What He did to Me

What He did to Me

Her pussy was sore and her ass downright hurt, but still she kept dripping out cum from her pussy. Down her thighs it poured, unmindful of her humilation, mostly because of it. The pleasure that flowed through her with each stab of pain from her asshole made the men laugh and her cry, but who could deny that she enjoyed it?

The men had found her at a party, they had complimented and teased her and said the naughtist things. Somehow they knew what a slut she was, they knew it was turning her on to hear them. But she was good and ignored them, or at least appeared to ignore them. Her dress was short though and she wasn't wearing underwhere. So when her cum juises started to leave a wet spot on the front, and slid down her legs turning her thigh shiny the men had known.

As soon as they left her alone she had run off to one of the bedrooms to find some alone time. She needed to cum, bad else she do something she didn't want to do. Or wanted to do. She was slightly drunk, alright so a bit more than slightly, so she never notieced the four men following her. Maybe she did, maybe she knew what was going to happen and wanted it to. God knew her pussy was wet enough to take the punishment of four cocks.

The men were a group who did this sort of thing often. Being all very well endowered they traveled around and found plently of woman who liked being sluts for thier cocks. They also recorded it and put it on the internet and the woman were often back for more.
They followed her into the bedroom and for a moment simply watched. She didn't double check the door, just let it shut behind her and threw herself onto the bed.

Her fingers were in her pussy before any of the men could think. Then the fourth one, Jon took the camera out and started to record the bitch. Somehow he figured though this would qualify as rape, that she would never press charges against them.

The other three men strode into the room but still the girl didnn't notice. She fucked herself rather hard with three fingers, but the guys knew tha t was nothing compared to what she would be feeling in the very near future.

Alex grabbed her arms before she could react and pulled them upwards so she was pinned. Mark and Max spread her legs and began to play with her pussy lips, stretching and pinching them. Her hips buckled wildly and she moaned. Her eyes moved from man to man, and her tratorous pussy drenched out cum until she made a puddle on the bed. Suddenly she noticed Jon with the camera and her eyes got huge. She never said a word.

Alex stretched her arms up higher as the men went into the bag they carried with them. Extra tape for the camera and their toys.

"Fucking little slut, we're going to fuck you until you beg us to stop. Hear me? and give us any trouble and you'll regret it. Understand?" reaching down he played with her wet pussy giving it several sharp slaps which caused her to gasp and buck towards his hand. "I think I don't got to worry bout you you whore. Fucking like being a little slut don't you? fucking whore," with that he spit in her face as Mark and Max came back. Max had a pair of nipple clamps with a chain between them and a pair without in his hands. Mark had a small flogger with a wooden handle and a bottle of lube. Noticing how wet she was he threw the lube down, he wasn't going to need it.

Max attached the clamps with the chain onto her nipples, on the sides. She cried out and arched her back into him when he did because he didn't loosen them. Even experienced girls would cry out with them that tight. He then attached the chainless clamps onto the other sides of her nipples so they were weighed down and heavy. Her nipples were clamped up and she was moaning softly moving on the bed. Max slapped her breasts hard. First one then the other. Again and agani and again. They slowly turned pinker and pinker until they were red and the girl was crying openly now. But still she didn't ask them to stop and her pussy was wet.

To be honest she was so wet her thighs were wet, the bed was wet, and her ass crack was wet. The men would take advantage of that.

Mark took the flogger and beat at her stomach and breasts for a while before he turned it around and rammed the wooden handle into her ass. Jon took a close up of it sticking out as the girl screamed. He started to fuck her hard and fast with it before pulling it out and throwing it to the ground.

"Fuck the toys, this fucking slut is so fucking nasty. She's loving this shit, she's craving more. Fucking whore needs to be fucked!" he yelled and bit down on the side of her tit. She cried out but again arched under him. Alex helped her to stand and Mark sat down. Then he grabbed her and slammed her down on his cock. She was lucky her ass was wet but the lubercation wasn't nearly enough and she screamed. Mark turned her around so she was on all fours and started to fuck her ass hard. Slamming in and out of it, pulling away totally and then slamming inside again. Jon recorded every second then had Mark pull out so he could shoot her stretched out ass. Alex and Max couldn't stay out it though and Alex grabbed her hair. With a burtal shove he pushed her head down on his cock.

She didn't try to bite him, instead she took him into her mouth, sucking hard and deep. Then he took control and started to fuck her mouth. Shoving himself in deep and pulling out, then pushing her head down deep again. Holding her there so she gagged and choked before pulling her head away just to do it again.

"Fucking whore... like sucking my cock? do you like it bitch? oh yes, suck my fucking cock... oh yes.. fucking whore.. dirty slut."

Max got under her and had them push her down on top of him so he fucked her pussy. He was under her and Alex stood on the ground by the side of the bed. Her head hung over the side and Mark fucked her ass on top. Jon recorded every second of it.

Alex took the camera so Jon could get his cock sucked. For a moment Jon didn't let her move, simply shoved her head down on his cock, stopping in her throat so she couldn't breath. So she choked. He enjoyed the feeling of her mouth gagging on him and he held there for long moments.

Tears ran down the girls name as the men fucked the shit out of her. Mark was the first oe to cum, filling her ass with white cum that dripped out. Then holding it open so the camera could get a good shot. Max pulled out of her pussy and drove it into her well used ass. His friends cum squirting out on the sides for the camera. Mark left the room for a while, Alex continued to record the fucking of this girl.

If she had thought that Mark was rough in her ass than she was going crazy from Max. He slammed his cock in hard and pulled out every single time. His hands slapped her ass repeatedly until it was as red as her titties were.

Jon suddenly started cumming, filling her mouth with the thick cum just as Mark came back in the room, and this time he had a cucumber. The damn thing was huge and he didn't hesitate. Simply walked forward and shoved it deep into her pussy. She screamed which caused the cum in her mouth to drip down her chin. The cuccumber was not only huge, but it was cold. Mark fucked her with it hard as Max fucked her ass.

Jon took the camera back and Alex went back to her mouth.

"Suck my fucking cock bitch.. do it... suck it... fucking whore." he murmured as he slammed her head down on his cock again and again. Max came in her ass with his balls slapping against her ass. Filling her again with white hot cum. Alex came soon after that from watching the cucumber fill her pussy again and again.

Mark shoved the flooger deep into her ass and left the cucuber there and set her onto her hands and knees. Then he pushed her down so the bed hit both toys and shoved them deep into her. He did it again and again then left her to do it on her own. She did to she fucked the shit out of hte flogger and the cucumber moving on the bed in almost a blur. Crying out often. The men watched her, watched the wet spot she made on the bed.

Suddenly she comlapsed as she came, hard. Jon handed the camera to Alex then grabbed her hair. One by one he made her clean the mens cocks of her pussy juise, their own cum, and her shit. Once they were clean he shoved her face into the puddle she had made on the bed.

"See that you fucking whore. You liked what we did to you. We fucking did the nasty shiit to you and you liked it. Fucking nasty bitch." Then he pissed on her. Pissing in her hair and on her face. Max pissed on her back and Mark pissed on her titties. She moved and moaned under the hot streams of their piss, which caused Mark to aim upwards and piss in her mouth. Jon however spread her ass cheeks and stuck his cock in and pissed in there, filling her until it flowed down her thighs.

He pushed her down on the bed so her face was in a puddle and her ass was in the air and spit on her. Then he pulled his pants on, and walked out. Followed by the other three men.

She sat there with her sore pussy and throbbing ass, and still she was wet.

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