The Unexpected_(1)

The Unexpected_(1)

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2. If I'm feeling up to it, I may do requests but don't expect them to be prompt, I'll write them on my time.
3. If you don't like the ages, genders or events (story line) in my stories, no one is forcing you to read them.
4. If you want to be rude in your comments, go ahead. It bothers me none. Refer back to rule #1.


Brittani twisted the door knob of the front door and crept inside, trying to be careful that she didn’t make any noise. She was home late, again. Third time this week; she was at her boyfriends parents , no doubt. Brittani was a fifteen year old blonde teenager. She stood about four feet eleven inches; when she had on her tight clothing; which she did every night she came home from that boy’s parent’s house; it was clear that she was a developing young teen girl. Her shirt black crop top fit snug to her chest, showing off her girlish but growing figure. Her high size A cup breasts poking through, her nipples were hard, though it was cold out it wasn’t the reason they were erected.

Being Brittani’s parents were sleeping or at least the young teen hoped, she needed to be quiet. The way she crept around the hard wood floor, making sure the wooden panels made a little noise as possible it was clear she done this too many times to get caught. And it was true; the juvenile had done this enough to be considered a professional. Not only was it the third time this week but she done this at least three times every week for the past three months; that would be the entire she had been dating Jason, her boyfriend. After dodging around the hall and living room, the girl has made her way to the stair case that led up to the bedrooms, with the exception of Brittani’s parents, which was on the main floor.

As Brittani approached her bedroom she shared with her sister, she looked back making sure still no one was aware that she was just now getting home. Damn, the girl was good as what she did. In the one swift motion, she turned the knob, opened the door and stepped behind the door closing it once her slender body had cleared the way.

“You get later, every night, Brit.” A young girl’s voice said in the darkness. It was Brittani’s younger sister, Brianna, only a year younger than herself.

“Yeah, I know, just go back to sleep, Bri.” Brit replied in a quiet voice trying not to be too loud. She didn’t want to alert her twin brother who slept just next door. The walls were thin, very easy to hear through into their bedroom.

“Why…I wanna-“

“No. Not tonight.” Brittani cut her off.

“But…” Brittani’s younger sister whined.

The older teen sighed shaking his head looking down into her lap as she sat down on her twin size bed. Taking a deep breath, she whispered. “Jason was slow…we didn’t get to finish. Come here.”

Before Brittani was able to finished her sentence Brianna had thrown her covers off onto the left side of her bed and on her way over to her older sister’s bed. She was nude; she had been that way since she was sent to bed at ten o’clock the night before. Brianna’s body was less developed than Brittani’s. The preteen had no pubic hair, bare pussy and no more than a middle size A cup chest. Yes, she was a growing girl; though her sister, like her, Brittani has a hairless snatch, she had boobs, something that Brianna was jealous over.

“Brianna Marie! Where the hell are your clothes?!” Her sister shouted in a whisper.

“I took ‘em off.” Said Brianna as she climbed up on the bed, which she would share with her sister tonight. “I need to relieve myself while you were doing God knows what with Jason. “

“Naughty girl.”

Brianna snickered using her right hand, she traced her barely there breast, “Of course. What else can I be with a sister like you?”

Shaking her head, Brianna smiles sweetly reaching her hand out and ran her teen finger through her sister’s blonde locks. Yes, like her, Brianna’s hair was blonde as well, so was her mothers. Staring into her sister blue eyes, Brittani smiles. “You wanna touch me don’t you?” Bri nodded her head. Brittani had taught her sister how to finger herself when she was caught one night. The girl taught her younger sister by finger herself; and now Brianna was better at it than Brittani was or it could have been just that Brittani liked it better when her sister would do it rather than herself.

Brit reached out and took her sister’s hand in her own and lay down on the bed flat. Brianna had adjusted her own body so that she would be able to work comfortably on her sister. Once then both of them were positioned correctly, Brittani released her sister’s little teen hand and smiled up at her; only nodded her head before closing her blue orbs.

Brianna placed her hand on her sister’s flat stomach, Brittani twitched and shivered; Bri hesitated for a second. It wasn’t that Bri’s hand was cold but that it felt that good. After a few short seconds, Brianna began to move her hand soft and slowly along her sister’s stomach, while she did this, her eyes were locked on her sister’s face. The little girl loved the faces that her sister made as she touched her. As the younger girl traveled her small hands further north on her sister’s stomach reaching her chest, she also brought her other hand up and began to stroke it long her Brittani’s thigh, they flinched.

“Mm. Brit, you like, duncha’?”

Brittani was completely taken back from the feeling that her sister giving her could barely speak; by now Brianna’s fingers were fondling her sister’s breasts. Her hand fit just perfectly over the tops of Brit’s lumps. Indeed, she did enjoy what her younger sister was doing and that was clear to her sister by the many excited and perfectly arousing facial expression. The both of them had to be careful not to make to much noise, still. The boys would wake and would know what was happening in their sister’s bedroom. They were both eighteen and fully aware of sex.

Minutes had passed and Brianna’s fingers hand worked their way to between her sister’s legs, onto her sister’s pussy. Mm, that’s right, Brianna’s was now fingering her older sister. The young girl was using her index finger, moving it in and out of her sister’s hole with slow and smooth movements. Too keep herself from making noise, Brittani had bit down on her bottom lips, though it didn’t keep all her noises from being heard. Quiet muffled moans were heard by Brianna which only fueled the lust for her sister. Tonight, the young girl has a plan, a goal. She was going to make her sister moan, moan louder than she normally did. Tonight, Brianna didn’t much care about waking the twins; she wanted to hear her sister tonight, like she did in mid day right after school when she would be masturbating in the bathroom.

Which that goal, Brianna removed her index finger only to replaced with her middle finger; a longer finger, one that would go deeper inside her sister. Bobbing her finger into Brittani, Brianna rolled her thumb over Brit’s clit. Brittani gasps, lifted head up and glared at her sister, though the look in her eyes seemed to argue with her actions; Brittani let out a moan however quiet.

Shaking his head, Brianna licked her lips. “No, please. Moan like you did after school, Brit.” She continued to finger fuck her sister; moving her middle finger faster harder.

Panting quickly Brittani managed to squeeze out. “…Shawn…David…”

Brianna only shook her head, she didn’t care and apparently didn’t Brittany because just as Brianna shoved her finger deeper into her sister teen cunt; she cried out. “Ooh…god…” Brittani lifted her hips into her younger sister’s hand, causing her finger to go deeper yet. Bri had still been rolling her thumb over her sister’ clit, combined with squeezing her breasts.

“Shit, Brianna…how did…” Unable to finish she was cut off with a moan as her sister moved her middle digit faster yet. Shoving in and out, in and out. Damn, she’s gotten good! Brittani thought to herself; at this rate she would reach climax in no time.

Just when Brittani thought she taken all she could endure from her sister, Brianna did something that, for one, never been taught and two, never done before. The girl went around to the front of her sister, took both Brittani’s knees and spread ‘em; she then looked at her sister and before Brittani could react her little sister’s tongue as enter between lips of her pussy. This sent the teen over the edge; only Jason had done this to her and never her sister. Brittani slammed her head back down on the pillow and looked for the ceiling for a only few seconds before she had closed her eyes tight and moaned, biting her lip hard, for this time would be loud enough to wake the whole house. Damn she was good; moving her tongue in and out the slit like she did with her finger like an ol’ pro. Like someone who had done this a million times, maybe had it done back. Brianna would press her face between her sister’s legs and suckled on the bare teen pussy before returning to her loving lickings.

“Ooh! Sh…it. Brianna…I’m go…I’ma cum.” Brianna simply nodded her head without speaking or looking away from between her older sister legs; she only got harder and faster with her suckles. Bobbing her head in and out between Brittani’s legs, she was going to town on her sister. Brittani brought her hand down began rolling her fingers along her clit. “Damnit, Bri…harder!” She yelled at her. Licking faster and harder, Brianna was doing the best her preteen mouth would allow. Moaning out, bucking her hips up into her sister’s mouth, she began to grind against Brianna’s mouth. “Fuck! Oooh…ohh..oooh…oooh.” Brittani began to grunt/moan and whine, Brianna had moved her face away from the pussy, she knew her sister was ready; she stuck her finger into her sister snatch and began furiously finger fucking her sister which no sooner did Brianna climaxed; cumming all over her sister’s hand.

Removing her hand, Brianna bent down and kissed her sister throbbing pussy before climbing up on Brittani and forced a kiss from the older teen. Rolling to right side of Brittany, who was panting, shaking hard. “Holy…shit…Brianna where…did you learn…that?” She breathed out.

Turning her head to the left, she smiled. “Bailey.” Brianna said quietly.

Brittani flat lined her head toward her sister, still panting. “Our dog…?”

…to be continued.

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