Broken Little Thing

Broken Little Thing

Broken Little Thing

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"I could ask Mom to let me come live with you after they get married, you know," Ava said while sitting sideways on the oversized couch I had in front of my TV. The young teen girl woke up late, had a bowl of cereal for breakfast, then came to the living room to make me company while she checked her homework for the weekend on her tablet.

I sat at the comfy recliner chair to the right side of the large TV room, perpendicular to where she sat, and I watched a Formula 1 race. My week had been busy with a mix of work at the company, extra workout sessions at the gym, and many other things I had to do to clear my schedule and have time free for my niece. So, since she got there, I enjoyed as much of my free time as I could. Not even her sudden proposal was able to get me out of the calm, lazy zone I gladly found myself in.

"Your mom says she is only getting married again after you turn eighteen. That is what? Four years from now? By that time, you'll be going to college," I just made conversation. Even though I knew that was highly improbable to happen, I wouldn't oppose the idea at all, as I very much enjoyed spending time with her. I never had kids, never wanted any. Damn, I wasn't even married. Having Ava there was almost like having a daughter, but better. She was bright, sweet, obedient, and very, very mature—a kid who was forced to grow up too fast.

"Three years and ten months, but that's true. I hope I can move out way before that, though. I can't stand my mom or her boyfriend anymore."

It seemed like we were having the same old conversation, me telling her mother did the best she could after my brother had bailed on them, showing up once a year, sometimes, to let us know he was alive and then disappear from our lives again. That altogether was a lie, as I knew her mother was a mess, too. Ava was staying with me for two weeks as her mom had decided to travel to Florida. She wanted to have some fun with her new boyfriend in the middle of a pandemic, not caring about her work as a bartender, just leaving her daughter with her well-off brother-in-law. The young girl had asked to stay behind so she wouldn't have to quarantine and lose even more of her already troubled first year of high school, and there was no way I would say no to anything she asked me, especially something like that.

We didn't follow up with the conversation, though. We didn't talk anymore because something had caught my eye before that happened. Her shorts were too big for her, intentionally, as to make them extra comfortable. If she were in any other position, that would have been fine, but from that angle, I could clearly see that Ava didn't have panties on. I was absolutely entranced by what I saw for a good two minutes before I snapped back to reality and decided to do the right thing. That, or I would end up doing something I would regret very much later.

"Ava, you know I love you as if you were my own daughter, right?" While trying my best to keep looking her in the eyes, I tried to let go of all of the wicked fantasies forming inside my brain.

She looked up from the tablet screen, her brown eyes big and her expressive eyebrows high from my sudden display of affection. Her full cheeks burned red, and a shy, cute smile appeared on her lips.

"Y-Yes, I do." She said, putting the tablet down on her lap, "I can't say I love you like you were my own dad because that would be an understatement," she went on with a chuckle, "You're way cooler."

"Thank you," I said, laughing at my own brother's expense and stopping there, as I didn't want to bring back any of the bad memories she had of her father. "So, I'll tell you this with both our best interests in mind, and I hope you understand my intention is not to make you ashamed or anything…" I continued with what was yet another partial lie on my part. I wanted to see her reaction when I said what I was about to say as, from where I sat, I could perfectly see the puffy, nubile mounds of her young pussy showing from under the loose legs of her pajama shorts.

"Humm… Ok… I'm listening," Ava said, looking concerned, her little but full-lipped mouth not completely closed, her two big front teeth showing in a way that always made her look so adorable.

"You know you can feel as comfortable here as you were in your own house, and that will never change. But, there are some parts of you that it's better if I don't see, as even though I'm your uncle, I'm still a man…"

"Uhh?" She squinted a bit as if trying to understand what I said, her legs still bent and partially open.

She wore nothing more than a t-shirt and light grey flannel shorts that, at that position, were very revealing. And, obviously to me now, even though I had never noticed this before, panties weren't part of her sleeping clothes. I could even see the few pubic hairs she had there. I wouldn't be able to express with words how hard it was for me to stop looking, how much of my willpower I had to muster to be able to do the next best thing other than just stop looking and letting her be.

"Sweetheart, I can see your… Down there," I said with a hint of a smile on my lips.

Ava instantly covered herself with her tiny hands, letting her tablet fall to the carpeted floor. Her eyes grew even bigger, her cheeks redder, and she looked at me, not knowing what to say.

"I'm sorry, baby girl, it was very wrong of me to point it out like that…" I started saying, and she spoke with me.

"I'm sorry! It wasn't on purpose, I'm sorry!" She blurted out as though she could die from the shame, sitting up with her legs folded under her.

"You don't need to be sorry, sweetheart. If anything, it is my fault, as I couldn't stop looking." I honestly answered after noticing how hard she got what I had said, feeling utterly ashamed.

Ava looked down. Her wavy and long brown hair with some natural highlights was almost a curtain over her cute face. We stayed in silence for a while until I spoke again, the sound of the race cars blaring throughout the room, "Again, I'm sorry, sweetheart."

Ava took in a big gulp of air, "It's ok," she barely whispered. She didn't reach for her tablet, just kept her head down, looking anywhere other than to my face. I turned down the volume on the TV in case she wanted to say anything else, and I would do anything in my power to make things right after putting her through such embarrassment. After all, it was all my fault, not hers. Any normal uncle would have just looked away and then told her to dress appropriately, not stare at her for a couple minutes while fantasizing about pinning her against the couch and fucking her.

"Uncle Allen…" she said in a low tone.

"Yes, sweetheart," and for some weird reason, my own thirty-eight-year-old heart started beating faster just by the way she softly said my name.

"You couldn't stop yourself from looking?" Her long and thick eyelashes fluttered as she nervously blinked.

Even though she used the lowest, raspier tone of her sexy, young voice, I knew she wasn't teasing me, and her doubt was genuine. Ava had severe problems with the way her petite body looked, her slim shape, hips only wide enough so her thin thighs would form an evident and beautiful gap right where they connected to her crotch, a small but perfectly heart-shaped butt… These details made her tiny body so perfect to me as someone who appreciated small, delicate girls were a torment to her. In particular, the way her chest was somewhat flat, her budding breasts no bigger than oranges. That deeply hurt her self-esteem, seeing that almost all the other girls in her class already sported "big jugs," as she had pointed out herself some nights ago when she got to my house to spend the week. That, combined with how disastrous her life was at home, with a missing father and a mess of a mother, just made her grow up a broken teenage girl.

"Ava…" I spent some time thinking about how I'd respond to what she had asked, and then I figured out that since I had started it by being sincere, I should finish with that as well. Whatever harm I could have done was done already. "You're gorgeous, and even though you are my niece and I love you, I'm still a man."

"Gorgeous…" she gave me a timid smile, followed by a scoff, "that's the first time I hear that." Ava gave me a half-smile, more like a self-deprecating grin.

"I know you won't believe anything I say; as for you, I'm probably just an old man, but for some of us, nothing will ever be as tempting, beautiful as a delicate girl like you."

With her adorable cheeks still red, she gave me a shy smile and looked me in the eyes for the first time since this conversation started. "You say that because you like me."

"I like you because of who you are, not how you look. You have no idea how many beautiful women I had relationships with, and they were…"

"Not your type...?"

"Yes, that. To say the least," and I laughed, "so if I say you are gorgeous, I mean it," and soon as I said the last sentence, I realized how much it sounded as if I was hitting on her.

"It's that why you are still single?" Ava asked with a tone that made our conversation sound confidential.

"One of the reasons, yes," I answered, surprised by how a conversation that had gotten so tense was now turning into something so personal and intimate. "It is hard to find someone that is the whole package like you are…" Again, an alarm sounded in my brain, screaming at me to stop hitting on my own niece. As much as she was beautiful, delicate, having that submissive tone of hers that sounded like music to my ears, she wasn't for me. Anything between us would end terribly, and I knew it. Probably even worse than my previous relationships, with the difference being that I actually loved her. I had to defuse the bomb I was planting in the only relationship I had I really gave a damn about. "One day, someone will be very lucky and happy to be with you. Just give it time and stop thinking less of yourself."

For a moment, I thought she was about to cry, so emotional she had gotten by what I said. Ava just breathed in deep and sadly looked down, thinking. 'How the hell had people been treating this girl?' I asked myself, to the point that simple kind words were able to almost bring her to tears?

"Uncle Allen…" Ava looked conflicted, not very sure if she should carry on with what she was saying, but when I curiously looked at her, the cute little girl went on. "So, it means you would like to keep… Err… looking at me? I mean, my body…"

My heart went on, pumping hard yet again. Ava had her head bending to one side, trying to look even cuter and succeeding on it. I was the one feeling very conflicted now, but I couldn't stop myself.

"Yes, I would," I said, leaning forward and propping my elbows on my knees. "But it wouldn't be the right thing to do," I added, struggling, but I did. I didn't know for sure where Ava was headed with that but just imagining it made me hard as a rock.

"I know it wouldn't… But if nobody else knew about it… I mean, you've always done so much for me… You're the person I like the most in the whole world. If you like watching me…" Even before I could say anything, Ava was half sitting, half lying back on the couch just as she was before, her legs bent and slightly spread.

I could, and should, have said something. I could have stopped my eyes from almost instantly going straight there, to that intimate, delicate, beautiful part of Ava's body, but I didn't.

"Ava…" I started with what would be me telling her not to do that, to respect my niece and how young she was, something I would never do for any other woman. Although, I was entranced by what I could see of the full mounds of the secret place she shared with me.

"Can you see it?" She asked in a whispery but urgent, shy tone, and she spread her legs a little bit further.

"I would be able to see it better if you moved your shorts a bit…"

"Like this?" With one finger, she pulled the leg of her shorts to the side, giving even more space for my eyes to explore, and now I could see the delicate, small, and red lips of her pristine pussy.

I put one hand over my mouth, "Yes, sweetheart…" I said, while inside my mind, I wished she hadn't obeyed, but it was too late, already.

"Do you like it?" She asked coyly, curiously watching my reaction, her shyness opposing how avidly I looked at her.

"Yes… You're beautiful to the very detail," I said under my breath. While she gave me a little smile, I asked, "How does it feel to let me see you like this?"

"I like the look on your face… Makes me feel good…"

"I'm glad to hear that. Will this be our secret, then?"

"Yes. I'll never tell anybody. I know it's very wrong…" Ava looked down yet again, her thick eyelashes covering her big brown eyes almost completely, but then she looked at me again, "but you can look at me as much as you want, ok?"

"Ok," I said with a grin.

Needless to say, I never went back to watching the race. There was something much more thrilling happening way closer to me.

We just stayed looking at each other while I constantly looked down to admire my young niece's pussy, while she gladly exposed it to me. She was subserviently just holding the leg of her shorts to the side, letting me admire her, and I noticed how nervously she shook while doing so, her eyes focused on me. I realized Ava wouldn't move or say anything, just waiting for me to tell her what was next.

"Are you a virgin, baby girl?"


"So I'm the first one to see you like this?"

"The first one… Ever…"

I breathed in deeply.

"Do you touch yourself?" I asked, and it was her turn to inhale noisily, trying to cope with her shame.

"I did it a couple of times… It doesn't feel right…" Embarrassment oozed from her words.


"I…" Her voice trembled, and she looked away.

"Come on… Tell me."

"I don't like myself very much… I-It just doesn't work."

"Oh… Baby girl…" I said in a soothing tone. "I like you… Would you touch yourself for me?"

"U-Uncle Allen…"

"I'm asking you… Won't you do it for me?"

Ava started to breathe even harder, and some seconds later, she went for her virgin slit with the hand that wasn't holding her shorts to the side, awkwardly touching her tiny little clit with two of her fingers. The young girl closed her eyes, moving the tips of her fingers slowly up and down the nub, while I watched it in amusement.

"That's beautiful…" I said under my breath, and she looked me in the eyes, her eyebrows flickering, clearly not taking any pleasure in it other than knowing she satisfied my wish.

After a moment, I realized that she seemed more interested in what happened inside my pants than what she did to herself. I was so hard it ached, and it was all her. I felt she wanted to ask about it, that she was curious. So I leaned back on my seat in a way the hard-on I had was even more apparent, and her brown eyes grew wide.

"This is all you," I confidently said.

Ava opened her mouth, then she bit her enticingly full lower lip, her eyes dreamy.

"Have you ever seen one?" I asked her.

"Only in videos…" she whispered embarrassedly.

"Do you want to see one that is hard because of you?"

She stopped touching herself and nodded instantly.

I turned off the tv, and I pulled down at the waistband of my sleeping shorts to free my pulsating erection. I was throbbing, eagerly, in a way I haven't felt myself in a long, long time, even though I was still going out many times per month, almost every time with a different but attractive woman. The effect she was having on me was indescribable, and if it wasn't for the whole situation, I would be trying to be inside of her already. Her shyness, the way she looked so vulnerable while exposing, submitting herself to me, a very domineering guy, it was arousing to the limit.

"I-It's big…" She stated, her mouth partially open.

"It's above average, yes, but you are making it as hard as I can't remember it being before," I said while stroking its whole length for her to see.


"Yes…" And I kept doing it, slowly jerking myself off for her to see, and she looked mesmerized by it. Watching her almost panting, witnessing her getting noticeably aroused as well, I began feeling urges I knew would only get harder to hold back. "Sweetheart?"


"If we don't stop now, I don't know if I'll be able to hold myself…"

Ava gasped, her breathing visibly erratic. She hadn't moved an inch from where she stayed, her thin legs still spread, making her entrance so beautifully exposed to my eyes, until I said that, and she closed her legs. I felt a mixture of disappointment and relief that washed all over me. I wouldn't be able to show my true nature to my niece, to take her. That was for the best, I thought. But then…

"What would you do… If you couldn't hold yourself?" She asked timidly, a little afraid even.

"I would have to touch you or make you touch me, and God knows what would happen after that."

"Would it be our secret, still?" Ava asked, as always having difficulty keeping eye contact, nervous, sounding coy yet again.

Everything else happened really fast. After Ava said that, I felt an urge that I wasn't able to control anymore.

I got up, and I let my shorts fall, freeing myself from them. Ava startled, and her eyes grew wide, ignoring my proudly erect member and looking deep into mine while I moved towards the couch. I sat sideways on the sofa and very close to her, facing her. The tiny girl's shoulders tightened, tense, but she didn't even mention moving or telling me to stop.

Ava watched me, her lips quivering, as I put my hands on her hips and pulled her towards me, making her slide, lying on the couch with her legs bent and spread apart, then I slowly started pulling her flannel shorts down. I could hear her breathing anxiously just as I did. The young girl lifted her hips so I could undress her off her pajama bottom more easily, and I rejoiced on the view of her nude lower body, her flat stomach, the curves of her pelvis that led to that oh so beautiful young pussy, topped with a thin line of her brown pubic hair. She just breathed hard and looked at me while I moved her at will, spreading her legs in front of me, just letting me do what I wanted. I ran my hands over the baby-smooth skin of her inner thighs while her eyes took turns looking at me, handling her and my hard, throbbing dick.

I looked for any indication that she wouldn't be ok with that, as I cared about her. I wanted to have her, to be inside of her, but I didn't want to rape her. Although, as soon as I had a closer view of her young entrance, I came across a glistening and wet confirmation of how she felt.

"Oh, baby girl, you're so wet…"

"Don't say things like that, please…" Ava begged sweetly, ashamed.

"You know where this is going, right?" I asked, my thumb caressing the sparse pubic hair up and down.

She seemed unsure for a second. I imagined all that went through my teenage niece's mind at that moment, what message she would be giving me if she said yes. I watched as her little hands trembled, firmly grabbing the couch. We wouldn't be admiring each other's bodies anymore. As soon as I touched her intimately like that, I wouldn't stop until I had what I wanted, and I knew she was very aware of that. I knew I was making her take a decision that would affect the rest of our lives, but I needed to be sure… And Ava, her eyes deep on mine, visibly still deep in thoughts and filled with doubt, slowly nodded.

I inhaled deeply, and I let my thumb slide down from where it was, making a downward line in direction to her sensitive sex. Soon as my thumb touched her tiny clit, the young girl gasped, and again when it gently caressed its way down to her labia, so warm, wet, inviting.

"Oh… Baby girl…" I groaned, full of satisfaction, and I moved my thumb again, all the way up to her clit, then down, slowly, feeling the smooth touch of her entrance, a little of her lips spreading and letting me see how pristine her virgin pussy was.

Ava shook all over, panting, offering me the most intimate part of hers, and I felt a kind of excitement I had never felt before. I knew perfectly well that what I was doing wasn't right. I was the one supposed to take care of her, not take advantage of her fragility like this… But watching the way she was instinctively getting herself ready for me... The way Ava made little noises, as if she were agonizingly swallowing her moans not to let them out, not to let herself succumb to the pleasure of being taken so soon… The way this broken little thing offered me what she had that was most precious to her… I didn't know if I deserved all of that, but I was sure I would retribute what she gave me tenfold.

I watched her, taking in the view of that little body shaking, her thighs trembling in apprehension, and I could see the marks of her little nipples protruding under the white t-shirt.

"My love, tell me the truth…" I said while gently circling, massaging her little clit, and watching her close her eyes, biting her lower lip and making it look even redder than it always was.

"Uh?" The question came out as a beautiful little moan.

"Did you do this on purpose? Did you let me see you on purpose?" I asked her, never stopping, enjoying the feeling of her love nub under my finger, and with the other hand, I caressed the inner thigh of her right leg.

"N-No… I promise I didn't…" Ava answered while panting, her expressive brows furrowing while she tried to deal with what she felt. "B-But I'm glad I did… Nnh… I would never imagine… Someone like you would have interest in a girl like me…"

I stopped, her eyes opened wide. I pulled her towards me, making her gasp, then I turned her, lifted her, and I put her sitting sideways on my lap. With her surprised little face really close to mine, I took her by the cheeks with one hand while I felt the wetness of her young slit on my thigh.

"Someone like me?" I asked, my face so close to hers that we were almost kissing. The sweet scent of her long, brown hair was intoxicating.

"Yes," she said, avoiding my gaze, "Older, handsome, rich… Who had dates with a hundred beautiful women… I met some of your girlfriends… I'm nothing compared to them…"

I took one of her legs, spreading it a little bit, and I started touching her again, always gently, always savoring it. "If you won't believe when I say you are gorgeous, up there with the most beautiful girls I had the pleasure of seeing in my life, at least acknowledge this: what you are giving to me right now, this moment, they would never be able to give me. They would never be as special to me as you are, and you, giving yourself to me like this…"

I kissed her. Lightly at first, then again, and the awkwardness to which she received it had nothing to do with the fact we were related. I was absolutely positive I was the first person to kiss her. Keeping my lips on hers and stopping my movement on her pussy for a second, I let her focus on what was happening. Ava parted her lips, welcoming my tongue, mimicking my motions, and when I noticed her starting to give herself to it, to relax, I wrapped one arm around her and let her head rest on my shoulder. I just enjoyed feeling her body melting around mine while I caressed her thigh, and like that, we stayed, just kissing passionately for a couple of minutes.

When our kiss finally broke, Ava had a dreamy look in her eyes. At that moment, I knew she was entirely taken by me, and I would probably be able to do whatever I wanted to her at that moment. The feeling came like a wave, washing all over me, exhilarating, but followed with a pang of responsibility. Although, it was too late to have any fatherly feelings towards her. At that moment, I could only see her as a beautiful young woman that I wanted to be mine.

"Are you ready?" I asked her in a low, whispery tone.

Ava started breathing fast again, her little chest heaving. She looked at me and thought, and I could sense a million things going through her mind. I just waited, giving her as much time as she needed. It was easy to see that the answer would be yes, as she passionately looked me in the eyes. Then, as before, she nodded yes.

"Uncle Allen?" She asked while I pulled her t-shirt up and off her. She didn't stop me, but I saw her reaction change a bit, and she put one arm around her small breasts.

"Yes, sweetheart," I said, gently taking her arm and putting it down, so I could see those perfect little mounds she was so ashamed of. They were tender looking, crowned by small and light brown nipples, and seemed very sensitive.

"Do you promise you'll still love me after this?" Ava asked in a mix of fear and all the arousal she felt.

"If anything, I'll love you more," I said while laying her on the couch and taking off the dark green t-shirt I wore, "Nothing will change between us, but if it does, it will be for the better. I promise,"

Soon as I lay on top of her, she wrapped her arms around my neck and kissed me softly, "ok…"

Positioning myself in between her legs, which she promptly opened for me, I took my hard member in hand, and I started rubbing its tip up and down her little slit. Our eyes were locked together, and I could feel how the girl trembled.

"As you may already know, the first time hurts… I'll try to be as gentle as I can. But later on, if you think you don't like it, I would love to try it again until you do… And you will. Trust me," I said while pecking kisses all over Ava's cute little face. It was a stretch, not only being able to deflower her but already asking for a second time, but I felt confident enough to try.

"Ok," she said, giggling, "deal."

Ava was mine, I thought. She was really mine. I was making her mine.

After positioning it gently between the soaked wet lips of her pussy, I started pushing it in very slowly, back and forth, trying to be as careful and gentle as I could, gently as she deserved it to be. Ava's entrance was as tight as I could imagine, if not even more. Even though she was naturally lubricated, I struggled to get inside her without forcing it in, so I started increasing the pressure very carefully. The little girl clenched her teeth, and the discomfort of it was all over her pretty face. Until, suddenly, the head of my dick went inside of her.

"Ungh!" My little girl closed her eyes tight, and it was evident that it hurt.

I stopped moving. Holding it in place, I began kissing Ava's forehead, then her lips, her shoulders, her collarbone, while she breathed hard, trying to endure the intrusion of my big, thick thing in her tight, virgin entrance. I wanted to look down, to see my member spreading, stretching that perfect, tiny slit and making its way inside, but making her understand she was being loved at that moment was more important than asserting my dominance over her body. After a while, I touched her forehead with mine, and I asked, "can I start moving, baby girl?"

She looked me in the eyes, breathing hard, and she nodded her head yes.

I pushed a bit more inside of her, making her cute face contort in pain and moan, then again. She was so, so tight. Tight as nothing I had ever felt before.

"U-Uncle Allen…" Ava called my name, almost crying, "I feel l-like you're a-about to rip me open in there…"

"Do you want me to stop?" I asked, slightly moving in and out yet again, making her grimace.

Ava looked at me, her eyes watery, while I breathed hard, trying to contain myself. She looked at me for a second, and she shook her head.

"No. I w-want it too…"

"What do you want, baby girl?"

"Please don't make me say it…"

"I would love to hear it."

"I… I want you to fuck me," Ava said with her cute voice shaking.

"Really?" I started moving again, making her groan, feeling her pussy clenching around me as if her life depended on it, "Do you want me to fuck you pussy? Like this?"

"Y-Yes…" She cried the answer, groaning even more while I started to slowly but steadily bury myself deeper and deeper inside of her with each movement. "Ahh-Ouch…"

I took one of her little breasts in my hand, and I massaged it, caressed it, played with her little and hard nipple between my fingers while I started to move my hips a little faster, and I felt her getting wetter.

"Ungh-Ungh-Uhhh…" Her cried little moans started to fill up the big white room.

"Oh, Ava… You have no idea how delicious you are." I said while rejoicing in the entirety of that moment, her small and delicate body under mine, her arms so tight around my neck, her little voice sounding louder and acknowledging my every move... The way her entrance felt, the way it clenched around my member, so hot, so tender…

I started to get pace, to move in and out of her faster, a little bit deeper every time. I was more than halfway in already, more going in at each thrust. She buried her face on my neck and just groaned louder, letting herself feel it and never asking me to stop or to go easier on her.

"Ungh! Ughh! Uhhh! Oh! Oh my G-God! U-Unnn… Uncle Al-len!"

"That's it, baby! Just a little bit more!" I said while holding her tight. I tried my best to satiate my need to be inside of her without thrusting it too deep or roughly.

Soon I was thrusting it inside of her, humping her, at a pace so fast that my little girl started rocking back and forth, letting out long and crying groans.

“Huuu-uuungh! Aau-uuuugh! Huuuu-uuuuuh!”

Ava kept her little face on my neck, and she let me know all that she felt by the sharp tone of her voice. I could hear the pain and discomfort she felt, but I could also sense how she welcomed what I did to her by the way she just took it, not a single bit of reluctance in any of it. She just wrapped herself around me and felt it and gave me pleasure, as she knew I wanted it to be. We could both hear the wet noises coming from the way I pounded her virgin entrance, by how wet it was and how tightly it squeezed me.

Normally, when I felt an orgasm building up so soon, I would stop, switch the girl to another position and keep going, making it last longer. I wouldn't do it to her. Not now. Now I wanted to get there and give her the best ending possible for her first time, leaving everything I had on her insides.

"A-Ava! Fuck! Ahhhh!" I started plunging in and out of her more avidly, roughly, in a more spaced rhythm, and I made sure to look her in the eyes while I did so.

"Hungh! Huuuuh! Guuuuuh!!" Ava looked at me with her face contorted in sweet agony, her mouth open, and I could see in her eyes that she knew what was about to happen. My little girl started breathing even faster in anticipation.

Then I burst into a strong orgasm, jolting everything I had, gushing all of my semen deep inside of her with each of the final thrusts.

She looked at me with her big brown eyes watery, watching intently how much pleasure she gave me. My cum flooded her insides. Even though she still had her teeth clenched tight, as the intrusion probably felt as agonizing for her as it was at the beginning, I could notice how satisfied she felt about it all. She recognized what her little body was capable of giving me.

I let myself fall on top of her shaking petite body, panting, and I wrapped her in my arms. My little girl shook to the core under me, and she gasped when I finally took it out of her. I kissed Ava's lips, caressing her cheeks, watching her breathing slowly going back to normal after a while. She looked exhausted.

"How are you feeling?" I asked.

"I… I feel good."


"Yes… It hurts, but… But I'm glad I could give it to you…"

"You have no idea how happy you just made me."

"Did I?" She said, tilting her head to one side, a delighted look on her sweaty and tired little face.

"Yes. Very. I'll make you feel good too, soon as we can give it another try."

She looked at me with a beautiful smile on her face, one full of meaning.

"I feel good already… But we can try again anytime you want," and Ava tenderly kissed me on the lips. "I had no idea I could make you feel this good, but now that I do… I'm all yours."

In an instant, I forgot all about the fact that she was my niece or how young she was. The only thing I could think of was how much I would fight, from that moment on, to keep her around me, and gratefully so. I wanted her. Just for me.

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My First Time Opening the page I had never seen anything like this before, I knew this was a naughty magazine but I didn’t know what to expect as I hadn’t seen one before>There in front of me a double spread page of a woman naked opening her legs, I could see her pussy flaps all the hair and her boobs, first I laughed then I looked in amazement. My friend said he had seen it all before. (Well he was five years older than me at thirteen I was only eight) We heard the front door open and my...


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Giving Aunt Vanessa a hand

I was just 15, school was out for summer and my two best friends were away for a couple of weeks. I’d nothing else to do except bum around at home just playing computer games, visiting porn sites and jerking off three or four times a day. It wasn’t really surprising that mom eventually got mad at me and told me to stop mooching around the house and do something useful. “Get out from under my feet and go round to Aunt Vanessa’s and see if she can give you something to do.” Aunt Vanessa was mom’s older sister aged about...


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Tying Daddy

Earlier, you came in and told me you wanted to teach me about my body, then, kissed me. You played with my breasts and my kitty. You made me feel SO good. But, I didn’t get to see your cock. I decided that I was gonna take matters into my own hands… I decided I’d wait ‘til you were asleep. I knew where you kept some of your toys. I’m not as sweet and innocent as I look. I took some handcuff, shackles, and a blindfold out of your stash. As an afterthought, I grabbed a gag. I snuck into your...


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Mom Eyes The Kids Chapter Nine and Ten

Diana wasn't sure if it showed, but she felt as if she were panting like a dog as she moved toward her naked daughter as the girl reclined so provocatively on her bed. And from the come-hither looks that the teenager was giving her from her sultry, lowered eyes, Diana was pretty sure that the girl was as keen for it as she was. Diana sat on the side of the bed. Her original plan had been to seduce the girl in the same way that she had Jimmy, beginning by asking how often Holly frigged herself off with a fraudulent...


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The Good, The Bad and the Molly - Chapter Twelve

“Are you having a good time?” I almost nervously asked as Molly and I walked throughout the town. “Yeah. This is nice.” she replied politely with a small smile. “When you live so close to a place you kind of forget to check it out and play tourist from time to time.” “Yeah! This place is really cool. There’s a neat little ice cream place here too. I saw one last time I was here with D- with Diane.” I couldn’t let it slip that I was hanging out with Daisy behind Molly’s back – even if Molly eventually bought the...


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Mind Controlled Janice Pt. 21

I hurried out of school just hoping she would be there waiting for me and she was. The day before she had told me her name was Janice, she had taken my face in her hands and gently kissed my lips, a lingering kiss and placed my hand on her breast, I had squeezed it tentatively hoping she would not mind and she had smiled and promised me a good time. My name is Ahmed I am about 4 foot 6 inches tall of Pakistani origins and a student at Farfield School. I was pleased she was waiting as I was...


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Everything wrong with "Was it rape if you liked it?" (Yesh it's rape.)

Every thing wrong with “Was It Rape If You Liked It?” by TiedUpHeart Fiction, Bondage and restriction, Cruelty, Domination/submission, Drug, Male/Teen Female, Oral Sex, Rape, Reluctance, Romance, Spanking, Teen, Virginity, Written by women, Young Introduction: Lise, a sophomore girl, got involved with Alex, who'd already graduated high school. Lise broke up with Alex. But who knows what can happen at a party? 1: Partying? Chapter I - Lise Lise! Lisa! Elisabeth!! Alex called after me as I passed. I continued to walk at a brisk pace, putting distance between myself and my ex-boyfriend. 2: Wtf, don't be a dick. 3: He...


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Making a better world....on our wedding day

The morning had been frantic, with hair and makeup to be done, but the prosecco helped to ease the stress. But as her sister Lucy, helped her into the dress, Leanne was eager to begin her new life as a married woman. That and the fact that tonight she would be fucked by Darrell’s huge black cock, he would take her virginity instead of her husband. She loved the feel of the sexy lingerie she was wearing under her wedding dress and could wait to let Darrell see it, she also couldn’t wait to see Matt in his. Both bride and...


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Nudist explorations part1

I recently discovered nudism while surfing the internet I’ve always known it existed but thought that it was mostly a European beach thing but realized that there are nudist places in the USA I decided the check online to see if there were any nearby I was shocked to discover that three nude beaches were within two hours of me. The closest was about 45 minutes away and was located on state land and was said to be patrolled by park rangers. The next one about 2 hours away was on an old reservoir owned by a power company, but also...


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3 evil sister

Suddenly three special letters came into my head. W.T.F rashly was in the shower with me and my mind raced to what izzy said before we had dinner. -if you get so much as even a blowjob of rashly i will tell everyone in that room what you did with that women- shit i mutterd Max i know your mad and im sorry. I know what i did was wrong but im sorry. I've been driving myself crazy thinking if you and i hope you will forgive me.all of a sudden memories of that night when i found her scared to...


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