Fbailey story number 213


My wife and I enjoy a little roll playing in our marriage. My two favorite roll-playing games are the “Little Catholic Schoolgirl” and the “Streetwalker.”

I love it when my beautiful wife puts on a “Catholic Schoolgirl” outfit that she got at a yard sale last summer. Usually I’m the “Head Mater” and have to punish her for something. She really gets into it too. It sure makes for some really good sex afterwards.

Now the “Streetwalker” allows my tall slender wife to shop for things that she would never wear normally. At one yard sale she picked up the smallest little bikini that I had ever seen. It was meant for a baby and then she asked me how I would like to see her in that at the beach. I got an instant hard-on and had to go over and check out the tools that the lady had for sale.

My wife is what I call a walking wet dream. She is of Italian decent, tall, thin, and gorgeous. She turns heads everywhere we go. She is smart, educated, and a fashion buyer for a local department store.


Hi, I’m Cynthia, I’m twenty-six years old, five feet nine inches tall in my stocking feet, my figure is a statuesque 36-24-36, and my bra cup is a C. My husband of two years calls me his walking wet dream and I have heard that from other men too. I have raven black hair to my waist, deep dark eyes, and olive skin from my ethnic background. My complexion is perfect. Other than two holes in each ear I have no piercings, tattoos, or birthmarks.

We are a match made in heaven. We are both tall, dark, and handsome if you would call me handsome that is. Since he is six feet one inch tall I almost always were four-inch heels whenever I am out. I have a four-year degree in business and shop for a living. Actually I am the buyer for a large department store in town. I get to travel all over for my job but mostly a trip to New York City once a month does it for me.

Sexually we like to roll play. I especially enjoy flashing strangers. I have a whole wardrobe of sex clothes that I only wear on special occasions. I like letting strange men look down my top at my amply breasts or up my skirt at my panties if I am wearing any. I have shelf bras, open ended bras, and I have crotchless panties too.

My husband enjoys it most when we play “Catholic Schoolgirl” and “Streetwalker.” Although “Catholic Schoolgirl” is sweet I really get off on the “Streetwalker.” I think about her as a different person. I’m the tight-ass straight-laced businesswoman but the “Streetwalker” is a cheap sleazy whore that is willing to spread her legs for anyone with the price of admission.

My husband will drop me off somewhere downtown and I’ll stand on a corner looking trashy and wait for someone to try to pick me up. I wear next to nothing and flaunt myself like my inner whore wants me too and then I turn the guy down. When my husband finally comes around of course I play hard to get but I get in the car with him. Instead of going home to fuck me he takes me to the cheapest dive on the street, you know the ones where you rent the room for an hour and have to change the sheets on the bed yourself. There are no drapes on the windows, a neon light flashed in the room, and you don’t even sit on the toilet seat to pee. The disgusting low-life atmosphere just adds to the excitement and gives me some of the best orgasms of my life.


One Saturday night after dark I dropped my “Streetwalker” off in a new neighborhood downtown. I drove around the block and parked just far enough away to keep an eye on her. Cynthia was standing with a couple of other girls that seemed to be giving her a hard time. She sure attracted attention being so beautiful and all. She leaned into a couple of cars to talk to the driver and then called one of the other girls over to close the deal. When she was alone I started up my car and drove up to her. She leaned in and showed me a whole lot of cleavage and the men behind her a whole lot of ass. We talked, haggled over the price, and then she flipped out a tit to seal the deal. Meanwhile a couple of guys had walked by her and rubbed her exposed ass cheeks as they passed. One guy had fingered her pussy too.

When she got in the car, I drove off. We didn’t get a whole city block before I was pulled over. We were both promptly arrested for solicitation. The city just happened to be running a sting operation in that area that night and we got caught. The police officer politely listened to our husband and wife story but when Cynthia couldn’t produce any identification we were taken in.


It had been exciting standing there on the street corner while men solicited sex from me. The real streetwalkers that were trying to earn a living were mad at me at first because everyone wanted me. I explained to them that my husband and I were just playing a game and that I didn’t want to steal their customers. In fact I helped them both get their “John” even quicker.

Finally my husband pulled up and I smiled at him and walked over to his car. His window went down and I stuck my head in. As we dickered over my price and just what I was willing to let him do to me several guys walked by and felt me up. I knew that most of my ass was exposed as I was leaned over. Two or three just ran their hands up my legs and across my ass but one was finger fucking me while I exposed my breasts to my husband. It was so exciting that I almost cum but he left too quickly. I climbed in with my husband and told him to take me somewhere quick and fuck me.

We hadn’t gone very far when a police car pulled us over. I had only brought a variety of condoms with me in my purse along with a vibrator, a tube of K-Y Jelly, and a pair of handcuffs. So when the cop demanded to see my identification I didn’t have any. We were promptly arrested and taken to the station.


I was handcuffed and put in the back of his police car. That’s when I watched Cynthia get out of the car and lean against it. The police officer searched her for weapons. There was absolutely no place that Cynthia could have hidden a weapon except inside her pussy. That was exactly where he checked. I watched my wife smile at me as the officer finger fucked her to finish off that orgasm that she had been so close too. As he put her in the backseat with me she thanked him for masturbating her and offered to return the favor.

At the police station we both told our story to the desk sergeant but then we were separated. I was photographed, fingerprinted, and tossed in a holding cell. I wasn’t alone either. There were several other “Johns” that had been picked up that night too. Apparently the sting operation was a success. The guys were mostly upset because they had to call their wives to come down and bail them out. I couldn’t call my wife since was in jail with me.


It was actually fun being arrested. I had been in my “Streetwalker” frame of mind so I just kept it up. I knew that I had left my diver license home so I just kept up my act. My husband tried to explain things to the police officer but I guess that I hadn’t helped him very much since I was stroking his cock and trying to get the cute cop to join us in a threesome.

Anyway he handcuffed my husband, put him in the police car, and came back for me. He had me get out of the car, lean up against it, and spread my legs. He ran his hands over my breasts several times and reached inside my top to cup each one before lifting my skirt up a couple of inches to give me an internal examination. He called it a cavity search but all he did was feel me up real good. I begged for more until I had that orgasm that I craved so badly. He was very handsome so I asked him if he wanted to join my husband and I in bed sometime.

At the police station I was photographed, fingerprinted, and put in a big cell with a bunch of other streetwalkers. I saw the two girls that had been on the corner with me earlier and we had a big laugh over the fact that I got caught soliciting my own husband. Some of the girls had pimps that they had called to come down and post bail. The two girls I knew just called their boyfriends but they never came. It turned out that they were college girls and had been trying to pick up some extra money. They had certainly done it before. I spent the entire night and had to see the judge in the morning.


In the morning I got to take a shower, comb my hair, and eat breakfast before being taken up to see the judge. My wife was on the other side of the courtroom. There was a District Attorney that talked to each one of us before the judge arrived. He was offering deals to everyone to just plead guilty and pay a fine. I was all for that.


I didn’t sleep very well at all. Most of the girls had gone home during the night and I had to listen to that heavy metal door clang shut several times. The two college girls were still with me when we were told to take a communal shower. They sure checked me out good and I thought that they had rather nice bodies too. I had done a girl or two when I was in college and they certainly appealed to me.

After breakfast and a chance to clean up I was taken up to the courtroom. I saw my husband and smiled at him. Then a man offered me a chance to plead guilty and pay a fine. I refused. I had just been playing a game with my own husband and resented the implication that I was a real whore. I demanded to speak to the judge.


The District Attorney went into the judge’s chambers to talk to him for a while before court started. When the judge finally came out the bailiff had everyone stand.

The judge was an old guy and had apparently heard it all before but he seemed to like what the District Attorney had told him about Cynthia and I. So when the bailiff called out both of our names we stood up and stepped forward. He got a big laugh out of it, as did everyone in the courtroom. He asked some rather embarrassing questions of my wife but she graciously answered them all and held her head up high. After a good scolding our cases were dismissed and we were free to leave.


The judge was a lecherous old man and gave me the evil eye as he tried to humiliate me in his courtroom. He reminded me of a fire and brimstone minister admonishing his flock on a Sunday morning instead of a judge trying to dispense justice. When he laughingly dismissed our cases I went over and sat back down with my two new girlfriends.

They both pleaded guilty to their charges and were fined a hundred dollars each. I had my husband pay their fines and then we took them back to our house in a taxi. My husband’s car had been impounded and he could retrieve it for the price of a very healthy towing charge.

But first we were going to finish our scenario except this time he had two real college hookers that wanted to give him service. After all he had already paid them a hundred dollars and now they were going to give him what he had paid for. They said that I could watch and learn if I wanted too. I stayed.


My wife had befriended those two college hookers during her night in jail with them. Cynthia had me pay their fines and then bring them back to our house. Soon she told me to go into the guest bathroom and clean up, shave, and get ready for the best day of my life. After the worst night of my life I was unquestionably curious.

I went to the guest bathroom as I had been directed and started to clean up.


After sending my husband to the guest bathroom I took Ami and Dani into my bathroom. The three of us then undressed. I offered to wash and dry their clothes but they said that it wasn’t necessary. We had showered together that morning in jail so a nice bubble bath was not out of the question. Our bathtub was actually big enough to hold all three of us girls. It wasn’t very long before the girls were kissing and fondling one another. Soon I joined in. They were just fun loving girls working their way through college. Being a hooker on Saturday evening more than paid for their incidentals, their rent, and their food for the week. Even though the girls had boyfriends they were roommates and they could take care of each other’s needs.

I washed their breasts and pussies and let them wash mine. They were both lovely girls and very sexy. Ami was nineteen and Dani was twenty. They were both several inches shorter than I was and they were both blonde and fair. We each shaved one of the others pussies clean too. We brushed our teeth, brushed our hair, applied our makeup a little heavy, and then we went through my hooker clothes. We decided not to get dressed at all. We were totally happy with our appearance so we went downstairs to find my husband.


After my shower I shaved, combed my hair, and brushed my teeth. I slapped on my Old Spice after shave lotion and then I got dressed. The girls were still in our bathroom so I went downstairs to the kitchen. I made a blender full of frozen strawberry daiquiris, poured myself one, and settled down for the duration. I knew that my wife could not be rushed and I figured that they would be awhile.

After my second daiquiri the three of them came downstairs. Wow! They were totally naked, freshly shaved, and they wanted a drink.

After the second blender full of frozen strawberry daiquiris was gone and about half of the third blender full Dani took charge and asked me if I had ever played golf and I told her that I hadn’t. Then she asked me if I had ever played miniature golf. Well I actually had when I was younger but certainly not in many years. That didn’t seem to matter to her.

Dani then told me that I was going to get to play a round of miniature golf with them. She said that it only required nine small holes which they had among them, one club which I had, and only one ball but in my case they would allow me to use both of my balls if I needed too. Then Ami and Dani undressed me.

Dani then got on her back, spread her legs wide, and patter her pussy. She told me that her pussy was hole number one and that it would take me twenty strokes to get to the flag. She also told me to take it easy because long hard strokes counted just as much as short quick strokes did. I slipped my club into her and it felt so good that I just closed my eyes and inched it in until I was in as far as I could get it. Then I pulled it out and heard my wife say “One.” That was when I realized just how much fun that this was going to be. After that I certainly made each stroke count.

When I reached my twenty strokes in hole one Ami was on her knees with her ass up in the air. She patted her pussy and said that hole number two was a thirty stroke hole but it was down a steep hill and that I had better watch myself. Hell I was going to watch Dani because I hadn’t finished her off and she was playing with herself while I watched her.

Thirty strokes later and my wife was in a yoga position called “The Plow” where she was on her back and had lifted her feet up over her head and had her toes touching the carpet well above her head. I got above her and inserted my cock down into her pussy just to be told that I had dropped into the wrong hole and that it would cost me a stoke. She then told me that I had twenty-eight more to go. I slipped my cock into my wife’s well-lubricated asshole and then asked Dani for a ruling on that last stroke. After all I had not gotten the proper instructions, as I had with the first two holes. Both Ami and Dani agreed with me and added five extra strokes for me as my wife’s penalty. I absolutely love anal sex and my wife knows it. I took just as long as I possibly could to insert and retract my cock from her rectum. That thirty-five strokes was just enough to get to the point where I was ready to cum so I grabbed onto her hips and started thrusting for all I was worth as I filled Cynthia’s asshole with my cum.

Since I had used twenty extra strokes on that hole I thought that I would get a penalty or something but apparently hole number four was Dani’s mouth. She said that I could have a hundred strokes. I knew right then that I was in for a long game of miniature golf.


My husband was a good sport and managed to play all nine holes before the girls needed to get back to their dorm room.

He doesn’t know it yet but I entered him in a tournament that covered several courses over the next few weeks. Ami and Dani knew several other college girls that needed extra money.

The End

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