War on Geminar part 3

War on Geminar part 3

Sorry it took so long to get this part of the story out. My laptop crashed and had to get it repaired. I hope this was worth the wait. I tried to get this out as soon as I could so I might have missed a few mistakes so I’ll apologize in advance.

I awoke with my head spinning and ringing in my ears. I had a feeling of someone watching me and then it came rushing back to me like a tidal wave. I was being attacked by the red headed girl in the silky body suit when I was talking to the queen.

I realized I was left on the ground and that something was covering me. I knew laying on the ground was not the best place to defend myself I grabbed what felt like a blanket and threw it in the direction of where I knew the person watching my was standing.

The blanket went flying and I rolled and slide into a fighting stance before I even opened my eyes. Standing there facing my opponent with my hips turned slightly my brain began to process the environment around me.

The first thing I realized that it as daylight. The sun was barely over the horizon so it couldn’t have been any later than 7 o’clock in the morning. The next thing I quickly realized was I was about two feet off the ground in a cage. The room the cage was in had an opening behind me large enough for the cage to fit through to the outside. The cage itself was eight foot diameter and ten foot. It resembled a giant bird cage in a hurried glance.

There standing before me was my opponent from last night. She was a little short maybe 5’4 to 5’5 compared to my 6’4 height. I could tell she had an athletic body that is hard and lean. Her red hair could be seen even as she was pulling the blanket away from her face. I noticed her skin tone had a slight brown tint like maybe she was Hispanic or Italian.

“Look who’s awake and still in a feisty mood after last night.” She said to me as she finished pulling the blanket from her face.

When we were staring eye to eye suddenly her face went flush as her eyes widen with shock. This took me by surprise because I couldn’t be that much of a threat to her while I was trapped inside the cage. Then I noticed her eyes traveling down my body, and focusing on my crotch. This really caught my attention as the rest of my senses caught back up with me.

I was standing in a defensive stance in front of this beautiful woman of around 18 or so buck naked. I was looking at her emerald green eyes as she stared at my flaccid cock. This was almost too surreal as my hand went to try and cover myself. Where’s my clothes I was wearing last night were was my first thought and secondly hasn’t she ever seen a naked man even at her age.

“Well, if you are done with your examinations could I ask for the blanket back? I can be too much of a threat standing here naked in front of you. Plus, as you can see I don’t have any weapons on my body.” I told her.

This seems to have reddened her cheeks even more as she threw the blanket back at me. I caught the blanket and wrapped it around my body in a make shift toga. I noticed during all this her eyes never stopped looking me over. This had me wondering if I wasn’t the first man she had ever seen naked.

“How many days have you worn those strange clothes? They were filthy and needed to be cleaned.” She stated to me. “You have to be presentable before you see the queen. Before that I have a few questions to ask you. First off, I am supposed to say if you cooperate we will treat you well.” She continued to tell me.

After a long pause she said “Please don’t think your nasty friends are going to come and rescue you now. It’s not going to happen. You’re nothing more than an expendable pawn that was easily used and discarded.”

I was actually hoping they would be coming back to get me or the very least Doll would come for me. I was stuck in this strange world and she was a part of the people that knew how to get me back home. But, I knew she was right about using me like that. I bowed my head and tighten my lips thinking hard on my options when I noticed the cut on my arm was bandaged.

“Oh, and one more thing you need to know and it’s important you pay close attention because this is very important. You shouldn’t tell anyone you entered Queen Lasharra’s bedroom, because if you do we will execute you immediately. Just so you know she is keeping you alive for some reason but for a man to enter her quarters other than her husband is by our law to be put to death, and you would do well to remember that you owe your life to her.” She told me in a dire tone.

She pointed a remote at me and the cage began to move out the doorway to the outside where it was hung over the edge. I could see I was still on the Swan and we were moving over a forest. She then turned around and walked back into the Swan leaving me there alone.

I didn’t know who to believe at this point and all the information I had was extremely limited. I could hear the truth behind the red head’s words. I indeed owed my life to the queen in many ways. I had come to her floating castle to help kill her. Then to learn that there laws mandated since I was on her bedroom balcony and not her husband I could be put to death for that as well. That was two strikes against me but yet they kept me alive and even bandage my arm and were cleaning my clothes. This had been some acts of kindness not even Doll and her people have shown me.

The masked man and Doll seemed only interested in the fact I could pilot that robot and hone my skills as a fighter for their plans to assassinate the queen. I realized it then but I didn’t have much of a choice in the matter since all my options were very limited to that or spending the rest of my life in that dungeon or worse yet they just kill me.

I sat there for the rest of the day thinking about all my limited options I was being handed again. I was getting tired of being used like an object or a tool for other people’s ambitions without any regards towards me. I felt like I was being used as yet another pawn on these two players chess board.

“Oh! I can see him!” Wahanly exclaimed.

“See who Wahanly? What are you looking at?” asked Vanessa. Vanessa and Angela stepped closer to Wahanly as she was looking over the railing of the mechanoid bay railings.

Wahanly was looking through a range finder as she took the holographic viewer from the device and put it on display for the maids to see what she was talking about.

“It’s him! The boy Lady Chiaia captured last night.” Wahanly said.

“He doesn’t look like a boy to me.” Angela giggled.

“Me either Angela, though I wouldn’t mind finding out just how much of a man he really is.” Vanessa said to Angela.

“Spying on our lady’s detainee is unacceptable.” The lead maid Mahya told the three girls. She was secretly thinking about her own examination into his manhood only a few hours ago.

“Lady Mahya!” Vanessa said with a start.

“Ah yes that is the man.” Mahya said out loud as she looked at the holographic viewer, but it was more for her own memory as she looked at him.

“Does something about him upset you?” Vanessa asked Mahya.

“No.” Mahya said as she was brought back to the present. “Wahanly has a lot of repairs to complete and a report needs to be delivered to her highness when it is complete.” She told the three girls.

“Yes Lady Mahya, I get right on it now.” Wahanly answered her.

“Yes we have a lot of work to finish up as well.” Angela said to Mahya.

“Queen Lasharra, why didn’t you report what happen last night to the nation?” Mahya asked the queen. “It is rather obvious who these vicious attackers were.” She continued.

“Because they are the most dangerous nation.” Queen Lasharra answered her.

“Lord Babalun? But, he’s a good man.” Chiaia asked the queen.

“That’s true he’s good, but ambitious above all else.” She told Chiaia which took her by surprise.

“That man has nothing at all to gain from assassinating us last night. Nor, we understand why he chose last night to try such ugly methods.” Lasharra continue to tell Chiaia.

“You believe there are other powers involved in this then your highness?” Mahya asked the queen.

“We are still attempting to find that out. Plus, letting others bet up on us is so not our style.” Lasharra said as she crossed her arms over her chest.

“Find out how? We can barely protect the Swan as it is?” Chiaia asked Lasharra.

“That’s not true. We have two mechas at our disposal.” Lasharra answered.

“So does that mean your highness has decided to hire Wahanly?” Chiaia asked Lasharra.

“She can quit the Barrier Workshop now. She would be very useful to us in repairing the Swan and your Scared Mechanoid after last night.” Lasharra said to Chiaia with a smirk on her face.

The thought of the fight last night made Chiaia sigh and she said “Yeah I suppose she would be very valuable at this point.”

“Her saving us was too good to be true, right?” Lasharra said.

“Right, and there are some not so great rumors about her.” Chiaia said as she caught the queen’s meaning. If they would hire Wahanly all her inventions and skills as a Scared Mechanoid pilot would be at their disposal.

“Your highness, it may not sit well with you but the pilgrimage route guards should be notified about last night.” Mahya warned the queen.

“But that might make the enemy pull back. If we cannot get something good on them soon even the Holy Lands would not be safe for us.” Lasharra informed Mahya.

A bell rang at the door just as they we finishing up there discussion and Mahya walked to answer the door. Wahanly was standing there waiting to be allowed entrance into the queen’s chambers.

“Good morning Empress.” Wahanly greeted Lasharra.

“Good Morning Wahanly, we are glad you came. We were just talking about you.” Lasharra answered her. “You were marvelous last night.”

“Na, it was nothing. I would do anything for you.” Wahanly said as she bowed before the queen with her fist over her heart.

“Well, we were very grateful for your help. We have never seen those weapons you use before last night.” Lasharra said.

“Yeah, I wanted to show you them first because I couldn’t test them anywhere else besides the Holy Lands. Last night was just a happy accident could use them on a live subject.” Wahanly said with a smile.

“You mean you used those weapons without ever testing them yet?” Chiaia exclaimed.

“Tis fine, we found the weapons to be most impressive.” Lasharra cut her off. “Those other containers you brought on board contain similar weapons by chance?”

“They most certainly do your highness.” Wahanly said with a happy glee and the two giggled.

“How very exciting, but do you happen to know who our attackers might have been?” Lasharra asked Wahanly.

“No, I’m sorry I don’t.” Wahanly answered her.

“Oh Chiaia, did the man you find by the forest last night have any information that was of use?” Lasharra asked. She wanted to shift any question of the man they were holding away from the fact he was pilot of the white Scared mechanoid.

“No your majesty, he hasn’t said a thing.” Chiaia answered.

“Rumor has it he was just a farm hand.” Wahanly said. “But, what if he was the pilot of that white mecha? Oh yeah like that could happen. Who ever heard of a male Scared Mechamaster Assassin before?” Wahanly said laughingly.

Both Lasharra and Chiaia were taking back at how fast Wahanly put that train of thought together but were glad she dismissed it so easily. Joining in Wahanly’s laugh Lasharra answered her back “I know, seriously.”

“That reminds me Wahanly, did you find out anything about that white mechanoid?” The queen asked Wahanly.

“She just used a basic model that is supplied by the church. There were no modifications done to that model what so ever. Which means it was strictly the pilot’s own power that made it so tough last night.” Wahanly explained to them.

“So all that power just belonged to the pilot?” Lasharra said amazed.

“Yeah, I hope she doesn’t come back.” Wahanly told them. “She was way too strong.”

“How long will the repairs take Wahanly?” Chiaia asked.

“Well, your mechanoid will have to be sent back to the church for repairs. The damage is too extensive and many of the main components will have to be replaced. Mine on the other hand should only take a few hours to repair because I didn’t fight that white mechanoid head on.” Wahanly reported.

“ So we are back down to one Scared Mechanoid to defend the Swan, and with the white and black mechanoids still out there not to mention the others were are at a sever handicap.” Chiaia said out loud.

“No worries, I kind of had a feeling about this might happen and I am all over it.” Wahanly said with a smile.

“Queen Lasharra!” Angela called to her from the window.

“She’s here!” Lasharra said running to the window.

A Purple mechanoid with gold trim and a bushy pink hair arrived at the Swan and was flying into its mechanoid bay. It moved into a crouching position and the pilot began to exit the mechanoid as Lasharra and Chiaia enter the mechanoid holding bay.

“Wait, is that my sister?” Chiaia asked.

“Now we have two mechanoids again. At least until yours can be fixed.” Lasharra answered.

As the mechanoid pilot exited the bubble her mechanoid suit (if you could call it that) was a full body net stocking that was held in places by leather straps about 3 inches wide that went across her very ample breast and a leather thong that did little to cover her pussy and rode up through her tight ass cheeks. She was a very tall woman of 5’11” with bright pink hair. If you were could imagine a dominatrix pink haired Barbie you would be pretty close. Her breast were easily 44DD if not a little bigger.

“Oh Lasharra, you have grown so much since the last time I saw you!” The pilot yelled as she ran up to Lasharra hugging her to her chest almost smothering the queen in between her breast.

“Mexiah! That is her majesty Queen Lasharra now!” Chiaia exclaimed.

“I know and I missed your coronation too. I’m so sorry but I couldn’t get away to attend it, but I’m here now!” Mexiah said cheerfully as she let go of the queen.

“Ok Mexiah, what are you doing here?” Chiaia asked.

Grabbing Chiaia’s cheeks and pulling on them she said “After flying all night to get here is this how you greet your loving sister?”

“Stop! That seriously hurt!” cried Chiaia knocking away Mexiah’s hands from her face.

“Teachers from the Holy Land are strictly prohibited from aiding countries in any way.” Chiaia challenged her sister.

“That rule doesn’t matter when a teacher is protecting her students, and you know that is true.” Mexiah countered.

“Besides, we are borrowing the Scared Mechalord from the Holy Land’s Church so she is fine. Isn’t that right Ulyte?” Lasharra asked him.

“You are exactly right empress.” Ulyte answered her.

“Now then Wahanly, you can focus on the repairs. Chiaia you can fill in Mexiah on everything that is going on.” Lasharra ordered.

“Yes your majesty.” They said in unison.

Lasharra though all they needed to do now was wait on the enemy to spring the trap she set and see what they have caught.

The sun and set before anyone came out to check up on me. The night air had a slight chill to it but I just wrapped the make shift toga tighter around my body to help keep in my body heat. The man that brought me food seemed like a kind person when a dropped off the basket of bread and strange looking fruits.

“Help yourself, you’re hungry aren’t you? Rumor has it that you refuse to speak but I hope that’s not the case. I would love to know your name. I’m Ulyte by the way.” The man told me.

“It would be a pleasure to meet you Ulyte, but under better circumstances. I’m Kenneth, Kenneth Lighthawk.”

“Kenneth Lighthawk. That’s a rather unusual name you have there. My I call you Kenneth?” Ulyte asked.

“I’d like that very much Mr. Ulyte. It’s not that I won’t talk it’s just there is a lot I have been thing about before I can talk.” I responded to him.

“You’re not by chance.” He paused in mid-sentenced. “No, of course you’re not. Well, enjoy Kenneth.” He said as he turned and walked back into the Swan.

I watched him walk back through the door of the Swan and when it closed I examined the food he brought. The bread smelled like it was made earlier today and the exterior hadn’t staled. I didn’t see the point in them trying to poison me at this point of the game. The fruit smelled like apples. I looked and didn’t see any puncture markers on the fruit so I started to apply the methods of foraging I was taught since I was a small boy by my grandparents.

I took the skin of the fruit meat and touched it to my skin and waited to see if there was a reaction. I then did the same to the lips of my mouth, and then I put it on my tongue. I knew most poisonous plants would react to simple contact with my body with simple touches. I also knew that if I would have any kind of allergic reactions only a small amount would be affected and I should be relatively safe.

I was always proud of the fact that my family was deeply rooted in the old ways. We learned to live peacefully off the land and only take what was needed to ensure it would always be there for everyone that came behind us. My grandfather taught me how to hunt and fish. My grandmother taught me how to forage and even some herbal remedies I could make off the land. I know growing up a lot of kids thought I was weird but I never paid it much attention. It was times like these that made me appreciate all they taught me even more than normal.

I began eating the fruit slowly like I was taught and went back to me thinking of the situation I was certainly in. Again, I weighed my options and processed the new small bits of data I observed from Mr. Ulyte. He seemed to know more than he was telling but I could tell he was a genuinely kind person.

As Ulyte closed the door to the holding area the group of spectators was almost comical he thought to himself. Kenneth certainly had a presence about him that interested him and he noted that interest was shared by the entire group. He felt there was just something different about this Kenneth he couldn’t put his finger on.

“Well done Mr. Ulyte, you got him to reveal his name.” Lasharra commended Ulyte.

“Oh no fair, I wanted to do that.” Mexiah pouted.

“Kenneth, call me crazy but he doesn’t seem like he would be a part of an assassination attempt.” Wahanly pondered.

“Either way I still feel bad leaving him out there in the cold.” Angela said.

“Still, I think he is really cute when he shivers.” Vanessa said with a mischievous smile.

“It is not easy to witness but we follow these procedures in case he is an ally to those people that attacked the queen.” Mahya stated.

“You are all making us sound like we are an evil monster.” Lasharra muddled. Then she heard Kenneth sneeze outside which made up her mind to go outside and talk to him.

Opening the door the queen steeped outside she stood before me with her entire entourage standing behind her. She approached the cage and said “We will not let even a prisoner believe we are a monster or damage our precious merchandise.”

“Merchandise?” Wahanly asked her.

“We mean witness.” She retracted. “It would be a great loss if he would die.”

I just sat there listening to this young girl and her entourages talk about me. I was actually thinking how funny she seems to be referring to herself in the first person plural all the time. I almost wondered if she didn’t have some kind of multiple personality or something. Then again I’ve never had any dealings with royalty so maybe that is just normal for them.

Regardless I did catch her meaning and it confirmed my suspicions about being yet another pawn in a cat and mouse game between these people. I knew the time was coming that I would have to choose a side. The masked man or the queen. One had the promise of going back home and the other I felt a sense of true camaraderie. Even though I was a prisoner she has never threaten me and there was a sense of safety with these people.

“You just can’t tell Chiaia about this though she seems like she has a somewhat hostile looks about her. Don’t let her get to you though, she just has and odd personality about her.” Lasharra was telling me.

I noticed Chiaia standing behind her as she reached for the remote and pressed the button. The floor to the cage sudden opened up dropping all the food out of the cage into a net below the cage. I had already jumped on the support beams and grabbed the top of the cage because I didn’t want to be dropped over board.

“What? Oh no, Chiaia?” Lasharra asked as she turned around to face her. “I ah, we didn’t see you there.” Lasharra tried to explain.

Walking past the queen Chiaia approached the cage and said “You’ll have to excuse this viciously hostile look on my face. I can’t help it I just have that kind of personalities.” As she crossed her arms and stared at me through the bars.

“We only said somewhat hostile Chiaia.” Lasharra said remorseful.

Sneezing again Chiaia reached down into the nets getting a few fruit and a piece of bread she tossed it to me through the bars of the cage. Then turned in a huff and stormed off back into the Swan. The others quickly followed her lead.

I finished eating my dinner and sat back to look out into the evening sky. None of the stars seem familiar to me. I could pick out any constellations I grew up with. I wondered just how far away from home I really was.

I drifted off to sleep a little while later thinking of home and everything I was missing out on. I was even remembering the girl that used to babysit me when I was really young who I thought of as my big sister. She had a ton of other sister and no brother so I kind of was adopted into the family as their baby brother. We use to cuddle up on the couch at night when my mom was out of town and watch TV until we fell asleep.

It was in that dream world I could feel here snuggling right up against me now. I could feel her breathe on my neck and the softness of her skin. I could even feel the warmth of her body as she snuggled closer to me. Then the dream started to change into a wet dream. I was dreaming she was nibbling my ear as her hand was running up and down my chest. Then one of her hands started lightly scratching my back as her other hand drifted lower and wrapped around my semi-hard cock. She started stroking it lightly at first but as it hardens her grip became stronger and faster.

A moan escaped my dream world and I spoke to my big sister “Oh god big sis keep stroking my cock. Your hand feels so good.”

“You have a big sister? Well, she’s not here but I’ll be more than happy to take her place Kenneth.” Mexiah told me.

I was startled out my sleep by the sound of her voice and then I realized there was a gorgeous woman wrapped up with me in the blanket as she continued to stroke my hardening cock. The hand that was lightly scratching my back stopped and she helps me in place. I stammered “who are you?”

In a seductive voice she said “I am Mexiah, Chiaia’s big sister but for tonight I’ll be your big sister if you let me.”

It was then I noticed she was naked under the blanket as well when her hard nipples pressed into my chest as she lean into me and started kissing me. After the past month or some or just jacking off to find myself here in this strange world with a beautiful naked older woman I was not going to pass up on a gift like this.

Looking into her emerald green eyes as they sparkled in the moonlight was the most amazing thing I could remember seeing. As she leaned further into me, our lips met with short kisses that grew more passionate by the kiss. The feeling of those big soft breast and hard nipple pressing into my chest was making me harder than I thought possible.

My cock was seriously aching to be inside her as she continued to run her hand up and down my shaft. I wrapped my arms around her body and pulled her into me harder wanting to feel every square inch of her skin making contact with mine. Our tongues were dueling in each other’s mouths as the heat from our bodies was building.

I knew I didn’t have the will power to for foreplay so I just reached down with both hands and picked her up by her ass and slide her into my lap. This trapped her and holding my cock between our bodies. I lay back on the floor of the cage bringing her soft kissing lips with me. Mexiah adjusted her sitting position and picked her ass up off my lap and lined up my raging 9 inch cock to the entrance of her pussy. At this point, the pre-cum leaking from my head was seeping around her hand and she started rubbing the head of my cock up and down her labia. She even was rubbing the head of my cock across her harden clit.

“By the goddess you are huge. We’ll have to take this slow Kenneth I have never had such a monster inside of me like you have but after this.” Mexiah stop saying as the head of my cock pushed into her tight pussy.

The muscle of her pussy clamped down on the head of my cock causing a moan to escape both of our lips at the same time. Feeling the inferno wet folds of her pussy milking the head of my cock was almost too much for me but I just had to get the rest of my cock buried deep inside of her before I would allow myself to cum.

She leaned forward placing both hands above my head she could better position her pussy on my cock put her huge breast into my face. I had never felt or seen any real life breast this big before.
I took each breast into my hands placing her nipples between my thumb and index fingers. I then gave them both a firm squeeze. This caused a shudder through out Mexiah body and she slide down my shaft another couple of inches.

This gave me a great idea, I took one hand and guided her breast and nipple to my mouth and I started licking and sucking around the nipple. I worked around and around until I had her nipple inside my mouth and I clamped down firmly on the nipple with my teeth while giving the other nipple a rolling pinch.

Mexiah bite down on her bottom lip and screamed as another shudder raced across her body and she slid down a couple more inches. Now I was about half way inside of her and I started giving small thrust using my hips while I was underneath her. I could feel her juices running down my cock.

Groaning Mexiah said “Of my Goddess I don’t have to inside me fully yet? I feel as full as it is I don’t think I can take much more of you inside me.”

When I started flicking my tongue across the head of the nipple trapped between my teeth Mexiah legs gave out as she had the most intense orgasm I had ever seen. Her arms fell and wrapped up my head crushing my face into her giant breast smothering me. Her legs crumpled on both sides of my body and she let out a huge scream as her body weight forced my cock to slam another couple inches deep inside her pussy.

This had me almost completely inside of her. The rippling vibrations of her pussy was milking the cum from my aching balls. We hadn’t even really started fucking yet and just being this deep inside of her was driving me over the edge. I reach back down and with each hand grabbed a handful of her soft round ass cheeks and started fucking her from underneath her in earnest.

I was driving my hips up into her as I used my strength the force her body to slide up and down my shaft. My cock and groining were drenched with her fluids and cum escaping from her orgasming pussy. I gritted my teeth because I was fighting the urge to fill her up with my cum. I wanted this feeling to last as long as I possibly could.

All this time Mexiah was moaning loader and louder. She was unable to control her body any more as wave after wave of her orgasm washed over her. Every single part of her pussy was stretched to its limits and she felt beyond. She thought she could feel Kenneth’s cock head trying to press into her throat. Her heart was racing and the sweat was pouring out of her body. She didn’t know how much more of this she could take but the fact he was still driving in and out of her felt too good to put into words.

“By the Goddess Kenneth cum inside me!” She screamed at me.

That was all I could take I slammed my hips up driving my cock the last few inches inside of her and drove her ass down onto my cock I felt the last oh my cock to ram inside of Mexiah. Her cervix was forced open with this final push as I exploded inside of her. The only way I could compare the sensation would be like feeling a blast from a fire hose shooting out the head of me cock. It wasn’t in spurts it was one was continuous flow of cum pouring out of me straight into Mexiah cervix.

Mexiah felt the last bit of his cock open up her cervix and the rush of molten hot cum spraying directly into her was like nothing she had ever felt in her life. The pain of her cervix opening up like it did was like losing her virginity all over again, but the feeling of his hot cum and the fullness of his cock as it swelled even bigger as he came inside her drove her into the most intense orgasm she had ever felt before. She let out an earth shattering scream that echoed off the walls and across the valley.

She passed out on top of me shuddering and shaking for the last few remaining spurt of cum shooting into her. My arms wrapped up her body and held her in place as my violet orgasmic shakes subsided. I could feel my cock pulsing deep inside her trying to give her the last drop I had left to give.

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Everything wrong with "Was it rape if you liked it?" (Yesh it's rape.)

Every thing wrong with “Was It Rape If You Liked It?” by TiedUpHeart Fiction, Bondage and restriction, Cruelty, Domination/submission, Drug, Male/Teen Female, Oral Sex, Rape, Reluctance, Romance, Spanking, Teen, Virginity, Written by women, Young Introduction: Lise, a sophomore girl, got involved with Alex, who'd already graduated high school. Lise broke up with Alex. But who knows what can happen at a party? 1: Partying? Chapter I - Lise Lise! Lisa! Elisabeth!! Alex called after me as I passed. I continued to walk at a brisk pace, putting distance between myself and my ex-boyfriend. 2: Wtf, don't be a dick. 3: He...


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My First Gay Experience_(2)

Intro It was Friday night and I was sitting at home looking at porn like usual. When I decided to look at Craigslist which I usually did because I would get so turned on by all the cocks out there that needed sucking. Tonight would end up being a little different then most nights though. I ended up having a few to many drinks and posting my own add which I had never done before. I posted my add saying that I was 26 white good shape and looking for a nice big cock to suck. Now at this point in...


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While this occurred nearly 15 years ago I still get a hard-on when I think about it. I decided it is time to share it with the rest of the world. This story is true. Sorry there are no monster cocks, but I think the truth is hotter anyway. My wife, let's call her Suzy, was 19 when we married and I was her first. I encouraged her to seek her own sexuality and for while she resisted. Suzy is 5'6 about 118lbs strawberry blonde with an awesome set of 34C tits and a firm round ass. After two years she...


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