Eva and I chapter 3

Eva and I chapter 3

The events of last night made me look at Eva in a different light. I knew I had to have her. I needed to bury my cock deep inside my daughters tight puss. I was reading the newspaper at the kitchen table when Eva walked in, wearing her blue lace boyshorts and matching bra. Her black puss hairs, which she kept neatly trimmed was clearly visible through the lacy material of her boyshorts. I was wearing my robe as I had just come out the shower.

Eva made herself a cup of coffee and settled down next to me, wanting to read the paper as well. She was bending over trying to get a glimpse of the paper, after which she sighed heavily, realising that she would have to wait until I was done reading. Atleast that's what I thought! Eva, however had different ideas. She wasn't the patient type you see. Eva then got off her chair and mounted my lap, sitting directly on top of my crotch. I moaned and wriggled trying to get her off me, but she pushed down harder, determined to sit on my lap. Eventually I gave up and tried to make the best of the situation.

It was very uncomfortable trying to read the paper, as I had to poke my head over her shoulder to get a peek at the paper. With all the wriggling going on, my robe had come undone and my cock had sprung loose. Eva shifted in my lap and that allowed my cock to pop up through the little gap she presented between her thighs. I was fully erect and Eva was very aware of her dad's cock being lodged between her thighs. After a few minutes of reading the paper, I decided that the torture my cock was going through was enough.

I placed both my hands on Eva's hips, sat back, and began a slow rythmic thrust. All the while Eva continued reading the newspaper, however she was fully aware of my actions. I pumped my cock through the tiny gap between my daughters thighs continuously, and as my pre-cum coated her thighs, the thrusting became much easier. Every few seconds Eva would clench her thighs together, making me feel as if I was fucking a puss.

The most arousing part of this situation was how comfortable Eva was with it. She acted as if it was a part of her everyday life. She would casually reach for her cup of coffee, take a sip and continue reading the paper. All the while her father was pumping his cock in-between her thighs.

Just at that moment our domestic walked into the kitchen. It seemed that both Eva and I had forgotten that today was the day she came to work. She was a in her 30's and was quite attractive. She had a shocked look on her face. I didn't blame her. She had just walked in on her boss dry fucking his 18 year old daughter. I was so close to cumming it almost hurt, because Eva rightfully got off my lap and walked to the sink. I was left sitting at the table with my cock almost ready to burst.

After rinsing her cup, Eva walked over to me and gave me a peck on the cheek, saying she would see me later as she had some shopping to do. She made some small talk with Trish, our domestic, and then headed up to her room. My balls were on fire the entire day. I couldn't wait for Eva to get back home so we could continue our flirtatious behaviour.

She got home around 5pm. She was wearing a light summer dress with no bra, as her dress had very small straps. Her tits were practically spilling out her dress and my cock immediately sprung to attention. I was spread out on the couch watching tv, when she bent over and gave me a peck on the cheek. I was rewarded with a lovely view of her perfect brown nipples, as her low cut dress did nothing to confine her ample bosom.

My darling Eva was turning out to be quite the little tease. She left me hanging in the morning and it seemed that she was about to do the same now. I would have to be happy with my hand finishing the job tonight I thought.

With that I headed to the bathroom, intent on relieving my aching hard-on. I glanced over at the wash basket and found a pair of Eva's soiled panties. Black, my favourite colour. I brought them to my nose and inhaled deeply, taking in the scent of my daughters puss.

Just then the door swung open and Eva stepped in. There stood her father with her panties in one hand and his cock in the other. I was stroking my cock very slowly, wanting to savour the moment.

"Sorry dad, don't mean to disturb you, but I really need to pee. Don't mind me though, just pretend I'm not here." Eva then walked over to the toilet pan and hiked up her dress. To my surprise, I noticed she wasn't wearing any panties. She had gone shopping all day, wearing nothing but that flimsy summer dress. She squatted over the pan and let a steady stream of yellow piss rip from her tight pussy.

The whole time I just stared at her, unashamed that she was watching me watch her take a piss, while I stroked my thick hard cock. When she finished pee Eva reached for the toilet paper holder, and realised that there was no toilet paper. She motioned for my right hand, and for a moment I thought she meant my cock, but realised she actually wanted her panty which was wrapped between my hand and my shaft. I gave her the panty and she gently dabbed her gleaming pussy lips with the black material.

The constant state of arousal I was in the entire day, coupled with the sight of my daughter wiping her puss with her panty was too much too handle. With one firm stroke of my right hand, I erupted, blowing my cockhead wide open. My piss slit erupted, first squirting thin clear cock juice meters into the air, then ropes of thick creamy cum all over Eva's thighs. I stroked my shaft until finally the last drops of cum trickled out my cockhead.

Eva smiled at me, then handed me her panty, and I wiped my cock clean with her piss soaked panty. She then lifted her dress off over head, revealing her gorgeous titties. My cum was now dripping down her thighs, but that didn't seem to bother her. She turned on the shower taps and walked in, asking if I wanted to clean myself off as well...

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