Progenitor 1: The Beginning

Progenitor 1: The Beginning


By Haramiru

Disclaimer: This is an original work of erotic science fiction. No characters were modeled after any actual people, other peoples' characters, settings, etc. The characters and plot are the property of the author. The author is in no way associated with the owners, creators, or producers of any media franchise. No copyright infringement is intended.

Unexpected Resurrection
Once, I was a man. I lived, loved, laughed - and died. My life gave me no complaints; it was a good one, and a long one. And when I finally died, neither angels nor demons would've surprised me. To be honest, after my life a case could've been made for either.
Imagine my surprise when, just after I exhaled my last breath and drifted towards the light, I awoke surrounded by slender gray beings with large heads. A voice in my head assured me that I wasn't going on to the afterlife just yet. I protested – the cancerous mass in my chest was well beyond treatment, and I'd spent the last three months in increasing agony as the pain spiraled up beyond control. Death, when it came for me, had been a great relief.
It was then that I realized I hadn't felt any pain since waking up. That worried me a bit, and I raised my head to look down at my body. It bore little resemblance to the wasted, shriveled husk I'd previously inhabited.
My new body was nude, young and muscular. I clenched my first experimentally, and turned my hand over – my skin I looked like I was in my late 20s or early 30s. Over to my left, there was a translucent 3D projection of some sort, which moved when I moved. I touched my head, and discovered I was entirely bald.
One of the beings stepped forward, and words formed in my mind. “Your new body is to be used to adjust your species. When we send you back to Earth, your body's abilities – and the genetically coded responses present in your species already – will make it easy.”
I raised my eyebrow. “What exactly am I going to adjust with this body?”
“You are the Progenitor of version 20”, the gray being stated simply. And then it gestured at the projection of my body, and to my embarrassment its penis became erect. Then the gray touched a tablet in its hand, and a wave of images cascaded through my head. Many were intensely erotic, some appeared mathematical, and it felt like everything was being stored, but most of it was just slightly beyond my comprehension.
What I did understand out of the download was that I wasn't even close to being the first human this had happened to. It turns out that what we think of as humanity is actually a genetically engineered, devolved version of the gray beings standing before me. The aliens were too fragile to survive on a freshly terraformed planet – so they developed us. We're a tougher, hardier, and shorter-lived version of them. They deposit us on a planet first, and let us breed and proliferate and produce a society. Once we've reached the necessary population density for the next stage of our evolution, the aliens take one of our dying souls and send it back in a more-evolved body coded with upgraded DNA, special pheromones, and various nanotech benefits. If you're reading this, you are probably Human version 19. I – and all of my children - are version 20. My children will be smarter, longer-lived, and healthier than yours – unless of course you had your children with me. The entire evolutionary process takes 32 steps – and version 32 is identical to the alien species standing before me. The universe had thousands of colony worlds like ours, at differing stages of development.
I started to open my mouth to say something, but the gray shook his head and waved. My eyes clamped shut reflexively as a brilliant flash of light washed over me, and then I heard seagulls.

The Beach House
When I opened my eyes again, I was still lying on my back. My eyes saw blue sky, and it felt like my butt was on fire. I sat up and felt sand on my skin, so I brushed it off. Looking around, I saw that I was sitting buck-naked on a sandy beach, probably somewhere in California. Nearby, a small group of college kids were pointing at me and laughing – thankfully, they seemed to have been the only ones who noticed me.
“Hey Rocky, you gonna stand there at half mast all day?” a female voice called out.
I looked down and noticed that my massive erection was still going in its full raging glory. Blood rushed to my face in embarrassment, and I covered myself with my hands as I looked around for cover. The voice belonged to a busty young blonde in a small bikini standing about 10 feet away on the sand, still dripping wet from coming out of the ocean. She was probably around 23, and her sharply defined tan lines showed that she rarely wore a bikini this revealing. I must have had vision like this as a teenager, but it felt like I was seeing for the first time. And I'd certainly never seen something like this before with that level of vision - bathing suits in the 1940s were a lot better padded. It was as if I could see every drop of moisture as it slid down between her perfectly shaped breasts. The thin, clinging top emphasized the outlines of her her perky nipples.
“I'm sorry, I don't know how I got here,” I stammered.
The blonde smiled saucily and stooped for a moment to pick up a towel, then kept coming towards me. She offered the towel to me with her outstretched hand and said, “Then you might want to cut back on the booze, buddy. Waking up naked is only awesome if you can still remember why you're naked.”
I took the towel and thanked her, wrapping it around my waist. The embarrassing bulge still persisted, but at least it was covered. “Think you can remember my name if I tell it to you?” she asked, smiling impishly.
Now that I could see her up close, I knew she'd be impossible to forget. I could smell the faint kiss of the ocean on her, mingled with suntan lotion and the dusky remnants of some perfume from last night. “Just try me.”
“Kimberly Donovan,” she purred, tracing her finger down the center of my chest. I started to wonder if I was dreaming - although my new body did look great, I've never had women come on to me like this. I noticed some of her friends giving each other odd looks as Kim stepped in close to me.
Kim let out a little hum, leaning in to smell my neck. Where her skin touched mine, it felt like an electric field. My penis was made of molten steel at this point, quivering with anticipation. She wrapped her arms around my torso and assaulted my lips, drawing herself to her tiptoes and kissing me – at first questioningly and exploratory, then passionately. Still a bit surprised, I wrapped my arms around her lower back and returned the kiss, putting myself into it too. I could feel her body molding itself to me, and then something else entered my awareness... her friends. I opened my eyes and looked up as one of the guys she was with approached us.
“I pulled back and Kimberly pouted for a split second, as if a spell was broken. Her friend asked if she was all right, his eyes narrowing a bit as he scrutinized her reaction.
“Yeah, I'm fine - I actually just realized I met this guy here last year and we really hit it off,” Kimberly lied.
Her friend raised his eyebrow. “Well, he's welcome to hang out with us if he wants to,” he offered.
Kimberly gave a mischievous half-smile. “Thanks John, but I'm just gonna help him sober up and get some clothes on. I'll call you before dinner though, ok?”
John looked back at me, clearly concerned for Kimberly. “I think one of us should go along.”
Kimberly shook her head. “Nah, you guys enjoy the beach. I'll keep my phone on me - I've got Latitudes turned on, so it isn't like you won't know where I am.”
John was clearly unhappy. “Kim, you don't know this guy. Even if you did meet him last year.”
Kim rolled her eyes and an edge crept into her voice. “Dammit John, I'm going to do what I feel like. Your brother and I broke up last month, and he's already dating Jackie anyway. So quit trying to look out for his interests.”
John sighed defeatedly. As he started to walk away, he turned to me and said, “You make sure she calls us if you go anywhere else, all right? If anything happens - let's just say my father's a lieutenant in the sheriff's department, ok?” He pulled a cellphone out of the pocket of his shorts and held it up for a second before saying, “Ok, and I've got a picture of you now too. If she's in any danger...”
“...then you'll be able to show that picture to her parents and tell 'em how I saved her from it. Relax, I'm not going to hurt her – where I was raised, you don't hurt women”, I said.
John waved dismissively, not wanting to speak further – clearly he was reserving his opinion on what would actually be safer for Kimberly. I certainly agreed with him, for that matter – but my hormones were getting the better of me and Kim seemed to be thinking the same way I was.
“John gets a little protective of me, ever since I was dating his brother. He's sweet, though.” She pulled me a little closer. “Now, where were we...?” she asked.
“I think you were going to take me to a hotel to get cleaned up and sorted out? I don't even know how I got here.”
Kim raised an eyebrow. “Yeah, our beach house is over this way. C'mon and follow me.” She held my hand and led me towards the sidewalk. I found the sensation of the hot beach sand on my feet and toes painful but pleasant - it was a relief to feel anything below my knees after years of diminished circulation. With that in mind, I welcomed every scorching grain of sand, savoring the way it shifted between my toes. When we stepped onto the cement, I treasured every bit of texture I could feel in the sidewalk - from the smooth cement to the seams in between the slabs. And then there was the view. I'd forgotten what it was like to be on a busy beach in the summer - woman after woman paraded by, heaving bosoms on display for the world. I couldn't help but notice - and I was being noticed in return, by almost every woman under 50 who passed by.
Kim gestured one of the many two or three bedroom houses rented out to college students for spring break. She reached into her bikini and pulled out an artfully concealed key. As her hand snaked back out with its prize, I caught the briefest tantalizing flash of a her nipple. She undid the lock and said, “Now, I hope you don't think I'm easy, or that I do this often...”
I stepped inside with her and drank in the view. It was a well-furnished and functional abode, clearly set up for temporary living. “Do what often?” I asked.
“This!” she nearly growled. She practically tore the towel off of me, nearly taking me off my feet. I turned around to see she had a feral look in her eye. My hard-on came back with a vengeance, springing into furious life. I barely had time to face her before she jumped into my arms, wrapping her legs around me like a spider monkey and kissing me as if she were drowning and I were her only source of air. I returned the passion, wrapping my own arms around her waist as I felt her shift her body lower. Her bikini bottoms were rubbing against the tip of my penis, simultaneously smooth and rough. They were still damp from the ocean, but from what I felt through them I knew they'd be dampening further in a matter of moments. I moved my right hand to her lower back and squeezed, thrusting at her as she ground against me. I could feel the tip of my penis pressing against her bottoms again and again. There was a growing wetness where my penis was grinding against her, dipping slightly into her vaginal opening and pulling the fabric in with it. She moaned with anticipation and ground back against me, pulling her pussy towards me. There was a damp noise as she thrust, a quarter inch or so of my penis inside of her but still with the bottoms in the way. Kimberly let exhaled sharply and ground her breasts against me, yearning for more skin contact.
“Where's your room?” I asked. She pointed towards a door at the top of the stairs, and I carried her upstairs. She was still wrapped around me, still grinding her hips furiously and trying to get my penis to drill right through her bottoms. I was probably three quarters of an inch in when she reached behind her and pulled, shifting her bottoms aside. I could feel the fabric as it pulled away from her, and then gravity took care of it for us. She let out a gasp as I slid deep inside of her, with her legs still wrapped around me and us walking up the stairs.
I took a few steps and then stopped, pressing her up against the wall outside her bedroom as I buried myself in her. She pulled in a sharp inhalation as I thrust hard, with her back against the wall, burying myself as far inside of her pussy as I could go. I could feel her wetness enclosing me completely, and part of me just wanted to finish fucking her right here. My right arm was wrapped around her waist, holding her precious body right where it needed to be, but my left fumbled around until it found the doorknob. I had to do it blind because Kim was kissing me intensely as she gripped my torso, exploring every inch of my mouth. The door gave way with a creak, and I wrapped my left arm back around her perfectly shaped butt and lifted. We were back to fuck-walking again, her body bobbing up and down on my shaft with every step. I could feel her tightening around my pole, her breathing becoming ragged. I clutched her tightly as she let out the first of a series of little gasps, working up higher and higher in pitch and volume as she ground her hips on me. I felt her pussy clench as she came, clenching her teeth and trying not to scream in her ear as her diamond-hard nipples bored into my chest from the tightness of our embrace. The panting slowly subsided as I located the bed, then turned around and fell onto it, Kim on top of me. As we hit the bed, she gasped as our impact drove my shaft even deeper than usual. She untangled her arms and legs from me, sitting up on all fours, but with my cock still firmly inside her now-soaked pussy.
The first thing she did was tear frantically at her top - she fumbled at the front clasp as if it were on fire, then let out a little scream of frustration as her trembling hands failed. She just grabbed it and yanked upwards, unholstering her magnificent natural 36” breasts as she pulled off her top and flung it at the window in a single fluid motion.
I brought my arms up and wrapped them around her waist, thrusting gently at her and exploring her in a more leisurely way than I could when she was wrapped around me. My hands found the bikini bottoms and quickly burrowed beneath them. Kim looked down for a second, then fumbled with the knot at the side for a few seconds before successfully untying it, then moving to the other side. I craned my neck upwards and saw a moist spot in the crotch as she pulled them out, then threw them in the same direction as her top. Now completely naked, Kim ground her pussy against my cock and commanded, “FUCK ME!”, thrusting to enunciate both words.
No part of me could even begin to think of a reason not to obey her. I thrust back, lifting her in the air and burying my 7” pole all the way into her throbbing sex. She let out a shriek of pleasure as I ground back against her, taking me as far inside of her as she could. I drew back and thrust again, clutching her firmly as her arms and legs coiled around me like steel cables - she was python and tiger combined, scratching at my back as she wrapped herself around me, desperate to keep me in her grip. I gasped for air as the heat between us rose and we started to sweat, moisture sealing us to each other like a single being struggling to achieve nirvana. She ground herself into me determinedly and kissed me with her tongue, and when I looked into her eyes I could see nothing but pure, unbridled desire. As our eyes met, I felt a fire kindle in me, quickly moving down below my waistline. I closed my eyes for a moment, feeling my orgasm building. I kissed her back as power built up inside of me - from what I could remember of my last life's sexual exploits, the pre-orgasm I was having now was better than the best orgasm I'd had in my life. A small part of me was freaking out because I was having completely unprotected sex, but that part was small, irrelevant – the only thing that mattered now was to finish, to cum inside of this woman and fill her body with my seed.
Suddenly Kim blinked and froze up. “Wait a - what the hell?” she shrieked. I was startled, looking into her panicked face with my penis still inside of her, my climax still building. Her hips were frozen in mid-thrust, and her brain was apparently still processing the fact she was busy fucking some man she'd just met.
“Let me go! Get out of me!”, she yelled, not noticing that her arms and legs were intertwined with mine and it would be outright difficult to get out of the position. I loosened up just a little, letting her disentangle - but my penis was still inside her, and I could still feel it tightening. The orgasm was about to be the best one I'd ever had.
In an impressive feat of strength for her size, Kim pressed at my shoulders, lifting my torso up off of her and looking down, to where she could see my penis protruding from within her hot, slick pussy. “Pull OUT!” she demanded.
I couldn't do it. My hands clenched around her firm buttocks, trapping her as I thrust upwards with grim determination. My penis shuddered, fully penetrating her, as she pushed at me. Her own body betrayed her as I bottomed out inside of her triggering her own orgasm. Her vagina convulsed as she came, and she gripped me hard and pulled me to her again as I climaxed, the first blast shooting so hard that it felt like it'd blow a hole through her. “GOD!”, she screamed out as she felt it strike her cervix, and then another and another. Her orgasm was continuing, fueled by my continuing ejaculation, which in turn was fueled by the vaginal contractions of her pleasure. We were somewhere else entirely, a plane of mutual erotic bliss, as we clutched each other in the throes of our mutual orgasm. I felt the fluids beginning to seep out around my penis, even as I filled her with even more of my sperm. I pulsed again and again, slowly draining the last of my semen into this girl I'd just met. Kim's breathing slowed and normalized as she loosened her death grip and changed to simply holding onto me contentedly. Still on top fo me, Kim shifted her weight a little and lifted her top off of me, running her hands down her body and pausing on her belly. She looked down at it, then reached further down to touch her soaking-wet pussy. A finger experimentally poked down further, touching my shaft and confirming that I was actually still inside of her.
“Oh shit”, she said, “you did NOT just do that!”
She pulled loose with a wet sucking noise, letting our commingled sexual fluids pour out of her vagina. With a roll, she flopped down in bed next to me. I rolled onto my side, faced her, and said, “I'm sorry, Kim - I just couldn't let go. You were so passionate until the very end...”
Kim spread her legs a bit, laying stretched out on the bed with a steady stream of my sperm flowing out of her vagina. “I was, wasn't I? If I think back, I remember it just fine - but it's almost like I was someone else, up until the very end.”
I raised an eyebrow. “I give you my word, I didn't give you any dr” - I began.
“No”, she interrupted, “I know you didn't drug me. Hell, you were stark naked when I saw you on the beach, so you didn't have anything you could've used. In fact, you just appeared out of no where, right where I was looking. One moment there was just air where you were, and the next moment I saw a man I was determined to fuck - even if I had to rape you to do it. I don't blame you -” she ran a finger down to her pussy, and wrinkled her nose as she saw it covered in my white goo. “Well, not much, at least.” She closed her eyes for a second and ran her finger back down her body, then started to slide it in and out of herself.
“Kim?”, I asked.
The only response was a moan - apparently normal-Kim was gone again, and the frantic fuckbunny Kim was back in charge. I watched as she rubbed at her clitoris with one hand and scooped at the sperm that'd run out of her, opening her legs wide and angling her hips so that she could keep as much of it inside her as possible. It wasn't long before I was hearing moans of pleasure from her, with a rapture on her face only barely exceeded right before the end of our frantic lovemaking session. I propped myself up on my side to enjoy the show, as well as to wonder what kind of strange life I'd been reborn into.
Kim had her hips thrust upwards, deep in the throes of her third orgasm when she suddenly stopped mid-moan, freezing in place with her fingers deep within herself. Her eyes went wide open, an expression of horror on her face.
“What - the - FUCK?” she called out. It seemed an appropriate expression, expressing both the general situation and her shock at it.
“That was an interesting episode”, I observed.
She shook her head in amazement, wiping her hand on the bedsheet. “I have no idea what's gotten into me today. This really isn't like anything I've ever done before.”
I shrugged. “If it's any consolation, neither have I.” I was finding the afterglow to be somewhat of a relief - for the moment at least I didn't feel the overwhelming drive to mate with Kim, which been the only thing on my mind since I first met her.
Kim furrowed her eyebrows and brought her hand up to her navel for a moment. “What's going on?”, I asked.
She scooted up in the bed so that she was half-sitting up against the headboard, then said “I guess all that sex must've upset my stomach a little.”
“Wouldn't surprise me,” I replied.
Suddenly she bent forward a little, probing intently around her navel with a concerned look on her face. She was pressing hard on her belly, with a surprised expression on her face.
“Are you ok, Kim?” I asked.
“Not exactly”, she replied. She sat back in the bed and took her hand off her belly, revealing that what had once been firm and flat was now distinctly beginning to bulge outwards below her navel.
I looked in surprise as the bulge slowly increased in size. I thought back to my experience with the grays. “Oh, shit - I think I saw this movie a while back.”
Kim locked her eyes on me, terrified and - worst of all - begging, pleading for me to at least explain what I had just done to her. I looked at her eyes, at her expanding belly, and back. Some small stretch marks formed as her belly continued to distend. I reached over and put my hand on her belly, feeling as it expanded inexorably. She was about three months along now, still growing – her belly was firmly packed, but the rate of growth was slowing. The fear and anguish on Kimberly's face diminished somewhat as her belly slowly stopped expanding. If I had to guess, I would've guessed she looked around six months pregnant.
Her expression changed to accusation and disbelief. “What, exactly, is THIS?” she demanded, pointing at her now-swollen belly.
I sighed. “Honestly, I'm not even sure. All I know is that it has to do with the next stage of human evolution.”
Kim struggled to sit up, finding it nearly impossible with the new center of balance she'd acquired over the course of the last few minutes. “Human evolution, huh? What part of human evolution is supposed to get me - ohhh!”
Kim's mouth opened in pain and her hand flew underneath her bulging belly. She jerked as if she'd had an electric shock, breathing roughly for a few moments. “Contraction, I think,” she said grimly.
I looked down at her vulva, which was still dripping with my cum. I dabbed at it with the bedsheet to clear it off, trying to get a look. “Maybe it wasn't?”, she said hopefully.
Then she took a gasping breath and gritted her teeth as her belly flexed with tension. I looked up to her face as she clamped down, the pain playing across her face as the contraction built up to its crescendo. She started panting with exertion just before I heard an audible pop, and her vulva began to leaking a clear fluid. “Looks like you were right, Kim” I said, still amazed at what I was seeing.
Kim seemed to get a break for a moment; she looked and started to open her mouth to say something again, but then she gasped as another contraction hit. Her hands flew to her belly as the contraction built higher and higher. I put my hand on her belly and felt it – it seemed as hard as a bowling ball, and it was hot to the touch. Kim let out a shriek of pain as I felt something shift within her from the outside – but what started off as pain became a shriek of pleasure.
“Oh God!”, she cried out, “don't stop, don't let it stop!” I felt her pubic region bulge slightly as something began to press downward from her belly, filling out her vagina.
I looked intently as the bulge traveled farther down, getting closer and closer to her vulva. Her vulva shuddered, then began to dilate slowly as her vagina opened from within. Kim thrust her hips upward slightly as something appeared from within her vagina – it was white and oval shaped, firm but a little flexible. Kim looked down, over her swollen uterus and heaving breasts, as the ecstacy began to fade from her face. “What is it?” she asked.
I held up a white egg with a thick, leathery skin. It was roughly the size of a soda can. “An egg, apparently.”
The egg was round and ovoid, with a leathery soft shell to protect its precious contents. It was the size of an ostrich egg – which is to say it was about half the size of a football.
“An egg? What the – oh NO!” Kimberly's mouth gaped in dread as she felt another contraction beginning. She ran her hands down her belly, trying desperately to massage the contraction into subsiding. She was hoping – praying – for just a little break before the next contraction.
No break was coming. I watched the dread on Kim's face as the contraction intensified, tighter and tighter – until she let out a little sigh of relief as another egg slid into her birth canal, changing the agony into pleasure. I took the time to feel her belly, checking to see if I could tell how many eggs she was carrying. It seemed that she had several left to go; her once-tight belly was no longer full of fluid, and now I could feel the outlines of several more eggs within her.
As soon as the next egg slid out of her, I could see she was back to normal-Kim again. “You're giving birth to a clutch of eggs, Kim,” I said. On a theory, I reached up and started to massage her swollen belly.
“Don't, asshole! Let me have a break first, you're going to start my next contrac - ohhh!” This time though, Kim was crying out with pleasure. It seemed that as long as an egg was in her vagina, she'd find the experience enjoyable – but if not, her body would go through labor until the last egg was delivered. I resolved that since I'd gotten her into this mess, I at least owed her what I could do to ease her delivery.
I straddled her, one leg on either side of her waist, as she cried out in pleasure. My hands ran up and down her belly, feeling her abdomenal muscles pulsing from relaxation to contraction and back again. I took a moment to kiss her nipple as Kim gyrated her hips, the egg making its way slowly through her birth canal as she ran her hands up and down her body.
The egg in Kim's pussy dropped free, and another one was already in the top of her vagina thanks to the massage I was giving her belly. Her womb was shrinking steadily, delivery after delivery reducing its size until finally, only one egg was left. I could feel it within her, but I wasn't having much luck in coaxing it into her birth canal. Kim sighed with pleasure as the orgasms from her previous deliveries began to subside, and arched her back as she experienced another contraction. “Oh God that felt good”, she said as she thrust her hips in the air, feeling sexual energy coursing through her. I moved the pile of eggs away from where they'd dropped from her pussy.
Kim shifted her weight, both her hands covering the small bulge in her midriff. “I think there's still one inside of me”, she said, with a catch in her voice.
I nodded. “Feels like it.”
“I don't want to go through that again – the first part.” Kim's eyes were widening in dread as she started to breathe faster and faster. “Oh shit. Oh shit, it's – OW!”, she said as her belly clenched in a contraction.
Kim's hands covered her belly as she rolled into a ball, the contraction escalating. A few seconds passed, and then she relaxed, although she was still afraid.
“I need it out”, she gasped between contractions. “I need it out before – gaaah!”
Her belly tightened again, hardening into a rock-like ball for a few seconds before it relaxed, leaving Kim panting for breath. I probed at her belly, poking to feel what was going on – I could feel that her egg was sideways. It'd probably rotate on its own after a few hours of labor, but I wanted to speed things up for her.
Kim's belly tightened again, leaving her screaming in pain. Just as that contraction came to an end for her, I heard the keycard downstairs beep, and the door opened.
“Kim!” shouted an angry male voice. I heard footsteps bounding up the stairs - multiple ones, angry ones. I knew this would end badly. The door to the bedroom, which we'd only pulled partway shut, was practically torn off its hinges as a red-faced, furious man burst into the room. His stare was blazing with hatred, and he was only a step or two away from me. His arm was cocked back to strike, and I could see another guy and three other girls behind him.
...and then he just froze in place. The other guy shoved him aside roughly to charge me, stalking forward – but then he froze too. The first man recovered from his friend's shove and righted himself, then looked around as if in a daze. He and his friend both walked off to the side, where they simply stood immobile. The women, on the other hand, had a different view of things. There were three of them – each took a few timid steps towards the bed, then faster – then over the course of a mere six feet it degenerated into a cat fight. At first all three girls were pushing and shoving at each other, and then two of them started trying to strangle each other. The third, a long-haired asian girl with delicate features and tiny but well-shaped breasts, took advantage of her friends' distraction to duck out of the fight and stand alone. Her face lit up with a manical grin as she charged forward and grabbed one of Kimberly's eggs. Kim and I watched in astonishment as the girl turned around and sat down at the edge of the bed, cradling the egg in her hands.
I shifted around and stood in front of her and watched as, with trembling hands, this delicate girl completely ignored me and everyone else in the room, including her two fighting friends. She scooted to the edge of the bed and spread her legs wide, then reached down and snagged the edge of her bikini bottoms with her finger. She didn't care that I was watching as she exposed her vulva and then spread her lips with her fingers, widening herself just slightly before taking Kim's egg and touching it to her slit. I could smell her arousal as she moaned and caressed her tits with one arm, while her other pressed gently, insistently at her vaginal orifice.
“What are you doing, Jun-Suk?”, Kimberly asked.
Her friend glanced over at her, but her attention was immediately brought back to the desperation of her need. She thrust the egg into herself, then drew it back, slowly penetrating her vagina with it. Every hair on her body was standing up as she slid it inside of her, farther and farther with each thrust. Once the egg was halfway inside her, she stopped pulling it out, and just pressed gently on it, slipping it inside of her inch by inch.
Kim was surprised enough that her contractions had stopped for a moment - she tried to sit up, her beautiful breasts swaying side to side as she tried to stop Jun. She took one hand away from her pussy to fight with Kim, while with the other she kept pressing on it as it slid farther and farther up into into her own birth canal. “OH!”, she shrieked, as an orgasm gripped her. I could see the egg's outline on the soft skin underneath her pelvis, and the egg's shape caused the orgasmic contractions to slowly drive it up and up, centimeter by centimeter, inside of her. As the egg disappeared until only the tip was visible, Jun stopped spreading her legs and brought them together, gasping in pleasure as the motion drove the egg deeper and deeper inside of her.
Kim gave up on wrestling her friend and had risen to a kneeling position, slapping her in the face, trying to break her out of it. “Damn it Jun, you don't want - ohhhHHH!” Kim hadn't had a contraction for a few moments, but now her labor was back in force. She doubled over as the next contraction came, clutching at her belly as her body desperately tried to expel her last egg. Gasping, she rolled onto her knees and spread her legs, begging and pleading for birth as the contraction mounted in intensity. I was looking into her eyes as the pain quickly vanished, her delivery finally beginning.
I circled around behind her as she pushed, letting her last egg dilate her pussy and then crown. There was a thud from the other side of the room as one of Kimberly's other friends - a petite brunette - just threw the friend she was fighting into the closet door. She made a crazed leap for the bed and snatched Kimberly's last egg just as it cleared her vagina. Almost in the same motion, she rolled onto her back and spread her legs wide, opening herself as widely as possible to receive it. Unlike Jun, she just lined the egg up with her slit and then pressed insistently with both hands, ramming herself hard as it slipped in, inch by inch. She panted with sexual pleasure as she inserted it until it was flush with her vulva, then clapped her legs together and gave a shriek of pleasure as her hand flew to her pubic region. It was this moment that her friend managed to right herself and get out of the closet, and she gasped in horror as she saw her friend gasping in pleasure as her orgasm conveyed the egg further and further up into her womb.
That friend, a beautiful redhead whose top had burst open during the fight to expose milky-white breasts, stormed back and forth, not sure what to do. Then her head snapped around and she leveled a focused, almost predatory gaze at the pile of eggs near Kimberly.
I wasn't about to get in the way - within moments, three women were lying on the bed or floor, moaning in orgasmic ecstasy as Kim's eggs were slowly guided up into their birth canals and the men stood aside, silently watching - guarding? Thoroughly exhausted, Kimberly turned to me and asked, “What just happened here?”
Parts of the information the aliens had downloaded into my mind was starting to make sense. “This is how we evolve. It's not a long, slow process over millions of years – every so often, the aliens decide we're ready for the next milestone. And this is how it happens – a guy like me comes back from the dead to fuck women, they lay eggs... and every other woman wants to be pregnant with the eggs we produce. It ensures that for every time one woman conceives for me, it results in a large number of children - spread out across the population.”
Kimberly frowned. “I think you skipped a whole lot of explanation somewhere along the way”, she said.
I sighed and looked back at Kimberly's sexy body, which had already nearly returned itself to its pre-egg-laying shape. Glancing around the room, I saw that the other girls had passed out with smiles in their faces, each one just barely showing with a barely-discernable baby bump. “Unfortunately, it won't matter if I did explain everything.”
Kim grabbed my arm. “What do you mean it won't matter? I sure as hell won't forget what just happened to me!” she insisted.
I looked at the guys, still frozen in their guardian state. I looked at Kim's friends, who were all now carrying Kim's and my children. And then I looked sadly at Kim - she was outrageously, ravishingly beautiful to me right then. The part of me that was still Human v19 felt compelled to hug her. “Because you won't remember a moment of this - any of it. You're just programmed not to - this has happened 19 times before in human history, and there's never been a record because no one can remember it.”
Kim frowned, then the frown gradually softened as her eyes started to focus on a distant point that wasn't there, staring right through me.
I stood up from the bed and went to raid the laundry basket for shorts and a t-shirt. When I turned back, I caught movement out of the corner of my eye. Kimberly's hand was moving over towards the towel where I'd piled her eggs. She selected an egg and plucked it out, then set it down next to her. I sat down next to her and ran my hand down her thigh as she laid the egg on her belly contemplatively.
I looked into her eyes and saw a resolve that could only be satisfied one way. “You're right, you know...” I raised an eyebrow as she continued, “...I can already tell I'm going to forget this whole thing as soon as you leave. Hell, I'll forget it even if you stay. But I want you to know that when it comes to these eggs, I'm not like the rest of them. I don't have to have one of our babies. But my girlfriends are all pregnant now, so I figure it isn't fair that I'm the only one who gets away with it. I could be like them and get myself pregnant, but - I want you to do it. I want my baby to have been touched by his father at least once.” She spread her legs invitingly, and part of me ached to fill her again with my sperm. Part of me wondered if we should produce another clutch of eggs together – but Kim didn't seem to be interested at the moment.
I kissed her, chastely, on the cheek. “I'll check up on you - even though you won't know me.”
She smiled devilishly as I touched the narrow part of the egg to her vulva. She shivered with anticipation - clearly part of her programming engaging - and said, “Don't wait long after I have our baby, ok? I want my children close together in age.” Her smile widened as I touched the egg to her pussy firmly, insistently. Wetness was dripping out of her pussy already, and her eyes rolled back in her head as the egg started to slide into her. I pushed slowly, gently, as her legs quaked and the egg slid deeper and deeper. As soon as it was far enough into her that her vulva started to close over it, she started to quake in orgasm and she reached for her pussy with both hands, masturbating furiously as the impregnation process continued. Her breasts heaved as her breath came in ragged gasps. Meanwhile, her vaginal muscles clenched and unclenched, slowly drawing the egg up farther and farther inside her. The egg came up against her cervix and stopped, and Kim started to moan - at first slowly, then faster and faster as she masturbated, pressing firmly against her pubic region. The egg was penetrating her cervix, slowly but surely, and triggering orgasm after orgasm until it finally entered her the rest of the way. As Kim's womb finally accepted the egg within her, she reached her final orgasm, squirting her arousal over the bed sheets and then passing out from the exertion.
I leaned over and kissed her forehead, then looked around the room. There were four unconscious newly-pregnant women here, and two men who were still standing in a trance. And then there was me – I figured that at this point, I should probably show myself out. I had no idea how long this effect would last, or what would happen if someone else walked in.
I got up and put on the t-shirt and shorts I'd found earlier, then stood up and took a last minute look around the room. There was one last egg left in the towel I'd been storing them on, so I wrapped the egg in the towel and put both into a picnic basket I saw by the front door. The kids had left the front door unlocked; I went ahead and locked it so that they wouldn't get robbed blind while they were unconscious – however long that was going to last. I wasn't sure what the kids would remember when they woke up, but it probably wouldn't wouldn't be a great idea for me to be there.
I looked left and right, half expecting to see police waiting for me. The closest thing to it was a bicyclist who nodded at me as he pedaled along on his way. “Great”, I said to myself, “no money, no ID, no car. Hell, I don't even have anyone to call.” I've never felt so alone in my life.

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