Cupids Curse part 1

Cupids Curse part 1

Again I'm having the same dream; it’s always the same cold and dreary room. At first it’s always seems pitch black but thanks to a few candlelight’s around the room I can see into the next room where there is always a red sofa, where a strange woman awaits for my company. I can never hear her voice but for some reason I know she’s calling for me. As I get out of bed to come to her I feel the same sharp pain in my eyes yet I never stop moving no matter how intense the pain gets as if my body was possessed. The bright burning candlelight’s that leads me closer to her with every step becomes more mesmerizing, like a moth I’m attracted to the flames in the other room. When I finally reach the sofa my heart starts thumping wildly like a horse on an open field. Again she signals me to sit down next to her. The mysterious woman does nothing more or nothing less, and in reply to her soundless motions I take my seat next to her. As I sit down next to her she lets off an odd yet luscious smell that could hypnotize even the holiest of men. It's always chilling how beautiful this woman is, as if she wasn't from this world. Her eyes are dark crimson red but always give off this gentle feeling that always make me fall in love with her in an instant. Her dark hair shimmers in the candle lights, and her skin reflected the color of a pale orb so perfectly as to seem almost bloodless. While looking at me she always plays with her silk like long black hair and after starring deeply into my eyes she finally begins to talk but I hear no sound, I’m only able to faintly understand one sentence. “You have come to age.” She looks at me with a bright smile because I was able to understand what she was trying so say. As soon as she begins to lean over to me I always wake up in cold sweat gripping on the only thing I ever received from a father I’ve never met.

It's nothing new to me, I've been having same dream ever since my 18th birthday. At first it was only happening once a week, but now it’s happening every night. “Shit! I’m going to be late.” I shouted after looking at the time on my IPhone. You see today is the first day of the 19 years I've spent on this planet that I will be living alone. Well with my best friend.
“Jaden, come downstairs right now.” My mom shouted from down stairs.
“I'm coming mom!” I said in a nonchalant tone.
You see my mother raised me by herself ever since the day I was born. So I was pretty much her baby boy until recently, but that soon changed after she married my step dad John. He's a nice guy, but lately it seemed like my mother has been acting like a stranger. So I saved up the money that I earned during the summer to rent an apartment with my best friend. “What is it mom? I'm trying to pack before Noah gets here.” Trying to make up excuse to avoid my mother from seeing my morning wood!
“Oh honey let him be, he's a growing boy. “John said laughing while drinking his morning coffee.
“But John, it’s not going to be the same without Jaden in the house. What am I going to do without my baby boy? “My mom said with a sad expression on her face.
“Ha-ha don't worry I'll keep you busy long enough. With that tight ass of yours I'm sure I can think of a few things.” He said while groping her ass.
“You guys need to get a room already.” I said with a disgusted look on my face. My mom was about to say something but my cell phone interrupted her, It was Noah.
“You’re outside! Hell yeah I’m coming give me ten minutes.” I hung up the phone and with that I packed up rest of clothes and said goodbye to the house I've spent my whole life in.

After a 2 hour car drive we finally reach our apartment in Huston Texas. “We’re finally free from rules Noah; from this moment on we’re bachelors who live on the wild side!” The words just left my mouth. I couldn't wait to meet girls and go to clubs. All my life I had to go to an all-boy school, and only dreamt about being with a girl but now I’m free to make my own choices in life!
“Um Jaden, buddy I have to tell you something before we go up to your apartment.” He said looking worried about something yet I didn't really pay him any mind and just ran up the stairs, all that was going through my mind was "I'm free!"
When I got up the stairs the door was already unlock I went in without giving it a second thought. To my surprise there was a naked girl with pink hair. “Noah!” I mumbled after seeing a real girl naked for the first time who wasn’t my mother. With his head low Noah said “Jaden I guess you met Amanda already?”
“What the fuck! Bro what the hell is this? I thought it was going to be me and you until we got girlfriends! “I exclaimed furiously.
“I was going to tell you during the car ride but you seemed so happy I didn’t want to ruin it. You see I met this girl last month and we decided to move in together. Look I know you’re mad but that girl has nowhere to go and I figured since you can't pay the rent by yourself she could help you.” He said passing me my book bag.
“I don't even know who she is. My mother would kill me if she finds out I lied to her and that I'm living with a girl.”
Noah then smiled and said. “You do know her, her name is Amanda, She's hot and she's single.” He said while walking towards his car.

After standing outside my apartment for a while, the door opened. “So are you going to stand outside or come in? It doesn’t really matter to me I just don’t want the neighbors to think that your my stalker. ” The girl with pink colored hair said. I walked into the apartment not looking her in the eyes. “So I take it you didn't know that we were going to be living together? If you feel uncomfortable I'll leave.” She grabs my face and said. “You know you’re not as bad looking as I thought you were going to be. When Ashley said she knew a guy I could move in with, to be honest I thought you were going to be ugly. But you’re kind of cute especially with your crimson red eyes, and short jet black hair.”
“What are you talking about my eyes are green. Where is the bathroom? I'll show you that you’re wrong.”
She pointed to the left door at the end of the hall looking flustered. While walking down the hall I became horny and hot like if someone had set my body on fire. When I got to the bathroom my eyes and hair were really red and black. I felt my heart beating rapidly as if it wanted to jump out and say “Hi” to the world. Then out of nowhere I felt a warm hand wrapping around my dick.
“Hey, I usually don't fuck a guy I just met, but there’s something so different about you how about you and I go see how combatable we are in my room? “Amanda whispered while nibbling on my ear.
I couldn’t say a word; it felt like my brain was being melted away all that left in my mind was “Sure.” She guided me to her room by my penis with nothing more than a towel on. I was speechless; I never knew a hand other than mine could feel so good.

When we reached her room she got a little rough and threw me on the bed. “Just be a good boy and be quiet I'm going to make you feel really good. “She said with a look of lion that was about to eat its prey. She pulled down my brown cargo pants and removed my underwear with nothing but her with juicy pink lips. “Aman...Ama...Amanda you don't have to do this.” Was what I wanted to say but the moment I felt those lips of this tanned girl I almost ejaculated. There was no time to think before I knew it I was pushing her head down on my now fully erect 6 inch cock. I could tell she was trying to gasp for air but the more she gagged the more pleasure I felt. I soon notice her beginning to cry a little, so I finally let go the hold I had on her head.
“What the fuck did you stop for? I was about to cum and I never had a guy make me cum by sucking his dick.” She yelped slowly removing my penis from her wet moist mouth dripping with pre-cum and her drool. “You’re going to pay by letting my hot pussy eat your dick until it’s full.” She said with a greedy look on her face.
What could I say lying in front of this beautiful girl, with big tits, pink nipples and hungry for my dick? All I did was nod silently hoping this moment would never end.
“Good boy. “She said while licking her lips as she lowered her hips and slowly but surely sent my cock into pleasurable abyss. “Oh My God, How can a dick be so perfect? “She howled while riding my dick up and down like I was a horse. Occasionally she would stop and let her whole body shake and just sit there looking amazed. I think she came. When she was like that I couldn't help but thrust my dick in her as hard as I could, just to see her reaction. Not long after her body would give out a small jolt of pleasure and she starts riding it again. I don't know how many times I came in her, I lost count after 5. It’s a shame but good things always come to an end. Feeling the need to pull out and take a smoke break I said. “Amanda I need a little break, we can continue when I get back.” She look a little displease when I said that but I had to stop.
“Fine I'll let you go but when you comeback I want oral.” She whispered while licking my face.
I pulled out and went to the bathroom. When I went back to the bathroom my hair and eyes were back to normal. I didn't care why it was back to normal. I took a quick piss and smoked. I heard a loud scream coming from Amanda's room. I instantly ran to her room to find her back covered in what looked like a tribal tattoo.
“Amanda what happen?” I shouted wondering what was going on. She looked at me with a devastating look on her face. “Who are you?”

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