First time threesome...

First time threesome...

Tom couldn’t believe he was doing this. As he pulled into the parking lot of the non-descript motel, he couldn’t actually believe that he was pulling up to perhaps the greatest sexual adventure of his life. He knew he shouldn’t be there, that she would not approve, but the more honest he was with himself, the more he knew that he didn’t want to be anywhere else.
He checked the text message on his phone. “Room 109” it read, followed by a little devil’s face. He fixed his hair, popped a tic-tac, took a deep breath, and headed that way. He paused in front of the door, realizing this was his last chance to run…and knocked.
Amy opened the door, and she was even better than her picture. Her smile was to DIE for. Tom wanted her immediately, and felt a stirring in his jeans.
“Hi,” she cooed sweetly. “We’ve been waiting for you.”
As she opened the door, Tom could see who “we” was. He had heard about Jennifer, but never seen her in person, only in his mind from Amy’s descriptions. The real thing was a WHOLE lot better.
As they were introduced, Jennifer hugged him like an old friend, instantly putting him at ease. They sat on the edge of the bed, and the girls offered him a beer and some pizza, and there was a football game on the TV. Tom began to relax, and felt much more at home. He was definitely more comfortable with his decision now.
They group talked for an hour or so, and each had a few beers, loosening up the mood. At one point Amy made a playful joke at Jennifer, so Jennifer smacked her on her butt.
“Oh, THAT’s the way you want to play, is it?” cried Amy, and she immediately tackled Jennifer, beer and all. The two playfully wrestled on the bed, giggling. And without Tom even knowing what was happening, that playful wrestling degenerated into a long, drawn out kiss, and just like that, things got a lot more interesting.
“Tom, we’re glad you’re here, and we promise to include you real soon, but I want Amy all to myself for a little while. Feel free to watch, though,” she said with a devilish smile.
Jennifer tugged off Amy’s pants with a vengeance, and soon had Amy flat on her back, moaning passionately as Jennifer’s face was buried between the redhead’s legs. Tom had a front row seat to the action, and could see Jennifer’s tongue working Amy’s ever-wetter pussy. Amy let out an audible gasp as Jennifer switched from tongue to fingers, working one and then quickly two fingers up her friend’s moistening pussy. Amy got even more excited when Jennifer removed one finger and worked it gently into her rectum, while lashing at her clit with her tongue. Amy had a finger in her pussy, one in her ass, and her clit was being ravaged by Jennifer’s tongue. She was moaning loudly now, and wanted Jennifer to put her over the edge.
Jennifer didn’t want to finish her friend off too quickly, though, and paused briefly to allow Amy to wiggle out of the rest of her clothes, while she did the same. Tom was now lucky enough to be looking at two beautiful, juiced up, lusty, NAKED women, and he was practically salivating at what could come next.
The girls didn’t keep him in suspense long. Amy took charge now, and pushed Jennifer down on the bed, so that the brunette was on all fours, face down with her ass in the air. Amy then dove into her friend’s cunt from behind, licking pussy and asshole with reckless abandon. Tom had a ringside seat, and watched every flick of Amy’s tongue as she rimmed out her friend while fucking her with two fingers. From somewhere (Tom didn’t see where) Amy produced a vibrator, and immediately began teasing her friend. Jennifer was really enjoying things now, and her eyes were closed as she moaned loudly at the stimulation. She gasped out loud when Amy slid the toy deep into her pussy, and louder when Amy started working it in out of her juiced up slit. And even louder still when Amy removed the toy from her dripping pussy and proceeded to insert it into her waiting ass. This went on for a few minutes, as Amy knew just what buttons to push to keep Jennifer on the edge of an orgasm. But now it was Amy’s turn to slow things down.
“Not yet, honey. Not yet.” And with that, she proceeded to flip her friend onto her back, and mount up for a beautiful lesbian 69. Now it was Amy’s turn to gasp as Jennifer’s experienced tongue found its way into Amy’s juiced up pussy. Amy ground down hard on her friend’s face, and at the same time lowered her head onto Jennifer’s mound. She snaked her tongue around Jennifer’s clit, flicking it back and forth, just like she new Jennifer wanted it. Both girls were moaning now, when their mouths weren’t full of pussy. The vibrator reappeared, and was once again buzzing away in Jennifer’s ass. That was about all Jennifer could take, and her hips practically rocketed off the bed in an earsplitting orgasm. The feel of her friend cumming on her face, coupled with Jennifer’s expert tongue, pushed Amy over the edge, and her friend’s passionate screams were soon replaced by her own as she ground down on her friend’s face and came REALLY hard.
“OOOOOOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH” she screamed, feeling her pussy spasm repeatedly.
The girls collapsed in a heap. At some point during the interlude, not surprisingly, Tom found his stiff cock in his hand as he watched the show in rapt attention. Now, Jennifer slid out from underneath Amy and said, “My my, look at that! Can’t let that go to waste, now can we, Amy?”
Amy agreed, and before he knew what was happening, Tom was flat on the bed with his pants around his ankles and two hot mouths working over his cock. Amy worked the head and upper shaft, while Jennifer flicked her tongue on the base and worked over his scrotum. As added stimulation, Amy straddled Tom’s face with her pussy, still dripping from her recent orgasm, and ground hard onto his face. Tom snaked his tongue up into her box, and felt her groan in excitement. He was never happier than when a juiced up hottie was riding his face, and he was in HEAVEN. Much more of this and he knew he was going to pop, so he suggested a change in position.
The girls readily agreed, and Jennifer laid out on her back and spread her legs wide, her glistening lips showing how ready she was. “C’mon, big boy. Let me feel that thing!” Tom obliged, and plunged into Jennifer up to the hilt. She gasped as he filled her up with his meat. Amy, eager to participate, jumped onto Jennifer’s face. Jennifer greedily licked her hungry pussy as Amy and Tom kissed passionately. Tom slowed his pace on purpose, not wanting the moment to end too soon. It was quickly arriving for Amy though. The redhead’s pussy was quivering first from Tom’s tongue, and now Jennifer’s, and soon she was screaming like a banshee as yet another orgasm washed over her.
Amy was spent, and rolled off of Jennifer in exhaustion. This gave Tom and Jennifer time to get better acquainted. Tom pulled out and got on his back, and Jennifer quickly mounted him, guiding his rod into her box. The two fucked gently, enjoying the moment. Jennifer rocked up and down on him slowly at first, reaching down with her hand to stoke her clit as they fucked. Soon, their passion built, and they began going faster and faster, lost in several wonderful minutes.
As the two rocked together, suddenly Jennifer felt something from behind. Was Amy back in the game? OH YES she was, and Jennifer gasped as she felt Amy’s tongue flick across her rosebud. She gasped even louder as the vibrator from before found it’s way back into her asshole, filling her up in a wonderful double penetration. She collapsed into Tom’s arms, moaning for all she was worth as both Tom and Amy increased the tempo. Harder and faster she pushed down on Tom’s cock, while Amy worked the vibrator in and out of her puckered ass in perfect rhythm. Jennifer felt so full of cock she thought she was going to explode.
“hereitcomeshereitcomesdon’tstop YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS,” she screamed as first one then quickly another powerful orgasm ripped thru her. Tom could feel her pussy walls contract, trying to squeeze the cum out of him, and she went limp on top of him when she finally came down.
Amy was fully recovered by now, and Tom was raring to go. With Jennifer on the verge of collapse, Tom turned his attention to Amy, who was up on all fours and inviting Tom to fuck her doggy style.
Never one to turn down a lady, Tom pulled out of Jennifer and slowly rolled away from her, leaving Jennifer to glow in the aftermath of her climax. Tom slowly entered Amy from behind, allowing her to accept him inch by wonderful inch, and she closed her eyes and sighed as he pushed inside of her. She was incredibly tight, and Tom just paused, feeling how great it was to be inside her. He then began to fuck her, slowly at first, building up a rhythm. She was enjoying every moment of it, too, as she felt his deep thrusts fill her box to the hilt.
Her enjoyment increased when Jennifer rolled over and spread her legs, inviting Amy to go face down in her pussy while Tom fucked her from behind. Amy happily obliged, tasting Jennifer’s juices while getting very juiced up on her own.
Tom was looking down at a truly beautiful sight. He was fucking one gorgeous girl, who had her tongue inside another gorgeous girl’s pussy. Only one thing would make it better. He wanted Amy’s ass.
Thankfully, Jennifer had left the lube within easy reach, and Tom availed himself of plenty. He then pulled out of Amy’s pussy, and pushed the head of his cock against her asshole. She gasped in anticipation.
“Oh YES, baby,” she heard him say. That was all the encouragement he needed, and soon his cock was working its way up her backdoor. Slowly at first, he soon began to thrust faster and harder. She was groaning now, and he could tell her orgasm was building. Tom slowed down again, letting it build, and giving Amy’s rectal muscles a solid workout. He changed pace several times, speeding up and slowing down, bringing her close to climax and then backing down.
“Oh c’mon, baby. Fuck my ass! Put me over the edge!” That was what Tom wanted to hear and increased his pace, fucking her tight ass for all he was worth. Soon she bucked her hips and was screaming out her orgasm, which was muffled since Amy’s face was buried deep between Jennifer’s legs.
Tom had finally reached the breaking point. He fucked Amy’s ass like an animal, feeling how her anus gripped him, trying to jerk the cum out of him. As he felt his sperm rising in his cock, he collapsed on top of her, pinning her to the bed beneath him. “ARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRGHHHH,” he groaned, as he pumped copious amounts of cum into Amy’s ass.
He wasn’t aware of how long he stayed on top of her. All three were exhausted, and as he went limp, he could feel her ass pushing his cock out. They all lay in a heap for quite some time. Finally, Jennifer stirred, and said, “Wow, that was an AWESOME Round 1! Whose up for some fun in the shower?”
It was going to be one very LONG, very PLEASUREABLE, evening indeed.

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