Omegle Chat #1 - Grandpa and Mariah take a drive

Omegle Chat #1 - Grandpa and Mariah take a drive

Note: Unfortunately, the story is incomplete because the connection on Omegle got timed out. This is completely unedited by me. Enjoy.


Stranger: ((19 year old female (can go much, much younger) looking for an older male to RP incest as my dad, uncle or grandpa))

You: How young is young you filthy slut?

Stranger: ((Anything below 17, no limits))

You: Grandpa's dick just grew in his pants. When is his 11 year old grandaughter comin to visit?

Stranger: ((Oh okay! Do you want me to give a description!))

You: Yes honey. Tell gramps what you look like

Stranger: ((Mariah, 5'2, blonde hair blue eyes, braces, a splash of freckles on my face and full lips. My hair is to my middle back))

You: Grandpa loves your braces and your undeveloped tits Mariah. Oh and those freckles! your grandad is stroking his member just thinking of coming to visit you.

You: Hey you wanna go for a little drive?

Stranger: "Really?" I asked, jumping up and down excitedly. "Sure! Mom and dad are fine with it."

You: 'Well let's get going then,' I smirk as I watch your petite figure hop in to my car excitedly. I run my hand over my growing member before jumping in to the car.

Stranger: I rushed to the passengers' side, sitting down in it happily and smiling. "Where are we going, Grandpa?" I asked, looking up at you.

You: 'Oh me and you are just going to take a little drive honey, I've got something very special I want to show you,' I start up the engine and hit the road. 'You know you can scoot on a little closer to gramps if you want Mariah'

Stranger: I grinned some and moved a little closer, kicking my feet innocently again. "Can you at least give me a hint?" I ask.

You: 'Well let's just I did the same thing to your mom a long time ago.' I smirked looking down at your all too naive face. With my left hand on the wheel I carefully began unbuckling my belt with my right hand.

Stranger: I looked down as you unbuckled your belt. "G-Grandpa, what are you doing?" I furrowed my brows and looked up at you, confused. This hadn't happened on any of our other trips before.

You: 'Don't worry honey, you ain't got nothing to worry about, you're with grandpa now.' Once I get my belt loose I undo the zip to my jeans and my fully erect 7 Inch member flops out. A couple of grey pubes are in sight too.
Stranger: I gasped and scooted back some, staring at the big, thick... well, I knew what it was, but I couldn't believe you were doing it! "Grandpa, stop, that's gross!" I exclaimed, turning my head and covering my eyesa.

Stranger: *eyes.

You: 'Mariah! You better listen to your grandpa now.' I exclaimed, getting slightly aggravated. 'Listen honey, I just want to teach you a couple things. H-have you ever seen one of these before? A mans penis?'

Stranger: I shook my head quickly, sticking my tongue out. "That's cross, grandpa! I don't wanna see it!"

Stranger: *gross

You: I think to myself 'Jesus, she's just like her mother.' I turn off the main road on a dirt track getting a little frustrated with your attitude. I drive further and further out until there's only trees surrounding us and a log cabin. 'Don't be afraid hun, here, just touch it a little,' I shift my groin in your direction.

Stranger: I shook my head quickly, my hair swishing as I did. "G-Grandpa, no!" I started feeling the handle to the truck door, wanting to get out already.

You: I reach behind me and click the lock button so you don't get any ideas. 'Mariah, this is your last chance. I don't want to have to hurt you baby.'

Stranger: "It's so gross!" I shook my head and took a quick glance at you, to see if you were joking. You didn't look like ti.

Stranger: it.

You: I stare in to your fear filled blue eyes, they're almost teary you're so afraid which only makes my cock harder. Losing my fucking temper with you I grab you by your blond hair.

Stranger: I gasped as you grabbed me by my hair. "G-Grandpa, no! S-Stop it!" I cried, putting my much smaller hands over yours to try to get it away.

You: 'You can keep screaming hun, no one is going to help you out here!' Pulling hard on your hair I fight your efforts and bring your face towards my member. It stands tall and eager. It NEEDS to be sucked. 'OPEN your mouth Mariah! Open it!'

Stranger: I shook my head quickly, coughing and sputtering, my tears leaking down my face. "G-Grandpa! P-Please, stop!" I tried to pull my head away one final time, hitting your arm now.

You: Without hesitation I raised my hand in an open palm and then landed one solid SMACK on your cheek leaving a burning red mark. 'Take it all Mariah! Open!' I forced your virgin mouth down on my cock until it hit the back of your tiny throat

Stranger: I gagged, crying even harder, coughing hard as you shoved your long cock down my throat. "M-Mff!" I shook my head, trying to move away, my teeth even moving against the throbbing penis.

You: The tears from your eyes, the spit from you gagging and the precum from my dick made it easy for me to slide my member deep into the walls of your throat. I would've cum right there but your teeth made me pull back. I was about to give you another red blister across your face but I wanted more. I wanted to destroy you. I unlocked the trucks doors again and dragged you by your hair towards the log cabin
Stranger: "G-Grandpa, p-p-please! I-I'm s-sorry! I-I won't do it again!" I was screaming loud at this point, stumbling after you as fast as I could, not knowing, too scared to think of what would happen in that dark, menacing log cabin.

You: Nothing would stop me at this point. I simply had to have my way with you. I was going to rob you of your virgin pussy if it's the last thing I did. With one toss I grabbed you under your arms and threw you on to the bed as I traced my way back to the door and locked it, smiling.

Stranger: I pushed myself off of the bed and looked at you for a moment, sniffling as I slipped off of the bed and paused for a split second, before yelping out and rushing to the door.

You: 'There's nowhere for you to run Mariah. It's just you and grandpa now.' I started to slowly undress, knowing that you had no options. I took off my t-shirt, slipped my jeans down to the ground and took off my boots. My full, hairy, chubby and slightly sweaty body was in full view. Amidst all that 76 year old man was a fully erect penis. I sat down on the edge of the bed calmly. 'Now Mariah, are you going to take off that pretty little dress of yours or should I?'

Stranger: "N-No! I'm not going to t-t-take it off!" I couldn't bring myself to look a you, still continuing to cry, my face red, my hands rubbing at my cheeks.

You: You continue to try my patience. Fortunately I don't mind a bit of foreplay. I come over towards you, whimpering in the corner and press my body against you. The warmth of your petite frame feels amazing, especially as my cock pokes in to you. I bend down to grab at the ends of your dress and slowly begin pulling it up

Stranger: I gasped and tried to push you away with my little hands, but I couldn't. I squeaked and stomped my feet, trying to push my dress down. "G-Grandpa, stop!"

You: Your efforts to get away only make me laugh. Slightly more forcefully I peal away your dress revealing those tiny nipples and cute panties. 'Your body is beautiful Mariah.'

Stranger: I quickly tried to cover myself with my arms, closing my legs tightly. "S-S-Stop it!" I sniffled, looking up at you with wide eyes.

You: I open your legs with my hands and rip your panties off them. I pick you up and sling you over my shoulder as I take you towards the bed and force you on to your hands and knees. 'Do you know what we have to do to naughty girls honey?'

Stranger: "N-No!" I quickly closed my legs tightly, trying to sit on my knees. Anything to keep my privates out of your sight. "I-I won't do it again, g-grandpa!"

You: 'Goddammit Mariah you need to be taught a lesson!' I use one of my feet to keep your head down on the bed and force you to raise your ass up. With my right hand I grab hold of my belt and raise it high up in to the air. 'Spread you legs open or I'm gonna spank your ass with this belt Mariah!'

Stranger: I squealed and quickly opened up my legs, not wanting to get you any more angrier than you were already. "I-I'm so sorry!" I screamed, my face buried into the musty-smelling sheets.

You: I lowered the belt and prepared myself for what I had been waiting for, for so long. I lined up behind you. I could see your thighs trembling with the thought of what was coming. I spit in to my hand and rub it all over my member before placing it at the entrance to your pussy. 'Now don't you dare close these legs honey.'

Stranger: My tiny, pink, tight pussy seemed to beckon your thick, hairy, pulsating cock. I sniffled and looked over my shoulder at you, then looked away, too scared to look at you again.

You: With one huge moan I forced myself in to your vaginal walls. Oh good lord was your pink virgin pussy tight! I got about an Inch of my cock in when I ruptured your hymen and blood added to the fluids on the bed. With a couple more forceful thrusts I got myself to 3 inches and developed a rhythm. 'Ahhhhh Fuck that pussy is soo tight Honey!' I grabbed at your waist and tried to force your body back on to my dick

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