Mom Eyes The Kids Chapter Nine and Ten

Mom Eyes The Kids Chapter Nine and Ten

Diana wasn't sure if it showed, but she felt as if she were panting like a dog as she moved toward her naked daughter as the girl reclined so provocatively on her bed. And from the come-hither looks that the teenager was giving her from her sultry, lowered eyes, Diana was pretty sure that the girl was as keen for it as she was.

Diana sat on the side of the bed.

Her original plan had been to seduce the girl in the same way that she had Jimmy, beginning by asking how often Holly frigged herself off with a fraudulent parental concern. But now Diana saw that such silly subterfuge didn't seem necessary.

She thrust her fat tits out from the open front of her frilly negligee. Mother and daughter gazed soulfully into each other's smokey eyes for a long moment. Then Holly's gaze dropped to Diana's tits.

"How come your tits are all slimy, Mom?" the girl asked, with feigned innocence.

Diana wasn't sure quite how to answer such a leading question. But then Holly giggled impishly and her mother saw that no reply was necessary.

Holly reached out and traced the tip of her index finger slowly down the slope of her mother's out thrust tit, through the congealed spunk. She repeated the caress, fucking against the woman's swollen nipple this time.

Diana trembled, waiting, pleased that her little girl was taking the initiative. How foolish she had been to even think it might be embarrassing!

Holly drew her hand back and turned it before her radiant face, staring at the jizz on her fingertip. Then, looking into her mother's eyes again, as she did so, she brought her hand to her face and licked her fingers.

"Ummmmm – yummy!" she sighed. She pushed her finger into her mouth and sucked on it, looking as sweet and demure as a child sucking its thumb – but with a lascivious glow in her eyes.

"It's scrumptious, ain't it, Mommy?" the naughty teenager said, tasting her finger appreciatively.

"Do you – do you know what it is, boner?" Diana softly inquired, not quite sure, partially fooled by the girl's pretended naivete and mock innocence.

"Sure, Mom," Holly chirped.

She scooped up some more goo out of Diana's deep tit cleavage, licking it in turn.

"It's cum," Holly said boldly. Diana's lovely face twisted with lust. "And I know where it came from, too," Holly added, giving her mom a saucy look.

Diana raised her eyebrows.

"It ain't Daddy's cum," Holly whispered. "I know what Daddy's juice tastes like 'cause I been sucking it out of your bedsheets, Mom."

Holy shit! Diana thought, astonished. But she was filled with pride, as well, delighted at how much her nubile little girl took after her.

"It's Jimmy's jizz," Holly added.

Diana, despite her wanton depravity, couldn't keep from blushing delicately at that statement.

"Have you tasted your brother's cum, too, you greedy little minx?" she rasped.

"Not until now," Holly replied.

"Then how do you know it's Jimmy's spunk, honey?" Diana queried, although she had a pretty good idea what the answer was going to be.

"I was watchin', Mom. I sneaked down to see if I could get a look at your cunt, after I heard Daddy fucking you silly this morning. But you weren't in your room and…" she thumbed up some more fuckjuice, "…and then I peeked into Jimmy's room to see if I could catch him beating his meat, and I saw him jack off all over you, Mom." She sucked her thumb, turning it in her sensual lips. "And then I saw you suck him off and swallow his next load."

"Were you shocked, darling?" Diana whispered.

"Shit, no – just hungry!" the vixen giggled. "Well, maybe a little jealous, too."

"Would you like to blow your brother?" Diana asked, just as if she were inquiring what her little girl might like for her birthday.

"Ummmm, sure. Can I, Mom?"

"Yes, darling – I don't mind," Diana whispered.

"I'd love to suck Daddy off, too," the teenager added, moving her head closer to her mother's tits. "But, most of all, I wanna suck your cunt!"

Diana gasped twice – once upon hearing that Holly was hot for her father and again as she discovered, to her glee, that the nubile nymphette was hungry for her, as well.

"Ohhhhhh, yes – yes – I want you to eat my pussy, Holly – almost as fucking much as I wanna suck you!"

It dawned on Diana that this was a bizarre conversation, indeed, for a mother and daughter to have. But since they had the same tastes and desires, what harm was there in it? And the erotic words made a lovely sort of verbal foreplay – before they used their mouths for more than talking.

Diana leaned down and Holly turned her pretty face up and they kissed. Diana's mouth was all smeared with Jimmy's joyjuice and Holly still had a hint of cuntjuice and cum on her tongue and lips from having lapped it up from her parent's marital bed. They shared the flavors hungrily, tongues sliding to and fro.

Then Holly dropped her blonde head down and began to lick and suck Diana's greasy, swollen tit tips. She switched from one to the other, nursing greedily, suckling with far more enthusiasm than she ever had as an infant – and getting a far richer drink, as well.

She nuzzled and snuffled and sighed with the pure joy of sucking her sibling's spunk from those maternal mounds, getting the best of both worlds – plus the charm of incest.

After a while, Holly arched back and heaved her own firm, perky tits up, offering her mom a taste. Diana dove on her daughter's tits with relish, in a weird reversal of the normal nursing process.

Sucking on Holly's tits, Diana slid a hand up her daughter's slim, quivering thigh and cupped her cunt. It was blistering hot and so wet it seemed to be melting.

If that teenaged cunt tasted as good as it felt, Diana knew that she was in for a treat.

She drew back and Holly went down on her tits again, starting to play with Diana's pussy, too. Diana slipped a finger up the teenager's cunt sleeve and Holly followed suit, sinking her finger into her mom's pussy knuckle-deep.

But they weren't fingerfucking each other with any serious concentration. Neither had the faintest intention of frigging the other off by hand.

After a while they kissed on the lips again and Diana panted into Holly's mouth.

"Do you want to go down to your brother's room for a threesome, baby?"

She hoped not, wanting the girl all to herself – for starters, at least – but figured she should offer.

"Not yet, Mom," Holly replied, to Diana's delight. "I wanna just suck with you first, okay?"

"Ooooooh – more than okay!" Diana enthused, and she began to whisk her hot tongue around in her daughter's mouth to show her how nimble and deft her lapper was – and how skillfully it would soon be pleasuring her pussy.

Holly's tongue flashed and danced right back, demonstrating an equal talent and enthusiasm.

So it seemed that poor Jimmy was going to have to bide his time and suffer his hard-on for a while.

But, in fact, the young man just happened to be getting a fascinating look at this lustful scene.

Jimmy had waited as patiently as he could, hoping that his mother would be back directly. But as the moments passed, slowly, his sense of time distorted, the boy began to worry that his prick might shoot off by itself in a sort of wet daydream.

Why was Mom taking so long?

Jeez – was Sis suspicious? The thought made him tremble, partly because it would be shameful if the girl knew what he and his mother had been doing, but mostly because he was afraid that Holly's suspicions might prevent his mother from giving him the fuck she had promised.

After waiting for a few more agonizing moments, Jimmy decided that it would be wise to sneak down the hallway and eavesdrop at his sister's bedroom door, to hear just what they were talking about.

If it came to the worst and he found out that his sister's suspicions were preventing him from getting laid, at least he would know and be able to relieve his tormented cock and balls by a couple quick handjobs.

His mind made up, he flung himself up from the bed, his balls hanging heavy and his cock standing tall.

He tiptoed down to Holly's room.

The door was still ajar, as the girl had left it for their mother, and their mother had neglected to close it. Jimmy crept up and peeked in.

The scene was so incomprehensible to the naive lad that, for a moment, it just didn't register at all. Then it took form in his mind and he almost blacked out with the surge of blood that poured into his prick, leaving his fevered brain starved for oxygen.

Mom and Sis were kissing and cuddling and sucking on each other's tits. More, they were both playing with each other's pussy.

How could it be? It was impossible! They were both females, why on earth would they be making out just like a boy and a girl? He shook his head to clear it. He blinked to uncloud his vision. He gnashed his teeth and rolled his eyes. Jimmy felt absolutely certain that he must be imagining this, dreaming it, fantasizing the incredible. He even pinched himself to see if he was awake.

But, at last, he realized it was true, although he just couldn't understand it. He knew that they weren't lesbians – so why were they acting like lesbians? Why were two normal, cockloving females behaving like dykes?

And yet, although the inexperienced youth had never known that even the most normal, heterosexual, feminine girl could still love cunt lapping, he was not scandalized as much as he was fascinated.

Seeing his mother and sister being so depraved was turning the bay on as much as his mom's mouth had, exciting him as frantically as the prospect of fucking her had done.

And, even though it meant that he had to let his cock go neglected a bit longer, Jimmy was quite satisfied to spy and see just where this was leading.

And he got all that he could have wished for.


Although they might both have enjoyed it even more had they realized that Jimmy was such an intrigued onlooker, Diana and Holly could hardly have enjoyed it much more than they already were, as they worked each other up wi

th foreplay and yearned for the creamy conclusion to come.

"Let me go down on you now, Mom!" Holly panted.

Her mouth was as hot as her cunt, her tongue tingling as much as her cunt.

Diana shook her head and grinned.

"No, darling. I wanna eat you out first. It's a mother's prerogative," she added with a sultry wink.

Holly didn't mind, quite obviously. As long as she got to sink her tongue into her mother's cunt eventually, it was surely no hardship to have her own cunt sucked while she waited her turn at the pussy table.

She figured she would just be hungrier and enjoy it more – and, too, with her pussy satisfied, she would be better able to concentrate on the tongue work.

The slender, little teenager fell back along her bed, raising her knees and opening her legs. She jerked her cunt up as if she were serving it on a hairy platter, offering her hungry mom her cunt on a tray.

Holly – and Jimmy, too, by this stage, as the youth's erotic education increased – expected that her mother would dive straight onto her pussy.

But Diana was in no rush.

Starved as she was for her little girl's gooey pussy, she wanted to work up to it gradually. Just as she had when she sucked her son off for the first time, she wanted to make this a memorable occasion for her daughter, so that sweet little Holly would be eager for an encore.

Instead of pouncing on the girl's pussy, Diana knelt over her and nursed on her nubbins some more, then began to lick a slow path down her belly.

She lapped at Holly's golden vee, her tongue rustling in the silken tresses like some moist pink rodent scurrying through a sunlit forest glade on the rim of a swampy pool – warily approaching the musky waterhole.

Holding her face tilted just over Holly's groin, Diana inhaled deeply, breathing in that pussy perfume, savoring the scented bouquet of hot teenaged cunt.

Again, Holly expected the woman to dive on her and she tilted her crotch up, trembling in anticipation, longing for that lapping tongue.

But then Diana slid dawn the bed and began to work on Holly's feet, taking a roundabout route to the creamy rut of the girl's randy cunt.

Holly whimpered, her mind torn, loving the foreplay yet desperate to get tonguefucked. Her mother licked her insteps and ankles and the soles of her delicate feet. She sucked on each tiny toe in turn, so skillfully that Holly thought she might cream in her feet and squirt toe jam, like jizz, into her mom's magic mouth.

Diana licked up the inside of Holly's thigh, pausing just short of her crotch. Then she licked back down the other leg, lingering at the back of her knee.

"Do my cunt, Mom! Suck me off!" Holly babbled, lashing her ass and hips about in a wild dance of desire, her pussy so hot that she thought it would burst into flames – if it hadn't been much too wet to burn.

Her groin looked as if someone had spilled a milkshake in her lap and the bed was a slimy pool under her churning ass. Cuntjuice streamed down her thighs and Diana lapped it up as she slid up towards the vee again.

And still the merciless tease wasn't ready to dine in her daughter's pussy. She held her face close, breathing her misty breath onto Holly's steaming cunt, then sucking in the aroma as she inhaled deeply. Her breath seemed to be fanning Holly's cunt to flames and her face was glowing in the heat from the girl's pussy, as if she were staring into the open door of a furnace.

"Lick me – suck me!" Holly begged.

But Diana delayed, although she was surely teasing her own tongue every bit as much as she was teasing the desperate girl's cunt.

She grasped Holly by her slim hips and gently tuned the supple teenager up onto one flank, then on around so that Holly was belly down on the bed.

Then she shifted her hands to the trim cheeks of Holly's ass and spread them apart, opening the crack and revealing her tiny brown shithole.

Holly gasped when she realized that her mom was going to rim out her asshole as an anal appetizer.

Jimmy gasped as well, but they were far too preoccupied with each other to hear any extraneous sounds.

Holy cow – Mom is a rimmer, too, the boy thought, depravity piling upon depravity in his mind. But he didn't resent that sordid fact – he was only wondering why she hadn't reamed out his asshole, as well?

But now, just as she had teased Holly's cunt, Diana began to tease the girl's sensitive shitter, too.

Holding Holly's asscheeks open, she placed her tongue at the top of the girl's crotch and very slowly drew it up through the musky, flavorsome crack of her ass, but stopped just short of her shithole.

Diana licked the teenager's taint, slurping between cunt and asshole, but not touching either. It was making Holly wriggle and yelp with double frustration.

By passing Holly's asshole, Diana licked up the ridge of her spine, pausing at the delicate nape of her neck, then going back down vertebrae by vertebrae until she was burrowing into her asscrack again, coming from the small of her back now and working down, Holly's spine was glistening with saliva and she was jerking her haunches up urgently.

Diana could bear to play the tease no longer and she nudged her nose into Holly's asshole, sniffling and snuffling in that tiny, tart bud.

Holly drew her knees up under her, so that her head was down on the bed and her ass was jutting up at the highest point of her position. Her ass swished around. If she'd had a tail, she would have been wagging it.

"Don't tease me!" she pleaded.

Diana pulled her nose out and began to tickle the girl's ass ring with her tongue. She fluttered into that delicate little slot and Holly shuddered and squirmed. Her mother licked lightly for a while, then began to stuff her tongue right up into the girl's shit chute.

"Ahhhhh – rim me, Mom! Ream my ass out!" Holly wailed, shoving her trim asscheeks back into Diana's face.

Diana began to French-kiss her daughter's asshole, stabbing her tongue in as she sucked on the rim.

She slobbered into the tangy, aromatic slot, then sucked her own slobber back out, flavored by musky shitter. Drool ran down through Holly's asscleft and into her crotch, where it sizzled when it flowed into her cunt.

Holly was going crazy. It felt as if her mom's tongue was all the way up into her belly. She almost expected it to slide into her mouth so that they would be kissing again, in a bizarre reversal.

Diana snacked away, savoring that succulent shithole. But she was afraid that her daughter might cream off if she kept it up much longer and she didn't want Holly's cunt to melt before she mouthed it.

Diana stuffed her tongue up her little girl's flavored fudge socket and burrowed around in her guts for another moment, then drew her face away from the girl's ass.

She gazed again at Holly's cunt as that delicious-looking delicacy streamed cuntjuice down her groin. Diana was so hungry for that sweet pussy that her tongue felt as if it were being pulled out towards it by gravity.

But she preferred to do her cunt lapping from the front, so that it was easier to get at the girl's cunt and, too, so that she would be able to see Holly's face when she sucked her up to the crest.

Diana whimpered wordlessly and Holly understood. The nimble teenager wriggled her ass around in her mom's face, teasing the older woman in turn now, wagging her ass saucily and looking back over her shoulder, thrilled to see how hungry for pussy her mother looked.

Turn about was fair play and Holly knew it would be lgreat fun to crawl away now, denying her mom a munch, imagining the lustful lady crawling after her ass, tongue hanging out like a castaway on a desert island or a traveler marooned in the Sahara, crawling desperately towards a lush oasis.

But Holly couldn't taunt her mom without depriving herself still longer, and the last thing on earth that the teenager wanted was to go unsucked for another minute.

Holly twisted around again, one hip turned up, rotating her limber pelvis. She turned belly up again and lay back, raising and parting her knees. Her back bridged in a graceful arch and her aunt jerked up.

Diana lay tit down between those shapely legs, gazing at her little girl's cunt ravenously, like a hungry child peering into the window of a candy store.

Her tongue was curling out and hooking, as if she were trying to drag her head forward by the motion. She slid up a bit and arched, rubbing her tits in the girl's groin as a last preliminary.

Then Diana began to dine in Holly's lunchbox loins, thrilling her tongue and Holly's clit – and Jimmy's eyes, as well.I

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