Daddy's Horny Slut Chapter 1

Daddy's Horny Slut Chapter 1

Chapter 1

“Oh daddy! Yes! Fuck me, fuck me! Oh God!” Kattie screamed as she bounced on her father’s cock.

“Yeah! Take this dick, you little slut!” growled Richard, tightening his grip on his daughter’s ass. She was so soft and plump in all the right places. Thick thighs and a small waste, Kattie was the definition of sexy. And she was the best little slut any daddy could ask for.

“Hello? Anyone home?” a voice called from downstairs. It was her mother.

“Oh shit!” gasped Kattie, as she jumped off her dads lap and grabbed her robe. Her father quickly pulled up his sweat pants, tucking his still hard and unrelieved cock into his pants. His wife had gone out of town, as she often did, to go visit her mother and sisters. They only lived about four hours away but Karen wasn’t expected back until the next day. Kattie and her dad had planned a day of fucking and were just getting started.

Just as her mother reached the top of the stairs, Kattie stepped out of her room and closed the door while her father ducked behind it, hoping his wife didn’t see him.

“Why aren’t you at school, young lady?” asked Karen, as she took in her daughters flushed appearance.

“I wasn’t feeling well. We thought I might be coming down with the flu so dad said I could stay home.” Kattie lied, looking her mother right in the eye. Karen reached out to feel Katties forehead and cheek, while Kattie prayed that she didn’t smell too much like sex and tried to keep as much distance between them as possible.

“You do feel pretty warm” observed Karen. “Where’s your dad?”

“Oh I think he’s down in the basement,” said Kattie.

“Okay, Im going to go find him. You need to get back into bed. I’m not going to have you running around the house if you’re supposed to be sick and missing school,” said Karen as she turned to head back down stairs.

Kattie nodded her head and watched as her mother disappeared down the stairs. As Soon as Karen was out of sight, Kattie rushed back into her room to let her dad know the coast was clear.

“Damn that was close,” she breathed to her father.

“Yeah,” he reached out to tweak her nipple. “I didn’t get to finish”

“Me neither,” Kattie moaned softly, feeling that tweak all the way to her pussy.

“I’m not done with you,” he said as he cupped her breast, rolling the nipple between his fingers. Her robe was made of thin cloth and did nothing to protect her tits from her father’s light assault.

“You better hurry down and say hi to mom before she comes back up,” said Kattie as she leaned into his touch, wanting so bad to just jump right back on his dick.

“Okay. But we’re going to finish this later,” he promised.

“How?” asked Kattie. They had never fucked when her mother was home. At least not in the house.

“I’ll figure out something. Just keep pretending to be sick,” he moved around her and out the door, quickly moving to the hallway bathroom where he could wipe her pussy juices from his cock before his wife could smell it.

Kattie changed into a t-shirt and some shorts, no panties, and crawled back into bed, hating her mother for interrupting them. She was so horny and she just loved her dad’s cock. It was thick and long, and he knew how to fuck her just right. It seemed as if overnight Kattie had grown tits and her hips began to thicken, giving a sexy curvaceous body that any man would want, at the ripe age of 15. She’d been masturbating long before her body began to fill out and always seem to be in a constant state of horniness.

Just before her sweet 16, Kattie lost her virginity to a senior football player. Kattie wasn’t the brightest bulb in the box so it wasn’t very hard for the football player to seduce her, especially with her hormones raging as it was. Eventually it came out around the high school that Kattie had slept with the senior, which caused major damage to her reputation. Kids at school started calling her a slut and the other boys didn’t want to leave her alone, so she swore to not have sex again until she graduated
Richard was a hardworking man. He owned his own company that was involved with technician repair and he made great money from that job. Richard had knocked up Karen while they were dating in college and both her father and his pressured him into marrying her. Not wanting to take the chance that he might have been disinherited if he didn’t, he went ahead and married her, and then Kattie was born several months later. While Richard was fond of Karen it didn’t take him long before he started having affairs. Karen knew what was going on but she also knew that a divorce wouldn’t leave her with much since she hadn’t graduated college after getting pregnant, so she endured it and focused her attention on raising their daughter. Richard didn’t pay much attention to Kattie growing up. It wasn’t until she came out of her room one evening wearing a snug pink t-shirt and boy short panties that Richard began to really notice his daughter. Her ass really filled out those panties, often causing her ass cheeks to swallow most of the fabric and her breasts had grown to a size C cup, sitting high and firm on her chest. She’d been going from her room to the bathroom and didn’t bother with her robe, assuming her parents weren’t home at the time. Richard had decided to quit work early (perks of owning his own company) and came home for a late lunch when he’d caught site of her in that delicious outfit. From that moment on, Richard knew he had to fuck his daughter. He knew she wasn’t a virgin, which was even better. He could dip right into that pussy and fuck her senseless without any of that other drama.

Kattie was thrilled at her father’s sudden attention, not suspecting his ulterior motive at all. He began coming to her room before she went to bed, saying he was there to help “tuck her in” and while he did this he’d run his hands along her body, getting close to her pussy and tits but making sure not make any overly sexual moves. Kattie had no idea what her father was up to and was embarrassed that her father’s caressing hands could make her so wet. As soon as he’d leave the bedroom, she’d start masturbating, rubbing her pussy furiously before having more intense orgasms then she had ever had before.

Then one evening while Karen was away visiting her mother, Richard asked if Kattie would like to sit in his lap like she did when she was a kid while they watched a movie. Kattie was only 5’5 and had a trim body from playing soccer. She wasn’t worried about being too big and quickly jumped into her father’s lap. As soon as she was settled, Richard began caressing her thighs, getting closer and closer to her pussy. Having never been particularly close to her father before this time, Kattie had no reason to suspect what Richard was doing and simply enjoyed his warm, slightly rough hands on her bare thighs. The closer he got to her pussy, the more she enjoyed it until she was silently begging him to touch her. She squirmed around on his lap, feeling his hard cock press up into the crack of her ass and suddenly her panties were flooded with her juices. She knew it was wrong, she wasn’t that dim witted, but at that age all Kattie could think about was getting off.

Richard could tell Kattie was turned on. He could smell the musky scent of her arousal right thru her thin shorts and quickly realized she wasn’t wearing any panties underneath. That was enough to send Richard over the edge. Throwing caution to the wind, Richard moved her shorts to the side and quickly slid a thick finger into her pussy. Kattie gasped and arched her back, pushing as much of his finger into her pussy as she could. God, that felt so fucking good! Richard began pumping his finger into her tight cunt. And tight she was! He knew her pussy was going to feel amazing on his cock and couldn’t wait to get inside her. But he wanted to make sure there would be no resistance from her, so he continued to finger fuck her pussy, reaching his other hand around to the front of her body and tugging her nipples through her shirt. Kattie was beside herself with horniness. She didn’t even try to hold back the moans and continued to grind her ass onto her father’s dick. Then suddenly Kattie tensed up and Richards hand was flooded with her juices as her pussy began to squeeze around his pumping finger.

That’s all Richard could handle. He had to have that pussy. So he lifted her off his lap, keeping her back to him, and turned her so she was draped over the front of the couch with her back arched and her ass in the air. Not giving her time to think, much less protest, Richard quickly pulled down his sweat pants, pushed her panties to the side again and began feeding her juicy 16 year old pussy his cock. Damnit, she had such a tight fucking cunt. Kattie could feel herself stretching around her father’s dick, a slight burning sensation running thru her loins but she was still buzzing over her first orgasm and wanted more. Kattie began to push back against her father until she was able to get all of him in. They stood still for a moment, savoring the forbidden pleasure of their union. Then Richard began to move, thrusting slowly but firmly into her, holding her hips and watching as his dick slid out of her cunt, coated in her juices.

“Oh fuck baby, your pussy is so wet!” groaned Richard. “You like daddy’s dick, huh? Don’t lie to daddy. Tell me how much you want this cock, angel.”

“Oh daddy I do! I love your cock!” cried Kattie as he pumped into her, gripping the back of the couch and meeting her father’s thrust with one of her own. She couldn’t believe how incredible his cock felt in her. While the football player hadn’t been rough, he still hadn’t been experienced enough to make her first time all that pleasurable and they only fucked twice more after that before she realized he was scumbag and swore to never sleep with him again. She was experiencing such incredible pleasure from her father’s fucking and she didn’t ever want him to stop. Maybe the taboo of what they were doing fueled and intensified her pleasure, she didn’t care either way. She just knew this wasn’t going to be the last time she felt her father cock inside her.

Richard began picking up speed, slamming his hips into his daughter’s ass and watching her ass cheeks ripple and jiggle from the power of his thrusts. He had a death grip on his daughter hips and began fucking her like a crazy man.

“Oh uh uh! Daddy! Oh! Fuck fuck! Uh huh! Fuck yes!!” screamed Kattie with each thrust of her daddy’s big dick. She could hear her pussy squish around his delicious cock and his huge balls began bouncing off her clit sending even more shots of pleasure thru her teenage cunt! “Oh my God, daddy!! Youre dick is sooo good! Oh fuck don’t stop, please! Don’t ever stop fucking me! Oh oh oh! Fuck! Oh shit! Ooooh fuck!!”

“Oh yeah give me that pussy, you little bitch!” Richard grunted as he pulled on her hips, sliding her pussy back and forth along the length of his cock as he tried to get as deep into her as he could. “God! This pussy is so fucking tight and wet! Come on, baby! Cum on daddy’s dick! Uggggh uh uh uh!!”

“Yes, daddy!! Im going to cum for you! Keep fucking me!! Oh God! Yes, yes, yes!”

Richard could see Kattie’s tits swinging under her t-shirt, even from behind, and reached around to tug and twist her nipples. That’s all it took for Kattie.


Kattie came so hard she nearly squeezed her father’s cock right out of her pussy but Richard wasn’t having that and forced his cock to stay in her cunt, fucking her through her orgasm. They’d only been going at it for about 30 minutes and while Richard was by no means a minute man the fact that he was fucking his own daughter’s tight, incredibly juicy 16 year old pussy and had her cum juices all over his cock and thighs was too much for Richard. He was going to cum quickly and there was no stopping it.

Tweaking his daughter’s nipples one last time, Richard then straightened up, grabbed his daughter’s hips and began thrusting into her like a man possessed.

“Oh shit, daddy! Yes! Fuck that pussy!!! Please, daddy! Cum for me! Cum in my pussy!!” Kattie used her muscles to squeeze her father’s thrusting cock, trying to make him cum.

And it worked.

“OH JESUS CHRIST!!!! KATTIEEEEEE!! FUCCCCKKKKKKKKK!!!” roared Richard as he blasted into his teen daughter’s pussy. He had never had an orgasm so intense. He was sure his dick was simply going to fall off inside her cunt. Richard continued to thrust into his daughter until every last spurt of cum was emptied into her pussy. She laid slumped over the couch, softly whimpering as her body continued to pulsate with pleasure. Richard finally pulled out and watched his cum ooze out of his daughter’s pussy. For a moment he felt his dick harden at the sight but knew her cunt probably needed a break and was willing to be nice. This time at least.

“Did you like that, angel?” Richard asked as he pulled his daughter into his lap.

“Oh yes, daddy! That was amazing! I never knew it could be that good,” she beamed at him.

“Remember this has to be our little secret. You can’t tell anyone, not even your best friend.” Richard warned her.

“Don’t be silly, daddy, I know that!” she giggled. “Does that mean you’re going to fuck me again?”

“Right now?” asked Richard, raising an eyebrow, even as his dick began to rise too.

“Yes, if you want” said Kattie, shyly, turning her eyes away from him and blushing.

Richard grabbed her chin and kissed her hard on the lips. Kattie opened her mouth slightly and her father slipped his tongue in. She could feel his cock hardening underneath her and it made her pussy gush with arousal. It was obvious Richard definitely wanted to but this time he wanted her on a bed, legs spread wide so he could watch his cock slide in and out of her while her breasts bounced away. They spent the rest of the evening fucking like animals, only breaking away long enough to get something to drink and eat. Now that Richard had already cum once his cock was relentless and stayed hard for so long Kattie thought he’d never stop fucking her. They fell asleep that night in a mess of sweat, cum, and pussy juice.

(Disclaimer: This particular event is fiction. This is my first story and for right now Im not allowing any commenting but please vote. I hope you enjoyed the story and I'll have chapter 2 out as soon as possible)

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