Charles Helps His Mother Feel Pleasure Again Chapter 9

Charles Helps His Mother Feel Pleasure Again Chapter 9

Words from the Author:

This is the last chapter of Charles, I would like to thank those who enjoyed this story and even though I may not write anything new until I get my long list of projects completed, you never know.

I may have been new here, but I hope I leave a lasting impact to those who have read my story, and you never know maybe Charles, Sue, Bruce and Emily will return.

Thank you


Sue got dressed quickly and quietly, it didn’t take long for her to feel a wet puddle forming in her panties as some of his cum seeped through her lips.

She returned to her bed lying on her side, her back to Bruce and pulled the sheet over her once more, she laid there staring at the wall with a smile that wouldn’t go away.
“Your back baby, where’d you go?” Bruce asked as he turned over and snuggled into Sue’s back.
“Had to use the bathroom dear.” She said saying the first thing that came to her mind.
“What’s that musky smell?” Bruce asks, Sue became frozen with the realisation that he must be smelling hers and Charles’s sex scents.
“I don’t smell anything honey.” Sue responds, that is when she felt something sliding between her legs and rubbing against her panty covered pussy.
“Oh god no.” She thinks to herself thinking that she might have been caught.
“Oh your so wet.” He comments as his fingers slide from between her tights, he presents his wet index and middle fingers to her, Sue turns to look at her husband scared and worried.
“Baby I can explain.” She says.
“There’s nothing to explain baby.” Sue watched in horror as he brought his fingers to his lips, she wanted to scream for him to stop but the words wouldn’t come out, he opened his mouth and sucked his fingers hard making sure to get all the juice from them, after a few moments he removed his fingers and says.
“You taste different tonight.” If only he knew that it wasn’t Sue’s juices but his Son’s cum that he had just sucked from his fingers.
“It must have been something I’ve drunk.” She confessed.
“Whatever it is it needs less salt.” Bruce responded smiling.
“Yes dear.” Sue responded.

In his room Charles lay on his bed as a feeling of joy and success filled him, it had never occurred to him before that he might get his Mother pregnant, just earlier today he had discovered Emily’s pregnancy and now the realisation that he might have a child to his Mother filled him with pride, here he was only seventeen and already he had one child on the way and possibly another.

But fear and worry began to creep into his thoughts, what of his Father, so far as he knew Sue hadn’t had sex because of her condition, and the fact of her falling pregnant would raise suspicion.

He shook his head side to side to expel the evil thoughts from his mind, he only wanted to think on the pleasure and joy that had filled him and his Mother but moments ago, he slide his right hand along his now soft cock still covered in juice, he brought it to his face and took a deep sniff of his palm, he closed his eyes enjoying the incredibly alluring and seductive scent, without thinking he lashed his tongue out and licked his palm with a long slow movement as he collected as much juice on his tongue as possible, he slowly brought it back inside his lips and enjoyed the taste as his hand dropped by his side once more.

He fell asleep with that amazing taste in his mouth and that scent filling his nostrils.

“Charles honey time to wake up, you’ve got school remember.” Spoke a soft female voice as he gave out a moan and grunt of defiance.
“If you wake up now, I suck your nice hard cock.” The voice responded whispering into his ear, with a flash he was awake, Sue was standing there with an evil grin and her hands on her hips.
“I knew that would wake you up.” She said turning away.
“Hey didn’t you say you would suck my cock?” He called after, but she made no reply.
“You fucking cock tease.” He said to himself with a smile.

He got dressed and stumbled into the kitchen rubbing his eyes.
“Morning sport.” Bruce said as he entered the room.
“Mmm morning Dad.” He responded dropping into a chair.
“You look tired Charles, didn’t you get much sleep last night?” Bruce asked a little concerned.
“Some but I had some things to think about.” He said as Sue walked into the room, he watched as she walked over to the jug and started to pour boiled water into a mug.
“Well if you’re like me it would have been a about girls.” Bruce responded with a laugh.
“Something like that.” Charles answered as Sue turned to look at them, he gave her a smile and she gave him one in return.

Charles arrived at school and to his surprise found Emily and Mel talking to one another, they saw him approach which ended whatever conversation they were having.
“Hey Charles.” Mel called out.
“Ah hey.” Emily sheepishly added.
“Hey girls, this is a scene I never thought I would ever see.” He said a little too surprised.
“Well the truth is that since my friends found out that I was pregnant to you and that it wasn’t actually rape, they want nothing to do with me…. Mel has been kind enough to allow me to hang around with you two.” Emily said turning with a smile and looking at Mel.
“Your welcome here Emily even though it’s only because Charles put his bun into your oven.” Mel gave out a little laugh, Emily joined in and Charles was still a little confused.

It was around one o’clock and Sue was hanging clothes out on the back line, it was a nice sunny day so Sue had decided to wear a sleeveless tank top with a generous neck line and a pair of denim shorts that just stopped below her crutch.

The heat on her more than naked skin made her feel rejuvenated, she finished pegging the last sheet to the line and walked over to a nearby lounge chair, she sat down and continued to enjoy the heat on her skin, slowly small drops of sweat began to form on her body, they would give her a little tickle as they would glide past the small hairs on her body, slowly her skin became moist with these drops when a small gust of wind blew though her, Sue let out a small moan as all the nerves in her body were all stimulated at once.

As the gust passed and the heat returned she felt even more wet, she looked around and unbuttoned her shorts and slide down her zipper, she pushed her right hand into her panties and found her pussy lips wet, she couldn’t believe she was had been turned on by sweat and a gust of wind.

She pushed her middle finger into her pussy getting it nice and wet and then slowly pulled it out of her panties making sure not to wipe it as it became free, she brought it up to her lips and enjoyed the taste of her juice as she felt her blood racing, she brought her left hand to her left breast and squeezed it hard through the material, she could feel her nipple becoming hard even though she wore a bra.

She removed the finger from her mouth and thrust it back into her panties as her left hand continued its work on her breast, she thrust two fingers inside her now more than open lips as she began to cry and moan.
“Oh god Charles I wish you were here.” She cried out loudly as she continued to finger and fondle.

She reluctantly removed her finger from her sex and rose from the chair, she looked around making sure no one could see her, as she continued to search she slowly slid her tight shorts over her firm thighs until gravity took over and they fell to her feet, she did the same thing to her panties as she hooked her fingers into the waist bands and allowed them to glide down as well.

She stepped out of her clothes and sat back once more onto the chair, she spread her legs wide allowing the breeze to lap against her pussy, she took her penetrating fingers and placed them once more between her lips, her taste was incredible.

She could feel her blood beginning to boil even more as the taste of her sex on her fingers seemed to take her body to places, that only fell short of where Charles could take her.

She removed her now even more wet fingers and glided the nails over her chin, down her throat leaving a trail behind and then down over her right breast, she felt it was unfair for her left breast to be receiving all the attention, she could feel the nipple very hard and very sensitive under her top, she stopped fondling her left breast and placed each palm on the outside of her bosom, she pushed her tits hard together as she felt her fingers brush against her nipples.

Her pussy lips were soaked by the endless drizzle of juice that she was producing, she released her left breast and thrust her hand into her crutch, without a second thought she thrust two fingers deep inside her, she gave out a loud cry of lust and desire.

Franticly she finger her once savaged hole, in need for an orgasm but her fingers weren’t cutting it, she need something inside her…. She need someone, her mind continued to go over these thoughts as her fingers continued to thrust and her right hand continued to squeeze and grope, she opened her eyes in search of something she could use as an alternative phalluses.

A hot spark flashed through her mind as she knew where she would find her replacement cock, reluctantly she slide her pants and short back into place and headed back inside.

She made her way to the kitchen and made sure Bruce wasn’t visible or in ear shot, she opened the fridge and pulled out a thin cucumber, it was half the thickness of Charles’s member but maybe a little longer, worry and doubt filled her mind, was she really going to do what she was thinking,.

Once again she looked around the fear of getting caught was adding to the mounting pleasure and guilt she was feeling, but she made her decision, she slide her short and panties completely off and kicked them partly along the floor, she laid down and opened her legs wide, she took the vegetable into her right hand and placed the tip just inside her wide open and wanting lips, she barely penetrated her womanhood when she removed it and brought it up to her eager and waiting mouth.

She sucked her juice off the cucumber and as she enjoyed her taste she started to take it deeper and deeper into her mouth, soon she was taking half of the length down her throat, it felt strange as she felt the odd bump on the skin, she moved her left hand down to her sex and started to massage her lips with her index and middle finger, she rubbed it round and around, with each pass she could feel her fingers getting wetter and wetter, every once in a while she would flick her enlarged and sensitive clit with her thumb nail, this caused Sue to swallow more of the cucumber.

Reluctantly she removed the cucumber from her hungry mouth and placed the tip once again at her wanting pussy, she relocated her left hand to her left breast once more as gave out a moan as the vegetable slowly started to penetrate her hole, she squeeze her breast hard and bit her lip as those bumps made contact with her insides adding to the pleasure even more.

She took almost the entire length into her pussy but she left just enough for her hand to occupy, she felt so full, she couldn’t believe that she was enjoying sex with a vegetable, maybe she should have tried this sooner.

She gave out a loud cry as she started to pull the cucumber back out, she could feel her juice pouring down over her backdoor more and more as she continued to pull it out.

Soon she could feel the tip almost ready to fall out, she stopped herself and pushed it back in making her give out another loud cry of pleasure, it was incredible second only to Charles, with her left hand she grabbed for the bottom of her top and pulled it up over her breasts and then did the same with her bra freeing them.

With urgency she pinched her right nipple between finger and thumb, it hurt but it felt so good.
As she accepted the pain in her breast she increased the speed in which she had been thrusting, the cucumber slid almost effortlessly through her channel.
“Oh god Charles I wish this was you.” She begged as she increased the speed even more, she could feel her orgasm no far off.

She stopped for a moment and turned over thrusting her ass into the air, the cold floor made her hard nipple feel like they were being tortured but she couldn’t get enough of it, she reached between her legs and took the cucumber once again into her grip and started thrusting once more, with her free hand she reached over her hip and to her asshole, it was so soaked in juice that she could easily push her finger inside.

Because of the double penetration she could feel her body of the edge of her orgasm, but that was when her blood ran cold.
“Sue where are you?” She froze stiff realising Bruce was just in the next room, there was no way she could get to her clothes in time to cover herself, she quickly rose from the floor, lowered her top and sat on one of the chairs at the table, that was when she felt the pain.

In that instant she had forgotten the cucumber and now it had been pushed deep inside her, she quickly slid a finger between her lip barley being able to feel the tip of the vegetable.
“Here you are?” Bruce said as he entered the room with a smile, she quickly pulled her finger away from her pussy and returned it with her other hand onto the table top.
“Yes here I am.” A little bit of pain and discomfort filled her voice.
“Are you alright, you look a bit flushed.” He commented as he joined her at the table.
“I’m f..f..fine.” Sue responded, in her mind she was begging for him to leave.
“What’s that smell?” He asked looking around the room and sniffing at the air.
“It’s nothing honey.” She quickly responded full of horror.

Her channel was starting to hurt as her desire began to subside and her juices began to cease and dry.
“I thought you were enjoying the sun today?” Bruce asked.
“I was but I came inside for something to drink.” She responded.
“Than why is there no glass in front of you?” He asked curious.
“Oh god I’ve been caught out.” Sue thought to herself, than there was the sound of a knock at the door.
“I wonder who that is?” He said as he rose from the chair and headed for the door, this was her chance, she rose from the chair and reached inside to pull the cucumber back out, but her walls had become too tight and it wouldn’t come free, she began to cry as she it started to become too much, but she still had her mind, she knew that she would just have to get it out later, she painfully reached down and collected her shorts and panties, she put them on and head into the lounge room to see who was the door.

“Who is it honey?” She called out.
“Just the kids honey, they‘ve come to have lunch at home today.” Bruce responded as Sue entered the room, before him stood Charles, Mel and Emily, she smiled but it was only a façade.
“Welcome home honey.” She said, Charles could see something wrong and said.
“Why don’t you wait up in my room, I’ve just got to talk to Mum.” The girls nodded their heads and Charles headed into the kitchen with Sue.
“What’s wrong Mum?” He asked concerned.
“Baby I have a cucumber shoved up my twat and I can’t get it out.” She responded her voice full of concern.
“Why?” He asked his face stunned.
“Does it really matter now?” Sue responded a little angry. “Oh god it hurts.”

Charles thought for a moment, he looked into the lounge room to see where his Father was, he was chatting with the girls as they headed to his room, with that he returned to Sue and said.
“Bend over the table Mum.” She did as told and he pulled her shorts and panties down and placed them on the table.
“Spread your legs wide Mum.” He ordered once more, she did as told and opened her legs as wide as she could, he knelt down and opened her pussy as wide as he could, he could see the violating vegetable and tried to grasp it with his fingers, but he had no success, there just was not enough room between the cucumber and her wall to fit his fingers in.
“I can’t get my fingers in Mum.” He said defeated.
“Please do something Charles it’s really starting to hurt.” She begged him, Charles thought for a moment, when he came up with an idea.
“Okay Mum this is probably going to hurt but you must keep yourself from screaming.” She nodded and he turned and pulled open one of the draws, he pulled a pair of tongs and returned to Sue’s opening.
“Here we go.” He said and he pushed the tongs into her channel, the metal caught against her sides and she shook as she felt the pain fill such a sensitive place, she held her hands over her mouth to keep her screams from getting out.

Slowly mill by mill the tongs continued to invade her pussy until she felt Charles stop, she felt some movement and than began to feel her channel becoming empty, it only took a moment but finally she was free.

She gave out a soft moan as she looked back to see the vegetable between the tongs, she turned over onto her back and brought her right hand to her now dry lips.
“Who thought a simple vegetable could case so much trouble.” She stated with a smile, Charles smiled in response and began to sniff over the cucumber.
“Mmm your juices have soaked into the skin, it should make for a very tasty meal.” He said giving it a lick.
“That it would.” She rose from the table and placed her clothes back on, she walked over to Charles and gave him a loving passionate kiss of thanks.
“Your welcome Mum.” He responded.
“You better get up to your room, there’s no knowing what could be happening.” Sue said bitting her lip as she flirted with Charles.
“I think you’re the one I should worry about, considering you fucked a vegetable.” Charles said back with a small giggle.
“That‘s only because you weren‘t here.” Sue responded with a matching giggle, slowly she dropped to her knees and began to pull his pants down.
“Mum I don’t think this is the right time for this.” Charles said looking around in case someone should enter the room.
“You wouldn’t denie Mummy her pleasures?” She looked up at him with a devious smile and licked the length of his still soft dick.
“Oh Mum.” Charles cooed as he felt the blood rushing to his cock.

Sue watched as her Son’s cock stood at attention before her face, she gave it one more lick from his balls all the way up to his now high tip before taking it into her mouth.

Charles placed one hand onto the back of her head to keep him from falling, Sue had become an expert cock sucker during the time that they had been trying to fix her.
“Oh Mum that feels so good.” Sue’s head bobbed up and down at alternating speeds, with each thrust down her throat her mouth became more and more wet.

Without warning she slammed her mouth all the way down his cock, his legs almost gave way as he could feel Sue’s tongue licking his balls.

Almost as suddenly as she had done it, she pulled her head all the way off of his cock, all that kept them connected was a long thick strand of saliva that hung for a few moments before breaking.

Sue placed her right hand around Charles’s cock and began to steadily jacking him off as she wrapped her lips around it once more, this time being more slower and gentle.
“That’s it Mum, just like that.” Charles commented feeling joy and pleasure filling every being of his body.

Sue could taste Charles’s precum as it seeped from his tip, that taste had become ambrosia to her almost like an addiction, but she didn’t want him to cum in her mouth, reluctantly she pulled her lips from his cock and stood up before him, she still yanked on his sex as her lips pressed against his, their tongues dance with one another before parting once more.
“Oh Charles I need you inside me so much.” Sue groaned.
“Anything you desire Mother.” Charles groaned back.

Once again Sue bent over the table and lowered her shorts revealing her more than wet opening, Charles took his hard member and lined it up to her drenched hole.

Slowly he pushed it in knowing that she might still be hurting from the cucumber, however she felt so soft and warm like he was putting his cock into a nice warm fresh roll of bread.
“Oh Charles.” Sue cooed as he pushed his entire length inside her until his balls was pressing against her mound.

Charles placed his hands onto either side of her shoulders and bent down until his lips were right next to Sue’s right ear, he gave out a warm breath that cuddle her earlobe sending shivers down her spine.
“I hope this last forever Mum.” Charles said before licking her ear.
“So do I my love.” Sue responded, she gave out a moan as she felt him pulling his hips back, once he reached his limit he plunged back inside her, with each thrust she gave out moans and groan that got louder and louder, they could easily have been heard but they didn’t care, they were showing each other how much they loved and cared for one another in the ultimate show of affection.

Upstairs Bruce had been talking to Mel and Emily, the two girls sat on the bed while Bruce had been sitting before them on a computer chair, he had been trying to learn all his could about his Son that he had lost time with for all those years in the prison.

They had been most forth coming, Emily had even confessed to him about her pregnancy, however as their talk continued on Bruce couldn’t help but stare at Mel and Emily more than he should have been, it had been many years since he had, had sex and not being able to have it with Sue had pushed him to the edge.
“Would you excuse me Mr Wesner, but being pregnant tends to cause havoc with your bladder.” Emily stated as she rose from the bed and headed into the bathroom.
“So Mel do you have yourself a boy friend?” Bruce asked her.
“No I’ve never had a boyfriend.” She responded shyly shifting a little on the spot.
“Come now, surely you’ve had a boyfriend, it’s not like you’re a virgin.” Bruce responded with a small laugh.
“Actually sir…. I am a virgin.” Mel stated feeling a little uneasy and nervous, Bruce felt guilty and a little ashamed.
“Oh Mel I didn’t mean to make fun of you.” He said standing up and sitting next to her on the bed.
“It’s alright Mr Wesner, I know for me it’s something I will never lose.” Tears began to stream down her cheeks, Bruce wrapped his arms around her and held her tight.
“Don’t be foolish of course you will, you just have to find the right man.” She looked up into his eyes and smiled.
“I hope I find a kind man just like you Mr Wesner.” Bruce smiled back feeling joy rush through his veins.
“Please call me Bruce.” He stated.
“Okay Bruce.” Mel responded.

Without a second thought Bruce leaned forward and kissed Mel gently, he felt no resistance as his tongue parted her lips.
He leaned against her pushing her onto her back as they continued to kiss, however he could feel his cock raging in his pants, he wanted sex and now with his blood rushing around his body he was going to get it.

“Oh Mel I need you so much.” Bruce said as he pulled his lips away from her long enough to take a breath before continuing.
“I’m all yours Bruce.” Mel responded as their passion over took them again, finally Bruce was able to break free once more and dropped his pants before Mel revealing himself to her, Mel lifted up the skirt she had been wearing and dropped her panties around her ankles and removing one foot.

Bruce shifted her further up onto the bed and than laid on top of her, he lined his cock up with her virgin hole and began kissing her once more, he found what he was looking for and thrust hard into Mel’s sex, Mel broke the kiss and let out a scream that filled the house, but Bruce thrust his hand over her mouth stifling it.
“Stop screaming you stupid girl.” But Mel would not, Bruce didn’t care he was finally getting the fucking he had craved for so long.

“Did you hear that?” Sue asked as Charles continued to fuck her on the kitchen table.
“Yes… I did.” Charles responded with a grunt, he rammed his cock harder and harder into Sue’s soaping wet sex.
“We should see what is happening.” Sue commented half a moan surrounding her words.
“Soon, just not yet.” Charles said with a slight beg, he was getting close and cared for nothing more than his orgasm.

Back in his room Bruce had removed his hand from Mel’s lips who was lying there unmoving and crying.
“Please stop Bruce.” She had said a dozen times in the last sixty seconds but Bruce had no intention of stopping.
“Your going to lay there and enjoy it you stupid little bitch.” He said slightly spitting into her face.

In the toilet Emily remained still sitting, she had heard the scream but was in the condition to respond, finally after another ten minutes she could hear Mel screaming once more.

“Please Bruce don’t cum inside me, I don’t want to get pregnant.” Mel begged him.
“Your going to take my seed and like it you little whore.” Bruce cursed and his thrusts becoming more and more rapid, he was on the tip of his orgasm when he felt his balls ejecting and his cum shooting out of the head of his cock, Mel lay there in shock as she felt the large shots of cum coating her insides.

Finally free Emily entered the room shocked by what she saw, Bruce lying there on top of Mel his cock buried deep inside her, she could just make out the cum that was starting to seep from her opening.

Filled with fear for Mel, Emily lunged at Bruce who pushed her away with little to no effort.
“Help me.” Mel begged almost sounding like a whisper, Emily knew she could do nothing, she needed help.

Back down stairs Charles was closing in on his own orgasm.
“Mum I’m going to cum.” He screamed.
“Do it baby, fill Mummy with your seed and make me with child.” Sue begged.

Just as the first shots of cum flew deep into her womb Emily entered the room, she was once again shocked by what she was seeing, she was at a loss for words and quickly ran home where she called the police.

It didn’t take long for the police to arrive… Sue, Bruce and Charles were taken into custody.

Bruce was given three years for statutory rape and placed onto the Paedophile watch list.

Sue was also sentence for three years for the same reason and a further ten years for incest.

During her imprisonment she discovered that she was pregnant, after nine months she gave birth do a baby boy, but before she could name him, he was placed into the care of the state and she never heard about or from him again.

Charles was sentenced for twelve months in a juvenile detention, the court believed that being under the age of eighteen he had no control over his actions and that he was only following what his Mother allowed.

Once he was released he and Emily got back in contact and eventually started a normal relationship and married when they both reached eighteen.

Emily had a baby girl which she named Mina.

Mel turned lesbian due to her rape at the hands of Bruce, but suffered only mental anguish and nothing physical like Sue, she is now living with her girlfriend Yunagara.

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