and told her not to worry. After a subtle nod, we again kissed and I slowly backed her toward the bed. Pushing her against it now, she instinctively leaned back, putting her hands on the bed. Smiling, I again tried to inch her shirt up, trying to get it over her head, Taylor stopped me saying, “Not yet …okay?”

Nervously smiling, I stopped and dropping my hands, thinking it wasn’t going to happen I said, “Sorry.”

Taylor however, gave me a reassuring smile, and then leaning up, she kissed me. Instinctively, I slid my hands to her waist and then after a few moments, I casually went down to my knees. Looking up at her with a naughty grin, I moved my hands to the front of her sweats. Looking down, undoing the string to her sweatpants, and tugging on the legs, getting them off her hips and down to her feet, I coaxed her step out. Taylor was wearing pink little panties and as I tossed her sweats aside, I could smell a hint of vanilla that I suspected was her body spray.

Taylor had great legs, and I couldn’t help but stare, admiring her tone and tanned thighs, thinking about being between them. Instinctively, without thinking, I now put my hand on the front of her panties, gently rubbing her pussy, and looking up, I could see her watching. She smelled so good and wanting to get her panties off, I slipped my fingers inside the little band on both sides. Taylor though, before I could even start pulling them down, she reached down, stopping me. Without saying anything, she pushed my hands away, and looking up, giving her a tentative smile, she said, “Sorry.”

I again worried she didn’t want to do it, but seeing her smile, I knew I just needed to go slow. Standing up, grabbing her by the waist, I gave her a kiss, as she again closed her eyes. Backing away slightly, I casually undid my pants, and letting them inch their way down to my feet, I kicked them aside.

Taylor now looked on intently as I adjusted my boxers, I think hoping to get a glimpse of my cock, but catching herself, she looked up, smiling embarrassingly.

Smiling back, I took her hand and as I moved it to the front of my boxers, she looked down. I wanted her to feel how hard I was, and seeing her smile slyly when she actually felt it, I put my hands on her shoulders. I wanted her to go down, hoping she might want to suck it, but as I tried to push her to her knees, she immediately gave me a concerned look and pulled away.

Looking at each other,I pulled her close and after giving her a kiss, I reached back to the bed, pulling the covers back. Smiling, I lifted her onto the bed, which made Taylor let out a little giggle. Scooting her back, I said, “Why don’t you get under the covers.”

It made her smile and after swinging her legs under the covers, I climbed on the bed with her. Moving closer to her, Taylor laid back, and after throwing the covers over us, I leaned up, quickly taking off my shirt. Smiling, I kind of laid on top of her, making sure to rest on my elbows, I gave her another a kiss.

Bringing my hand up under her shirt, feeling on her little tits, I tried to inch her shirt up. I wanted to see them, but she again nervously stopped me. Immediately I leaned up, and as I pulled my boxers down, hoping it would in a way convince her it was okay and signal what I wanted to do. Seeing Taylor now straining to see, I threw my boxers off the edge of the bed. Laying against her, putting my leg over hers, and positioning my hard cock so it pressed against her thigh, she smiled and reached down, trying to feel it.

I wanted this to happen and I think she did too, and as I casually slid my hand down between her legs, feeling for her pussy, we kissed. Creasing her panties, pressing into her little slit with my finger as I felt on her pussy, I started to grind my cock against her thigh. Taylor now scooted down, continuing to reach for it, and when she eventually found, I could feel Taylor slyly smile. Smiling too as we continued to kiss, Taylor simply started awkwardly rubbing it.

“Oh yea,” I thought, “it felt good,” and when we happened to lean away from each other slightly, Taylor smiled slyly and asked, “What’s this?”

Smiling too, not knowing what to say, I looked down and watched her little hand as she rubbed it. Leaning toward her now and laying her back, I moved until I was on top of her. Grabbing her shirt and trying to slip it over her head again, Taylor smiled and then leaned up, letting her take it off.

She was definitely flat chested, especially laying on her back, but seeing them was such a turn on, I slid down, first kissing her neck, and then her chest. Sucking and tonguing her one little boob, kissing it and then closing my eyes, I took her erect little nipple in my mouth.

Taylor put her hands on my back, and after switching to the other for a moment, I moved down, kissing her stomach. Without looking up, I made my way down, eventually kissing her panties and then as I started to rub her mound, I looked up and asked, “Are you okay?”

She was leaned up on her elbows, watching. Seeing her smile, I settled in between her legs, desperately wanted to eat her pussy. Again I knew I needed to be patient as I went down, mouthing her pussy through her panties. “Mmmm,” I thought, as I closed my eyes and reached my hand up to feel on her little titties.

Leaning up and kneeling in front of her, and rubbing her thighs, I looked up at her and smiling, I casually started to slip her panties off. Taylor leaned back and then smiling, she lifted her ass off the bed a little.

Using both hands to pull them down, and as I got them over her feet, I threw them to the floor. Quickly moving back up I kissed her, wanting to reassure her. Kneeling again and rubbing her thighs I said, “Taylor, you’re beautiful.”

Taylor smiled and then as she lay back, I smiled to myself. Looking down, she really had a great little body, and then kissing her stomach again, I went back down, kissing her mound, eventually mouthing her pussy again. Settling in, I reached my hand under her legs and then bringing my hands up to her pussy, I gently felt on the top part of her pussy, closed my eyes and then let my tongue dip into her slit.

Licking and played with her clit, I wanted to get her off and as I continued to eat her pussy, I could feel her start to wiggle, grinding and squeezing my head between her legs. She was going to cum, and when she reached down telling me to stop, I knew she was close.

As she pulled on my head, wanting me to stop, I felt her body shutter. Stopping, I quickly moved up and after wiping my mouth I kissed her. Her legs were quivering a little and when I let my cock brush against her pussy, and then try to push it into her, Taylor rose up saying, “No, don’t!”

It was obvious Taylor was apprehensive and when I felt she was trying to close her legs, I again leaned up and after kissing her asked, “Are you okay?”

Smiling shyly she nodded and said, “Yea, I’m okay.”

Kissing her I asked, “Do you wanta stop.”

Blushing a little, Taylor said, “No, I’m just nervous.”

I knew she was but when I smiled and said, “Let me get a condom,” and I started to get off the bed to get one, she stopped me saying, “It’s okay, I’m on the pill.”

I was shocked and not knowing what to say, we looked at each other and then Taylor said, “I asked my mom if I could and she said okay.”

Smiling I again leaned up and after kissing her I asked, “Are you sure?”

Nodding and smiling, I leaned forward, and kissing her, I again positioned myself between her legs. Immediately reaching down, I tried to guide my cock into her. She was so tight, and even though she was wet, I could see it was uncomfortable, because I felt her moving around a little as I tried to push into her. Working the head of my cock up and down her little slit, trying to be careful, hoping she’d relax, I pushed into her a little more.

Taylor now laid back, and holding my sides, she arched her back slightly. I was in her, but only a little, and when I started moving in and out of her, pressing into her a little more each time, she wrapped her arms around me. Again, trying to be careful, desperately wanting to fuck her, I wrapped my arms under her shoulders, putting my head next to hers.

Kissing her as I bucked my hips in and out of her a little faster, deliberately trying to cum, it didn’t take long. I was going to cum, and feeling Taylor squirming now and then, I knew I need to hurry before she stopped me. Anxious, feeling it build, I vigorously fucked her. Breathing hard as I pumped in and out, I held her and said, “I’m going to cum.”

Stopping and holding her as my cock started to jerk inside her, Taylor suddenly said, “No, don’t!”

It was to late, warm cum was already spilling inside her, and when Taylor tried to wiggle free, I hastily said, “Don’t move!”

I think it surprised her, I think because she did stop, and as I slowly started moving in and out of her again, she moved her hands down to hips. I was finished, It felt good to have cum, and I had cum a lot, I’m sure she felt it seeping out a little.

Smiling to myself, out of breath, I gave her a peck on the cheek, and then asked, “Are you okay.”

Looking at her and seeing Taylor was smiling, she gave me a hug and simply said, “Yea.”

Moving down, letting my cock slip out of her as it went limp, I knelt between her legs. Continuing to rest my head on her chest, I kissed her stomach as I held her sides. Hunching over her, I knew cum was probably draining out of her, because I felt cum dripping out of me, dribbling down onto the sheets.

Lifting off her and rolling to lay next to her, Taylor immediately reached her hand down to her pussy, and by the look on her face, it was obvious she could feel cum draining out. Rolling to face her as Taylor brought her hand up, I could see a troubled look. Trying to not seem worried, I leaned over and holding her I suggested, “Maybe you should go into the bathroom.”

Giving me a sheepish smile, she rolled off the side of the bed and hurrying into the bathroom, she closed the door. Laying there, I could hear she was peeing and when I heard her pulling toilet paper off the roll, I couldn’t help but smile. I hoped she was okay and when I heard her flush, I rolled to my elbow, waiting for her to come out of the bathroom.

As Taylor opened the door and came out, and she moved toward the bed, I again asked, “Everything okay?”

Giving me a subtle little smile, she nodded. Throwing the covers back, coaxing her back in bed, she climbed and and I threw the covers back over us. It was getting late and as we held each other, I asked if she wanted to spend the night.

I wasn’t sure if she should actually stay, even though I so wanted her too, but when Taylor replied, “I don’t know,” I could see she was hesitant.

Realizing it probably wasn’t going to happen, I again gave her a hug and asked, “Do you wanta stay a little or do you wanta go?”

Taylor didn’t say anything right away, obviously having conflicting thoughts, and when I said, “Maybe we should get going,” she smiled and hugged me saying, “I had a good time.”

I think she wanted to stay but knew her parents would worry, no matter what she would have told them. After getting dressed, I took her home. We ended up holding hands, and as I stopped at the end of her street, we hugged and after a kiss, Taylor opened the door.

As she got out of the car I leaned toward her and said, “I hope we can see each other again.”

It did make her smile and after a nod she closed the door and headed home. I felt we’d never be with each other again, being there is such an age difference, and as on now, I haven’t talked or seen her.

I really feel luck to have had the chance to be the first time and feel the second time, she wanted to see if there was a real attraction. I’m hoping she’ll call or text me one of these days and I continue to look for her, but we haven’t gotten together again.

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