Matrimony Part 1 (Pilot)

Matrimony Part 1 (Pilot)

My wife and I had been married for 11 years. Our story isn’t glamorous, I met her at a rock festival and she was blazed drunk. I became her prey as she slipped her tongue into my mouth and danced around my gums. Before I could even blink I had a 23 year old sucking on my face with bourbon fumes coming from her body. Normally someone like me would back the hell away, but I was stuck in the heat of the moment went I saw how beautiful she was. Some people might have called her a skank, a slut, or easy. But there was something about her that made me want to just hold her tight, which is what I did so to speak. After the festival met its end I was left with this passed out drunken brunette with her head in my lap as I watched every single train run passed until there were no more. She was black shorts which came up to her but and a white singlet stained with alcohol, body paint and sweat. I wasn’t one to leave a vulnerable young girl on her own passed out drunk, so I waited with her until sunset. As the sun rose and the light moved onto her face she woke up and looked me in the eyes, it was the first time I saw those beautiful brown eyes in clear daylight. She looked up at me with a helpless gaze and spoke “who’re you?” she said looking tired. I stuttered for a second before bringing out a sentence, “You passed out on me so I stayed with you, I’m sorry if I scared you”. She appeared to not remember what we had done. She stood and I checked to see if she looked alright, which after a short visual examination it appeared she was. I smiled at her and looked in her eyes as she retained her composure, “Well I guess you’re alright then, stay out of trouble” I said casually. As I walked over to the train platform I heard loud steps behind me which I quickly dismissed, “Wait!” I heard the girl yell from behind. I turned to see she had partially followed me, I acknowledged her with a smile and turned the rest of my body to her front. “The least I can do to thank you is treat you to breakfast”. I thought about it for a second and agreed as we travelled on the train together.

I wasn’t quite sure how to act around this girl, so I just asked her name. “Jewel” she said politely. “I see, that’s a really nice name” I said in response. I told her my name and I took her to a small café which I knew would serve us in the informal attire we were wearing. As we ate she looked at me for a second and summoned the courage to speak, “Did we… do it?” she asked. I smiled and shook my head, “Oh thank god” she said abruptly. I raised my eyebrow and chuckled to myself as she stammered a corrective response, “No no no I don’t mean that I wouldn’t, it’s just I don’t remember and…” she stopped as she realized what she was saying and placed her head in her hands. “I’m sorry, I’m hung over and not thinking straight”, I smiled and eased her nerves. “Don’t worry” I said, “You didn’t do anything stupid, just be glad you didn’t throw yourself at someone who wasn’t so harmless”. She laughed a bit at her own expense and smiled at me. She was a very attractive girl, very toned and composed. As I walked her back to her apartment she and I just took off chatting and laughing with each other until we reached our destination. “Well, thank you for returning the favour. It was nice meeting you Jewel” I said attempting to end the afternoon. She looked at me and gave a coy smile rubbing her arm, “I’d love for you to come in. I mean, you don’t want to walk home all filthy like that right? Do you want to shower at mine?” She appeared nervous for a girl so eager to put her tongue in my throat the night before. I agreed and she took me into her apartment innocently. However somewhere along the line of me showering and having made quite the good guy of myself, we made passionate love in a spontaneous and lustful exchange. I didn’t leave until it was night, we continued to have sex 5 times before I left her my number and walked home. Only 3 years later I decided I wanted her to marry me, and to this day as a happily married 37 year old couple she’s still the light of my life.

However things did change. Jewels sexual appetite diminished as mine only grew. In her maturity I only grew more attracted to jewel. Her petite body had subsided into a beautiful curvy body which any man could dream of. Her hair was a golden brown colour with lovely tan skin, she looked after herself one can say. Her outfits drove me crazy, yoga pants and skinny jeans. I wanted her more than ever in my older years but she didn’t feel the same. I was still an attractive 37 year old man, my wife loved me and I was often complimented for how much younger I looked. But nothing I did would make my wife want to have sex with me. For the last two years of my marriage we had not made one single act of sex to one another. Now before you judge me, sex with my wife was more than just an orgasm, if it were then I could just continue to rub one out every so often. Sex with her was an emotional journey that made me feel like we were young again. For me to have the opportunity to give and receive pleasure from Jewel was a dream come true for me. But nothing worked, I tried everything. I tried back rubs, foot rubs, cuddling, kissing, spontaneous affection. But everything I did was in vain as she would remain as dry as a desert down there. Sometimes she apologized and sometimes she got angry, but I never blamed her for any of it. I loved her and simply being able to hold her body next to me as I slept was a pleasure of its own. But it was straining my marriage, as much as she would have loved to deny it, Jewel need to get laid badly. Her tension rose and she became frustrated around me. Sometimes I felt I couldn’t even touch her, which is when I drew the line. I had to do something to save my marriage, and soon realized the problem. Sure, Jewel was part of the problem, but so was I. I was a member of the relationship too, and as her husband it was my responsibility to make my wife feel loved. It was partially my fault she was deprived of sex, but I needed to find out why.

Jewel was unaware, but for the last 3 months I had been attending an elective class on how to satisfy my wife. Yes I know, it’s completely lame and typical. A failing husband attending a class full of old men who can’t fuck their wife for longer than 2 minutes. But there was nothing wrong with my performance, just my initiation. I was excited about revising the sex life between me and my wife, I had figured out exactly what I would do. I learned a lot in those classes and if they didn’t work then it was surely a hopeless cause. That night I arrived home to see Jewel lain on the couch with a glass of wine. She looked up and smiled at me with an exhausted gaze. “How was the gym hun?” she asked. Yes, that was my excuse. I had told Jewel for the last 3 months that I was at the gym for an hour before coming home. Despite my figure remaining at an adept level, Jewel was completely unsuspicious of my actions. “It was fine, I think I’m going to take it easy from now on. I hurt my chest today”. Jewel shot up from the couch and looked at me, “Are you okay?” she asked. I nodded and walked over to her before kissing her on the forehead. “Dinner is in the fridge hun” she said cheerfully. I brushed her hair away from her face and smiled at her making an obvious gesture of affection. Moving my face towards her I kissed her sensually and caressed her cheek. I felt a slight response of affection and immediately pulled away. Looking confused, Jewel was about to speak as I thanked her and walked to the fridge. Jewel was speechless, usually when I showed so much affection I wanted it to lead to some sort of sexual act. But that was all in the past, I had a new outlook on intimacy with Jewel. I could tell I had her worked up, the entire time I was messing around in the kitchen she was just staring at me over the couch. She looked at me with a mixture of confusion and anticlimax as I enjoyed the meal she so generously put out for me. She stood up and stretched a bit without looking away, “I’m going to take a quick shower” she remarked walking over to the bedroom. Everything was going to plan.

As Jewel came back into the bedroom wearing only a towel, I waited innocently pretending to read a book. She looked at me and walked around to her side of the bed. She was always cautious around me, she expected that I always wanted sex from her and was becoming paranoid about being unable to perform. But tonight this wasn’t a problem, I was going to show Jewel the true form of my love. She sat down facing away from me brushing her hair as I glued my eyes persistently to my book. I wasn’t actually reading any of it, I was simply waiting for the right time. She looked at me from the corner of her eye, although she had lost her desire for sex she did not dislike the attention I gave her. This time however I was going to give her the right attention. I peered over and smiled at her innocently and she turned her head. “Do you mind if I massage your back?” I asked. Jewel almost jumped off the bed in disbelief. “What?” she asked, “Is this some kind of joke?” I looked at her with a disappointed face and drew my attention back to my book, “I wasn’t joking, if it’s such a big deal I won’t bother you hun” I said sounding quite sure of myself. From the corner of my eye I noticed Jewel had stopped brushing her hair and was looking guiltily at the floor. She turned her body and moved towards me, “Well if you’re serious, I’d love for you to do that for me”. I turned my head and smiled signalling for her to lay down. She had an immaculate body for her age, so soft and lush. In her older years she had formed a more voluptuous body, but I found it unique and beautiful. I had truly married a beautiful woman. I reached over and grabbed the massage oil which in 5 years had barely come into use. Pouring it on her body she let out a soft moan. Her naked body was beautiful as it oiled up nicely. Placing my hands on her back, I rubbed deeply into her spinal muscles and released the tension. In the first few rubs she cried out in relief and arched into my hands. Her breasts were visible on her sides and I forced myself to concentrate on her body. I maintained my integrity in the activity and gave her the most loving affection I had in a long time. She moaned louder, not in any sexual manner but in liberation as I dug deeper into her tense muscles. “Why are you doing this?” she questioned. I paused and took a short break from the massaging to respond. “Well you stayed up all night so I was fed and happy. This is nothing compared to what you do to me”. She raised her head and looked up at me still lain down on the bed. “Oh? And this has nothing to do with you getting laid tonight?” she remarked in a suspicious voice. I let out a sigh and continued rubbing her back. “Make of it what you want” I replied, “There are more ways for me to love you than sex”. She chuckled to herself in disbelief and allowed me to continue. Still suspicious, Jewel reached around her back and placed her hand on my erect cock, she let out a sigh. “Yeah that’s what I thought” she mumbled in disappointment. I took my hands off of her back and replied “What this? It would be weird if I didn’t get turned on don’t you think?” She looked up and me and prepared for rebuttal, but I beat her to it, “Well anyway I’m kind of tired, thanks for letting me do that” I said letting out a fake yawn. She twisted around looking at me with an expression best described as shock and tried to make some sort of sense of the situation. I pulled my face towards hers and kissed her lovingly. “Goodnight” I whispered as I pulled the covers onto my body. Jewel sat for a few seconds before joining me and placing her arms around me. The night was a success.

The following morning as I expected Jewel was more energetic than usual. As I woke up she initiated a kiss, something she never did and placed her head on my chest. I smiled at her as I gained my composure, “To what do I owe the pleasure?” I asked. She raised her head and looked at me happily, “I just feel more comfortable with you close to me” she said. Jewel clearly didn’t feel the pressure for sex anymore, her leg rested on my erection. She was unintimidated by my hardness and I felt her and I make a connection that was long lost. “Doesn’t it bother you? I know you horny I can feel it” she said suggestively. I looked down at her and casually replied “I can live without sex” I said, “But I can’t live without you. You can satisfy me in other ways you know”. She jumped up looking slightly less suspicious than before. “Oh really? This doesn’t sound like you at all” she remarked. “Maybe not” I said informally, “But I bet your back feels amazing right?” Jewel laughed playfully and conceded. “Okay fine, but what about if I do this?” she said. Immediately she placed her hand around my cock and jerked a few times trying to tease me. I groaned slightly and pulled away kissing her on the forehead. “Sorry babe I’m not in the mood” I said rising to my feet, “I’ll go fetch us breakfast while you get ready for work”. She looked up at me with confusion and frustration, it was the first time she had initiated any sort of sex in years and I had rejected it. So what exactly was I doing? I won’t lie, every part of me wanted to pin Jewel down and relentlessly pound away into climax. But that kind of thinking had gotten me nowhere in the past, I had to make Jewel experience the fundamentals of our relationship all over again. It was all in my classes, I would simply give her basic affection and stimulate her without any pressure for sex. Only then I felt could I revitalize our marriage, it was almost like starting again as a couple. So that’s exactly what I did, as Jewel showered I didn’t try and make a move like I sometimes would, I let her be and admired her through other ways. I made up a special muesli for her and set up the table with her milk and orange juice for when she came out. As she came into the dining area she cautiously looked over at the table to see what I had done for her. “Okay what is this?” she said suspiciously. I looked over and smiled, “Just enjoy it, can’t I just do something for my wife without suspicion?” She shrugged and sat down as she started to eat. I smiled in satisfaction of my work as she enjoyed herself. Trying not to give myself away, I kissed Jewel on the cheek and began washing up. Before she left for work, Jewel hugged me from behind and kissed my cheek as she whispered “Thank you” and left. I knew she wasn’t just thanking me for simple muesli, I smiled knowing I had made the first steps towards saving my marriage. Things were going perfectly.

That afternoon as I had the day off, I spent the entire day cooking for my wife. Jewel was a vegetarian and that was one of the reasons I had never taken the time to cook for her. I learned in my classes that I needed to satisfy Jewel in the art of cooking. Apparently enjoying food with one another was one of the key factors of a good relationship, so I took advantage. I chopped away at vegetables and cooked as precisely as I could so that as she came home from a long day she would be able to relax. Relaxation was the key to resuming a sexual connection with Jewel, so that is what I aimed for. Everything had gone as planned, I cooked a healthy vegetarian stir-fry for Jewel and all that was left to do was wait. I became anticipated and took the time to put on some soft music, something she would like of course. As I began to pour the wine I heard Jewel’s car come into the driveway and the lights beaming from outside. I was actually excited, not for the possibility of sex, but to see her face as the realization of not having to cook lit her eyes up. Trying to act as natural and casual about the situation as possible, I pretended to look busy as I washed up in the kitchen. The door creaked open and from the corner of my eye I watched as Jewel walked into the house with a tired and irritated stature. I turned my head and smiled, greeting her. She had not yet taken a good look at what I had done, but soon the scent of my cooking ignited her attention. She turned her head quickly in surprise and immediately yelled “What the hell is all this?” I pretended to look oblivious and responded, “Is what?” I added. She walked over to the dining table and looked at the food with a suspicious look, “You never cook for me, is there meat in it?” I walked out of the kitchen and greeted Jewel with an overly affectionate hug and kiss before responding, “Well maybe not, but I did tonight. And no, one hundred percent vegetarian”. She stood before me with overwhelmed emotions. She looked like she wanted to burst into tears of joy but composed herself as she sat down. “You even poured me wine, what’s going on with you?” she asked. I finished up in the kitchen and joined her before resuming the conversation. “I guess it’s time we talked then huh?” I suggested. Jewel looked over to me while she ate and engaged me to continue. “Remember when we first met? I spent an entire night with your drunken ass at the train station?” she reluctantly nodded, probably annoyed I brought that part of the story up. I laughed to myself and continued, “The only reason you liked me back then was because I did something for you without thinking of how it would benefit me” Jewel’s eyes lit up as if she was going to cry. “I stopped being that person and now you won’t even touch me. So now I need to go back to when we were 23, when I would have done anything to make you feel special”. Jewel sat forth and smiled, “I love you so much” she said. “I can’t believe you’re doing this all for me”. I interrupted, “No not for you, for us”. Jewel continued to smile and I elaborated, “If this doesn’t work then I have no right to be your husband, a man who can’t satisfy his wife is worthless in a marriage”. She jumped back into her chair and took a sip of wine with cautious eyes. “What so if we don’t start having sex then you’ll divorce me?” she remarked with curiosity. I shook my head and corrected her, “No no nothing like that. Sex is the last thing on my mind right now” I said not sure if what I was saying was entirely true. “We need to focus on appreciating each other outside of sex”. Jewel took the opportunity to test my words. “Oh really? What about if I did this?” she asked as her hand glided along her shoulder straps revealing her soft cleavage. I chuckled to myself and submitted to looking at her chest with lust. “You know I want to throw you on this table and go for it right now” I remarked, “But if we did that you would just be having sex with me because of something I did. I want you to have sex with me because it’s something you want”. Jewel threw her jaw down and widened her eyes, “I’m impressed” she said trying to hide her excitement. “So you’re saying none of this is about sex?” Finished with my dinner I stood up and placed my hand on her shoulder. Kissing her on the head I smiled and responded, “Not at all, this is just to make up for lost time”.

For the next few weeks I continued my marital duty as a husband and made my wife feel like the angel she was. Her attitude began to change, she was no longer as highly strung as she had once been. She smiled more and allowed me to show harmless affection without dismissing me. The relationship was certainly going in the direction I had hoped, but I needed to do more. The first part of my plan had gone well, successfully recreating our affection had made us closer. But now it was time to take things up a level. Jewel was satisfied, but she wasn’t nearly feeling the love and affection of when we first met. As usual I waited for Jewel to come home on my day off, but this time I had something else planned. The anticipation grew more and more, I knew this would be a night Jewel would never forget. As nightfall came, Jewel’s car came into the driveway and I smiled. It was finally time to reveal my surprise. Jewel walked inside with a look of pleasant expectation and found that I had not made dinner. Assuming my good deeds were over she sighed, “I’ll fetch you some pasta or something, just let me change”. I stopped her with a smile on my face, “Oh we aren’t eating here” I responded. Jewel looked up at me in curiosity, “I’m taking you to Sainte Pierre tonight”. Jewel looked like she was about to have a stroke, “You’re what? That place is a five star restaurant!” I smiled down at her and brushed my hand over her face, “I know, and we’re leaving in an hour”. Jewel gasped and began to show her excitement, but suddenly she stopped. “But I don’t have anything to wear to a place like Sainte Pierre, I’ll look cheap”. I laughed and took her hand to reassure her, “Yes you do, I had something made for you a couple of weeks ago”. She jumped in excitement and disbelief, “You did what? How did you get my measurements?” I walked over to the dining table and pulled a bright red dress out of a medium sized box and held it up to her, “I took one of your other dresses in for comparison, the material is adjustable too so it will make your curves stand out”. She looked in admiration at the dress and hugged me looking me in the eyes, “You like my curves?” she questioned with compassion glaring in her eyes. I kissed her on the cheek and held her in my arms tightly before answering. “I love them” I said as my hands glided down her hips and down to her thighs, “They’re what make you so beautiful”. I could see my words took an effect on Jewel as she showed signs of bursting into tears. Before she lost herself in the moment I kissed her and lead her to the bedroom, “Get changed quickly, we don’t want to be late” I said with a smile. She quickly got dressed and threw on her makeup, I could tell she was excited as she bounced around the room letting off grins of gratitude towards me. As she was finally ready, she came out to the dining room and showed herself off. My jaw dropped when I saw her, the dress has wrapped itself perfectly around my wife’s soft curves and glamorously moulded her upper body. She looked amazing and I found myself staring. “You’re making me blush” she said bashfully. I took her hand and walked with her, “Let’s go” I said.

We arrived at Sainte Pierre right on time. Jewel looked absolutely amazing in the car ride, she was becoming a hazard for my concentration while driving. I began to notice she looked different lately, nothing I could pick out physically but her mannerisms had made her seem like she was 20 again. She got excited more easily, she was more affectionate and she gave me the look of admiration I had missed for so long. I opened the door for her as she stepped out the car and held her hand. Leading her up the stairs we were greeted. I noticed many of the patrons shot a stare at Jewel as she pranced into the dining area. I didn’t get jealous, I was proud that my wife of 37 years old still owned the scene as people barely into their twenties had their eyes glued to her. We sat and continued our night as I had planned, I abstained myself from drinking that night so that Jewel could. Usually I was quick to help myself to a drink of choice, but this was Jewel’s night. She and I enjoyed our night thoroughly and during desert, Jewel brought up a topic I hoped would come into question. “So…” she said pausing for a moment as she swirled her spoon around her chocolate soufflé, “Are we going to have sex tonight”. I thought long and hard about my answer, but I stuck with my plan despite temptation. I shook my head maintaining a smile and elaborated, “We can’t just have sex because I took you to Sainte Pierre. We need to learn to enjoy these kinds of things without the promise of sex”. To my surprise my rejection was met with optimism, “I guess you’re right” she conceded, “It’s not that you don’t want to right?” Jewel asked. Again I shook my head with more emphasis this time on the contrary, “Absolutely not Jewel, There’s nothing more I’ve wanted to do with you since the day we met than make love to you”. Her face lit up in relief and she allowed me to continue. “But I’ve prioritized that far too much in the past and that’s why we’re here now. We can’t just have a marriage where sex solves our problems”. Jewel seemed disappointed and part of me was going crazy at the thought of passing off the opportunity to have sex with my wife. But what I said was very true, I had tried to make compensations in our marriage with sex when what I needed to do was be a better husband. I was confident I was doing the right thing. She chucked back the last sip of wine and looked across the table seductively, “You have no idea how much I want to fuck you, and that’s not just the wine talking” she said with a laugh. I shared her laughter and reached over to grab her hand, “I know you want to, and that’s what I want babe. But I promise you in time we will, it’s just about timing”.

I stuck to my word, that night I took Jewel to bed with me and we never went further than a passionate kiss. I could feel her hips curl into me as we lay beside one another, it was one of the first times I had felt her initiate sex in years. But I didn’t lose control, and as her soft hair rested on my chest she fell asleep shortly before I did the same. In the morning Jewel tested my loyalty to my words as she rubbed my crotch slightly waking me up. But I was not subdued to easily, as I opened my eyes I pulled away chuckling to myself. Jewel was like a horny schoolgirl the way she looked at me lately. Her eyes lit up when she touched me and I must say she nearly had me completely seduced at times. But I managed to control myself, continuing to do my husbandly duties for her for a few more weeks. Of course I am a man and I have my limits, there was only a certain amount of denial I could enforce before it was too much. While my wife and I were at work one day, I received a call from her. “Hey honey” she said brightly. My smiled glowed as I responded, “Hey there, how’s work?” I asked. She let out a sigh and continued, “It’s okay, just busy and I’m ready to come home” she added. We continued to make idle conversation for a few minutes before Jewel began to hint something that intrigued me. “So I was thinking” she said changing her tone to a more mysterious one, “Tonight’s the night”. My mind jumped around trying to think of any other possibilities, but I was sure I knew what she meant. “Oh really? I like the sound of that” I clued cautiously. Jewel laughed slightly in the phone, she couldn’t be too explicit in case someone heard, but I knew exactly what she meant. “You’ll like it even more tonight. After all the treats you’ve given me over the last two months I think it’s time I got you something don’t you think?” she suggested with a seductive voice. I shivered slightly as my mind raced around trying to think of what she had planned. Anything I could think of was good enough, I longed to feel a sexual connection with her after all these years. I had almost forgotten I could have sex with my wife at all, the possibility was like losing my virginity again. “I totally agree, I’m ready for anything you’ve got for me honey” I answered. Jewel chuckled to herself and made a kissing sound into the phone, “See you when you get home”.

This was going to be amazing, and I didn’t even know what it was. I tried to sum up some sort of idea as to what she was going to do for me, but I was too excited to even fathom what might meet my anticipation. As I approached the house I saw that the lights were off, “That’s weird…” I said to myself. As I got out my car I scurried over to the door and fumbled with my keys before finally gaining access. Moving through the front door I felt the same excitement and anticipation that Jewel may have felt when I had done things for her. Peering through the darkness, I saw a flicker of light beaming from the bedroom which I soon identified as candle light. Moving slowly over to the bedroom door, I saw the bed completely lined with candles. Not a single light in the house was on, I couldn’t see Jewel anywhere. Suddenly I heard a voice from the bathroom, “Lay down on the bed and put the blindfold on”. I jumped suddenly and recognized Jewel’s voice. There was a blindfold on the bedside table, I took off my shoes and laid down before putting the blindfold on nice and firm. I heard nothing for a second before the bathroom door flew open. Instinctively I looked to see but my blindfold permitted me no vision. I heard a giggle as footsteps surrounded the bed, “Don’t move” Jewel said sternly. I lay completely still while I imagined what was going on. Suddenly I felt a pair of hands come down and unbuckle my belt before they pulled my slacks and briefs all the way down. I jumped in excitement and soon Jewel’s soft warm hands were unbuttoning my shirt. I panted louder in excitement as her hands lowered down my body, in synchronization with the moment I leaned forward and Jewel took my shirt off as we kissed. Her body was scented with sweetness and her skin felt soft on my face. I attempted to raise my arms to caress her but she immediately pinned them down and whispered in my hear “Sit tight baby, you’ll get your chance”. I almost couldn’t stand waiting to touch her body as I was enormously curious, but I held myself down as Jewel rubbed my body. I was completely naked and exposed before her as her soft hands glided on my chest and thighs. I immediately became erect and felt Jewel climb on top of the bed. Her thighs landed on either side of me and I felt the silky fabric she was wearing across my body. I urged myself to keep my hands to myself, I wanted to throw her down and take her. But soon I felt Jewel’s hips wriggle downwards and I realized that her face was adjacent to my erect penis. I couldn’t believe it, my wife was going to give me a blow job. She hadn’t put her mouth anywhere near that area in at least seven or eight years. I could hardly believe this was going to happen. But surely it did as I felt Jewel’s warm mouth wrap around me and her tongue swirl around me. It felt like heaven, my body arched as she quickened her pace and sucked with more intensity. She made great attention to detail as she monitored my reactions and adapted her technique. I moaned in absolute pleasure, but I wanted to see her so badly. “You like the way I suck your cock don’t you darling?” I panted heavily and tensed my body, it was hard to respond during my jolts of pleasure. “Oh fuck, I do” I yelled loudly. Jewel giggled and continued to blow me taking a break every few seconds to jerk me off and talk dirty. “I know what you want” she said sensually, “You want to use your hands don’t you? You want to take that blindfold off and watch your wife pleasure you right?” Jewel couldn’t have been closer to the truth, I was closing in on my threshold of being able to control myself. “Yes!” I screamed as she jerked me faster.

Suddenly Jewel stopped and threw her body level with my own. She was sitting on top of me rocking her hips as I felt her grind against me. Jewel lowered her lips towards me ear and I shivered from her calm breath. “It’s time to reward you” she said lustfully as I felt her pull away. Her hands rested on my chest as she positioned herself above me and grinded my cock. She was still wearing silk panties but quickly removed them. I couldn’t believe it, Jewel was actually self-lubricated! Jewel was almost never aroused at my advanced in the past, it took the help of artificial lubricants to do the job. But her lips were glossed with her essence as she moved back and forth on top of me. “You want it inside me don’t you?” she said quietly. “I do” I answered immediately. Jewel let out a naughty laugh and teased me more, “You’re not getting inside me with that, beg for it!” she said slightly raising her voice. I guess it was my time to be teased, “Please let me inside of you” I said with heavy breathing. “Not good enough” she whispered softly. “Please I beg you, let me inside!” I yelled even louder with desperation. She repositioned herself so that I was almost ready to enter inside of her, “Beg for me one more time”. I needed no encouragement, “I BEG YOU, FUCK ME NOW!” I yelled at the top of my lungs, I felt slightly pathetic but my thoughts were muffled as Jewel slammed her body downwards and I was pushed all the way inside her. I groaned loudly as she moved up and down panting with me. “How does that feel baby?” she asked. It was amazing, my wife and I were having amazing sex for the first time in over 2 years. “It’s fucking amazing I yelled”, she let out a playful howl as she increased her pace. She hadn’t lost any of her skills, my wife had the precise motion that would make a man scream for days. I couldn’t take it anymore as I lifted my hands and placed them on her thighs. Her body felt so amazing, I ran my hands along what felt like a silk night dress which was loosely worn. I pulled her in close to me and pelted my hips back and forth as my cock slammed in and out of her. She screamed in pleasure and I continued to relentlessly thrust away releasing my build-up of desire in every motion. I felt her moan louder and higher before she collapsed on top of me. Her breasts pushed against me and I felt her nipples harden through the silk. “Oh my god!” she said, “You made me orgasm!” I was surprised, it seemed after so long and so much temptation we were on edge. I myself was barely holding on inside my wife. Her hands landed on my cheeks and she kissed me with appreciation moving slowly on top of me. “You want to see this girl fuck you?” she asked. I nodded and Jewel giggled under her panting and placed her hands on my blindfold. “Say please” she demanded as he hips continued to rock. I smiled and obeyed her commands, “Please Jewel, I want to watch you”. As I rubbed her body Jewel removed my blindfold. My eyes adjusted and I saw my wife in a beautiful purple nightgown which flowed off of her curvaceous body. I gasped as I looked up at her in awe and Jewel raised her body to give me a better look. “Fuck Jewel, you look amazing” I yelled uncontrollably. Jewel’s face lit up and in the candle light I watched her rock back and forward. She was even wetter than before and with ease she pulled me nearly all the way out and slammed down repeatedly as I watched her breasts jiggle. I groped her tightly losing control as Jewel began to moan, her breasts were large but composed in her older age. There were no stretch marks on her body or obvious damages of any kind. As a 37 year old woman Jewel was near perfect. I wrapped my arms around Jewels lush body and rolled her over so I was on top with our bodies still connected. She passively followed my movements and I found myself staring down at her. She looked magnificent from all angles, I noticed Jewel becoming slightly self-conscious as her arms tried to cover her body. I pulled her arms away and looked her deeply in the eye, “Please don’t ever hide this beautiful body from me Jewel” I said sternly. I assertiveness made her body go limp as she let out an emotional moan. I began penetrating deep inside her again holding myself close to her. I knew I was nearing an end so I took my opportunity to strip Jewel down and discover her body. Her silk gown glided off and exposed her body in the candle light. I remained in awe of Jewel as her body glowed in my eyes. I lowered my head and kissed her stomach and nipples while I thrusted inside her. Her body curled in pleasure as I paid particular attention to her large round nipples. They were surely her sensitive spots.

I could no longer hold on with the abundance of ecstasy in the room. Between my cock sliding effortlessly inside Jewel, her moaning which was music to my ears and watching her beautiful body in the candle light I felt myself ready to finish. With a final few motions Jewel felt me tense and her hips bucked into me allowing me to ejaculate. I blasted myself inside her and moaned loudly, she cried out playfully as if she was proud of her accomplishment. My body went limp with the final few thrusts and I collapsed beside Jewel who crawled onto my chest. Usually she would have left to the bathroom to clean up, but we were so madly in love we didn’t care. It didn’t even faze us that I had finished inside of her as we curled up next to each other affectionately, we just wanted to stay close together for as long as we could. As far as I was concerned our sex was not finished, being able to hold my wife close and for us to share our warmth with one another was a pleasure on a different level. Without care we fell asleep from the exhaustion both with a smile on our faces. My marriage looked as if it was saved, but I wasn’t done fixing it yet.

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