The Good, The Bad and the Molly - Chapter Twelve

The Good, The Bad and the Molly - Chapter Twelve

“Are you having a good time?” I almost nervously asked as Molly and I walked throughout the town.

“Yeah. This is nice.” she replied politely with a small smile. “When you live so close to a place you kind of forget to check it out and play tourist from time to time.”

“Yeah! This place is really cool. There’s a neat little ice cream place here too. I saw one last time I was here with D- with Diane.” I couldn’t let it slip that I was hanging out with Daisy behind Molly’s back – even if Molly eventually bought the supergenius story, me hanging out with her sister who was twelve at the time without telling Molly beforehand would have been really strange.

“Who’s Diane?” Molly asked.

“Study buddy.” I lied coolly.

Molly paused in thought for a few seconds while we walked. “But didn’t you tell me that you didn’t actually study with – ahhhh.” Molly nodded slowly in understanding. “She was one of your one-night stands. You just got ice cream with her.”

I coughed nervously. “Well, I mean…”

Molly tried to read my mind and laughed. “It’s cool. I don’t mind being the second girl you bring here.”

I laughed too, but out of confrontation. “Molly, I brought you here because I wanted to have a good time with you.”

“And why’d you bring Diane?” she asked, trying to keep her tone humorous.

Too far down the rabbit hole to be truthful. “She and I needed to talk about serious stuff. What we were. It was… awkward. I was just trying to mitigate things, or make them better or whatever.”

Molly stopped and gave a small smile. “Bench,” she commented as she pointed to a nearby bench. We both sat down on it and she put her hands in her lap, facing me. “Do you want to talk about what we are?”

“Wha- no! I didn’t mean it like that.” I protested.

“I know.” Molly soothed. “But it might be a good idea. Besides, I can guess that you asked me to come here because you wanted things to get better between us. Maybe communication will do that.”

I chewed my lower lip. “Yeah, I did ask you to come out here so we could get better. I, uh, saw a counsellor recently.”

“Hey, good for you.” Molly said warmly, rubbing my shoulder supportively.

“She told me we should cut each other off, at least for a while.”

Molly stopped rubbing my shoulder abruptly, then retracted her hand. “And what do you think?” she asked me, kind of coldly.

“I don’t really think anything. I just know I don’t want that. It doesn’t seem right. It doesn’t feel right. I’m not ready to just cut you out of my life like that. I don’t care what happens romantically or sexually between us. I really don’t. I just know I don’t want to lose you.”

Molly processed what I said for a moment. “I don’t know if I like the idea that you need me.”

“I don’t think I need you, no.” I replied instinctively. Not even because I thought that was true, but because she said she didn’t like it. “She said we should just take a break from each other and become our own people, but…” I sighed. “I’m just kinda scared the Molly you grow into doesn’t want to be friends with any kind of Aaron, no matter the Aaron I become.”

“You’re also scared I’ll fall in love with anyone who isn’t you.” Molly boldly pointed out.

“I really don’t want to get into that.” I replied nervously. “I mean, yes, okay, granted, but can we leave that part alone?”

“Yeah, sorry.” she accepted. “I think that cutting each other off is a bit dramatic.”

“I agree. So I went with her next suggestion – I’m trying to find things we can do together that isn’t unhealthy.”

“Like sex?” Molly sat up straight, looking at me.

I nodded. “And she’s totally right. If after sex it feels like I’ve taken advantage of your vulnerability and I haven’t changed, then…” I shut my eyes and straightened my back. “I don’t want to have sex with you.”

“Wow, huh?” I heard Molly’s voice say after a bit. I opened one eye to see her smiling. “I’m impressed.”

“Don’t be.” I breathed, regaining my normal composure. “Knowing us, knowing me, we’re still going to have sex in a couple of days anyway.”

“Nah, I like this actually.” Molly replied. “Let’s move away from it.”

“Even though we both want it.” I replied skeptically.

“I don’t, not really.” she rebutted.

“Molly, come on. This is a two-way street here. You gotta admit some responsibility in this. You usually initiate it these days anyway.”

“No I don’t.” she protested.

I angrily grunted out loud, then raked my hands over my face. “Okay, whatever.” I replied, knowing that arguing with her would just make us end up with me dropping it one way or another, then my eyes fell upon the ice cream store. “Want some ice cream? I’ll buy.”

“I’ll feel guilty if you buy me food.” Molly shifted in her seat.

I couldn’t help but chuckle. “Well, this isn’t me buying you food then. This is just me wanting to do something nice for a friend.”

“Still weird to me.” Molly replied, her shoulders hunching in.

“Ooookay… so are you going to buy your own?” I pressed her.

“Didn’t bring my wallet.”

“Well then.” I threw up my hands in a gesture. “Tell me what your favorite flavor is or I’m going to have to guess.”

“I don’t want this.” Molly told me.

“Do you want ice cream?” I asked her simply.

She slowly shifted to face me, a pout on her face. “Nyeh.” she murmured.

“So yes. Fine. Want to owe me?”

“I don’t like owing people money.” she rebutted quietly.

“Cool, then it’s my treat. Hate me if you must, for I am a monster. Chocolate?”

“Chocolate.” she conceded. “Thank you.”

I practically sauntered up to the storefront – it was the same happy Russian man from way back when. I never really thought about him much, but in that moment, I envied his happiness. I bought two one-scoop chocolate cones and brought the fruits of my labor back to the bench.

“Thanks.” Molly quietly told me, giving the cone a lick. “You know, my parents would sometimes take Daisy and I out for ice cream after church. This actually kinda brings back nice memories.”

“Yeah?” I smiled at her. “I’m glad.”

“So.” she began. “What are we?”

I groaned, taking another lick of my ice cream. “Are we really doing this now?”

“I guess we are. Might as well, right?”

“But we’re out of the house. I don’t wanna taint the memory of us getting ice cream with…”

Molly laughed out loud, interrupting me. “With us communicating, with us acknowledging how fucked-up we are?”

I laughed in turn. “Sure.”

“I mean, it’s in the back of our minds. Every time we hang out, it’s already tainted in some way. As long as we’re mature about it, I don’t think addressing it is going to do much.”

“But if we talk about it every time, then we’re going to associate hanging out with talking about this, and all those bad memories. Hanging out will be synonymous with ‘let’s talk out our feelings,’ not ‘let’s have a good time.’ It would be nice to just… hang out. Not worry. Feel at ease, feel comfortable with each other.”

Molly took a bite out of her ice cream uncharacteristically. “That’s a good point.” she finally said. “But you know what?”


“We’re kind of through the looking glass.” she pointed out. “Plus I kind of want to talk about it now.”

“Okay, fine.” I conceded. “But just so we can hang out later without having to do this. I can’t deal with us talking about how weird this is for two hours every time we see each other.”


“Okay, so, we’re not in any kind of romantic thing.” I offered to start us off.

“No we’re not.” Molly nodded.

“And there’s something sexual there but even though it kind of worked in the first place, it makes things weird for me with my romantic feelings, and you’re not sure if you want it so it still kinda feels like I’m taking advantage of you, only now you want it.”

“I never said I wanted it.” Molly disputed.

“Molly, I swear to God, I’m going to start tape-recording our conversations.” I groaned. “You did. In fact, I’m pretty sure I’m using your exact wording here. Even if you don’t believe you wanted it, that’s what you said, out loud, to me. Can you believe that?”

“That doesn’t sound like me though.” she protested.

“You know what, I agree.” I laughed exhaustedly. “It doesn’t. It really surprised me at the time. But please, Molly, I really need you to trust me. If we want to go anywhere, I need you to trust that what I’m saying is real. I’m not trying to manipulate you, I’m not trying to deceive you, I’m having this conversation with you to figure out how to treat you right. So when I’m citing what you said when I’m asking to go forward, I need you to trust that’s what you said to me, and that’s why I’m saying it right back. To make sense of it. Denying it makes things so much harder for both of us, if you want us to get anywhere. Please, just… please believe me. You can even say, ‘if I said that before that’s not what I believe now.’ I’ll accept that. But please stop denying it. It’s really invalidating, especially since if you deny things later, it’s going to make me trust anything you say a lot less. Okay?”

Molly licked her ice cream, staring at me. A dozen emotions, all across the spectrum, ran across her face. “Okay.” she admitted.

“Cool. Thanks.” I breathed. So, anyway, I think we were talking about…”

“Sexual stuff.”

“Right, thanks. So, it makes me feel weird with my feelings, and you told me once that it feels like I’m taking advantage of the fact you wanted it, even if you don’t necessarily want it now. Yeah?”

“Yeah.” she replied quietly. “Except… like, never mind. I just… do want it now.”


“Just never mind that stuff I said earlier. I do want it, and I sometimes initiate it. I was being… I was being weird.”

I stared at her blankly for a while. “Okay.” I said after a while, almost dismissively. “So we both want sex from each other, for very different reasons, and it’s creating tensions. So, we should stop.”

“That sounds logical.” Molly nodded.

“But, like, are we still friends? I still consider you a friend, but I don’t want to presume.” I replied.

Molly grimaced a little. “You don’t think I consider you a friend? Aaron, that’s hurtful.”

“I’m only trying not to presume anything here.” I defended myself, waving my hands in front of my face. “And not to put a spotlight on you, but this is exactly why I’m asking you not to deny stuff. Because the reason I don’t know if you consider me a friend or not is because you keep telling me contrasting things and keep denying when I bring up how you told me something. I can’t trust how I feel around you. Hell, I can’t even trust what you tell me. I don’t know if you’re going to deny it a few days later because you aren’t so sure you believe what you said anymore.”

“Okay, okay, okay.” she butted in. “I’m sorry, alright?”

“Thank you.” I replied genuinely. “Why do you do it?”

“Look, you get an apology. I’m not obligated to tell you why I do stuff. Especially the stuff I’m clearly more embarrassed about.” she replied flusteredly. “Just… go on with your analysis of us. Not just me, us.”

“Okay, as you wish.” I admitted. “So, yes to us being friends?”

Molly scoffed. “Yes. Obviously.”

“Okay, cool. Do either of us want to take a break from talking to each other and stop being friends, even temporarily?”

Neither of us said anything for a bit. “Even if we wanted to, with us living in the same house that would be really hard to do.” she replied eventually. “I think if we were living apart, I’d consider it, but in our current situation, I don’t think it’s a good idea.”

“Okay, cool. I agree.” I replied. “So, no sex, yes to staying in contact. Is there anything else we should do to change how we act around each other? I’m exhausted with these ‘where do we go from here’ chats.”

“Yeah, same.” Molly mumbled. “Um, I can’t think of anything.”

“I don’t suppose I can ask you to cut down on the drinking.” I gingerly inserted.

“You can certainly ask.” Molly replied coolly. “I don’t know if I – you know what, I don’t know. I just don’t know. This is weird.”

“Yeah,” I murmured aloud. “I guess if you’re being asked to cut down on the destructive habit of having sex with me, asking you to cut down on another is selfish of me and removes a lot of your coping mechanisms, huh?”

“Wow.” Molly’s eyebrows shot up. “That was bold.”

“Was it? Sorry.” I grimaced. “Just thinking out loud. I’m kinda blunt.”

“Yeah, I get that. Plus maybe you’re lashing out and highlighting my problems because we’re not having sex anymore, and given you get no intimacy or love from your parents, being told you’re getting no intimacy from me either must suck.” Molly replied, her tone reflecting adrenaline was surging through her to attempt to get under my skin. It worked, with me giving her a hurt look. “Sorry. Just thinking out loud. I’m kind of blunt.” she added coolly.

“Um, okay.” I mumbled. “Kinda childish, but okay.”

Molly shrugged. “Don’t bring up my problems against me. It hurts. I thought you’d be proud of me for actually fighting back.”

Through the hurt, I chuckled. “Hey, fuck it. I am proud.” I conceded. “I won’t bring it up.” Beneath the chuckle, I was still wincing. It wasn’t that I didn’t know my parents didn’t love me, but Molly never did anything but support me through this. Her using my parents’ situation against me not only hurt, it felt like a betrayal. Between that and her not wanting to admit to her faults, it was becoming really hard to trust her. But I guess we established one thing from this talk…

“So, no more sex.” I confirmed.

“No more sex.” she confirmed right back, nodding and eating her ice cream.


The next few weeks went by… weirdly, to say the least. For the first few days Molly and I didn’t really feel a difference, and I tried to fill the sexless void by hanging out with Chris and Jerome more. They discovered games like Cards Against Humanity and Coup and needed a third, so I guess it worked out for the three of us. It was kind of nice – I expected Chris to be the ‘out there making jokes’ type but get Jerome in his element and not only was he hilarious, he talked a lot more. It was nice, especially knowing things were on the mend for Chris and myself.

I wish I could have said the same for Chris and Molly. Several times when I was in my room doing school work or jacking off or whatever, I’d hear Chris come downstairs and knock on Molly’s door. He wouldn’t have to knock before – in the past he’d just saunter in and the two would have their fun.

But now things were different. It would always play out the same way.

Knock knock.

“Who is it?”

“It’s Chris!”

“Not now, sorry.”


Eventually I felt sorry enough for the poor bastard that at one point, I exited my room after the telltale “Okay.” I opened my door to see a visibly annoyed Chris. I motioned for us to go upstairs, and silently upstairs we went.

“You okay?” I finally asked.

“Yeah.” he sighed. “No. Maybe. Just… things are rough and it sucks watching a friendship disappear in front of your eyes on top of that. And Molly’s such a special girl.”

“Yeah.” I mumbled. “Can I ask a blunt question?”

“Yeah, go ahead, sweetie.” Chris replied, sitting down at the kitchen table.

“Do you blame me for her attitude shift?”

I expected Chris to be taken aback by the question, but he wasn’t. He just shrugged. “Not you. Your past actions, maybe. I hope you’ve changed.”

“I hope so too.”

“By most accounts I really shouldn’t have forgiven you. I guess it’s in my nature.” he added.

“Yeah, Molly shouldn’t have forgiven me either. You two are too forgiving. You are too optimistic about people.” I pointed out.

“That crossed my mind, thanks.” he replied. “That makes things more concerning when I see her distancing herself from me. Am I too much like her? Too much like how she was, does that mean she hates her old self? Did I do something awful to her, something that – no offense – was worse than what you did, and I just can’t see it?”

“You’re an overthinker.” I observed.

“Wow, give Aaron a prize.” he replied sarcastically. “I overthink everything.” He was silent for a bit. “Can you do me a weird favor?”


“A weird, paranoid favor?”

“I can’t do it if you never tell me what the favor is, Chris.” I replied.

“Could you… just knock on Molly’s door and ask to hang out? I want to see if it’s personal.”

I gave Chris a belittling smile. “That is paranoid.” I told him.

“I know, I know.”

“But sure. I’ll do it. If it makes you feel better.” I replied. “She’s just gonna tell me the same thing though.”

Chris shrugged. “Maybe. Thanks for doing this, sweetie.”

“Whatever helps.” I tossed over my shoulder as I went downstairs. There wasn’t a door separating this hallways from the kitchen, so Chris could definitely hear me. I wasn’t sure if he could hear Molly, but given he was actively listening for her answer, he probably could. Nonchalantly, I knocked on her door.

“Who is it?”

“It’s, uh, Aaron.” I replied.

“Give me a sec.” she replied. I glanced up the stairs and frowned. Ouch. Sorry, Chris. Eventually, the door opened and Molly came into view. She was dressed pretty casually, in a t-shirt and sweatpants. “What’s up?”

I shrugged. “You bored?” I asked.

Molly smiled slightly and shook her head at me. “Come in.”

I walked in and sat down on the bed, and Molly returned to her computer. “Whatcha got going on there?” I stood up and walked over behind her.

“Enh, the usual stuff.” Molly replied coolly.

“And by ‘the usual stuff’ you mean online porn stories.” I observed.

Molly whirled around to grin at me. “I’m allowed to have fun, aren’t I?”

Calm in the face of something embarassing. Confident about sex. She was tipsy. I shrugged. “Sure. So that’s what you were up to before I came in?”

“Mmmmaybe.” she purred.

“Do you want your alone time then?” I half-joked.

“Nah, I’m good for it. Probably should spend some time today around other humans anyway.” Once again, I spared a thought for Chris.

“Fair enough.” I idly said. “What’s the story about?”

“It’s just about this woman that has a lot of sex on a bus.”

“Wow, the apex of human literature.” I joked.

“Yeah, it’s your standard shallow stuff, but people don’t read sex stories for the plot.” Molly replied.

I chuckled. “Good point.” I sat back down on the bed. “Is it ever like wish fulfillment stuff? Like do you actually want to get gangbanged on a bus?”

“No, not really.” Molly replied, turning her chair to face me. “I think it just appeals to my baser instincts. Like, we all want to get so caught up in our hormones that we just lose control.”

I hated to admit it, but hearing Molly talk like this made me miss having sex with her, having her. Against my wishes, I started to get hard.

“You know what I mean?” she continued. “I mean, you have a high sex drive. I’m sure there are moments you just get so pent up with your hormones you throw all caution to the wind and just go for it.”

I cleared my throat. “I mean, yeah, sometimes. Used to, at least.”

Molly nodded lazily. “Mm. Probably when you were still having sex with random girls from campus. That’s such an alien environment to me. Like, just putting myself out there, hoping some guy, maybe even some guy whose name I don’t know, tells me I’m beautiful or something and takes me back to his place, and we just screw like animals.”

I was fully hard by this point, and with my size, it was hard not to see it going down my leg. Molly casually glanced down my body, and there’s no way she didn’t notice. She turned around to face her computer. “Still, you’re right, they’re fuckboys. It would probably be better to not go with strangers for that type of thing.” she added, almost suggestively.

I hated to admit I was that susceptible, but I couldn’t help contributing. “Oh yeah, you gotta find the right kind of guy to rock your world.” I added. “Someone who’s not afraid to learn all about you and figure out the best ways to make you moan and think about nothing but the sex.”

Molly chuckled to herself. “Yup. I have to admit, I really like when someone knows what they’re doing and can hit all of those spots.” she contributed. “And it’s nice to lose yourself to those feelings.”

“Super nice.” I agreed, adjusting myself and eventually standing up. There was no way I was giving in to temptation, not after all the work we put in, and I knew staying here was a bad idea. “I’m gonna hit the hay.”

“Don’t you normally go to bed after me?” Molly asked, turning to face me. “Is everything alright?” She was asking these questions with either an innocence or a mock innocence.

“Yeah, I’m fine. Just got lots on my mind, that’s all.” I swiftly replied.

“Oh, I see.” Molly replied, smiling. “I hope it gets cleared up soon.”

“I hope your mind clears up soon too.” I replied, trying to be just as innocent, looking her in the eye.

Molly didn’t let up. “I didn’t say my mind was clouded.”

“No, you didn’t. I could guess though.” I retorted.

Molly said nothing but her smile ever-so-slightly widened. We didn’t say anything as I shut the door behind me. I didn’t even bother to check if Chris was still upstairs in the kitchen, sad with himself or anything, I just had to go to my room and relieve myself. I imagine Molly did too. In fact, as I relieved myself, that’s exactly what I was imagining.


It must be nice to live in a world of absolutes – right and wrong, day and night, black and white. The grey areas of life were beginning to get on my nerves. Ever since that point, Molly and I couldn’t help but… was ‘flirt’ even the right word? Honestly it was just teasing, but teasing we didn’t dare call out by name. That wouldn’t have been good for either of us.

The next day, I was in the kitchen preparing myself something and Molly was waiting for the microwave to finish, and was absentmindedly rubbing her hand up and down her chest. She was just barely in my line of sight enough for me to notice without staring.

“You good?” I finally decided to ask.

She hesitated, shifting in place. “Not that it’s any of your business, but my bra is weirdly hurting me today.”

“Oh, that’s weird.” I remarked.

“Yeah.” she agreed. “Maybe I’m swelling or something. It is the right time in my cycle for that, but normally it doesn’t affect me this much.”

I could swear Molly just enjoyed getting me hard knowing I couldn’t do anything about it but go to my room. But she was right – I hadn’t had sex since my last time with her, and even with me jacking off regularly, this was beginning to drive me crazy. Molly went silent after that, getting her food from the microwave and eating at the table, but my imagination took over from there and my hard-on was raging. “Do you mind watching my pasta? I think I left something in my room.” I finally said after a few minutes.

Molly smiled at me sweetly. “Yeah, no problem.” she told me. I watched her eyes carefully for a few seconds before telling her, “Thanks,” and going downstairs to my room.

Or at least going downstairs. After taking the first few steps and getting out of her line of sight, I crept back up one or two steps and found an angle in the windows in the door to the house so I could see Molly’s face in the reflection. There was no doubt about it, there was a smile on her face.


Two could play at that game. Because we shared a washroom on our floor, I had a window of opportunity, and I stopped closing the door when I took showers. The first few showers I took happened without consequence, but finally, Molly walked out of her room at one point just after I stepped out of the shower, nothing but a towel covering me.

“What are you doing?” Molly asked me, slightly startled.

“Just finished a shower.” I replied casually. “You?”

“Don’t you think you should maybe close the door or something?” Molly asked me awkwardly.

“I don’t like all the steam in this room after I take a shower. Makes it hard to breathe sometimes.” I answered her. “Besides, you’ve seen me more naked than this before, it’s not a big deal. Why, does this bother you?”

“Nah, not at all.” Molly tried to play it cool. “Maybe you shouldn’t take such hot showers though. I heard it’s bad for your skin.”

“Yeah?” I asked, looking down my body. “I don’t think my skin is doing too badly. What do you think?” I lowered my towel down a little farther to prove my point, and rotated around for her.

“Nah, you look fine.” she replied.

I smiled at her mischievously. “I look fine, huh?”

“Your skin looks fine, doofus.” Molly huffed humorously, her eyes still on my body. If she could see my hardon in jeans, there was no doubt she could see it in the towel too, but now, I wasn’t trying to hide it. “You should probably cover up more, though. And close the door next time, what if I have company over?”

My grin widened. “Bringing a boy by?”

Molly rolled her eyes. “I meant Chris or something. I’m sure he wouldn’t want to see… I mean, don’t get me wrong, you look…”

I wanted to tease Molly, not torture her, especially given her anxiety. I held up a hand and told her, “I know what you mean, don’t worry.” I glanced around myself. “I’ll get a shirt as soon as I get to my room.”

“Thanks,” she replied. “I’ll just be in my room-”

“You just came out of your room.” I pointed out. “Aren’t you going somewhere?”

“Yeah, but – yeah.” she replied awkwardly, disappearing up the stairs as soon as she could. I grinned to myself. There was no way both of us didn’t know what was going on here, but it was too fun to pass up.


Over the next few days, it wasn’t just me who was maturbating more often. I never heard Molly once masturbate in my life until after we weren’t having sex anymore. Several times I would walk out of my room towards the washroom and hear slight moans coming from Molly’s room. Barely loud enough to be heard, and yet at the same time, I couldn’t help but suspect that Molly was normally quieter than that. Being a dude, it’s not like I could moan any louder while masturbating or something, but I started to emerge from my room whenever I knew Molly was upstairs in the kitchen just after finishing, with my face flushed and sometimes with a slight sheen covering my face. Molly never said anything, but of course, neither of us dared to bring it up.


“Hey,” Molly casually greeted me as I came up the stairs.

“Hey,” I greeted back as I slipped a t-shirt on. “How’s it going?”

“Going alright.” I replied as I slipped some shoes on. “You?”

“Enh. Didn’t sleep that well last night.” Molly replied, munching on her cereal.

“You know what, same.” I remarked. “Didn’t sleep for very long, at least. Kept tossing and turning.”

“Interesting how we have the same problem.” Molly said a little too casually.

“Yeah, we seem to.” I replied. “Anyway, I’ll probably see you later tonight.”

“Where are you going?” she inquired.

“I’m going to go see Mira.” I replied. Internally, I grinned evilly – I never told her my counselor’s name.

“Oh.” Molly replied, looking down at her cereal. Not in sadness, but no doubt to not look me in the eye and give away anything her eyes could tell me. “What are you two going to get up to?”

“Probably just talk, mainly.” I replied. “Same as last time.”

“Oh, have you been seeing her for a bit?” Molly couldn’t help but ask.

“A few weeks, now. It’s really nice to talk things out with her.” I responded, my internal grin never dying.

“Yeah.” she mumbled. “Well, I hope you have a good time with Mira. But it’s really out of your style to just talk and not… y’know, have sex with her. You’re turning into a softie.” she attempted to joke.

I lowered an eyebrow at her and a smile formed. “Well, I don’t think that would be very good conduct of her.” Molly’s expression turned to one of confusion and I continued, “Mira’s my counselor, silly.”

I’m sure Molly didn’t want to give away a look of relief on her face, but it emerged anyway. “Oh, good.” she replied. “Well, cool. Neat. You know.”

“Yeah, I gotcha. See you later!” I tossed behind me as I left the house, grinning from ear to ear.


The talk with Mira was nice. I don’t think she liked the teasing game Molly and I did, given she reminded me again of the possibility of taking a break from our friendship, but otherwise, it was nice to talk through my feelings. I actually brought my dad up to her and it didn’t seem to fall upon deaf ears. That was really nice.

I got back to the house a few hours later, this time by bus. I needed the solitude and plus, it didn’t seem like Chris was able to today. He was having a rough day. As soon as I got home, I headed downstairs, planning to head to my room.

As I went downstairs, I noticed that the bathroom light was on. And the bathroom door was wide open. Curiosity got the better of me as I peered around the corner, seeing Molly step out of the shower and put a towel on. So, she was sinking to my level.

“Woah!” I dramatically responded, shielding my eyes. “What are you doing?”

“Oh, hey.” Molly responded. “Well, since you’re going to be stubborn about leaving the washroom door open, I figure if it’s good enough for you, it’s good enough for me. Why, is this bothering you?”

I stopped shielding my eyes to look at her. She was covered with a towel, and her beautiful red hair was wet and clinging to her neck. Her brown innocent eyes were looking up at me, daring me to make the next move. As was often the case, I could feel my erection growing. But still, something was missing from this picture.

It was clear in the washroom. Molly liked her showers as hot as mine. “Why’s there no steam?” I asked her.

A slight fear spattered across Molly’s face like her freckles. “What?”

“You just finished your shower, right?” I asked. “After all, you just walked out. Shouldn’t there be more steam?”

“Well, that’s why the door is open.” Molly defended herself. “You had a good idea.”

“Yeah, but there’s no steam.” I replied, coming into the washroom and looking at the mirror. My own reflection and a nervous minx stared back at me. “When I had the door open after my shower, the mirror was still steamed up. What’s up with that?”

“What are you trying to suggest, Aaron?” Molly asked with some heat to her voice. “Did I actually not have a shower or something?”

I turned to face her. We were right next to each other. She looked up at me with this faux confidence, but underneath I could see a different beast, a more shy one. Shy but playful. She wanted me to take her.

I took a slight step towards her. “I’m just saying maybe you wanted to be caught like this.” I replied in a low, confident voice. She stepped back, matching my step. I stepped towards her again. “Maybe you were hoping I would see you.”

“And why would I do that?” Molly asked, her voice noticeably quieter.

“Maybe because you knew the sight of you like this would drive me crazy.” I replied, my voice wavering with my lust. “It would make me do crazy things.”

“What kinds of things, Aaron?” Molly conituned, her voice just above a whisper. She was now against the wall.

In response, I dove into her neck and peeled away her towel with my hand. Molly didn’t resist at all, instead moaning loudly as soon as she felt me make contact. I instantly began sucking and biting away at her neck as she fumbled with my pants, trying to take them off as quickly as possible.

I broke away from my neck and smiled ominously at her. “You can’t help it, can you? You want me so badly.” I told her.

“You can’t help it either.” she replied breathlessly.

“Then give in. Tell me to take it.” I replied, working my shirt over my head.

“Take me, Aaron. Fuck me like a wild animal.” Molly almost moaned, her eyes fluttering, her voice dainty yet thick with lust.

I finished taking off my pants and underwear in one motion before telling her, “Gladly.” I dove back into her neck, this time grinding up against her, my erection rubbing against her sex. Molly moaned for me, grinding back against me wildly as if her mind wasn’t even working at all.

Neither of us could take this teasing for very long. Neither one of us was in the mood for foreplay this time. The foreplay had lasted weeks. We just wanted to fuck, and we just wanted to fuck each other. I took my erection in my hand and guided it up to her, looking into her eyes as I did so.

I grinned as I saw her eyes were closed in lust. I angled my body upwards as I slipped inside her, and Molly’s eyes flew open as she groaned loudly. My hands switched to gripping Molly’s hips as they worked their way towards cupping an ass cheek in each hand.

“Trust me.” I grunted. Molly got the memo immediately and relied on my strength as she hugged me with her legs. She she pressed her legs into my back, I slipped in more and more until I bottomed out. Then we both started to move our hips. I was fucking Molly against the bathroom wall.

We couldn’t bring ourselves to be subtle about it. Molly was right, it was nice to lose yourself to your hormones and go mad with your urges. Both of us were grunting and moaning loudly as I bagned her against the wall, using my strength to its greatest ability. Molly was lost in her pleasure and I was marking her as mine. This felt so good. This felt so right.

“You can’t resist me, don’t even try, you fucking slut.” I breathed, feeling the madness of lust go to my head.

“You can’t resist fucking me either.” Molly grunted back through gritted teeth. “Ream me, use my body, you despicable man.”

I picked up speed as I grunted right back into her ear, “Don’t lie, that’s what you want me to do. You want me to use you. Tell me.”

“I want you to use my body, Aaron.” Molly grunted between moans. “You’re such a fucking awful person. You’re taking advantage of me.”

“You’re taking advantage of me too, Molly.” I grunted as I pumped in and out of her, over and over. “Tell me to stop if you want me to.”

Molly said nothing and just kept groaning as we ground up against each other, her wetness speaking loudly enough for her. She wanted this, and she wanted this badly. We were both waiting for this for way too long.

Molly wrapped her arms around me as she looked me in the eyes. Her eyes were wild, hungry. “Kiss me, you motherfucker.” she breathed. I never heard her talk like this before, but in my current state, it only excited me. I leaned forward and obliged, pushing her against the wall for support as one of my hands daringly moved up to grip the back of her head. Passionately, like lovers, we made out as we fucked like mortal enemies.

Eventually my other hand was starting to hurt, so I gripped her ass with both hands again as I began to pick up speed. As I quickened, I realized I didn’t have a condom on and abruptly started to slow down.

Molly groaned. “What are you doing?” she half-whined in desperation.

“I’m not wearing a condom.” I practically breathed.

We shared a beat. “Oh.” Molly simply said. “Uh, yeah, good call.” By this time, both of us had stopped, and clumsily, I let her feet fall to the ground as I eased my grip on her. My erect cock fell out of her as we regained our composure.

“So, uh… wow.” I awkwardly started.

“That was something.” Molly agreed. “It looks like you were right.”


“We’re weak. We can’t not have sex.” she added, trying not to care too much about what she was saying.

“So… what then… what should we do?” I asked. “I mean, we said that-”

“No sex, yeah.” Molly finished. “I have no clue.”

“Does it feel like I took advantage of you again?” I asked, worrying for the worst response.

“Kind of, yeah.” Molly replied. “I don’t think I liked it. Except I did. Except I didn’t.” She buried her head in her hands. “Ugh.”

“Molly, it’s okay, we d-”

“Don’t.” Her head re-emerged. “You, uh… don’t… don’t feel guilty about this, okay?” she clarified. “You were right, I waited in here after my shower for you. It’s stupid to just blame you, I get that. I just… wow… I’m so… fucking messed up.”


“No, Aaron, I-”

“Stop interrupting me.” I firmly stated. “Molly, if we can’t stop, there are healthier ways to go about doing this than avoiding each other and avoiding sex or something.”

“So what, we have to fuck out this aggression?” Molly asked me.

“Maybe? I have no clue. But we should be honest and admit we’re fucking each other and can’t really stop.”

“Okay.” Molly conceded, wrapping herself back up in her towel. I took the hint and began to put my own clothes back on. “I’m going to my room.” she added, hastily making her way out of the bathroom.

“Wait… “ I held up a hand, and she hesitated. “What happens next?”

Molly shrugged again. “Whatever happens. Use your best judgment.” she answered plainly before disappearing inside her room. She didn’t even bother turning on the light.

I sighed to myself. Yeah. Whatever happened next would happen next. I wasn’t a fan of my best judgment, but with the good and the bad of what was happening, I guess that would have to do.

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