My wife's first gangbang!

My wife's first gangbang!

To start off with I will tell you we are a married couple of 20 years and have been living this lifestyle for 19 years. I like to watch my wife “Roxanne” be with and fuck other men while I watch or alone and she can tell me about it when she gets home.
This night Roxanne was going out by herself with the idea of finding some strange cock, and she did!
She got all dressed up in black 5” high heel pumps, Cuban theigh high stockings that are tan and black and have the line running up the back, a black lace garterbelt, black lace see through thong panties, black lace see through shelf bra that exposes her nipples, had her long blonde hair done all sexy, lots of sluty makeup and just a long business jacket kinda covering it. It left her stocking tops and garterbelt straps exposed and the jacket only has two buttons so her 44DD’s were about to fall out also. Roxanne told me about this experience when she got home that night while I cleaned her freshly fucked pussy with my tongue.
Well she got to the bar that night and it was kinda slow, she sat at a table sipping her drink for about an our without any attention. Then she decided that she was not exposed enough and decided to go shot pool. When she walked over to the pool tables there were 3 guys already hanging out over there. The one guy who was’nt shooting asked her if she would like to play with him. She answered “If you only knew” and proceded on playing him in pool. All 3 of these guys knew each other and Roxanne was talking and flirting with them all. They were all buying her drinks and she was getting pretty drunk. While she was playing pool every time she bent over the table the guys in front could see her breast and nipples and the guys behind her could see her stocking tops, garterbelt straps and her entire ass. She knew they were all getting into her so she started being really sluty and flirting and teasing. She decided on wich guy she was going to fuck that night and started flirting really hard with him. She would ask him for help with a shot and bend over the table while he would come up behind her teaching her as she would grind her ass into hic now rock hard cock. Eventually they were kissing and playing and pretty drunk. He was hanging all over her and kept talking about wanting to see her breast. She finally gave in and un buttoned her jacket exposing everything to him. His jaw dropped and he begged her to show his buddies……so she did! The next thing you know they are all around her starring at her and talking shit. They got her talked into one more game before her and the guy she wanted to fuck were going to leave and they begged her to leave her jacket un buttoned, so she did. She walked around cautiously so no one else in the bar could see but the 3 guys could see everything.
Finaly the game was over and they discussed where to go fuck and she suggested that they go outside and talk about it. They went outside and walked over to his car that just so happen to be parked in the back. They started talking and he then leaned in and kissed her. She moaned with excitement and then he un buttoned her jacket exposing everything. He started sucking her exposed nipples and playing with her pussy gently through her panties. This got her extremely wet and horny as she started rubbing his cock through his jeans. He put her up on his hood of his car and continued kissing, playing with her pussy and sucking her nipples. Then all of a sudden his 2 buddies came walking up and she pulled her jacket closed and closed her legs. They were all talking and the subject got on sex and how sexy she was. All this attention got her very horny and she started flirting with all of them again. She unconspicuosly let her jacket fall open. The guy she was with gave a hint to the other two to get lost and they said goodbye along with they loved her outfit and thought she was very sexy.
Finally he started on her again, she by this time was pretty drunk and horny. As he was passionately playing with her entire body she was moaning out load and did’nt care if anyone heard her. He then pulled his cock out for her to play with while he pleasured her. She stroked his cock for just a few minutes before she told him she wanted his cock in her mouth. He pulled her off the hood onto her feet and changed positions with her as he sat on the hood in front of her. She then bent over and started slowly sucking the head of his cock and licking up & down the shaft before taking his balls in her mouth, the entire time she is moaning with extacy. She was looking up at him while she sucked his cock deeply and playing with his balls. She noticed what she thought was him mouthing something to someone. After a couple of minutes of sucking his cock vigorously while playing with her pussy through her panties. It was then that she felt someone start caressing her ass and almost simotaniously another hand started massaging her breast. She pulled his cock out of her mouth scared and looked around to find both his buddies right there with they’re cocks hanging out playing with her ass and her breast. She was kinda scared at first and then they each took a hand and wrapped them around they’re cocks. She felt how big they were and looked down to see two more huge thick hard cocks. Almost immediately her fear turned into her pussy getting extremely wet and she got really horny. So she said well this jacket is going to get into the way and so are these as she pulled her panties down. She went back to sucking the first guy while she was jerking off the other two as they were pinching her nipples and playing with her pussy and ass. They then told her to lay on the edge of the hood and she did immediately. They then took turns eating her pussy and bitting & sucking her nipples and kissing her. They did this until she was begging for them to fuck her. Then they took turns fucking her pussy and her mouth while she jerked off the other cock. She said she never felt so hot before having 3 strange men having they’re way with her, at this point she did not even know any names of them. This went on for about an hour, they made her cum 4 times and then she started really acting like a total slut whore. Telling them to fuck her harder, fuck her mouth, all this cock feels so good, just flat out being a slut and talking really dirty and being extremely loud. She begged them for they’re cum, told them she wanted them to cum in her pussy, mouth and on her breast. They all started fucking her hard, slamming her pussy, gagging her mouth, slapping her breast. Then the guy fucking her pussy screamed out he was gonna cum. She told him she wants his cum deep inside her pussy and then he exploded inside her pussy as she screamed out and pulled him in grinding his cum out of his cock. Then the guy she was jeking off said he was gonna cum and she looked at him started jerking his cock harder and faster as he shot his cum all over her breast. By this time she was about to cum again and told the one to play with her pussy and he did. She then told the other guy to slap her breast and slap her in the face and for all of them to treat her like a trashy commen whore. She started really sucking the other guys cock as one was fucking her pussy with his hand, the other one slapping her around and the 3rd one literally fucking her mouth, and the entire time all three of them are talking shit to her treating her like a whore and all of them just being rough and slapping her all over. As the guy said he was gonna cum she pulled his cock out opened her mouth wide and jerked him the rest of the way off til he shot a huge load all in her mouth all over her face and in her hair. Then they all started slapping her face and tits with they’re cocks spreading cum everywhere as she screamed out she was gonna cum the guy buried his whole hand inside her pussy. She sat up, put on her panties, and threw on her jacket then told them thank you and left! She drove home like that and walked in the door jacket open literally covered and filled with cum. I mean she had cum all in her hair, everywhere on her face smearing her makeup, all over her breast and bra and her panties were soaked from her pussy leaking all that cum out. She layed on the couch and told me to clean her up, so I sat there kissing and licking all the cum up til it was gone while she told me everything that happened and how much she liked it. Now we are wanting to set up a gangbang for her with at least 5 guys. She wants it bad……

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