UK Council Estate Slags Vol.1: Part Three

UK Council Estate Slags Vol.1: Part Three

We sat on the edge of Tracey's bed. Her room was twice the size of Kerry's and the bed was of generous proportions, king-sized I guessed... to fit her busty bulk and whoever else was lucky enough to sleep with her! Yet there was no evidence of a man in the room, everything was girlie and frilly but looked old and worn. Cigarette smoke had yellowed the peeling wallpaper and the dirty bleached drape which covered the front window. In front of us was an old battered TV and VHS player on top of a second hand wooden table. I guessed she spent most of her day lying in, watching all sorts of trash. Videos were stacked on the TV and I looked for old porn but all I could see was 'Chippendales...Live' and the old housewives' classic 'Neighbours - The Wedding'.
I was totally hard and naked, having only just got up out of Kerry's bed and been pulled by the cock into her mum's domain. She still looked every bit a filthy fucking prostitute and I had my hand up her PVC skirt, up those fishnetted thighs, her legs opened wide apart. She was wearing crotchless knickers, I could tell, and I was rubbing my palm around her slit as I had done so, only hours earlier for her daughter. She gently wanked and stroked my chubby manhood as she spoke in a rough, yet excitable manner.
"Kerry told me all about you."
"She did?"
"Yes, told me you got everything, you dirty sod!"
"Yeah I feel kinda guilty" I said. "I know it sounds strange but you two... you drive me insane... I can't help it!"
"...sOK petal" she murmured, moving her hand down to caress and tease my bollocks with her fingernails. "I told her to."
"Told her to what?" I asked.
"Pick up a man for me." She said. "I get lonely here, and now that she's old enough to I let her go out, you know... lookin' for blokes."
My index finger had found the slot in her folds and I pushed it in, making her gasp.
"I haven't heard that one before" I said, as I gently frigged her wettening pussy.
"No, it's true" she gasped, as she let go of my prick and concentrated on what was happening to her vagina. "I'm agoraphobic... y'know? Fear of open spaces..."
I added a middle finger to her motherly pussy as she gasped for air. I looked her deep in the eye. Was this for real?
"So, what, you can't go out at all?" She shook her head. "You haven't got a man? She shook her head again.
"After I had Kezza something happened, I don't know what but it shits me up. I got tired of trying to find a man and went on the game for a bit."
Well at least my suspicions about this whore were confirmed.
"When she was little I used to have blokes coming round" she explained, "but I had to give it up when she got older, I mean, it wasn't right, was it?"
I was happy enough with this. "No baby" I shook my head. "Well it doesn't matter now, I'll look after you."
...and with that I moved in to frenchtongue this beautiful, filthy whore. Her kisses were now like syrup, as if begging me to make her come time after time after time. Whether she was telling the truth or not I still felt sorry for her; she lived in a dump and probably survived on any state benefit she could lay her hands on...
I had to fuck her there and then but I had to follow the golden rule. Make her come first. OK, so I hadn't applied that to cocksucking Kerry, but I wasn't going to take any chances with Tracey. I wanted her massive tits. I wanted her fat arse. And I wanted to come inside her. There was only one option...
Pushing her back onto the bed I stood up, my throbbing cock bouncing in the cool breeze that floated through the door. I hiked up the white PVC miniskirt... it felt great to the touch. I now had a clear view of her, everything was on display! She was totally shaven and the red gash hung out, aroused, a few juices glistening from her flaps. Her fanny was framed perfectly by a pair of luxurious black, crotchless panties. Her plan had been to be get laid alright! The panties met with the suspender straps of her stockings... it looked fucking fantastic - absolutely filthy - I was in pussy heaven!
Pushing her fishnetted legs further apart I knelt down to examine the gorgeous pussy in close-up. It stank of her fishy juices and I breathed in the scent, blowing back a cool breeze onto her lips. She quivered and pushed her hands down onto my shaven head, pushing my face right into her motherly sex. I started lapping and licking like a madman, wanting to give my new mistress the best servicing I could. Whereas Kerry's pussy had been tight, only a small slit protruding from a furry box, Tracey's swollen lips were massive and after a few seconds down there I saw her inner labia and above, the bud of her clit, growing, becoming redder and more exposed. As I moved up to lap her clit I could hear her mouthing off...
"That's it, now lick my clit you dirty fucker.... ooooh that feels so good." She was squirming already and I stole glances to look up to her face as I shook my head from left to right, my dart end flicking her hood. She was staring at me in awe and ecstasy as I took the bitch on the trip of a lifetime.
I started to lovingly suck the swollen clit as I felt her fingernails scratching my head, her other hand now pinching and playing with the massive nipple she had pulled out of her top. I nibbled and sucked feverously on her sex as she began to buck and writhe hysterically.
"Don't stop, don't stop", she pleaded, as she clamped her stockinged thighs tightly round my head. I could barely see anything now, just lost in the sweet hot darkness of her intimate area. There was no way I was about to stop. I wanted this desperate wench to come all over my face, mouth, anything... I just wanted to please my new love, whatever it took. As I sucked and gently pulled at her clit with my lips she finally started shuddering, one leg going berserk as she clamped me down under her. I inserted two fingers into her sloppy fanny and started fucking her knuckle-deep before she clamped down even harder. This time her orgasm was massive and she came with an almighty roar; shouting at me...
"Yes you fucker. Yes yes yes. Aaaaaaaaggghhhhhhh. Yes yes. Oh fuck. Oh fuck". I lapped up the juices from her slot and brought my fingers up to her mouth.
"Mmmm you taste so good baby" I said, forcing her to lick her own come lovingly off my fingers.
Then I pushed her further up the bed and lay on top of her, puckering her flushed face. We both knew what I was going to do.
I pointed my cockhead at her sloppy entrance, ready to go for the old missionary position. As she spread her legs again, I finally got to go for her breasts and, clenching tight fists together, completely ripped the crappy tigerskin top in two, the cheap material fraying easily between her mammoth mounds. I grabbed a mammory in each hand as my prize tool dipped into the soft nest of her wet pussy below us. I started shafting her hard, my hands used to support her monstrous, flopping breasts. I crushed them together, my face burrowed into their motherly flesh. I started to suck and lick first one nipple then the other as she bucked beneath me. The natural glands were swollen alright and I could see veins bursting to reach the surface of these lovely boobs, close up to where the large nipples poked out. I was really slamming her now.
"Oh yes, it's so deep" I cried, feeling new folds caressing and sucking my cock. "Fuck me this is amazing".
"Yeahh uughh" was all I could hear as a fucking Tracey did her best to stay with reality. If she had loved the tonguing I had just given her, she was certainly enjoying the thick pleasures of my filthy shaft... a cock that I hadn't even had time to wash, since I'd shafted her daughter that very morning!! There would be mixtures of my old cheesy come and Kerry's spit and pussy juices down in there right now... all juicing together with her mother's come.
"I'm going to come inside you" I informed her. There was no way I intended to pull out. I would spew spunk over her mouth and milk her boobs at some other date. What mattered most right now was to flush and spray my oats inside her. "I want you so much" I said.
"Yes, do it!" she cried. "Give me your hot spunk. I want all of it. Give it to me. Yes yes yes I love it, I want it!"
I pumped my last stroke as deep as I could, and with a mighty push, unleashed my seed, spurting into the confines of Tracey's hot, sopping minge. I don't know how much I came, but my orgasm lasted for well over two minutes as I ground my drunken dick around, milking her vaginal walls, my cock basking in a spunky magic, never wanting this sheer drug-injected ecstacy to end.
"Awwww." I moaned... "Fucking hell"... "Shit, that feels SO good!" I lay on top of her kissing her gently, still toying with her enormous breasts, thanking her for the best fuck of my life.
As I pulled out she shuddered again, lying there, trying to regulate her breathing...
"Better?" she enquired.
"Much better" I smiled. "Fucking amazing".
"No, silly!" she beamed, "...better than Kerry?"

Dan: Hope you're enjoying the punctuation folks! Just one more part of Volume 1 to go and I can barely wait to start writing! Problem is, just like my alter ego here... I've hardly got any spunk left! At this moment I'd like to say a prayer for world peace...
...there are spermbanks out there just waiting.

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