Emily’s First Solo Holiday Part 08

Emily’s First Solo Holiday Part 08

Emily’s First Solo Holiday

by Vanessa Evans

Before you read this part I strongly suggest that you read the previous part. It will give you the background that will make this part a lot more enjoyable.

Part 08

DAY 13


I woke to sound of Dani shouting my name. As usual, I’d gone to bed leaving the balcony door open so Dani’s shouting soon woke me. When I emerged Dani told me that I had about an hour before we were getting picked up to go to the Party Boat.

“Plenty of time.” I said and rushed to the bathroom.

Thirty minutes later I was all nice and clean, totally hairless below my neck, wearing just a half sarong and flip flops, and was walking into the restaurant for breakfast. When I got back to my room I changed into a strings only thong, a very short, net, totally see-through skirt and a tight, semi see-through tube top that displayed my pencil eraser nipples quite well.

I considered putting my new vibrator in my pussy and carrying the remote control in my bag but I didn’t want to take a bag as Dani had told me that all food and drink was included in the price of the ticket, and I was hoping that something else might be going in my pussy on that boat, so I put them onto the pad to charge, ready for use later.

“Ready.” I shouted to Dani and Wren who were just walking out onto their balcony.

Both Dani and Wren were wearing micro miniskirts and halter tops that left little to the imagination.

“You don’t need anything with you Emily, just the ticket that I’ve got for you. We left our room key with reception the other day.”

Ten minutes later we were climbing onto a coach to take us to the boat.

There was 3 coaches unloading going on for 100 young people, all walking to this old looking boat that had music blaring out from it. Dani handed our tickets to the guy checking them and we were on.

Young people were everywhere and we quickly found the bar and got ourselves a drink. People were just standing around in groups talking and drinking until the boat started moving and some boys quickly started talking to us. Then a DJ / MC started talking and playing dance music. He reminded everyone that the bar was free but the drink types were limited. What he meant was that it was beer or punch. That was what us 3 girls had got, and it tasted like it had gallons of vodka in it.

Once out of the harbour the DJ / MC started organising some games. They started with the silly, kids type games, but as the alcohol started to take effect, 2 things started to happen, firstly the games got a bit more ‘interesting’, and secondly, some of the girls took their tops off. It started with just 1 happy girl but as she walked around the boat other girls followed, including Dani, Wren and me.

I wondered if the first girl to get topless was paid by the organisers just to give the other girls a reason to get topless. Anyway, when I took my top off I also took my skirt off, so did Dani and Wren, revealing little thongs, but with material in them.

We were at the front watching the games when the DJ / MC got out some cans of that squirty cream and asked for a couple of girl volunteers. Hands went up, but I stepped forwards and I was ***********ed along with another topless girl. We were told to lay on the deck and then the cream was squirted in lines up our legs then arms. The young man stopped when he was going up my first leg and just started at my uncovered pussy for a couple of seconds before grinning and continuing.

After the arms and legs, the can was aimed at our crotches and a big blob suddenly tickled my pussy then I felt a line of cream going up my stomach then circling each tit. Finally, to lots of cheers, blobs were put on our nipples.

Boy volunteers were then asked for, and unsurprisingly, just about every boy on the boat stuck his hand up. Two queues were formed and I bet the boys who got to the front of the queues cursed themselves later because the boys were told that they each had 5 seconds to lick some cream off, starting with our arms, then legs, then the rest of our bodies.

One at a time I felt tongues licking me, and hands holding me. Their tongues were actually tickling me a bit and I kept moving about a little.

Soon the tongues were licking the cream off my tits and pussy, and that was a nice feeling. I’m sure that some of the boys got a pleasant surprise when they licked the crotch of my thong and found that there was no material there.

I’m also sure that the man doing the timings forgot how to count because some of those tongues were licking my pussy, and my tits, for a lot more than 5 seconds, and it wasn’t just tongues, I felt teeth on my nipples and clit. Thankfully, none of them hurt me.

That over, and me feeling quite horny, new games were started, all involved body contact between the girls and the boys. After a while I looked around and saw that most of the girls were now topless, and I saw that 2 girls had taken their bikini bottoms off as well.

I nudged Dani, and us 3 girls were soon totally naked. Wren stuffing our thongs in the same corner where we’d put our other clothes.

In between all the games a few tracks were played and there was dancing and, of course, more drinking. Us 3 girls limited our intake of drinks because Dani told me that there was more ‘interesting’ times ahead. Again, she wouldn’t tell me what saying that they might not happen and she didn’t want me to have built up my expectations.

It must have been well over an hour after we left the port, but it seemed like only 10 or 15 minutes, when I realised that the boat’s engine wasn’t running. I looked over the side of the boat and saw land. We had stopped in a little sandy bay with high rocks at the back of the beach. The only way to the beach was from the sea.

Shortly after that we were told that we could go swimming and that the games and some food would be available on the beach. By that time I could see a little boat heading for the beach. I could also see a raft being inflated next to the boat.

Then it was announced that the raft would soon be available for us to use, and that if the boys were lucky, a different type of food would be served up by the girls. There was a silence for a good 5 seconds before the announcer shouted,


Well that got lots of cheers from both the boys and quite a few of the girls. Dani and Wren had seen that coming and had manoeuvred me over to the side where the raft was, and just as soon as the last bit was said, all 3 of us were diving into the sea.

When we got to the raft we pulled ourselves up on to it, finding that 2 other, naked girls were doing the same at the other side. As soon as I sat down I looked back to the boat and saw lots of heads in the water moving our way, and more boys diving into the sea.

To shouts of “pussy, pussy, pussy,” all 5 girls moved their butts to the edge of the raft and hands came up out of the water and opened our legs. Seconds later our pussies were getting eaten.

Most of the boys must think that pussy eating is just a question of a bit of licking, sticking their tongue into the girl’s vagina for a few seconds and trying to suck on our clits; because that’s what most of them did. Only a small number took their time and did the job properly.

Fortunately, I got 2 good ones next to each other and the second one made me cum, much to the delight of the boys who were treading water waiting for their turn. Shortly after that I heard a girl behind me cumming.

The ‘all you can eat pussy buffet’ continued for ages with more naked girls arriving and some leaving. Dani, Wren and I lasted for quite a while before Wren decided that she’d had enough and told us that she was going to swim to the beach. Dani and I decided to go with her and our places were quickly taken by other girls.

On the beach there was a couple of tables setup with snacks, bottles of beer and more of that punch on them. There was also a man organising more game that were only funny because most of the people playing were half drunk.

There was also the odd couple or 2 making out, 1 of the girls being naked with guys hand on her tits and pussy.

No sooner that we were on the beach 3 guys came over to us trying to hit on us. A couple of them weren’t bad looking and 1 of them zeroed in on Wren. A short while later I saw the 2 of them walking off down the beach. Both Dani and I were playing hard to get and I suspect that Dani was like me, enjoying the attention while our naked bodies were being studied by those guys.

One of the guys went and got a load of beers and the group sat in the sand to continue talking. I noticed that Dani sat with her legs open just like I had and that the guys had sat in front of us, looking at our faces when we looked at them, but their eyes dropped when we turned to say something to someone else.

It was such a turn on but I wasn’t going to let any of them fuck me because I hadn’t brought any condoms and I didn’t trust the boys to be good.

I asked the boys if either of them had been to the ‘all you can eat pussy buffet’ and when they said that they hadn’t I replied,

“Well you can have your share now if you like.”

I looked at Dani and she was grinning.

With seconds the 2 boys had moved between out legs and were enjoying out sweet parts. The boy that started on mine was quite good and he soon got me to the point of no return and then over the top. He kept going and when I was able I looked at Dan and mouthed,


She nodded so I tapped the back of the head that was between my legs then told him to swap with his mate. They did, and the second guy wasn’t quite as good but good enough to bring me to another orgasm.

Just as I getting close I looked around and saw that our moans had attracted a little audience, boys and girls, all looking quite happy. Shortly after I’d cum something hit me, not hard. But enough for me to want to know what it was. When I looked at it I saw that it was a bikini bottoms. I vaguely remembered 1 of the girls who had been watching us wearing a design like that so I looked to my side and a metre away 1 of the boys was eating the pussy of one of the girls. She was now naked and I think / assume that the bottoms were hers.

Dani and I got those 2 boys to keep eating our pussies until they couldn’t do it any more and almost begged us to let them stop. Then I said that it was my turn and pushed the boy who’s head just been between my legs for the longest, over and pulled his shorts down. He had a boner and I soon hid it in my mouth, nor caring who was behind me and possibly looking at my butt and pussy that were stuck up in the air.

Before long everyone was being called back to the boat and when they finally got there the boat upped anchor and headed back.

The games soon started again, some the same as on the way out but there were some new ones and they exploited every ones reduced inhibitions. For starters there were simulated sex games which got lots of laughs, especially when they were with a naked girl.

One of the new games involved Spanish muffins and squirty cream. Four girls were told to lay on their backs on the floor and a muffin was put at the junction of their legs. The each muffin was covered in the cream. Four boys were then given 3 minutes to eat the muffins and lick all the cream off, without using their hands.

The first round went well with the 4 girls who all wore just their bikini bottoms, getting licked clean.

There was a second round, and the organiser chose 4 naked girls, including Dani and me. When we lay down all 4 girls spread their legs so that everyone could see their pussies.

The cheers turned to laughter as the organiser had difficulty getting the muffins to stay in place. He got round the problem by squirting some cream on our pussies before putting the muffin there, then putting more cream on top of the muffin.

Just about every male on the boat volunteered to be the lucky muffin eaters and when 4 were finally picked they got on their hands and knees between the girls legs.

The whistle blew and I felt the muffin on my pussy moving. I decided to cheat and lifted the guts head then picked up the muffin and threw it over the side of the boat. Then I pulled his head back to my pussy.

One of the 4 girls must have been really worked up because I heard her cumming almost as soon as the game started.

Whoever was doing the timing must have forgotten to start the stopwatch because that was the longest 3 minutes that I have ever known, not that I was complaining.

The guys weren’t supposed to use their hands but I felt fingers going inside my hole just before I too orgasmed.

The stop whistle didn’t sound until all 4 girls had orgasmed. I was very close to cumming for a second time when that damned whistle blew.

Then the organiser got girls to get boys cocks out of their shorts and just kiss the ends. Needless to say that these soon developed into full-blown blowjobs with everyone watching and cheering.

Dani, Wren and I didn’t take part in that last game but when it was announced that they were having a Miss Ibiza competition, all 3 of us entered along with 7 other girls, some naked like us, and others just in bikini bottoms.

Because of the number of entrants we were told that there would be 2 rounds, the first to eliminate 6 girls then the remaining 4 would do another dance to decide the winner. All judging being done by the volume of the cheering.

One at a time we had to strut our stuff across the deck then do a sexy dance. That last part got my pussy even wetter and I decided what I was going to do if I got into the last 4. I managed to wangle it so that I was the last girl to do her thing and I watched the others to see what I had to do the get through to the second round.

I had to laugh, along with most of the guys on the boat, as a couple of very over-weight, naked, and obviously drunk girls tried to impress the audience. How anyone can let themselves get that big is just beyond me. I would rather be dead than that big.

Anyway, a couple of the girls rubbed their pussies as they danced, much to the delight of the audience so when it came to my turn, near the end of the music, I dropped to my very spread knees and finger fucked myself until the track ended. The cheers were VERY loud.

Both Dani and I were through to the second round and we went again in the same order. All 3 girls went down on their knees like I had but I knew what I was going to do and I hoped that it would be enough for me to win.

When I went down on my knees I lay on my back and brought my legs up and over, threading my arms between them and then bending my body so that my face was right in front of my pussy. To lots and lots of cheering I ran my tongue around my clit and finger fucked myself. I orgasmed with all those people watching me. What’s more it was a very intense orgasm with me shouting and my body jerking.

It was quite a few seconds after the music ended that I managed to unwrap myself and get to my feet thinking that that must have been enough to win.

Unfortunately, I was wrong. To be fair, the girl that won was very attractive and had huge tits. As she was collecting her prize I thought that I’d rather be a bit plain with tits the size of mine than have to live with those melons stuck to my chest.

Shortly after that the music and games stopped because the boat was entering the harbour. People started looking for their belongings and the girls putting their clothes on, although some remained topless, Dani, Wren and me being 3 of them. I carried my thong and my top in my hand.

We rode on the bus back to the hotel still topless, the hotel receptionist not saying anything about us being topless, nor the fact that my butt and slit could easily be seen through the holes in my skirt.

After a shower, I went onto my balcony to see what Dani and Wren were up to. They weren’t on their balcony but I could see them in their room, on one of the beds. They were in the 69 position and obviously enjoying each other. I just stood and watched with my right hand working on my pussy.

They stopped after they’d both cum, fortunately it was after I’d cum. I asked them if they’d been having fun and Dani told me that I should have gone and joined in, telling me that she’d have opened the door for me.

I smiled and said,

“Maybe next time.”

It was then that they told me that they were going back to England the next day and that they were going to hit the bars one last time. Dani invited me along.

Thirty minutes later the 3 of us were walking out of the hotel, all wearing very little and expecting to have a good time.

It started with some food that was a lot better than the rubbish that was served on the boat, then we hit the bars. Three girls with their tits and slits on display were going to get hit on and drinks bought for us, and we did. The price that we paid for all the attention was getting groped and all 3 of us were happy to go along with it.

In fact, in 1 dark bar all 3 of us got out the cocks of the guys that had just bought us a drink and we gave then blowjobs in amongst the crowds in that bar. The young men around us all wanted their turn but they didn’t get it unless they had bought us a drink.

Anyway, by the time the crowds started to thin out, all 3 of us were quite ‘happy’ and as we walked back to the hotel we played a game of ‘strip the others’. It was quite easy to get our tops off, but the skirts were different but by the time we entered the hotel all 3 skirts were round our waists.

The security man on the door just stared at us as we walked in.

I spent the night in Dani and Wren’s room enjoying sex with both of them.

DAY 14


Dani’s alarm on her phone went off at 6 o’clock to tell her and Wren that they had to get ready to leave. I’m pretty sure that we only had about 4 hours sleep and after giving both Dani and Wren long farewell kisses I went back to my room and collapsed on my bed.

I woke up to the noise from the swimming pool below my balcony with the door to it being wide open.

“Wow, that was a good night.” I thought as I went to the bathroom for my daily routine and to brush my hair. I left it down, again wanting to look my real age.

Emerging feeling a lot better, I looked at my phone and cursed because I had missed my last breakfast at the hotel, as it was nearly 11 o’clock. I had toyed with the idea of going for my last breakfast totally naked but didn’t know if I had the courage to actually do it. I guessed that I would never know if I had.

I had also thought about going to the Hippy market that day but I wasn’t sure that I still wanted to go so when I packed my bag to go out for the day, I packed a towel and the other things that I’d need for a day at the beach.

I put on just a net dress and flip flops, and eased my little bullet into my vagina. It was fully charged and ready for when I wanted it to turn me on, and left my room.

Down in reception I asked the young woman where the Hippy market was. She got out one of those cheap, not very accurate, 1 page maps that they give to tourists and drew a circle round the place where it was. She didn’t seem to care that she could see my tits as I stood there talking to her, and I don’t know if she noticed that she could see my slit as I walked up to her.

After thanking her I went outside and headed towards the bus station. On the way I saw the little cafe that Luke and the other 2 guys had taken me to for breakfast and decided to stop and have something to eat. I sat at the same table and the same waiter served me.

I had also sat on a chair in the same place as before and I sat on the front edge of the chair, leaning back and spreading my knees.

I wasn’t particularly looking at the people walking by but I did hear 1 male voice say,

“Fucking hell Tom, did you see that.”

I finished eating and slowly finished my coffee and realised that I was now fully awake, albeit still a bit tired.

I still hadn’t decided if it was to be the Hippy market of the beach as I walked into the bus station. The decision was made for me when I saw that the next bus to Santa Eulària wasn’t for another 50 minutes but 1 to Cala Conta was leaving in 5 minutes.

That was the bus that I bought a ticket for and 3 minutes later I was holding my bag in front of my stomach as the bus driver tore my ticket and I got on the bus.

I didn’t manage to get a seat which was both good and bad. Bad because I could have done with the rest, but good because the people sat either side of me could see straight through my net dress; and I made sure that I stood facing the side of the bus.

I considered going into my bag and switching the bullet on but didn’t because I was still feeling tired.

When the bus got there and everyone got off, I headed straight to the place where those young guys had introduced me to spreadies. As I spread my towel and started putting the sunblock on I thought about them and smiled.

Unfortunately, no young man offered to help me with the sunblock and when I was covered in it I lay down on my back, not forgetting to spread my legs to tan the insides of my thighs.

I was probably the only naked adult on that beach but no one seemed to care, and I sure as hell didn’t.

The next thing that I knew was that I was feeling rather hot and when I looked at my phone it was over an hour after I’d settle to soak up the sun. Deciding that I must have fallen asleep, I got up and walked the 2 metres into the sea to cool down.

It was heaven swimming and floating in the warm water with not a care in the world, and feeling the water rush by my nipples and pussy made me feel even better. As I floated I just wanted to spend the rest of my life just floating there.

Reality kicked in when I got splashed by a couple of kids who just didn’t care that I was naked, and I swam back to the beach. Actually to the opposite end of the beach that my towel was, I wanted to see if wearing my hair down, and looking more adult, made the prudes look at me in a different way, and maybe say something about me being totally naked.

I was pleased that, in spite of a couple of older women giving me disapproving looks, no one said a word. When I got back to my towel I settled down to do some serious sun tanning and feeling good. As I sat down I went to my bag and turned my bullet on, to low vibrations, figuring that it would soon make me feel good.

I had just got comfortable, relaxed and starting to feel good when I heard the unmistakable sound of a group of older teenagers. Then, just to really spoil my peaceful day, I heard one of the guys say,

“Hey, isn’t that Emily?”

“O crap,” I thought, I recognise that voice. It was Tom, from the group of older teenagers that had introduced me to spreadies and taken lots of photographs of me with my legs wide open.

I opened my eyes and saw 3 male and 3 female older teenagers, all of them I had met at the start of my holiday. Without being asked, they plonked themselves down in front and beside me.

“Well hi guys, why don’t you join me?”

“Thanks Emily, I knew that you wouldn’t mind.” Tom said, “I thought that you might like some more spreadies taking now that you’ve got a decent tan, and I’m hoping that these 3 girls will have some taken of them.”

All 3 girls replied to the effect of ‘no way’, but I noticed that all 3 of them were smiling.

“How about a swim?” Ben said, and all 6 got up and Tom grabbed my hand and pulled me up.

“Well okay then.” I replied as he pulled me towards the water.

Within a couple of minutes all 7 of us were messing about, splashing and ducking each other. Somehow, all 3 girls managed to loose their bikini tops, later to re-appear from inside the guys shorts, and none of them seemed to mind being topless.

When we all emerged from the water and went back to the towels, the girls didn’t try to hide their tits and we all sat around talking, the usual ‘where are you from’ stuff.

Then Tom said,

“Spreadie time girls, get your phones out. You first Emily.”

Tom and TC were the first to haul me up into the air and spread my legs, and 7 phones were used to get lots of photos of me with the guys, and the girls, holding me up, and zoom shots of my pussy.

The thing was, my bullet had been switched on since before the teenagers got there and the cumulative effect got the better of me when TC and Ben were holding me up. I started jerking and moaning as my arms held onto their necks hard, and poor TC and Ben had no idea what was happening.

When my body returned to normal I looked a the 4 young people taking the photographs. Sophie, 1 of the girls, said,

“You just orgasmed didn’t you Emily?”

I nodded.

“I got it all on your phone for you.”


Then the others started asking me all sorts of questions all whilst still being held up by TC and Ben with my legs spread wide, I continued,

“I’ve got a vibrator inside me and it’s switched on.”

“And there was I thinking that it was because I’d got my arm under your butt.” TC said.

“You wish.” Sophie said.

“We’ll see when we get you up here Sophie.” TC replied.

Sophie didn’t protest about TC saying that they were going to take a spreadie of her.

When everyone had had their turn holding me up Tom turned to the girls and asked who was first. When none of them volunteered, Tom continued,

“Well we’ll just have to strip 1 of you and haul you up.”

The 3 girls looked at each other then they turned and ran into the sea, closely followed by the 3 guys. Two minutes later Ben and TC came out of the water with Mary’s arms around their necks and holding her up by her spread, legs. Tom was holding her bikini bottoms.

Ben and TC held her while the others came out of the water and grabbed their phones.

Mary was then photographed in all her glory by 7 different phone cameras.

The same happened for Sophie and Amelia, including them being chased into the water and coming back completely naked in 2 of the guys arms and not struggling as the others photographed them.

What’s more, after being photographed, none of the girls asked for their bikini bottoms back and the beach ended up with 4 naked young women on it.

Each guy latched on to 1 of the girls, the guy staring at the naked girl’s body as they talked. I decided to go for a walk, grabbed my purse and announced that I’d be back in a while. I walked along the beach the climbed up to the cafe where I bought an ice cream, the girl at the counter just giving me a casual glance up and down as she took my order.

I then went down onto the other, little ‘clothed’ beach and walked along it and the up onto the rocks. I saw a few people looking at me but no one said anything. By the time I got to the top, to the rocky path that went along to the nudist’s beach, the bullet got the better of me again and I was glad that I had finished the ice cream, and that there was a post there for me to hang on to while the waves of pleasure crashed over me then subsided.

I got a strange look from a couple of girls who were walking along the line of posts.

Orgasm now history, I slowly made my way back to the cafe then to the road that ended where the bus turns round. The tarmac road was hot on my bare feet but it was bearable so I got adventurous and walked along the road to the security barrier and the main entrance to the car park.

I remembered from my visit there in the Jeep that the car park was big and that there always seemed to be people waking about so I headed in and wandered around. Yes there were quite a few people coming and going, and a few of them had a good look at me. I also got very dirty feet from the dust from the crushed rocks that were all over the place.

I came back out onto the road near a little square building that looked like no one had been in it for years and saw more people walking along the road, also some cars and motor bikes that were leaving and arriving. I hoped that none of the drivers spent too much time looking at me and crashed.

I crossed the road and went through another little car park and out the other end into the bushy area where I’d taken the 2 nerds to give them an experience that I guessed they would remember for the rest of their lives. I smiled to myself as I remembered the looks on their faces.

I emerged at the fence above the path at the top of the beach, climbed over and went back to where my towel was. I dropped my purse into my bag then continued walking straight into the sea to wash my legs. Sophie and Amelia (still naked), got up and joined me.

We stood thigh deep in the water and talked. Sophie wanted to know where I’d been all that time so I told her.

“You went to the cafe then along the road like that?” Amelia asked.

“Yes, why?”

“I could never do that, you’re so brave Emily.”

“That’s not how I look at it,” I replied, “I like my body and I like it to be seen so I just do these things. I’ve never had any real problems. It’s unlikely that anyone will complain about a girl walking about naked.”

“But aren’t you afraid that someone will try to grab you and rape you?”

“One man did grab me the other night so I gave him a straight chop to the stomach. That was a mistake because he nearly threw up over me, the next one will get a kick in the balls.”

Both girls laughed.

“So you 2, are you an item with those guys?”

“Yes, 4 couples came on holiday together. The other 2 have gone off somewhere probably to have a good fucking session out in the open somewhere.”

“So you 3 girls don’t mind being naked then?”

“Hell no, we like it but we don’t want the guys to know that so that when we do get naked they think that they’ve persuaded us to strip off.”

My turn to laugh.

“So do you often go out with a vibrator in your puss Emily?” Amelia asked.

“No, obviously I’ve got a few back in England but these 3 guys bought me this one the other day and I decided to spice things up a bit when I thought that I was going to be alone all day.”

“Three guys bought it for you. What did you have to do for that to happen?”

“Nothing that I didn’t want to do, in fact I had 4 totally awesome days with the 3 of them.”

“Three at once, that sounds fun.” Sophie said.

“It was, if you get the chance, you try it, awesome.”

“So how did you get here today Emily?” Amelia asked.


“Not like that I’m guessing.”

“Nearly, have you seen those net skirts and dresses that they’re selling in San Antonio?”

“Yes, you weren’t were you? But you had something on underneath didn’t you?”

“Nope, never wear a bra and rarely wear knickers.”

“Wow. Shall we get some clothes like that Sophie, and go out like Emily does? Boy, will that get the guys going crazy.”

“Yes, but think of the sex afterwards.” I replied.

“You are 1 hell of an amazing girl Emily, I wish that I was like you.”

“Who says that you can’t be, it’s only your inbred inhibitions that are stopping you.”

Just then Mary and the guys came running in and started splashing everyone.

The games started again and I found myself being ducked a few times and getting odd, probably accidental, grope of my tits.

Back at our towels Ben looked at his phone then said that they should be leaving soon, that they didn’t want to miss the bus to the barbecue night.

“Yes, and I need to do a little shopping before we go out.” Sophie added.

“What for?” Tom asked.

“Wait and see.” Sophie replied looking over to me.

I smiled and wondered if Sophie, and maybe the other girls would get themselves some net clothes, and if they’d go out with nothing underneath.

Shortly after that the 6 of them left, the 3 girls not putting anything on. I wondered how far they’d go before chickening out and putting something on. I switched the bullet off and got back to some serious sunbathing, wanting to get as much sun as I could before having to go back to England.

The sun was starting to go down when I put the dress on and headed to the bus stop. There were a few people waiting and I wondered if any of them realised what they could see through the dress.

Surprisingly, I easily managed to get a seat, not worrying too much about standing next to some seated man, because the lights in the bus were not very bright.

As I walked from the bus station to the hotel I decided to stop and have something to eat in one of the cafes alongside the ‘square’. I watched the late returners from the beaches and the early evening revellers going out. Some of the outfits that the girls wore were crazy. I mean who in their right mind would go out in a huge one piece swimsuit with a net dress over it? Totally defeats the objective in my mind.

Anyway, my meal arrived and I took my time eating and drinking before deciding that I needed an early night.

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Mandy loves to cook

Mandy and I have been married for about twenty-four years. She's a gorgeous 45 something-year-old brunette that is 5'6 130 lbs. and has a perfect 34C - 24 - 35 figure. After the birth of our only child, Mandy put on about 25 pounds, but in all the right places, her amazing ass and an increased bust line. Considering our twenty-four years of marriage, our sexual activity has settled into somewhat of a once a week or so and most often consist of Mandy requesting, I perform oral sex before we do anything else. I have always enjoyed licking and sucking...


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Young Wanna Be Model Taken

“ I'm like an animal, feeding upon her, as she consumes my hot desire. Once fed, no longer the wolf.” A friend told me about the daughter of a friend that wanted to pursue a modeling career. I was given her limited portfolio and other information; Her name Alla - age 23 - never married - about 5' 6 tall - no more than 115 lbs. - long auburn hair - her exquisite facial features is blemish free like fine porcelain china - willowy body - small breasts - perfect heart shaped ass. One of my most successful business divisions is...


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Fucking my friend's mom

Alicia what are you doing tonight? I asked my sister. Gonna go hang with my friend at his house Think you could slip that by me? What's his name? I've always been protective of her, and now that she's 16 there are going to be plenty of guys who are trying to take advantage of her. Even I think she's hot, and she's my sister. Don't worry I think he's gay. Like actually gay. Ya know? I was in a hurry, I had no more time to interrogate her. Be safe I yelled as I was walking out the door. I...


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Matrimony Part 1 (Pilot)

My wife and I had been married for 11 years. Our story isn’t glamorous, I met her at a rock festival and she was blazed drunk. I became her prey as she slipped her tongue into my mouth and danced around my gums. Before I could even blink I had a 23 year old sucking on my face with bourbon fumes coming from her body. Normally someone like me would back the hell away, but I was stuck in the heat of the moment went I saw how beautiful she was. Some people might have called her a skank, a slut...


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Phsychological warfare

The voice came through the door. Aversion therapy is where you make someone stop an undesirable social behaviour by making them associate it with something negative... i knocked on the door interrupting. For example. David has just arrived late. talk amongst yourselves for a moment. there was a pause and she opened the door, stepping into the hallway. I looked her up and down. she was a very attractive woman. She was slim, but not skinny, and definitely not fat. Her body was well proportioned, with at least C cup tits, and a nice ass. She was maybe 5ft 6 to...


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DEMON Part 4

The repeated knocking woke me up. Was it Jayce again? I didn't need his bullshit this early in the morning. I threw the covers over and stepped out of bed, grabbed my glasses, and approached the door. Oh, it's you. I was relieved it wasn't Jayce asking for more money. It was Max, that sweetheart that I snatched two nights ago. Hey, Korra. Would it be better if I left? He asked kindly. No, come in. I'll make you food or something. I waved him in. You've been busy, I said, ignoring the little twinge of regret in my heart. I...


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While this occurred nearly 15 years ago I still get a hard-on when I think about it. I decided it is time to share it with the rest of the world. This story is true. Sorry there are no monster cocks, but I think the truth is hotter anyway. My wife, let's call her Suzy, was 19 when we married and I was her first. I encouraged her to seek her own sexuality and for while she resisted. Suzy is 5'6 about 118lbs strawberry blonde with an awesome set of 34C tits and a firm round ass. After two years she...


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The King 3

2070, Earths orbit. King It's been fun Doc, thanks for everything ( The king dies ). Doc Holiday Goodbye Mr Sims . The 24th century, Federation space. Wishing Steve and his family the best of luck and getting into his ship Kevin leaves star base 12 to start his new life in the 20th century. He's about to use the same technique Captain James T Kirk used when he and his crew traveled back in time when he's contacted by another ship. Understandibly Kevin is surprised when the pilot of the other ship says Hello Mr Sims...


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Vanessa's New Life Part 12

This is part 12 of my Journal. I started writing it when I made a bold decision to change my life. I left my dull existence in North Wales and went to work as a Housekeeper for a man in the East Midlands of England. It is a decision that I will never regret. I have never been so happy and never had so much pleasure. Vanessa Saturday July 31 A busy morning and I was glad when it was lunchtime. Debbie and I both had the same lunch break so we went to the coffee shop down the road. She...


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