Marion (1)

Marion (1)

Marion (1)

Do not read this story if you are of a religious nature

When my daughter introduced me to her future husband I had to admit I was a little disappointed. He was an accountant. Slim build, about 5’9” tall and with those accountant glasses that numbers men always wear. On the other hand he did make good conversation, and more importantly he seemed to make my naïve young daughter happy. One of my and her mothers biggest mistakes was sending Marion to a strong catholic school to be educated. When her mother died I was too devastated to wonder what further education Marion took so agreed to her going to a strict catholic university. Hence her being naïve and sexually uneducated.

Marion was 5’6”. Slim waist long legs and the most wonderful tits, 36dd I guessed but only because she was the spitting image of her mother. Which was why I found it so strange that she had picked Ted for a husband. She could have had any guy she wanted. But it was her life and Ted was her choice and I wished them luck.

They had been married for two years now and no patter of tiny feet. Not only that but whenever I saw them, which was usually only for a day at a time, there seemed to be a really strained atmosphere When I retired at 65 I decided to move a little closer to them so that when the tiny feet did appear I could see my grandchild as much as possible.

Of course I didn’t want to encroach on their relationship by being next door so I bought a house 20 miles away on the coast. Right on the sea front in fact, with a private beach wrapped by a coastal bay. The only access was either by the front security gate or by sea. It cost a fortune, but luckily for me it was really a swap. My city penthouse for this house. Some would call it a mansion but really it was a large house. And today was the house warming party. Well more like dinner really as Marion and Ted were the only guests. But they would at least be staying for a couple of weeks to help me get things organised.

And that is where we are now. Sitting at the dinner table drinking wine in almost total silence. I could feel myself getting angrier and angrier with them for spoiling what for me was a special occasion. Finally the tension got too much for me.

“So what is going on with you two.” I asked. “You should be happy after only two years of marriage and have a couple of kids by now.”

“Oh thanks dad.” Marion said sharply, “But you need to get fucked to have kids and I’m still a fucking virgin.” She threw her napkin on the table and almost ran upstairs.

My mouth dropped to the floor. Not that my little girl swore, which I had heard on occasion at her house when they thought I was asleep, but at her saying she was still a virgin. After two years? “What the hell Ted?” I said, looking at him he seemed as shocked at the outburst as me. But he didn’t deny it.

“I better go and make sure she is ok.” He said a little flushed.

After a very restless night I got up and went to make my morning coffee. As the coffee maker spat out it’s brew Marion came into the kitchen. “I’m sorry about last night.” She said, “I had too much to drink.”

“Maybe you did.” I said. Putting a steaming cup in front of her. “But what you said was the truth wasn’t it” She just looked at her cup. “And it’s been going on for a long time, this bad feeling and constant arguing.”

“I don’t know what to do dad.” she said softly, “He just isn’t interested in me.”

“Can I ask you a personal question?”

“Ask what you like if you think it will help.”

“What do you do to turn him on?”

After a short discussion it turned out that she did very little. She didn’t know what to do or how to do it. She had a couple of times touched his cock to try to make it hard, but it seemed it was so small it didn’t even fill her hand. “Have you tried sucking his cock.” I asked finally.

“Ugh that’s disgusting.” She said screwing up her face, “And it’s a sin.”

“Oh please don’t give me that sin shit.” I said angrily. “How can a woman who had a virgin birth, and a twenty year old man who never had sex, say what is right and what is wrong about sex or sexual behaviour. That is just a corrupted view forced on Catholics by a corrupted religion, whose main concern is to tie people to them so that their church can make millions of pounds of income to spend on their bishops and popes and cardinals. Giving nothing back to the people that they are supposed to represent. How many of the church officials do you see who are starving. None. And how many Catholic countries are starving or on the bread line. Most of them. So don’t give me sin ok.”

“But that is what we were taught.” She said, embarrassed.

“Will you do everything possible to have children?”

“Well, yes I suppose I will.”

“Ok well what I am going to do is show you some porn.” I said walking to my study. “You may not approve but you need to learn what to do with and to a man to get him to fuck you. Lets be honest. No fucks. No kids. So put up with it and learn.”

I sat her at my desk and found a porn site that showed men and women having sex in different positions. Dressing sexy and all that stuff needed to get a guy horny and satisfy him. Then I left her to watch it. I half expected her to run straight out but after 5 minutes she was still in there. So now I had to deal with Ted who was in the kitchen. “Have you ever had sex Ted?” I asked straight out.

“Err sorry?” He stammered

“You heard. Have you ever fucked a woman.”

“No sir. I have not.” he said looking to the floor. That simple reply told me a million things that I did not expect.

“Ok well we need to do something about that, so I will be spending some time sorting Marion out over the next few days so you just chill out and take in the sun.”

“Ok sir.” He said, “thank you sir.” There it was again ‘sir’

I went back into the study where Marion was still watching porn. “ So what do you think?” I asked.

“I am disgusted.” She replied, “How can they be so gross with each other.”

“Maybe they want kids.” I replied sarcastically, “The point is all those women spent time turning their men on. Getting them excited enough to fuck them and they did whatever it took to achieve their aim. And that is what you have to do. Or at least something like it. So for a start we’re going to get you some new clothes designed for that purpose.”

By the time we got home Marion had stopped protesting at the clothes I made her buy. I even picked out an outfit and told her to go and put it on. “And no bloody bra.” I said, “You got great tits and the only time you wear a bra is when you put on nothing but the underwear.”

When she came down she had a short skirt mid thigh, stay ups, 3” heels and a thin blouse that did nothing to hide her tits, once I undid several of the top buttons. “But I look like a slut daddy.”

“Yes you do and that’s what you need to be sometimes to get a man to fuck you. Some men prefer a woman looking like a slut. It turns them on more.” I then told her how to walk and act the part she was dressed for. After an hour she was playing the part perfectly. It certainly got me going.

To prove my point I ordered a pizza for lunch and told her to check the delivery guys cock while she paid him. And to maybe practice teasing him a little. Actually she did really well for a good catholic girl, but she got really embarrassed when she saw the guy looking her up and down and the huge bulge in his pants.

After two days of her trying her very best slut to get Ted going, I again lost my cool. Probably less than a minute after they went up to bed I burst into their bedroom. “One way or another Marion is not going to wake up a virgin.” I said looking at Ted, “Do you understand me.”

“Daddyyyy” Marion cried.

“Shut up.” I said glaring at her. I looked back at him. “Do you understand me?” I asked again forcefully.

“Ye….Yes sir.” He stammered timidly again looking to the floor.

“Marion take your clothes off and lie on the bed.”

“Daddy I can’t you….”

“Don’t fucking argue with me.” I interrupted, “Strip now. And you as well you fucking wimp.”

The look in their eyes was a mixture of confusion and fright. Marion stood up and with her back to me stripped naked. Then she sat on the end of the bed trying to cover her tits and cunt. I was in no mood to be pissed about.

“I said lay down Marion.” Then I looked at Ted as he stood, shoulders bent hands across his chest with one hand trying, half heartedly to cover himself. “Fuck me. I doubt that little thing would get bigger than 3 inches even when it’s hard. Never mind. Get on the floor between her legs.” I pulled Marion’s legs so they were on the floor. As Ted knelt on the floor, her newly trimmed pussy was right there for him to lick.

I guided him in the art of licking pussy and how to give a good finger fuck. Marion reacted of course. Her pussy got wet and she started gyrating her hips but Ted was as soft as he was in the beginning. All the while she kept moaning for me to not do this, and to not do that. I just told her to shut up and do as she was told. When it became obvious that he wasn’t going to get hard that way I told Marion to sit on the edge of the bed. She did as she was told.

“Now take his cock and suck on it. With a tiny fucking thing like that it will be easy enough to get the whole thing in your mouth with room to spare.”

“Daddy I can’t.”

“Shut the fuck up and do as your told. Before I get really angry.”

Gingerly she took that pitiful little thing and put it into her mouth. It barely got past her lips it was so small. Again I guided her in the art of sucking cock. But still he was as soft as butter. “Well that’s not working. Marion get on your knees.”

I told Ted to lick her pussy and her bum crack and to use his fingers as well. Two in her cunt and then one in her arse. He did as I told him and Marion responded visibly to the stimulation. As he slipped his finger into her bum hole she moaned loudly “ Oh god.” At least she was getting something out of all this.

The sight of my daughter on her knees, her perfect tits dropping below her and that wet pussy and tiny rounded arse would have driven a saint wild. But not Ted. Finally to push the point to it’s maximum I stripped naked. Ted’s face when he saw my erection was a complete shock. I had a 9” cock when I was aroused and to him it must have seemed like a giant.

“There are two cocks in this room Ted.” I said standing right in front of him, “You are going to put one of them into my daughters cunt. So choose.” I looked him straight in the face. He knew it was now or never.

“Daddy.” Marion moaned, “You can’t. I’m your daughter.”

“Shut the fuck up.” I said sharply, “Make your choice Ted and do it now.”

He was still as soft as he was when we started. Slowly his hand reached out for my throbbing erection. Before he reached it I put my hand behind his neck and pulled him to me. I whispered in his ear. He took hold of my cock and moved it to the entrance of my daughters cunt. As it slipped between her pussy lips she jerked to pull away.

“Daddy you can’t this. You just can’t.”

I slapped her hard across her buttocks. I felt her cunt grip me tighter. “Shut the fuck up and stay still. You go and sit in that chair where she can see you.”

He did as instructed and as I had whispered in his ear he dropped his arms down the side so his flaccid little worm could be seen.

He looked at me and then at his wife, a tear welling up in his eye. “Fuck my wife sir.” He said, “Ram your huge cock up her cunt. Make her your fuck slut sir. Do anything you want with her sir please.”

“Ted. Noooo.” Marion gasped. Looking at him in total disgust.

She screamed as I rammed through her hymen and down to her cervix. Ted sat motionless and emotionless. I gave Marion a second to recover and then I pounded into that sweet virgin cunt. Lust had taken over now. I was fucking her in a way and manner that I have never possessed before. She was going to be my little fuck slut and he was going to be my little wimpy housemaid. I was the master in this family.

Whether she liked it or not Marion started to respond to my rampant fucking. Going from daddy you can’t do this to:

“Oh god daddy fuck me daddy. Fuck your little slut daughter daddy. Give me your come daddy, give me your babies. Yes daddy harder daddy. Now, now now ohh fuuuckkk yyeeeesssss.” As she screamed into her first fucking orgasm.

I in return felt my own orgasm rising fast. “Oh yes baby girl, daddy’s is going to fuck you for ever you fucking slut. I am going to use every hole you have and fill it full of my come you little slut. Oh fuck your so fucking tigggghhhhttttt I’m commmmiiinnggg” I don’t think I had ever come that much before. It seemed never ending. But even after it stopped I still rammed into her harder and harder till I couldn’t keep going any longer. I pulled out of her quivering body and pushed her onto her back.

“Come here wimp.” I said. He walked over to me, “Want me to ream the wimps arse baby girl?”

She pulled herself up on her elbows. “Well the little worm isn’t good for anything else, so yes, hurt the fucker.”

“Use your fingers and soak your arse, get those wet fingers inside your arse or I will tear you in half.” I said with no feeling whatsoever.

“Yes sir.” He replied and taking my juice from his wife’s cunt proceeded to lube his tight arse.

“That will do.” I said as he shoved his second finger in. “Now lick her cunt clean, and make sure you do a good job, get right inside and lick all that man juice out.”

“Yes sir.” He said bending over in front of me. If I had been nasty ramming into Marion it was nothing compared to what I did to the wimp. I rammed right into that shit hole as far and as hard as I could, and I didn’t stop, I just raped the useless fucker. To my amazement and annoyance he ejaculated.

“You filthy fuckin pig.” I said pulling my cock out of his arse., “How dare you come without my permission and how dare you stain my carpet. Lick it up. Now.”

“Yes sir. Sorry sir.” He said as he scuttled to his knees and licked up his dribble of juice.

“Now clean my cock.” I said as he finished on the carpet. Marion was watching with fear and what I looked like excitement. Once wimp had cleaned up the shit off my cock I told Marion to sit up and clean off the rest. She did it without question and with guidance took me into her mouth and made me come again. As she went to pull her head back, I held her still and rammed my cock deep into her throat. Fucking it till I had finished, then I pulled out and she fell to the floor gasping for breath.

“You two get used to your new rolls.” I said as I grabbed my clothes. “Tomorrow we will sort out any questions you may have. For now Marion all you need to know is it is you primary job to keep me sexually happy, in anyway possible, and at all times. Wimp you will live in the basement. Your primary roll is to do as your told. To start with I get up at 7am every day and require my coffee brought to my room at 6.30. Understood.”

He bowed, “Yes sir. Thank you sir.”

I looked at Marion, sneering at her like she was some street slut and not my daughter. To me that is what she was now. Nothing but a slut. And the future mother of my child and grandchild. I went to my room and showered. Considering it had not been my intention to fuck Marion I was glad that it had gone that way. In fact I was over the moon, and my mind went wild with all the future fucking the slut was going to get. Once our child was born.

This story popped into my head and was on ‘paper’ in an hour and there is certainly a chapter 2 to follow soon.

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