Giving Aunt Vanessa a hand

Giving Aunt Vanessa a hand

I was just 15, school was out for summer and my two best friends were away for a couple of weeks. I’d nothing else to do except bum around at home just playing computer games, visiting porn sites and jerking off three or four times a day. It wasn’t really surprising that mom eventually got mad at me and told me to stop mooching around the house and do something useful. “Get out from under my feet and go round to Aunt Vanessa’s and see if she can give you something to do.”

Aunt Vanessa was mom’s older sister aged about forty. She had come back to town a week or so ago after getting divorced and she was renting a house whilst she got things sorted. At least that’s what mom said. “You can help her fix things up or move furniture or do some painting. There must be something she can find you to do that’s better than playing on that computer all day. You are such a misery with your friends away.” A couple of minutes later she had phoned Aunt Vanessa and sent me on my way. Mom was really good looking but Aunt Vanessa was even better. She had brown hair down to her shoulders and deep brown eyes to match. She was also quite tall at about 5 foot 8 inches with a trim body which she worked at keeping that way by running a lot and using a gym. I sauntered along, not really wanting to help her out even though I would enjoy my usual ogling of her despite her being my auntie. She was always nice to me and I liked her Ok but I had better things to do. Eventually though I got to her house and rang the doorbell.

“If that’s you Jimmy, come on in, the door’s open” she called and I went through into the house. Ahead of me, near the end of the hall, was a tall set of ladders set up under a light fitting and Aunt Vanessa was trying to fix a new shade to the light. “Hi Jimmy,” she said, turning to look at me, “help me out will you? The ladder is a little unsteady so just hold it for me please.”

“Hi Aunt Vanessa,” I called back as I made my way over to the base of the ladder and took hold at either side.

“Oh, thanks Jimmy,” she said “just let me get this shade on and then I’ll fix us a cold drink, would you like that?”

“Yeah, sure,” I responded, looking up at her and feeling my throat go a little dry on me. She was stretching up to the light fitting and she had on a pair of cropped denim shorts and a snug fitting shirt tied in a knot at the front over a T shirt. Her hair was pulled up in a bunch but I was paying little attention to that as I gazed up her legs and eyed her from toe to head. I had always thought she was good looking, like mom, but now she looked fantastic to me. Her breasts were straining against the shirt as she reached up, but it was the join in her shorts that took most of my attention. Her feet were both on the same step of the ladder and her legs were slightly apart, allowing me to see the seam where I knew her pussy was just behind. Where her shorts met her thighs, they had a slight gap between skin and material and I could just glimpse a flash of pantie lace through that gap.

I was staring up at the gap, and my cock was hardening as fifteen year old cocks harden in fifteen year old dream worlds, when I suddenly realised she was looking down at me. I tried to pretend I was just day dreaming and looked around the room and up at the light fitting but I knew she had seen me staring up at her crotch. “Just hold on to the ladder whilst I come down” she said with a smile, “and concentrate on what you are doing or you are going to have me falling off here.” She then faced the ladder and began backing down towards me. I couldn’t resist and fixed my gaze on her swaying buttocks as they came nearer to me and then went past my eye level with her slim waist and taut back following. As she was safely down to about the fourth step I moved to one side to let her pass me and also to try and get a sneak view of her cleavage. I’d done it again! And there she was, looking at me looking at her. I could feel myself blush as she said, “My, my, you are in one of those moods today aren’t you?”

“What mood?” I asked grumpily, thinking I was about to be told off for peeking at her.

“One of those horny teenaged boy moods where you want to get an eyeful of anything in a skirt so you can think about what you would do if you had the chance.”

“What? I wasn’t! I flustered. I was just holding the ladder like you told me to. I wasn’t doing anything!”

“Oh, come on now. Don’t get so defensive. I’m not angry or anything and I’m not going to get on at you about it but admit you were trying to get a peek up my shorts and then just now you were going for an eyeful of my chest.”

“Well, OK, but it was an accident. I didn’t mean to and it just sort of happened. I didn’t see anything though. Honest.”

“Hmmm. Of course you didn’t.” she retorted with a hint of sarcasm. “Anyway, let’s not fall out. I’ll get you that cold drink and we can sit a while before we start the next job. Do you want a beer or something soft?”

“What?” I said, surprised and thinking I’d misheard. She repeated her offer with something of a challenge in her voice so I said, “Yes, beer please Aunt Vanessa.” Maybe I wasn’t in trouble after all, I thought as she came back into the room with two opened beers and she sat on the couch patting the seat next to her for me to sit with her.

We sipped the beers for a few minutes as she told me what things she wanted to do to the house and how I could help and then she turned to face me fully and said, “So, Jimmy. Did you like what you saw earlier?”

“Umm, well honest Aunt Vanessa, I didn’t really see anything. I know I was looking and I’m sorry but it was Ok, you were covered.”

“So it was just your imagination causing that bulge in your pants then. Is that what you are saying?”

I was squirming now as I knew she’d caught me looking at her but didn’t know she’d seen my semi hard-on whilst I was doing it.

“If I can get you half hard by showing you nothing, then what will you be like if I actually show you something? Would you like that Jimmy? Would you like to take a look at me instead of those girlie mags I’m sure you’ve got stashed in your room?”

I didn’t know how to answer and I didn’t know if she was just teasing or what so I guess I just sat there with my mouth open trying to think of something to say. She laughed then and I felt so stupid so I just blurted out, “Yes I would like to look at you Aunt Vanessa, I’d like to see your tits and your pussy so there!” Shit, I thought, now I’ve done it. She’ll whack me one and send me home and I’ll be grounded by mom for talking to her like that. My heart was pounding, but what came next made it beat all the faster.

“OK,” she said in a slow and pointed way, “but you had better not say anything to anyone if I do. If I find out you tell anyone you will be in big trouble and if your mother finds out she’ll never speak to me again. So you had better promise that whatever happens stays between us two.”

Christ, I thought, she means it! I’m going to see some real tits and a real grown up pussy, not just some girls titty bumps or a quick flash of a teen pussy, but the real thing. My cock was starting to harden already at the thought as I mumbled “I promise Aunt Vanessa, I won’t tell anyone anything.”

“Come on then, follow me where we can have some privacy and not be worried about people passing by and seeing us” and she led me up stairs to the bedroom where she nodded to the bed for me to sit down. She stood before me and undid the knot in her shirt to open it and let it fall to the floor. Then she pulled the T shirt over her head and let it fall to join it. She stood there with her hand cupping her tits and she jiggled them slightly and coming over to me said, “Would you like to kiss them Jimmy?” I looked at these beautiful tits and admired their fullness and the brownish – pink nipples standing out hard and I took one on my mouth and began to lick and suck it. She held the back of my head and stroked my hair saying, “Is this nice Jimmy? Do you like my tits? Do they taste good?”
I don’t think she was really expecting me to answer as she held me close and moved my mouth from one to the other. She then let go of the back of my head and stepped back as she lowered her denim shorts to the floor and kicked of her shoes. Then she pushed me back down onto the bed and lay alongside me with just her pink lacy panties on.

She cradled my head to her chest and I began to lick and suck on her again. By now my cock was raging and my fifteen year old brain took over and I slid my hand to her panties to try and get a feel of her. She caught my hand and held it saying, “Do you want to stroke the lace Jimmy? Do it nice and slow and I’ll let you.” I put the brakes on my wandering hand and slowly began to stroke across the front of her panties. I could feel her hair where it pushed through the lace and I stroked it slowly. She began to lift her hips towards me and my hand slid down the lace between her legs and I could feel the heat from her as I stroked along the gusset of her pants. Almost immediately I felt her wetness seeping through and she groaned as I slid my hand up and down. “Go inside Jimmy, take them off and stroke my pussy.”

I needed no second invite and I slid my hand inside the waist band and began to push them down as she helped by raising herself and pushing with her hand from the other side and we threw them onto the floor. Now she was completely naked laying alongside me and she guide my hand back down to her slit as she also nudged my head downwards. “Oh, ohhhhh, yes Jimmy, like that” she moaned as she guided my finger along her slit and around her clit, “I’m cuming now” she wailed as she grabbed my hand and thrust my fingers inside her. She was all hot and wet and I squished my fingers around inside her. I felt her muscles grip on my fingers and thought she was going to break them for a minute as she bucked and rode them like a wild thing. Gradually she came down from her orgasm and reached to take my head in her hands and slide me further down saying, “Please kiss it Jimmy, lick along and inside like you have just done with your fingers.”

I lowered my head and stared at this wonderful sight right in front of me. This was no girlie mag picture or fuzzy internet clip, this was the real thing. She had thick brown curly hair across the top which led to a wonderful bright pink slit with a little hard bump at the top. I looked and took it in and I saw the sides twitch as she tensed and I saw the fluid oozing from her in slick strings and little globules and I sank my mouth over it and tasted her saltiness as I thrust my tongue as far as I could inside her. She smelt and tasted wonderful and I couldn’t get enough as I lapped and slurped around and inside her. By now my cack was bursting and I said, “Can I go and jerk off Aunt Vanessa, I really want to cum and I’m so hard it hurts.”

“Oh Jimmy. I’m sorry,” she said, “how selfish of me. It’s been so long I forgot myself. Let me see” and with that she sat up and leaned over me and undid my pants to slide them, and my shorts, off me. As she pushed them past my cock it rebounded out and hit me across my belly with a loud ‘Thwack’ and we both laughed. “Oh my, oh my Jimmy, you are a big boy now aren’t you?” she murmured as she reached down and wrapped her hand around my cock and began to stroke it.

”Aunt Vanessa, wait!” I yelped as I felt the pressure rise with this sensation. “It’s OK” she said, “it’s Ok just let it go” and I did as she said and my cock started to spurt long and high as I came like never before. She milked me with every spurt and gazed at each shot as it flew across my belly and over her hand and I’m sure she orgasmed again as she did this because she rolled her eyes upwards and then closed them as she bit down onto her lip. “Oh, you are just like a bottle of champagne going off aren’t you Jimmy?” she mused. As I began to settle in my final spurts, she lowered her mouth over my cock and took it deep to the back of her throat. “Mmmm yes, just like champagne, only better.” I was so sensitive at this point that I began to buck and pull away from her a little. She kept a hold on me and eased her mouth up from my cock and then gave a little flick to the join of skin just beneath the head.

“Sorry Jimmy, I’m getting a little bit too eager there but I just wanted a taste of your spunk. It’s so long since I’ve done this and I miss it.”

“That’s OK Aunt Vanessa,” my teenaged testosterone ridden brain kicked in again, thinking I’d stopped the action with my pulling away, “It just hurt a little but you can do it again if you want” and thankfully she resumed to nibble my cock and lick along its length again, only this time with a little less ferocity. I hardly had time to get soft when she had me hard again and she swung her leg over me to settle herself above my face. “Kiss me again Jimmy.” I reached up and wrapped my arms around her buttocks and pulled her down over my mouth where I again began to lick her and sink my tongue up into her, swirling it around as she reached forwards and stroked my cock. She was moaning in pleasure again and rocking herself on my face as she poured her fluids down over me. She squealed again in another orgasm and sank her head back down to my cock where she began to slide her mouth up and down its length as her hand massaged the shaft. After a few minutes she lifted her head and said,”Have you ever fucked anyone yet Jimmy?”

“No Aunt Vanessa, you’re the first person to suck me off. So far I’ve only managed to get a couple of girls to jerk me.”

“Well Jimmy, it’s time to change that then” and she lifted herself from my face and turned around so that she was perched above my cock which she held in her hand. She stroked it a couple of times and then lowered herself towards it. As she reached it, she wiped my cock head along her juicy slit and smiled down at me as she lowered herself onto my cock until it was fully buried in her. I couldn’t believe the sensations this gave me. My cock felt so great inside this hot hole of hers as she wrapped herself around it. My mind was going wild thinking this is your first real fuck, the first time you’ve had your cock inside a woman’s cunt and it’s a full grown woman as well! “Oooh yes Jimmy, oooh yes, that’s good,” she sighed as she rocked her pelvis against mine, rubbing her clit against me to bring herself to yet another orgasm where the feel of her pulsing muscles on my cock sent me even wilder with pleasure.

“Gosh, Aunt Vanessa, this feels incredible! It’s like when you were sucking me before! Only better!”

She giggled, “you naughty boy Jimmy, you just feel so nice you have made me cum again. Now I’m going to make you feel good the way you have me” and she raised herself slowly to the tip of my cock. I stared down, watching it emerge from her hole. It was slick and wet with her juices and I could see them running down the sides in little streams, just like tear drops. Then she dropped herself down on it again and I gasped in surprise as I felt it hit deep inside of her. She rolled her eyes upwards and laughed again and repeated her movements to slide up from my shaft and then slam down on it again, giving a little wriggle to rub her clit against me when she hit bottom. “Oh, fuck Jimmy, this is so good, just keep fucking me like this,. That cock of yours feels so wonderful. I want to feel you cum in me” she said through clenched teeth as she rode me and began to speed up. With each rise she clenched her muscles and milked my cock with her cunt. I could feel the changes in pressure as she did this and my head was spinning with the thrill of it all as my balls began to feel like they were about to burst again. “Aunt Vanessa, I’m cuming again” I gasped.

“Yes Jimmy, I know and I’m cuming with you this time. Come on my little fuck stud! Let me feel you spurt now” and she began to rise and fall on me at an increased pace so that she was almost a blur above me with her tits bouncing lightly up and down as she rode me. The sight and sensation was too much for my fifteen year old brain and I began to shoot my cum. “Argggh, yes!” I cried out as spurt after spurt left me to drench her insides and she also cried out and began to munch on me with those contracting muscles of hers and she then slowed herself down so that we could both savour the feelings we were giving each other. Gradually, she stopped her movements and lay on top of me with her cunt twitching around my cock. Although neither of us was moving it felt like I was still being sucked and rubbed by her as she continued her throbbing contractions. I was exhausted with the excitement of the event and just lay there looking at her face. She rested her head on my shoulder with her eyes closed and little beads of perspiration across her forehead and over her top lip and then she placed a long, slow kiss on my mouth where she slid her tongue between my teeth to explore and dribble her saliva into me. She felt wonderful and she tasted wonderful and I don’t think I’ll ever have the feelings again that I had at that moment.

After we lay there in silence for a while she raised herself on her elbow and said “OK Jimmy, you had better get yourself home or your mother will be calling to see what you are up to. Don’t forget though, if you are bored around the house you can always come over again to help me out” and we both laughed at this, knowing that I’d be helping her out a lot this summer.

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