My History Teacher 7_(0)

My History Teacher 7_(0)

I hope you all like this new addition of My History Teacher series! This will most likely be the last part of the series unless I change my mind about a part 8. But don't worry, a new story will be coming out that I'm sure many of you will like. Sex and danger, what's better? Enjoy!


"What do you want?"

Kelly hisses into my ear and rubs her hands over my skin. I shiver and whimper. That's all I could do. I was gagged with her panties in my mouth. Kelly presses a kiss to my neck.

"Nod your head if you're still okay with this. Shake if you're not."

Kelly checks one last time. See, we decided to test the waters of my sudden interest in bondage and domination/submission. Kelly had tied my hands together and put me on my hands and knees. Now she was positioned behind me with the feeldoe inside her and wrapped around her waist, teasing the hell out of me with the tip of the cock against my clit. I nod my head quickly and try to get her to press the dildo against my clit harder. Kelly moves it away again and I groan in frustration. Her hand squeezes my breast and I shiver.

" that what you want?"

Kelly teases and sucks my earlobe into her hot mouth. I let out a muffled moan and nod my head. Kelly tweaks my nipples and I moan again. My hips push back to seek out her teasing dildo. The dildo bumps against my sensitive clit and I squeal in pleasure. Kelly kisses down my spine and I arch a little higher with every kiss. My body was buzzing and my mind was fuzzy I was so drunk on arousal. We had to have been here for almost 40 minutes now. Kelly bites my ass and I moan. Kelly kisses back up my spine, this time fully pressing against me. Her hips snugly against mine, the dildo against my wet folds, her nipples pushing erotically into my back, and her teeth attacking my offered neck.

"Are you wet enough for me?"

Kelly husks seductively and I immediately nod my head. Kelly hums with her lips pressed against the skin of my neck.

"I think I'll be the judge of that."

Kelly teases and it only makes my pussy wetter. Her voice was sex, pure sex. I breathe heavily through my nose, desperately trying to get oxygen into my flustered brain. Kelly leans on one hand and reaches her free one over my hip and in between my legs. I moan like a wanton slut as she simply strokes my lips. My hips buck hungrily against her fingers. Kelly moans and kisses my neck.

" for me- just for my cock. Isn't that right?"

Kelly purrs into my ear. I whimper and nod my head while grunting out a few muffled yes's. Kelly removes her hand and I groan softly at the loss. Then she is positioning the head of her cock at my entrance.

"You're fucking right it is."

Kelly growls and yanks the panties from my mouth and plunges inside of my wet cunt. I scream in the pleasure of finally being filled.

"Oh! Fuck me! Yes!"

I claw at the bedsheets and Kelly pushes me down onto my elbows, making my entrance tighter so I moan loudly. She doesn't miss a beat and grabs my hips before thrusting hard again and again. I moan loudly and meet her thrusts. After only a minute I am panting and moaning so hard and loud I'm sure the neighbors will be concerned. Kelly leans forward on one hand and the other one yanks my head back by my hair. I moan and continue to push back against her even though she's stopped moving. Kelly nibbles at my ear lobe.

"Don't fucking cum until I tell you."

My eyes widen and I whimper.


Kelly cuts me off.

"Is that understood?"

Kelly asks strictly and adds a slap on my ass for good measure. I moan and nod my head quickly. Kelly shoves the panties back in my mouth and releases my hair. She leans back enough to grab my ass with one hand and sends a rough thrust into my cunt. I moan and meet her thrusts over and over again. Kelly pants next to my ear from exertion.

"Are you close? Do you want to cum?"

Kelly hisses into my ear. I moan and nod my head so quickly I could've gotten whiplash. Kelly moves her hand from my ass and grabs my hair again.

"Hold it."

Kelly instructs. I let out a frustrated moan and try to stop my pleasure but it was pointless. I was on the edge. Right there, teetering.

"You're there aren't you?"

Kelly asks and jerks my head back a little more. I nod my head furiously and she pulls out. I whimper loudly and let out a sob. Kelly pushes my thighs together and the small amount of friction on my clit feels like heaven. She positions my elbows out a little more to steady me then positions the dildo at my entrance again, her knees on either side of mine. Her thumbs spread my slick folds and she slowly enters me and the feeling makes me want to die with pleasure. I moan and whimper until she is all the way in.

"You can cum when I fuck you like this but if you cum I better hear you screaming my fucking name."

Kelly growls and takes the panties from my mouth. She doesn't hesitate to thrust hard and my god the pleasure has intensified by 10x. Kelly thrusts hard and fast and fuck do I cum so hard for her.


I scream as I climax and Kelly ravages my pussy. She doesn't stop as the orgasm washes through me. Kelly grunts and goes rigid behind me. She trembles and whispers my name. I shake and breathe hard, my hands having clawed off the bed sheet from a corner and my toes curled deliciously. Kelly gently pulls out of me and kisses my back.

" did you know to do that? It"

I pant out and Kelly chuckles softly. She leads me to my side then takes off the strap-on with a moan. Kelly lays down facing me and unties my wrists.

"I saw it in a porno once. Figured I'd try it."

Kelly responds and I smile and scoot closer to her once the scarf is off.

"And what was that hold it shit. Were you trying to kill me? I was on the fucking edge you tease."

I shove her shoulder playfully and Kelly blushes slightly.

"It was super hot."

Kelly excuses and I smile.

"You're super hot."

Kelly wraps her arms around my waist and kisses me softly.

"Mmm, you're hotter."

Kelly hums against my lips and I smile. She kisses me again. I graze my fingertips across her cheekbone and sigh.

"Why are you so amazing?"

Kelly giggles.

"You're just saying that because I fucked you so good."

I chuckle and hum in agreement.

"Well, that also."

Kelly rolls her eyes affectionately and I steal a few kisses before rolling onto my back.

"What are we going to do now?"

I sigh with a secret smile. Kelly moves closer and kisses my neck.

"Well, I haven't fucked you since Monday because you had that party..."

Kelly answers and I smile.

"So I think I deserve to get between your legs and suck..."

Kelly moves on top of me and breathes hard against my skin. I gulp and lick my lips, the throbbing between my legs makes it so hard not to touch myself. Kelly places sloppy kisses down my sternum.

"Your hot little clit until you cum hard in my mouth."

Kelly groans against my hip. I whimper and throw my head back into the pillows, my eyes shut tightly. My breathing is harsh and labored as Kelly wraps her strong arms around my legs and kisses my thighs.

" you make me so...crazy?"

I whimper wiggle my hips, needing pleasure. Kelly kisses my lower lips and I moan.

"I just know what my girl likes."

Kelly tells me then sucks my lips into her mouth. I bite my lip and groan. Her lips suck gently at my clit and I buck up to her for more but she ignores my silent plea and strokes my lips with her tongue. She was teasing me. I whine and fist the bedsheets underneath me.

"Kelly, please! Don't tease me anymore, make me cum for you."

I plead and Kelly moans as she takes my clit roughly into her mouth again. I cry out and buck my hips up. Kelly moans again and moves one hand from my hip to in between her legs. I moan and she moans and then I moan again because her moan vibrated my clit. It was constant, there wasn't a minute of silence and I knew we were both hurtling fast to our orgasms. My hips buck fast off the bed. Kelly manages to pull me back down to the bed and hold me still.

"Kelly! Fuck! I'm there- fuck, yes!"

I scream as I cum against her mouth. Kelly moans deeply against my clit and I have to push her head away because I was too sensitive. Kelly cums on her hand and turns her head into my thigh and moans loudly. I struggle for breath and Kelly moves up my body. I lick my lips.

"Let me eat you."

I say coarsely. Kelly grunts and shakes her head as she falls to my side.


Kelly groans and I nod in agreement. Kelly eventually lifts her head after we've caught our breath and kisses me hard. I moan softly and push her sweaty hair off her forehead.


My eyebrows furrow in confusion. Feet stomp upstairs.


The female voice yells then suddenly a tall brunette is bursting into the room. I'm frozen in shock. A slow smirk spreads over the brunettes face and she crosses her arms as she looks me up and down. I break through the initial shock and quickly cover myself along with Kelly.

"What the hell Amy!"

Kelly screeches and the brunette, Amy, just smiles bigger.

"I didn't know you had company. Can I help entertain the guest?"

Amy offers and my eyes widen and my legs clamp shut. Amy chuckles and Kelly growls.

"Amy. Downstairs. NOW."

Kelly demands and Amy throws her hands up in surrender and backs away.

"Jeez, I thought it was a nice offer."

Amy winks at me before turning back to walk downstairs. Kelly groans and falls back against the bed. I clutch the sheets at my chest.


Kelly answers quickly.

"Amy, my best friend. She tends to interrupt the most intimate moments."

Kelly says with a sigh. I nod my head and get out of bed searching for my clothes.

"Where are you going?"

Kelly asks and I pull on my loose t-shirt.

"I'm not leaving but you have to go talk to your bestie."

I tease and jump on the bed right next to her in my panties and t-shirt.

"And make sure to tell her that there will be no threesome."

I smile and Kelly pulls me on top of her and I squeal as she peppers my face with kisses. She ends with a hard kiss on my lips. I moan and her hands grab my ass. I smile against her lips then smack her hands away. Kelly frowns and starts to protest.

"Ah ah ah. Get dressed and go downstairs."

Kelly whines and grabs my ass again.

"But you're so hot and Amy can wait."

Kelly tells me and kisses my neck. I moan and let her kiss me for a little while longer before smacking her hands away again. Kelly groans as I roll off of her and start to push her out of bed.

"Sometimes you're a bitch."

Kelly glares playfully and I smile as she gets dressed.

"You love when I'm a bitch."

Kelly chuckles and raises an eyebrow as she slides on sweatpants.

"I do?"

I smirk and spread my legs, biting my lip slightly. Kelly's eyes darken and she pauses to put her shirt on.

"Yes, because you like to punish me."

I lick my bottom lip suggestively and raise my hands above my head. I can see the amount of restraint Kelly puts into the effort of not jumping me right then. Kelly groans in frustration and points to me after she pulls on her t-shirt.

"Call your parents right now and tell them you'll be home late."

Kelly demands and I giggle as she walks downstairs.


After calling my parents and telling them I have to finish up a project with my friend I watch tv in Kelly's bed. Kelly walks back upstairs and stops in the doorway.

"If you're not staying then it's best I don't touch you."

Kelly concludes and I laugh as I make a come hither motion with my fingers. Kelly smiles and climbs on the bed and in between my legs. She kisses me softly.

"What'd Amy say?"

I whisper to her and Kelly slides her hands underneath my shirt.

"Shut up."

I chuckle and Kelly bites my collarbone. I moan and push my head back into the pillows to give her more access. Kelly lowers her head and kisses up my stomach. I reach down and pull my shirt over my head. Kelly immediately zeros in on my breasts and I whimper. Kelly takes her time ad thoroughly tortures me to the point where I am clawing her back. Kelly moans and slams my hands into the pillows. Her lips crash against mine as I moan and she rolls her hips down. I moan again and grind back.

"A little girl said I like to punish her. That wouldn't happen to be my little girl would it?"

Kelly teases with a smirk. I smile and moan.


I tease back. Kelly chuckles against my neck.

"Lying deserves a spanking. Do you want to change your answer?"

I bite my lip and shake my head. Kelly smirks and smacks my thigh.

"Turn over."

Kelly moves back enough for me to turn around then pulls down my panties. Kelly climbs on top of me and runs her hands up my sides. I shiver and moan then suddenly Kelly's hand comes down on my ass. I yelp in surprise but she rubs her palm over my reddish cheek and I moan. Kelly leans over me her hand grabs mine and press them to the mattress above my head. Kelly leans down and nibbles at my ear.

"No talking."

Kelly whispers. The throbbing begins strong between my legs and I start to pant. Kelly smacks my other cheek and I moan. She teases me relentlessly. Alternating between smacking my ass and kissing and biting my shoulders and neck. I whimper. Kelly smiles against my skin.

"Had enough?"

Kelly mumbles against my skin. Her tongue trails wetly between my shoulder blades.

"Are you throbbing with want? Are your juices dripping down to your clit? Getting it all wet and slick so I can rub it."

Now it was painful. I push my hips against the mattress to get the friction on my clit but Kelly quickly grips my hips to stop me.

"No, no, no. This is your punishment darling. Spread your legs for me."

I whimper and do as she says. Kelly moves her knees against the inside of my thighs to spread them even farther. I bite my lip and try to get my breathing steady. Kelly rakes her nails down my spine and down my right ass cheek, making me whimper. Her hand moves to my inner thigh and I bite my lip harder in anticipation.

"I can feel the heat radiating from your hot cunt."

My breath hitches and I try to clench my legs shut but Kelly's knees prevented it. She chuckles lightly and grazes her teeth over my back.

"Are you done with your punishment? Would you like for me to touch you?"

I respond immediately.

"Yes! Please, Kelly, yes!"

I plead breathlessly. Kelly smiles and pulls both of her hands away from my body and leans forward with her hands on either side of my body. Kelly lowers her lips to my ear and does what I love and presses her lips against the arch of my ear.

"Say please one more time."

Kelly says softly and I moan.

"Pretty please."

Kelly smiles and kisses my shoulder.

"You're learning."

I smile softly and Kelly finally moves her fingers in between my legs and slides through my folds to find my clit. I cry out in pleasure and thrust down on her fingers. Kelly holds my hips still as her fingers furiously rubs over my clit. My legs automatically want to clamp shut but Kelly stands her ground and even smack my ass.

"Don't you dare try to close those legs."

Kelly growls and presses her fingers even harder against my clit. I whimper and grip the sheet tightly.

"Fuck! Kelly- I'm so close. Oh god! Fuck me and make me cum. Yes!"

I scream and Kelly immediately smacks my ass. I moan and throw my head back. Kelly attacks my neck with her teeth, lips, and tongue. I moan and groan, getting achingly close to my orgasm.

"I want you to cum so hard for me. I want you to do it right fucking now."

Kelly growls and I whimper. I'm teetering on the brink of my orgasm.


I groan out right before wave after wave of pleasure washes over me. I tremble and whimper at the intensity. Kelly places soft kisses on my back and removes her fingers from my clit. I pant hard and rest my head against the sweat soaked sheets. Kelly moves off of me and onto my side. Kelly runs her hand down my spine and I turn my face to her.

"I love you."

I pant out with a small smile. Kelly chuckles lightly and tucks a piece of hair behind my ear.

"I love you too, dear."

I open my eyes and move on top of Kelly, my lust hitting me fast, my lips attacking herself. She moans and I resort to small kisses.

"How do you...feel the...strap on?"

I ask between kisses. Kelly pulls back and raises a beautiful eyebrow.

"You want too?"

I smile shyly.

"If you'll let me and teach me through it."

Kelly smirks and lets out an exaggerated sigh.

"Well...I am your teacher."

I smile and kiss her lightly before scrambling off the bed.

"I want the feeldoe."

I tell her and immediately go to my desired object. When I come back I find Kelly naked and it sets a fire between my legs, a bonfire. Once I slip the smaller end inside of me Kelly helps me get the straps tightly yet comfortably around my hips. Kelly turns on the vibrator on high and I shiver and moan.

"Oh fuck, that feels good."

I moan out. Kelly chuckles softly and strokes the cock. It felt unusual to have something so long between my legs but I'm sure I would get used to it. Kelly releases the dildo and lays back with her legs spread.

"Come in between my legs darling."

Kelly tells me and I do as she says. Kelly collects some of her juices and slowly jerks off my 'cock' with her slick hand. Kelly looks me in the eyes.

"Go slow at first then get into a rhythm. I don't like to have my strap on rough like I do fingers. I want you to go slow and deep, really fuck me."

I nod my head and Kelly smiles softly.

"You look really fucking hot with this on by the way."

I smile and blush. Kelly moves me a little closer and I grab the cock, slippery from her wetness and rub the tip on her clit. Kelly moans and I smile. After a few more seconds I move it down to her entrance and slowly push in. Kelly moans and arches her back, her lips pressed into a tight line and her hands gripping my biceps. I moan when I pull back out then thrust back in. I made sure to get into a steady and firm rhythm, going deeper and deeper into her as much as I could with each thrust. Kelly was whispering words of encouragements like 'yes', 'you fuck me so good', and 'oh yeah- right there'. I knew she was getting close and I could feel myself not to far behind. The harness rubbing perfectly against my clit along with the vibrating dildo inside me was a whole new mind-blowing experience. I manage to control myself until Kelly is on the edge.

"Emily, I'm gonna cum. Oh, fuck."

Kelly's back arches and I thrust hard into her. She gasps and grabs me by the ass to hold me to her. I watch her cum like I had the first time we had sex and like before, she was absolutely beautiful. Kelly groans and bites her lip and I lean down to kiss her neck. When Kelly's hands go limp on my ass I take it as my cue to pull out. Kelly moans softly and I take off the strap on and put it to the side. I lay down next to Kelly and run my fingers over her stomach.

"Was that okay? Was the last part too rough?"

I ask concerned. Kelly chuckles slightly and shakes her head.

"No, it was just what I needed."

Kelly looks to me and smiles weakly. I smile back and scoot closer to her. Kelly brushes her fingers down my thigh.

"Did you...?"

Kelly asks and I chuckle lightly and shake my head. Kelly frowns.

"Well get on top of me and I'll finish you off."

I chuckle and kiss her lightly.

"I'm fine and I'm tired from my other orgasms today. I'm surprised I didn't fall asleep before you got up here."

Kelly smiles and sighs in disappointment.

"Fine...Do you want to take a nap?"

I smile brightly and scoot closer, closing my eyes and linking our fingers together.

"Yes, please."

Kelly kisses the top of my head and I fall asleep quickly from exhaustion.


Kelly wakes me gently and my eyes blink open.

"Hey, sleepy head."

I smile and Kelly kisses my lip.

"It is almost 5."

I groan and make a sad puppy face.


Kelly smiles and tucks a piece of hair behind my ear.

"Don't give me those puppy eyes. I want you to stay more than you do but it's not up to me."

I sigh heavily and push myself up.

"And if I tell my parents I have one more project they are going to start digging for facts."

I tell Kelly as I get off the bed and get dressed. I turn back to her and see her frowning. I frown myself.

"Whats wrong?"

Kelly looks up and smiles sadly.

"I wish we didn't have to hide our relationship but if hiding it means being able to love you, and fuck you, I suppose I'm content with that."

I smile and Kelly smiles back. I climb back on the bed and kiss her lightly.

"I agree."

I kiss her longer before pulling away.

"I'll text you tonight."

I back off the bed. Kelly smiles and snuggles underneath the covers.

"Mmm, I love you."

Kelly says with a yawn and I smile as she closes her eyes.

"I love you too."


It felt right to be running again.

My music pumped loudly into my ears through my earbuds as I turn a corner. Wind rushes around me and my heart thumps heartily in my chest. I get a call on my phone and stop my music. I slow down a bit and answer the call and use the mic on my earbuds to talk.


I say breathlessly.

"Hello, darling- why are you breathing so hard?"

I smile at Kelly's familiar voice.

"I'm running at the park near my house."

I answer and I can just imagine the eyebrow that goes up on Kelly's forehead.

"You run?"

I smile again and stop by a park bench.

"I haven't in a while but I do like an occasional run."

I bring an arm behind my head and stretch. Kelly hums.

"Ah, I see. So you're dressed in...what?"

I smirk and stretch my legs. Kelly was in a mood.

"Shorts and a tank top."

I start a slow jog.

"And how are you doing?"

Kelly asks.

"I'm sweating, is that what you want to hear?"

I tease and chuckle when I hear Kelly gulp.

"Go ahead Kelly. Tell me what you're thinking."

Kelly pauses before answering.

"I was thinking I was going to call and see how you were doing. But then I pictured you in your shorts and tank top and I may have gotten distracted."

I chuckle.

"What would you do if I showed up at your house right now?"

I hear Kelly groan and I smile.

"Why don't you come over and find out?"

Her husky voice makes me want to do exactly as she has suggested but I hold out.

"Tempting but I may need convincing first."

Kelly groans in frustration. I turn a corner and head up a hill.

"Come on me you're dirty talking skills."

I play with her and Kelly laughs.

"You love my dirty talking skills."

I chuckle.

"And you love my pussy...So which is it going to be?...Dirty talk or a cold shower?"

I smirk and walk down the hill as I put my hands over my head for more breath. Kelly takes a long pause but eventually responds.

"If you were here I wouldn't hesitate to pick you up by your ass and press you against the wall. I pull your shorts and panties down below your ass and finger your cute little clit...your legs tremble...your breathing waivers...and you scream my name as I make you cum hard on my fingers...satisfied, dear?"

I groan and start back the way I came, a heat spreading through my body.

"Not nearly. I'll be there in 10 minutes. Shower sex 2.0."

I smirk and hang up.


I open Kelly's back door and step inside. I take off my socks and shoes.

"Kelly! Where are you at?"

I yell then hear the shower turn on. I smile and strip out of my clothes as I go upstairs. I reach the bathroom and see Kelly's silhouette under the water. I clear my throat and Kelly moves to open the shower door. She smiles and I cross my arms.

"You started without me?"

Kelly chuckles and pushes the door open wider.

"Get in."

Kelly demands and I happily comply. Once Kelly has me inside the shower cubicle she closes the door, grabs my ass, and slams me into the wall. I gasp but it's cut off when Kelly crashes her lips against mine. She moans so deeply it sounds like her usual throaty growl.

"I think I'm PMSing."

Kelly mumbles as she kisses down my neck. I furrow my brow and tilt my head back to give her more access.


I breathe out and Kelly sucks on my ear lobe, I moan softly.


I struggle to wrap my head around what she's talking about. Finally, I get it and chuckle lightly.

"How do you know that?"

I ask curiously and Kelly pulls back enough to look down my body. Her eyes were bright with hunger and it made me shiver.

"Because all of this..."

Kelly gestures to my body and lets out a slight moan.

"Is driving me so fucking crazy I could cum in seconds."

I smile and grab her hips to kiss her again. Kelly's hands move over my back, ass, breasts, anywhere she can reach. I moan and move to grind on her leg. I notice that I'm not wet yet, with water, the situation between my legs is a waterfall, so I push forwards until I am under the water. I moan as the warm water hits my skin. I drop my head back and shiver in pleasure. I am being pushed into the wall yet again and Kelly's hands grip my ass hard. I moan as she kisses down my body, starting to get on her knees.

"Mmm, I like it when you PMS."

I tease and Kelly chuckles.

"I'm sure you do."

Kelly responds then hoists my right leg onto her shoulder. I grab for the closest wall and moan because Kelly was already getting started. Her tongue was so hot and eager squirming between my folds. I squeak in pleasure when her tongue flicks my clit relentlessly. One of my hands find her damp hair and I push her closer to me and grind on her tongue. Kelly moans and my fingers dig into her hair. I know I was getting close but I needed something more.

"Fuck my cunt. Please, Kelly. Put your fingers in me. Fuck me so good."

I beg and groan. Kelly moans and immediately bends to my wishes. Her fingers push inside of me quickly and I moan loudly. Kelly pumps fast and hard as I continue to grind on her tongue. We set an oh so pleasurable rhythm and I am on the edge of orgasm in under a minute. Both of my hands find their way into Kelly's hair and I whimper.

"Fuck! Yes! Don't stop. Don't stop. I'm so close Kelly!"

I cry out and my hips twitch on her face as I cum. Kelly moans and catches me when I start to slide down the slick wall. I land on my ass with my arms around Kelly's neck. Kelly kisses me hard and I can't help but moan. I move her onto her back and she shivers from the cold floor. I kiss down her neck and smile.

"Don't worry...I'll make you warm real quick."

I kiss down Kelly's stomach and slide her up farther so I can reach her cunt without the water beating on my head. I take her eagerly into my mouth and she moans. She bucks against my mouth and I suck her clit, wanting her to cum hard and fast into my mouth. Kelly cries out and arches her back against the floor. Her hands grab me by the hair and pushes me deeper into her wetness. I moan and flick my tongue quickly over her clit. Kelly's hands fly from my hair and smack down on the hard tile.

"Fuck! Yes! Em-Emily, I'm cumming! YES!"

Kelly screams and cums hard on my mouth. I moan and suck her clit until she pushes me away. Kelly covers her pussy with one hand and pants for breath. I smile and kiss her hand before moving up her body.

"Let's move you to the bed."

I suggest and Kelly nods her head. I help her up and turn off the water. I get us both dry and when I am finished with us both Kelly kisses me softly.

"You're going to break my back I'm so old."

I chuckle and we make our way to her bed.

"You're not old."

I tell her and we get into bed.

"I love you, you know that but if-"

I stop her with a stern look.

"There's no if's, and's, or but's about it."

Kelly sighs and I smile.

"I love you so...shut up and let me do that."

Kelly smiles and nods her head. I lean forward and press my lips to hers.


I hope everyone has enjoyed this story! Remember to keep an eye out for 'My History Teacher 8' if I decide to change my mind Thank you all so much for your support of my stories!

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Catherine- Part one._(1)

Slowly, Catherine awakes from her bed feeling the cold air of California flooding her room. She arises from the bed only to feel the cold tiles on the ground. Walking away from her bed, she prepares for school. Walking into the bathroom, she recalled last night when she had first touch herself. It was an odd experience, she had heard talks and rumors regarding masturbation but she had never done it herself, or rather, to herself. Looking in the mirror Catherine saw a girl with brown haired and brown eyes, a somewhat developed chest that seems a little bit unusual for...


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Unexpected..Part 2

Whats going on in here? The voice echoed around the room, and at once she knew who it was, her brother. Emyd calmly swivelled on the bed and spoke calmly. Hey Josh, umm Aria fell He said as he stood up. Aria tried to hide herself under the covers. mmhmm Josh turned to Emyd The games on downstairs, you coming? He asked. yeah He said as he took a few steps over to the door, but then turned to Aria You shoudl stay in bed for a while, you know, just in case.. As he walked out and left Aria, she...


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Angels and Demons:1

There is a battle for the heart in me, a battle for my soul you see. For I am the last Instinct. Before even I was created their were my people. We were ancient beings who clawed our way out of the abyss that came before everything. We were the embodiment of pure primal instinct and soon the instinct of approval kicked in and we started to create things.the greatest amongst us created fifteen rocks of tremendous beauty and for a time my people lived on them. After a millennia though my people grew bored so all but one moved to...


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My love, chris

My best friend chris and i have been friends for about 3 years now. we began to get close cuz i was making a huge effort to see his full nude body. i swear he was the most beautiful boy ive ever seen. dirty blonde/brown hair with his new style of using gel, his body looked like he was 13 but he was really 16. he didnt have much leg hair, or pitt hair, and i was dying to know about is pubes. i was 18 but i looked 16 maybe 17 puberty wise. anyway i had his sleep over my...


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