Ashley & Madison III chapter 2

Ashley & Madison III chapter 2

Jim and Beverly sat in the tub reminiscing about certain things that happened many years ago. Jim just revealed that he was going to reconcile with his brother Raymond. Jim is in the midst of telling his wife Beverly the many ways that his brother Raymond betrayed very important men in other secret sects of Minotaur and Satyr. So let’s pick the story up with Jim telling Beverly a new story about the exploits of his twin brother Raymond.

Jim gazing at his wife from the other side of the bath tub and said, “You know there are so many things that you don’t know about my brother. Do you remember the flowery story that his daughters Kasey and Kaitlin told us of how Raymond took their virginities? Even that nice version of the story shocked not only you but me as well the first time that we heard of it.

I am about to reveal to you the real story and events that you don’t know about. Do you when remember Raymond was in Switzerland meeting with Theo Burkhart the Senior Vice-President of Varits. Vartis were desperate to distribute Glaxo’s new drug. Theo knew he needed Raymond’s help if his company was going to get the distribution rights. Theo wanted to broker the deal between the two giant companies. Theo is a Minotaur who is just like us the Centaur.

While Raymond and Christina were guests at Theo’s home they participated in several orgies with Theo and his wife Yvonne and other high ranking Minotaur couples. After several days of fucking and sucking each other’s significant other’s Raymond and Theo found just enough time to broker the deal. Theo told Raymond that they should seal the deal by each man sacrificing their children to the other man. Theo revealed that he desired to make love with Kasey. That opened a door for Raymond to fuck his daughters who were 19, 15 and 13 also Theo had a son 17 that Christina wanted to fuck as well.

It wasn’t enough for both of these guys to just agree to a simple business deal. Both participated in various orgies that week, sometimes with and sometimes without their wives knowledge. They both had become greedy and decided that to seal the deal each could take the other’s daughters as a sign of their bond to one another as Minotaur and Centaur. There was only one problem with this plan, Kasey and Kaitlin were still virgins and it would be an insult to Raymond if Theo a Minotaur took the virginities of either girl. So, Ray had to do something to help seal the deal and he had to do it fast. There was a lot of money to be made by both of them when their respective companies stock would rise after the announcement.

It turns out that this guy Theo was a bigger pervert than Raymond. He wanted to fuck Kasey but one evening in a drunken stupor Theo let it slip out that his real desire was to fuck Kaitlin but the problem with that was she was only 10 at the time. Raymond knew that it was wrong for him to request Kaitlin and he drew the line there and Theo backed off. Theo couldn’t wait to take Kasey sexually and once he left Raymond he immediately sought to find his teenage treasure.

While Theo and Raymond were talking Kasey and Ursula (Theo’s daughter) were down at the swimming pool having fun. Once Kasey had just finished swimming she made her way to the pool house to change. Theo seeing that his daughter Ursula left and went back into the house made his way to Kasey so that he could take his prize. When Kasey emerged from the shower Theo lay on the couch naked waiting for her. Kasey was shocked by Theo being so forward but Raymond had told her the day before that she was eventually going to have to give herself to him but she would have to lose her virginity to Raymond first.

Kasey remained very still knowing that she was naked under her towel. She then looked at Theo and let his tall slender body sink into her memory. Her eyes started at his youthful face down to his slim torso but she could not miss his very long and thin cock. It was different from her father’s as Theo was not circumcised and his head was covered with his foreskin. Kasey giggled as she was nervous and then her eyes began to dart up, down, left and right not trying to stare at the seven inches of manhood waiting for her.

Theo stood up from the couch and walked across the room and gingerly hugged Kasey. Theo whispered in Kasey’s ear and asked if she knew about the situation between her father and him? Kasey came up to her tip toes and whispered back in his ear that she knew but now was not the time for Theo to take her. Theo ignored her and began kissing her and before she knew it Theo a maneuvered the towel off of her body and began to caress her everywhere he could.

Theo stepped back from Kasey holding her hands then spread them open to exhibit her 14-year-old body. Kasey quickly put one leg in front of the other hiding her tiny pink slit. Theo with his heavy Swiss accent told her that if she was going to see his penis he had every right to see her vagina. Theo released her hands and Kasey moved to the couch and spread her legs open and tilted her head back as she closed her eyes. Theo looked at his treasure as he stroked his masculinity.

Theo’s eyes were wide with glee seeing his prize before him. Even at a young age Kasey had sexiness about her. Kasey’s hair fell over her right breast and her eyes opened and smiled as she watched Theo pleasuring himself. Kasey’s was very excited that another man other than her father wanted her sexually. Her nipples were perky and with her heels on the edge of the couch and hands behind her ass created an image that to this day Theo has never forgotten. Theo’s eyes went from her breasts down to her torso. Theo smiled as his mouth watered at the sight of the small tear shaped vagina of Kasey.

Theo fell to his hands and knees and crawled over to the couch. Rising to meet Kasey she wrapped her arms around Theo and he kissed her. Kasey could feel the warmth of Theo’s virility against her thin bronzed stomach. Kasey began to lose herself in the moment Theo then stood before her and she dropped to her knees and was greeted by Theo’s hard on. Kasey started things off by sucking Theo’s cock. Theo was amazed that a 14-year-old had the ability to engulf his manhood. Theo was in awe of Kasey’s ability to kiss the base of his cock as her nose was against his stomach. Not even Theo’s wife or daughter’s was able to achieve what Kasey just achieved. Theo interlaced his fingers behind her head and began to pump the full length of his uncircumcised cock from the opening of her mouth to the deep recesses of her throat.

It excited Theo watching his cock disappear down the young girl’s throat and the only reason Theo would pull out or stop pumping is when Kasey would gag on him. To Kasey’s credit no matter how many tears streamed down her cheeks she was a gamer and continued enthusiastically sucking his cock. Theo looking down at what he was doing to this little girl heightened his excitement and as he felt his cum beginning to stir at the base of his cock he pulled out and pumped his manhood. Kasey was not a stranger to having an older man standing over her stroking his cock. Raymond played the kiss and pump game with her at least twice a week. Looking up with doe like eyes told Theo cum on her face and her mouth. Theo really didn’t need any more inspiration as he erupted all over her.

Once Theo’s week knees recovered from his orgasm he decided he wanted to return the favor. Cleaning her face as she sat her on the couch Theo just had to see her young vagina’s black recesses. Theo spread Kasey's legs and that’s when he noticed that Kasey still had her hymen. Theo immediately stopped and apologized to Kasey and then slipped off to confront Ray about what had just happened. Theo told Raymond he needed to take care of Kasey’s virginity situation or the business deal was off and that Raymond would not be allowed to have any his daughters.

Ray realized the implications of not solidifying this deal. Raymond then concocted some bullshit story and convinced his daughters to go camping overnight so that they could see the sunrise in the morning or some bullshit like that. They would pitch a tent on the ridge and sleep outside for the night. He promised his girls that it would a lot of fun. Christina helped Raymond come up with the plan because she wanted some alone time to fuck Theo’s son Peter that same night.

That night Theo obliged Raymond and had several of his servants set up the campsite. As the night progressed Theo had several sleeping bags placed inside of the tent. Both Kasey and Kaitlin waited with Theo’s youngest daughter Ursula in her bedroom. All three girls looked cute as buttons wearing nothing but t-shirts and sweat pants. Ray smiled at Ursula held out both of his hands and stole his daughters away for the evening.

Ray started the evening by sitting around the campfire telling ghost stories and roasting marshmallows and that is where the problem started. One of Theo’s daughters Ursula who was only 13-years-old was jealous of Kasey and Kaitlin. She wanted to join in on Raymond and the girls camping trip, she felt slighted by not getting an invitation. Ursula brought her sleeping bag and a pillow and went out to join them at the campsite. Ray was worried a little bit but he figured that he would leave Ursula and Kaitlin behind in the morning and take Kasey to the top of the ridge and surprise her with the news that he was going to take her virginity at sunrise. Kasey had been waiting several months since her 14th birthday for Raymond to finally make her a woman. Kasey realized what her father was up to after her escapade with Theo earlier that day. Kasey became very excited about the opportunity to finally become a woman once and for all.

See honey you heard the flowery story of how Kasey and Raymond went to the summit at sunrise and Kasey became a woman at the hand of her father as it should be with the Centaur. She told everyone how much she loved her father because he was so gentle and loving to her. The way her father was fucking her from behind as they watched the new day dawning. It was Kasey’s new day that she crossed over to womanhood.

Now, it’s true that they did camp out that night about 400 yards from the summit of the ridge. They wanted to be close enough that they didn’t have to hike to long to get to the top in the darkness before sunrise. What Ray didn’t expect was that over the previous week Ursula became infatuated with Kasey she really idolized her. They had become instant friends as soon as they met.

So, after each one took turns telling their ghost stories while roasting marshmallows the girls decided to turn in for the night. Ray took care of the fire to make sure that it didn’t go completely out so that there was some source of heat for them. When Ray entered the tent Ursula was in the same sleeping bag with Kasey.

Ray did try to tell Ursula that this was supposed to be something special for him and his girls. Ursula told him that her father said that it was okay to camp with them that night. Unfortunately what Ray didn’t know was that she was quite the deceitful little teen. Now because she misled Ray believing that Theo was offering his youngest daughter to him. That she must not be a virgin after all. That it would be okay for Ray to have sex with her once Kasey’s virginity was taken Theo then would be allowed to take his prize once and for all.

The girls wouldn’t go to sleep to them it was like having a slumber party. Since Ray was working under the assumption that Theo was giving him permission to fuck his daughter he began to slip into his usual debauchery. Raymond wanted to play his usual games with his girls. You know, how many fingers and kiss and pump. Kasey and Kaitlin became excited at the prospect of playing the games with their father.

Ursula sat very still as her heart began to beat hard under her chest as she watched as Kaitlin and Kasey get undressed then asked them what they were doing. As the girls were disrobing they each began to explain to Ursula that they were going to play these really cool games with their father. Ursula listened as they girls explained the different games to her. Ursula liked what she heard and she herself began to disrobe just like the other girls. At first Ursula became self conscious as she was not developed in the chest area as Kasey was. Ursula was usually embarrassed to be naked in front of strangers but if she wanted to play the games with the girls she was going to have to be brave.

Raymond told me that he took special notice of Ursula. She was an attractive young lady. As Kasey and Kaitlin looked like a whirlwind as their clothes came off gave Ursula the chance to finally shine. Being the youngest of three older sisters she always felt that she was always never noticed. Ursula stood before everyone and that is when Raymond said he noticed that she was wearing lipstick and eye shadow.
Ursula took her coat off and Ray was intrigued that she wasn’t wearing a shirt but it was the top a black dress. When she slipped out of her jeans the bottom of dress she was wearing barley covered of her ass.

Smiling at every one she slowly began to strip out of her dress. Her first arm she pushed through the strap and as her dress fell open her left breast became exposed. Ursula still being a shy young teen covered it with her hand. Then as her confidence began to build looking at the nakedness of the other two girls she pushed her hand through the other strap. This time Ursula did not cover her tiny A-cup breasts and stood with her hands on her hips putting her breasts on display. Ray wanting her to feel more comfortable told her how beautiful she was and encouraged her to remove the entire dress. Kaitlin told her she should take her panties off first. Smiling at Kaitlin she hooked her thumbs inside of her thong and with one motion she bent forward and her panties were around her ankles. She giggled and then kicked her panties over to Kasey.

Ursula decided to continue to be adventuresome and grabbed one of the portable stools and straddled it facing away from them. Ursula pulled her dress up over her ass which exposed her pink vagina and her anus. This brought a smile to the whole Miller family as they clapped as Ursula exposed herself to everyone. Then Raymond stood before his young subjects and got naked for his girls. Ursula sat on the stool taking in Raymond’s nakedness as he bent over and his manhood was erect. Ursula then sat on the floor as her eyes were glued on Raymond’s penis.

Raymond took control of the situation and told the girls to stand up in front of him. Raymond told the girls to spread their vagina’s open for him. Ray’s girls liked showing off for their father and quickly pushed their fingers between their vagina lips and spread it open for their father’s inspection. Ray quickly took both of his forefingers and slid it between their lips making sure that their hymens were still intact.

Then it was Ursula’s turn for inspection. Ursula sat back on the stool and spread her legs open. Her toes were barely touching the ground as her knees were pointing east to west for Raymond. She then slipped her hand between her legs and then with her middle and forefinger she opened her prepubescent vagina. When Raymond inspected her vagina there was no hymen. So, Raymond assumed that her father Theo was giving her to him as part of their business deal.

Kaitlin being the youngest wanted to play first. She told Ursula to relax and just watch to see how the game ‘how many fingers’ was played. She showed Ursula the very top of her vagina had a small slit above her hymen. You could only put enough fingers inside to make sure no one would break her hymen. She told Ursula how surprised you would be at how flexible her young vagina was. She revealed that her father was able to get three fingers inside of once. Kaitlin was really proud of that fact. Then Ray, Kasey began playing the game using Kaitlin’s 10-year-old vagina. Each girl took turns being the Ginny pig and as Ursula watched in awe. Ursula after a while became very comfortable watching the three of them having fun exploring each other’s bodies. Ursula then finally gave in and allowed the girls and Ray to play how many fingers with her.

Ursula closed her eyes and bit her lip as she felt hands caressing her whole body. She felt light kisses all over her body. Raymond wasn’t really interested in fingering her he began kissing Ursula on the mouth and moved around her body. At one point he was able to get a free second and slipped his tongue inside of her 13-year-old prepubescent vagina and to Ray it was like eating strawberries. For Kasey and Kaitlin they noticed that she had no hymen so they tried very gingerly to see how many of their tiny fingers they could put inside of her. Kaitlin with the smallest fingers was able to slip three inside of her and Kasey actually got her middle finger to slip inside of her young asshole. Ursula couldn’t believe that it would feel as good as it did and told the girls not to stop what they were doing. Ursula was a real trooper and they fingered her for over fifteen minutes then when she couldn’t handle any more she asked if there was any other games that they could play with Raymond.

Kasey told Ursula that there was a special game they played with their father that made him very happy. With Kasey fingering Ursula she explained to her how to play the new game Kiss and Pump. Kasey even told her there was a special prize that their father gives to the winner. Kasey told her that he has white candy that you got to eat each time you played. Ursula also wanted to taste Ray’s white candy but like they told her the rules were that you had to kiss his pee-pee while somebody else pumped. Once again after watching Kasey and Kaitlin play the game with Ray she became comfortable enough to kiss Ray’s pee-pee. Ursula didn’t complain once even though Ray was making her gag on his cock from time to time. As Ursula sucked on Ray’s cock it didn’t take Raymond too long watching Ursula suck his cock before he came in her mouth.

Even though Ursula was a willing participant the problem was that she lied to Ray and he had no right to make her suck his cock or allow him to finger her virgin pussy. I know that she lied but the point is that Ray should know better. She was only 13 and the sect of Andromeda that her mother was a member the sect Andromeda had the same rules as the sect of Helen. The Andromeda sect is the sisters of the Minotaur and the age of awareness for their children is 14 not 13 and she was still a virgin. That meant that Ray had no right to fuck her first that was Theo’s right as a Minotaur.

Once they finished playing the games it was time to sleep. As the night progressed if the girls got cold they were allowed to slip into Ray’s sleeping bag to warm up before returning to their own sleeping bag. During the night each girl had her chance to warm up with Ray. When it was Ursula’s turn she slipped into his sleeping bag and both were still naked. Ursula began to squirm against Ray’s body which pumped a massive amount of blood into Raymond’s cock. He was nice and hard as he nestled next her soft skin. Ursula told him that he was so warm and while his penis was nestled between her legs slowly glossing over her prepubescent vagina was’ warming up her naughty area’.

Now, when I tell you that Ray likes girls – it’s not that he likes women in general because he’s not a homosexual. That’s not what I mean – he’s into girls. When I say girls I don’t mean like the college co-ed’s that he’s been fucking from the Alpha sorority house over the past six months. No, the bottom line is the fact that Ray loves prepubescent girls. He is into girls that are 16-years-old and younger. That is what turns him on – that is what makes the difference for him.

Here Raymond was lying naked in a sleeping bag with this 13-year-old virgin girl. Both of his girls were sound asleep. He had never been with this girl before but just a few hours earlier she sucked his dick and let him finger her pussy. Her hymen was missing so in his defense once again he thought that she was not a virgin that Theo her father had already fucked her. He thought that Theo was giving Ursula to him as the first daughter he was allowed to fuck while he stayed at Theo’s chalet.

Ursula turned in the sleeping bag to face Raymond and told him to hold her because she was cold. Ray told her the best way to warm up would be to play a new private game. Ursula wrapped her leg over Raymond’s hip and she could feel his hard penis on her stomach. Then she kissed him on the lips very passionately. Looking into Rays eyes she told him that she wanted to be like her sisters who got to sleep with her daddy all the time. She told him it wasn’t fair because she was the youngest and her older sisters always got to go first but tonight she wanted to be the first.

She began begging him, ‘Can you do that for me? Can you let me be the first one you have sex with tonight?’ She knew what Ray was going to do with his daughters. She overheard Kasey and Ray talking and she heard Ray beg Kasey to allow Theo her father fuck her after Raymond took her virginity. Ursula told Ray that it upset her that her father wanted to have sex with a complete stranger before her. She wanted to get back at father and looked Ray in the eyes and told him I want you to fuck my pussy.

Ursula he said was stroking his cock as she kissed him again and asked, do you want me to give you a blowjob to prove to you that I am serious? Then she slipped out of the sleeping bag and sat in front of him and opened her legs. As she sat in front of Ray with her legs open like a straight line from one toe to the other her very small pink vagina was staring back at him. She leaned back to give him a better view then before she crawled back in headfirst told Ray that she wanted him to eat her pussy while she sucked his cock. The shy little girl that didn’t want anyone to see her naked a few hours ago had more than half of his cock inside of her mouth and throat. Ray said that her pussy was so pink and small he couldn’t help himself as he ate her pussy. When he pushed his tongue inside of her vagina he could feel his tongue stretch her lips open that’s how minuscule her vagina was.

Ray unzipped the sleeping bag and told her to stop sucking his cock. He told her if she wanted to have sex with him that she would have to fuck him. Ursula straddled his waist and her pussy was gliding over the shaft of his cock. Ray could feel her juices coating his shaft as she was grinding on top of him. Ray grabbed her hips as he couldn’t help himself anymore and he pushed his cock inside the lips of her pussy. Ursula bit her lip and screamed under her breath as Raymond pushed inside of her. He said the feeling of fucking her tight pussy was astounding. Ursula watched her sisters ride their father’s cock many times and she did the best imitation she could. Watching Ursula ride him reminded him how Kasey and Kaitlin would bounce up and down on his knee when they were little girls.

Ray then grabbed her shoulder and pushed her on her back. Raymond rolled over and mounted Ursula and penetrated her once again. Ray watched as his cock passed between her outer pussy lips to spread her open. It became awe-inspiring to watch his thick cock stretch her teenage pussy to its limits. Ray closed his eyes and fucked her. Ray had to put his arms around her shoulders because he was pushing her all over the tent as he pounded her pussy. Ursula had tears rolling down the side of her face as her arms were around his neck. She told him that no matter how much it hurt her she wanted him to finish inside of her.

Raymond kept telling her how much he loved her and how incredible it felt to be inside of her. He continued to penetrate her as deep as he could as he held onto her and then he began to spew his cum inside of her. They both were so quite that his girls didn’t hear a thing.

When Raymond opened his eyes he saw that Ursula was crying and he wasn’t sure why. She told him that he was a terrific lover and even though she wanted him to fuck her, his cock was too big for her pussy. When Raymond pulled out of her there was some blood that looked like a ring on his shaft. He became concerned but Ursula said that she must be getting her first ever period or Raymond tore her pussy a little.

A few hours later the alarm on Ray’s watch started beeping and woke Ray and his new little fuck toy Ursula. She kissed Ray on the lips and got out of the sleeping bag. Standing there with the dim light of the gas lantern Ray told me that he could see his dried cum that oozed out of her pussy onto her thighs while they slept together. She got dressed and told Ray she was going back into the house and get cleaned up. She told him that she knew that going to the summit was something special for Kasey then she turned and left the tent.

Ray woke his girls by kissing each on the lips. Kaitlin woke first she opened her eyes and yawned she came out of her sleeping bag. She was naked and she crawled on her knees over to her father as Ray was kissing Kasey on the lips trying to get her to wake up. Kaitlin came up behind him and slapped her daddy on his bare ass. While Ray was on all fours leaning over kissing Kasey as Kaitlin reached between her father’s legs and began to milk him like a cow. Kaitlin then moved her head behind her father’s ass and began to tongue fuck his asshole. Now, this is a 10-year-old-girl doing this. Beverly just imagined all of the crazy sexual things that Raymond and Christina were doing with their girls at home.

Kasey finally woke and crawled out from the sleeping bag naked as well. As Kasey sat there she opened her legs and sat back and pointed at her pussy and said to Raymond, ‘is this what you want daddy?’ Ray told me that she looked spectacular even for a 14-year-old girl. Raymond had his oldest daughter sitting in front of him with her legs spread open and his youngest daughter stroking his cock while she tossed her father’s salad.

Raymond’s concentration went back to his oldest daughter. He noticed her long dirty blonde hair draped over her breasts but Raymond couldn’t take his eyes off of his naked daughter’s virgin vagina. He leaned down and kissed her pussy then he came up kissed her on the lips, ‘Today you become a woman honey.’ He reached back and pulled Kaitlin to him then kissed her on the lips he even told me he could smell and taste his ass on her 10-year-old lips.

Then they all got dressed and hiked to the summit of the ridge with their sleeping bags. Raymond stood looking out over the ridge into a beautiful dell where you could see Theo Burkhart’s chalet. Ray put his arms around his girls and looked at Kasey and asked if she was ready to enter into womanhood? Kasey stepped in front of her father and told Raymond that there was no one else in the world she would have take her virginity from her than her hero, her daddy.

Raymond and Kasey opened their sleeping bags and put them on the ground. It was a little chilly out that morning but nothing was going to deter Kasey from having her father take her virginity. She quickly undressed as well as Raymond. Sitting on the ground Kasey opened her legs for her father. Come daddy –
Here I am – take me – I am very lucky to have such a highly decorated Centaur take my virginity this day. I promise daddy that I will do whatever you ask of me from this day forward, I’ll even allow Mr. Burkhart to have his way with me, if that is your wish.

Raymond stood listening to the words of his daughter and it excited him to the point that he became hard and moved over to her and told her to kiss and pump his cock. He was happy to hear her recognize his position as a Centaur. As Kasey was giving him a blowjob Raymond began playing with her B-cup breasts. After his cock was nice and wet they both could see the crown of the sun appear. Raymond pulled out of her mouth and then went down on his knees and pushed his girl on her back and pushed her legs apart. Raymond spit on her virgin vagina and spread her pussy open. Then he began to rub her clit as Kasey played with the nipples on her breasts.

Raymond took his hard cock and lined up the head and began to slowly push on Kasey’s hymen. Kasey bit her bottom lip with anticipation of the pain that she was told she was going to experience. Raymond then warned his daughter as he pushed real hard and fast and tore her hymen away once and for all. Kasey screamed in pain and pushed on Raymond’s thighs to stop his deep penetration but Raymond went balls deep inside of her. He stopped and kissed Kasey and welcomed her to womanhood.

Raymond pulled out of Kasey and Kaitlin noticed the blood on her father’s penis and took a towel they brought with them and cleaned her father. Kaitlin bent over and kissed her sister on the lips and congratulated on her now being a woman. Kasey ran her fingers through her sister’s hair and told her that her day would come real soon. Then Kasey rolled over and was now on all fours. Raymond told me that her heart shaped pussy looked so beautiful with the new day sun highlighting it. Then Raymond re-entered his daughter’s pussy but this time she was a real woman. Raymond grabbed her hips and began to pound her pussy as hard as he could and he quickly came inside of his daughter’s pussy.

Kaitlin kissed her father then went down and waited for her father to pull out of her sister. Once her father’s cock was clear from her sister’s pussy she immediately sucked her father’s cock. She could taste her sister’s bloody pussy on her father’s cock but it was her father’s cum she was after. Raymond said that out of all the women that ate his cum Kaitlin loves it the most. Kaitlin then smacked Kasey’s ass and told her to hold on a minute. Kaitlin got on all fours behind her sister then opened her older sister’s pussy and tongued out as much cum as she could. Kasey turned and told her sister not to swallow her father’s cum that she earned it. Then the two sisters swapped their father’s cum on the summit of the ridge.

Then Kaitlin took her clothes off and lay on the sleeping bags with her legs open and begged Ray to fuck her like he did Kasey. Ray told me that he was confused and didn’t know what to do but she was perfect in every way. Kaitlin was ten but she had a perfect body and the slit that was her pussy was so small and enticing that Ray broke down and decided to go for it. Kaitlin looked so damn good as she sat on the sleeping bag and she opened her legs with her hands behind her back and her dirty blonde hair moving through the mountain air.

Kaitlin moved her eyes and looked up at her father her hero. Ray pushed his daughter on her back just like he did to Kasey. He then straddled her chest and his large hard cock stood tall and proud as his youngest daughter pulled it down into her mouth. Raymond grabbed the back of her head and fucked her mouth. Raymond pumped hard and deep in his 10-year-olds mouth as her spit was seeping out the sides of her mouth and down on to her chest.

Once Raymond thought his cock was wet enough he then moved down between her legs and began to finger her very small hole. Raymond’s middle finger barely fit through the small opening at the top of her hymen. Raymond then told her to get on her knees and he lined up his cock and very gently pushed on her hymen. Kaitlin looked back at her hero and told Raymond to just break through and make her a woman once and for all. Kaitlin screamed out in pain and you could hear her echo of pain ring through the dell.

Raymond picked her up off of all fours. Kaitlin spun around and jumped up into her father’s arms. She wrapped her legs and arms around her father as he stood there. Then once again it took some time and Kasey had to help align her father’s cock to her sister’s vagina. For the third incredible time in the last twelve hours Raymond’s thick cock was stretching open another virgin pussy.

Kaitlin wanting to fuck her father like a real woman reintroduced her pristine pussy to her father’s cock. Bouncing up and down on his cock Raymond hugged his beautiful little girl. Kaitlin’s enthusiasm of fucking her father made the pain of his huge cock splitting her tiny pussy open seem like it was nothing at all. Her father’s cock felt like a golf club stuck inside of her pussy she thought that the head of her father’s cock was going tear her in two. Raymond looking over his daughter’s shoulder he watched as the sun came up over the tree line. It was such a beautiful moment he had his youngest daughter fucking him on this beautiful summit overlooking this perfectly green colored dell.

Kaitlin kept bouncing up and down on her father as Raymond began to thrust hard and deep inside of her. The feeling was so intense being inside of his daughter that he could feel another load beginning to crest at the base of his cock. Kaitlin looked deep into her father’s eyes and said ‘Daddy you are such a powerful man and a great Centaur Kasey is right I couldn’t want anyone else to make me a woman. I love you so much daddy.’ Then Raymond very silently pumped several loads inside of his prepubescent daughter’s cunt.

Kasey returned the favor and told her sister to sit on her face and push their father’s cum into her mouth. Kaitlin slipped off of her father’s semi-rigged cock. Kasey could see the blood and cum mixture on her father’s cock and sucked it clean. Then Kaitlin pushed her sister down on her back and then straddled her sister’s face and began to push her father’s baby making juice out of her young womanly pussy. Then she told Raymond to fuck her mouth as her sister ate her pussy. When both girls were satisfied that they cleaned each orifice they once again swapped their father’s cum then swallowed it. They then hiked down to the tent and then back to the house.”

Beverly looked at Jim, “How come I never heard any of this? How could you keep this a secret from me of all people Jim? How could Ray fuck little girls that are barely teenagers?”

“Okay first off you never heard of this because I am bound by the Centaur until the end of this weekend to keep this hidden from the world finding out and that includes you and Christina. As far as Ray fucking prepubescent girls was or I should say is an addiction just like heroin or cocaine.

The only way we found out was as promised Raymond gave Kasey to Theo. While Theo was having sex with Kasey, Ursula walked into the room naked and wanted to join in. When Theo saw his girl he asked her what she was doing and she told her father that she wanted him to fuck her before Kasey. Theo told her that she was still a virgin and that it was impossible until she turned at least 14 by the laws of Andromeda and the Minotaur. She then explained that her new Uncle Raymond had already taken her virginity. Theo was so pissed off at Raymond for betraying him and taking his daughter’s virginity he became one of the guys that actually put a hit out on your brother-in-law. He is one of the guys that I have been protecting Raymond from.

Theo went to the international council of the Minotaur and told them how a Centaur took his daughters virginity. It cost my father and me $100,000 to keep his name secret. Later he wanted more money. When we refused he put a hit out on your beloved Raymond. That is when my father took care of Theo and he never bothered us again. Although the Minotaur finally figured that Ray was the culprit and are the ones asking for the tribunal this Sunday. So, once again my brother fucked up. I know that the little girl lied to him but he still should have known better. You don’t fuck your 10 year-old-daughter; you don’t fuck a 13 year-old prepubescent girl just because she begs you to fuck her. You don’t take girls virginity just for the hell of it because you are bored. He has never had any kind of constraint or control.

You know fucking this little girl was one of the reasons why he was not selected to be on the Centaur council of North America. It wasn’t until I became Prince of the Centaurs that is the head of the North American council that I was able to put him on as Sergeant of Arms. The only reason he got on was no one had enough power to challenge my authority. Theo Burkhart ended up in a cheap hotel room in Jakarta with a dirty needle stuck in his arm along with three prostitutes. It has taken me over five years to fix the tribunal. This tribunal will once and for all clear Raymond’s name but more importantly it is going to clear our family name.

Beverly looked at her husband in awe her mouth was opened her eyes were wide with shock. “Jim I never knew – I mean how – why haven’t I heard about this or at the very least why hasn’t Christina heard about this?”

“As far as I know the reason you haven’t heard about this is because of the embarrassment factor. This isn’t something you would want your family members knowing. How his girls kept it so quite is amazing to me.”

Beverly looked at her husband, “Tell me are there any dinosaur skeleton bones in your closet like Raymond? Are there any other huge secrets that could affect our lives?”

“Well, there is one incident that Raymond was involved in that could maybe come back to haunt our family legacy. Fortunately for us there are so many other important people involved that they would like to avoid any publicity themselves.

In our freshman year of college is where Raymond fucked up the worst. It was thought by the Centaur council that Raymond and I should be split up within the fraternity house to help us gain our own identities. Do you remember his roommate Philip?”

Beverly was nodding her head, “Yes, I remember him he always had an air about himself – he always thought that he was better than everyone else.”

Jim began nodding his head as well, “Okay, well Philip was an exchange student from Germany and with the particular Masters Degree he chose our school for his graduate work. He happened to be a Phi Beta Kappa at his school before he arrived here. Because Raymond and I was both freshman Phil had become his mentor or older brother in the frat. Oh yeah that air about him was because he was to become a duke like his father.”

Beverly pointed her finger at him, “I knew there was something different about him. I didn’t know at the time that he was that much older than you guys. I thought he was a junior but not a guy who was taking Graduate classes. So what was so terribly bad about this guy?”

“Well, there wasn’t anything in particular until we went away for spring-break our freshman year. Do you remember where you gals went your freshman year for spring break?”

Beverly’s eyes rolled upwards trying to remember, “Well, we went to so many different places during those years –“

Jim smiled at her and said, “– Oh come on you remember where you went. You just don’t like to admit that you went down there with all of your girlfriends. You and your sisters went to Jamaica to the new club Hedonism. You and I were still really getting to know each other. The girls wanted a week of complete meaningless sex with groups of strange men.”

Beverly began to giggle putting her hand over her mouth as she began to blush. “Come on Jim, you didn’t want to go because you don’t like to be in a competition. You were afraid that I would fuck more guys than you fucked girls. That’s why you didn’t want to go with me. Besides both of our father’s are Centaur’s our mothers are both Helen’s so sex to us with other people is no big deal. You just weren’t into having sex with more than two people in the room back then. When I was growing up my brother’s used to fuck me at the same time and that always bothered you. You never wanted to be the guy who had the smaller penis in the room. That is odd because most white men don’t have the size that you do honey.”

Jim started laughing, “Yeah you’re right. Man I cannot believe how closed off I was when I was 18 – boy how times have changed huh. Well, anyway while you were taking two cocks at a time we ended up going to Monte Carlo and this is how Raymond lost his birthright. Christina to this day still thinks that Raymond is the rightful heir of our family name. Now, that birthright belongs to me.

This is how he lost it. Once we arrived in Monte Carlo Phillip and Raymond kind of separated from the rest of us. They began partying by themselves and Phillip was the one who introduced him to cocaine, heroin and weed. Phillip is a guy who knows how to take things in moderation while Raymond on the other hand was the complete opposite he likes to consume everything that was put in front of him.

I hung out with George, Peter and McGill. We rented things like a speedboats, wave runners and we went waterskiing every day. The craziest things we did were sitting on the beach drinking. Raymond and Phillip were also having a good time. This was the first time that Raymond and I didn’t hang out together when we were on vacation and that was my mistake. I should have had an eye on him and maybe could have kept him out of trouble. Just because Raymond was born 25 minutes before me I was always seemed to be thrust into the older brother roll between us. I’m the one that looks out for him.

All I know is that Raymond got into a lot of trouble. The first day we were there they picked up some girls and took them back to the suite they rented and partied all day. They got the girls high and drunk and had a nice little orgy. It wasn’t a big deal at first there were three or four girls with Phillip and Raymond that day. The next day they went back to the beach and hooked up with the same girls once again. This time there were more girls who wanted to join in on the free alcohol and drugs but this time Hale ends up going back up to the suite with the girls to get as much pussy as he could get.

The guys were having a great time. They had plenty of drugs and alcohol to party with so everyone was once again having a great time. When you’re young and rich and if you are willing to blow your money then there will always be beautiful and easy woman surrounding you. On the third day the guys and me left Monte Carlo for the day and took a bus over to Cannes. Ray and the guys once again hooked up with the same girls but this time there were about 10 girls and about six or seven of our frat brothers partying together up in his suite.

Phillip breaks out weed and cocaine along with a lot of alcohol. The guys got most of the girl’s pretty well shit faced or high and ended up fucking them all. None of the girls complained they were having a great time too. They weren’t paying any money and there was plenty of cocks to go around filling their co-ed fuck holes. Just like most parties progress it starts to get a little loud and small fights break out. There were girls are on the balcony naked dancing and some couples were out there fucking for everyone to see. When you’re staying at a five-star-hotel, the management is willing to put up with a certain amount of crap from some of their clients.

Sure enough the complaints start pouring in from the other guests at the hotel. Management calls up to the room and asks them to keep it down and to keep the naked girls off of the balcony and of course they don’t. Eventually the General Manager has no choice but send one of the porter’s up to the room to get these guys under control before he has to send up security and to stop bigger problems. The General Manager realizes that these guys are paying thousands of dollars a night for the suite. He wants to give them the benefit of the doubt because they are important clients.

By the time this porter makes it up to the room most of the people had already left and things had calmed down considerably. Once he gets there he knocks on the door and two naked girls answer the door of the suite. This is nothing new to him he just wants to issue the warning from the General Manager and move on. He tells them to settle down a little bit and of course the girls who answer the door agree with him to avoid any problems with the hotel.

Then one of the other girls recognizes the porter and calls him by name Francoise and then invites him in. It turns out that Francoise is her best friend’s brother. He comes in and sees his sister Daniela on the couch and Raymond has is cock buried deep inside of her tight little cunt and Phillip has his cock buried deep inside of her asshole and Hanes was getting a blowjob. All three of them are using her like a fuck doll for their personal amusement. As Francoise stood paralyzed with sheer terror he took in all that was happening to his baby sister and becomes infuriated. Once he broke from his paralysis a fight ensues between Raymond, Phillip, and Hanes against this poor Francoise.

The three of them beat this kid who was coming in to defend his sister’s honor to a pulp. Poor Francoise was only coming to defend his sister’s honor. He comes in and sees his sister being used like a common street whore. She has a cock in her pussy, asshole and mouth not to mention cum streaming down her mouth and tits. That’s what this kid walks in on. How would you expect him to react? What the three of them didn’t realize is that Francoise had a walkie-talkie on him and just before they knocked him out he was able to call security for help.

When security busts in they see a fellow employee on the ground bleeding. On the table are all kinds of alcohol and drug paraphernalia. Throughout the room they have coke, weed and pills everywhere. So, honey it wasn’t bad enough getting busted with all the drugs but not one of the girls was over the age of 16. They were freshman and sophomores in high school not college like they told the guys when they picked them up from the beach.

For two days nobody knew where our six-fraternity brothers were. We thought they left and went to a different city just like we did. The hotel didn’t know that they were our fraternity brother’s we reserved the rooms under personal names otherwise we probably would have been in as much trouble as they were or at least kicked out of the hotel.

I had no idea that Raymond had even been arrested. The way I find out is when I return from Cannes security immediately grabs me and throws me in a room in the basement of the hotel. They call the police saying that I was Raymond and why was I released. The police show up and are taken a back because to them I was Raymond. They didn’t believe me when I told them my real name they wanted to know how I escaped from jail.

When they finally explained everything to me that’s when I told them that Ray was my identical twin. I then demanded to see him and make sure that he had representation against all the charges that they were leveling against him. I tried to talk to them and told them that they had been partying with these same girls for the past several days and that they told them that they were going to University in Paris.

That’s when the inspector told me that it didn’t matter what the girls told the guys what their ages were because they are under the age of 16 that the matter was then handed over to the Government for prosecution. Not to mention the families of the girls were going to be called but they themselves were not co-operating with them so that they could stay out of trouble with their families. The police then took us down to the station for more questioning.

We had to have the tour company vouch for our whereabouts to get released from jail. This is how I find out that Raymond is in trouble. They were holding the six of them on six different counts of class-A narcotics charges. That led to distribution, intent to sell charges for each narcotic. They also threw in delinquency to minors for the use of alcohol and drugs. There were all kinds of rape charges against them as well statutory rape, date rape and rape of a minor. There was no way in the world they were going to release the guys to me he was in very serious trouble.

The only good news is that Hayes’ father new the Monarch personally so when he called his father to get out of trouble it helped their situation. They had not been formally arrested because they were too messed up to properly read them their rights. The police wanted all the charges to stick against these guys. Philip’s father being royalty helped as well. His father was a Duke and he knew the king of Morocco as well. Now our father at that time was the Sergeant of Arms of international council of Centaurs and the Monarch sat on the same council as well.

When the Chief of Police received his phone call from the Monarchy they immediately let the guys out of jail. All the records were destroyed of their being any kind of arrests. The fathers paid $50,000 for each of the families for a non-disclosure agreement. Each father also paid $50,000 to the police officers that were involved for their agreement in a non-disclosure statement.

So my father put out $100,000 to get Raymond out of a jail sentence that would have kept him locked up for a minimum of 20 years. If Christina would have found out about Raymond’s arrest or her family her parents would have never permitted their marriage. My father wanted the match between Raymond and Christina because it was a marriage two very powerful Star families, just like our match honey.

The problem with Raymond doing what he did jeopardized our family name our heritage – to my father it was considered the ultimate betrayal. This was a betrayal not only to our family but a betrayal of the Centaur as well. You are taught to keep an extreme low profile but in Monte Carlo Raymond jumped off the deep end. I’m sure that the coke and heroine had a lot to do with it but it is still no excuse. So, when I found out that my brother was playing kiss and pump and how many fingers game with our daughters I immediately thought of these two incidents. Then I thought he took our daughters virginities and innocence all at the same time. Since he didn’t take their virginities and I forgave him for what he did to them.

This incident with Raymond, Philip and Hanes was with some young ladies whose father’s where Minotaur and Satyr. Don’t forget these are very rich and powerful men throughout the world honey and my brother had done a very bad thing. These men wanted to exact revenge on Raymond and the other guys. Don’t be foolish these men knew who they were and money bought their silence but not their revenge.

Philip passed away several years ago and among the Centaur we believe that he was actually murdered. It took his best friend being murdered to get Raymond to go to the south of Spain to take part in rehab. You know there are at least five or six more incidents that I could tell you about Raymond to drive my point home to you but I think that I already have.

It's not that I didn’t want to be around Raymond I’ve been flying around the world protecting my brother from harm so I can keep him alive. Over the last six years or so there have been at least seven attempts on his life. The last three weeks while I was away not only was I on business for the company but I knew that there were two men that were contracted to assassinate Raymond. This is why I had so many bodyguards with me – they were there to take care of these guys.

Now, this weekend is a big weekend not only for Ashley but also for Raymond and me. The Minotaur has been pushing for a tribunal to take care of Raymond once and for all and have him step down from the Centaur. What these guys don’t know is that your husband is very good at politics and manipulation.

With my influence I have been able to manipulate the other two sects to bring on new leaders men that I have helped come to power. Thayer Williams the new leader of the Minotaur I helped him out of a messy financial situation. He now owes me a favor and that is one more vote to clear Raymond’s name. Brandon Marshall is the new leader of the Satyr he was caught smuggling people across the border but because I have very strong friends in Homeland Security I got him out free and clear. Felix Morrison passed away late last night that is what that phone call was this morning when I woke up. I will be made the new King of the Centaur this weekend. When I become King I will then call for the tribunal vote and it will be a unanimous vote to clear Raymond’s name in affect clearing our family name.

I will be viewed as impartial because of my distance that I have kept from Raymond over the past seven years. I will be able to vote on the tribunal being seen as impartial. I own this tribunal, which means I will get Raymond completely off and our family name, will not be tarnished. The entire bad story will become rumors and innuendo about Raymond.

Once I am made King of the Centaur I will then place Raymond on the International council and with him and his votes will give me 85% of the international votes needed to give me the power to remain King until I decide to step down. Now, if you have been paying attention Beverly that automatically makes you the Mother Superior of Helen.”

Tears began to well up in Beverly’s eyes and she visibly began shake with excitement. “Oh My Lord it will be a privilege to serve as your Mother Superior. This is unbelievable this is a dream that I thought would never come true.”

Beverly hugging and kissing her husband Jim smiled and said, “Then a few years from now when all the smoke clears I will make Raymond my Sergeant of Arms. That will fulfill my father’s dream of having one of his sons attain the same position as he. There will come a time that I will step down as King and name Raymond as my successor. This will give Ray’s and our grandchildren the right to become King of the Centaur and enrich our lineage and heritage even more.

My nomination and confirmation as King of the Centaur will mean my resignation as CEO of my company. I have been offered the Ambassadorship to either Italy or Spain, as we will need to live in Europe because of both of our new positions. You said before that you were afraid that the home was going to be lonely soon when Madison graduates from high school. Well with this new position you and I will travel together you will never be alone I promise you My Lady. My workload will be lessened to about a 35-hour work week and free travel around the world to take care of Centaur and Helen business while we mask as Mr. And Mrs. Ambassador of Italy more than likely. Don’t worry about me making money, as this position will be more money than what I am now making now.”

Beverly slid over to the other side of the tub and positioned herself on top of her husband. Her breasts brushed against Jim’s face. Jim wrapping his arms around his wife pulled her ever upwards on him. Jim’s hands began to caress her surgically repaired ass or should I say plastic surgery constructed ass. His fingers began to search for her love canal Beverly smiled at her husband as she positioned her nipple over his mouth. “Come My Lord, kiss me.”

Jim kissed her nipples then smiled at her, “Why don’t we get out of the tub and make our way to the bedroom?”

Beverly moved upwards and stood before Jim “Take my hand and let’s retire to the bed where you may take me again Mr. Ambassador.”

Jim smiled at her and got out the tub. He gave her a towel and they dried themselves and made their way to the bed. “Jim, honey, can you tell me once and for all did you take Madison’s virginity?”

They crawled into bed and Jim on his side facing his wife said, “So you want to know about your daughter and her virginity?”

Beverly ran her hand through his hair and said, “Like you tell the girls, ‘telling the truth might hurt at first but it is the right thing to do.’ So, yes tell me the truth of how my youngest daughter truly lost her virginity.”

“Well, honey the story is not going to change. We both have told you that it is a stranger she picked up at a movie theatre with Ashley. I know that you don’t believe me but not only is he fucking Madison but he’s still fucking Ashley as well. I know that you don’t believe that but it is true. When we are sitting around the house and their phones go off ‘UNKOWN CALLER – UNKOWN CALLER.’ Then the it hangs up and like thirty seconds later their phone rings again ‘UNKNOWN CALLER – UNKNOWN CALLER’ that’s his signal. Then the girls make a secret phone call back to him and then suddenly go out and meet him.

What the girls don’t know is how devious their father is – I check their phone records. He’s been calling from several pay phones around town. For the last three years he’s been fucking both of your daughters on a regular basis. He even goes up to visit Ashley at school and he fucks her there at the sorority house. I need to talk to her about that now that she is going to be the Head Mistress.

I’ve been speaking with Shane, Ashley’s boyfriend; he plans on asking Ashley to marry him. So, this has to stop between her and this guy named Gene. If you want to check him out yourself to know that I am telling you the truth his name is Gene Gallo. He’s a mid-level supervisor for an insurance company. He’s divorced his ex-wife is now a lesbian the main reason why they broke up and he uses your two daughters as fuck toys.”

Beverly’s face scrunched up around her nose and said, “Well, I am going to have to check this guy out once and for all. We need to put an end to this.”

“Well, honey you should know that your two girls love him. He doesn’t cause any problems or drama for them they even have scheduled dates at certain hotels. Now, I know that you have not believed me but that is the truth his name is Gene Gallo.’

Jim got up out of bed and rummaged through his brief case returning with several pieces of paper. “Here are the phone records if you want to see them. This is his name and this is his picture just like Madison told you. So when it comes to my daughter’s virginity I swear to you on my mother that I did not take her virginity. The one thing that was taken away from me by this guy is Madison’s virginity.

Madison’s virginity was mine to take, as is my right as a Centaur. You asked me to wait until she was 16 and to respect your wishes. I have respected your wishes but your daughter couldn’t wait until she was a woman. Madison at that time had just a small knowledge of the sect of Helen and Centaur. Even though we revealed our tattoos to our daughters and explained things Madison did not truly understand. She wanted to be a woman just like her sister Ashley and her cousin Kasey and her even younger cousin Kaitlin.

Madison fucked Gene on the 4th of July weekend when I was made Prince of the American council and was being tattooed with the crown around the Centaur head. If you remember our daughters didn’t want to come along Ashley was 18 and wanted to hang out with her friends just like Madison wanted to do.”

Beverly smiled at her husband and was rubbing his shoulder, “Yeah I remember that weekend. I remember riding you and every time I came down on your cock you would scream in pain because of the tattoo. Well, the girls were old enough to stay home. I figured they would have some friends over not pick up some random guy and fuck him all weekend. We didn’t raise our girls like that.”

Jim smiled back at his wife as her face began to change. It didn’t seem as cold and calculating as it was for so many years now. It seemed to soften and glow in the candlelight that was dancing in the room. “Well, it wasn’t totally their fault. Gene eventually confessed to Ashley that he had slipped ecstasy in their sodas at the movie theatre. So he drugged them so he could fuck them. Madison fucked this guy and took away the one special thing to connect a father and a daughter for life.”

Beverly kissed her husband on the lips. “I understand the pain of not sharing that special moment but you were fucking her asshole. Wasn’t that a special moment when you first fucked her in the asshole? Does it really matter which hole you fucked first? It was a special night when you finally fucked her right? Remember one thing she is your snuggle bug.

Jim smiled, “Yes, no and yes. Do you remember when you found out that she wasn’t a virgin?”

Beverly sat up and her face changed she looked a little upset, “Madison came home the one night after she was babysitting for the Shapiro’s. I went into her room to check on her and Madison’s hymen was broken and had a cunt full of his cum inside of her.”

Jim interrupted her “And what did you think? What did you tell me? You accused me of what?”

Beverly smiled and put her arm around her husband and kissed him on the lips and smirked at him and said, “I know I accused you of going to pick her up from the Shapiro’s and that you fucked her on the way home. Madison did tell me that it was Mr. Shapiro’s cum inside of her. I just couldn’t believe that David Shapiro fucked my 14-year-old-baby-girl.”

Jim smacked his wife on the ass, “Well, if you can’t believe that then you certainly aren’t going to believe this.”

“What are you talking about honey, what else has she done that I don’t know about?”

Jim then sat up and pulled his wife up with him and he put his arm around her. “Let me tell you the story of a young entrepreneur. Our daughter, our little snuggle bug, our 17-year-old daughter has been one of the more successful Madams in our little town. Well, to be fair there hasn’t been a prostitution ring in our town before and our little girl just happens to be filling the many needs of the men in our little town.

It started with Shapiro offering her quite a bit of money to fuck her that night. He then asked if she would fuck a potential client for him for even more money $2,500 to be exact and she agreed to it. Shapiro told this guy that she was a virgin and that is why it was so much money. Now, the good news is that Madison is the Madam and not a full-blown prostitute.

How this started with the guys in town was with Carl Witherspoon. He and Shapiro were talking and Witherspoon saw Shapiro coming out of one of the no tell motel’s outside of town with a young girl. When he pressed Shapiro he promised him that he could get a young girl for him as well. Shapiro not wanting to share Madison asked if she had another girlfriend who wanted to make some extra money. From that little conversation started one of the best prostitution rings in our county. Your daughter started out with the junior varsity cheerleading squad every Friday night at the Nomad Hotel fucking all these guys.”

Beverly was shaking her head back and forth and her

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