The Harem of the Emperor - Part 1

The Harem of the Emperor - Part 1

In the Emperor’s Harem

“Do you know who I am?” I asked the chained girl in front of me. The woman looked so small cowering in front of my erect manhood. She avoided my gaze and knelt in silence.
“Answer me!” I yelled, cracking the whip in my hand against the ornate marble floor. I could never use the whip on her, of course, I appreciated the flawless skin of my women too much too ever scar one of them, but she didn't know that.
“You're the Emperor Domitian,” she said quietly. “You killed my family.”
“Ah you're mistaken my lovely,” I responded quickly. “It was my soldiers who killed your family, and you would've been raped and murdered with them if one of my procurers hadn't been traveling among the squad that captured your farmhouse.” Her beautiful blue eyes stared up at me in fear. “You would find yourself a common whore in the gutter right now,” I continued. “If I didn't find you to have a compelling beauty that would make a fine addition to my harem.” To punctuate this sentence I grabbed her chin and stared deep into her soul. “So you'd better start acting grateful.”
I threw her to the ground and walked away to my full wine glass to take a drink.
“I am the one true lord of this world,” I said. “From the Sea of Serpents to the Northern ice wastes my soldiers are bringing the planet under my control. I employ 100 great scholars and philosophers to tell me the secrets of the world, and three great wizards who know what the scholars do not. I have raped 1,000 women and fathered 300 sons.” Most of those were in my wild youth of course, storming across the plains with 20,000 horsemen.
I remember the smell of smoke and blood the filled the air as we sacked a city and took it's women for our enjoyment. It felt like so long ago. In the time since I had become more selective with my women, my tastes refined in old age. “You are in my capital of Maradrim, the finest city ever founded by man. 20 years ago I took the city of Penatos through my strength, renamed it for the goddess who showed me the way to victory, and began the greatest empire this world has ever and will ever see. I watch over it all from my grand citadel and enjoy the spoils of my conquered lands.” I pulled her by her long black hair back to her knees. She was crying.
“Including their women.” This one was clearly a rare find, the agent who had saved her from rape and the sword had earned his gold. Her skin was olive and her hair raven black, but her eyes were a piercing blue and her face had an edged, dangerous quality to it. With a narrow waist but a curvy body and plump breasts I eagerly anticipated defiling her. She came from a rocky, seafaring peninsula somewhere far to the east. I read the name inscribed on her chain necklace.
“Marina,” I said. “A pretty name for a beautiful girl.” My voice softened and I changed tried to make her feel safer. “You will be safe here, Marina. You will find I am not such a cruel master. I can even be a generous lover, though sometimes I can take more than a woman has to give. You will be fed the finest food and spared the touch of any other man. When you die you will be entombed in my mausoleum, a place of honor, and if you bear me sons your name will be written in gold as one who birthed an heir of the God-King. Daughters will be returned to your homeland to be raised by your next of kin. I believe your youngest brother still lives.” Upon hearing this a light jumped into her eyes and she gasped in joy. A tear of happiness ran down her cheek.
“Marcus?” She asked, tentatively.
“If that's his name, yes. Learn to please me completely with your body and mind you will live a long, happy life. If you fail, well, I will extract my pleasure from you one way or another, though you probably won't survive it. If you raise a hand against me or resist me in ways that I do not find amusing.” I gestured at the wide, elegant window that presented a magnificent view of the sky and harbor. “It's 1,5000 feet to the cliff rocks, and the vultures are always hungry.” Marina shuddered and averted her gaze from the window's fluttering curtains.
“Your sisters always welcome a new addition, and I hear they have quite a bit of fun when I'm not needing release. And I don't just mean echeqa.” Echeqa was a game about moving military pieces around a checked board that had caught on in Penatos from some kingdom I'd conquered. I didn't have the patience for it, but some of my girls had more skill than even my best generals. “You will be issued silk robes and will be expected to keep your figure even after pregnancy.” I had given this speech so many times I could hardly contain my boredom and impatience for the real fun to begin. “I encourage you to learn to read. My concubines may request anything from the scholar's library and you may write letters to any one you choose. They'll be read, of course, to make sure you aren't giving away my secrets, but you'll understand the need for security.”
I poured us both glasses of wine, a tradition before breaking in a new acquisition.
“Now is any part of your position unclear to you? If you are so stupid as to not see the luxuries of your new life you still have one way out.” I didn't need to point to the window, her eyes shot to it immediately. Smart girl. Smart enough to reject that path.
“I will be your consort.” I was pleased, but not pleased enough to tolerate disrespect. My eyes hardened and my muscles tensed.
“Do not be confused, girl!” I hissed. “We are not equals, and you will address me as your Emperor.”
“My apologies, glorious one.” Much better. “I will be your consort gladly, my lord.” I relaxed again and put the wine glass to her lips, her wrists being chained behind her back.
“Then drink, your training begins now.” I tipped the goblet back and she gulped down the purple wine along with me. When our glasses were empty I replaced them on the table. Wine had spilled off her lips and run down her chin onto her heaving breasts. She was especially beautiful in the magical orange lights that illuminated the chamber. “In all honesty, Marina, I hope you survive it.” A look of fear donned on her.
“Guards!” I said to the two eunuchs that waited on the staircase. The entire citadel had a spiral staircase as core that twisted around a basket and pulley system. I was incredibly proud of my construction. It was the first great monument to my rule. “Summon Krista, it is time.” The guards nodded and descended to the three levels of harem directly below us.
The floor Marina and I occupied was the bulb on the very peak of the tower. The floors were fine marble inlaid with gold, and all around the walls were painted with murals of my victories, while the ceiling had a perfectly accurate map of the stars, bewitched to change with the seasons and the time of day, though the weather was always perfect.
Velvet and silk adorned the furniture of the room, which included a massive feather bed made of a section of the circular room and cushions lining every edge. Tall windows with satin curtains were spaced every 10 feet, but a roaring fire always kept the room wide. The largest window, the one I'd threatened Marina with, looked out onto the sea from the cliff my citadel was built on. The endless ocean reminded me that there were always undiscovered lands to discover. And to make mine.
A 500 square foot area of the room was devoted to a swimming pool, next to it stood a tall cabinet in which I kept all the toys I might use on my women along with a few other surprises, covered in sheets. I wondered if I might open it tonight.
“How old are you, Marina?” I asked.
“17 years, my lord,” she responded quickly. Wonderful, I thought. Firm and fertile. I'd had girls younger and older, but one of those two qualities always seemed lacking before they were 15 and after they were 25. If she played her cards right and learned quickly she would have many fine sons and die at a ripe old age. I heard Krista ascend the stairs flanked by the two eunuchs.
“Thank you,” I told them without turning to look. “Please close the door on the way out.” Leaving behind their charge, the two descended again and pulled closed the two sides of the circular trapdoor. Once it had closed with a thump I turned to Krista.
Krista was in her mid thirties with auburn hair and healthy skin-tone. I had acquired her when she was in the early decline of her beauty. I initially figured to dismiss her into the streets, but I had sensed a certain sexual energy and cruelty to her. Though she had been old by the standards of my usual trainees, her depravity and way with my cock had made her an exemplary concubine. I'd fathered two sons on her and four years ago made her my primary training assistant when I'd pushed my last just a little too far. Though her hips were wide and her full breasts beginning to sag I doubted I would ever have the heart to kill her.
“Krista,” I addressed her. “What did your sisters say to you when you left the women's quarters?” Krista, like many of my girls, wasn't even restrained in my presence, and was clad in a white silk robe unfastened in front. Krista had done so many trainings she was beaming and eying the apprehensive Marina hungrily.
“They said “I pray that you return,” my lord.”
“And why do they say this to every woman that comes to my room?”
“Because we know that you might decide to take our lives on any night. Even though I hold a position of honor among your consorts, I am disposable, and any of us can be replaced just as quickly as we can be killed.”
“Exactly correct,” I replied. “How many concubines do I have, Krista?”
“52, my lord. 39 of them established.” When a woman births a son to me or demonstrates superior erotic skill she became “established” and was entitled to certain privileges, being unrestrained in my chamber among them. A girl who didn't establish herself within the first three months did not usually last long.
“Among 52 women who would do anything for me just to stay alive, do you think I care about killing a couple of them every month, Marina?” Marina's words caught in her throat.
“N-no, my lord.”
“Good girl,” I responded. Krista shed her silk robe and pulled Marina to her feet by her bound wrists. “You're training consists of three parts. You will have to bring me to bring me to orgasm three ways, first with your cunt, then with your hands, and finally with your mouth. You might think that's not so hard, but at each stage you will have a certain, shall we say “obstacle” to work against. If you fail to overcome this obstacle and make me spill my seed, you will be snuffed like a candle.” Marina whimpered.
“Do not be so afraid, sister,” Krista cooed into her ear. “If you survive this it will be worst you ever experience in the Emperor's service. I myself managed to find the training even enjoyable.”
“Krista,” I said. “Ready the stocks.” Krista walked over to my wall of accessories and whipped the black satin cloth off of a set of wooden stocks. She dragged them over to me and opened them. I grabbed the frightened Marina and set her head and wrists in the openings, then locked the apparatus closed. Her firm buttocks and virgin hole were ripe for my taking.
“Now let's see how fragile that pretty neck is.” Without regard for her pleasure I viciously penetrated her lips and her maidenhead. A trickle of blood dripped from her. With this first thrust her shoulders slammed against the wooden stocks with a thud, and she screamed from shock.
“Ugh! A nice tight fit,” I told her. “You're off to a good start.” I attacked her cunt with intensity and felt the mounting pleasure of Marina's virgin pussy. Her head and neck were being punished by the hard wood of the stocks. With every one of my thrusts her throat bounced against the bottom of the aperture. I shook her wildly as I fucked her, sending all sides of her neck careening into the stocks. I could here here gagging and whimpering from the pressure on her windpipe.
Many times I had heard the hair-raising crunch of a woman's vertebrae as her neck finally gave way and her head bounced against the front of the stocks to hang down lifeless, her skin distended and twisted. Marina apparently came from strong stock. Her vagina pulsed around my cock telling me she still held out against my assault.
“I'm close!” I yelled to her. It was the truth. “Can you survive just a little longer?” To make it even harder on her I grabbed her hips and lifted her feet off the ground so she was supported only by the wood against her wrists and windpipe. I slammed her opening onto my manhood mercilessly, and felt the build-up of seed in my testicles. Something creaked, it might have been the wood, it might have been Marina's bones close to snapping.
The thought of the pretty girl dying when I was to finishing inside her forced me into an orgasm. I made no effort to control myself as I jetted cum into Marina's womb, setting her feet back onto the ground as I released in ecstasy. Marina sighed loudly in relief through sobs of terror. She didn't know the worst was yet to come.
“In truth, I am glad, master,” chimed in Krista as I withdrew from the girl and unlocked the stocks. “I find the snapping of the neck too violent for my womanly sensibilities.”
“Of all the things you've seen, that's the one you dislike,” I said in sarcastic disbelief. Krista smirked as she went to prepare the next device.
“I am of the weaker sex, my lord, my stomach is not as strong as yours.” With flourish Krista whipped the cloth off the next toy, a gallows. Marina's eyes changed visibly from hope to despair. Before she could say anything I pushed her at Krista, who looped the noose over Marina's head and adjusted it to the right tightness. Not too snug, a slow death. I climbed the steps of the platform affixed to the execution machinery.
“Marina, you have from when your toes leave the ground to get me off again. If you black out, you won't wake up again. Krista!” I signaled. Krista heaved and turned the wooded crank that lifted the victim. She quickly began to struggle as she felt the pressure cutting off her airway. “I'd say you have five minutes, it would be more than enough time for a hand job but I did just cum, and you'll have to get me erect again.”
Marina wasted no time in grabbing my manhood with both hands as soon as she no longer left the ground. She jerked me with, appropriately, desperation as if her life depended on it. Slowly she resurrected my spent cock. She had a certain talent, but a quick estimation of my pleasure and her struggles gave me a dismal outlook on her survival of this stage. I caressed her paling face, rubbing my thumb against her cheek.
“Ah my darling, you showed such promise, it's a shame you have to die,” I told her. Most trainees at this point, when they can see the edges of they're vision getting fuzzy and death is imminent, give up at pleasing me to claw at their throats or get a gasp of air. This, of course, was the surest way to seal their doom, and it always made me sad to see them go without honor or dignity.
Marina didn't lose hope. Though she briefly abandoned my member, she grabbed her luscious tits and enveloped them around my dick. She rolled them up and down my shaft with a mad hope. She looked up at me. Her crystal blue eyes were pleading, begging for my cum. Occasionally a girl is smart enough to try the tit-fuck gambit, though not all of them have the assets Marina did to be able to execute. From the side of the gallows Krista made a noise of amusement.
Though it would seem weak to admit that anything more than the heaven of Marina's breast brought me to a sudden ejaculation, seeing in her eyes the desperation and will to live probably had something to do with it. My cum erupted from the tip of my cock in Marina's cleavage and covered her silky breasts and the hollow of her neck. Feeling the hot cum splatter on her, her mouth seemed to mouth the words “thank you.”
Almost as soon as I'd finished ejaculating Marina's eyes rolled back in her head and I could hear the unmistakable sound of a woman's last chance at air. I nodded to Krista, who was waiting for my signal. She released the catch on the winch and Marina fell to the ground in a heap. She gasped for air raggedly and massaged her heavily bruised neck. Krista removed the noose from her head and helped her to her feet.
“You're a very clever girl,” I said, walking down the stairs. “It's rare to find a quick wit lying behind a pretty face.” Her face briefly betrayed her. I could tell Marina was proud to have found a way out of certain death. She deserved her pride. “Catch your breath and prepare yourself. Krista, do your job.”
“With pleasure my lord,” she replied. Krista sank to her knees and took to my cock like a starving woman. She sucked the last drops of semen from my ejaculation and began to make me erect again for Marina's final test. Krista's mouth was almost magical, her talents developed through years of practice in my service, and she always paid special attention to my scrotum.
When I felt myself at full length I pushed her head away before I came prematurely.
“Thank you, Krista.” She stood up and leaped gracefully into the swimming pool. I turned my attention to Marina, who had watched Krista fellate me with confusion. I pulled her very close to me to feel the naked heat of her body against mine. Her softness against my hardness. She felt divine. I prayed to the gods for her to have the strength to survive this so that she could give me fine sons and I could experience her again and again. I kissed her deeply, probing the inside of her mouth with my tongue and feeling the beat of her heart.
“You've done well, lovely. Now it is time for one last trial.” Abruptly I picked up the girl, who suddenly seemed small in my muscular arms, and threw her into the water with Krista. Krista quickly descended on Marina and put her into a submission hold. I eased myself into the pool and put my arms on the wall, three feet remaining between me and the bottom. Krista held the sable-haired teenager facing me, her face afraid of what came next.
“If you can't figure this one out,” I drolled. “You deserve to drown.” Krista forced her head beneath the surface and down to my waist level and held her there as she struggled.
“I love this part, sir,” Krista purred. “feeling them struggle gets me so wet.” I kissed the sadistic woman as Marina fought to find my cock under the surface of the water. She first groped my thigh, then found my hips and brought herself into position. Grabbing my buttocks with both hands she impaled her mouth on my erection. I broke away from Krista's lips to moan in pleasure. Whether she lived or died I knew this would be enjoyable.
Marina was trying, but couldn't seem to get all eight inches of my manhood into her mouth. I would never cum that way. Charitable man that I am I decided to help her out.
“NOT! GOOD! ENOUGH!” I bellowed, even though I knew she couldn't hear me. I rudely grabbed Marina's head under the water and forced my tip down her throat. She tried to gag but my manhood remained. After a brief pause for shock she resumed swallowing my cock, this time forcing it all the way down her gullet. Much better.
I had no idea how much longer Marina could last without breath, but I doubted it was much longer. I didn't know how much air she'd managed to take in before Krista had forced her down, or how much experience she had swimming and holding her breath. Meanwhile, my balls were filling with cum to send into Marina's belly. This would be close.
Marina, out of breath so close to victory, convulsed under the surface and went still. It was those death spasms that provoked me to bury my cock in her throat and release my seed into her dying stomach. I screamed from the sensation of the dying girl's tender throat. Wave after wave hit with each burst of cum that spilled down her esophagus. I regained my composure after riding out the ecstasy in Marina's mouth.
“Please let me kill her, master. I want to feel this one die,” Krista pleaded with me.
“No. She deserves to live.” Krista pouted but pulled Marina's unresponsive body to the surface. I climbed out of the pool and dragged the drowned one up onto the marble floor. Placing my hands between her unmoving breasts I pumped her ribcage, then put my lips to hers and breathed life into her lungs. I pumped her chest again and she coughed up water and semen. Gasping hungrily for air, life returned to her body and in thrashed on the floor. I was pleased that I'd brought her back so close to void.
Marina's eyes opened and blinked. Her face was dazed, slowly processing the world that she thought she'd never see again. She locked onto my face.
“Welcome back, Marina. You passed,” I told her. Her eyes welled up with tears and she threw her arms around me in gratitude for saving her life. Some day I wouldn't be so generous, and she would slip into oblivion permanently at my hand, but for now she had a right to be happy. Krista rose, dripping water, from the pool. I tossed her a towel from a nearby table.
“Oh! My lord, you are so kind to let me live,” Marina said, still on the ground. “I will do everything I can to please you and I will birth many of your sons, I know it. I can feel it.” I put up my hand to stop her, as nice as it was to hear her worshiping at my feet.
“I have no doubts to your fertility,” I said. Krista helped her to her feet and dried her off. “I will commission a silver chain for you to mark you as one of my harem. Until I call for you again, you are dismissed.” Krista led the deliriously happy girl to the stairs and down to their lounge on the floor below. I picked out a satin robe from a closet and fastened it with a brooch. My eunuch guards returned to their post at the stairs. I stepped into the basket and signaled with the lantern for my bedroom.
After an evening well spent, I, Emperor Domitian Rozack, lord of all the ground beneath my feet, builder of cities, destroyer of kingdoms, chosen of the gods and supreme among men, retired for the night.

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