Fucking my friend's mom

Fucking my friend's mom

"Alicia what are you doing tonight?" I asked my sister.

"Gonna go hang with my friend at his house"

"Think you could slip that by me? What's his name?" I've always been protective of her, and now that she's 16 there are going to be plenty of guys who are trying to take advantage of her. Even I think she's hot, and she's my sister.

"Don't worry I think he's gay. Like actually gay. Ya know?"

I was in a hurry, I had no more time to interrogate her.

"Be safe" I yelled as I was walking out the door. I hopped into my lifted F-150 and began to drive. There was this 18 and older night club that just opened up around the corner that I had decided to go to. I stopped by my friend Paul's house to pick him up, we always winged for each other whenever we would go and creep on girls.

"Sup dude" I said to Paul as he got in my truck. We were driving for a steady 15 minutes when we hit traffic. The fact that the traffic for the night club was a block and a half down was already a good sign, we were gonna fuck some beezy's tonight without question. I smiled.

"There's gonna be some fine bitches there tonight" I said to Paul.

"Yeah man I bet, I'm meeting Cindy there though"

"Cindy Taylor? What the fuck man who's gonna wing for me?"

"Yeah Cindy Taylor, and I can still wing, just not in front of Cindy"

"Are you tapping that at least?"

"Workin on it man"

That was a definite no. Cindy Taylor was a 9 and was way out of Paul's league, especially because the only two girls he's fucked were girls that I set him up with. I figured I'd let him try and work it on his own while I approached.

We parked and waited in line for about 30 minutes. By then it was around 10:30 and I was already getting a little bored from waiting in line so long. I even began chatting it up with this fatty in front of me who claimed to be waiting for her boyfriend.

I looked around me and there was a three to one girl to guy ratio. Most of the girls were hot too, this was going to be an easy night for me. There was two main rooms, one had a lounge area with coaches setup in an "L" shape. At the other side of the lounge room was a bar, and they were carding each person that got a drink. Cindy was already half an hour late by the time Paul and I decided to do an approach.

"Fuck in man, she's gonna be late like this you gotta show her you can get other girls" I said to him. He agreed. We approached two blondes, who were probably wearing the skankiest outfits in the whole place.

"Hey there" I said to the blonde on the left, Paul and I had already pre determined who would get which chick, without even having to talk about it. "Whatcha drinking?"

"Just a long island iced tea" she responded.

"Typical Chick drink" I chuckled. "Lemme get a sip". She passed the drink over to me and I took a sip, it tasted light shit.

"Couldn't handle it huh?" She smirked. For some reason chicks are always trying to get guys to prove themselves to them.

"I guess not" I winked at her. "How about you go get us 3 shots of vodka from the bar?" I held out a twenty.

"Oh we're not 21 hahaha, some guys bought us these drinks".

"Uh oh! You're gonna have to make it up to me some how" I smiled. "how about we go dance?" I pointed at the other room which was packed with people dancing. She agreed and we made our way through the crowd. Paul and the other girl remained there talking. We found a tight corner on the dance floor across from the dj. The room was blazing hot and was filled with flashing rave lights. Every few seconds a green light would scan across my face. All of a sudden I smelled nug and looked around me to see who was smoking. I couldn't find the source so I looked back at my girl who was already teasing me with her ass, shaking it to the beat of the music. I wrapped my hands around her wasted and gave her a sneak peak at what later that night would be like. I noticed a joint in her mouth, it took me a few seconds to realize that was where I smelled the nug. I grabbed it from her mouth and took a few hits then passed it on to a stranger.

"Let him get kicked out for bringing drugs" I said to her. She didn't seem to mind. We continued dancing. She was wearing brown skin tight booty shorts, and a white skin-tight tank top that seemed to be her substitute for a bra.

"I never got your name" I leaned in to 'hear better' as she responded.

"My name's Joanna"

"Thats a very pretty name Joanna" I smiled at her an leaned in to get my face closer. She leaned too, but as we were about to kiss she touched my lips with her finger and ran it down my chest. She was being a little cock tease, and I had to play back. I grabbed her hand and swung her around so that her back was facing me. We started grinding again and every time she would turn her head back to kiss me I would push it away. Just to tease her I would kiss her neck right after she did that. Eventually we made our way to grinding front to front with our heads less than an inch apart. We were having a staring contest to see which one of us would puss out first. Eventually I caved and kissed her. Once she started kissing back I pulled my head away and smiled. She leaned back in and started passionately making out with me. I ran my hand up and down the small of her back, occasionally sliding it down to grab her ass. She started groping my crotch and I knew what this meant.

I stopped kissing her and lead her in the direction of the lounge so that I could build a little more rapport. A girl needs to feel comfortable before she goes home with a guy, something my dad used to tell me before he passed last year. As we were walking to the lounge some meat head started charging at me. I looked around just to make sure, and everybody was just casually dancing. I let go of Joanna's hand just incase he was gonna hit me.

"What are you doing you fucking slut? A buddy of mine called me saying he saw you kissing some guy. Is this him?"

"What are you talking about? I was dancing with Ericka and then she ditched me to go with some guy. This guy right here wanted to just keep me company until she came back."

"Bullshit! You're lying to me right now Joanna and I'm not gonna tolerate it." He slapped her with all his power straight across her face. Being a wrestler I went and did a double leg take on on him, lifting him as high as I could. He tried fighting back but I kept serving him punch after punch right to his dome. There was blood all over his face and he was begging me to stop when two security guards jumped on me. My adrenaline overpowered me and before I knew it I was being thrown out the back of the club. I looked at my phone and it was only 10:30. What a bust of a night. I called Paul just to make sure I could leave him and he said it was cool. I got in my car and decided to just call it a night since I was tired to begin with.

When I got home, I was surprised to see my sister's white jetta still here, I guess she must have decided not to go out. I opened the front door and heard some screaming, it sounded like my sister so I rushed to her door. It was cracked open and there she was, with her tits flopping up and down riding some guy's dick. I felt a little embarrassed to have witnessed what I did so I went to my room. Outside my window, there was a Black Scion TC with red rims.

'That's weird' I thought to myself. It looked exactly like my best friend Bryan's truck. I walked to the front door and saw his shoots laying next to my closet. This really pissed me off. I was contemplating whether I should storm in there and kick his ass. I was already tired from one fight tonight though, I decided I'd have to find another way to get him back. I thought about it, I was sort of friends with his sister. I was going to fuck her to get even. I got back in my truck and headed to his house. It was 11:15 and I was hoping that Bryan's parents were already asleep. I parked a few houses down and picked some berries off a tree near by. All the bedrooms were on the second floor. There were two main windows in the front of the house, and I knew Bryan's was on the right. The window on the left had the light on, I figured it must be Brett's little sister Brooklyn. I threw each berry one by one, each one a little harder, until the entire window was splattered in berry puss.

Nobody had opened the window and I was out of berries. Bryan's house had the same berry tree right next to the front door. I tiptoed close to it and began to pull some berries from it. All of a sudden the front door swung open, and there stood Mrs. Collins in her bra-less night gown.

"Why are you throwing berries at my window?" She asked me, seemingly irritated.

"Oh oops Mrs. Collins, I thought that was Bryan's window. Is he around?"

"He was supposed to be with you and Paul tonight.... I'm gonna have to give him a call."

"Oh no! I was actually with them earlier but they decided to get food and I just figured that they would come back here. Do you mind if I wait until they return?"

"Sure, but Mr.Collins is not here tonight. He went on a business trip, and you know his rules about sleepovers while he is away."

"Got it, thanks Mrs. Collins" I smiled at her. I followed her through the door and up the stairs. She went into her bedroom and shut the door behind her. I walked over to Brooklyn's bedroom. I heard the music playing loud so I knocked on the door. There was no answer. I opened the door and there was nobody in the room. There is a bathroom directly to the left when you walk through the door, and it was shut. I could hear the shower running. I put my ear up against the door and could hear faint moaning sounds. She must have been fingering herself in the shower. This excited me so I started to rub my dick through my shorts. I put my eye up to the keyhole to see if I could get a peak in. I barely saw a nipple and a boob. I unzipped my zipper and pulled my dick out.

"What are you doing?" Mrs. Collins said, nonchalant as I jumped from being startled. My dick was still hanging out of my shorts.

"Oops haha this thing always pops out. I gotta get my shorts fixed". My face was bright red from embarrassment.

"If you're trying to get a better view, come with me." She walked me to her bedroom and shut the door behind her. She slipped off her robe leaving her topless but still wearing panties.
"She's been doing this everynight since she was 14, one day Herald was looking for her and could hear her moans, as you did through the door. This was kind of exciting for us, our sex life was getting a little boring so we decided to install a hidden camera in the shower and watch her to spice things up." She wiggled the mouse on her computer. I still haven't gotten a glance at her tits because her back was facing me.

All of a sudden, there was naked brook laying down next to her shower with the water running. She had her legs spread with one propped up on the edge of the toilet, and the other on the counter directly next to the toilet. She was rubbing her clit in circles, sometimes really fast and sometimes really slow. She was making faces, like she was pouting. It was almost as if she was trying to hurt herself by furiously masturbating. My dick was bulging in my pants again. I looked away from the screen and there was Mrs. Collins, watching and fingering herself. I love watching girls play with herself, that is definitely something that turns me on. Better yet I got to watch a mother and a daughter both masturbate, two women I know on a personal level.

"Feel free" Mrs. Collins whispered to me. She glanced down at my bulging penis and then smiled.

"Are you sure, Mrs. Collins? You don't think that's inappropriate?" I asked her nervously. I was hoping she would turn around to answer my question but her eyes were glued to the screen

"Yes I'm sure, and please, call me Sheila. " That was all I need to hear. I whooped my dick out and laid on the bed right next to the computer screen. Now I had a view of Sheila and her sideboob while she fingered herself, I positioned myself so that I could glance at the screen and then back at her. This was my erotic fantasy coming true. Brooklyn began shoving all sorts of random shit into her vagina, she started with a comb, and somehow worked her way to forcing a giant shampoo bottle in there. She was fucking herself using the bottle with one hand, while her other hand groped the fuck out of her tit.

Brooklyn's legs suddenly fell down and she got up and opened the shower door. I could tell Sheila hadn't orgasmed yet, and I know I certainly had not. This was definitely going to leave me with blue balls.

"You do realize you're going to have to finish me off right?" Sheila said to me as she slowly removed her hand from her panties and licked each finger one by one making exaggerated sucking noises. I rubbed my eyes just to make sure this reality. When she finished, she got up and jumped on top of me. She was straddling my thighs while pinning me down with her hands. I couldn't break free even if I had wanted to. She leaned down towards my face and passionately forced her tongue into my mouth, using her tongue to beg for mine in return. My dick was rubbing against her panties, it felt as if it was going to break off and every time she moved I had to flex it just to keep myself from exploding.

'What the fuck?' I thought to myself. She was teasing the shit out of me, and I wasn't just going to stand by and let it happen. I squirmed my way out of her pin and got on top of her, not releasing our passionate kiss for even a split second. Her legs were still straddling my hips, she had one arm wrapped around my neck and the other one was aggressively running through my hair. I began humping her to loosen her grip on the straddle but she wouldn't budge. I knew I would have to use my wrestling skills to break through, I stuck both my arms under her legs and lifted them up until she couldn't maintain. I then stepped over her legs so that she was unable to keep me down again.

"Punish me" She said immediately after slapping my ass and digging her nails into my back. I slapped her in the face, and in return she licked her lips seductively while gazing into my eyes practically begging for more abuse. I grabbed her panties from the bottom with my right hand and ripped them off. My dick was already out and pressed against her stomach. I pulled out of our kiss and flipped her around. She squirmed to get back onto her back but I held her down with her face pressed up against the bed with my left hand. My right hand was occupied by continuously slapping her ass cheeks. They were perfect in shape, volume, size, and tightness. She had minor tan lines which were unnoticeable because I had covered her bare ass in my hand prints. She had the perfect body, for a 40 year old, it was better than most 20 year olds I have slept with.

"You liked that?" I whispered into her ear.

"You better fuck me or I'll turn around and kick your ass."

"I take no orders from a bitch" I said with a smirk. I shoved my 8 inch dick in between her buttcheeks finding a moist hole begging for my pleasure. The pink slit easily consumed my whole penis. I brutally forced it farther and farther in with each thrust of my hips. I was so caught up in the moment I was nowhere near cumming.

I flipped her back around and forced her to roll back onto her neck with her legs over her head spread wide. I placed my dick into the dark vortex of her asshole, not needing any lubricant because her pussy juices left my dick slicker than wd-40. Tears began rolling down her face.

"Fuck me harder" She begged, I could tell she was holding back screams of pleasure because Brooklyn was only a few rooms down. Gravity hand sunk her giant milf tits back to her neck jiggling each time I thrust my hips into her tight asshole. She easily had DD's and although they might not have been the perkiest tits, they were not saggy and her areolas were the perfect size.

My balls were up inside my stomach, waiting for me to relax for even a split second so that they could release their load. I was barely half way done. I pulled my dick out and wrapped my legs around face forcing her to clean my dick with her mouth. She gladly cleaned and massaged it, deep throat without gagging.

I pulled my body away from her mouth and she laid there on her back. I slipped my dick back into her vagina while she spread her legs parallel to the bed. Words couldn't describe how wet her pussy was, her vagina muscles were tightening as if they were trying to keep my dick into place. Her hips started violently thrusting in synchronicity with mine, with ever clash leaving a wet popping sound. The smell of sex surrounded me, I could feel each scent molecule diffuse into the air and up my nostrils and then completely control my body. Our pace was quickening as each second passed.

"IM CUMMING!! FUCK MY CUNT WITH YOUR BIG FUCKING DICK" This was it for me, my dick released about 9 giant spurts into her pussy. As I pulled my dick it I was soaked with a gallon of her womanhood. I collapsed and lay next to her exhausted.

"You okay mom I heard you screaming?" Brooklyn opened the door seeming worried. She looked over and saw me soaked in her mother's cum with my dick still semi erect.

"Hey....Brook, how's it goin?" She stormed out of the room crying at what she had just seen.

A couple days past and I hadn't heard from Bryan. That bitch wound up standing Paul up, but he got to fuck the girl he was talking to earlier that night. Do I feel like I got adequate revenge on Bryan? Of course. That's what you get for fucking my sister, douche bag.

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