Catherine- Part one._(1)

Catherine- Part one._(1)

Slowly, Catherine awakes from her bed feeling the cold air of California flooding her room. She arises from the bed only to feel the cold tiles on the ground. Walking away from her bed, she prepares for school. Walking into the bathroom, she recalled last night when she had first touch herself. It was an odd experience, she had heard talks and rumors regarding masturbation but she had never done it herself, or rather, to herself. Looking in the mirror Catherine saw a girl with brown haired and brown eyes, a somewhat developed chest that seems a little bit unusual for an eighteen year old. She had found herself wandering back the the experience last night.
It had all started with the unusually cold night that in the tiled bathroom had felt a lot colder that it had made her nipples slightly more sensitive when she had begun removing her clothes, stepping into the hot bath, she had felt quite relaxed, and secured. Going back to what her friend had taught her do you, you slide a finger inside, find the clit, and focus on it.
She had spent quite some time with her finger in her vagina before she finally found it, giving an usual amount of pleasure just from one touch, a slight gasp had escaped her surprised body. Slow her finger slid further up her legs, inching closer from her tighs to her lips. She used two fingers from her left hand to hold the lips open while her right hand's index finger was trying to located her clit once again. Slowly she found it, making her gasp once again. She then touched it again, and began viciously pinching and poking it while her left hand had formed three fingers and began inserting themselves in and pulling out at a pace building faster and faster. Her breathe became more and more shallow, she closed her eyes, listening to the water splash back and forth, all of a sudden her muscles had tensed up, her toes curled and the loudest moan had escaped from her echoing the bathroom.
She rested there for a moment, her right finger returning to the spot that had made her so weak, it was extremely sensitive and delicate which made a moan escape from her. She did not think of it possible for females to have enjoyed themselves so much, she had discovered a whole new possibility. However, she would come to regret that decision, Catherine has always had a extra sensitive body, her masturbation had only made her pussy more sensitive than ever. Finishing brushing her teeth, she had decided to take a shower due to the cold temperature outside. Stepping into the shower and turning the water on, she was greeted with a bone chilling temperature forcing a breathe out of her, stepping aside from the shower head. She realized the opportunity with her nipples now excited her her pussy, somewhat wet. Stepping into the hot water, she could not resist running her hands across which made her feel naughty. Continuing the last time she had masturbated, she allowed her left hand's fingers to spread her lips and without warning this time, her right three plunged right in, locating the clit right then and there. She had savagely attacked herself, but she was under control. Feeling a rythm beginning to form, she plunged her three other fingers in. She for once, felt just how tight she could be. Her walls pushing against her six fingers, she continued plunging them in and out until she started to feel another orgasm building up, she began going faster and faster. Without realizing, she was moaning out loud and before long she had exploded all over her fingers. She stood there for a moment, then slowly sliding down to the shower's floor. Her legs were too weak to obey her orders, she sat there gasping for air feeling as if this time she had felt the orgasm a lot stronger.

Before long, she had muster her strength to continue her day. She dried her hair, changed into a light blue matching bra and panties. Pulled up a white mini skirt and buttoned up her black and white flannel over the white tank top that stood out slightly against her skin along with a dark red wool jacket .
Walking into the kitchen, she found her bowl of cereal with milk on the side on the dining table along with a card from her mother. "Hey Cathy, I'm going to be working late tonight, behave yourself and stay with a friend for tonight, love mom." The note had read.
Catherine's mother is a single parent, when Mr. Lucas had found out that Mrs. Lucas was pregnant with Catherine, he had left her. However, she was determined to be a mother and thus was the creation of Catherine. While eating cereal Catherine noticed her crotch feeling an itch kind of sensation, it seems that she was still aroused by the events taking place earlier causing her panties to be moist, She felt digested and had taken them off, and moved them into the laundry basket.

She took a glance at the time and the bus would be there in a minute. She decided to attend school without wearing panties, she did not want her mother to find strange ooze on too many of her clothes. Opening the door, Catherine felt the bitter cold going against and in her skirt's case, into her. Boarding the bus, she was met with some comfort in hearing the loud hum of the engine and she was thankful for the shelter away from the cold. Looking around on the bus, she found her best friend Annora. She and Annora have been friends since sixth grade, now they are seniors. They had a group but people come and go, wether it be going to a different school or just a different group. Regardless, Catherine was excited to share her scandalous experience with Annora who was actually the one who had told her all about it.
"So you actually did it?" Annora said in disbelief, "you actually fucked your brain out?" She continued laughing.
"Yeah, it just felt good y'know. And thank you for the 'tip' on finding the clit." Catherine said in reply.
"Was that a pun?" Annora said sarcastically, "Im going to have to kill you now." She said pretending to attack Catherine but landed only with tickles. While squirming, Annora had caught glimpse of Catherine's inner thighs. "oh my gosh," Annora signaled for Catherine to hear her whisper. "you're not wearing undies?" Annora asked slightly blushing.
Caught, Catherine was not sure what to tell her but the truth. Catherine decided to nod.
"You- wow, okay," Annora said while Catherine began to camouflage into a tomato. "you are ballsy!" Annora exclaimed a little too loud for Catherine's comfort.
"I- it wasn't intentional, I just didn't want my mom to find out that I was, y'know, fucking myself." Catherine attempted to explain.
"Uh huh." Annora replied with a sly smile as the bus begins pulling to a stop at the school.
"I'll talk to you later squirt." Annora said while she exited the bus for her first class, Archery.
Walking out of the bus seat, Catherine saw the ooze that her pussy had left on the seat and ignored it. Exiting the bus, Catherine was greeted with the bitterness of the wind once again, speed walking into the school, she felt something oozing down her thighs. She knew it wasn't good but she was aroused once again.

The first class for Catherine would be film making. She had loved the elective, however, since the teacher wasn't there and the sub was doing a half-assed job of it, the class had went from "enlightening" to "a waste of time".
Walking into her class, she was greeted by the typical noise of the classroom, the loud exclaims and the music from earbuds being too loud for their own good. While Catherine did not know anyone from the class due to grade level differences, she had once enjoyed it but without the teacher to enthuiscally break down movies, she was miserable. The loud bell rang, once again signaling for students to sit the fuck down and shut the fuck up. Once again the sub, Mr. Owen, had entered and checked for abscences and began the movie. Catherine was only starting to get a tingling sensation in her inner thighs, she could practically feel the ooze coming out of her and sticking onto the seat. She needed to release herself, raising her hand for the sub to notice. "Yes, Miss Catherine?" Mr. Owen replied.
"May I use the restroom, please?" Catherine asked as nicely as she could. "No, you may not. The class had just started for a few minutes, should've used it at home." Mr. Owen said coldly.
Catherine felt dread and fear, she thought she might explode. In both ways. But she decided that she really needed to take care of her urge, taking off her jacket, she had used it as a blanket for her legs. It was both warm and it had provided privacy.
Catherine, knew the risks and her heart was in her throat but if she did not take care of her needs, she may actually pass out into a coma and die. And so, taking her chances, she didn't take any time to warm up and slid two of her left hand's fingers in. The coldness of her fingers caused her to shudder. Her pussy was wet, tight, hot, and really itching to be fucked. She started out slow to see whether it would attract, no one had noticed. She slid one more finger of her left hand in and began work. Going in and out, she could hear the slushing of her juices being mixed, afraid it would cause noise, she slowed down but her body had wanted more and fast. Her nipples had became stiff and her pussy became more moist, she realized how she could gain results faster. She would have to get her nipples involved, restarting the process, her left three fingers began probing the clit at a steady pace and for that she allowed a quiet moan to escape. Discreetly allowing her right hand free reign of her left nipple, she started pinching the nipple with her cold hands forcing a gaps out of her. Pinching harder and rolling her nipples in between her thumb and index finger she sped up a bit with her three fingers, and there she felt it, The rhythm had paid off, she was approaching climax sooner than before. Thanks to a variety of factors, her orgasm is sped up. Hearing the familiar sludging noise again, Catherine was enjoying too much of herself to care when all of a sudden, she tensed up. Her eyes shut tightly, her toes had once again curled and she was going to have the loudest moan but she contained her volume.

Extracting her fingers, from her spots, she laid heads down trying to catch her breathe, The room had now smelled like pussy, in a way, she had claimed her territory.
After film making class, she felt much better. Relived, and actually in a good mood. Despite the sorenness and tenderness of her nipple and vagina, she could focus on the rest of her subjects better. She was thankful that it was a half day, due to staff training day. Unfortunately, she would not be able to tell Annora her adventure in class today, she would have to tell her another day. Exhausted and tender, she wished to feel the comfort of her bed. But she could not. She had remembered her mother's note, she would have to crash at Annora's.

Traveling into the field, she found Annora with her green T-shirt and tight black shorts with her black hair tied back and her brown eyes gleaming in the sunlight.
"Hey Annora!" Catherine shouted as loud as she could accross the field. Pulling her drawn arrow into her quiver Annora turned around with a vibrant smile. "You came!" She said smiling. "First of all, that's what she said." Catherine replied giggling recalling her adventure earlier in the morning. "Second of all, I come to all your competition, when's the show down?" Catherine asked.
"The show down is in about ten minutes," Annora announced.
"Alright, go kick some ass." Catherine replied, "oh, two things I need to tell you." Catherine said urgently.
"Make that one thing, and make it fast, coach is heading this way." Annora warned Catherine.
"Okay, my mom isn't going to be home until tomorrow and she still doesn't like the thought of me all alone, and so may I stay with you to tonight?" Catherine asked.
"Hell yeah, I'll see you later then. Wish me luck." Annora said hurriedly and scurried away with her team signaling that Catherine will have to be at the bleachers.

While Catherine hates to admit that barely anyone ever come watches these qualifying matches, she was still turned on by the fact that if a wind is strong, you could see her tender vagina. With that once again, she felt something lazing down her legs. She was conflicted to staying and watching Annora or going and finishing herself off and missing the show,
She decided to settle for both, she sat at the highest where no spectators would see her and the players would be too far to see her in great details but this way at least she is there for moral support and she can finish her bodily needs.
Covering her legs once again, she had more freedom this time and so she had spread them a bit allowing the cold air to reign over, her nipples had stiffened once again. Deciding to go with her right nipple this time, Catherine got straight to work.
Sliding three fingers and rigorously pumping her pussy, she decided to slip in her pinky. Going straight for her clit, she moaned out louder than she had wished and continued to do so while her pussy stretched to accommodate her four fingers, her right fingers pinching down on her right nipple this time, she punched it with all her might forcing a loud gasp out of her. The wind carrying coldness made her even more wild, soon her hips began to ride with her rythm her eyes were closed and she felt her climax coming very soon, she went faster and buried her fingers deeper into her pussy each time until she orgasmed and squirted accross the seats in front of her, putting one hand behind her, she stabilized herself while removing her fingers out of her pussy,
Once she had gathered enough of her strength, she decided to go closer to watch Annora. Hoping on the fence closing off the archery area, Catherine sat on top of the fence, she decided to spice things up and had spread her knee apart, she felt her ooze drip down her delicate and tender pussy, but she awaited for Annora to turn and be surprised,

The end of chapter one.

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