My brothers best friend_(0)

My brothers best friend_(0)

My brother Lance was four years older than me which meant he had a great supply of cute friends. I had just hit 16 and I loved boys, their eyes were always fixed on my 36 D tits and my slim figure. I had long black hair and big brown eyes. My brother and most of his friends were in college. He had one friend since middle school, TJ. At first he was this awkward boy but when he hit high school, he grew into himself. He started playing sports and his body just kept getting better. Needless to say my crush developed. My bro was expected back this weekend to visit the family. When that time came I always looked forward for TJ coming to visit.

The day before I expected Lance to come home I was skipping school. I had stayed home because the night before during my usual nightly masterbating my parents had interrupted me to help prepare the house for Lance's arrival. I never got to finish so today I needed my time to let loose. I had stripped off my short shorts, thong, bra and tank top. I grabbed my favorite toy and my favorite video and took my seat on the couch. I began by watching the man in the video sucking on the womans nipples and I ran my fingers up and down my stomach and back up to my tits. I pinched my nipples and moaned. I took my vibrator and turned it on low. I teased myself by running it along my shaved pussy lips and up to my clit. I threw my head back letting my toy sit on my clit getting it nice and swollen. I could feel myself getting wet so I slid my fingers to my slit and slowly slid my fingers in. I keep the vibrator on my clit and start to finger my pussy. I was just getting really wet when I heard a knock at the door. Fuck! Fuck! Fuck! What now? I throw my clothes back on forgetting my bra and thong. I turn off the tv and forget about the dvd player more knocks come "Hold on a second" I yell and open the door.

I was surprised when I saw TJ standing there. He was even sexier than I remembered. His brown hair had been buzzed his green eyes were amazing and omg his body! College football had made him look amazing. "Hey kate? Are you just going to stand there staring at me or are you going to give me a hug, punk?" I snapped out of it when he said that. I laughed and said "Hey sorry I was just wondering when you turned into the Hulk" "Ha. Ha. Very funny" he said and pulled me in for a hug. He smells so amazing and feels so good I didn't want to move. "So, look at you you're growing up fast" he said backing out of the hug and looking me up and down. I smiled now remembering my tits were practically overflowing my tank top. "Thanks, so what are you doing here?" I asked "I could ask you the same question. Aren't you suppose to be in school?" I knew I looked guilty but we both laughed. "So, I'm guessing your brother isn't home?" He asked. I shook my head no. "Well by the way you're dressed I would've guessed that you had a guy in there" he said looking behind me into the house. At the point I realized I had left my bra, thong and worst of all my vibrator on the couch. I jumped infront of him hoping he wouldn't see. "With your behavior I'm guessing you do" he said and laughed as he pushed his way past me into the house. It wasn't hard his 6'3 muscular body towers my 5'5 slim build.

He walked in the livingroom and I held my breath. He sat on the couch "Hey are you going to just stand there?" he asked "Come sit next to me". I walked in shocked that he hadn't noticed something so obvious. He smiled and put his arm around me. He leaned for the remote and I panicked remembering the porn was still going in the dvd player. I grabbed for the remote and he snatched it away. "What are you trying so badly to hide?" "nothing" I said trying to act normal. He flipped on the tv and I could feel my whole face flush with heat. His eyes opened wide while the woman on tv was inhaling the mans giant cock. Oh, shit. I thought for sure he was going to freak and tell everyone or think I was weird. "So do you like to do that?" he asked. I knew he was asking if I like to give head, normally I don't really like it but for him I'd do anything. "Ya, I guess so" I said hoping this was the beginning of something amazing. "Really?" he asked raising one eyebrow. I tried to play it cool "Ya, is that such a surprise?" I held my breathe. "Ya, kind of. I guess since you're my best friends younger sister I just kinda pictured you as, well, sort of innocent" he said "But now that I see what a dirty little girl you are, it makes me want you more".

He pulled me onto his lap and crushed his lips against mine. I moaned loud. I couldn't believe I was finally going to get what I wanted. I had imagined kissing his lips for so long but this was so much better! He slightly pulled my hair and sucked on the tip of my tongue. I moaned as he slid his hands down my sides, down my legs and back up. His touch was electric. He pulled down my shirt and grabbed one tit in each hand. He massaged them and bit my bottom lip. I moaned. I could feel my pussy starting to get really wet. "Why don't you show me what you know about sucking dick, you dirty girl" he said taking me off of his lap and unbuttoning and unzipping his pants. I licked my lips when he pulled his hard dick out. It was so much bigger than I imagined.

He pulled my head close. That was all the encouragement I needed. I licked around the head and sucked it into my mouth. I spit on the head getting it nice and wet. I slid the whole thing down my throat. He moaned "Oh fuck yes, take that cock down your throat baby". I moved my head up and down on his cock, moaning on it. He reached behind me and pulled my shorts to the side of my pussy. He slid his fingers up and down my slit. He pushed his fingers into my wet hole and I moaned even louder on his dick. I licked my way down to his balls and started to run my tongue along them as his thumb found my swollen clit. I moved my way back to his cock and slid it down my throat. I felt my vibrator against my clit as he turned it on. I moaned loud, surprised he found it. He laughed and said "You're such a bad girl, leaving your toy on the couch". He slid it up and down my clit. I gasped and moved my head up and down on his cock faster and faster as he picked up the pace on my clit. He slid the vibrator down to my pussy and slid it half way in. I moaned and took his cock in my hand and licked it up and down. He pushed the toy all the way in me and began fucking me with it. I was screaming and breathing hard.

"Alright sexy, time to show you what I know" he said as he laid on the couch my mouth still on his cock. He lifted me so that my pussy was over his face. He slid off my shorts. He kept sliding my vibrator in and out of my wet cunt and his tongue found my clit. I jumped and moaned. He grabbed my ass and pulled my pussy closer to his face his lips locked onto my clit and began to suck. I quickened my pace on his dick, moaning onto it. My legs began to shake my mouth started going faster and faster on his cock. I dropped his cock and began to scream as I could feel my pussy clenching the vibrator and my cum gushing out. He pulled the vibrator out and licked my cum out of my pussy. This was too much for me.

I pulled my pussy away from his face and crawled down so my pussy was hovering his rock hard dick in the reverse cowgirl position. I guided the tip in me and he slammed his hips up making me scream. I mimiced his thrusts our bodies making a hard clapping sound. He sat up and pulled me off of him. He bent me over the couch and grabbed me by the hair and slammed his dick into me. I moaned loud. He started hitting my g-spot and his fingers found my clit. "Oh yes! Harder! Harder!" I screamed. He pounded my pussy so hard my cum started squirting out of me. I was so surprised because I had never squirted before but I didn't have much time to react. He pulled out of me and started slapping his dick against my ass and his cum went all over my ass. We laid there in a pile for awhile, both exhausted. I was so happy I finally had my fantasy to come true.

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