Wife and sister fucked hard

Wife and sister fucked hard

This is Ali. I am a 32 year’s old married man. I am married and my wife Niha is 28 and she is a housewife. She is a beautiful lady. Where ever she goes, the guys around won’t take the eyes away from her. I am very lucky to have her. Her size is 36-28-40. She has a nice and firm breast and round bubbly ass which swings while she walks and many persons around the street waits to watch the moment of her ass while she walks for the nearby market. She always wear Sari and sometimes in home, like to wear nighty.

We had a good sex life or three years. We have no child. I work in a private company in Hyderabad I like to go in the morning to the office at 8 and return at 7 PM. At this time she used to go to my sister Rizwana’s house which is nearby our house or Rizwana will come to our house. My sister Rizwana(30 years old. Looks like actress Charmi) is married and her husband is in Singapore. Her mother-in-law is staying with her and that old lady spends most of her time in sleeping and watching TV serials.

So the situations made Rizwana and Niha to stay close always and we lived a peaceful life. One day I met a old friend (rashmin 35 Years old) of mine and took him to my home When I was doing my PG he studied UG he used to ask some doubts with me and I will clear it for him, so we become close friends and now I am meeting him after 5 years. I introduced him to Niha and he had dinner with us he can’t take his eyes away from my wife. He never minded me around there he simply roamed his eyes throughout Niha.

I can’t say anything and at about 9PM he left. Two days later he called me and gave me a party. We talked many things frankly. He said I am lucky to have such a pretty wife. I said “yes, really lucky”. After some times he again said “I want her”. I am shocked though I managed to ask, “About whom are you talking?” “Your wife” I felt like blowing him but some sensation made me stay quite “You bastard, how can you ask me that kind of thing?” “Hey it’s not a very big matter for me.

While I am in Arabia, so many have fucked my wife and I have fucked their wives”No way, you can’t do this with us.” “I can offer you whatever you want” “No way just forget it and never come across my way.” “Hey take some time. Think about this” “I don’t want your anything and I am never going to offer you what you want. She is a family woman and not like your bitch wife.” “Ok ask your wife and come to a conclusion”No way will she die if she knows still I am talking with a basted who asked her for fun” “

But…” “No more talking I am leaving” He tried to talk and put something in my head. But I avoid him and never want to meet him again. After 2 weeks one day I felt very tired so I took a days leave and returned to home. I can’t drive my bike so I came in the bus. When I neared my house I saw Rashmin walking across the street. As I have rejected his calls he came to meet me in the home. I don’t want to meet him.

So I waited for him to go and I stayed in a hidden place. He went to my house and ring the bell. Niha invited him. I waited for 15 minutes and he didn’t come out so I decided to go and watch what’s happening. I went near the window of the hall and peeped in. There Niha and Rashmin were sitting on an opposite couch and talking. “Shall I call him and ask to send a car?” “No problem. No needs to call him. I am going to his office but before that I have a work” “Wait don’t go let me get you something to drink”

She went to the kitchen and got him some snacks to eat and went to kitchen again. Rashmin started to eat the snacks. Niha returned with a glass of fresh juice. She was wearing a sky blue colored sari with grey design along the border and blouse and petticoat of the same color. She came near him and bends to place the glass on the small table. As she bends her pallu slipped and showed some him very good cleavage he looked excitingly on her breasts.

She suddenly realized and arranged her pallu in the right place and sat on the couch next to him and put her head down as she can’t look at him after what just happened. I want to pull that basted out of the house and punch him until he dies but waited to know what he plans to do. All the while he was looking on her and without taking his eyes, he took the juice and poured some juice on my wife’s feet. She quickly moaned “ouch” and looked at him. He said, “Oh god I am sorry. I just lost the balance on the hold of the glass” “It’s ok. No problem.

I will clean it and come” “Don’t go. The juices will spread all over the place you walk and ants will come at once. You stay there I will get a towel and clean you” He went to the kitchen and took a towel and came near her and sat on the floor and hold her left feet and whipped her feet clean with the towel. Then he rubbed her feet with his bare hands she just looked away from him and said nothing.

He placed her cleaned left foot on his lap such a way that her feet is on his crouch as well once she felt his cock touching her feet she suddenly pulled her feet away but he said. “Niha the floor is full of juice so don’t fell shy keep your feet on my lap” She smiled and placed her feet on his lap. He took her other feet and cleaned it with the towel. Then he started to rub it with his hand. She said nothing, instead closed her eyes and looked at the ceiling.

He watched this and looked at her reaction and increased the speed of rubbing. He hold her right feet on both his hands and looked at her face without taking his eyes away he lowered his head He opened his pant zip and took out his black cock out and placed it between her left feet’s toe and the other finger and by holding her right leg he started kissing all over her feet the he licked her feet clean. He didn’t mind the dirt in her feet. Then he took both her feet and placed it on his cock.

Now his cock is between both her foot he started to move her foots along the length of his cock. His cock become more and more hard.. He left her feet on his cock she made two strokes on her own with the same speed he maintained then suddenly realized what she was doing and stood up and run inside the bedroom and closed the door. He looked at his rock hard cock by holding it and saw some dirt on it mixed with his pre-cum which actually came from her unclean feet. He cleaned it with his fingers and tasted it.

He tried to put his cock inside his pants but he can’t. So he went near the bedroom door and called her. She didn’t answer anything. He pushed the door and it opened. I understood that she wants him too. “How did this basted, made her fell for him just by touching her feet?” I questioned myself. I went near the bedroom window it is locked. I searched for some holes and found a small hole at the corner of the wooden window. I could see the complete room clearly. I saw him entering the room.

She is in the bathroom inside the bathroom. He pushed the bathroom door and it opened. He pulls her out she was very shy. She said “Please leave me, please” Very shyly she never was able to look at his face. He pulled her and hugged her she too hugged him putting her face in his chest such a way that she will avoid looking at him. But he tried to kiss her cheek but she was not leaving any space for him to kiss so he kissed her shoulder and his hands started to rub and squeeze her buttery ass.

He squeezed it for a long time as she is still hugging him. He asked her to move but she didn’t want to face him. He pleads for some time but she didn’t move so he gave her a hard slapping on her ass. She screamed in pain and holds her ass leaving the hug and started to rub her ass with hand because of pain. He immediately holds her cheeks and moved his lips towards her lips. She realized what is coming and suddenly hugged him tight again. He looked disappointed and shook his head and gave her ass another hard slap.

She again jumped in pain and rubbed her ass. But this time looked him eye to eye for the first time and with her left hand rubbing her ass she immediately slapped him hard on his face. He looked at her in shock but she slowly smiled. He too smiled and gave the hard slap to her left ass. She jumped and said “aaaaah” and Slapped him twice on his right cheek hardly. Her fingerprints was now on his cheeks.

He immediately hugged her tightly took hold of her head in his hands and started to suck her lips and mouth Put his tongue inside her mouth and played She to responded and started to rub her fingers all around his back. Then he removed her sari. But she didn’t allow him to remove her blouse. She instead asked him to get naked first. He asked her to undress him. She removed his T-Shirt and then loosened his belt by kneeling down. That is the time when she saw his cock and shocked to see such a long and thick cock.

It is almost 10 inches long. She opened her mouth in shock and removed his underwear along with pants. He is completely naked now. He made her stand and removed her blouse and saw her white bra. He kissed it and removed the hook and with his mouth pulled the bra and stripped it. He is surprised to saw her breast which is not jumping upon removing the bra, because until now whoever he stripped him never saw a breast standing hard without jumping up and down.

But Niha’s breasts are very firm he smelt it and gave a soft kiss on both her breasts. Then he started to suck the nipples and lick the flesh of her breast. He pulled her nipples using his teeth. She moaned in pain but didn’t stop him. He then came to her navel and kissed her stomach and rubbed all over her abdomen with his face and hands. He kissed and licked her navel for a long time. While he licked her navel a sexy sound was produced. She too started to moan. He went to her face once again and

French kissed her again and kissed and licked her cheek, nose forehead, head, her jaw, her neck and finally he kissed and flicked his tongue all over her earlobe and said something to her. He then kissed her breast and sucked on it. Then he went to work on her navel. He then kissed right on her navel and sucked and licked it again. Using his lips he pulled the robe of her petticoat and released the knot. The petticoat loosened and fell down. Now she is only with her light blue panty. “Hey, Bitch you are all blue.

What is the reason for that?” I got shocked up on him calling her “bitch”. But she doesn’t seems to mind and replied, “I always wore like this” He kissed her pussy on over the panty and snored and took a deep breath and said, “Ok whore turn around. Let me see your other side” He kissed on her ass and got the upper end of her panty with his mouth and pulled it down till it reaches her knee and left it stay there.

He took a deep breath on the odor of her ass and gave a hard kiss on her ass. Then he placed his one hand on each of her ass cheeks and started to squeeze them. He separated her ass crack and took a nice look on her pussy and ass hole. He kissed her pussy and licked along the crack and reached her ass hole. He kissed and licked her asshole clean. He stood up and hugged her from behind and started kissing her cheeks and neck. His cock was in her ass crack he pushed it into the crack and started to fuck along her ass crack she closed her eyes and enjoyed the pleasure he is giving.

He sucked her ear lobes and works his cock along the valley of her ass crack. His tip of the cock touches her pussy every time he thrust downwards. Suddenly the door is opened and there stands Rizwana(my Sister). Rashmin and Niha loosened their grip and some bolt hit into Niha’s head. She came to see my wife holding her baby and saw her in wrong position and got shocked. She can’t speak so she started to walk out. Niha and Rashmin stood in shock and suddenly Niha ran to Rizwana and said, “

Please Rizwana don’t say to anyone, Please”, Niha told rizwana whatever she knows about Rashmin and me don’t tell to anybody. Rashmin” He wore a towel and came near them. Niha removed his towel and Rizwana’s eyes bulged and mouth opened upon seeing his cock. At that moment he knows that Rizwana too fell for his monster. Without saying anything Rizwana tried to go but Rashmin hugged her from behind and squeezed her breasts. She told him; “

Hey leave me don’t touch me I am married and I am mother of a child. Stay away from me” As the baby is in her hand she can’t push him away. He took that to the advantage and kissed her cheek and lips. Niha said, “Rashmin please leave her she won’t tell to anybody let us enjoy” “I want this bitch as well” “No rashmin leave her.” Pleased Niha. She tried to pull him away from Rizwana but he holds Rizwana with a hand and slapped Niha.

Both ladies stood there in shock. Rashmin said “Oh god, sorry Rizwana sorry and rubbed Niha’s cheeks. Rizwana spokes, “Ok I will have sex with you along with my Anni. But if we are caught what will you do? What will be our situations?” “Oh don’t worry about those darlings I am a great Multi-Business magnet. So I can keep you both as my wife for the life time along with my other wife.” Don’t be silly. I promise you” “We won’t believe you” “Ok then I will prove that and then we will have sex”. “Ok””

Rashmin made some phone calls. He put his cell on the table and hugged both my sister and wife and made them sit on his lap and the talked for a long time. Suddenly rashmin came out and they talked about Rashmin and their feature. Nice cock” “Yes but what is he going to do? “I can’t live without that cock anymore” “Even I can’t. But how could we believe that he will not tell to anyone?” Rashmin came in and handed some papers.

He has registered a lot of property in their name for their protection. “Are you happy darlings?” We love you Rashmin” “I love everything of you Niha. Rizwana let me see what you have.” He made her stand and French kissed her while Niha removed her sari. He then removed her blouse and saw her black bra. He kissed it and removed the hook and with his mouth pulled the bra and stripped it out of her body. He is happy to saw her breast which is very sexy.

Rizwana’s breasts are very firm he smelt it and gave a soft kiss on both her breasts. Then he started to suck the nipples and lick the flesh of her breast. He pulled her nipples using his teeth. She moaned in pain but didn’t stop him. He then came to her navel and kissed her stomach and rubbed all over her abdomen with his face and hands. He kissed and licked her navel for a long time.

While he licked her navel a sexy sound was produced. She too started to moan. He went to her face once again and French kissed her again and kissed and licked her cheek, nose forehead, head, her jaw, her neck and finally he kissed and flicked his tongue all over her earlobe and said something to her. He then kissed her breast and sucked on it. Then he moved to her navel. He then kissed right on her navel and sucked and licked it again.

Using his lips he pulled the robe of her petticoat and released the knot. The petticoat loosened and fell down. Now she is only with her red panty. He kissed her pussy on over the panty and snored and took a deep breath and said, Ok whore turn around. Let me see your other side.” He kissed on her ass and. He took a deep breath on the odor of her ass and gave a hard kiss on her ass. Then he placed his one hand on each of her ass cheeks and started to squeeze them. He pulled her panty a down and kissed on her ass crack.

My wife is watching both of them by holding Rizwana’s baby and breastfeeding it. Rashmin stood up and pushed his cock in the crack of Rizwana’s ass and pushed it between the two mounds. Her soft ass squeezed his hard cock. His cock was in her ass crack he pushed it into the crack and started to fuck along her ass crack she closed her eyes and enjoyed the pleasure he is giving. He sucked her ear lobes and works his cock along the valley of her ass crack. His tip of the cock touches her pussy every time he thrust downwards.

He then removed her panty and made her lie on the bed. He asked my wife also to lay on the bed. He asked them to lie down on their stomach. He went on top of my wife separated her ass cheeks and inserted his cock inside the gap of the cheeks and started to fuck her ass crack. After some time he move on my sister and kissed her ass and separated her ass cheeks and licked the crack and put his cock inside the crack and thrust it up and down for some time. His cock is in between the two mounts of my sister.

Then he made both of them lie on the bed such that my wife’s ass is touching my sisters ass. Then he inserted his cock between the gaps of their ass. They pressed and squeezed his cock between their asses. He is heaven by feeling two sets of glorious asses squeezing and fucking his cock. He came hard between their asses. His cum is all over my wife’s and sister’s ass cheeks. He continued fucking both their ass mounts until he become limp.

He ask them to go to toilet and followed them and cleaned my wife’s ass pussy and thigh first and then my sisters ass cheeks and pussy. They came out. My wife bring them some juice. He sipped the juice and went out of the room by wearing a towel. I watch my sister and wife giggling with the baby. Suddenly I got a punch on my head and I fell down. It is Rashmin he beat me and pulled me inside the house where my wife and sister are.

They are shocked and begged Rashmin to leave me. But he said, “Bitches he is an asshole. And from today I am the husband of both of you and you should be obeying me.” He tied me on the window grill. He made me nude. He slapped me hard and said, “Look how I am going to fuck your wife and sister in front of you” “Please don’t do this” “Don’t ruin our life leave us” “Ok let the bitches decide this. Rizwana, tell me who is the real man?

And say the reason to the other” Rizwana said, “Rashmin you are the man. Because you have a cock Double the size of my husband and you are doing nice and great sex” Tell him that and punish him for not showing you what the real pleasure is” Niha came near me, and said your cock is double than my husband my husband had only 7” height “3 inch than” Niha slapped me hard on my face and continued.

She sat on the chair next to me and put her leg on my crotch with the chapel and started to squeeze it. Now he took my cock between both her feet with chapel and started to fuck my cock. Though it’s paining the sensation that my own sister is foot fucking me made my cock erect. She removed her chapel and slapped my cock for a few times and then my sister slapped on my face with the chapel. Then she throws the chapel on my face and took Rashmin’s cock in between her two foots and started feet fucking.

Then he asked Niha, tell me who is the real man? And say the reason to the other” my god not even myself have called my wife like that..Sure rashmin no doubt you are the man. Ali has satisfied me some times with his cock. But he is half the size of you. So I prefer you to be my man I want real cock and not this toy.” Niha came near me and slapped my cock. Then she slapped me on my face and said, “

You can’t touch me anymore without Rashmin’s permission. You can only enjoy my body if you please Rashmin. From now on I am his bitch.” Rashmin pulled Niha away from me and hugged her and he kissed her on the mouth. Now Rizwana joined them and rashmin kissed her on the mouth. He kissed both of them and squeezed their bare ass cheeks with his hands. Rizwana is in his left hand and Niha is on the right hand.

He made them lie down on the bed and smiled on both and kneeled in front of my wife’s feet and opened her legs and stared to kiss her feet, legs, thighs and he traveled towards her white pussy. She has been shaven nice. He kissed her pussy mount and separated the lips and had a lick. Then he made the licking speed faster. He then inserted his tongue inside her pussy and tongue fucked her for some time. He then kissed her pussy and shifted his attention towards my sister. He licked her feet to toe and finally came to her pussy.

She is not shaven completely but she has shaven before a week. Very short hair has been grown.
He licked her pussy for some time and mouth fucked her pussy he sucked her pussy and put his tongue inside her love hole. He then asks Niha to hold her right leg upwards and Rizwana to hold her left leg upwards. Now both my sister’s pussy and my wife’s pussy are very close. He gave each pussy a lick and tried to identify which one is tastier?

Taking turns he sucked both pussies for about 20 minutes and they said their legs are paining. So he stopped and they took test for some time. They untied me and ordered to bring snacks and juices. Once they have completed. Niha said she needs to pee. Rashmin asked me to lay down and signaled Niha to pee. She sat on my mouth and pissed.

Then sister too wants to try me as her toilet. She came and sat positioning to pee. I am crazy to fuck my sister. So I squeezed my sister’s ass and licked her pussy. She is shocked and jumped and stood up. She kicked me on my face and went down and asked Niha to lower my foreskin and pissed over my cock. Then he sat on the bed and asked them to suck him. Both Niha and Rizwana looked each other’s face.

Niha has never taken my cock inside her mouth. So I am sure they will protest and but to my surprise both Niha and rizwana smiled to each other and turned to Rashmin and said in a same voice, “Sure” They kneeled down on both his side Niha on the left and Rizwana on the right. Rizwana started to squeeze and started to do some hand jobs. Niha opened her mouth and licked over his cock. Rizwana took the cock and lowered its foreskin and gave it a kiss and showed it to

Niha she too gave a kiss. Rizwana took it inside her mouth and give it a couple of strokes. Then she guided it into my wife’s mouth and she too gave a couple of strokes and gave it back to Rizwana. Rizwana took much of the cock as possible inside her mouth slowly but Niha at one point pushed Rizwana’s head down that made Rashmin’s cock struck on Rizwanas throat and she immediately started to cough and spitted a lot of saliva over his cock and balls. That made Rashmin’s cock shines like a shiny Iron rod.

Rizwana got a pain in her throat and sit simply and ordered me to get some juice for them. Rashmin told my wife to suck him. She kept on sucking him for about 5 minutes with out taking his cock out of her mouth forgetting her. Rizwana who was ready for the game pushed Niha’s head hardly and held her down on his cock because of that Rashmin’s cock sucked hard on her throat and because of the pain she tried to get up but Rizwana won’t leave her hair. So Niha bite hard on Rashmin’s cock and he started to cry louder so that the neighbors could hear.

He pushed Niha’s head and Rizwana leaved her as soon as Niha stood up holding her throat and coughing Rashmin got angry and slapped Niha harder. She spitted back on Rashmin and he caught her head and French kissed her. He then asked me to stand up and made Niha bend down on the bed and asked me to guide his cock inside her pussy. I said I can’t do that. Rizwana came and slapped me and said Do what he tells” I took his cock in my hand and approximately positioned it in her pussy.

He thrusts and his cock wasn’t at the hole and it hurts my wife. She kicked me and said do it well. Again I tried and failed. This time she got anger and got up and slapped me on my face and said “Open my ass cheeks and guide his cock inside my pussy” She went on to the doggy position. But he asks her to stand on her feet and bend. She did as he said and he commanded me to do my job. Niha said “

Come on Ali I can’t wait put Rashmin’s cock inside my burning pussy.” I parted my wife’s ass cheeks and put his cock on the entrance of her pussy. He thrust slowly as she adjusted to his size. She was biting her teeth as he thrusts in. It looks like a huge iron rod is thrusted inside a soft fruit. When his head is in he pulled it a out until the tip of his head only stays in. When he pulls out her vaginal muscle is stretched all over his cock and her muscle is pulled outwards along with his cock to its maximum.

Slowly he increased the speed and soon his whole cock is inside her and both have started to sweat. He took her on his hands holding her thigh without pulling his cock out. He sat on the bed and placed her on his lap and asked her to ride his cock. She started to ride and my sister lay next to them and breast feed her baby. Niha started to ride him faster. She put both her legs on his thigh and her hands on his chest and starts riding him. Now her complete weight is on him. And she is all on him.

While she rides he spanks and squeezes her ass. Soon her ass becomes red. Her huge ass is bouncing on Rashmin’s abdomen as rides him and it is a very nice scene to watch. He slapped her as she bounces on him. Soon she cum yet another time and sat still without doing anything Rashmin pulled her hip up and she bounced on his cock for two or three strokes and again sat calmly on his abdomen. Rashmin called her, “Come on Niha ride me come on faster I am close” “Sorry Rashmin I can’t” “

What’s wrong Niha? Don’t feel sorry for Ali we can take care of him. Come on make me come” “Oh god I am not feeling for Ali. But I am completely satisfied I can’t take anymore. Please leave me for sometime. Now I can’t take even a single stoke. I have never been fucked like this before.” “Oh its ok darling take some rest lay down” Niha can’t even get up she slowly slide from his rock hard cock and laid on the bed and closed her eyes.

Rashmin turned his attention to Rizwana who is breast feeding the baby. She was laying on her side and the baby is on the bed drinking milk. He slowly rubbed her ass and slapped hard. She jumped in pain and the nipple in the baby’s mouth comes out and milk sprayed all over the baby’s body. She again positioned to breastfeed and the baby starts to suck. This time he continuously spanked her and made her right ass cheek red. The baby is crying for milk and he won’t mind.

She can’t nurse the baby because of the pain. He made her lie on her stomach and spanked her left ass cheek The baby continued crying and he continued spanking. Soon the left ass also become red and he asked her to feed the baby while she feeds he opened her ass cheek and tried to insert his cock in her pussy. He failed. He calls me and asked to insert his cock in my sister’s pussy. I opened her ass cheeks and inserted his cock. It went to wrong area and she jumped in pain and slapped me and asked to guide correctly.

She starts to feed the baby and by spreading my sisters right ass cheek I positioned his cock at the entrance of her pussy. It entered in and still I am holding her ass and watching the cock entering her pussy. It is very tight her pussy muscle is completely stretched and it feels very sexy as her muscle is pulled out to its maximum along with his cock. Her vaginal muscle is holding his cock very tightly. After 10 minutes she started to enjoy the fuck as all the pain subsides and she reached her first orgasm.

Throughout the whole fuck I am holding her ass cheek and spreading it when she started orgasm I started squeezing her ass. She moans loudly and once the orgasm subsides she turned around and slapped me and warned me not to touch her anymore. Beside them my wife is fast asleep and my sister and Rashmin changed position as the baby slept. She lay on her back and he fucks her on top of her. After15 minutes my wife woke up and refreshed herself.

When she came out of the bathroom my sister pushed Rashmin after her orgasm and cried. “Leave me leave me I can’t I have cum five or six times and I am very tired” “I needs to cum” “I can’t take any more in my pussy. I will suck you” “Ok” He pulled out of my sister and turned and saw my wife standing there and he caught her and made her lie on her back and entered her pussy and rammed hard for 7 minutes and she already has cum twice.

He kept on fucking her for another 8 minutes and she cum for the 4th time and he cum inside her for the first time. She can’t take his load of cum he came non-stopping for about two minutes and he kept his cock inside her and stayed still and Niha started chatting “Our husbands can’t satisfy us in anyway.” But you single handedly satisfy two ladies and you are ready for more” “Shall we stay with you forever?” “

Sure I have arranged for the marriage already and you will have another husband as well and that is my sishyan whom I have trained. In my absence he will satisfy you. The important thing is, His cock is 7.5? long and he is just very young”What a 35 yr old venkat is going to marry us?” “Yes but his tool is not of a 35 yr old ones” “Let us see it first” “No you should believe me you should marry him and then you can see his love tool” “Ok” He made a phone call and went to the door way and prophet,

Five ladies and four men came in. He said the ladies and men are the proofs for the marriage. He asked me to remove the mangalasutra from my wife’s neck. I objected and they hit me so I went near my wife lowered my head and removed the mangalasutra from her neck. At the same time the prophet removed the mangalasutra from my sister’s neck. The prophet handed a mangalasutra to the venkat and Rashmin and asked them to go near their brides.

The venkat came near my wife and Rashmin went near my sister. The prophet asked the venkat weather he likes to marry Niha? He said yes. Then prophet asked weather Niha wants to marry the venkat she said “With pleasure”. I can’t take those words Then the prophet said the venkat to tie the mangalasutra around my wife’s neck. I enquired that the venkat age but they have prepare duplicate certificates. The prophet once again asked the venkat to tie mangalasutra around Niha’s neck.

The prophet gave me a mangalasutra and asked to give it to the bridegroom (To venkat).I have no other choice so I gave it to the venkat. My wife was completely nude and the venkat is dressed. She lowered her neck and the venkat she bends. Her breast is at his mouth and the venkat put his hand around her neck and started to tie the rope while he sucks her right nipple.

Once the first knot is tied by the venkat the other people came to help but the prophet asked the venkat to tie himself and he tied the second and third knot himself. The gold and some part of the yellow rope is over her left breast and the gold contains the (Venkat).Then they asked my wife to fell on the venkat’s feet as she is his wife. She did as she was told she touched the venkat’s feet and the venkat took her by the shoulder and she got up.

They asked them to kiss. The venkat look at Niha and she looked at him and lowered her face to the venkat’s lips and they started to suck each others mouth tongue and lips. Then the new couple fell on the feet of everyone around there except me for blessings. They blessed them to have a nice life as couple and to have lot of kids and wealth. The prophet gave me another mangalasutra and asks to hand it to Rashmin. I got it from the prophet and handed it to Rashmin.

Then the prophet asked Rashmin to tie mangalasutra around my sister’s neck and he tied it around my sister’s neck and the gold touches (which has Rashmin’s name on it). Rizwana fell on Rashmin’s feet and got his blessings. Then they fell on everybody except my feet for the blessings her breast. Then the couples signed in the marriage registration. My wife and the venkat are now really husband and wife also my sister is Rashmin’s wife officially.

Then the prophet and the register arranges for the next marriage. Now Rashmin went near my wife and the venkat came near my sister. The prophet asked if Rashmin and my wife are willing to get married and both replied yes and then the prophet gave a mangalasutra with Rashmin’s name on the gold. I handed it to Rashmin and he tied it around Niha’s neck and then they kissed each other and then she fell on Rashmin’s feet and got his blessings. Then they fell on everybody except my feet for the blessings.

The prophet called the next couple that is my sister and the venkat who already is my wife’s husband.He asked for their acceptance in the marriage. Both accepted for the marriage. Now the prophet handed me a mangalasutra with the venkat’s name in the gold. I handed it to the venkat. He looked at my sister and she lowered herself to his height and showed her neck. The venkat tied the mangalasutra around Rizwana’s neck and made her his wife.

When he finished tying the three knots he hold her head and started to kiss her in the mouth. She too responded by kissing him back. Then my sister fell on the venkat’s feet and got his blessing. They got every ones blessing. Now the couples signed the marriage registry. Now my wife and my sister has officially become Rashmin’s and the venkat’s wives every body has left and the couples cheered and had the dinner. Then Rashmin asked the venkat to satisfy his wives and started to watch.

Already my wife and sister were nude and as he went to them. They made him to remove the shirt and ask him to lay on the bed both knelt down the floor and unbuttoned the venkat’s pant and removed it. He wears a panty and they both started pulling in down. When they removed it and looked at his cock they both said, “Wow! Is it’s yours? Nice cock..” “Thank you Rashmin it’s my long time fantasy to enjoy a very young venkat.”

Said Niha. “I too love to feel this , Thanks Rashmin” said Rizwana. The venkat sat up and slapped Niha. She screamed and was shocked and looked at the venkat rubbing her cheeks. He then slapped Rizwana she screamed of the pain and asked “why?” “I am your husband bitches, don’t call me kid. Because, I am going to make you both pregnant and give each of you one or two kids” “Ok,that’s great Dear” said Niha. “Sorry hubby, for calling you kid” said Rizwana.

He lay down and both ladies looked each other and saw his cock again and found it in 90 degree. Without touching it with their hands they started to kiss it. Using their tongue they lowered the foreskin. They licked the head of the monster clean. The pre-cum started to leak. They licked it clean. Then Niha took his cock inside her mouth and started to suck. She then took it out of her mouth and planted a hard French kiss on the bud of his cock.

Then Rizwana took it inside her mouth and gave a nice hard sucking and then they took turns sucking his cock and soon his cock is shining with their spit and his pre-cum.They both stood and laid beside him Rizwana on his right and Niha on his left. First he French kissed my sister and then my wife. Then he kissed my wife’s forehead, earlobes and licked everywhere on her face. He kissed her nose and eyes and took her breast in his hand and started to squeeze her breast looked very big in his small hands.

He licked her neck and sucked her nipples and licked her breasts. He kissed her breasts and took it inside his mouth along with the mangalasutra. Now both the ladies have two mangalasutras around their neck and they looked very sexy wearing it. He then came to her navel and kissed her stomach and rubbed all over her abdomen with his face and hands. He kissed and licked her navel for a long time.

While he licked her navel a sexy sound was produced. She too started to moan. He then went to Rizwana kissed her on her lips and put his tongue inside her mouth. She is much exited to have sex with a guy . They continued kissing for a couple of minutes and then he kissed her eyes and then forehead and licked her ear and then her nose. He kissed her neck and sucked her nipple along with the Mangalasutra. He drank some milk from her right breast and sucked her other breast as well.

He then came to her navel and kissed her stomach and rubbed all over her abdomen with his face and hands. He kissed and licked her navel for a long time. While he licked her navel a sexy sound was produced. She too started to moan. He then made both of them lay together and kissed Niha’s pussy she spread her leg and put them over his shoulder. He started to lick it. She started moaning he played with her clitoris which made her moan louder.

She holds his head tighter towards her pussy by pushing his head using her thigh which was over his shoulder. He made her moan louder by licking her clitoris she moaned and moved her body all over the bed in excitement and extreme pleasure. It is unbelievable to watch a venkat sucking my wife’s pussy and she is enjoying and moaning holding his head in her pussy. He drank all the juices flowing from her pussy and inserted his tongue inside her pussy and tongue fucked her.

He then kissed her pussy and left to Rizwana. He kissed her pussy and kneeled down and put her legs over his shoulder and started to his her pussy and started to suck her pussy. She moaned and pulled his head hard on her pussy. He continued licking her clitoris and sucked it she started to moan and move her head and body in pleasure here and there. He tongue fucked her and made her stand on her feet.

He asked her to turn around and fell down and started licking my sister’s feet. Slowly he licked her legs and come licking upwards and he licked her thighs and reached her bottom of the ass mount. He licked every place over the ass mounds of her and separated the cheeks and licked the crack and sucked her ass hole. He kissed and licked all over the crack of her ass and stood up and asks her to lower and rubbed her ass crack with his cock.

He continues rubbing his cock on my sister’s ass crack for some time and asks her to Breast feed her baby. He called his first wife and my only wife Niha and kissed her on the pussy and made her turn around and kissed her back and lowered down and kissed her ass mount and rubbed his face on her ass cheeks hard for some time. Then he licked all over both her ass cheeks. Then he turned his attention towards the ass crack of Niha.

She pushed her ass backwards and he spread her ass cheeks and inhales the smell of her ass crack and kissed her ass hole and licked through the crack valley. He left her ass cheeks free and starts tonguing her ass hole. The ass cheeks are all over his face and his whole face is in between her ass cheeks. After some time he felt difficult to breath and took his face out of her ass and breathed hard and kissed on the crack of her ass cheeks and stood up and slapped hard on her left ass cheek it giggled nice.

She screamed but he enjoys the giggling while he spanks her ass cheek. So he continued spanking both of her ass cheeks harder soon both her ass cheeks become red with his finger prints on it. Then she ask her to lower her ass and inserted his cock in the valley of her ass crack and asked her to squeeze his cock with her ass cheeks and she started to squeeze his cock between her ass cheeks. He started to thrust in and out of her ass crack valley. They continued this for 10 minutes.

Then he asked both his wives to lay together and took Niha’s right leg and Rizwanas left leg and put them on his erect cock and started to fuck their feet. Now his cock is in between Rizwana’s and Niha’s legs. After 5 minutes he laid on the bed and rizwana sat on his face placing her ass and pussy over his face and Niha sat on his abdomen. His abdomen is very lean because while Niha was sitting on his stomach, her ass cheeks were resting on the bed and his abdomen is between her ass cheeks.

It looks like a monster sitting on a man (Because he has a real man?s cock). The venkat wanted me to insert his cock inside Niha and he ordered me. She lifted up her ass from him and I guided his cock slowly inside her vagina. She started to get a by of his cock inside her pussy. Once she got half of the venkats cock inside her the venkat kicked me and ask to move away.

She started to move up and down on his shaft. After some time she got him completely buried inside her pussy and she attained her first orgasm. Mean while Venkat is sucking and licking Rizwana’s pussy and ass. Niha started to bounce faster and faster. As the venkat got exited he started to moan along with him Niha too started to moan loudly as she neared another orgasm. He got exited and started to slap her ass cheeks.

When she attained another orgasm she collapsed and laid down on her back but she haven’t yet pulled him out of her pussy. He can’t control and pushed Rizwana away and asked her to lift and hold Niha’s leg up so that he could lay there and fuck her side ways. Rizwana lifted Niha’s leg and found that she actually is unconscious. She said it to the venkat and ask him to get up. But he refused and ask Rizwana to hold Niha’s leg.

So Rizwana asked to Rashmin what to do? I begged the venkat to get off my wife but the venkat slapped me and said to stay away and said that he is fucking his own wife and no one could stop him. Rashmin punched me and said, “As Niha was too excited and experienced a lot of orgasm on a day she has gone unconscious. She will be all right after a good sleep. Doesn’t need worry she could take more so do what Venkat wants” Venkat again said; “Lift and hold Rizwana’s leg Rizwana”

He still has his rock hard cock inside Niha’s pussy. Rizwana lifted and hold Niha’s right leg and Venkat started to thrust in and out of Niha. Her vaginal muscle is stretching and clutching his cock well as he pulls outwards. She is still very tight. He increased the pace and continued fucking her for another 15 minutes. Throughout this fuck session though Niha was unconscious, she attained 3 orgasms and kept on moaning according to the sensation. He pulled his cock out of her pussy with a “plopp” sound and ask

Rizwana to lay down and inserted inside her he started to fuck her slow and full as his cock is fully lubed with Niha’s pussy juice and Rizwana is already wet it is easy for him to enter into my sister’s love tunnel. He started to Ride harder as time shifts. At one point he stopped and pulled out of her pussy and ask her to move to doggy style. She went on to all four.He inserted her from behind and started to fuck her hard.

He pulled her hair and started fucking her as it looks like he is riding a horse. His thighs slammed on her ass and she become very sore and slowly she laid on the bed on her stomach as she attained her fourth orgasm of the fuck. He realized that Rizwana was completely exhausted and she too has gone unconscious. But he won’t leave her and he continued fucking her for another good 5 minutes and came deep inside her pussy.

After 2 minutes he pulled his snake out of Rizwana’s pussy and had a drink and got hard again. He can’t control and saw Niha laying in her stomach and inserted his cock again inside Niha’s sore pussy. And started to fuck her hard he continued fucking her for about 20 minutes and feels like switching pussy. So he went and fucked Rizwana from back as she is still in the position he fucked her earlier.

After 10 minutes he made her lay on her back and inserted inside her tight pussy and fucked for some more tine. And after 15 minutes he pulled out of Rizwana’s pussy and went near Niha and made her lay on her back and inserted his hard cock inside her very soft pussy and fucked her for some times all the while he was fondling and sucking all over her body. He squeezed and sucked her bouncing breasts as he continued fucking her.

He came inside my wife’s pussy after a long time and collapsed on her. After some time I went asleep and when I woke up I found Niha was fucked by Venkat as she fondles his back hold his legs around the venkat’s body and Rizwana was sucking Rashmin’s cock and he was sucking her pussy in 69 positions. The things happened next is really unbelievable and unexpected.

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