Futa's Wild Passion 01: Futa Pops Her Little Sister's Cherry

Futa's Wild Passion 01: Futa Pops Her Little Sister's Cherry

Futa's Wild Passion

Chapter One: Futa Pops Her Little Sister's Cherry

By mypenname3000

Copyright 2019

Note: Thanks to FallenAngelX00 for beta reading this!

One in a hundred million odds.

Those words echoed over and over through my head as I slouched into my bedroom. I was nineteen, and my life was ruined. One in a hundred million odds of being afflicted with the big, dumb, stupid condition.

I couldn't believe it. I closed the door behind me then leaned against it, rattling the latch. My left arm was sore from the blood draw, the Band-Aid still coating it. The nurse had put a pink one on to try and cheer me up. Like anything could cheer me up.

“Um, Jenny?” Mom asked then rapped softly at the door from the other side. “Are you going to be okay?”

“I'm fine, Mom,” I said. “I'm not dying.”

“I know,” she said. “It's just... I mean, it's a big change.”

“Mom!” I gasped, so aware of just how big of a change it was.

“Sorry, that came out wrong.” I imagined her on the other side of the door, that look of “mom worry” on her mature face, her curly, blonde hair spilling down to her shoulders, her eyes bright blue. Despite being forty, she had dainty cheeks.

Why would I think about that?

“You know this doesn't change anything,” she said.

“That's what the doctor said,” I sighed. “But... I mean, what guy is going to want to date me?”

“Oh, honey, there are guys out there that I'm sure would love to. And there are girls, too. You know I'm open-minded.”

“Not like Reverend August,” I muttered. She had given a sermon on the evils of homosexuality and the dangers of the transgender movement just this morning. She'd been in the middle of it when it happened.

My new condition.

“Well, I am,” she said. “The Lord gives us burdens, and we all have the strength—”

“He made me into a freak, Mom!” I shouted. “A dickgirl!”

“Hermaphrodite,” Mom said. “Please, don't use such a vulgar term. Or use futanari. Doesn't that sound nice? That's what the Japanese call the condition. Futanari Syndrome.”

I sighed and stared down at the skirt I wore, passed my round breasts swelling my t-shirt to the bulge in my crotch. I wasn't wearing panties but a pair of shorts beneath my skirt. My panties were too tight to have on with my transformed clit.

“Well, are you sure you're okay. I have to run some errands. I'm sorry to leave you, and the twins are here. So is Allie.”

“I'm sure Allie is loving this,” I muttered, thinking of my youngest sister. She was such a brat.

“If she teases you, let me know, okay?”

“Yeah, yeah.” I pushed off from my door. “I'm nineteen, Mom. I'm not a kid. I'll be fine. I don't need you to mother me.”

“I know, I just like to.” I pictured her smiling. “Well, get some rest. I'm sure you'll adapt.”

“Yep, because having a clit-dick is so normal,” I muttered.

I couldn't believe how fast it happened. I’ve heard of Futanari Syndrome. Who hadn't? It made international news five years ago when the first girl spontaneously grew a cock in the middle of school in some part of Japan. People thought it was a hoax, but over the last few years, it kept happening. Not to a lot. I was the third girl in the entirety of the United States to develop this condition.

One in a hundred million chance.

Doctors didn't get it. People claimed it was government experiments, alien hybrids, too many hormones in beef, vaccinations, or the next phase of human evolution. The theories just went on and on and on. No one knew why some girls around my age just... blossomed.

That was how the doctor put it. Blossomed.

What a terrible word for it.

I fell on my bed, lying on my belly like I normally did, hugging my pillow to my upper chest, giving my breasts room to be comfortable and... My new cock wasn't comfortable. I was lying on it. I could feel it throbbing and pulsing and twitching.

I groaned and rolled over on my back. “Dumb dick.”

I could feel it thrusting from the folds of my virgin pussy. I'd never even let a guy touch me down there. No third base. Not even over my panties. Now... now they would freak out. They wouldn't want to date a girl with a huge cock.

“Significantly above average length,” the nurse had said as she manhandled it. I stood there, cheeks burning, my new cock growing erect in her gloved hand as she measured me. “Oh, my, fifteen inches. Well, that's certainly going to make some girl happy.”

She said that like it was a joke.

All I knew was it didn't fit in my panties. It bulged my skirt and... and... I was feeling that erection growing again. I was so embarrassed when the doctor walked in and found me still hard, attempting to hide it in my panties. He just gave a polite smile, nonplussed by the entire affair.

I wanted to die of embarrassment.

“Don't get hard,” I groaned, feeling my cock ache and throb. “Please, please don't get hard.”

I drew in deep breaths as my new, dumb appendage throbbed and swelled. It pulsed in my shorts, the front of my skirt twitching with the movement. I could feel it expanding, growing thicker, longer. It straightened, the sensitive tip rubbing against the fabric.

Tingles raced through me. It was like a clit but somehow more sensitive. The tingles reached the base of my new cock and electrified my pussy. I groaned as that wet itch began. That familiar heat that led me to masturbate at least once a day.

I bit my lip. I just had to ignore it. I had to focus on something else.

I closed my eyes, casting my mind on things to think about to make my erection go down. My hands clenched and relaxed. There was no way I would masturbate. I would get the surgery. They said I would be mostly female after that. I wouldn't have a clitoris and would lose out on some of the sexual stimulation of sex, but I still had ovaries and a womb.

I could still get pregnant.

Or make someone pregnant.

I felt the slippery precum starting to flow.

“You have a prostate,” the doctor had said as he worked the ultrasound probe across my abdomen. “You can produce seminal fluids, and your vas deferens is connected to your ovaries. Very typical in Futanari Syndrome. The mutation seems to cause your ova to produce both female sex gametes and male sex gametes. Sperm. They mix in the prostate, which produces the rest of the ejaculate.”

I didn't want to think about ejaculate.

I had to think of something else. What was non-sexy?

Reverend August and her dumb sermons. Standing there in her black robes, her starch collar tight about her throat, her dark hair falling about that lush face. She had pretty lips. They were plump. Her nose was delicate and...

What would those plump lips feel like sucking on my...?

“Don't think that,” I groaned even as my new clit-dick throbbed and twitched. It was fully hard, stretching out my shorts, poking at the waistband. It was half-bent by the fabric, aching to be freed. “Please, please don't think about blowjobs and...”

“The Lord says we must help our brothers and sisters through adversity,” Reverend August purred in my mind, her voice so sultry all of a sudden. “Mmm, and you, Sister Jenny, are in need of aid with yours. Let me just pull out your big cock and suck on it.”

I shook my head. I needed to think of my more normal fantasies. Shirtless Jason Momoa. Khal Drogo. Aquaman. That hunk. Or... or... It was so hard to think of them as the fantasy of the reverend pulling down my shorts gripped my mind.

“Oh, my, this is such a huuuuge burden the Lord has given you,” she purred in my thoughts. “Mmm, but He has given you the strength to endure. Just let me suck on it. Let me drain all the lust from you.”

My hands rubbed on my comforter. I wiped sweat from my palms while my cock pulsed and ached. My pussy itched. My virgin flesh wanted to be stroked and caressed. I glanced at my Thor body pillow. I could put that between my legs and rub my pussy against...

My cock didn't want that.

“Let me help you,” the reverend groaned in my mind.

“Yes, yes, Jenny, honey,” Mom cooed. She appeared beside the dark-haired reverend in my imagination. Naked, her large breasts swaying before her. Blonde hair spilled about her face. “We can love you together.”

The naughty, forbidden, incestuous fantasy surged through me. My dick throbbed hard. I groaned, the doctor's words that an “increased libido and desire for sexual exploration was normal with Futanari Syndrome” echoed in my mind. This was just it, but... but...

“Darn it!”

I lifted up my pink skirt and shoved down the black shorts. My futa-dick sprang out from my bush of red hair. My fiery curls spilled around the base of my cock, hiding my pussy folds. My dick thrust upward, waving, the tip beading with my precum. It was swollen, an angry shade of pink verging on red. The shaft was the same beige as my skin. It throbbed and pulsed. I could see the outline of bluish veins running up the shaft. They filled my cock with all that blood to make it erect.

I grabbed it. My hand had trouble wrapping around it. My left hand joined my right. I groaned as I doubled fisted it, stroking up and down my shaft. My eyes widened when I brushed the tip, sparks flaring in my mind.

“Thank you, Sister Jenny, for letting us ease your adversity,” purred Reverend August in my mind. She leaned forward to nuzzle at the right side of my cock.

“I'm always here for you,” my mother groaned.

My imagination burned as I pictured the two older women nuzzling into my dick's tip. I imagined their tongues licking around my cock. I used to imagine sucking dicks, but now... now I had one. I fisted my shaft faster, brushing the spongy crown.

Bliss flowed down to my pussy.

I gasped at how intense it was. My twat clenched every time I brushed the pink tip. I caressed it as I stroked myself, my head tossing back and forth. I pictured my mother and the reverend taking turns sucking on it.

Loving me.

Naughty, incestuous pleasures rippled through me. This fantasy was so wrong. I couldn't get it out of my mind. I imagined what it was like for my mother to suck on my girl-cock. For the reverend to work her married mouth up and down my cock. My pussy clenched as this wild passion surged through me.

“Yes, yes,” I whimpered. “Mom... Reverend August.”

My hand became theirs. They fisted me as they pleasured me. They sucked on me, passing me back and forth as I shuddered on the bed. The mattress creaked. My pussy clenched. My juices dribbled out, soaking down to my rump, forming a wet spot on my bed.

My sweet musk filled my nose, mixing with something tinged with salt. My precum coated my dick's tip now, lubing my hands as they flew up and down my girl-dick. My eyes squeezed shut, stars dancing before them as I pictured the naughty scene.

Reverend August sucked hard on my cock as Mom said, “And you have a pussy, too. You're doubly blessed. Let Mommy just take care of you.”

I gasped as her head ducked down in my imagination. Her tongue darted through my folds. She licked me. Teased me. I groaned, trembling on the bed as this wild delight surged through me. My left hand shot down my shaft and found the wet lips of my pussy. I stroked feverish flesh as I imagined Mom eating me out.

Her tongue fluttered up and down me, mimicking where my fingers touched me. I couldn't rub my clit any longer, but I could stroke my labia. My cock throbbed in my hand, the two different naughty sensations building and building in my depths.

I brushed my hymen, imagining my mom's tongue licking there. She pressed against my innocence while Reverend August sucked with such hunger on my cock. The married preacher bobbed her head, cheeks hollowing as she loved me.

“Yes, yes,” I moaned, my bed creaking. “Mom! Reverend!”

This fantasy was so wild. The familiar pressure building in my pussy announced my impending orgasm, but there was also this wicked heat rising and rising at the tip of my girl-dick. This pressure had to escape.

My cum.

I could cum like a boy. I didn't know what it was like, what even looked like save that it was white. I shivered, working my hand up and down her shaft. I groaned, my toes curling. My fantasy grew naughtier and naughtier, Mom and the reverend pleasing both my naughty bits.

My fingers danced over my slippery pussy lips. My hand pumped up and down my shaft. The two different delights melted in the depths of my cunt. My head tossed back and forth. My breasts jiggle and my bra, nipples wanting to join in on the fun.

I was out of hands.

My juices coated my fingers. “You taste so good,” my mother moaned in my fantasy. “So sweet and good. Ooh, you have to cum. Let your jizz spurt into Reverend August's mouth. She's helping you.”

“Yes,” I moaned, picturing the reverend sucking with such hunger.

I trembled, on the cusp of exploding into rapture. My hand flew up and down my cock. My fingers rubbed at my virgin pussy. I groaned. My back arched, my breasts jiggling in my bra. I pictured my mother licking at my twat and the reverend sucking on my dick, her dark eyes staring at up at me as she sinned.

“Yes, yes, yes!” I howled and came.

As my cum fountained into the air, my door banged open. I gasped as the first splatter of the pearly seed splashed across my pink blouse and splattered my face. I bolted up, my entire body shuddering to see my little sister standing in the doorway.

“I knew you were masturbating your filthy, freaky dick!” she gasped and giggled.v

“You little brat,” I moaned, my cock erupting. My cum flew everywhere. It soaked the front of my blouse. There was so much of the pearly stuff. Another blast hit me right between the eyes.

“Ooh, look at you, just hosing yourself down with your pervy fluid.” She grinned at me. She was a year younger than me, a mischievous grin spilling across her lips. “Not even five minutes, and here you are just polishing your bishop. Or, wait, it's a girl-cock, so you're polishing your nun. Rosie Palm and her five sisters enjoying some dickgirl fun today, eh?”

“Allie!” I hissed, my orgasm peaking. A final spurt of jizz spilled over my hand gripping my cock. I sat up, cum running down my face.

“I'm going to tell everyone at college tomorrow how you jerked off your freaky dicky and came all over your face. You're dripping in it.”

“If you tell, I'll beat your ass!” I growled, my lust, my fear, and my anger all roiling together. Frustration burst through me. I didn't deserve to have this happen, to become a dickgirl, and I certainly didn't deserve to have my brat of a sister tease me about it.

“You wouldn't,” she gasped.

“I would,” I groaned, standing up and pulling my shorts over my cock, my skirts still bunched up around my waist.

She backed away. With an angry shriek, I bounced off my bed and rushed at my door.

Allie squeaked and whirled around and darted down the hallway, her footsteps pounding on the carpet. I was after her in a flash, bursting out of my bedroom to see her strawberry-blonde pigtails flying behind her as she vanished down the stairs.

“No running in the house!” Tara or Sara called from the room the twins shared.

“I'm going to kill Allie!” I shouted as I raced by.

“Just don't run!” my older sister screeched back. “Kill her in silence. We're studying!”

Allie was already down the stairs by the time reached them. My new futa-cock bounced and jiggled in my shorts, the waistband squeezed about the middle of my shaft. The tip rubbed in my skirt as it fell down my hips and thighs. My cum ran down my face, hot and sticky. More soaked through my blouse. It clung to my skin in those wet places and even bled through my bra.

I raced down the stairs, my fiery hair flying. I hit the bottom and darted through the house. I heard the sliding door rasp open. I rounded a corner and could see Allie there. She was about to close it but fumbled at the other latch. Then she squeaked and fled into the backyard, running barefoot across the grass towards her old princess house she hadn't played in for years.

Dad had passed away before he ever took it down.

I rushed after my sister, my bare feet slapping on the linoleum. Then I was outside, the afternoon sun warm on my face. The naked grass whipped at my feet as I shot after my teasing sister. My cock and my breasts bounced, my hair flying about my face.

Allie reached the plastic structure. The gray walls with a pink roof were designed to look like a cartoon castle. She wrenched open the door as my long legs stretched out. I ran with such ferocity, cum running down my face.

“I'm going to tell everyone about you!” she shouted then slammed the door shut.

I lowered my shoulder like a football player and crashed into the door. The cheap plastic popped open. Allie squeaked and stumbled back, landing on the floor. There was an old throw rug in here she fell on. She stared up at me, her face trembling.

I was on her in a flash, throwing myself on her. “You're not telling anyone!”

“I am!” she hissed as we rolled around on the floor, wrestling and struggling. “Eww, you're covered in your nasty girl-cum. It's getting on me!”

“You're the one who burst in on me in my room and interrupted me!”

She hissed again. She squirmed more. We rolled over, bumping into the wall and shaking the plastic castle. Then I was flipping her the other way. Our hands were scratching at each other. I grabbed a pigtail and pulled.

She bit my wrist, forcing my hand away.

We tumbled to the right and then I was atop her. I grabbed her shoulders, pinning her to the floor. I glared down at her, such anger and frustration surging through me. It wasn't fair that I had become a futanari. I didn't need my little sister making this worse.

“Why are you such a brat!” I snarled.

“You were masturbating!” she hissed. “I could hear you in my room. Moaning. The bedsprings creaking. What did you expect me to do?”

“Not barge in on me!” I hissed. “I don't burst in when you take your loooong showers.”

Allie gasped, her blue eyes widening.

“Yeah, you think you're the only one that knows how to play with the shower massager?” I asked her. “But I don't interrupt you when you're rubbing it against your bratty pussy and...”

The image of my sister, her petite body glistening underneath the shower spray, flooded my mind. Her breasts were small, budding mounds. Her body was so cute. My futa-dick throbbed hard, the blood rushing into it as I stared down into my sister's eyes.

Allie would bring that shower head down to her pussy. She'd press it between her thighs and rub her hot flesh. Her eighteen-year-old body would quiver as the spray would shoot against her labia and clit, stimulating her. She would moan and gasp.

“Jenny,” Allie whispered as I squirmed atop her “You're... you're getting hard.”

“I...” I stared into her eyes. She wasn't squirming any longer. She was still. I stopped moving as I felt this strange... pull. This magnetic draw.

A drop of my pearly cum dripped from my face and landed on her pink lips. Her tongue swept out. She tasted my seed. A hot shudder ran through me as my little sister's eyes widened. A little moan burst from her lips.

“Allie,” I groaned, finding my head lowering to her body. My fingers, gripping her shoulders to pin her down, relaxed.

“Jenny,” she whimpered. “What...? I feel...”

“I know,” I told my little sister.

My lips touched hers.

They were so warm and wet. This incestuous rush shot through me. My cock throbbed between us. The heat swelled in my panties. A line of cum ran down my cheek and reached our mouths. The salty flavor seasoned the kiss as our lips began to move.

It was gentle at first. Our kiss. With every beat of my pounding heart, it grew in intensity. I closed my eyes, my mouth melting against hers. She squirmed beneath me, wiggling, her body so lithe and naughty, making me feel so wicked. I was a kinky girl—a kinky futanari—for kissing my sister.

Incestuous heat built in my pussy. It swelled up the length of my hard clit-dick. My new shaft pulsed and throbbed between us. She squirmed beneath me as more cum ran down my face. Some dripped off of me while other salty beads found our lips.

That salty flavor of my girl-seed only made the kiss hotter.

My chest felt crushed by the intensity of emotions weltering through me. My little sister whimpered against me. My tongue probed out. I caressed her lips. I'd never kissed anyone like this. Not with tongue. Her mouth parted in surrender.

I slipped my tongue into my little sister's mouth.

I French kissed my little sister!

This was wild. My cock pulsed again. Heat rippled out of me. It was so intense. My breasts rose and fell, pressing into hers. Our tongues danced and kissed. They dueled each other. My heart raced faster and faster.

My hand slipped off her shoulder. I slid down, tracing the armhole of her tank top until I was passed it and touching her ribs. I slid it over until I brushed the edge of her small breast. My nipples were hard, throbbing. I was so aware of high lithe she was.

She was grown up. Eighteen. Not a little kid any longer. She masturbated. She had breasts. A pussy.

My sister was cute. Sexy, even.

I kissed her harder. My clit-dick throbbed. My pussy burned. I groaned into the kiss as my hand squeezed the edge of her budding mound. I felt her little A cup tit. She shuddered beneath me and whimpered.

But not in delight.

I broke the kiss. Her eyes were wild. “Allie?”

“I... I'm scared,” she whispered, her voice breathless.

“I'm not going to hurt you,” I said.

“I know what you're going to do.” She shuddered. “What we're going to do. I can feel you. It's just... I've never done it.”

“Me, either,” I told her.

“And... and... We're sisters.”

“I know, but you're just so sexy.” I squeezed her breast. “I'm sorry, I'll stop if you want, I just—”

“I don't want us to stop,” she moaned. “I'm just so juicy and wet and itchy. Ever since Mom told us what was wrong, while we were waiting as you were in with the doctor, I was thinking about it and... and... I burst in because I wanted to see it, but now I'm just so scared. I've never felt anything this intense before.”

I smiled at her and gave her a gentle kiss. Soft. I felt her body relax beneath me. My fingers slid up her breast, pressing between our tits. Through her clothes, I brushed her hard nipple. She whimpered and trembled, feeling so soft and exciting.

I broke the kiss, staring into her eyes. “We'll go slow, okay.”

“Okay,” she said, her voice tight. “Jenny... I... I'm sorry for being a brat. It's just...”

“The only way to get my attention.” I smiled at her. “I used to be that way with Tara and Sara.”

“We both used to be,” she giggled. “They ignored us both.”

“Mmm, and who's here with me?”

“Me!” Allie beamed, her strawberry-blonde pigtails spread around her cute face. Her little button nose twitched in mirth.

I kissed the tip, a quick smooch, and she giggled.

I claimed her lips again, my mouth working against hers as my finger massaged her nub. My futa-dick throbbed, trapped between our bodies and suck in my shorts. I wanted to go fast. I wanted to just bury in her and satiate myself. Cumming hard was amazing, but I wanted to make her first time special.

Our first time.

This incestuous rush for my little sister surged through me. I broke the kiss and then stood up. I grabbed the hem of my t-shirt and pulled it up. The cum-soaked parts peeled from my skin. I yanked it over my head, my breasts rising and falling in my pink bra.

Her eyes stared at my bra. They were so wide. She bit her lower lip as I suddenly felt so shy. I had never had someone watch me undress before. Not with such scrutiny. It wasn't like in the locker room at my college after PE.

My fingers unfastened the clasp. I felt virginally shy, my cheeks warming with a blush as my little sister stared with such intensity at me. I felt her desire for me rippling through the air. I shrugged the straps off my shoulder while holding the cups to my tits.

“Ooh, don't tease me!” she moaned. “That's my job.”

I giggled. “Sorry, you're not the only one nervous.”

“Nope, you're older and you got the cock. You have to be all sexy and confident. I'm the little virgin about to be deflowered.”

I arched an eyebrow at her. “Mmm, my sexy, little sister just needing my big clit-dick to take her cherry.”

“Yes!” she moaned, smiling.

I winked at her as I pulled my bra from my tits, the straps sliding down my arms.

She sucked in a breath as my round tits came into view. They had a perky sway to them, firm and ripe with youth. My pink nipples poked out hard from my areolas. My sister bit her lower lip as her eyes stared at them.

“I never thought boobs could be sexy, but...” She squirmed on the ground. “But you got some hot boobies, sis.”

I winked at her.

My breasts swayed as I rose up on my knees, straightening my legs. I reached beneath my skirt and tugged down the shorts I wore. The black cloth slid out from beneath my skirt, my cock pressing out forward, tenting the fabric of my dress. A clear drop of liquid bled through the fabric.

My sister groaned. She squirmed on the ground, her eyes locked on my clit-dick. I shifted from side to side, taking my weight off each of my knees so I could slide the shorts off my legs. A hot tremble raced through me.

This was what she wanted to see. Why she'd burst into my bedroom. My big futa-cock. Fifteen-inches of hard, throbbing, pulsing girl-dick. I groaned as I grabbed the front of my skirt and then hauled it up.

My cock popped out.

“Oh, wow,” groaned Allie, her eyes widening. “I thought it looked big but... It's that huge? Right? Boys don't get this big.”

“I don't think so,” I said, my virgin pussy clenching.

Allie sat up. She bit her lower lip. “Can I touch it?”

I nodded, my turn to feel frightened and virginal. Her hand shot out. She wrapped her fingers around it. Her incestuous touch sent a surge of heat down my cock to my pussy. I groaned, my breasts swaying as she gripped me.

Stroked me.

Her hand pumped up and down my new cock. All the annoyance, all the frustration and helplessness I was feeling when it first grew vanished beneath the delight of my little sister's wicked touch. She caressed me with this awed look in her eyes.

I wanted her to keep doing that, but I also wanted to play with her body. I stared down at her tank top, striped red and blue. I grabbed the hem and drew it up her stomach, exposing her flat belly and cute, innie bellybutton. My finger dipped into her divot, and she giggled, her fingers tightening on my girl-cock.

“Jenny!” she squealed as I circled her. The delight rippled through her.

I smiled. “Mmm, you're such a ticklish, little brat, aren't you?”

“No!” she gasped, her eyes widening as my fingers slid across her stomach to her sides. “You wouldn't.”

I gave her a wicked grin and tickled.

My sister burst into a paroxysm of laughter. Her face went red as her giggles and chortles escaped her lips. Her hand released my cock as she squirmed on the ground. My fingernails lightly scraped her side, running up and down her as she struggled to breathe beneath her mirth.

She was just so cute, her strawberry-blonde pigtails flying about her head as I played with her. She trembled on the floor, squirming as her laughter echoed through the plastic castle. Her legs kicked around me.

“Stop!” she managed to gasp out. “Please!”

“Mmm, but you're such a cute thing when you're laughing,” I purred, relaxing my tickles for a moment. “Why should I?”

“I'll give you kisses,” she moaned.

“Tempting,” I said. “Where?”

Her eyes went wild. “On your cock!”

It seemed like her boisterousness had won out over her nerves. I liked that idea. I grabbed her tank top and pulled it up. “Then let's get you naked. I'm going to kiss you, too. We're going to have so much fun, aren't we?”

She nodded her head, her eyes wide. She licked her lips while my heart pounded. Her little breasts rose and fell in the light-blue bra she wore, the edges trimmed in snowy lace. I just pushed that up and over her small breasts, exposing them to my hungry gaze. I darted down and sucked on one.

“Jenny!” she gasped, pulling her bra off over her head as I sucked and nibbled on her little, pink nub. “Oh, wow, that's... That's nice!”

I nibbled on my little sister's nub, loving the feel of it in my mouth. My futa-dick throbbed as my hands stroked down her sides again. She tensed and squirmed as I brushed her skin, her eyes widening in warning.

I kept going, not tickling her, and reached her shorts. As I suckled on her cute nipple, I found the fastener of her shorts and popped it. Her zipper rasped as I pulled it open. I loved the sound it made. This wicked sound that had my pussy clenching. Juices ran down my thighs. I was so ready to do such wicked things with her.

My hands tugged her skirt down. My heart raced as I did this. She squirmed more, whimpering and moaning. My fingers dipped into the waistband of her panties, sliding lower and lower, brushing the sparse strands of her silky pubic hair.

“Jenny!” she groaned, her voice getting serious.

I popped my mouth off her nipple. “I want to eat your little cunny,” I moaned, these new desires surging through me. I had never wanted to do these things with a girl, but growing my cock had changed everything. I wanted my little sister. My incestuous lust surge through me. “Will you let me eat you?”

She nodded her head, growing shy again as my fingers were only an inch away from touching her pussy. Then she bit her lip. “I've heard of this thing. Sixty-nine. Could I... kiss your cock while you do that?”

I grinned at her. “Get your shorts off, sit on my face, and let's sixty-nine!”

Her smile exploded across her face.

I rolled onto my back as Allie sat up. Her little titties hardly jiggled at all. She wiggled out of her shorts and light-blue panties. Her strawberry-blonde bush came into view. She didn't have a lot of hairs, just a fine down that did nothing to hide her virginal pussy's tight slit.

I groaned at the first sight of a girl's twat. I mean, I didn't look at other girls in the showers. Not like this. I was staring at my sister's pussy, my mouth hungering for her. She sat up as I licked my lips.

“I can't believe we're doing this,” groaned Allie.

“I know.” My heart tightened. This was so wrong, but... I wanted her. I wanted to love her. To eat her. To lick her. To make her feel amazing.

She straddled my head. She sank her juicy pussy down onto my face. Her wispy hairs brushed my chin and cheeks. I breathed in the fresh aroma of her pussy. My tongue, hesitantly, swiped out. I brushed over her slit, just lightly grazing it.

She tasted amazing.

“Jenny,” she groaned, squirming. She rubbed her hot cunt into my mouth. She smeared her juices over my lips as she settled her weight on me.

“Mmm, Allie, you taste good,” I moaned.

I licked my little sister's pussy again. I dragged up her slit and this time parted her outer lips to touch her inner depths. She gasped as she squirmed around atop me, grinding her pussy on me. My tongue slid higher and crossed over her hymen.

My futa-dick throbbed.

She grabbed my cock. She held it and nuzzled her lips against it the sensitive crown. She kissed me right on the tip as I lapped at her pussy. It was such an incredible treat. This amazing delight shot down my shaft as she kissed it again and again. Then her lips sealed over my slit and sucked.

“Allie!” I gasped, my toes curling at the incestuous rush of bliss that shot down my futa-cock to my pussy.

She sucked and nursed on the tip of my girl-cock. I groaned as my tongue darted through her folds. I caressed her pussy. I feasted on her snatch. My tongue danced through virginal flesh. She whimpered about my cock, her body squirming on me.

The suction on my dick was incredible. She pumped her hands up and down it. My pussy clenched, drinking in the delight of this moment. My heart pounded as this ache grew in my ovaries. My tongue slid through her pussy folds as she did. She took more and more of me into her mouth, opening wide to swallow my thick tip.

“Oh, Allie!” I moaned in delight.

My tongue flicked through her folds and found something amazing. I brushed a little bud. This hard, throbbing clit. I licked and lapped at the hard nodule. She gasped in delight, her body shaking atop me. She moaned around my girl-cock, the humming passion surging through me. My pussy clenched. My heart raced at this wicked thrill shooting through me.

She was such a naughty tease. Such a wicked, kinky, wild thing. I loved it. I sucked hard on her nub as she swirled her tongue around my crown. The pressure grew in my depths. Was that my ovaries? Was I about to cum again?

Should I warn my sister?

“Allie!” I moaned as she sucked with such passion. “I... I... Oh, no!”

I gasped as my cum fired from my girl-dick. It spurted out of my shaft, basting her mouth. A rush of pleasure shot through my body, slamming into my mind a moment before the gentle waves of rapture washed out of my pussy. I shuddered and moaned. I latched onto her clit and sucked as the bliss filled me.

She squealed on top of me. My sister's fresh juices bathed my face as she gulped down my cum. She swallowed between her hot sucks. More and more of my jizz fired from my girl-dick. My seed pulsed into her mouth while the pleasure slammed into my mind, leaving me dizzy with incestuous rapture.

“Allie!” I moaned between licks of my little sister's delicious twat. I lapped up her fresh cream.

I reveled in this moment of shared pleasure.

My pussy convulsed as my dick unloaded the last of my cum into my sister's mouth. She sucked hard, squirming on me, rubbing her wispy curls into my cheeks and her hot twat onto my hungry lips and tongue. I drank her cream as my body buzzed from my orgasm.

Her mouth popped off my cock. Before I knew it, she'd spun around and was staring down at me, her small breasts jiggling. She bent down, pressing her naked body tight to mine, my round tits drinking in the feel of her small boobies. Her lips met mine.

She shoved my salty girl-cum into my mouth.

I groaned at the wild taste of my own seed. My girl-dick throbbed against her stomach. She squirmed on me, her ticklish bush rubbing into near the base of my new cock. I groaned, our tongues dancing, sharing my futa-cum.

This wild lust surged over me. I rolled her onto her back, acting on these new instincts rippling through me. My nipples grazed hers, shooting delight down to my girl-dick. I reached between us, grasping my futa-cock. I shifted it, pressing it between her thighs.

I groaned at the feel of her hot flesh against my pussy. I trembled at the hot feel. This wicked and incestuous delight that surged through my body as I rubbed my cock up and down her virginal slit, kissing her with passion, the salty flavor of my cum lingering on her lips.

I found her hymen.

She stiffened.

I broke the kiss and stared into my little sister's eyes. She whimpered and then nodded her head. “I'm ready, Jenny.”

I grinned at my little sister and pressed forward. Her face tensed as her maidenhead stretched and stretched. She groaned beneath me. Her body wiggled and undulated. Her face contorted with bliss. Then she gasped as my cock popped her cherry.

The tip of my girl-dick slid into my sister's pussy. I groaned at the silky, incestuous grip of her virginal flesh clinging to my cock as I went deeper and deeper. Her blue eyes widened. Her nose twitched.

“Oh, Jenny!” she moaned, squirming, her nipples kissing mine. Delight sparked from them, my pussy clenching. “Oh, wow.”

“I know!” I groaned as my cock went deeper. She swallowed more and more, stretching to take my massive girth. “You feel incredible. Oh, gosh, that's good.”

“So good!” she moaned. A big smile crossed her lips. “Ooh, sex is amazing with a futa! With my futa-sis!”

I grinned at her. “You're not bad yourself. Mmm, so tight and juicy. I just want to pump away.”

“Do it!” she said, hips wiggling, stirring her pussy around my cock. “Make me cum with your big girl-dick!”

“I will!” I moaned and kissed her.

I drew back my dick and almost came from the intense delight. Her silky, wet pussy gripped my cock as I pulled it back and back. More and more of my cock emerged, the friction caressing the spongy tip. It was a wild delight. I couldn't believe how amazing it felt. I groaned and then thrust forward. I rammed to the hilt in her cunt. I buried into her depths.

She groaned into the kiss. My little sister squirmed beneath me, her pussy gripping my new cock. It was awesome to be futa. To be inside my sister's incestuous pussy. It was an incredible treat to experience. A wonderful gift that she gave me.

My ass flexed as she clung to me. Her hips moved, squirming around my flesh. She stirred her hot cunny about my cock as I plunged into her again and again. I buried to the hilt in her wonderful flesh. I savored being in my little sister's pussy.

Our nipples kissed.

Our tongues dueled.

Her fingernails scratched at my back.

Every plunge into her pussy made my virgin cunt clench. I trembled atop her, thrusting faster. Harder. I buried to the hilt in her again and again. I rammed into her, loving every moment of being in her juicy body. This wicked and wild delight burned through me as my cock pumped away hard and fast.

It was such a treat. Her pussy squeezed around me. She massaged me with that amazing cunny of hers. She felt so silky. So wonderful. Our nipples kept brushing, my round tits rubbing into her little mounds.

I broke the kiss and gasped, “Allie! Oh, Allie!”

“Yes, yes, Jenny!” she moaned, her cunny squeezing around me. “Ram that cock into me. Bury into my pussy!”

“So hard!” I groaned, grinning down at her. “I'm going to flood you with all my cum.”

Her eyes widened. “Yes!” she hissed. “Ooh, do that. Make me cum then I'll make you explode!”

Her pussy squeezed around my futa-dick. Her flesh gripped me as I slammed forward into her incestuous depths. Her hot cunny gripped me. That wonderful heat that surged through me. It brought me closer and closer to that moment of eruption.

I panted, staring into her eyes. I kissed her hard. My tongue darted into her mouth. I dueled with her as she clung to me. Her pussy clenched around my dick as I pumped over and over into her pussy. I filled her again and again with my girl-dick.

Her cunt grew hotter and hotter. Juicier and juicier. Her fingernails bit into my back. She squealed into the kiss. Her flesh rippled around me. She writhed and spasmed all of a sudden as I buried into her depths.

I made her cum.

I broke the kiss, staring into her blue eyes.

“Yes, yes, Jenny!” she howled. “My futa-sis is such a sexy dickgirl! Ooh, yes, yes, cum in me!”

Her flesh writhed around me, sucking at my cock. The pressure surged to the tip of my clit-dick. I rammed forward into her hard, my ovaries brimming with another load of cum. I gasped, my body shaking with delight, then I buried into her.

Wild bliss exploded out of me. The rapture spurted over and over from my cock. It bathed my little sister's spasming pussy. My own cunt went wild. Ecstasy and euphoria swept through me as bliss spurted from my erupting girl-dick.

“Oh, Allie, yes!” I moaned as her pussy milked my cock. Her flesh writhed around my massive shaft.

“You're spurting so much in me!” she gasped, trembling on the ground. “Oh, wow, futa-sis! You're flooding me!”

I could only groan now as the pleasures drowned my mind. Two different raptures surged through my body. One intense and the other gentle. One had me bucking while the other had me trembling. They carried me higher and higher as I reveled atop my sister.

We shared our incestuous passion.

I fired the last blast of cum into her, my pussy still writhing. Her cunt spasmed around me, drawing out those last drops. I groaned, collapsing on my sister. My breasts piled into her small titties. My nose nuzzled hers as I purred out my pleasure.

“That was the best,” groaned Allie.

“Glad you liked it.” Then a wicked thought popped into my head. “You know futas always breed a girl on the first time. You're going to be a mommy.”

“What!” she gasped. “No, they don't. That's not what was in the pamphlet the doctor gave you.”

“Are you sure?” I asked her. “Did you read it all?”

“Well...” Uncertainty crossed her face.

I burst into laughter.

“Oh, you're just being a cunt!” she moaned.

“Allie!” I gasped. “What a thing to say to your futa-sister after she deflowered you.”

“Well, so I'm not pregnant?” she asked. This strange look crossed her eyes. Was it... disappointment? No, it couldn't be.

“Probably not,” I said. “I mean, it's possible. We didn't use protection.”

This naughty gleam burst in her eyes. “Well, why don't you just keep fucking me until I am!”

She grabbed my red hair and yanked my head down for a wild kiss, her pussy throbbing about my still-hard cock. Pleasure shot up my shaft. I couldn't help moving my hips as a fresh ache grew at the tip of my new futa-dick.

Just what had I unleashed in my little sister?

To be continued...

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