Everyone Loves Karen

Everyone Loves Karen

It only took one look for the receptionist to tell that the young woman was troubled. The way she was walking got a second glance from the older woman. She'd seen that walk too many times since she started working here years ago. The teen wasn't just in trouble, she was trouble.

“May I help you,” the woman in her mid-thirties asked the teenager. She knew how to handle trouble.

Quickly looking around the teen said in a very quiet voice, “I'm here to get my annual checkup,” she told the woman in a very soft voice.

Over the years the receptionist had hardened herself to her job. She'd seen all types of women come through the doors. She'd seen women of all ages with the same look that this one had on her face. She had very little sympathy for a young girl’s stupidity, especially one as beautiful as the one facing her. “Speak up, dear,” she said in her normal business voice.

The reaction was what she had expected. It was almost as if she had shouted at the teenager, as the young brunette reeled back in shock. The young woman looked around; expecting everyone to be staring at her, but no one seemed to notice. Finally, she turned around and looked at the woman behind the counter. “I'm here to get my annual checkup. My name is Karen Singleton.”

The receptionist looked around as if she was looking for someone else, but knew better. “Are you alone?”

Now the young girl looked like she was about ready to cry. “Yes ma'am,” was her simple reply.

The receptionist stared at Karen and the teenager seemed to shrink under the woman's glare. There was an odor coming from the teen. It took just a second for her to recognize it. “Someone just drove you over here and drop you off?” It was on the tip of the older woman's town, but she didn't say, like a bag of trash.

“Yes, ma'am.”

“Sit over there and wait for your name to be called.” What little friendliness and patience in the older woman's voice was gone.

Karen didn't seem surprised at the command and turned to sit down where the receptionist told her too. She thought about her life, and all the things that had happened to her in the past year. Had it really been only a year? She thought. Karen shook her head to erase the thought, only to have a new one take its place. She didn't know many… The young woman shook her head in shame. She didn't know anyone who would go through the same hell that she had gone through this past twelve months. She knew she had changed and it wasn’t for the better. All she knew was that she didn't have much of a future anymore.


The voice made her jump up and looked towards the receptionist. It wasn't the receptionist but a nurse that had spoken to her. She walked towards this new woman in pink scrubs.

As Karen approached her, the woman said, “Karen Singleton?” Karen nodded her head, afraid to speak. “What is your address?”

The question was asked in a way that made the young girl cringe. She heard that tone before; very recently in fact. “750 South Glendale Drive, Ma'am,” Karen quickly replied. The past year had taught her that nobody cared what she said or thought.

She didn't see the nurses' smile or the look that she gave her. “Follow,” was all that the woman said.

“Yes ma’am.” Karen followed, just like she had been taught.

Her weight and height were quickly taken and she was ushered into a small examination room at the end of the hall. Karen didn’t know it, but it was one of two specially built examination rooms. It looked like any other room but, unlike the others, it was soundproof. At the nurses direction she's quickly stripped out of her clothes and put on a much too brief examination gown. The nurse watching her carefully, as she appraised the teen with a hungry look. Karen sat on the paper covered table, knowing what was coming next and afraid of what the doctor would think and do.

She had pleaded with Tony and Larry not to have sex with her this morning. She pleaded and begged, promising to do whatever they wanted, afterwards, but as usual what she wanted fell on deaf ears. When they had finished using her, they kicked her out of the house. She burst into tears when they told her it was her problem she didn't have enough time to properly clean herself up before her appointment.

After that, she thought she might get a little rest as she was driven to her doctor’s appointment. But it wasn’t to be. Mister Marino was the one that drove her to her appointment. Just as she was going to get out of the truck, he grabbed her by the back of the neck and pushed her face into his crotch. “Suck me, whore,” he commanded. Still numbed by getting her fuck box double teamed earlier her hands automatically opened his jeans and slid them down to his knees. The stink coming from the older man’s crotch was almost overpowering.


In the parking lot of her doctor, she wrapped her lips around the base of his slowly hardening fuck stick, and tried to think of anything but what she was doing. The smell of his unwashed crotch almost made her pass out, but she didn’t. Instead she got him hard in her mouth as he wrapped his fingers in her hair and started to jerk her head up and down violently. When he pushed down her nose and forehead were pounded against his beer gut. He pushed her head one last time violently against his stomach and held her there as he came in her mouth. He called her every name he could think of, whore, slut, fuckhole, a worthless piece of shit, as his cock slime hit the back of the young girls’ throat. She coughed and sputtered as the foul tasting spunk filled her mouth. She tried to swallow it all, but a little escaped, staining the blouse she wore.

His cum leaked onto the seat of the old pickup and Mister Marino became enraged. The cloth covered seats were stained with dozens of spills over the years. Most which were beer and other unknown, and probably toxic, liquids. The old man started to beat the back of her head with his fists. Only her tumbling out of the truck and landing on the pavement saved her from even a worse beating.

“All I wanted was a little payment for tote’n your skank ass around. Now I’m gonna have to clean up the mess you made. This here truck is a fucking antique, bitch. Get your own ride home, whore or walk.” Suddenly, he slammed the rusted out pickup into gear and drove away, almost running over the teenager.

Even as she sat on the cold examination table, she could taste the nasty cum still lingering in her mouth. She could feel the stickiness against her teeth and gums. If that didn’t make it worse, she could still feel what was left of the orgasms the two teenage boys had filled her with, leaking out of her gaping …. Karen didn't even use the word vagina that her mother had taught her to use anymore. The fifteen-year-old’s warped mind quickly came up with the right words, the once she had learned over the last year; cunt, whore-hole, cum catcher, baby maker, and so many more. Unknown to her, her training was complete. She didn't even try to stop the flow out of her loose outer lips. The creamy white cum was dripping onto the paper. Her eyes were fixed on the gaping hole between her legs. Something that looked like it belonged to an older woman. A whore.

That’s what she was now, she thought to herself. She was a whore, a tramp, a slut.

She sat there, for how long she didn’t know. Her boyfriends, no that wasn’t right, either. They were the men, and boys that used her whenever they wanted. They wouldn’t allow her any modesty, even in public. They dressed her however they wanted and a short skirt with no panties was usually her uniform. They even took her cell phone away from her because they said she wasn’t responsible enough. She might break it or even worse lose it. It wouldn’t do for just anyone to see the pictures stored on it, would it? They had added a password to all of her photos. To protect her, they said. How would she explain the photos of her being penetrated singly or having two or even three cocks stuffed in her to young holes?

Karen could feel her stomach starting to churn at the thought of the latest pictures they had taken of her. Was it only just the other day when Jake and his father, double teamed on her butt and cunt? Maybe it was last week? That wasn’t too bad, she told herself. But what came after was a whole new low for her. As she laid face down, she could feel a rough tongue licking her cum filled fuckholes. It felt good after the brutal pounding she had received from father and son. She remembered her muffled screams as they pressed her face against the mattress. At the same time, she didn’t know which one it was, tugged her hips up until she was kneeling on the cum soaked mattress. It was then that she felt the cold nose. She yelped in surprise as she tried to jerk away, but the low growl from behind her made her freeze in fear.

She hadn’t cried in months but she cried that night. She begged and pleaded to get the dog off of her as it mounted her and made her his bitch. As a teenager sat in the sterile confines of the examination room she could still feel the rapid thrusts of the animals cock as he drove his full length into her over and over. He was a four-legged jackhammer pounding away without mercy. She felt something even larger at the base of his dog cock trying to overcome her resisting muscles. She didn’t know what it was, but when it finally broke through the tight barrier that was preventing his mating with his new bitch she howled like the dog’s bitch she had become. The girl could feel the warm dog cum filling her. As the beast’s spunk continued to pour into her sucking hole, she felt an uncomfortable pressure. The fifteen-year-old had never experienced such pain as the knot prevented any of the canine seed escaping.

She pleaded with Jake and his father to get the dog off but it was no use. All they did was laugh and take more pictures of the pretty fifteen-year-old submitting to a large mongrel dog. She was tied to the growling, snarling animal, cock to cunt, until he was done breeding her. She had no idea how long they were connected by the plum size ball of flesh, but it seemed to take forever.

Her misery only increased after the dog had finally pulled his knot out of her with a vicious yank. Jake’s father laughed, as she screamed and collapsed, slapping her on the butt. That was when he made something so terrible, even worse by telling her that her newest boyfriend was having a birthday next month and she was invited. Not only that, but she didn’t have to bring a present/ She was the present. She was going to be the party favors for Jake’s mutt and his many of his friends as they could find.

As she looked down between her legs at the cum, still dripping out of her gaping hole, she heard the door suddenly open. She quickly looked, only to see Doctor Brown walking through the door, closely followed by the nurse in her pink scrubs.

She was too slow, putting her legs together, as he quickly glanced down between her legs and her cum glazed thighs. Looking back up the fifteen-year-old sent a chill through her, He knows, she thought.

He turned his back to her and started washing his hands at the little sink. “Good morning, Ms. Singleton. Nice to see you again. How have you been?”

She thought she detected a certain harshness to his tone, but she tried to answer him, as if everything were normal – normal? “I … I guess I’ve been okay, considering.”

he turned around and stared at her as he put the mandatory rubber gloves on. “Considering what Ms. Singleton?” He waited for her to reply as he pulled up and sat down on the little stool. He was positioned directly in front of her, still waiting. “I asked you a question Ms. Singleton. And while you’re trying to come up with a suitable reply, could you tell me why you can’t follow basic instructions for a pelvic exam?”

Her face turned beet red, and her heart started to pound, wildly in her chest. She couldn’t tell this man, her doctor, that she was a fuck toy for half the town. A whore and a slut for any man, boy, or even any beast that wanted to use her. His eyes, his whole being, seem to grow as hers diminished under his gaze.

“I … I … I’m sorry, Doctor Brown, Sir. I really am, but it’s not my fault,” was the only thing that came out of her mouth.

His eyes narrowed and she knew she had said the wrong thing, again. “You’re sorry? You come here and waste my time? You know you’re supposed to refrain from having sex before your exam.” Before she knew it he had lifted the gown up and yanked it out from under her butt. Before she could protest, she felt the ill-fitting gown pulled off of her head. Her hands quickly went to her breasts, only to have the nurse that was standing behind her, hold her hands behind her back. Her embarrassment quickly started to turn into panic.

While she was looking up at the nurse standing behind her, she felt something long and slim sliding between her slick lips. Now in full panic mode, she felt the doctors’ middle finger slide deep inside of her. She saw his eyes accusing her. Eyes that were accusing her of doing things that a good girl would never do. She felt him reach inside of her as far as he could and then he slowly withdrew the invading finger slowly, dragging the tip of his finger against the front of her … her fuckhole.

She couldn’t stop the groan that escaped her lips as she closed her eyes as she surrendered to the feeling of his fingers sliding in and out of her well sperm soaked cunt.

The young girl couldn’t see the tight smile on the doctor’s lips. The escaping cum inside of her made a squishing sound that made his cock hard. Not that it wouldn’t take much just by looking at her. He could see why someone would want to own her. She was for him, and obviously someone else, the perfect age. Her obvious beauty, her breasts growing and what he thought would eventually be a large C-cup or even a D. There was some bruising on them caused, no doubt, by one of her many admirers. He would be one more. The good Doctor Brown smiled to himself and his senior nurse and lover, Nurse Allen.

He added a second finger and drove deep inside of her making her gasp not with pain but with pleasure. He looked up at the nurse standing close behind the young girl and nodded his head. She had the same knowing smile that was on his lips was on hers. They both had a new toy to play with.

As he continued to methodically finger the teenage cunt Nurse Allen pulled her top over her head. In quick order the bra ended up on a chair releasing her magnificent breasts. Full D-cup breasts that he knew were topic of whispered conversations in the break room. The doctor’s smile widened. He didn’t hire her for her brains. The good doctor Brown had played, fondled, sucked, and even bit them many times as they screwed at various hotels and motels in the area. And those nipples that would get hard at the hint of a breeze were magnificent. They had even done the deed in this very examination room once. True, it was after hours but the thrill pushed them to do things they would have not normally done. He could feel his hard cock lurch inside of his pants. Today was turning out to be a very good day.

He was a little disappointed that he couldn’t see his sometimes lovers’ bushy cunt. He loved rubbing his face against her fat cunt lips and feel the soft brown curly pubic hair against his cheek. His view, however, was blocked by an equally enticing view, fifteen-year-old Karen Singleton. She had perfectly shaped breasts that seemed to defy gravity, a shape that any older woman would kill for, long brown hair that seemed to glow.

He didn’t stop to wonder how this woman-child had turned into a cock craving slut so early. In his line of work he’d met his fair share of clueless sluts, young, as well as old. It had been a couple of days since his frigid wife had consented to give him a hand job, but only if he wore a condom. She said it was to avoid the mess when he ejaculated, but he thought different. He could feel himself starting to lose his erection at just the thought of that shrew he had married. If it wasn’t for his outside interests he would have left her years ago, that and a considerable portion of his fortune gone as well. A groan and sudden movement from the teen was enough for him to regain his hardness.

Doctor Brown nodded his approval as Nurse Betty Allen was kneeling behind the girl on the examination table. Her legs spread wide straddling the teen’s hips. He knew the older woman’s own breasts were pressed against the back of the teen. Those perfect teenage breasts were now hidden under his assistant’s hands. Betty Allen was a large woman, almost six feet tall and one hundred and sixty pounds. Her hands were equally large as the mauled the teen’s breasts. Doctor Brown was amazed as Karen thrust her chest out and offered herself to the older woman. Nurse Allen eagerly accepted the offer by squeezing her tit flesh with her strong fingers till they were red, causing the other to jerk wildly and moan. Her fingers crushing the tender young nipples; pinching and crushing them till her normal pinkish red nips had a very familiar darker hue to them.

He marveled at how this young woman could, so easily give up that thin cover of her humanity and turn into a rutting animal. Of course it had happened to others that he and Betty had tag-teamed, but never so quickly, never so completely. It was almost as if she were … Of course, he suddenly realized, someone had trained her to become a mindless slut, a cum dump, a whore for cock - any cock that wanted a warm hole. He smiled at his nurse, who was still mauling the teenagers’ breasts. They did a very good job.

As he pulled his gloved fingers out of the sopping hole she groaned in disappointment. Nurse Allen’s eyes were on him as he waved his sperm soaked latex glove in front of the teens face. “How many were there, whore?” Like an obedient dog Karen’s eyes popped open at the sound of his voice. “Their loads! How many how many cocks rutted in your filthy hole this morning, whore?” he repeated. He couldn’t get over the change in her. He remembered her from her last visit, only last summer. He was sure she was a virgin back then. There were so few teenagers that were virgins now a days, that’s how he remembered her. He felt like he had missed his chance to pop another cherry. Even if she gave up her fuckhole there was the other hole he could use.

“Tw .. Two, Sir.” Even her voice sounded like it belonged to a sniveling worthless cunt to both the doctor and the nurse.

The sudden sound of Doctor Brown, slapping the side of the girls face with the cum soaked latex glove reverberated in the room. “I can smell cum on your breath, you lying whore. I very seriously doubt there were only two.” Under the harsh glow out the fluorescent lights the Doctor could see the glaze of the drying sperm on her face. He watched the fifteen-year-old’s tongue searching and finding stray splatters of sperm on her face.

The young girl quickly but softly answered. “I swear, Sir; I swear. There were only two this morning in my worthless cunt. I had to have someone drive me here. Mister Marino told me he’d take me, but I had to thank him by sucking his cock. I didn’t have mints or anything for afterwards. I’m sorry Sir, but I had to pay him back.

That made the good Doctor stop for a minute. He only knew one Marino, Alphonse Marino, and he was a fat Italian wop bastard. If it wasn’t for the fact that his family ran the best butcher shop in town, he wouldn’t have anything to him. His other claim to fame appeared to be that she had sucked the fat slob off; probably even in his parking lot. He would have to look at the security cameras in the parking lot, later. Two cherries gone, one to go, he thought.

He quickly pulled out the metal stirrups at the foot of the examination table. The young girl didn’t resist as she placed her feet in them and he fastened straps around her ankles and feet to hold her in place. “Scoot your ass closer to the edge of the table, slut. It’s time for your inspection.

Karen wiggled her way closer to the edge but a shove from behind by nurse Allen brought her tight round butt hanging off the end. It was only her legs, spread in a ‘Y’, held up by the metal restraints that kept her from sliding off and onto the floor. Her situation became even more hopeless when the doctor spread the bars even wider. Before she was thrown off the cheer team earlier this year, she had done splits that weren’t this embarrassing. The teen realized that the doctor knew who, and what she was, and that she was vulnerable and at his mercy. Not that she expected any. She knew who, and what she was, as well. It took all of her summer vacation last year to realize it; and it wasn’t until Thanksgiving that she finally accepted that she was weak and needed to be someone’s toy. She needed someone with a cock, man or boy, to show her who and what she was. She was a whore, a fuck doll like the ones she saw at the local adult store when they took her to earn some cash for them at the gloryholes. She was nothing more that. A sex toy for for others to use. Someone never asked the blow-up doll if she wanted their dicks in her holes. They never asked her either. She was there just to be used and then forgotten; till the next time.

As Doctor Brown spread her legs even wider, he carefully watched her. She was compliant, but there was something else. She was broken. Someone went to far and erased the young vibrant woman in to what she was now. He and Nurse Allen like them to resist a little. To hear a woman, young or old, cry and to beg was music to their ears. The promises that they would give them anything if they wouldn’t use them for their own pleasure turned them both on. The doctor and the nurse realized they would get that from this one.

“Cunt!” He barked at her. And as expected her eyes immediately focused on him. A broken whore, he confirmed to himself. As she looked at him like a dog expecting a treat he said, “When was the last time someone used your ass, bitch?”

To his disappointment she didn’t immediately tell him never. Instead she appeared to be thinking about it. He was starting to think that whoever destroyed this girl had removed any common sense and replaced it with nothing but cum between her ears.

Finally, she said, “It’s been a while, Sir. “

“A while?”

The girl stared at the man that was supposed to be her doctor, a confidant, someone she could trust with now vacant eyes. Finally, she said, “Last week? Tuesday … Maybe?”

Doctor Brown could feel his anger rise along with his cock. A three–hole whore, just my luck, he mumbled aloud. Somebody had beaten him to the promise land, but he could still let his frustrations go. Looking at Nurse Allen, still squeezing and teasing the teenager’s pert breasts, he told her, “Lay her down and keep her quiet,” he told his assistant.

“Yes, Doctor.” There was very little resistance on Karen’s part as a Betty Allen grabbed a young girl by the shoulders and slammed her back onto the table. Even though the young girl wasn’t resisting and looking up in confusion, the older woman said, “I know just the thing to keep your mouth busy, slut.” At the same time, Nurse Allen gave a lecherous grin to the doctor. This is going to be fun, she told herself.

Both women heard the doctor unbuckle his pants and the zipper being lowered. Throwing his pants on the small desk, he reached down and started fisting his cock. It wasn’t very large but it didn’t have to be. He didn’t care if the other person enjoyed it or not. All he cared about was his own pleasure.

He looked down the length of the teenager. The soft dark pubic hair, the ruddy open lips of her fuckhole. Looking carefully at her blown open hole he thought he could see the deep red meat of her insides showing. He smiled, knowing that wasn’t where he was going to end up.

First things first, he thought. No use catching some disease from this skank. He reached over and pulled a condom from the top drawer of the medical cabinet. He quickly opened it and expertly wrapped his hard shaft in its latex wrapper. As he rolled the rubber on his dick he looked at his nurse and nodded his head to continue.

She looked down at the now nervous teenager. The smile on her face was anything but reassuring. “It’s time for a little lunch, enjoy,” she told Karen as she knelt over her face; her strong legs pinning the teen’s arms to the table. Betty Allen was surprised as the teen suddenly start to struggle a little, but it wasn’t enough to stop her from sealing the girl’s mouth and nose with her hairy cunt. She sighed as she felt the girls’ nose rubbing up against her asshole. Betty started rocking back and forth other teenagers face hoping that the slut underneath her knew what to do.

Karen did know what to do but it took a moment too long for her mind to accept it. In those few moments she realized that she was going to become, once more, the fuck doll and the plaything for someone else. Her body started to respond as she felt flesh being pressed against her face and lips. She could feel the coarse hair surrounding the weeping pussy. The larger woman was pressing herself down threatening to suffocate her. Karen could feel her sliding her meaty, swollen lips back and forth from her forehead to her chin, leaving a trail of cunt slime.

Fear started to take over as Karen struggled to take a deep breath. Every time she tried. She could smell Mary Allen’s growing arousal. When the young girl opened her mouth to breathe she could taste the tangy sweetness on her lips and tongue. Being a plaything for another one was a new experience for the teenager. The more demanding the older woman became the more willing and eager Karen was to please.

Nurse Allen was growing impatient with the amateurish response she was receiving. She leaned over, grabbing the young girls smaller breasts and gave them a vicious twist. The slut underneath her let loose with a muffled scream as her mouth opened wide. At that instant, Betty Allen, pressed herself down even harder against the young girl’s face. When she did that she almost came as the submissive bitch opened her mouth to scream in pain, but instead almost swallowed her cunt whole. She felt the girl, under her spread thighs panicking trying to breathe. Instead of breathing the teenage slut was sucking on her meaty lips and engorged clit causing the older woman to squirt fuck cream into the younger girls mouth. As Karen struggled to breathe Betty Allen shook as the first wave of a building orgasm hit her. Her thighs pressed tighter against the side of a woman’s head as she groaned her approval. Her fingers applying even more pressure on the young brunettes breasts.

Doctor Brown looked on in awe. His anger simmering at a low boil after losing out deflowering one of Karen singletons virgin holes. He could see the young girl’s throat contracting, moving, as she swallowed Nurse Allen’s cunt juice. The teenagers’ whole head seemed to be swallowed by the larger woman’s thighs. It was an awesome sight, but not awesome enough to stop him from doing what he wanted to do.

The whole time the good Doctor was watching the triple X display of his nurse using their young patient’s mouth for her own sexual pleasure, he was leisurely stroking his still hard cock. He looked down and saw at trail of whitish slime still leaking out of the gaping hole. For someone Karen’s age it looked almost out of place. He’d seen enough blown out fuck holes to know that she had been used hard for a long time. The good doctor could see the pink meat inside and he wondered if she had taken someone’s fist. Without a second thought, he stepped up between the tens thighs and coated the head of his cock with the cum of another man leaking out. Men, he reminded himself. She was a slut after all

Karen’s mind was in turmoil. She had never had a woman do this to her before and at first it scared her. First it was the fact that the nurse almost suffocated her as she pressed down hard over her mouth and nose. Slowly she realized that she could take small breaths as a woman around her leaking cunt back and forth on her face. It was the dripping cunt cream that flipped the submissive switch on in Karen’s head. It tasted sweet and yet there was a subtle tanginess to it. Karen took a tentative lick and then a deeper, longer, lick as deep as her tongue would let her. The young girl could feel the older woman’s body jerk and her thighs tighten against her head as she took the enlarged clitoris between her lips.

Karen knew her role in life. Dozens of men during the past year had shown her, trained her, what she would be for the rest of her life. She took every lesson to heart and now she didn’t know any better. It was to serve; to do what she was told and to do it the best of her ability. This woman straddling her face may not have had a cock to feed her hungry pussy, but older woman had to be served. Karen had no idea what she was doing but she did know what she liked. Instead of fingers, she used her mouth and tongue and was rewarded for her efforts. The woman started to shake above for and her thighs tightened even more, as the woman’s juices started to fill her mouth.

As Nurse Betty Allen was experiencing her second, or was it her third orgasm, the teenager’s lower body suddenly lurched as Doctor Brown drove his cock between her parted thighs. He pushed into her buttery depths as deep as he could go. He almost came as he felt the still warm cum still inside of her surrounding his latex covered cock. The feeling of the teen’s muscles fluttering against his member was driving him closer to the edge. He pulled out till just the head of his circumcised cock and drove it back in quickly. He stroked in into the teen two or three times, before pulling completely out, his anger building again. He didn’t know how many men had the fucked her before he got his chance, but he did know he would have gotten more pleasure if he masturbated his cock.

He looked down at the worn out teen whore. Used up at the age of fifteen, he told himself. At least she had another hole he could use. The good doctor stroked his cum covered cock once and placed the tip against the brown star of her asshole, and pushed as hard as he could.

Karen’s mind and body were in a place that she seldom found when she was being raped by multiple men. She called it a zone. Her whole being, mind and body, were focused on pleasing the woman straddling her face and they were both enjoying it. She loved the taste of the woman’s orgasm. The juices seem to just be flowing into her mouth and the teenager swallowed every drop. She love the feel of the woman’s large thighs pressed against the side of her head as Nurse Allen ground her fat cunt lips against her face and tongue.

Suddenly, she felt a pain between her thighs, as if a knife was stuck deep inside of her. The pleasure that she had felt disappeared. She screamed but any sound she made was muffled by the woman pressing harder against her nose and mouth. It also effectively cut off her ability to breathe. She started to struggle even though she was powerless to do anything. The nurse was just too strong. The teenager thrashed her head around struggling to get free head but all that did was to rub and stimulate the fleshy gapping cunt sleeve and turn the older woman on even more.

“That’s right bitch,” she told to the terrified girl. “Go ahead, fight me. But keep that tongue moving, whore. Make me cum again, you slut. You’re going to get it now. We’re going to spit roast you. I hope you’ve been taking your pills, bitch. Who knows? Maybe he’ll knock you up and give you a little bastard to take home to mommy and daddy.” The older woman shuddered and shook through another orgasm as she masturbated against the young girl’s face.

The filthy degrading words coming out of Nurse Betty Allen’s mouth was turning the doctor on something fierce. That, as well as the squirming that this teen whore was doing, as the perverted Doctor Brown bottomed out inside of the young girl’s tight ass. He pulled back just enough to drive all five inches deep into her bowels again. He could feel his balls starting to tighten as his climax approached.

The dirty old man drove himself into the young whore over and over again, faster and faster, as he relished the tightness of her back door. He wished he could fuck this teen’s ass bareback, but he could feel the shit in her bowels pressing against his condom covered cock. It was then that his sick mind thought up new perversions to humiliate the teenager.

As that thought started to percolate in his sick mind, the doctor started to shake as he released his seed. He held himself as deep as he could between the teenager’s thighs. He could feel his warm cum filling the tip of the rubber. He started to shake as he emptied himself inside of the young girl.

Nurse Betty Allen closed her eyes as she shook through another orgasm. She pressed even harder against the teenage slut’s mouth and nose, not caring that she was suffocating the teen. She just never wanted it to end. She had visions of kidnapping some unsuspecting girl. Now, her focus was on the fifteen-year-old and holding her someplace just for sexual relief. She knew it would never happen, without her ending up in jail. It was a huge fantasy of hers, but so far, it was only a fantasy.

She opened her eyes, only to see the man she worked for staring back at her. At that moment she hated him more than ever. Nurse Allen presented herself to the doctor as bisexual, but only for moments like this. He was a violent and filthy man who enjoyed humiliating her. The only good thing in their arrangement was that that pitiful cock of his was smaller than her smallest dildo. She could barely feel it enter her and she had to fake her orgasm every time. She knew Karen Singleton, the whore, probably couldn’t feel anything either, but that didn’t make any difference. After all, she was just there to be used.

“Are you quite done, Nurse Allen?” Doctor Brown asked. The nurse stared back at the doctor and reluctantly lifted herself up off of the face of the fifteen-year-old.

As the older woman once again stood at the end of the table, she said, “She passed with flying colors, Doctor.” She did more than pass with flying colors, the woman told herself. For a whore, she did a very good job. “More than acceptable, Doctor.”

Betty Allen knew that the fun was over and it was time to go back to work. “Run the usual tests, Doctor?”

Doctor Brown stared back at his nurse with disapproval. Why is she being such a bitch, he wondered. We both got what we wanted, didn’t we? He slowly and carefully remove the condom from his shrinking penis. He wished he could fire the woman, but he couldn’t. She knew too much and it would not only ruin him financially, but he would end up in jail. The doctor shivered involuntarily. That was one place he didn’t want to go.

“Of course, but make sure you run a complete panel for all of the venereal diseases. There’s no telling what she’s caught.” He looked down at the naked body. He took in the small developing breasts, the slightest hint of womanly curves, and the sparse brown cum matted hair between her thighs. “I remember her from last year. She was a virgin then … Too bad that there’s nothing virgin about her anymore. Oh well, run the tests and get her out of here. I’m going to lunch. It seems like I’ve developed an appetite,” he told his assistant with a smile on his face.

“Yes, Doctor,” was the automatic reply.”

Karen heard the voices, but she wasn’t sure what was going on. Her mind had shut down while the two used and abused her. It wasn’t unusual for that to happen. It was becoming more and more common as her resistance to being used as a cum dump disappeared.

The teen flinched a little as she felt a soft hand stroke her face. “Don’t worry, Karen, Nurse Allen will take good care of you.

The young girl sighed inside, as she said, “Yes, ma’am.” They all said that, didn’t they? The fifteen-year-old thought. They would take care of me meant they’d fuck me like a whore. They would love me until they shot their cum inside of me. Then they ignore me, throw me away, till the next time someone said they loved me.

The young girl didn’t feel the needles piercing her flesh as blood was drawn. She wondered who, or what, would be next? It seemed like everyone loves Karen.

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