Bar Hopping

Bar Hopping

Waiting for him to come was something I did all the time anymore, it was getting pretty old, and I was tired of not having my husband’s attention. When we first married the sex was so hot we couldn’t get enough of each other. Now that he spent all the time at the office, I never saw him, and he never called. I figured that he was having an affair, even though I confronted him he swore that he wasn’t, it’s just something that women know. I decided I wasn’t going to stay home on this particular Friday night; I was going to go out have a good time and forget that I was married. I put on my best black cocktail dress, push up bra, and garter with thigh highs. I picked out my black 3 inch spiked heels. I flipped my hair put on some red lipstick and headed out for a night of clubbing. I looked hot and I knew it, and I was going to party like I was single.
I pulled up in my black Mercedes in front of the first club, it was a gay and lesbian bar, and it was fun to go here no pressure especially if you were married unless you wanted to. I walked in, and walked up to the bar looking around at the guys who were just simply flaming. And the girls that looked like real dyke guys. Stepping up to the bar the bartender who was obviously a flamer himself poured me an LIT, my favorite drink. I picked it up and found a little table in the corner where I could scope out the scene in the room. I sat down and crossed my long legs. Maybe I had sat there three seconds when a girl with long red hair walked over to my table. She wore heels similar to mine, had on a beautiful cream colored dress that hugged her curves. She was definitely hot, she smiled as she approached, and I reciprocated the smile.
“You expecting someone?” she asked me.
“No, help yourself,” I answered.
She sat down and crossed her legs as well, she told me her name was Debbie, and that she was single right now. I ordered her a drink and we talked for at least an hour about all sorts of things. She leaned in close to me several times and I anticipated a kiss but it didn’t happen. Her lips were full and luscious and I found myself thinking about how they would feel on mine.
“Would you like to go to the backroom,” she asked me.
“What’s’ back there,” I asked.
She smiled took my hand and we headed to a hallway past the bar, there were tons of rooms on each side of the hallway we entered one about halfway back. In the room was a bed a big red bed and nothing else. She walked over to the bed and lifted her shirt taking it off over her head. I stood still and watched; she unhooked her cream colored bra in the front and pulled it off. Her tits were fine, they were a least a DD cup, she had tight hard little nipples with big brown spots surrounding that red hot nipple. She slid her hands down her waist and took off the skirt she wore. Under it she had on a pair of nude thigh highs. She rolled them down and slipped off the cream colored thong she wore. She flipped her long red hair, and stood naked before me. Her body was perfect, and creamy white, her pussy was shaved slick and smooth like that of a little girl. I realized how wet my pussy was as I moved closer to her. Each step I took I dropped an article of clothing until I was naked standing directly in front of her.
Her hot red lips brushed across mine as my hand found her hard nipples. I gently kneaded her tits, and pulled on her nipples as my lips found the hollow of her neck. I pushed her down on the bed, Sliding up to the pillows she propped herself up at the headboard and spread her legs, her pussy was creamy and white slick and smooth, she had tight little puckered pussy lips with a nice hard pink clit that protruded from her lips. I immediately went to work, I spread her lips and my tongue found her clit, as did my teeth, I nibbled and sucked her hardening clit, she moaned and thrashed on the bed as I fucked her with my tongue. I took two fingers and entered her tight cunt, she was indeed tight and soaking wet. I pulled those little inner lips apart to reveal a nice round hole that had cum glistening around it. I shoved my tongue into her, and began to lap at her hole, my fingers found her asshole. She bucked her hips against my face as she moaned loudly and came all over my face.
I moved up to her tits and sucked them hard; I found her mouth again, as my tongue searched for hers. Her mouth was wet, I pulled away and looked at her, she was smiling, she flipped me over and began to suck at my tits, moving down my flat belly to the place between my legs that right now was soaking wet. My pussy was dripping actually I could hardly wait to feel her mouth on my cunt. She spread my lips far apart and began to suck and lick my clit. It was hard and I wanted her to fuck me, she put two fingers in my cunt, I told her I wanted another one; she shoved the third one in my tight hole, and began to work them in and out roughly. I rocked my hips, and took my hand and started to flick my clit with my finger as she licked one side, and finger fucked me hard. I knew I was going to cum, I warned her and she pulled her fingers out and shoved her tongue into my pussy. My legs tightened as I came in her mouth.
We had dressed and I kissed her one last time, as I left the room, I checked my watch it had only taken 2 hours for me to find her hot ass. I walked out to my Mercedes and got in heading to the next bar. I went to a bar about 2 minutes up the street, I let the valet park me and I walked into the bar. It was a just an old 70’s rock bar. The music was loud, the guys were hot, and drinks were cold and made perfect. I went to the bar ordering another LIT, when a guy at the bar with dark hair touching his shoulders smiled at me and handed the bartender money for my drink. I smiled at him, he motioned toward a table and I followed him. We talked for about an hour or so, and his hand found my leg under the table. It was hard and warm, and I let him feel my leg, he moved up my thigh toward my pussy. I spread my legs slightly as I leaned into him, his finger found my pussy; he eased under my panties, and rubbed the outer lips. I could tell that he was extremely aroused, he moved his finger around to get between my lips and hit just my clit, and I was still very wet from my romp with Debbie.
We walked out of the bar, his hand on the small of my back; we had the valet give us my car. He slid in behind the wheel and took the passenger seat. We drove to a secluded rode and parked; he turned off the lights and leaned over to me, and began to kiss me. His hand on the back of my neck, I leaned over closer to him, the smell of his cologne was intoxicating. I wanted to be fucked, and I really hoped like hell he had a big hard cock to slip into me. I found the door handle with my right hand and I opened the door. He pulled away looking at me questioningly. I got out and walked to the hood of the car. I lay across the hood; he smiled, and got out walking to the front of the car. He grabbed my legs and pulled me toward him. Quickly he pulled off my shoes, and rolled down the hose, and slipped the panties and garter belt off before I knew what had hit me.
His cock was hard I could see the outline, and it was big, I was glad because I was fuckin soaking wet. His hands shoved my thighs apart roughly; I was even more excited he was going to fuck me rough. His hands then went to my tits; he pulled them out of the top of my dress, and smacked the right one hard, over and over making my nipple stand at attention. He pulled my legs apart even further, and pulled his cock out of his pants, holding it in his hand he rubbed it over my pussy lips. He liked the sweet shaved slick pussy, and he told me so. I was throbbing I wanted to feel him in me so bad. He fingered my hole to make sure I was ready for his dick. He was at least 8 or 9 inches, in one stroke he was inside me, I could feel the head of his cock rubbing over my little feel good spot deep in my cunt. He held onto my legs as he began to fuck me harder and faster. His cock moved in faster and harder, I began to cum, I squirted my cum all over him. I heard him moan loudly as I squirted again, my body racked by the orgasm. He plunged in so deep I could feel, his balls bouncing against my asshole, he moaned again and came deep inside me. He pulled out and lay across me.
I got back into the car dropped him off at the bar, and was going to head for another one when the husband called. He wanted to know where I was, I told him I was on my way I met a friend for dinner. He wanted me home, he said he was horny and wanted to fuck me. I thought that was great, and little did he know I wouldn’t be washing up, he would be fucking me after Debbie, and Jeremy had fucked me. I could hardly wait for next Friday night at the bar.

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