A early morning Protein shake

A early morning Protein shake

Ashley’s hips swayed suggestively from side to side as she entered detention hall. She was new to the school, but she had gotten morning detention on the first day. She entered the classroom and smiled at the lone teacher, one of the football coaches, as she took her seat in the front desk. She caught him adjusting himself in his seat and instantly she knew what she wanted.

He wasn’t half bad looking for someone his age; about five foot seven with a farmers tan and closely cut hair. His body was trim, with hints of muscle all over the place showing that he kept in shape even at his age, which couldn’t be more then twenty-eight.

She pressed her thighs together and then raised her hands up and pressed them against her cheeks, the result was her cleavage being squeezed together and pushed forward in her low cut top. She licked her lips, putting them into a pouting form as she spoke, choosing her words carefully as to direct things where she wanted them.

“I can’t believe I have to miss breakfast for this…”

Her sweet voice was perfectly clear in the silent room and brought his gaze around to meet her eyes, offering her a half hearted smile and a chuckle at her predicament.

“Can’t do the time, don’t do the crime.”

His accent was a slow drawl, reaffirming his farm boy status. Her lips puffed out a bit more as she put on her best pouting face. She knew he was enjoying the sight of her body, as everyone else did. In all honesty she had never cared much for breakfast, but she had a ferocious appetite for cock. She had been introduced to it only a year prior and since then she had chased after it and done everything she could to get it.

“Aww…can’t you give the new girl a break? I’m really starving…”

She leaned back a bit, letting her cleavage recede but opening her legs just a bit to show her red thong that was underneath and the dark spot that was quickly growing as she formed the images of him drilling into her mouth in her head. He shifted again, growing visibly uncomfortable as he tried to keep his focus on either her eyes or his newspaper.

“It’s not my fault you got in trouble, should have eaten before you came to school.”

And with that he lifted his newspaper and began reading, blocking her from view and hoping that the tent he had would go down before the bell rang to signal the start of the morning classes.

“Damnit,” she thought, “I’m getting my morning protein shake.”

She stood up, taking her time to make sure the desk didn’t creak, then moved towards the big wooden desk he was sitting at. Rather then pull his attention away from the paper she got down on the floor and slipped under the opening at the front of his desk, doing her best to avoid accidentally bumping him and alerting him to her presence.

At long last she was under his desk, even though her heels had given her a bit of trouble. She looked over his pants until her eyes came to a rest on the bulge in the center of them. She hadn’t smiled so big in a long time. She licked her lips in anticipation at tasting his cock and sack, she loved the feel of a thick, throbbing dick locked in her mouth almost as much as she loved being ripped into from behind.

Gingerly she lifted her right hand up and moved it towards his iron rod, keeping her fingers less then an inch away from his leg. He coughed and she froze, her heart pounding, as she feared he’d take a look at her desk or shift in his seat. After a few seconds she figured she was safe, but then his leg lifted a bit and bumped into her hand.

She had to take a chance now, so she pressed her warm, soft, and perfectly manicured hands down onto his cock and began to stroke it. She heard him gasp and drop his news paper onto the desk, even going so far as to lower his hand as if he was going to push her away…but he stopped at the last second and Ashley took that as an invitation to fish out his dick and at long last let the first cock it what seemed like eons, but was truly only a few days, enter her mouth.

She hated moving, not because she was leaving all her friends behind, or because she was leaving everything she knew behind, but because she was losing all those that would allow her, gift her, with the ability to suck them off…and for some of them, fuck her. She was forced to go forever without being fucked, or sucking, and now finally she would get what she deserved.

Ashley fumbled with Coach Johnson’s belt and in only a few seconds became frustrated with it, even feeling the beginnings of hatred towards it for denying her a thick slab of meat in her mouth, on her tongue. Her luscious, inviting lips spread into a grin when he reached down without a word and unbuckled his belt and undid his pants for her; all in less then ten seconds.

“Told you I was hungry…” She mumbled, and then proceeded to reach into his pants and brush aside his boxers as she was finally able to grip his thick meat. She had never been a fan of pubic hair, but she took cock when she could get it…and the thickness of his made up for the dark tuft of hair around it.

She took her time, running her hand up his length then down it. At the moment her eyes were transfixed on it and she was unable to wrap her mind, much less her lips around the magnificent appendage before her. In her eyes God had no greater gift to the world then the dick. It had so many uses, it brought so much pleasure, and it was the focus of her entire world…perhaps an obsession, but not one that she would admit. She had a ‘healthy liking’ of it.

“Not much time…”

He tangled his hands into her hair as he spoke, pulling her towards his throbbing erection a bit and urging her on. She needed no further encouragement as she wrapped her ruby red lips around the head of his shaft and traced her tongue around his crown, paying special attention to the sensitive spot on the underside of his head. She felt like everything was perfect, as if she was complete now that she had it. Her hand gripped him firmly; struggling to completely wrap his girth in her small, soft hands.

A groan of satisfaction came from deep within his throat as he leaned back a bit, and as a result thrusting his cock into her mouth a few more inches. She didn’t think twice at his sudden movement, only adjusted and began to suck him into her mouth. Each time she would go down a bit more, lowering her hand as she did the same with her mouth. She had no idea what it felt like for him, but she knew if she was a guy she’d be gay and be doing the same thing she was doing now…trying to suck the cum straight out of his balls and not caring much what it would feel like to have him return the favor.

Ashley could feel his thick head poking at the back of her throat, begging to be taken in deeper. She eagerly worked him into her throat until she was able to bob her head up and down with a greater pace, still making sure that her tongue worked over every inch of his cock as her nose was greeted with his musky scent.

Her left hand began working his pants down a bit, until they were at his knees. Just low enough for her to slip her hand up and palm his large, full sack. She moaned out over his cock as she felt the warmness of it wash over her chilly hand. He responded in much the same manner, thanks to her cold hand on his hot balls and the vibrations she sent over his cock.

At long last she finally sank his cock all the way down to the hilt and began to force her throat to swallow, as if she was gulping down his cock. She felt it thicken as he could take the velvet warmth of her mouth constricting on his neglected cock no longer. Her moaned and pushed her face down as far as it would go as his meat erupted in her throat. She almost gagged on the first shot, but pulled back a bit so the rest was left in her mouth. She milked him dry using a combination of her tongue and hands and finally he leaned back and let out a content sigh.

She made her way out from under his desk, squirming up his body. She pressed her tits against him all the way up until they were in his face and the only thing separating her drooling slit from his soft dick was the thin, moist material of her thong. The heat radiated off of her in waves as she pressed against him, then opened her mouth to show him the cum inside of it just before she swallowed it down..

“A good protein shake always helps me threw the day…”

She swung her left leg over his body, so that she was standing next to him. Before he could reply she gripped his cock again and gave it a squeeze. She closed her eyes as a shiver ran down her spine. The feeling of gripping any cock was ecstasy.

“Have a good day, Mr. Johnson.”

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