Birthday Boat Ride Revised

Birthday Boat Ride Revised

Birthday Boat Ride Revised

Chapter 1

“What are you wearing, Diana asked”?

Uh, I was just going to wear my board shorts and a Hawaiian shirt, why do you ask? Jack answered.

“Because guys have it so easy, you just wear anything, whereas us women need to think about weather, what if I get wet, what will I wear if we go to dinner?”

“Stop stressing, just wear your bikini and take shorts and a top, what’s so hard about that?”

“Nothing, I guess when you put it that way, but get a couple of windbreakers in case it gets chilly later, you know how the ocean cools off late in the day.”

Peter and Diana work together and this was her birthday. Peter wanted to do something for her on her special day and since he and his wife, Monica, own a third of a sailboat, he thought, let’s go sailing! He also invited a few other coworkers to go along and help Diana celebrate her birthday. Besides, Jack and Diana, Debby and Judy were invited too. When they arrived at the dock Peter’s partners were both at the boat doing some minor maintenance, so he naturally invited them to tag along.

The girls were fine with that because both guys were hunks and from what Monica whispered to Debbie, they both were great in bed as well! Peter introduced them as Matt and George. Matt was the taller of the two and Diana had her eye on him immediately.

She stole some glances while he and the other men readied the boat to castoff. What she saw was a man in his early 30’s, tall, perhaps, 6’ 4”, dark wavy hair, strong jawline with wide shoulders and a narrow waist and one hell of an ass, and when he smiled, she wanted to melt! Or maybe she was melting, judging how wet she got!

Debbie and Judy were giggling over George who also was very good looking, perhaps, even a little more handsome than Matt. Although a little shorter, around six feet. He was solidly built and judging by what the girls were looking at in his surfer shorts he was well hung too!

Damn, four hot men Diana thought. Could a birthday weekend get much better?

The guys cast off and everyone found a seat while Peter motored out of the bay. Once out of the bay the guys raised the sails and girls removed their clothes. Since they had a good wind, they set sail for a small cove not far away that they knew they could anchor in and enjoy the day snorkeling and playing.

It only took about an hour to reach the cove and once there they found several boats were already there. Peter looked at the boats through his binoculars and saw that the one anchored at the north end of the cove was a friend of Peter’s and Monica who was also part of their swing club, and there was room to maneuver over to them and anchored near them.

“Ahoy, Peter shouted as he neared his friends boat.” The man on the anchored yacht came to the rail and seeing Peter he waved and yelled a greeting back. The girls all looked at him, seeing a man who was fiftyish; with thick hair with just a touch of gray at the temples, broad chest and strong legs and was completely naked and very comfortable being naked. He turned and called down to below deck and was joined by a woman who was around his age and two young people, a boy and a girl; they looked to be in their late teens, maybe early 20’s and they were all naked as well.

Peter told everyone that the other boat was Bob and Nancy, along with their two children, Samantha and Samuel, fraternal twins, who attended college at USC.

“How old are they” asked Judy?

“Uh, I would think around 21 or 22” Monica replied, “I know they both drink and I have seen them show ID at restaurants and bars. Just so you know, they are also the hornist kids I know, they are both nudist and participate in their parent’s sex parties as well as the wild parties at USC.”

Debbie and Judy both said “debs!” And everyone laughed.

“Peter commented, Nancy is one hot lady, gentlemen; don’t let her age fool you.”

“Monica added, “And Bob is one hell of a lay too ladies just in case any of you are horny.”

They all looked over at Nancy and saw she was about 5’7” with a slim frame and large, round breasts sporting large firm nipples, a slim waist for a lady of her years flaring to wide hips that you could really grab onto in the doggy position. Her pussy appeared to be clean shaved, and you could see what appeared what appeared to be a significant labia showing between her legs. Jack felt his cock begin to stir so he looked away only to gaze on Samantha, which certainly caused his cock to visibly grow.

“Can I entice you to come over for a drink,” Bob called?

“Sure thing, just as soon as we get wet, we will be there, Peter called back.” “What do you say folks, shall we get wet and go visit the neighbors?”

Monica pointed out to the girls that ‘get wet’ was code for take a pee. Although the boat had a bathroom, or head, onboard when the weather was good and you were stopped, peeing in the ocean was the desirable thing to do. “One, it saves room in the holding tank, and two, it allows you to do something you normally never do, just go pee wherever you are!” she laughed.

The guys secured the anchored the boat and Monica led the girls down the ladder and into the water. As they swam away from the boat a few feet it was clear to all who might have been watching that they were reliving their selves. Four women in a circle holding hands and treading water. “Ahh, that feels better Monica sighed.” The girls all giggled.

The guys jumped over the side or off the back and joined the girls in relieving their self and then they all swam over to Bob’s yacht and climbed up and to accept drinks.

“If Mai-Tia’s aren’t your drink, we have a full bar down below and plenty of beer on board as well,” Bob commented. A couple of guys asked for beer and Samantha went to the cooler to get them. Bending at the waist she fished out three beers providing everyone a perfect view of her beautiful ass and puffy little pussy!

A number of guys began to swell, and Nancy laughed and said, “careful honey, you’re showing your assets to the guys and that has consequences.”

Samantha looked back under her arm while still bent over and smiling said, “oh, I’m counting on consequences mom!” “As long as they are hard consequences!” She stood up and pranced across the deck handing each guy who wanted a beer his beer and letting him get a good look at her charms.

After drinks and idle chit chat people began to breakout the various toys, like snorkeling equipment, rafts to lay on and a game you played on the beach where you throw a ball with a rope attached and try to get it in a circle of rope.

Diana wasn’t much for snorkeling, especially when there wasn’t a lot of things to see, so she stayed onboard and became better acquainted with Bob, Nancy and Matt. After a few drinks with Diana working her magic on Bob and Matt, Nancy suggested Bob show them below deck. Diana was more than receptive to that idea. Sitting naked with other naked people, along with several drinks, had made her extremely horny and she was up for some adult entertainment. Bob showed them the living/eating area. “Is there a bathroom?” Diana asked.

“Certainly, right in here he said opening the door to the master suite.” She excused herself to use the restroom and when she came out, she gushed at how nice their bedroom was.

“Your bed looks awfully comfy she cooed.”

“Oh, it is, try it, you’ll see,” Bob insisted.

She climbed up on the bed and moved to the middle. “Oh, it is comfy, but a little lonely,” she smiled at the guys. Both Bob and Matt returned her smile and climbed up on the bed. “There now that’s better” she said holding her arms wide so each man would take a side.

They each kissed a breast and then Bob began kissing his way down over her tummy and on down to her vulva where he stopped to admire her abundant pussy lips and to savor her scent. He noticed how wet she had become, and they had barely touched her. She appeared wet enough to take a cock, but he wanted to sample her nectar before testing her tightness.

He first kissed her lips and flicked his tongue up her crack to pick up a little of her love juice that was seeping out of her fun hole, and once he tasted her delicious nectar he could resist no longer and had to suck her lips into his mouth and tongue them. This triggered a large moan and her legs reflexively opened wider. Bob smiled to himself, this beauty was hot and ready for an afternoon of sex. He began to devour her outer pussy lips and when her juices were flowing freely, he drove his experienced tongue deep into her cunt!

“Oh Fuck!” Diana moaned loudly. “Fuck Yes, Eat Me, Eat Me until I Cum! And Bob gladly obliged her. He spread her legs wide and pulled her love hole open with his thumbs all the while licking her clitoris. Her clit had swelled to the point where it was completely outside its hood, and he was licking it for all he was worth, and he was worth a lot!

“OH FUCK, I’M CUMMMMIIIIINNNNNGGGGG!” She announced to no one and yet everyone heard it, even Monica who was still up on deck and perhaps a few on the beach who were playing their game.

“FUCK ME, PLEASE FUCK ME HARD!” Diana panted as she raised her legs for better access to her fuck hole. Bob saw no reason to continue to lick when she was calling for fucking, so he abandoned his cunt licking and inserted his cock into the birthday girl!

“How is it,” Matt asked as Bob sunk his fat cock deep into Diana’s love tunnel in one push.

“Fucking perfect, tight but not super tight and wetter than anyone I have fucked in a long time and hotter than a firecracker.” Bob continued to fuck Diana into her third orgasm and then he wanted her in the doggy position. He always felt that if a woman would fuck you in the doggy position the first time you fucked her, then she was a true slut, and you could go as long and hard as you wanted to on her!

“Come let me suck you, Matt!” Now that Diana was in her favorite position, she could suck Matt while Bob filled her tight cunt with his thickness and cum!  

Birthday Boat Ride

Chapter 2

Forty-five minutes later found Samantha and Samuel in bed with them and they were all spread out and trying to catch their breath.

“God, that was incredible Diana, said softly, I wasn’t expecting a full-on orgy!”

Samantha giggled, “you never met my parents before, this is nothing more than an afternoon nap, wait till the guys return from playing, then you’ll see a full-on orgy, huh daddy?”

“Whatever you say sweetheart, whatever you say!” Bob said smiling at the thought.

“I’m leaking, Diana stated matter-of-factly, move Matt, so I can get up.”

“I don’t think I can he groaned.”

She climbed up on him and laying lengthwise, “yeah, well then, I’ll lay right here and leak on your cock, how would you like that?”

“That’ll work,” he grinned at her as he wrapped his arms around her. “You two can leak as much as you want as long as one of you cleans it off afterward.”

She spread her legs to either side of his and then sat up, all the while forcing cum out of her pussy and onto his cock and balls. Then she started rubbing her pussy back and forth over it, coating it in cum.

“How about you Samuel, you want to taste some cum?” Matt asked.

Sure, if the girls don’t mind, he replied. Without a moment’s hesitation Samantha moved and straddled her brother’s face and settled her pretty little pussy down on his face so he could lick it. “Come here Daddy and let me suck your dick while Samuel eats me, she cooed.”

He stayed where he was, “sorry pumpkin, I am all out of gas and need a rest.”

“Ok, I’ll make do with Samuel’s, with that she leaned down and went to 69’ing with her brother.

“Holly shit Diana said under her breath.” Then she looked at Matt and asked, “do want some messy pussy?”

“Sure, when in Rome,” he smiled, and she got up and turned around then she went down on him and sucked him hard while he ate her very cummy pussy. With the heighten sexual atmosphere it didn’t take long for her to feel another orgasm coming on and she warned Matt that there could be an even bigger mess in a minute, but he kept on licking her like a little kid licking an ice cream cone.

Bam! Her orgasm started without the usual build up and she felt the rush of bodily fluids and whatever cum was left in her released all over Matt’s face, but she was powerless to stop it. Instead, she instinctively ground her cunt into his mouth in a totally hedonistic manner, moaning as she did it!

As her orgasm began to wane, she realized Matt was still rock-hard and having cum twice this afternoon would most likely stay that way a little longer. She rose up and was in the process of sliding down to ride him when a voice asked if she had ever been double teamed?

She looked up to see George standing there with his cock in his hand and damn, he was hung! “No, why, want to try?”

“Sure, if you’re willing,” he said grinning.

“How about you Matt, want to try a double penetration?”

“Sure, he said, if you’re up for it?”

“I think so, I have never done it before but have always wanted to. How do we go about it?” Diana asked, not knowing how to position herself so two men could take her.

“Who do you want in your ass, George asked?”

“Matt, he’s a little smaller than you, which isn’t saying much, I think most men are smaller than you, she answered honestly.”

Everyone laughed a little and Bob said, “ok, switch places with Matt and sit on George in the cowgirl position. She did and then he said, now Matt can take you from behind and you are off to the races.” “Matt, there is some lube in the nightstand next to the bed.”

Matt lubed his cock and her ass and then she straddled George who was slowly stroking his cock in and out of her pussy. Diana leaned forward as much as she could exposing her little bung hole so Matt could take her from behind. He positioned his cock at her ass hole and then eased it in, slowly penetrating her ass centimeter by tiny centimeter.

“AGGGG, that’s tight,” Matt groaned. Thankfully, he had lubed his cock liberally, so it slipped past her sphincter muscle easily. He paused for a moment to allow them both to adjust, then he worked it in further until he had it deep in her ass.

She leaned back a little pushing George’s fat cock up against her G-spot and groaned out loud, “oh, fuck, that feels good.” “I have ever been so full of cock!” “This is unbelievable.”

The guys began thrusting gently at first and she was groaning from the start, it felt so good. It took them a minute or two to get in sync but once they did, she was pinned between them, and they began fucking the living daylights out of her!

She was impressed not only with George’s fat cock but his ability to fuck forever! He had a pussy wrecker that was at least eight inches and very thick, but somehow it fit just right in her cunt and with its upturned angle it rubbed against her G-spot as well as stimulating her clit from friction.

Diana could feel the beginning of another orgasm after only about five minutes of this intense fucking, and she rejoiced at the good fortune to be a woman who can not only achieve orgasm from penetration but one who can also experience multiple orgasm one after another. And that was about to start!

“OH MY GOD! “FFFFUUUUCCCCKKKK ME LIKE A DIRTY WHORE!” Diana, groaned loudly as her body reacted to the pleasure the two cocks were providing.

“Oh, GOD YES, JUST LIKE THAT NOT TOO FAST, OH YESSSSSSSS!” She hung there suspended between the two men fucking her silly making unintelligible sounds as the Bob and Matt had their way with her!

Nancy came down to see what all the yelling was about, and she had to smile! She knew firsthand how great it felt to have those two men in you at once. She saw that Bob was just watching so she asked him if he thought Diana was up for pulling a train?

“Maybe, she is certainly enjoying her DP!”

Nancy went back up topside to host the orgy flag. Which was just a little red flag with a picture of stick people engaged in sex acts on it. But the locals all knew that Bob and Nancy’s boat often offered special favors to everyone in the cove and this weekend was no different.

Mark, Doug, Mike, John, and Samuel came aboard along with Doug’s girlfriend, Marcie and Mike’s wife Jasmin. Once aboard Nancy told them to feel free to mix their own drinks and that Diana was entertaining down below.

Oh, I have to see this, Samantha remarked and she and the girls when below while the guys got drinks before going down. Once they were down below, they saw Diana doing a DP with George and Matt and this cause several cocks to begin to rise. Doug was watching Samantha and her right hand was rubbing her pussy while watching the DP.

Doug elbowed Mike, “What do you think, want a DP with Samantha?”

“Sounds good if she is up for it,” George whispered back.

Doug moved behind Samantha and then put his arms around her and whispered in her ear, “we could take care of that itch in another stateroom if you’re interested.” A smile crossed Samantha’s face and she took his hand in hers she led him and Mike to another stateroom.

Once inside she said, “don’t close the door it gets too hot when you do.” Then she went to her knees and began sucking first Doug then Mike. Once she had them good and hard, she asked, “how do you want it?”

“How about a DP?” Doug asked, smiling.

“Oh, how about a spit roast first then maybe a DP if I am up to it?” You two aren’t my first today.

The guys laughed and Mike said, “that will work too.”

“Yeah, that’s fine too,” Doug commented.

“Ok, then, who wants pussy first?” Samantha asked as she got up on the bed on her hands and knees.

“Doug said, I would like to be first, if you don’t mind bud?”

“Fine with me, I love sloppy seconds, so go for it!”

Doug moved around behind and Samantha and had to admire her tiny tight ass for a brief minute before he inserted his hard cock deep into her fuck hole.

“AAhhhh,” Samantha moaned as Doug’s fat cock penetrated her tight cunt! “Yeah, that’s it, this is what a I need, fuck now, fuck me good!”

Oh yeah, that’s some tight pussy Doug moaned as he began seesawing in and out of Samantha’s tight cunt and Samantha took Mike’s cock into her very talented mouth and began working her magic on him.

“Oh, damn buddy she can suck as good as she looks!” “Where you learn to suck cock like that Samantha?” Mike asked.

Sam removed Mike’s cock from her mouth and replied, “right here on this boat and the one we had before it,” she laughed. “Believe it or not, I have been sucking cock since I was about half as tall as I am now!” “I saw mom sucking guys all the time and I wanted to do it too, so I started with my twin brother and worked my way up to dad.”

Sam went back to sucking Mike and before too long she noticed that Doug’s pace had increased considerably and sure enough he announced his intent to cum in her.


“Mmmjffff,” Sam mumbled around Mike cock before removing it and then yelled, “IN ME, FUCKING CUM IN MY CUNT!”

Doug unleashed a torrent hot sticky man goo deep into Samantha’s womb! She pulled off of Mike’s cock and said, “fuck me, push his cum back inside me!”

Damn, Mike thought this was one nasty little fuck machine, but he was happy to oblige her. So, he moved around behind her and plugged her fuck hole with his slippery cock while Doug moved around front and allowed Samantha to clean his cummy cock.

Mike loved the feeling of sloppy seconds, especially when it was fresh seconds, and this was a fresh as it gets. He started plunging in and out of Samantha’s cunt while holding her hips and the room filled with the sound of fucking sloppy cunt, of cum squishing every time Mike’s cock drove into her velvet fuck box.

“OH YEAH, THAT’S IT FUCK ME HARD, GODDAMN IT!” Samantha’s own orgasm was fast approaching, and she knew this was going to be a giant one.

“OH, FUCK YEAH THERE IT IS! THERE IT IS” She screamed as her legs began to convulse.

Mike continued to fuck her with every ounce of strength he had and at the height of her orgasm his erupted and deposited his sperm on top of Doug’s cum.

“OH, FUCK YEAH,” Mike groaned.

All three flopped back onto the bed trying to catch their breath and unknown to them they had a voyeur, Jasmin, Mike’s wife. She crept silently into the room and the first anyone knew she was there was when she positioned herself between Samantha’s legs.

Hmm, I see you’re full of my husband’s cum young lady, now you better give it back. And with that, she took a big, long lick from Samantha’s asshole to the top of her slit and then stuck her talented tongue up Sam’s fun hole and got a big gob of cum out!

“Hmm, that tastes delicious baby, I love man cum mixed with pussy cum.”

“Hmm, there is some of mine in there too,” Doug informed her.

Well, if you have any left, why don’t you come over here and give me an injection of your cum Doug, while I clean this little slut cunt, then we can see if she can eat cunt?

Doug had been hoping he could dick Jasmin today, so he pulled on his cock a few times to get it all the way hard and then took Jasmin from behind while she licked Samantha.

Ahhh, that’s it, drive it deep and fuck me hard Doug, I like it rough! Jasmin stated matter-of-factly. Mike came around and put a pillow under her hips changing the angle of her ass and allowing Doug to go even harder on her. Jasmin was one of those women who could put on a completely prim and proper facade but once you got her panties off she was a complete slut for whoever was fucking her.

“Yeah, that’s it, fuck hard Doug, fuck like the whore I am!” “Oh yeah, pull my hair, you dirty mother fucker! FUCK ME!” “Jasmin’s dirty talk even surprised Samantha and she sat up to watch the porn show going on in front of her. It became clear that Jasmin was one of those girls who liked to be watched and Samantha wondered if she had ever done porn.

Samantha watch Mike as he watched his wife perform and she saw that his cock was getting full again. Since Jasmin wasn’t licking her slit, she motioned for Mike to come closer and when he did, she began sucking him hard. When he was hard she stood up and whispered in his ear, “would you like to fuck me in front of your wife while Doug fucks her?”

“Sure,” he replied, and she turned around on the bed and got in the doggy position.

“Fuck me like a bitch in heat Mike,” she said loudly so Jasmin had to hear. Jasmin did hear and she lifted her head and looked at her husband as he stuck his bluehead cock into Samantha’s cunt once again.

“No, Michael, fuck her slutty little ass, any bitch with as tight an ass as she had needs to be bored out, ass fuck the little whore while you watch me get ass fucked!” “Doug, fuck my ass!”

“Yes ma’am, your wish is my command!” Doug replied smiling at how kinky Jasmin was. But that was one reason he liked fucking her so much, because she was completely kinky and unpredictable. He pulled his cock from her gooey cunt and put the tip against her bung hole and pushed it in past her opening and then she slammed her ass back hard against him and cried out in pain from Doug’s fat cock invading her asshole.

Mike handed Doug a tube of anal lube and he squirted some on his cock and kept fucking Jasmin’s ass. The girls were kissing, and the guys were grunting, and the bed was shaking like a leaf in the wind! Since both guys had cum already, they could last a lot longer and these sluts were going to get their asshole bored out.

Jasmin reached orgasm first, screaming out obscenities at no one in particular and then it was Samantha’s turn and finally the guys announced they were about to cum too.

OH YEAH, FUCK MY ASS, FILL MY ASS WITH YOUR MAN CUM DOUG! And Mike emptied his balls into Jasmin’s bowels.

“Oh yeah, that’s it Mike, fuck me!!! Samantha groaned as Mike unleashed what cum he had left!”

Both ladies fell forward and just laid still attempting to get their breathing back to normal. Both guys staggered to chairs and sat down, completely exhausted!

Back in the master stateroom Diana was being spit roasted by Mark and another guy. Mark had her face pulled all the way into his pubs while the other guy jack hammered away at her over used fuck hole.“Oh, here it comes, where do you want the cum baby?” She could talk with Mark’s eight-inch cock down her throat.

Mark said, just shoot it in her, l like sloppy seconds or tenths whatever it is in her case. The guy grunted and then jammed his cock all the way into her Diana’s pleasure hole! “MMMFFFUOPP” escaped from Diana’s mouth as she felt the guy fucking her hit her cervix. She wanted to tell him to be careful, she wasn’t a bottomless pit but about that time Mark began to cum down her throat and she needed to concentrate so she didn’t drown in cum!

Mark pulled his big drippy cock out of her mouth and the guy in the back decided that since his cock wasn’t soft, he would take advantage of her bare ass and he inserted his cock into her asshole.

Oh, fuck, not the ass again Diana moaned but no one cared to listen and she braced herself for a mega ass fucking!

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