Futa's Wild Passion 02: Sister's Futa Shower Fun

Futa's Wild Passion 02: Sister's Futa Shower Fun

Futa's Wild Passion

Chapter Two: Sister's Futa Shower Fun

By mypenname3000

Copyright 2019

Note: Thanks to FallenAngelX00 for beta reading this!

This was such a wild day.

I knelt between my little sister's thighs, licking her eighteen-year-old deflowered twat clean of my futa-cum. I shuddered, my new clit-dick throbbing, hard and aching as it swung between my thighs. My pussy cream dribbled down it while I feasted on Allie's fresh cunt. Her light fuzz of fiery pubic hair tickled my lips as she squealed.

“Ooh, yes, yes, that's it,” she moaned. “Jenny, yes, yes!”

I used to think Allie was a brat, but after taking her cherry, I was seeing her in a whole new light. I was seeing everything in a new light. I thought my life was over when earlier today, during church, I developed Futanari Syndrome.

My clit turned into a cock.

It was a rare disease. Only one in a hundred million girls had it. I was like the third case in America. I freaked out, and the doctor's words about how I'd have a normal life had rung hollow. I thought no boy would want to touch me. I was nineteen, and thought it was all over.

Then my little sister burst in on me masturbating my futa-cock for the first time. Just as I was cumming, fantasizing about a naughty threesome with my mom and Reverend Helen August, the brat started teasing me. Angry, I chased her through the house and out into the backyard. She fled to her princess castle our deceased dad built her for when she was a kid. She thought it would protect her.

I broke in and tackled her. We wrestled and then we were kissing. And then we were making love.

“Ooh, yes, yes, keep eating me out,” she moaned. “Mmm, I want you to lick me clean. Ooh, I hope you bred me.”

My sister was insane. I didn't know if it was a fantasy or not, but she had me cum twice into her bareback. Now I licked out all that wonderful jizz. I lapped at it, feasting on her while her petite body shuddered. Her budding breasts quivered while her girlish expression twisted in delight. Strawberry-blonde pigtails danced around her face.

“Yes, yes, that's it!” she moaned. “Oh, Jenny, you wonderful futa! Ooh, lick it all out!”

It was so hot eating my cum out of my little sister's incestuous twat. Her fresh juices mixed with my salty spunk. I groaned, my dick aching and throbbing. I wanted to stroke it, but I was having too much fun loving her.

She was so sexy. We'd forged such a deep, sisterly bond when we made love. We took each other's virginities. My hands gripped her thighs, holding her lithe legs as they twitched and spasmed. My tongue fluttered through her folds, eating her, devouring her, loving every bit of her.

She tasted so good.

She was so sexy.

Such a delight to enjoy. My virgin pussy clenched as I thrust my tongue deep into her deflowered hole. I fluttered around in her, licking out her as well as my own cum. I groaned, my tongue fluttering in her depths. I savored that delicious pussy. She tasted amazing. Her hot cunt rubbed against my mouth. Her cream flowed over my tongue.

What an experience. It was such a treat. Incest was amazing. My younger sister's pussy melted on my tongue. I fluttered through her, licking out and more and more of my cum as she panted louder and louder.

She squeezed her thighs about my face. Her head tossed back and forth. She groaned and gasped, grinding against me. I loved it. My tongue flicked out again, gathering up more of her pussy cream and my jizz.

“Jenny!” she gasped. “You're driving me wild! Oh, yes, yes, lick me clean! Ooh, you fired all that cream into me! You have to clean me out!”

“Yes!” I moaned.

“You took my cherry, you bred me, so now you have to care for me.”

My futa-cock throbbed. If I had really bred my little sister...

I feasted on her with such hunger. I pressed my lips into her tight slit. Her sparse pubic hair rubbed against my face. She moaned and whimpered. Her fingers rubbed her puffy, pink nipples. Her blue eyes darted around.

“That's it!” she gasped. “Oh, yes, yes. Jenny!”

My little sister squeezed her thighs tight about my face. Her entire body shook. Then a flood of her fresh cream gushed out. It spilled over my face. She bathed me with her wonderful cream. I licked it up. I loved the flavor. My tongue darted around her twat, savoring her cream.

I reveled in making her cum. Her hands shot down, grabbing fistfuls of my red hair. She pulled me tight into her pussy as her moans echoed off the plastic walls of the play castle. She bucked and squirmed, humping against me.

“Yes, yes, yes, you're the best sister! My futa-sister! Love you!”

“Allie!” I groaned as I lapped up her cream. I wanted to fuck her. I wanted to be in her again. But... but... “Damn.”

“What?” she asked as she trembled through her pleasure.

I sat up, licking my lips. I glanced at the pink door to the castle and out the little windows. “Mom's going to be home soon. And Sara or Tara is eventually going to walk out of their room and find us.”

My sister rolled her eyes. “The twins are studying. They won't come out.”

Tara and Sara were our older twin sisters. Mom left them in charge when she went out to run an errand after bringing me back from the doctor's. I knew my mother. She would be checking up on me, making sure I was okay.

“We have to get cleaned up,” I said. I sniffed the air. “We smell a little like...”

“We'd been fucking?” Allie suggested, the petite girl saying the word with a naughty grin. She still found swearing something naughty.

“Yeah,” I said. “So we should go shower fast.”

“Together?” Allie asked.

My futa-dick throbbed. I gave her a sideways glance. “If we do that, we'll end up fucking.”

“And?” My naughty little sister grabbed my cock. She stroked it, this wicked grin on her lips.

I groaned, realizing I'd unleashed a monster. A futa-loving monster.

We gathered our clothes and rushed naked out of the play castle. I knew it was wicked, but Mom wasn't home yet, and she was right. The twins were always in their room studying. It was so naughty to cross the lawn, the sun warm on our backs. My futa-cock bounced before me, my tits heaving. Allie ran the way, her tight rump looking cute, and her hips slender, almost boyish.

She was just blossoming into womanhood.

She reached the sliding glass door and wrenched it open. She turned around and grinned at me, her pigtails flying. She arched her eyebrows and then whirled around. I burst in after her, closing the door and then racing up through the house.

She scampered ahead of me. When she reached the stairs, she hunched over, her pussy on display. Her slit wasn't as girlish tight as it was earlier, her pussy lips peeking out of her vulva. I licked my lips, her fresh juices still coating them.

She giggled as she raced by our sister's room.

“No killing each other!” Tara or Sara shouted as we rushed past.

Allie burst into the bathroom, throwing her clothes across the floor. She hopped into the shower and turned it on as I entered and closed the door behind us. I sat my stuff on the counter, panting, my futa-dick bobbing hard before me. It throbbed with my heartbeat. It thrust out of my fiery bush, my pussy lips wrapped around it.

It had grown fast. Within an hour, it had gone from a little clit smaller than my nipple to a massive cock thrusting out before me. No one knew what caused futanari syndrome, though it was slightly more common in Japan than anywhere else in the world.

Hence the name.

“Come on,” Allie said, the water matting down the ends of her pigtails as it soaked. She gleamed, looking so sexy.”

“Remember, we have to get clean,” I told her as I jumped in.”

“Yep,” she said, grabbing my futa-cock. “Let me get you clean.”

The spray splashed into my back as she fell to her knees before me. From the mischievous grin on my little sister's face, I should have known she had no intention of using soap to do it. Instead, the bratty girl nuzzled her lips against the tip of my cock.

I groaned at the hot feel of her lips. They felt so naughty against me. Her tongue danced over it. She licked up the precum spilling out. I squirmed, my pussy drinking in the fluttering sensation. The hot water drumming on my back massaged me as she loved me.

“Allie,” I whimpered.

“You're just so huge,” she moaned. “I still can't believe I was able to suck you in my mouth before.”

“I know,” I groaned.

“Kathy Greene says she loves sucking cocks,” my sister moaned. Kathy was the daughter of my teacher. “I see why.”

“That's naughty of her,” I panted.

“I'm to love every bit of you!”

Allie pressed her mouth against my cock. I groaned, my heart racing. My breath quickened. My pussy clenched as she slid her lips over my spongy crown. Her blue eyes sparkled up at me as she opened her jaw wider and wider.

She popped the head of my cock into her mouth.

She squealed in delight, her lips sealing over my shaft. Her passion felt incredible as it hummed over my sensitive crown. Then her tongue danced around the spongy crown of my dick. This wicked heat surged through me. My body trembled. My eyes fluttered.

She sucked hard.

“Allie!” I whimpered.

It was so different from being in her pussy. This was an incredible rush as her head bobbed up and down my dick. I liked them both. Her pussy and her mouth were both awesome. I shuddered in the shower as she nursed on my dick.

Her tongue bathed around my cock as she bobbed her head. She sucked with such hunger. Her hand grabbed the base of my cock. She fisted up and down it, adding a little bit of stimulation. Most of the pleasure, however, came from her hungry mouth.

My round breasts bobbed over her head. I swayed beneath the shower spray. The water ran down to my ass, caressing my butt as my little sister blew me. The incestuous bliss of being in her mouth rippled through me.

“Oh, damn, Allie,” I moaned, grabbing her pigtails.

She popped her mouth off. “Ooh, yes, yes, hold them as handlebars. Kathy Greene says it's the best when guys do that.”

“Wow, she is a naughty one,” I moaned.

Allie grinned at me. Then she re-engulfed my cock. Her hot, warm mouth sank around it. My grip tightened on her pigtails as she slid her mouth up and down my cock. That wonderful delight shot through me. My pussy clenched as the heady rush rippled through me. My head shook from side to side, my heart racing.

She loved my dick. She sucked hard on me, her tongue dancing around my girl-cock. I groaned, my pussy squeezing hard. Her head shifted, twisted. She loved me with such passion. This wicked bliss rippled through my body. I groaned, my heart pounding in my chest.

“Damn!” I groaned “Oh, damn, that's good. Allie! I'm going to cum.”

She sucked harder.

“You want me to cum, don't you?”

She moaned about my cock, the buzzing rapture humming around the sensitive tip.

“Such a teasing, little sister,” I moaned, the incestuous thrill of her sucking mouth sending pleasure spilling through me.

The pressure built in my pussy. My ovaries grew tighter and tighter. I groaned, my heart racing. Pleasure rippled out of me. My dick throbbed and ached. I groaned. I felt dizzy from the delight of her hungry mouth.

She teased me. Drove me wild. I loved it. My heart pounded in my chest as she bobbed her mouth. She sucked with such passion. She devoured me. Such wild rapture built and built in me. I was coming closer and closer to exploding.

To flooding her mouth with all my jizz.

“Allie!” I groaned. “I'm almost there. You're going to swallow it all, aren't you?”

She winked at me.

“Damn,” I gasped, my pussy clenching from her hot suckles. “You're such a wicked, little sister.”

I couldn't take much more. Her sucking mouth felt incredible.

The water spilled down my back. It relaxed me. My head swayed from side to side. The pressure soared at the tip of my cock. My ovaries brimmed with cum.


She ripped her mouth off my cock and moaned, “Cum on my face!”

Those words sent a wild shudder through me. It was so nasty to do.

I exploded.

My futa-cum spurted from my girl-cock and bathed my little sister's face. I painted Allie's mischievous expression in my incestuous spunk. The glistening strands fell in ropy lines across her features. It splattered over her forehead and ran down her chin. She opened her mouth, thrusting her tongue out.

A white blast landed on it. She moaned in delight, pulling it into her mouth.

My pussy convulsed. Rapture and ecstasy spilled through my body. Two different delights slammed bliss into my mind. I trembled, clutching her pigtails for support as my cum kept spurting out of me. Juices flooded down my thighs, mixing with water pouring down my back. Stars danced before my eyes.

“Allie!” I gasped as I fired a final blast of jizz on her face.

My little sister dripped in my spunk. She looked so sexy with it on her face. I groaned at the sight of her. My jaw dropped. I couldn't believe how hot it was to decorate her face in my incestuous spunk. The pearly jizz dribbled down her girlish features.

She looked at once innocent and whorish.

“Allie,” I whimpered.

Her tongue swiped out and she licked up the spunk that had dribbled to her mouth. She rose, her pigtails swaying. The ends clung to her wet shoulders. Mist spilled around me, caressing her body but not washing away my seed. Some of it dribbled down to her breasts, landing near her nipple.

“That was so hot, Jenny!” She grabbed my girl-dick, stroking it. I was still hard. “Man, having a sister with Futanari Syndrome is so hot.”

“I guess it would be,” I said, my heart rushing, my body buzzing from the bliss of my orgasm.

She looked so sexy, and there was that dollop of my cum on her pink, puffy nipple. I licked my lips and then I darted my head down. Bending over pulled her hand off my dick, but it was worth it to engulf my little sister's nub. She gasped in shock as I sucked on her. My sister trembled, the spray bathing the top of my head now and falling on her shoulders. It spilled water down to my suckling mouth.

“Jenny,” she whimpered, her hips wiggling from side to side. “Ooh, yes, yes, you love your cum.”

I did. My salty seed tasted amazing on her nub. I swirled my tongue around her, cleaning it up while the bliss surged through my veins. My futa-dick throbbed and my pussy clenched. The water was running over my ass and soaking my bush, caressing my aching vulva before running down my cock to the tip.

It teased me as I loved my little sister's nub. I groaned, sucking hard on her. I nibbled and suckled her, loving the way she groaned as I played with her nub. She shuddered, her fingers running through my hair, caressing me.

Driving me wild.

I sucked hard on her. I loved her. I played with her little nipple. It was so cute. Felt just right in my mouth. She gasped in delight, her hips wiggling from side to side as I sucked hard. Hunger surged through me. This wicked, wanton, naughty passion surged through me.

I was so horny right now.

Allie giggled as her hands found my breasts. She kneaded me while her tongue licked more cum off her lips. It ran down her face, pearly lines of my passion. I groaned and popped my mouth off her nipple, darting up.

“I have to clean you now,” I moaned and then licked at her cheek.

“Yes!” she gasped, her hands squeezing and kneading my tits as I lapped up my salty cum. “Jenny, you're the best.”

I trembled, a wicked surge of lust shooting through me as I lapped up my spunk. I savored the flavor of it on my tongue. I found more and more of it on her face. I licked around, the salty girl-cum setting my taste buds on fire.

Her hands massaged my tits, almost like she was washing them. Her thumbs brushed my areolas as my tongue lapped up her jawline, gathering more spunk. I shuddered, the tip of my girl-dick brushing her stomach as my lips found hers.

I kissed her hard.

I thrust my tongue into her mouth, sharing my spunk with her. She moaned into the kiss, her fingers massaging harder at my nipples. My girl-dick throbbed, the spongy crown pulsing and aching against her naughty bits. Delight rippled out of me. My twat burned, the heat surging through me. My head danced from side to side, stirring a new batch of cum in my ovaries.

How much could I produce?

Doctors mentioned something about an increased libido.

Allie broke the kiss. She had a wicked grin on her face. Her right hand darted down from my left breast to grab my cock again. “Do you ever go soft?”

“I'm not sure,” I answered. “The doctor didn't really tell me that much of what it was like. I mean, it's not like there's a lot of us.”

“Yeah, what, twenty or thirty in the entire world?”

“Something like that.” I bit my lip and then groaned as her hand pumped up and down my dick. “They want me to go in for weekly tests. Try to understand what makes us.”

“Maybe you stimulated your clit too much through masturbation.” Allie grinned at me. “I've heard the heavy panting in your room.”

My cheeks burned. “Really?”

She nodded her head. “Sometimes, I would join you.”

“You masturbate?”

She gave me this flat look. “Of course I masturbate. I'm eighteen, not a kid.”

“Sometimes I forget that,” I admitted. I looked down at her. “I mean, have you seen your tits.”

“My tits are cute as fuck!” she hissed, stroking my cock faster. “And you know it.”

“Yeah, they are,” I said, staring at them.

“And what about my butt?” She turned around and wiggled her ass at me, the tip of my cock bumping into her rump.

Tingles racing up my cock from contact with her naughty flesh, I groaned, “That ass is cute as fuck, Allie.”

She spun around, the wet end of her pigtail smacking into my tit. A big smile crossed her lips. “Good! I'm glad you appreciate how sexy your little sister is.”

“Oh, I am,” I groaned, my dick throbbing. “I believe I've given ample evidence of my attraction.”

She winked at me then grabbed the liquid body wash off the shelf. She popped open the black bottle and squirted the white soap into her hands. It wasn't as pearly as my cum, but a purer white. She then turned the bottle to me.

“Come on, time to wash each other.” This wicked twinkle gleamed in her blue eyes. “We're both so dirty.”

I held out both my hands, cupping them together. My dick throbbed as she squeezed out the soap. It squirted into my hands, spilling over my palms in ropy lines. It was almost like she was jizzing on them, which sent this wicked flutter through me.

She set the bottle back on the shelf and lathered her hands together. Soapy bubbles coated her fingers as she grinned at me. Before I could do the same, her hands were on my tits, massaging my boobs, coating them in the suds. My nipples tingled as she washed me.

“Mmm, now you get my back,” she said.

I arched an eyebrow. “Not you're cute as fuck titties?”

She winked at me.

I shot my hand around her torso and rubbed the body wash into her supple back. She grinned at me, her hands roaming over my tits. She squeezed and massaged them while I massaged her shoulder blades, kneading her muscles.

“Now do what I do,” she said and moved her hands lower.

I arched an eyebrow as she watched my torso right beneath my tits. I didn't say anything, but washed lower down her back, lathering her with the soap. She grinned, her hands working down my body, mine doing the same to hers.

I shuddered as she massaged her fingers into my stomach. Her touch washing across my abs sent ticklish tingles through me. My futa-dick throbbed and my pussy clenched. As her hands descended my front, I descended her back. She came closer and closer to my bush while I neared the swell of her cute ass.

“More soap!” she said, jerking her hands away. She grabbed the bottle again.

Once we were both lathered up, her hands returned to my lower stomach, right above my pubic mound. I found her tailbone, feeling the beginning slope of her rump. She had a wicked grin as her fingers washed down to my bush, rubbing into my silky pubic hair.

I slid down over her butt. I massaged her rear as her fingers brushed the top folds of my pussy. Her smile only grew brattier as she reached my girl-dick. She wrapped her soapy grip about my shaft and stroked up and down it while my fingers kneaded her rump, massaging her.

“Mmm, don't forget my crack,” she moaned. “Got to get me squeaky clean.”

“That's impossible,” I said. “You have such a dirty mind.”

She giggled.

My fingers dipped into her butt-crack. I slid up and down her crevasse, caressing her, working the soap into her flesh. She groaned and wiggled her hips, her rump squeezing about my fingers. She gasped when I found her asshole. I stroked over her wrinkled, puckered opening.

“Mmm, get a finger in there and make sure I'm clean,” she moaned.

“Ooh, you are dirty,” I groaned. It was such a nasty request, but I was so horny. Her hand fisted up and down my cock, coating me in suds.

My finger wiggled into my little sister's backdoor. Her bowels clenched around me. They gripped me with this wet heat. It almost seared my fingers. I shuddered, my heart pounding in my chest as I pumped my digit in and out of her bowels. I teased her, drove her wild. Her eyes were so bright. So naughty and wanton.

She licked her lips, arching an eyebrow at me. My cock throbbed in her grip while her bowels clenched around my finger. She was so hot in there. So velvety. She purred in delight, her blue eyes smoldering.

“That's it,” she moaned. “Ooh, wash my dirty ass! Mmm, yes, yes, you're getting all that soap in there.”

“Yes, I am,” I panted, the pressure swelling at the tip of my dick.

“But your finger's not reaching far enough,” she moaned. “I need something longer to wash every inch of my asshole. I need your futa-cock!”

My eyes widened. My little sister wanted me to fuck her up the ass?

The idea shot through me. In an electric flash, I was cumming. My futa-dick erupted. My girl-cum spurted out in powerful pulses. It splashed across her stomach while the dual pleasure rushed through my body. The explosive blasts of ecstasy from my futa-dick slammed into my mind followed by the gentler waves of delight washing out of my pussy.

“Allie!” I moaned, my futa-dick spurting over and over.

“Oooh, Jenny, someone got excited!” she moaned, her asshole clenching about my finger.

Her soapy hands stroked up my spurting dick. The pleasure had me swaying. My left hand gripped her slippery rump as the shower spun around me. Dizzying bliss surged through me as I fired a final blast of cum onto my little sister's body.

“Oh, Jenny, yes!” groaned my sister, cum running down her stomach towards her sparse bush. “Good thing you don't go soft. I really, really want to try anal.”

“You are a dirty girl,” I groaned as she turned around, the movement popping my finger out of her asshole.

“Yep!” she said as she braced her hands against the wall and wiggled that cute rump at me. Soap suds clung to her glistening cheeks. My futa-dick throbbed, still aching. Still eager to have fun.

I shuddered as I stared at her rump. I grabbed my soapy cock, realizing why she got my shaft nice and slippery. Smart girl. My left hand pried apart her butt-cheeks, exposing her brown sphincter half-covered in soap.

I wondered if I was too big for her as I pressed my cock against her backdoor, but this horny ache seized me. I had a chance to enjoy my sister's tight asshole. She begged for it. She wanted this. I couldn't deny her.

I pressed forward.

“Jenny!” Allie groaned, her back arching.

“Does it hurt?” I gasped, easing off the pressure.

“No, no, just feels weird,” she groaned. “Please, Kathy says anal can feel good with the right person.”

“Is there nothing that girl won't do?” I muttered.

“She still has her cherry,” my sister moaned. “You know, blowjobs and anal are the best forms of birth control.”

“Something you aren't worried about,” I panted as I pressed my cock against her soapy sphincter again.

“Nope!” My sister threw a wicked grin over her shoulder. “You're going to fuck me every day until I'm pregnant.”

I had so many objections to that, but it was hard to raise them as I felt her anal ring widening. I shuddered at the velvety heat of her bowels engulfing the tip of my cock. Her sphincter stretched and stretched, both of us groaning, moaning.

I popped into my little sister's bowels. I groaned as more and more of my cock vanished into her depths. I didn't go fast. I didn't plunge into her hard. I just sank into her with gentle pressure. It was such a wicked treat to enjoy. I groaned as I went deeper and deeper into her bowels.

Her moans echoed through the bathroom. “Jenny! Jenny!”

“Damn!” I groaned as half of my massive futa-dick vanished into her sphincter. I kept going.

“Ooh, this feels different,” she moaned, her velvety delight squeezing around me.

“Good different?”


I shuddered, loving the feel of her bowels. She was so hot. So tight. My dick throbbed. My pussy clenched. I wanted to just fuck her. I went deeper and deeper into her. My eyes fluttered as she took more and more of my dick. My bush came closer and closer to her rump. My breasts shook. The warm water sprayed on my back.

I bottomed out in my little sister's asshole.

It was incredible being in her. To experience the velvety embrace of her tight hole. I groaned while she shuddered. Her entire body undulated, stirring her bowels around my cock. Pleasure rippled up my shaft. My heart screamed in my chest, pumping bliss through my veins.

I bit my lip as the water splashed on my back. I didn't want to move, and yet my girl-dick begged for more stimulation. For the friction of pumping in and out of my little sister's bowels. I had gone from a virgin girl to a futa who'd fucked her in all her holes.

“Oh, wow, you're huge!” she groaned, her back arching. Her asshole clenched down around me.

“Sorry,” I panted.

“Don't be.” She threw a look over her shoulder at me, blue eyes glossy with excitement. “I love how big you are in me. Ooh, I bet Karen has never taken anything this big in her asshole.”

“It's not a contest,” I muttered.

“Tell that to her.” Allie wiggled her hips and stirred her bowels around my cock. I groaned at the stimulation. It raced up my shaft to my virgin pussy. “Now why aren't you fucking me?”

“I'm letting you adjust,” I panted.

“I'm adjusted! Ooh, I feel like I was born for this girl-dick! So fuck me! Fuck me with that big futa-cock!”

“Not so loud,” I moaned even as I drew back my cock through her velvety heaven. “If the twins here...”

“They can wait their turn,” muttered Allie.

“They'll tell Mom, and she'll kill us,” I panted, slamming back into her depths.

My crotch smacked into my sister's rump. The wet slap echoed around us. I savored it while my dick reveled in being inside her tight bowels. Her velvety anal sheath massaged me as I drew back my hips and fucked her.


I slammed over and over into my little sister's anal sheath. Her velvety delight massaged me. Teased me. That wonderful flesh gripped me, driving me wild. I pumped away hard at her, my hands stroking up and down her sides. Pleasure flowed down my cock and warmed my virgin twat.

“That's it,” she groaned. “Pound me, Jenny! Pound my asshole! I love your cock! Love you!”

“Love you, too!” I moaned, my hands sliding around her body. I rubbed at her slick stomach, my hands dancing over her flesh.

I caressed her as I fucked her. My hands roamed over her body, teasing her while her bowels squeezed around my girl-dick. I grunted and groaned, slamming into her hard and fast. I buried to the hilt in her. I fucked her with all my passion. I reamed her. Enjoyed her. I grunted and groaned as I pumped away at her bowels.

Her passion spilled around me. Her wonderful flesh gripped me. Her tight bowels were a delicious heaven bringing me closer and closer to exploding. I panted, my hips thrusting hard and fast into her. I reamed her. Reveled in being in her incestuous sheath.

My hands slid up her stomach to her small mounds. I gripped my little sister's titties, her puffy nipples rubbing into my palms. She groaned louder, her pigtails dancing about her shoulder. The heat in her bowels grew and grew.

I fucked her harder and faster.

I rammed to the hilt in her. I buried to the depths of my little sister's bowels. I reveled in the incestuous delight of her anal sheath. My new futa-cock's tip ached. The pressure built there, another explosive release swelling and swelling. My ovaries tightened.

I would fire all my girl-cum into her bowels.

“That's it, Jenny!” she moaned, her body trembling. Her asshole clenched around my cock as I pulled back. “Pound me! Ooh, make me cum! You feel incredible in me.”

“Good!” I moaned. “I like this.”

“Pervy dickgirl!”

“Horny brat!”

She giggled and then squealed. “So horny! Yes, yes, drive that cock into me. My big sister has a huge cock!”

“Not so loud!” I panted, my dick throbbing, aching.

Her moans echoed through the shower, mixing with the spray of the water. My clit-dick drilled into her tight bowels over and over. I hammered her. I reamed to the hilt in her. I slammed deep and hard into her anal depths.

She whimpered and groaned, squeezing her bowels around my girl-dick. I loved it when she did that. It made my cock feel amazing inside of her. Like a billion dollars or something. My virgin pussy grew hotter and hotter, drinking in all the sensations provided by her asshole.

I rubbed her puffy nipples while pressing my round tits into her wet back. I leaned over my shorter sister, sodomizing her hard. Our feet shifted, brushing each other as she trembled. She groaned, her bowels squeezing around my girl-dick.

“I'm going to cum so hard on you,” she moaned.

“Yes!” I moaned. “I want you exploding on me. I want to feel your bowels going wild.”

“So wild!” Her body shuddered. “I'm so close. Don't stop. Please, don't stop.”

“Not until I'm spurting in your tight asshole.

She turned her head and gave me a hot, quick kiss on the lips. My nipples throbbed against her wet back. I thrust deep into her, hard. My ovaries quivered. I was so close to erupting in her. Just a few more strokes into her tight bowels.

I pounded her hard. My flesh slapped against hers. I buried into her hard then pulled back. She threw back her head, rubbing her hair into my chin. She let out a gasp. Her bowels squeezed tight about my cock as I thrust in.

Then her flesh writhed.

“Yes, yes, yes!” she howled. “Oh, Allie, yes!”

Her passion echoed around us as she came on my girl-dick. Her flesh spasmed and writhed, convulsing around me. I groaned as I thrust into her depths, feeling her velvety sheath rippling around my dick. It was this incredible rush. I rammed into her while my heart pounded in my chest.

“Oh, my god, Jenny, cum in me!” she moaned. “Yes, yes, give it to me!”

I couldn't believe how amazing this felt. I swayed, the passion almost overwhelming me as I hammered into her convulsing bowels. The pressure rushed to the tip of my cock. I couldn't take it any longer.

I buried into her and erupted.

“You're cumming in me!” she screamed. Too loud.

I couldn't stop her from screaming her head off. Not with my futa-cum spurting out of my clit-dick and flooding her bowels. My pussy convulsed, spilling hot juices that mixed with the water pouring down my thighs. I trembled, rubbing my boobs into her back as my cock spurted over and over.

“Jenny! Jenny! Yes!”

Her bowels milked my futa-dick. I erupted over and over. Each one sent a blast of rapture shooting through my body. It swept over the waves of delight washing out of my virgin cunt. I swayed, holding her, my mind melting beneath the rapture of my orgasm.

It was incredible. My entire body tingled. My dick spurted a final time into her as my mind was carried to such a wondrous height of rapture. I felt dizzy, gripping my sister's small tits to hold my balance.

“Oh, Allie,” I moaned, “that was—”




Did our sisters hear us? Did they go tell Mom what we were doing?

I gasped and ripped my girl-dick out of Allie's asshole at the hard pounding on the bathroom door. A cold, clammy ripple swept through me. Allie was so loud. My futa-cock finally went limp as the water splashed on my back. My sister whimpered as we both waited.

Were we busted? Had the twins realized we were in here having sex? They would tell Mom. She would burst in here at any moment and catch us. She would be furious at me. I just knew it. She would all say I took advantage of my little sister and tricked her into incest.

Allie never got in trouble for anything.

“Jenny!” Tara or Sara shouted through the door. “How long are you going to be in the shower?”

“Sorry,” I said, my heart pounding fear through me. At least it wasn't Mom at the door. Was she still not back? “It's just...”

“Yeah, yeah, I get it,” my sister said. “You're having a weird day.”

I didn't hear any disgust in her voice.

“Listen, your friend, Pita, is here. I let her wait in your room.”

“Oh,” I said, some of the fear relaxing from me. “Okay, thanks for doing that.”

“No prob.” There was a pause. “You didn't kill Allie, right?”

“No,” I said slowly. Maybe they did hear the shouting and thought we were fighting in here.

“So she must be out terrorizing the neighborhood or something.” My older sister sighed. “Well, stop wasting water. Oh, and Mom got called into work. Some emergency or something.”

“Again?” I asked, not really caring. The twins had no idea that Allie and I had done anything in here. They thought I was alone. I felt so relieved. I wasn't busted for having sex with her.

“Yeah, you know her new boss. Ms. Petrov wants their new product to launch smoothly. So it's going to be pizza for dinner. You cool with that?”

“Yeah,” I said, shutting the shower off.

“Yay!” Allie squealed.

I gave her a sharp look. We'd gotten away so far, but if she made too much noise...

“Well, I got to get back to studying,” Tara or Sara said. I couldn't tell the twins apart by voice.

“Sure,” I said, slipping out of the shower stall.

Her feet retreated down the hallway. I glanced at Allie and hissed, “You have to sneak downstairs and make it sound like you came in from outside.”

She rolled her eyes. “I know how to be a sneak.”

Of course, she did.

We both dressed, my stomach roiled in knots. My sister didn't seem to care that our incestuous relationship could be uncovered. What would happen if she actually got pregnant? Maybe I should by some condoms just to make sure.

My dick twitched as I dried myself beside her lithe body. It was fun fucking her and cumming in her. Maybe we could just do anal. She liked that. I bit my lip, my dick twitching and swelling hard again.

I couldn't let that happen. Not with Pita here. I had to be careful with my new appendage and broach this condition to my friend slowly so I didn't freak her out. Oh, god, I had classes tomorrow. How would all my classmates react to learning I was a dickgirl now?

I pulled on my t-shirt and skirt, then drew up my panties, struggling to stuff my soft cock into it. I had a noticeable bulge that Allie padded. She'd undone her pigtails, letting her strawberry-blonde locks hang damp around her face. She had a wicked grin on her lips.

“Don't do that?” I moaned as my dick swelled.

“What?” she asked. “Make you hard?”

“Ooh, you are such a brat,” I groaned.

“Yep! It's why you love me.”

I couldn't say anything against that. Her playfulness was attractive. “And why I want to kill you sometimes.”

“Ooh, we could do some bondage next time,” she said. “Karen said she loves getting tied up and then fucked up the asshole. But you can fuck my pussy and cum in me and breed me while I'm tied up.”

“Stop that,” I whimpered, my dick twitching, throbbing. “You're making me so hard.”

She giggled and then opened the door. She thrust her head out then padded away.

I took a few nervous breaths and then followed her into the hallway. My little sister had already reached the stairs and headed down them while I went to my bedroom door. I opened it to find Pita sitting on my bed. The Hispanic girl flashed me a smile, her curly, brown hair swaying about her face.

Why did she have to have such a cute face? Her skin was this rich hue and her nose was small while she had these kissable lips, My futa-dick throbbed again, swelling as I couldn't help but notice her small breasts molded by the tight tank top she wore. Its spaghetti straps left her delicate shoulders bare. She wore shorts that exposed most of her lithe legs.

“Did you forget we had a project we had to work on today?” she asked. “I've been calling and waiting for you to show up at my house.”

My stomach dropped. “Sorry.” I closed the door behind me. “I've been having a weird day. Things have gotten out of hand. It slipped my mind.”

“That's not like you and...” She jumped to her feet and grabbed my hands. “What's wrong? What happened?”

“Well...” I said. She had a flowery perfume on. It was sweet and exciting all at the same time. I couldn't help the way my dick hardened. It twitched and throbbed in my skirt while my heart raced. Why did she have to smell so sweet? My poor panties constrained my throbbing dick. “It's this...” I looked down. “I don't know quite how to say it.”

My friend's gaze traveled down my body. Her hands tightened on mine as she gasped. Her gazed snapped up to me. “No way.”

My cheeks burned.

“You became a futanari?” She took a step back, releasing my hands. Her breasts rose and fell.

“Yeah,” I said. I swallowed. “It just sort of... happened.”

Her eyes flicked down to my cock. “Can I see it?”

That wasn't the reaction I expected. Before I even realized what I was doing, I was pulling up my skirt to show her. I wasn't thinking at all, just acting. I was too flummoxed by her eagerness. I expected her to be more shocked than this. To be confused or maybe even disgusted that I wasn't fully a girl any longer.

She bit her lower lip as I exposed my panties, my cock throbbing. I was half-bent and needing to be released anyways. So I shoved them down. My clit-dick popped out before me, twitching and throbbing. It pulsed and ached.

“Oh, my god, Jenny, you're huge,” Pita moaned. Then she grabbed my cock in her warm grip.

Pleasure surged down my shaft.

To be continued...

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