Katie is 27 never married and a very shy person. She has always withheld herself and trust from men. Her desire for deep intimacy is growing and she knew that she wanted to experience it. She is haunted by two questions; When was the first time you made love? The last time? She is 27, 5' 5" small petite body, apple size firm breasts, small firm flat ass, short reddish brown hair, a beautiful heart shaped face and nice legs. She has limited experience dating and has never made love. Making love involves emotional and physical intimacy. She never truly felt safe enough to be herself —to be so vulnerable and give so freely to a man. She only extended herself emotionally enough to appear engaged. She held herself at a distance. She didn’t want to love a man more than they loved her. She didn’t want to lose herself in the loving either. Most of all she didn’t want to reveal the real, vulnerable, sensitive me. She arrived at my South Lake estate feeling safe behind the iron gates. She exhaled and slipped into her robe inside the mansion fortress, settling down on the couch. At 27, she wondered if she would ever experience sex. What few men she had allowed near her had always told her she was beautiful. Her small up tilted breasts and flat stomach always hidden by a loose fitting clothes, they’d beg her to show a little skin or wear a little make-up but she just wasn’t buying it. “ You’d surpass 99% of these tarted-up bimbos if you’d just put in some effort!” cried one exasperated date. “ Don’t you know how stunning you are?” “ No.” she’d say. He tried to bring her out of her shell but she was simply locked in too tight. He eventually gave up and left, like they all did. She thought she was alone in the big house but heard a noise upstairs. I came out of the bathroom into the bedroom

She stood at the partially opened door looking in, she seen my long thick cock trailing between my legs and seemed to grow larger. The sight got to Katie as she pressed against her panties where her clit is covered. The slight pressure made her want more. Katie had a profile view of me walking to the bed. She pressed at her clit harder when she saw that my cock was growing larger. The growing cock is swinging freely between my legs. Naked, I sat down on the bed, she watched me pull at my balls, absent-mindedly. After a few tugs I slide my hand around the base of my cock. I'm nearly fully erect. I grip the base of my penis and watch the head pump up with blood. The veins that ran up and down the shaft seem to pulse. She can see a drip of pre-cum form at the tip. Keeping my left hand at the base to squeeze, I close my hand around the head and move my dick with a circular motion. The sensations are stronger than usual due to the tight grip I had on my cock. I loved the feeling my fat cock got when I squeezed it. Every nerve ending became twice as sensitive. This feeling is much the same as squeezing it into a very tight vagina. I shut my eyes and increase the speed of my hand. I tensed and released the grip on the base of my cock to allow the cum to shoot out. I took a deep relaxing breath and up to dress.

I sensed movement near the bedroom door. I jerk my head up and immediately noticed the door was cracked open, just a little. It couldn't have been like that the whole time, could it? Then I locked eyes with Katie, she is standing with a shocked look on her face. I had forgotten that Katie was going to stay at the house for a week. Katie was so shocked at the image before her that she didn't know what to say or do. She suddenly feels very vulnerable and realized the potential for danger when she noticed me leering at her. " I didn't know you were here," Katie
stammered as she started to go towards the hall. My dick wasn't going to be denied this fine little piece and I quickly move to grab her. Pulling her into the bedroom and closing the door so she couldn't leave. Now she is panicked. She suddenly realized that I was after her. " What are you doing!?" She blurted out and visibly shaking. " Oh.... I just thought we might have a little fun before I leave." I half smile/half sneer. Katie is really scared now. I can easily overtake her, I'm 6' 4" and 230 lbs. She begins to unconsciously take a step backward not knowing where or how she would escape. " Let's see what you're hiding." I said, moving toward her. In one swift motion, I
reached out and ripped her robe off revealing her slender body and her small firm breasts. " NO!" Katie screams and tries to cover herself.

Pushing her onto the bed on her back, I step away. ‘Oh, my God! He’s going to rape me!’ her mind screamed. ‘This can’t be happening!’ She can feel my eyes burning into her as my gaze travels over her body, she did her best to hide herself under the sheets. I chuckled softly as I watched her squirm. “ That isn’t going to help, Katie. Besides, I think you’re gonna love your first taste of cock.” Then, with one strong hand, I begin pulling the covers toward the foot of the bed. " No, please!" She whimpers as her feeble grip on those sheets failed and she watched in horror as her bare legs became exposed to my view again. Her heart is heaving in her chest as the disgusting reality of my assault became clear. She is trapped on a bed with a man bent on taking her by force, unable to scream for help. Her mouth grew dry and a shudder over came her. The site of me standing next to the bed nude, filled her with terror. Yet with it came an unwelcome longing and the first hint of moisture appearing between her clenched and trembling thighs. She knew what it was. The fear was affecting her as it always did, arousing her at a time when she should have been repulsed. I took my cock into my hand and stroked it, it stood, ridged and proud. ‘ Oh God! He’s huge!’ as she sees my cock up close, at seeing it, tears begin running down her face. It is so long, thick and hard, she knew I’d have trouble getting that monster into her. “ Please, I’m begging you, don’t do this to me!” She pleaded, but I just shook my head.

“ I take what I like...I like you, Katie. One way or the other you are going to get fucked.” An uncontrolled desire rose in her throat as she gazed up at me. A monster intent on raping her stood looking at her. Despite my intimidating presence, she can’t believe this is happening to her. Not until I reached out and grabbed her by her ankle. When she feels the steel in my grip, it all became very real. “ Noo!” She screams as panic seized her! She kicked at me trying to drive me away, but her feeble blows are nothing to me. My grip never wavered and with a quick pull, she is drawn, flat on her back, to the middle of the bed. My hands slide up her legs as she gasps in fear as my fingers slip under the slim hem of her panties. “ No, please, please don’t hurt me!” She screams again. She writhed on the bed in a useless attempt to resist. Swatting her hands aside, I manhandled her with ease and laughed with evil intent as I pull her panties down her thighs. She kicked and tried to roll away but with a single hand on her belly, I pinned her to the bed. “ You have great legs, Katie.” I rasped. “ I bet your pussy is nice and tight.” Climbing over her supine body, I rose like a bull over her. “ No! Get off of me, please, please… You can’t do this!” She screams in desperation as she beat on my chest, trying with all her strength to drive me away. " You’re a fighter and I like that, but in the end, no matter how hard you fight, you are still going to get fucked.” Her eyes watering with tears as she tried to respond, to beg me to stop. The heavy weight of my body over her, she can barely move. My skin feels incredibly hot on hers then she realized that I'm grinding my iron hard massive cock into her belly.

As her breath begins to fail, I shift my body, forcing my knees between her clenching thighs. She struggles to keep me from laying in between her legs, but the weight of my body is impossible for her to resist. Her legs parting under the stress as my knees drop between her thighs. With a satisfied growl, I pry her open using one hand to draw her knee up and away from my hip. I had her where I wanted. Her head is spinning as she drew her ragged breath in. Her heart is thrumming madly in her chest and sweat covered her body. In that moment, while she is trying to clear her head, I guided my cock to the moist entrance to her womanhood. “ No, no, please! You can’t do this to me!” She begged. “ I can’t be raped like this. Oh God, this can’t be happening!” Refusing to believe it is really happening, She whines and cries as her feeble struggles finally fail. A cold bolt of horror grips her heart as I begin smearing my thick head against her rapidly moistening mound. The sensation feels like liquid heat on her cunt as I slide my cock over her lips. For several long moments I torture her with horrified anticipation. She feels her fluids leaking out and spreading like hot oil over her pussy and around my turgid cock head. With an evil laugh, I slide my heavy cock up and down over her clit. She jerks in surprise as the unwelcome contact sent shock waves racing through her. It feels so heavy and thick on her body, the thought of me brutally shoving into her, terrified her. “ Noo, please, I’m begging you!” She cried as her hips begin rolling under me.

I move close to Katie’s face so I can see and hear her screams of anguish. I begin to try to push into her tight pussy, she tries to push away from my cock. “ Hold still, until I get my cock into you, than you can move all you want,” I said. My hands slide under her ass and begin to squeeze her cheeks, pushing her up into my cock as I begin to penetrate her. The searing pain from my cock head causes her back to lift in the air, God she is so tight--I met resistance, which cause her more pain. Once again I'm forced to retreat and to focus my attention on anything other
than her body and the incredible pleasure it is giving me. I wait a moments, then attempt re-entry, but again
causing her intense pain. At this point she refused me any further exploration. I needed to rupture her tightness and hymen, I needed to be inside of her. My third attempt to penetrate her resulted with her screaming, “ UUUUGGGG, take it out, I can’t take it” she screams. “ UUUUGGGGG...UUUUGGGG,” as my cock penetrated further, opening her pussy wide as the head slips in. Her pussy gripping the head of my cock like it is in a vise. I now reach her hymen.
“ Get ready to be mine, you are about to lose your virginity,” I ram my cock into her pussy, ripping her hymen and penetrating her pussy with the first 5 inches of hard cock. “ UUUUGGGG, AAAAHHHH”, she has never felt so much pain as her once virgin pussy is now spread further than ever imagined as she is forced to accept my hard cock inside her. I flex my cock, making her pussy grip it in pain. “ It hurts so much, don’t move, why are you doing this to me?” she cries.

“ I like fucking young women like you, nothing gives me more pleasure than to hear your begging and screams as I use your tight small bodies,” I said. " I'm going to start thrusting my cock in and out of your pussy, until I bury all 9-inches in you. It is going to feel like my cock is coming out your mouth." My cock backing out of her pussy feels like I was sucking out her insides, but is still less painful than when I plunged it in. She feels moisture in her pussy and is not sure if she is getting wet or it was blood. “ Go easy, don’t push it in so hard,” she begged.
“ That would not be as much fun, I am going to continue to ram my cock into your tight pussy until I reach the end. Than I am going to begin to thrust it in faster and harder until I come into your pussy. You are going to be sore.” I said, as I begin to push my cock back into her pussy. “ AAAAGGG, OOOOWWWW, your tearing me apart” screamed Katie, as my cock punished her pussy and now 6 inches penetrated her. My cock pulls out again and then begins the painful journey back into her, pushing further than it went before. Seven inches, and than back out to begin again to ram into her. Eight inches, as Katie screams. Nine inches and Katie feels like my cock is pushed into her stomach. Her screams became weaker as my final push buried all nine inches into her 27-year old pussy. “ OOOOWWWWW, its tearing me open, its too big, take it out,” she screams, my cock flexing inside her pussy. Her pussy gripping my cock like a glove. Each movement of my cock sent her pussy into a spasm, massaging my cock and bringing a fresh batch of pain to her. “ It’s time to fuck now, your going to get all 9 inches with each stroke and I am going to fuck you faster and faster until I come,” I said. “ I'm going to stick two fingers up your ass to get you to push into my cock as I fuck into you,” I said and move my fingers to her asshole and begin to squeeze them into her tight asshole.

“ AAAAAHHH, your fingers hurt, she cries as I begin to push my fingers up into her dry ass. She arched her back to get away from my fingers fucking her asshole and as she did I pull my cock out and plunge all 9 inches of cock into her young pussy with one devastating push. “ OOOOOWWWW, AAAAHHHh, she cries, the pain in her pussy and her asshole became unbearable. My cock begins to pull out and as I again begin to push into her pussy, my thick fingers plunged up into her dry asshole, forcing her to push her ass away from them, up into my big cock plunging into her pussy. I now begin to plunge in and out of her pussy, finger fucking her asshole, driving her into my cock. Faster and faster , slapping up against her pussy, tearing her pussy with my cock. Katie could barely make any noise after all of the screaming as her pussy is ravished over and over. Her young body is a mass of pain, from her battered pussy to her stretched asshole. “ You make a nice little whore.” I'm slamming into her pussy faster and faster, my balls getting ready to come into her. “ Get ready, I am going to come into that tight young pussy,” I groan, “ AAAAAHHHH”, my balls spraying her pussy with my cum. She feels my cock become bigger and stretch her pussy even wider and than the jets of hot cum spray into her pussy. I emptied my cum into her and than pulled off the bed, my cock popping out of her. Her pussy is still spread wide from the fucking and my cum begins to run out. I wipe her pussy with a towel and leave the room.

I decide to postpone my business trip to Chicago for 24 hours. Katie fell asleep and two hours later I climbed between her legs. I bunched my cock in my hand and pushed it into her pussy. “ Not again, AAAAHHH”, she cried, as my cock begins to penetrate her pussy. I begin to plunge my cock in and out of her pussy, faster and faster. I put my hand under her ass, pushing her up into my cock. My fingers found her asshole and again my fingers penetrate her, this time three. “ AAAAGGGGG”, she cried, as I give her a brutal fuck with my cock and shove my three fingers deep into her ass, twisting and scratching her. “ AAAAGGGG” she screams, pushing her ass off of the bed to escape the fingers in her ass, but forcing her pussy to accept the brutal thrust of my cock. I like to fuck women like animals, inflicting as much pain on them with my cock. Each stroke of my cock was meant to hurt, changing the angle of my cock to reach places in her pussy never reached before. Each new burst of pain made her pussy grip my cock in pain, giving pleasure to me. My cock begins a rapid fucking of her pussy, beating a painful path into her. I soon came inside of her. The penetration of her pussy by my cock is more painful than the last as her pussy was rubbed raw. She never imaged being fucked like this and to have her pussy burning and so painful. I'm aware of my dominance over her. “ You are mine now, Katie.” I told her. My thrusts became harder as I said it, driving her deep into the bed with my strength. Without thinking, she brought her hand up between her thighs and started rubbing her clit hard, hoping she could come before I finished with her. It is close, her belly burned and contracted as she clenched hard on my thick shaft. Then her pussy gushed with hot fluid as her orgasm exploded in her. “ Oh, fuck!” She yells in surprise, “ I’m coming, oh fuck me! I’m coming!” A moment later she feels me slam deep into her and my cock throbbed as my hot seed filled her again, in the the deepest recesses of her body. I held it inside her, pumping with short stabbing thrusts as I emptied my balls inside her. Only when I begin to soften did I pull out and lay heavily over her exhausted body. I left Katie to take a shower and wash the cum out of her abused pussy. She ached from the two sessions, she has endured. She lay down on the bed and fell asleep again, trying to put her ordeal out of her mind.

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