…Molly was a hot bodied beautiful mom. She had a super high sexual point in her life when she was younger. The event memories surfaced when her young son wanted to try out his new digital camera, by wanting to take some pictures…of her….

….I didn’t realize it at first but I was really getting very sexually excited over this. It slowly came back to me about having my picture taken and the most sexually exciting day of my life….

….I was camera obsessed when I was young, loving to have my picture taken and posing for my uncle and my dad. I was told how cute I was and I loved the male attention. I remember my uncle Glenn. He always took lots of pictures of me. He began to pose me. Stand like this. Put your leg up like this. Get on the swing and put your hand on your hip.

...Swing real high, always with a short dress on. I loved posing for him. He told me someday I might be a model. When no one was looking he would take pictures of me with my dress pulled up and adjusting my panties or something. Soon he said ‘we need to take some secret pictures.’

….He said the guys that buy model pictures want ’special’ pictures and don’t want other buyers to see them. He said, let’s go in his garage where he would do a ‘set up’ for them. I felt real special to be picked for this. It was ‘our little secret’ and mom was never to know, so we could ’maybe’ surprise her someday. My dad was included in the secret picture taking along with my uncle. Dad and uncle took me to uncles garage that afternoon and posed me on a table.

...They brought some other clothes for me to wear. I changed right there with my backside to them. They acted like they weren’t looking, but I saw them looking at me changing. It was kind of daring in a way and I felt special. Swim suits, tiny shorts, tiny tops and some with me having just a towel over parts of me. I still remember them both kissing and hugging me on that table top, and saying what a great job I was doing, but it must be kept secret. They both started putting on this ‘special’ body make up on me.

...They rubbed it on me slowly. It was barely skin colored and I loved the feeling of having two of my favorite men rubbing on me. I noticed they seemed to both have bulges in their pants. I knew about erections, and to think I might be giving them erections was thrilling. I was getting a little wet from them putting on that body make up. They both started kissing me and I felt so good as they did. They started putting on the make up around my tits. I liked this. I laid back and let them put the make up all over me.

... I felt like I was floating it felt so good….like a goddess and two handsome guys were my attendants. They started to kiss my tits. I got new chills from it. They slowly took the towel away and kept kissing my body. I got the tingles real bad and my pussy kind of itched. I started to rub it and they said: “We will do that for you, Molly.” They knew just where to rub and uncle spread my legs apart while dad rubbed. Then my uncle kissed my pussy real soft. My dad kissed my tits and sucked on my nipples. I was in heaven with the chills and the attention. Uncle started licking my pussy….I twitched with pleasure.

...Nothing had ever felt so good before. I felt their hair and rubbed them to make them feel good like I felt. Dad started sucking firmer on my tits now and it got so hot in there. I felt uncle putting his finger in my wet pussy and go in and out with it. His other hand rubbed my clit. I started to have this great feeling building up. Even my nipples started tingling. I started moaning with the good feeling getting stronger. My dad kissed me and when his tongue touched mine, I let my tongue touch his.

...He kept feeling my tits as our tongues played in our mouths. We both were breathing hard. He took my hand and put it on his erection outside his pants. It felt big and warm in his pants. He took his erection out and let me feel the bare skin. I was so excited with sex feelings I started to stroke it with his hand too. Uncle was still fingering me so good I felt like a peak was going to happen. Uncle licked my clit fast and I began to shake as I had my first orgasm. I moaned because it felt so good. Dad started moving my hand on his erection very fast and then he moaned too. I felt wet stuff squirting on my arm.

... It was warm and felt good. It must have been a mans cum. I had heard that a mans cum was warm and slick. Uncle rubbed his bare erection on my leg and then he squirted on my leg. I was dizzy and out of breath as they both kissed me, one on my lips and one on my pussy. I thought I was in heaven……..

…. We all heard a car pull up. They told me to quick get dressed and pretend I was playing with some toys out there. They went out to see who it was. I heard my mom and aunt talking. Soon they were all talking laughing and drinking beer. I came out holding an electronic toy, but no one even paid any attention to me. I went in the house and went in the bathroom. I wanted to rub my pussy real bad.

...I stuck my finger down my shorts and…. oh my, that felt so good as I rubbed my clit. That good feeling returned as I kept it up. I took my short and panties clear off and sat on the toilet seat. I opened my legs wide and rubbed my clit more. I took my other hand and put a finger in my pussy. It happened again, an orgasm as I bucked with the thrill….

…My son asked if he could take some pictures of me with his new digital camera. I said yes, but when he started posing me, I got this real sexual charge. He was young…. but…when he ask me pull up my dress a little to take pictures of my legs. I saw it. The bulge in his pants. The thought of giving my own son an erection over me, triggered something in me and it somehow released a suppressed lust I had for him….

…That was also when a flood of memories came back to me of when my uncle and dad took pictures of me. I knew what my son wanted. Sexy pictures of me to jack off to. I had suppressed my little lusty thought about him that a lot of mothers get about their sons.

….I was getting aroused. I took it further. I started doing sexy poses for him. Leaning over to show my cleavage got him and me all excited. I laid down on the bed. I pulled my dress way up so he could see my bright pink thong. His eyes were locked on it. He took pictures up my dress and down my cleavage as we were both getting hot over doing this. I told him these had to be private pictures between he and I . He assured me they would be. I started doing a strip for him. I didn’t stop with the thrill we were both getting from it. I said, out of breath:, “…lets go in the bathroom.”

…. In there I slowly took off my dress, bra and then my thong, as he clicked away. It was such a turn on to turn him on. His eyes were so wide open and he was so nervous. I turned and posed for him. I spread my legs and felt my bush. I couldn’t stop. I fingered my self as I watched him with a big hardon in his pants…

… “God mom, you have a beautiful body.” he said. My pussy got a shot of juice when he said that. I was completely nude in front of my own son, and I liked it. He took close-ups of my tits and pussy. I spread my legs and my pussy lips as he got on his knees and got close ups.

…. I was so aroused I felt a sex thrill like in uncles garage. He was trying to hide his boner. I took the camera and said: “I want some pictures for me.” He looked puzzled and said: “What?” I said: “ I’ll leave the bathroom now, but I want some pictures of that boner in your pants….and make them real good Johnny. Don’t hold back anything. ” He froze. I got dressed and left. I waited. He came out all smiles and I took the camera. I said I’d put this on a disk for us only.

….I had to control these pictures to make sure they never….got in the wrong hands. I was pretty much a computer whiz and knew just what to do. I went to our computer and downloaded the pictures. I erased every picture in the camera. I took all the pictures and edited them, removing all the faces of us. When I came to the pictures of him…my heart jumped.

... Not only did he take pictures of his boner, but some of him jacking it….and the final picture…was a classic of him shooting his cum up in mid air. I got super hot instantly. I felt a jolt in my pussy like I had never felt before. I stared at the last picture and let the hot charge build up in me. Not only had I given him a boner, he actually made himself cum…thinking about me….I let my fingers go up my dress and down in my panties. I felt my wet pussy and puffy clit. I had to go for an orgasm right now! I pulled my dress up took off my panties and started rubbing my pussy. My clit felt so damn good as I massaged it. I felt my own tits as here it came….

… I’d have to call it a ’super orgasm’ as I bucked my hips and felt the high. It took my breath away….my pussy felt warm and was now dripping wet. It was by far the best fingering orgasm I’d ever had…..

…I finished up the pictures. I made two discs from it. I hid mine safely. I got up, a little weak and found Johnny in his room. I said: “Here’s the disk…but there is one catch.” His eyes were very excited as I told him quietly…”We have to watch it…together.” He gulped big, but readily agreed. He knew nothing of the second disk. I handed him his camera, I kept the disk. I explained his camera had been erased and that all faces had been removed from ‘our‘ pictures. He had a sigh of relief.

... I told him I had also removed some background items that identified our house. I said: “Late tonight, I come in your room and we can watch it together.” He smiled big. I then kissed him softly on his neck and whispered in his ear: (“I just loved the very last special picture. Were you thinking of me when you did that?”) He got embarrassed and said quietly….”..yes..”

...I said: (“That was very sweet of you. You made me feel very special. I have some ‘special‘ things for you tonight.”) I looked down, and there is was again, a big boner in his pants. A son that‘s ‘hot for his mom’ is an awesomely good sexual feeling to a mom.……

….mom is so smart, she somehow knew I wanted pictures of her to wank to. I got way more than I ever expected. Now something has made her come on to me. Me taking those pictures got her all hot. I just saw my hot and sexy mom completely naked!….how lucky is that. I would never tell my buddy’s that I wank to my mom. I bet some of them do to. One guy admitted he did, and his mom was hot when I seen her. I bet they all wank to my mom. She has the hottest body I ever seen. She liked my wank picture a lot. I just had to cum after seeing her naked like that. I can’t wait to see those pictures. Damn she’s a sexy mom…..


….I waited until it was after dark. We both showered and I turned all the lights out, except for his bedrooms little light. I picked out the sexiest black night gown I had with nothing on underneath. I let my long hair down and I was off for an affair with my son.

… Having my first orgasm with my dad and uncle and them shooting their cum on me, is still my number one sexual high for me to recall. Maybe I’ll get Johnny to reenact what dad and uncle did to me….yes…I’m going to do that. He has a friend Berry I really like. Berry is so cute and he admires me. When I rub his shoulders he gets all excited, I can tell. A sleepover with Johnny and I bet he can be the ’uncle’ and Johnny my ‘dad‘. I’ll ask them for a little ’role play’ and….omg…I’m so hot just thinking about it.

…Tonight I’ll plant the idea in Johnny’s head and I’ll give them a young memory they’ll never forget……. for life.

…I quietly entered my son’s room and shut the door. He was sitting at his computer waiting in his pajama bottoms. I walked up behind him and slowly put my arms around his neck and then down to feel his chest. I leaned his head back against my tits. I felt his little nipples as he squirmed. His body was warm with excitement as he breathed deeply. I whispered in his ear: (“..let’s look at some pictures, shall we?”)…as I inserted the ’disk’ of us.

….mom was making me so horny I was shaking inside. Feeling her big tits on the back of my head caused it to go dizzy. I had never had a girl feel my nipples before and it gave my hardon a jolt. I was so wishing tonight I would get to feel mom up some. After todays pictures, my balls were churning bad. Damn, she knew just how to turn me on.

….Here’s the pictures….oh shit…I think I may cum in my pajamas….god she is so hot….when she got in the bathroom and spread her legs…I almost came in my pants…she has one beautiful pussy. I would give anything to lick it and then fuck it….

….I love turning Johnny on, but now I could feel his heart beat and his breathing as picture after picture clicked by. The pictures were making me hot too. I’d never seen myself naked and posing as a grown woman before. I only got to see my uncles pictures of me once. He quick showed me two. I was on a swing with the air blowing my skirt up and he had me that day, secretly take my panties off. There I was with my slit showing all pink and wet. I remember it giving me a sex feeling to see that.

... Now it came to the pictures of Johnny and his boner. I started kissing his neck as I loved seeing them. The last picture…showing his cum in mid air…got to me again. Down went my hand into his pajama’s He was rock hard. I pulled the elastic over it and began to stroke him. I had to do something I wanted real bad. I moved to the side and slowly bent my head down. I had to suck on it. He squirmed as I jacked it. My mouth was open and on my way to suck on him, when…he shot and moaned.

….I felt warm cum shoot in my mouth. I savored it as more shot on my lips and face. I had dreamed of a day like this. I put my lips over the head of his hardon. He squirmed and shot a big one, filling my mouth. I found my finger rubbing my own pussy as I quickly orgasmed hard. We moaned together as the warm cum ran down the sides of his hardon. He played with my hair and let me suck him all I wanted. My fingers were dripping with my juices. I felt his fingers join mine to massage my pussy. I swallowed and gasp for air. His fingers felt wonderful in me. Carefully…gently feeling my pussy. It was a night for ’forever memories’ for us……
…The next day I got him alone in the laundry room. We traded great feels on us. I told him of my plan with Berry. He said: “..anything you want mom…anything!”. He ran to call Berry.

….Slow down dude!…what this about your mom and what?…..I’ll spent the night and you Saturday night, and you can explain it all then…I gotta go….


….I told Johnny I would do the explaining to Berry, privately. I wanted to get him alone with me and put some womanly charms on him as I explained everything. Saturday night got here and I fixed everything so we were completely alone. Berry came over and I took him in my bedroom. We laid back on my bed and I told him we wanted to put on a little play….a role play thing. As we faced each other, I played with his arm, then shoulders and then his hair. I had on my black robe and let my cleavage show. I saw a lump grow in his pants.

….I love turning on a young guy…

….wow…I always liked Molly but this was over the top hot. She wanted me to have sex with her like some uncle she had? Hell yes, I’d have to be crazy to turn this down. She’s got some beautiful tits. I’ve looked at them before, but never dreamed I would ever be this close to them…and get to feel them later. I wonder if she’d let me feel them now. I have to try…. “Molly, I think you know I’ve always admired you. This is a dream coming true for me. Yes, I’ll be your uncle and anything else you want me to….a…a..what was it like…a…when you were younger and those guys felt your small tits.”

...I watched her start feeling her own tits and smile at me. Damn they looked beautiful. “Well,
‘uncle’ you imagine I’m young and your feeling them…you tell me….what they feel like.” she said. She opened up her robe and there they were, big and beautiful. I told her to close her eyes and play like I was her dad or uncle. She got all excited and put her hand on my hip. I gently started feeling those hidden beauties I had admired for a long time. We both were breathing heavy as she pulled on my hips to get them closer to her……

…I pretended I was in that garage and uncle was feeling my tits. My eyes were closed as they were then. Berry was so cool in the way he felt my tits. I rolled over on my back and put my hand on his pants over his boner. I could wait no more….

…”Daddy.”…I yelled. Soon Johnny opened my bedroom door. “Daddy…I’m ready for my make up now. Johnny knew what that meant and helped me off with my robe. I kept my eyes closed as I felt uncle and dad start in putting lotion on me. I moaned with pleasure I never expected this to happen again. Uncle ‘Barry’ move down and began to feel my wet pussy. He spread my legs apart and I felt his warm breath on my pussy.

...He gently rubbed my clit as I squirmed. ’Daddy’ Johnny felt my tits so nice and kissed them softly. I had my first orgasm when I felt uncles tongue touch my clit. I jumped and squirmed. ‘Dad’ kissed my nipples and started taking his clothes off. I peeked just a little as they both got naked. Wow…. what young bodies they had. I reached out and felt ’Dad’s’ boner. He stopped me from jacking it. He didn’t want to cum to fast…yet. He kissed my face and neck all over and slowly kissed around my lips. I could feel his heart beat and hot breath on my lips.

...I pulled his head and our lips came together. Instant tongues went in us. I began to get that floating feeling again. I felt ’uncle’s fingers go in me, at first three and then four. His warm tongue massaged my clit. I was floating away with that same heavenly feeling like back then. I hear them whisper , and then they switched places. ’Dad’ Johnny took over licking my pussy and fingering it. I then felt him move up on top of me……

…’Dad’ Johnny…

….Berry had whispered that I should go first to have sex with Molly. I gladly agreed and now I about to fulfill her and my wish. I watched her and ’uncle’ kissing allover their faces. And I spread her legs wide. Her wet pussy was awesome. My hand shook as I put my boner in her. Her legs snapped around mine and she pushed her pussy up to drive me all the way in. I began to fuck my dream girl. ’Uncle’ and I took turns kissing her face as I began to fuck her deep. I felt her trembling fingers dig into my butt cheeks. We speed up and she moaned as we both kissed her.

...She was jacking ’uncle’ slow and he wrapped his hand around hers and started jacking it fast. He stiffened up and a huge stream of cum shot up her arm. This made her fuck me even faster and as ’uncle’ moaned and kept shooting on her arm. I couldn’t last and I pushed my boner in her as deep as I could and shot the most intense cum I had ever had. She must have climaxed as she yelled…”OH GOD YESSSSS!” and her pussy actually moved around my boner massaging it. We had three moaning, gasping people squirming and kissing Molly all over.

… She would buck,…now and again as I guess a spasm hit her. My hardon just keep shooting until there was no more cum but the action didn’t stop. Her arm was cover with ’uncles’ cum. She was now in another world and mumbling something…over and over….

….’uncle’ got up and staggered to the bathroom. I had ’dad’ all locked in me and held him in be tight….we fell asleep locked together…..

….It was 30 minutes until school let out. I raced and took my shower. I put on my ’new’ black robe the boys had got me. The front door opened and in they came all smiling. They closed and locked the door. I stood up, held my arms out and said: “Uncle Barry, Daddy Johnny, welcome home.” We wasted no time as they surrounded me with kisses and feels. Johnny said we have a surprise for you. They stood me there and had me close my eyes. I waited.

... “Pretend your having your picture taken, pose for us. I gladly did. I flashed my tits, bent over and flashed my butt and started doing a sexy strip for them. I felt my own tits, rolled my own nipples and fingered my clit. I hear Johnny say: “Cut”…I opened my eyes… he’s holding
a video camera….

…They took me arm and arm into my bedroom. They set the camera on a tri-pod in the corner. They started in to record this happening. Kisses and feels to start it off. They posed me, then had me strip off my robe. My heart was pounding as I knew now I would have a full action video of all this, not just still pictures. I had never been so excited in my whole life. As my recreated ’uncle’ and ’dad’ they had me peel my robe off very sexy like. I teased them with everything I knew would turn them on.

...They had me lay on the bed all naked and the feeling of me and kisses began. Dad went for my tits, kissing them as I got chills every where. Uncle began to kiss around my pussy. He gently spread my legs wide open. His kisses slowly got closer and closer to my pussy. They began to get naked themselves. I watched them tease me now, rubbing their boners and stroking them. They began to go further than my memorable young event. Dad sat on my chest and put his boner between my tits.

... He pulled them together tight against his boner. He stroked him self as the head began to touch my lips. I opened and let it enter my mouth. It was so exciting to feel it going in and out. I wanted in further so if he came, I would get to feel the hot cum on my tongue. He kept scooting ever closer as it went deeper and deeper in my wet mouth. I reached up and felt his hips as the rocked back and forth on me.

….I felt uncle’s warm tongue moving all around my wet pussy. I was somewhere past the floating feeling of sexual ecstasy. I felt uncle lift my legs up and his tongue was everywhere between my legs. My trembles were non stop inside my pussy. I had never had a man put his tongue around my back hole. Uncle came ever closer as the hole began to pucker on it’s own. It was a new thrill I could hardly take, it tingled so intense. Dad was now going faster fucking my mouth. I loved to squeezed his butt cheeks to stimulate him more. I felt my legs go up more and on uncle’s shoulders. He started kissing my legs so softly…I then felt his hardon go up and down my wet slit. He rubbed the wet head all around my back hole….I got tingles like I had never felt before…they were so intense I had to pucker it to keep from having a orgasm instantly.

…I felt dad’s head swell up in my mouth as I knew he was about cum…I squeezed his butt cheeks hard,….

….I began to yell with pleasure.. with my mouth full......I had the most beautiful climax....ever....…

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