Your jaw dropped and you're cum covered

Your jaw dropped and you're cum covered

> You play with your vibrator, moaning loud as i sneak
> into your room. Your eyes in the back of your head as I
> touch your bare body. You feel me but dont open your eyes as
> my hands violate your pussy stuffing my fingers in your wet
> cunt. I tell you "you want a real cock, dont you?"
> you moan as i tie up your arms to the bed. then spread your
> legs wide strapping them to the bottom of your bed. You lay
> helpless in front of me as i stand over you with my cock in
> my hand as it grows big and thick. You want it but cant have
> it yet. I stradle your chest as you lick my mushroom tip, i
> tease pulling it away from you. "you want this strong
> cock" "yes, yes, uh yes" you whisper.

> "Tell me" i moan. You scream "give it to me,
> i need you in me" "fuck me, please daddy fuck
> me" I shove my strong dick into your throat as your
> swallow me whole. I thrust my hips back and forward as my
> shaft slides up and down your slippery throat. I slide down
> your stomach circling your
> clit with my tounge. I nibble all around that little nasty
> pussy. I eat your pussy out as you try to break away from
> the rope that holds you down. I move up wiping off your cum
> from my face as I grab your throat choking you slightly. I
> guide my big mushroom tip inside your warm pussy. You try
> breaking free but you are mine tonight.

I stretch your moist
> lips wide open while I dip in and out of your stomach. 
> I punish your pink cunt fucking you harder, faster as you
> scream "more, more, fuck my pussy, yeah yeah" i
> slide under your tied body, grabbing your hips and forcing
> your tiny ass onto my creamy dick. You open up slowly as
> every inch of cock fills you from the back. I grab your
> vibrator and put it in your quivering cunt. You cant help
> but scream in pleasure. Your body tenses up squeezing your
> pussy tight, gripping my pipe. You squirt over and over and
> over, gushing your cum all over my laying body. I get
> hornier watching you bust loads on my now
> drenched body. I never give you a chance to recover, I
> untie your shacking body as i shove your face down and your
> ass up.

My dick penetrates your swollen tight pussy, as your
> vibrator is half way down your slimy asshole. I never stop
> beating your pussy up as you moan and groan in pain but it
> feels so good. My head grows as i flex my throbbing dick,
> "ahh ahhh ahhh yeah" i grunt as you tell
> me"cum on me daddy" "give to me, I want it
> all" I  grab your head and roughly force my filled
> thick dick into your gapping mouth. I push you face harder,
> deeper until you have all of me down you. My body begins to shake in pure extascy, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh as I let out a loud roar of pleasure. I can't hold it any longer as my over filled sac begins unloading all over your face and chest. "Oh fuck, ha,s damn baby" you say while thick long strands of my jizz hit you like a paintball gun. My fat cock pumped 1 2 or 13 hot and slimy loads showering you with my tasty spunk. You sit up as you look in arousal from the cum shower you just got. Slippery cum oozes down your cheecks as it drips down your chest. Your hands scoop up the warm river of cum before it drips off you and to the soaked floor. You give me an evil sexual grin as i smirk. My eyes lead you to look at my strong re rock hard dick.

I sit on the edge of the bed as your turn towards me while still on your knees. You lick me from my sensitive sac to the tip of my shaft. Uh uhhhhh ohhh, I murmer as I feel something so thick and beyond slimy just swallow my stiff dick. You used my massive load as a natural lube. You choke my thick cock with both your hands as you lather my nut sac with our natural lube. We can't wait one second to fuck like animals again. Maybe this time I will fill your thight little cunt this time.
What or where will we go
> or do next, out doors? Lube, Lube and more slippery Lube?
> Role Play? you tell me.
> Im 23 with a vivid imagination. I am very sexual, I love to
> be the man in control, doing whatever I please to your body.
> I have loads more of ideas and stories to share. I am very
> fit, i workout daily which gives me great stamina(round 2 or
> 3). I love to please a woman till they nut all over me as I
> eat your pussy for hours. My young thick cock gets hard
> instantly and stay rock hard for as long as you need. I have an enormous sex drive and am horny at all times. Give me some feedback good or bad I would love to improve on this hobby that makes me so aroused while writing.. I am also kind of new here so I would be great to make some new friends on here.. thanks again everyone

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