She really tried to blackmail me - the beginning

She really tried to blackmail me - the beginning

Hello, my Name is Paul, i am age 20 and I live in a small town, we just moved here and renovated our house. With us moved a family just 2 houses up the road, a family with 4, 2 girls and their parents.
The father left just when they bought the house. I just met the girls a few times around but it wasn't much more than just the occasionally "hello" and "goodbye".
When i had a huge party at my place since my parents were gone (what's a pretty rare opportunity) I had a party with some friends. I invited Jenny that day, who was a really awesome girl. She was 16, 1,70m tall, had long blonde hair, a really pretty young and innocent face, and a stunning personality.
When I told her my address and where to leave the train but all she responded was "I know, its 2 houses from my best friend". She was best friends with the younger daughter, also 16. I've met jenny with some of our friends afterwards, but since I started university soon after I didn't have that much time and went to parties at university or with friends I still knew from school. I was at her House once and got invited to her Birthday Party, what I totally didn't expect. But from my point of view she was just a nice neighbor-girl. That was soon going to change. It was when I was 22 and the girls, Jenny 18, Emre (half Turkish half German)18and her older sister Jessica 20. The sisters’ best friend was a girl of my former school so we all knew each other more or less. It was a hot summer day in late May, I just finished my university degrees and was happy to enjoy a, for Germany pretty hot, summer holiday. Since my dad didn't get off from work we couldn't spend holidays in the south so I sat in the garden sunbathing.
She went in her garden with jenny, I glanced over and threw them a "hey". "Hey" Emre responded, "how ya doing?". "Well, the weather is awesome, I have some cool drinks, I don't have university for
at least a month, so if u just get me an ice cold shower or maybe a swimming pool I’m perfect." "Well jeah that would make my day too" she smiled. "Hey, why don't we go swimming? You in?"
I smirked at jenny, then back to her: "well let’s see, great weather, a huge open air pool, 2 hot girls, why wouldn't i be?" she blushed and smiled. Well cool, how about I ask my sister too, her friend
Alisa can drive us." "Well she doesn't have to, I guess we fit in Paul’s car better, plus cabriolet is a huge advantage over her heat up fiat without air-condition" jenny added.
Jeah I forgot well let’s just ask if they wanna come." Well that day just got way more interesting. I secretly was thinking about seeing jenny in a bikini, well that's gonna be fun.
Jessica and Alisa were in. If I would've just known that trip would have such a huge influence on my life...

When we got there I Parked the car and secretly enjoyed the gazes of most of the boys, well i have to admit I was pretty lucky, even though jenny was the cherry on top.
The other girls weren't ugly at all. Emre was 1,70, long brown hair, a dark tan and one of the less sexy Turkish look, not my type but I couldn’t deny she was hot too.
Her sister was about just the same, I have to admit I didn't realize it wasn't Emre when I was talking to her when we just moved in. Alisa was the older blonde type, she was also stunning and
More my type and I admired her figure some times in sports secretly, but she had a boyfriend and was not as hot as jenny, so I didn't try a move there.
Well we got in, paid our entrance and went changing. We met at the showers again, jenny offered to wait with our things so we can shower without them getting wet, we showered, sadly in different showers, and went back to grab our things. Jenny showered and I promised to keep her a place with her towel, next to mine, obviously.
Once she arrived we had already put our towels out and were relaxing in the sun. She lay next to me and I couldn't help but stare. Soon she was oiling herself with sun cream and asked me to help.
Of corse I was gentleman and helped her, the other girls were oiling themselves too and once she was finished I asked her to oil me. She did and I was thinking that day couldn't be better.
Well, I was wrong.

After a long time sunbathing and swimming we went back to our towels, and I was pretty thirsty. I put a bottle but when I tried to drink I almost spit it out, it got hot and tasted like pee.
The girls had the same problem so I asked them what they wanted to drink. "Gosh a coke would be awesome "Emre responded. They all agreed and I looked to jenny:
"Someone has to help me carry the drinks." I asked her direction. I wanted to spend some time with her alone so this was my way to go. “Sure, I'll go" she said grabbing my arm dragging me to the
Bar. I couldn't help myself and smile. I looked at her and just had to try my luck: "Hey, you know I like you. I would love to spend some time with you alone. How about we go to cinema sometime
Or I invite you to dinner?" She looked at me smiling: "Sounds like you're asking me for a date." "Well, I am to be exact." "Well, you want my Number so you can call me?" "I already have."
I smirked. She looked at me in disbelieve. "How did you get my Number?" "Well, I got my sources.“ She thought, then told me "Well ok, you know what, let’s get the drinks and go to the whirlpool afterwards." "Sounds like a plan. Hurry with your Drink" I quickly responded. Looks like I got her. It was hard not to smile when we got back but I didn't want to make it official before we even dated. The girls must have recognized something I thought because when I came back I caught Alisa smiling at me knowingly. Well, it wasn't what I expected it to be, but more of that soon.

I finished my drink pretty fast since I couldn't wait for what was coming next, but neither did jenny apparently. "Well that was great but I'm freezing on the inside now." I said. I could really use some time in the whirlpool. "No wonder you’re freezing, you drank it all while we didn't finish the half of it. So how about you wait for us" Alisa was responding. I smirked to Jenny. "Well I am almost finished so I'll join you." Surprisingly Emre responded too: "Well, I join you once I've finished my Drink."
"Sure, you know where the Whirlpools are, meet us there" I told her. Well looks like I had to take things faster than I wanted. We went to the whirlpools and Jenny surprisingly cuddled up right when we arrived. "Well, looks like your Plan failed." "Just a little setback, we're just short in time" I said smiling at that cute girl cuddled to me. I knew it was already too good to be true but
I thought about using my luck as long as I had it, so I leaned over and kissed her. She kissed back instantly and it was amazing. We kissed, forgetting about everything else and just stopped when we got interrupted by a shout.
"How could you!" It was Emre shouting. "How could you, get off now!" She pushed us apart roughly. Jenny was surprised but she got her breath back before me. "I told you not to be jealous. We're not exclusive and I like him a lot."
I already recovered my breath but didn't manage to stutter more than "what?!" Jenny looked at me shocked, obviously shocked by recognizing what she just admitted. "Ummm, well look, it's a long story, but to make it short I am BI and so is she. We just didn't feel like making it public and since we don't have boyfriends we got to be "friends with benefits". But I always told her if I have a boyfriend and he has a problem with that I will stop."
Now I looked at Emre, waiting for a response. She stared at Jenny angrily, getting warningly silent: "It's not about that, I told you I fell in love with Paul when he grabbed Drinks. Don't play that innocent act on me."
"But she was with me when I grabbed Drinks. She carried the bottles." I defended her. She looked at me in disbelieve. "Well that may be but she is my best friend and she should've known I had a crush on you." She was on the edge of tears.
I'm done with her" She ran off. I felt guilty and soon I remembered I drove. "Where you wanna go?" I shouted at her. "Away!" Was all she said. Well I guess my luck was gone but I had to stop her.
"Wait!" I ran after her. I reached her at the girls’ locker room and grabbed her arm. "Hey, we may talk about that." I tried to stay calm. "No, but if you go back to that bitch tell her she will regret it. Oh yes she will" she bitched at me.
"That bitch is your best friend, with benefits i guess." I knew if i just set a small hint i would find out way more what secretly turned me on. "Well yeah, huge benefits like you will see soon. “She was smiling, but it wasn't a nice smile, it was more revenge then happiness. "You know what, I offer you a Deal, let me just get my Phone from my locker." "What do you want with your phone?" I asked confused about what was going to happen.
"Oh you'll see" she rushed inside the locker room. When she came out she had an evil grin on her face. "Watch" She said and handed me her earphones. I looked at the screen and turned pale. On the screen was Jenny, but she was kneeling naked, had a dog collar in her hand and looked at the camera. "I am Jenny Miller, and I obey to my Mistress Emre to always follow her directions, no matter what.
I am aware that if I don't she is going to punish me for that and therefor I am going to put that dog-collar on. It is meant to train uneducated beasts like I am one." She put it on, showing no emotions. "I will give her this remote so she can shock me whenever I do something wrong or even disobey, so she can help me be a better slut. I am giving it to her representing my freedom of will. I will be hers from now on"
The screen turned black but those words kept repeating in my head. "That was about half a year and I have way more of this, so if u don't choose me I'm going to destroy the girl you choose so you have no one at all."
I watched her face but I could tell she wasn't bluffing. "Why are you doing this? She trusted you with this and you felt something for her too you admitted. Why are you going to destroy her life like this?"
"I always get what I want, and she really is into getting dominated and humiliated. Let's add her to our deal, you are together with me but I might let you have some fun with her too. She really obeys me, no matter what. So you get me as your Girlfriend and her as your personal fucktoy. Many boys would kill for an opportunity like this." Well no matter what I was doing, she wouldn't stop until she got me. And she would destroy Jenny if she feels like it.
"Ok” I stopped struggeling for .
"There you go, but I promise you if I feel inferior to her I'll make her pay for taking you too much. And I know how to hurt her."
I couldn't believe what just happened but i had to make the best of it now i guess. "Let’s make it official" Emre said.
We returned to Jenny and Emre took the speaking: "We talked and he admitted he has feelings for me too." "Jenny looked at me, i just stared at the water in front of her, not willing to meet her gaze. "That true?" she hardly managed to say.
"Yes, but I have feelings for you too. I didn't want to hurt you dear." She broke into tears. I felt guilty but I knew it was the best I could do for her.
I still like you and Emre and you like each other too, so I guess choosing between the two of you would break your friendship. And that's the least I want.
"So I offered him a deal. We like each other, we like him, so why not share him? Don't be selfish pls, we had other boys while we were into each other. So let's try this." Emre said, being the one in control.
I nodded. "You would really do this?" Jenny asked naively. "Of corse, you see I like her, but I also like you. Officially I will be with her, but we can be together too. If you agree, of corse. But I don’t want to loose you.”
I have no idea how I managed to get it out convincing but I guess I managed it somehow. "I would love that, I don't want to loose you. If it means sharing you and you're ok with it I guess it's worth a try." Jenny stuttered, not realizing what has just happened. Emre smirked. She knew she got Jenny. Well let's get out of here and have fun at home. There are so many things I have to show you. "She blinked at me."

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