My first Time_(31)

My first Time_(31)

My First Time

Opening the page I had never seen anything like this before, I knew this was a naughty magazine but I didn’t know what to expect as I hadn’t seen one before> There in front of me a double spread page of a woman naked opening her legs, I could see her pussy flaps all the hair and her boobs, first I laughed then I looked in amazement. My friend said he had seen it all before. (Well he was five years older than me at thirteen I was only eight)

We heard the front door open and my friend grahams mum came walking in, I hid the naughty magazine in my jumper and we both ran out of the front door.

I noticed whilst opening up the magazine again looking at the porn pictures walking down the road, there was a tingle in my pants, I had never felt this before, like a fire in my willy, it filled my belly with excitement and my friend noticed while looking at me.

‘Ha ha you have an erection’ Graham said to me, I went all red. He told me not to worry and that’s normal, so I accepted what he said. These beautiful women looked awesome in the magazine and I couldn’t believe how it was making me feel.

‘Do you know much about sex rob’, graham asked me, I shook my head as I didn’t know anything about it.

‘Do you want to have sex rob’ graham asked me, you see graham was like an older brother to me, in fact he was my older brothers best friend, I shrugged my shoulders as I didn’t think he was for real and besides I didn’t know if he knew any girls that would like he said have sex.

‘Come with me I know of a base near here’. At this point I knew he was serious, the excitement that went through my body was extreme, I now had a full erection in my pants walking through the park, it was small so I wasn’t embarrassed and all that. I could think of was wow, were going to have sex and I never done that before.

There wasn’t any talking in between me and graham all the way to his base, although my excitement was hard to contain my whole body felt like it was on fire.

We arrived at a roundabout which had loads of bushes in the middle, crawled through a gap I followed graham into a little lair, with cardboard covering the ground and inside no-one or so I thought could look in. It was comfortable and private.
‘Get the magazine out and put it in front of you rob’ so I got the magazine out and placed it on the cardboard in front of me and started looking at the pictures again which gave me another hard-on. Graham reached for my school trousers as we were both bunking off and unzipped them, he placed his cold hand on my already hard cock and started pulling the skin backwards and forwards slowly. ‘ Do you like that rob’ he said, I just nodded, it felt really good, I never had anyone touching my willy before and it felt really exciting and I didn’t know what to do so I kept quiet and just followed his direction.

‘Do the same thing to me’ graham said so I put my small cold hand on his willy and rubbed it just like he was rubbing me, his cock started to grow and I was really surprised it was so much bigger than mine, mine was tiny about 3 inches long hard his seemed nearly twice as long and twice as thick and he had hair to.

‘Now what I want you to do rob is pull your trousers down around your ankles, and kneel on your hands and knee’s and carry on looking at that magazine’.

I did what I was told I was hard as a rock it was cold with my trousers around my ankles, graham shuffled behind me and I felt a warm wetness around my bum hole. ‘ This is going to sting a little at first but its nice I promise’ graham said to me, I felt something pinch my hole and felt a cold finger push in, ‘ouch that hurts’ I told graham, he replied ok and put his other hand around my cock again and started rubbing my willy again which felt really nice.

I knew what we were doing was naughty but I really liked it. ‘ Im cold’ I said then I felt grahams body push against my bum, his body was nice and warm so that felt better, then I felt something nudging against my bum hole, he spat down on himself on his willy and started pushing his cock gently against my hole,’ Does this hurt’ he said. While he rubbed the tip of his hard willy against my hole.
‘Nope’ I replied, it did hurt a little but I didn’t want him to stop, I was still looking down at the magazine and thought to myself I’m going to be that girl, I felt a pain as he pushed his hard willy deeper inside me. ‘Just breathe, are you ok?’ he said. I was really excited I could feel his cock going deeper inside my bum hole and never felt anything like this before, I started pushing myself backwards and forwards and he was thrusting back and forwards inside me. I looked down at the magazine and wished I had boobs. I felt his cock go deeper into me slowly bit by bit and his big hands where holding my waist, I loved this, I thought to myself I’m having sex and it feels really good, I felt really excited and horny, he pushed his hard willy all the way inside me. Now I thought he is having sex with me and I smiled.

‘There does that feel nice’ He said. ‘Yes it feels good’, I lied it really hurt but I thought to myself I really want to have sex and graham was fucking me and I was naughty. He pulled and pushed his dick hard into me slapping his balls against my tiny bum, his cock did hurt me but I kept quiet because I really liked it and wanted him to do what he wanted to me. Pushing his erect cock as far as it would go one of his hands grabbed my long hair and pulled it back a little while pumping me really hard. I loved it his other hand was wanking my dick off, I could feel everything and it excited me.

He started to breath really hard and move his dick faster in and out of me, I was on all fours being fucked in a bush on a roundabout on the motorway all the excitement was overwhelming I loved it, graham fucking my tight virgin asshole was pushing in as deep as he could, he started calling me names, ‘you’re my little whore rob, you’re my little bitch and love being fucked up the ass don’t you?’ whilst pushing his hard dick as hard as he could in me, all I wanted to reply was yes, ‘ yes I am, yes, do what ever you want’.

He quickly pulled out my bum hole which hurt a little ‘ turn round’ so I turned round on all fours ‘ open your mouth’ so I did, He placed his cock inside my mouth ‘ now suck it bitch’ so I held it in one hand and started sucking the full length of it, bobbing my head as fast as I could backwards and forwards, I was really enjoying myself my head moving back and forth with his dick in my mouth, licking it with my tongue, I was wondering if I was doing it right so I did exactly how they did it in the magazine, he placed his hands on either side of my head and I felt a hot warm liquid shoot into the back of my throat. ‘Now swallow it bitch’. I swallowed it, then he said ‘you really are a dirty little whore bitch and I’m going to do that to you with a couple of my friends next time, would you like that?’, I smiled and licked my lips and nodded.

‘Now follow me I’m going to take you home, are you ok?’ ‘Yes I’m fine’ I replied. Pulling my trousers up, I had had sex I thought but I had to keep it secret as graham told me not to tell anyone and I wanted to be his girlfriend even though I was a boy so I kept really quiet.

On the way home I was thinking to myself this is the first time I’ve actually had sex and I really really loved it.

That summer there was many other times with many other friends, but that’s another story.

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