Open Minds leads to Open Hearts 2

Open Minds leads to Open Hearts 2

Part 2

Chapter 1

Kyle and Bella did reduce their time together, since their morning on his couch when she showed up with the damning report and pictures from the private investigator.

About the only time they spent together was when they went over plans for the remodel. It was killing them that they couldn't touch or show any affection towards each other. But it was for the best.

Kate took the news well. She was glad, in fact, because she had started hating her father, with her birthday being the final straw that broke the camel's back.

Bella and Kyle would text or talk nightly though, using those throw away phones. They talked mostly what was happening on the breakup front. Reg had received a registered letter.

She told him how Reg was actually relieved by this, since he had been wanting to end their marriage as well, but was waiting for Kate to graduate. He didn't know yet about the pictures, for that was her ace in the hole if he gave her any push back.

She told Kyle they were going to meet that coming Saturday to split up everything, but he did agree already to her keeping the house, since it was paid for already.

Her lawyer told her to meet him at a public place. That way in would reduce the chance of a ugly scene taking place. Bella said that Reg isn’t the type to show something like that. She is hoping that they can agree on everything that Saturday, then get it into the court and the separation become legal.

Kyle decided to hold off until Bella and Reg could work things out, and he get all of his stuff out of the house, that he was entitled to, or wanted, that Bella agrees too. Kate had been coming over in the evening, with her laptop, showing what she has learned, using the new software. But there was also a change in her behavior too. She was starting to dress a little more like what the teens of her age are wearing. Short shorts, tight shirts that show off her boobs more and if it happened to be a buttoned down style, 3 or 4 buttons undone, showing off cleavage, and no bras either, like her mom. Kyle did notice this and would tell how nice she looked, and even sexy on a few occasions, which made her smile brightly.

She was now also hugging him when ever she first would see him, and always when either would depart for their respective homes. Bella too, noticed the change in her, and was very happy. Then that Friday, they spoke on the phone to each other, like they had been doing of late. Both were in bed and Bella was nervous about the meeting the next day with Reg. They were meeting at this one café, near the center of town, at 1pm. He had texted Bella earlier that day stating he had some legal papers drawn up, for her to look over and have her lawyer look at as well. She wasn’t sure she would be able to sleep, but told Kyle she did wish he was there holding her right now.

About 20 minutes after hanging up, which was well past 11pm, he got a text from Bella. She asked if he was awake, and he replied that he was. He too couldn’t sleep, because he too was hoping that Reg would do the right thing and give her the freedom she so deserves. Bella then texted back to go downstairs by his back door, but leave the lights off, and to wear whatever he had on for bed. That in itself, started making him hard, because she knew he slept naked.

A minute later, the door opened from the patio and in walked Bella. She too, was naked, as she saw him standing by the island. She came to him and fell into his outstretched arms, and hugged him tight.

“I’m sorry I have you up so late. I just needed to hold you and you hold me. But I also needed to feel your skin touching mine. God I hope he agrees to everything, then file this in the courts next week. Then you and I can finally be together… Oh God Baby, you still want me, don’t you? She asked.

Kyle looked her in the eye, and said, “Such a silly question. I’m yours Babydoll, all yours.”

They started kissing now. Both wanting to crawl into each others skin as they did. Her nipples were hard and poking into his chest and his cock was trapped between their bellies. Bella’s hand moved to it and started squeezing it. His hand went to ass and started squeezing her one cheek.

Then Kyle put his other hand on her ass, grabbed both cheeks and lifted her off the ground. She giggled at first, but then moaned as she instinctively wrapped her legs around his waist. His cock was now riding up and down her slit, as he walked them to the couch. Once there, he bent down and slowly released her to the confines of the couch. He didn’t say a word, for none needed to be said.

For the next hour, the couple performed oral sex on one another, with Kyle bringing her off twice as his tongue explored every centimeter of pussy and ass. When he tongued her ass for the first time, she let out a loud moan and yelled “Yesssssssss”. After her second orgasm, she had to kiss him, so she could taste her juices on his mouth and tongue, but then pushed him to the couch and started giving him the best blow job he had ever had. After 10 minutes of bliss, Kyle shot his seed deep into her mouth, and Bella ate it all.

Kyle slid to the floor and pulled Bella in for another passionate kiss, but this time, Bella the last shot of cum in her mouth and shared it with him. Her hand was still holding his cock as they kissed. She wasn’t going to let it go, afraid this could be the last time she would touch it.

“Oh God Baby, that was amazing. Promise me you will never stop doing that to me.” Kyle said.

As she stroked him, she giggled, “No worries there, I love doing that. I love eating your cum too. And what we did after, has me in a very horny state still. But, promise me too, that you won’t stop eating me as well. I think that is the most intimate act a couple can do together.”

“That will never stop Sweetie. God. I love how you taste.” he told her, as they kissed again.

They then ended up in a 69 position and ate each other until they both came together. That was something Carrie and he never experienced, except once, way back in the beginning. When they finished, Bella said she better get back to her house, for it was almost 1am. Kyle walked her home, with oth holding each other as they walked. Bella asked Kyle, as they walked,

“Have you seen how Kate has been dressing of late? No more of those frumpy clothes. She had me take her shopping for a new wardrobe the other day. Liz was with us and helped pick out some of the things she is wearing. A lot of them, she told me later, was to impress you.” Bella said then giggled.

“Oh, I have noticed and I have told her too.” Kyle said.

“Good. I love that she is starting to feel better about herself. By you doing it, give her more confidence too. And, being in full honestly, we made love the other night again, and all she could think of is you and me, making her feel like a woman.”

“Babe? Are you really sure about this?” he asked

“I am very sure of this. I’ll be with her too, and you. But if you don’t want too, we won’t.” she said.

“ I want to as well. I just don’t want anything to come between us. I’m falling for you, big time, and I don’t want hurt like that again in my life” he retorted.

They kissed at her back door, that leads from the kitchen to the patio. “Nothing is going to come between us. Well, unless you she is between us in some kinky sex act. By the way baby, I like being kinky too.” she said, then kissed and entered her house.

Chapter 2

Bella and Reg met at the appointed time. Reg told her about the affair and how long it had been going on, which was close to 2 years. He told her he loved David. Then he handed a folder that the lawyer drew up. Since he was giving her the house, paid, he was also giving her one third of his assets, which came out 1.8 million, and change. He agreed to pay for Kate’s college, no matter where she went. The only things he wanted was whatever was in his office, furniture and books and stuff like that, and the bowflex workout unit he bought last year. The lawyer did tell him that he would have to pay alimony for the next 5 years, all dependent on his salary. When they finished, they actually hugged.

“I’m sorry for hurting you Isabella. But we both need to start new lives. This coming Monday, a moving company will be down to collect my articles and clothing. Would you be a dear and put my clothes in some suitcases, and travel bags, please?”, which Bella agreed to do.

Right after he left, Bella went straight to the lawyers office. He said he would be there for her, when she finished. After reviewing everything, he asked is she was okay with the one third split, and she assured him that she was.

On her way home, she finally cried. Not only because her marriage was shattered, but some of the tears were of joy. Because soon she could be with the man she is falling in love with. After she got back home, she sat Kate down and told her everything. Then she called Kyle and told him. She almost told him she loved him, when she went to hang up, but stopped short, not knowing if he actually felt the same way yet, like she did.

That Tuesday, after the movers from the previous day, took all of Reg’s possessions, Kyle and his team started the demolition on Bella’s Bedroom. He wanted this finished before Christmas, seeing it was now the first week of November. It was a very pleasant day too, sunny and in the mid 80’s. Kate was there too, helping right along.

Kyle had one of the PODS delivered to store any furniture and other belongings from the two bedrooms. Bella had said though, she may buy new bedroom furniture for her room. Kate worked closely with Kyle, trying to avoid his 3 workers. They all thought she was hot, but Kate still acted shy around strangers.

By Friday, the team had all the drywall down and the wall that separated the two bedrooms was gone. A new wall was put in, over in the one corner, for the new master bath. The plumber was coming the next Monday to rough in that plumbing. Kyle had marked out where the shower and sinks were going. When Bella saw the size of the shower, she whistled.

“Damn Kyle, we could fit 6 people in here” she said, then laughed.

“Hey, who knows, we may want to have friends join us” he said as a joke.

“Who knows, we just may. I’m pretty open minded.” she said then giggled. That got Kyle to raise an eyebrow.

It already 4pm, when he sent the crew home for the weekend. Kyle suggested cooking burgers at his place and go swimming. The girls agreed, but then Bella’s phone rang. After hanging up, she had a huge smile on her face. She let them know that she needed to run over to the lawyer’s office, and sign a document that will make her separation legal. Then smiled seductively at Kyle. She then told them to go and swim and get dinner ready, that she wouldn't be long.

Kyle did a quick shower and put on swim trunks, then went out to the pool area, and set up the table for eating later. As he finished up, Kate came up. She had on a blue wrap around throw, that women use to cover up a swimsuit. But Kyle’s mouth hit the ground when she doffed the wrap and he saw her in this bikini.

Her suit was white, but a translucent white. He could easily see her breasts and nipples through it. Looking down at her high cut bottom, that covered only half of her ass, he could make out her vulva. If that got wet, she might as well be nude.

Shyly, she asked, “Do you like?”

“MY God Katie. You look beautiful and sexy.” he told her.

She giggled. “You really mean that?”

“Yes Sweetie, I really mean that” he told her.

“You realize, if that gets wet, you’ll be practically naked?” he asked her.

She got a bit shy, but then said, “I know, but you will be the only man to ever see it on me.

“Let’s go get the plates and napkins, then we’ll swim.” he said, trying to steer the conversation to anything but sex.

Once in the kitchen, he couldn’t help but stare at her ass. Just a little on the plump side, but delectable. He got the plates down and set them on the island. He turned back to the cupboards and Katie was standing right there, and he bumped into her. Her arms went around his neck and she looked at him,

“Kiss me Kyle. Kiss me like you kiss mom.” as her lips moved to his.

Kyle didn’t hesitate, whether it was wrong or not. His arms encircled this young beauty and his lips met hers. For Katie, it would be her first kiss with a male, and a man at that. She’s had plenty of practice with her mom, and with Liz. She and Liz had been experimenting for the last 2 years. At first it was just kissing, but then led to masturbating together, to now full out lesbian love making to one another. But Katie needed to be with a man, and the only man she trust is Kyle.

Their kiss started tentatively, but then escalated into a passionate kiss. From what Kyle could tell, she had some experience with kissing, probably with Bella, but maybe Liz too. As their tongues danced with each other, his hands moved down her naked back to her thinly covers ass cheeks, then pulled her closer to him. His cock already at its biggest was pressing against her mound and belly now.

“Oh My God Kyle, you are so hard. An I feel it?” she cooed to him.

All Kyle could do is nod his head, as Katie’s hand grabbed him through his swimwear. He in turn slipped his hand under her bottom and found her wet slit and rubbed it. But then Kyle stopped and backed away. Katie thought she was doing something wrong.

“What’s wrong Kyle? Did I do something wrong?” she asked with a very scared look on her face.

“Oh God no Sweetie. You did nothing wrong, in fact everything you have done so far is right. But, your mom isn’t here and she wants to be there for your first time, and if we don’t stop now, I am not sure that will happen. You have no idea how beautiful and sexy you are. Plus, your mom and I have not even done it yet.” he told her.

“I know. She shares everything with me, if you didn’t know. You know she is in love with you. If you’re not, then please don’t do anything with her. She has had enough heartbreak, and so have I.” Katie said.

“Oh Katie. I have fallen for your mom as well, and even you. I will never hurt either of you. But, for someone of limited practice, you sure can kiss good.” he told her.

Katie giggled and said, “Please keep this between you and I Kyle, Please?” she pleaded. To which he nodded his head. Katie went on to tell him about how she and Liz have become lovers and have actually fallen in love with one another. She said she hasn’t told her mom yet because of how dad went gay on her, and for her being a lesbian, might not sit well with her mom. She did tell him that Liz’s parents are aware of it and think it is fine. She laughed and said that Liz’s parents are real open minded about stuff, and they even smoke pot at times.

Just as she finished up, her phone beeped, as did Kyle’s. It was from Bella, and she was on her way home with great news and would see them at the pool. Katie smiled and said, “Wait to you see her outfit, it is so sexy on her.

“Katie Sweetie, you really should tell your mom about you and Liz. Mom doesn’t have a problem with gays, it was his sneaking around, and treating her like crap. Your mom will not have a problem with you and Liz.” he told her.

She hugged him again and then told him she was going to finish setting the table. As she walked out the door, she looked back at him and asked him to keep this whole thing between them, for now, then winked at him. Kyle just shook his head, wondering how in the world he found himself with two women wanting him.

Chapter 3

He was fixing the burgers for cooking when he heard a slight squeal from out back. He looked out and saw Bella talking with Kate. Bella had a similar wrap on, covering what probably was a matching swimsuit, if you could call it that. He saw them hug and then kiss, and watched as bella came in to the kitchen, holding a bag.

“Hi Baby. Great news. I’m a free woman.” she said with a huge smile.

“Cameron, my lawyer, got the official separation papers signed off by a judge. All I had to do is go sign them. He is hoping to have this all settled before Christmas, then I’m all yours, if you still want that.” she said, with a sly smile.

“You know I do Baby. More than words can say to you.” he replied.

“Good. Tonight, we can finally make love too. I asked Kate if she could stay at Liz’s tonight, so she is going to find out.”

He pulled Bella into his arms and they kissed. Both moaning as their kiss lasted a few minutes. If Kate hadn’t been there, he wanted to pick her up and take her upstairs and make love the rest of the night and into the next morning. Then Bella stepped back, trying to catch her breath.

“Oh God Baby. We better stop. I want you so bad, it hurts, but I want to make love first. Right now, you have me so turned on, that I want to throw you down and fuck you senseless. One thing you are going to learn, your girlfriend has a big naughty side to her that we need to explore.” she panted out.

“So” Kyle said, changing the subject. “What’s in the bag” he asked.

Bella giggled and pulled out what was in there. It was a black, thong style suit for him. Same material as Kate’s, and her’s, which he hadn’t seen yet. She handed it to him and he took it, then shook his head and chuckled.

“Doesn’t hide much Sweetie.” he said, as he watched Bella take her wrap and remove it from her and let it drop to the floor. Her top was exactly the same as Katie’s, except smaller to fit her size breasts. But the bottom was just a thong, that barely covered her labia. She turned around so he could see the back, which was a thin white cord running up her crack.

“Like what you see Baby? Put yours on for me please” she asked in a very seductive voice.

“Oh Fuck Baby. You look gorgeous. I mean that.” he said, as he dropped his suit to the ground, revealing his hardened member. Then slipped on the new suit. He looked down at it and it contained most of him, except the head, but you could see right through it.

He chuckled and said, “Are you sure you want me like this around Kate?”

“Yes. Why not. We’re all dressed the same way. I think the three of us should be comfortable in and out of clothes together. Unless it is bothering you be like this or even naked around us both. Remember Love, Kate and I are a package deal. We are lovers and best friends, and you are going to be too, with us.” she said as she came up to him kissed him lightly on the lips.

“I do think you need to get in the pool and cool off a little bit though. We’ll have all night to explore and have fun and love each other” she said, as she grabbed his hand and pulled him out the back door.

Once in the pool, they all swam a bit, and luckily for Kyle, his erection subsided some. He did enjoy the view of the two women, since their suits were now wet, and basically see through. He was somewhat fascinated by how Kate was acting. She felt very comfortable around him, almost naked. Although he did see her staring at his cock on a few occasions, as was Bella.

They swam for 30 minutes then got out and Kyle started cooking for them. The girls both busied themselves inside, while he grilled outside. Bella did somment, when she brought a clean plate to him that it was a good thing he had the 8 foot privacy fence, or some beach goers would be seeing more than they had bargained for.

After eating and cleaning up, they sat at the patio table and drank some wine. Kate had asked if they were working tomorrow, even though it was a Saturday. Kyle said, no. He wanted the crews to have a weekend off. Bella inquired if Liz had texted back yet. Kate said that she hadn’t. Since it was almost 8pm, she said that she would try calling her instead. She excused herself to make the call.

“What if she can’t stay the night tonight?” Kyle asked.

“Do you mind if she stays here, because I am spending the night with you Sweetie” Bella cooed in his ear.

“I’m fine with it. She can use the guest room down the hall from us.” he told her.

Kate walked back outside with a dejected look on her face. She told then that Liz had to go with her parents to her grandma’s house this weekend. She then said that she was sorry for screwing up any plans they may have had.

“Bollocks” Kyle said, which made both ladies giggle. “You are not screwing anything up. But, your mom and I are going to sleep together tonight, and we will be making love too. You are more than welcome to stay here with us. I mean it is a fact of life Sweetie, that when a man and woman care deeply for one another, they make love, regardless who is in the house. You will have the guest bedroom, just down the hall from us. In fact, I will feel better knowing you are here, safe and sound with us. I care deeply for you as well Kitten.”

Kate smiled and agreed, and said she would feel better staying here with them too. Bella then asked her to run home, grab some shorts and tops for the both of them, and go into her bathroom and in the one drawer, she would find two new toothbrushes, and lock up the house, oh and bring her purse. Kate was back about 10 minutes later, just wearing a short, silk robe.

Chapter 4

After locking up and showing Kate where everything was downstairs, and then her room, the couple told Kate goodnight. Bella told Kate that if she needed anything, just come get her. Kate just laughed and told her mom that she was pretty sure she could handle things on her own. Both Kyle and Bella kissed her goodnight.

Kyle and Bella entered his bedroom and made it halfway to the bed when Kyle wrapped his arms around her and kissed her deeply. He reached around her and unclipped the top and she let it fall to the ground. Then he pushed the tiny thong from her, letting that hit the floor. Bella then did the same to him and they were both naked.

Kyle had turned the bed down earlier, so he picked up Bella into his arms and carried her to the bed, where he gently lay her on the sheet. He climbed up now and found her legs spread for him. Neither could see well in the darkened room, but he already knew she was beautiful.

He knelt over her, keeping his weight from her and started kissing her lips, then down her neck. As his tongue traced down to her one breast, she stopped him.

“Baby. I don’t want foreplay now. We’ll have plenty of times for that later. I need you in me. Make me your woman.”

He took his erection and rubbed it up and down her already soaking wet slit. Kyle knew he wouldn’t last long inside her, this first time, but he needed to feel her love hole accept his love. Slowly he entered her. With each inch, they both moaned, until he was fully inside her.

“Oh My God Baby. Don’t move just yet. Let me get used to you. You feel sooooooooo good Baby” she cooed in his ear.

As he lay there, he couldn’t even remember Carrie, or any other woman he had been with, feel this good. Her pussy was so warm, and slick, and so tight. He was afraid if he moved, he would cum. Bella too, was feeling similar thoughts, as she has never had a man this size inside her, not even their swing partner, who was a little shorter than Kyle and not as thick. To her, she was virgin, and his for the taking.

She wrapped her legs around Kyle and they started a slow dance of love making. They kissed continually as he motioned in and out of her. Most times when he went back in, she would moan in his mouth. After almost 5 minutes of slowness, she asked him to speed up some. He complied to her request and sped up. A minute later she cooed in his ear, “Oh God Babe, I’m going to.” but couldn’t get the word out, that she was going to cum. Her legs squeezed tightly around his waist. Her hips bucked up and into his pelvis, and her arms were like a vise around his neck. She moaned loudly as she came, then as she was coming back to earth, she softly said,

“I love you Kyle” then kissed him hard.

Bella released her legs and put her feet on the bed, but knees bent. Once she did that, Kyle put his arms around his lover, then flipped them over, so she was on top now. She giggled a little, not expecting that. Kyle loved when a woman was on top. He could last longer that way, but it still won’t take much for him to achieve his own orgasm.

He sat up and looked her in the eye and said, “I love you Isabel. I love you” then kissed her passionately.

He broke this kiss as Bella started grinding on him, moving back and forth. As she did this, he took her one breast into his mouth and sucked it. He could get most of it in too. Then sucked down to her nipple. This made her start pumping up and down on his hardened shaft more. He then switched to the other breast and nipple and did the same, but this time, her body stiffened and she moaned out,

“Oh God Babe. I’m cumming again”

She had stopped moving while her orgasm took hold of her body. Kyle held her tight, as she came again. He could feel her pussy grab his swollen member, as she did. Kyle also caught sight of something. Their bedroom door was a third of the way open, and he saw Kate’s silhouette. With the light from down the hall, he could barely see her rubbing her pussy with one hand and the other pinching a nipple.

Once her orgasm subsided, Bella pushed him back down and whispered it was his turn to give her his seed. She leaned down with him and they kissed more, as his hands went to her ass and held it, as she started pumping on his cock. Within minutes, he could feel his balls tingle and knew he couldn’t last any longer, nor did he want too.

“Oh God Baby. I love you, but I have to release in you”

“Cum Baby. Cum deep inside me” he said in his ear.

He lifted his torso off the bed as he started shooting wave after wave of his seed, deep inside her. Their lips locked together as she started to cum again, right after he started. His muscles tightened, and her body shook as they orgasmed together. It felt like an hour that their orgasms lasted, but was only a minute. Kyle felt that it was the most cum he ever shot in a woman.

They lay there, holding one another, panting, not saying anything yet, just basking in their post orgasmic bliss. Each softly told one another I love you, then Kyle said,

“We had someone watching us.”

“I figured she might. Are you okay with that?” she asked

“Yes. I am fine, if you are.” he said

“I am Honey. She needed to see how a man and woman make love. And, that Sweetie, was the best love making I have ever had. Should we invite her in?” she ask.

“That is totally up to you to ask, and her to accept.” he replied

“You made me a total woman again tonight. If she is ready, make her a woman too.” she cooed and then kissed him.

“Kate. Please come in here.” Bella said, then leaned over Kyle and pushed the button for the table light, next to the bed.

Kate came in, holding the robe closed, showing some modesty. Kyle was sitting against the headboard, as was Bella right next to him. Bella patted the bed, next to her, for Kate to come join them.

“I’m sorry mom. I shouldn’t peaked like that.” as she held her head down.

“It’s okay Baby. It really is. You needed to see how a man and woman make love. And that, Honey, was love making at its finest.” Bella told her.

Bella reached over to Kate and slowly pushed the robe from her body. Kate then helped and removed it and threw it to the floor. She had a small smile on her face. She had dreamed of being with Kyle for so long now. Kyle then got up and said he’d be right back.

“Did I scare him off mom?” Kate asked.

Bella chuckled, “Heavens no. One thing you’ll learn, is that you get quite thirsty having sex. Baby? Are ready for Kyle? Do you want to tonight?”

“I don’t know, I think so, but I am scared mom. It looked so beautiful watching you too. It was nothing like a porn movie.” Kate replied.

Bella laughed, “Oh God no. Nothing is like a porn movie. That is so fake. The only thing real is the actual sex motions and the guy cumming. But, we’ll need to give Kyle some recovery time. Once a man orgasms, he needs some rest time before he can go again. And, the second time takes much longer for him to orgasm, which is a plus for us. I think he put a gallon up in me too. But Baby, if you are not ready, then don’t. This is something you don’t rush into. Why don’t you sleep with us tonight.”

Kyle came back, with a couple bottles of water. He had also turned off the lights downstairs. He crawled back in bed and snuggled up to Bella. Bella then told him of Kate’s fears. He assured her that she never has to do it with him, but if she really wanted too, just ask. Then Kate said to Bella,

“Mom, I have to tell you something. Liz and I are lovers, and have been for some time now.”

“I had a feeling you may be. You were getting to good at your oral skills, for the infrequent times we have done it in the past.” Bella said

“Your not mad, are you?” Kate asked.

“No. Why would I be? Baby, you can’t help who you fall in love with.” her mom stated.

“Well, I just thought because of, you know, dad, going gay and all” Kate said.

“It wasn’t because he found men more to his liking, it was the sneaking around and playing with my emotions that did him in. Look, I am bi-sexual. I enjoy being with a woman, like we have been. I will be honest and tell you I have been with another woman at one time, and loved it. And if Kyle and I reach that place, where there is total trust, I would love to explore that lifestyle again, but only if he wants too.”

They hugged and kissed, then both ladies moved over to Kyle, with Katie kissing him first. This time it was a shorter version of their kissed they shared earlier. She also reached out and grabbed his manhood and gently squeezed it. Bella smiled, as she did this. Bella then kissed Kyle with a long passionate kiss, also squeezing his manhood, bringing it back to life.

Kyle turned off the light, just as Bella and Kate lay down facing each other, holding hand. Kyle spooned with Bella, making sure his cock was seated right in her butt crack. She turned her head and whispered to him, “Put it in and fall asleep in me”.

Chapter 5

Over the next couple of weeks, the couple made sure they spent quality alone time together. Kyle was pushing hard to finish the bedroom and bathroom before Christmas. Bella was even helping, when she could. They made love 4 or 5 times a week, and mixed it in with a few quickies during the day. He even had the girls move into his place while the work continued. Kate had joined them during sex two more times. But this time Bella and her played some, and she let Kyle eat her to an orgasm. Then when Bella and Kyle would fuck, she used her toy on herself. Kate did get to taste Kyle’s cum the second time she was with them. He pulled out and came all over Bella’s breasts and belly, and so Kate licked it up.

Thanksgiving they celebrated at Kyles. All three of them preparing the meal. By 6pm, Kate announced that she was spending the night with Liz. Bella smiled a wicked smile. After Kate left, Bella ran upstairs and changed into a teddy, complete with stockings and high heels. When she came back downstairs and Kyle saw her, his mouth hit the floor. He knew right then he was in for a long night of sex. Love making maybe, but over the top sex, for sure.

Bella’s teddy was red, with white lace around all the edges. The red material was silk, so it hid her assets well. Her panty was a red thong, it too had the white piping around the vaginal cover. She also had black thigh high stocking, and black “come fuck me” pumps.

“Oh Baby. You look absolutely sexy tonight. I feel very underdressed for this evening.” Kyle said.

“Thank you Love. But if anything, you are way overdressed for tonight's festivities, which includes plenty of oral sex and lots and lots of fucking. We’ve made love enough, now you get to have see my naughty side. Hope you enjoy.” she said then winked.

Bella went to her knees and unbuttoned Kyle’s pants and pulled them down. Then removed his boxers, and watched as his cock spang free. She took hold of it and proceeded to start licking his shaft and balls. Kyle removed his shirt and threw it to the floor as he watched his Lover devour his cock.

“Oh God Baby, I love how you do that.” he softly said.

Her mouth popped off of the head and she smiled up, “I love sucking your big cock Baby. Makes me even hornier.” she said as her mouth went back to work, but this time looked him in the eye as she did it.

It wasn’t long before Kyle was getting close to cumming and let her know. She stopped then and gently pulled down on his balls, to stave off his impending orgasm. She stood up now and her kissed her hard. They acted like two teenagers as they stood there and kissed.

Then Kyle picked her up and carried her upstairs to the bed. He set her down on the edge, then leaned over and turned on the nightstand light. He wanted to view everything they did this night. Kyle fell to his knees now and pulled her thong down, and pulled it off her legs and threw it. He spread her legs wide and smiled at the sight of her bald pussy. Then buried his tongue in it.

“Oh Fuck Yesss. God Baby. Eat my cunt.” she yelled out.

Kyle did exactly that. He ate her for the next 15 minutes. Making her cum twice, all over his face. He probed with his tongue and fingers. Licked her ass, which sent her off on her first orgasm, without even touching her clit. Her second orgasm was the hardest though, when he fingered both her pussy and ass, and latched on to her clit.

“That’s it Baby. Right there. Oh Fuck, I’m cumminggggggggggg” she moaned out, as Kyle felt her body shake all over. His face was drenched with her fluids that seem like a fountain had been turned on. After a minute of her cumming, she pushed his head away, because he was still licking her hole.

“Oh God Baby. Stop, Please Stop.” she asked. Then after catching her breath, she said, “Jesus Honey, that was so intense. NO man eats pussy like you do.”

“That’s because you have the best tasting pussy, bar none. I love eating you”, he said as he smiled down at her, as he stood before her.

Kyle waited a minute, then moved forward, gripping his hard cock. He started sliding the head up and down her engorged, wet slit. Every time his cock made contact with her clit, she gasped in pleasure. He did this for about a minute. The lust in her eyes told she wanted it, but he had to hear her tonight, say it.

“Tell me Babe, what do you want? What do you need?” he asked

She looked up at him with a wicked smile then said, “I want that big fucking cock in me. I want it hard and deep. Fuck me until I can’t walk”

Kyle put it in and sank all the way in, not like he normally has done since they first started making love, which was slow and easy. He loved making love to her. Even then she was fiery, yet refrained from acting slutty. But this tonight was special and he was enjoying it.

Bella loved it when he pushed her legs back, so her knees were by her head and he was slamming her hard. She loved the feeling of his balls slapping against her ass with each thrust inside her. She really loved when he came the first time and pulled out and shot it on her belly and mound. The shock was when he licked it up and fed it to her. When he had the last of the batch of baby makers, he kissed her. When he did that, her arms went around his neck and her legs around his waist. His cock, which barely went down, slipped back inside.

“Oh Fuck Baby. You kinky Bugger you. Fuck me more” she yelled.

After almost two hours of serious sex, and a total of 5 orgasms for Bella, and 3 for Kyle, they both lay there panting, like they just ran a marathon. Then Bella snuggled up to Kyle, and he held her close. He loved the feeling of Bella laying next to him, her soft skin against his, even though both were quite sweaty right now.

“That was awesome Honey. I mean it was amazing, and great, and I hope we can do that again soon. You are the best lover a man could ever want.” he told her.

“MMMMMMM it was great, wasn’t it? I mean I love making love to you. You are so attentive to my needs, but sometimes I just need to let loose, and God, we really let loose tonight. You’ll be getting lots more of that. And then, when you licked your cum up and kissed me, Oh Christ, That was HOT. What made you do that?” she asked.

He chuckled, “It was a spur of the moment thing. It just sounded like a good thing to do. Glad you enjoyed it.”

They talked about other likes and dislikes in sex. Both said there isn’t anything they wouldn’t try with one another, as long as they both want to do it, and caused no pain, except, as Bella put it, a good spank of my ass is nice. Kyle admitted that he and Carrie never got that intense before. She claimed it hurt her when they did it hard like that. Bella said that it was a rarity for her and Reg to be like that too. But, when they did swing, Bill, got into it, and Bella loved it that way.

Kyle then asked if she enjoyed swinging, and Bella admitted it was fun, and a change of pace. She went on to tell him about her first time with Rose, Bill’s wife. They were spending the night at their place and they got there around noon, so the guys could go play a round of golf. She said that Rose and her, laid out by the pool. She enjoyed Rose’s company and soon the talk got to sex and what they have done so far, since the paired off twice before.

Bella then told Kyle how Rose asked her if she ever thought of being with another woman. Bella told her that she had and would love to try it. She laughed and said that Rose taught her well, and actually enjoyed Rose more than Bill. Bill rushed things, where Rose took her time, and her oragsms were always intense with Rose, unlike they were with Reg or Bill.

Kyle asked if the opportunity ever presented itself, would she want to swing again. Bella answered truthfully, yes, as long as the woman is Bi, and we share the same room with the other couple. She admitted she loves watching another couple fuck, and she likes being watched. Bella asked the same of Kyle, and he admitted he had wanted Carrie and he to try it, so yes, he would, if the couple suited them.

Soon the couple fell asleep, with Bella firmly in Kyle’s arms, and her head on his chest. They awoke the next morning and made love. Nothing like the night before, but slow and extremely passionate. Then showered and headed downstairs to eat, then enjoy the rainy day that lie ahead of them. They mostly watched movies and snuggled. No Black Friday shopping for them. This was so much better.

Chapter 6

The next week, Kyle and his crew made a lot of progress in finishing the new bedroom and bath. New floors were installed, since the room was painted. Tiling was going in the bath area. By the end of the week, trim work began, which to Kyle, was the end part of the project. Bella decided it was time for a new bedroom suit, and ordered it. It would be there in ten days. She wanted something new, so the old wouldn’t remind her of the past life.

That next Saturday, Bella, Kate and her friend, Liz were going Christmas shopping. It was the first time that Kyle had met the young woman that Kate cared deeply about. She stood about 5’ 7, weighed about 140, not fat, but big boned, but wore it well. C cup breasts, and a lovely ass, in Kyle’s mind, and great, muscular legs and had a deep tan, like many blonds have. Her blond hair hung down to the middle of her back, and today, had it in a ponytail. After introductions were made, with Kyle expressing to Liz to call him Kyle, and not Mr. Weber, Bella and Kate gave him a kiss and off they went.

In the car, Liz said how hot Kyle looked and told Bella, or as Liz called her, Mrs. K, that she was a lucky woman. Bella smiled, thinking she has no idea how lucky she is. It occurred to her too, that Kate must have said that they are now seeing each other. But hoped that Kate kept her mouth shut to the fact that Kate has joined them in bed on a couple of occasions now. Especially the part where Bella ate Kate as Kyle fucked her from behind, which instantly made Bella wet. Kyle even ate Kate that night too, but she still wasn’t ready for him entering her with his cock.

The girls shopped all over the place, and made a few purchases in a lingerie shop. Sexy bras and thong panties. Liz said she had to buy her mom some too for Christmas, from her dad, because he wasn’t sure of what she would actually like. By the looks of it, thought Bella, she had the same taste as her, going for the sexy and seductive style. Bella chuckled though the one time, when she overheard Liz tell Kate, as she Kate showed her this thong she was getting,

“MMMMM. Can’t wait to remove that with my teeth.”

Bella acted like she didn’t hear that, as to not embarrass Liz, or Kate. But it did start turning her on some. Bella also bought Kyle some items too. New slacks and shirts, for going out, a new watch, the smartwatch type which is all the rage. Kyle wears this old timex, so something sleek was needed for non work times, oh and a 18 inch gold chain. Bella thinks men wearing gold around their necks is sexy. Then the girls decided it was high time they got their belly buttons pierced. They had been talking about doing it for a while now. They even talked Bella into getting hers done as well.

While they were shopping, Kyle was working on putting up the trim in her bedroom. He was now hoping they could finish up the following week, and by next weekend, Bella could be back in her bedroom, a place that she and Kyle had yet to make love in. When they did sleep together the whole night, it was at Kyle’s and Kate slept in the guest bedroom, when she wasn’t with them enjoying some fun.

The girls arrived back, somewhere after 6, and stopped and picked up pizza for dinner. Kyle was already finished and just got done showering, over at his place, when his phone beeped a message from Bella saying they were home and to come eat.

After they ate, and cleaned up, all three of the girls were in the family room giggling. Bella told Kyle to sit down, that they had something to show him. All three stood in front of him and then lifted their tops, just enough to expose their belly buttons, and the new silver post.

“Wow ladies. Those look sexy. I mean that.” Kyle said. They all agreed too, saying it made them feel sexy as well. Then Kate asked if Liz could spend the night there, with her. Bella had no issues with that, but suggested that they call Kelly, Liz’s mom, to make sure they are okay with it. Kelly was fine with it, and Liz laughed after hanging up.

“Bet mom and dad will be swinging from the ceiling tonight, without me around.”, and Bella asked what she meant.

Liz giggled, “Oh, they’ll be running all around naked and having sex all over the house. I hope when I am that age, I love sex still as much as them.”

Bella just laughed but said nothing to that comment. She knew Kelly and Ray, from school functions. Both are an attractive couple, and she could picture those two fucking, just like Kyle and she often do. If Kelly was like her daughter, and liked women, she would enjoy being with her. And Ray, who is pretty hot himself, would be fun to fuck, she bet.

Bella and Kyle decided they would sleep at his place tonight. Bella told the girls to make sure they lock up once they leave and if anyone calls, or comes to the door, don’t answer. And if they needed her or Kyle, just call, and when they awake in the morning, come over for breakfast.

After the first round of love making. Bella ask what he thought the girls were doing right now. Kyle laughed and said he had no clue, but would guess pretty much what they were doing, minus some equipment. Bella went on to tell him about what Liz had said to Kate in the one shop, about removing this one thong, with her teeth. Bella even told him how turned on she got, when she heard that, and was now turned on again, and told Kyle to mount his woman and fuck her good.

By that following Thursday, they had finished the upstairs project. The new bedroom suit was to arrive the next day. Kate already had it planned where everything was to go. What Bella loved most was the French Doors that opened to the balcony. That and her new bathroom, which was huge. Compared to the bathrooms they had in the house. She couldn’t wait to shower with Kyle.

The couple also talked about inviting Liz’s parents over for dinner, that Saturday. Since the house would be back together, for now, she felt it was okay to entertain. Her tree was up for Christmas, and all construction stuff was put out in the garage, because Kyle was going to wait until after New Years to start the kitchen. Bella made the call that evening, and Kelly said they’d love to come over, and especially meet this man that Kate, and now Liz, gush about.

Kate had only a half day of school that Friday, and rushed home, since they were to arrive around 1, with the new bedroom units. Kyle had left that morning. He wanted to give her space and show that he trusted her judgment with decorating. Kyle did some Christmas shopping, and went to the bank to pull out cash, for the Christmas bonuses he liked to hand out. Since it was a very good year, his two crews of 4 were getting a grand each. Plus he is giving Katie a grand as well. She helped a lot during this whole remodel. Kate even told her mom she needed to leave for a few hours, so she could do this.Of course, Liz was going to be with her as well. Anymore, those two were inseparable.

Kyle phoned Bella to see what they should do for dinner. Bella said she would handle it, and would get them chinese tonight. Kyle got home first, and then Bella a good 10 minutes later. When he saw her pull in, he went over. Kate and Liz were sitting in the kitchen waiting for them. Bella started to go upstairs, but Kate stopped her, saying they were hungry. So Bella, anxious to see it, gave in with a grunt.

After dinner, Kate took her mom upstairs, after blindfolding her. Liz and Kyle followed behind, with Kyle being last and was admiring Liz’s round butt, as she climbed the stairs. Once in the room, Kate removed the blindfold, and just like on TV, Bella squealed with excitement.

Her new bed was a four poster, with the post almost 7 foot high. It was a king size bed. Her other was a queen. It was positioned against the one wall, so when laying in bed, you could view the ocean through the French Doors. Bella had not even thought of that placement. She was going to go with how she used to have, except more centered against that wall. But this was so much better. She loved everything that Kate did, down to the flowers in a vase, and how she had the lights in the ceiling on for mood lighting. Then they went into the bathroom and gushed over that. She was holding Kyle’s hand then as they looked around. Kate and Liz were holding hands too. It was their first public display of affection.

Bella looked up at Kyle and said, “MMMMM I think we need to try the shower out later”

Kate giggles and said, “Hey. Can we try it out after you two?”

Liz giggled too but through them all for a loop when she said, “Why not all four of us at the same time. Sure is big enough”

Bella didn’t say anything, but just smiled. But she thought, “you little tart. You just want to see his cock, or both of us naked”, but then spoke. “I don’t think so tonight girls. You can share the other bathroom”

Then Bella saw what was strung across one post of the bed to another post. It was string, and on attached to it, in the middle of the section was mistletoe. Bella laughed then pointed it out to Kyle, who just smiled and shook his head.

“Nice touch Darling.” she told Kate.

“I thought so too. They’ll be plenty of kissing going on this holiday in that bed, plus some other things” she said which made all three women giggle.

Bella looked at Liz and asked, “So did you two try it out?”

Liz, who Bella has known for years, and knows she has no filter on anything, stated boldly. “Why of course. But watch yourself Kyle. Don’t be sitting on that bed with me, or you will have to kiss me too.”

That night, Liz stayed over, and so did Kyle. His first time sleeping at Bella’s. Although Kyle and Bella subdued their passion for loudness, they still rolled around on the bed like two young lovers without a care in the world. The girls didn’t care either that the other couple could hear them as they made love to each other.

Chapter 7

Kelly and Ray came over right at 7pm that next night. Kelly wore a festive Christmas blouse, instead of one of those sweaters, and a black pair of slacks, that really showed off her ass. She was 5’ 7, and probably 150 lbs, but like her daughter, not fat, but all the right curves. She had beautiful blond hair, that was shoulder length, and gorgeous blue eyes. Ray was a very handsome man in his own right. 6’, 180, blond, looked like he worked out. He owned his own insurance business and has been quite successful.

Kelly and Bella have known each other for years, but only saw one another at school functions. Reg wasn’t the type to mingle with neighbors or anyone for that fact. They brought over two bottle of wine for the occasion. The girls told them that they were going to a movie and would see them later.

The guys settled in on the couch and started watching a bowl game that was on. Bella and Kelly caught us on happenings going on with others on the island. Then Bella ask if Kelly wanted to see the work Kyle had just finished with. Of course, Kelly was all for that. She said she was in need of some remodeling at their place. Once upstairs, Kelly was in awe of his work.

“Oh My God Bella. This looks fantastic. He does excellent work. Please don’t take offense, but he is gorgeous too.” she said

“No offense taken. He is gorgeous and great with his hands, and other tools.” Bella said making a sly comment.

Kelly chuckled and said, “Oh I bet he has a nice tool you can use.” then both women laughed.

“Honestly Kelly. Ray is gorgeous too. Actually, you both are” Bella said, trying to feel out how open they are.

“Well, Thank you. I guess us pretty people need to stick together. Lots of fun that way.” Kelly said as she looked up at the mistletoe. “Oh my God, is that mistletoe? She asked.

“Yeah. Kate put that up there. Like I need a reason to kiss Kyle.” she said laughing.

She then showed Kelly the bathroom and the huge shower.

“My God, you could get ten people in there. I bet four would be fun” Kelly said and winked at Bella.

Bella took a leap of faith and said, “I know and I’d like to find out one day too.”

“Hey. Count me in on that.” Kelly said, and Bella let a small smile came across her face.

Kelly then asked if they played cards. Bella said she knows Euchre, rummy, and poker, but doesn't know what Kyle plays.

“ Well let's see if they'll play some rummy instead of watching those football games” Kelly said.

They were a good hour into playing. All four were having a good time, and Kyle felt at ease with their new friends. It was then that Kelly spoke up about the girls.

“ Can we talk about the elephant in the room, the girls?”

Bella told them that she is fine with it and you can't help who you fall in love with. Seeing that they both are 18, no one can tell them what to do, but Bella said she told Kate to be discreet about it. Kids can be so mean at that age, especially the closed minded one’s. Kelly and Ray both agreed with her, but Kyle didn't say anything.

Then Ray asked, “ No thoughts on this Kyle?”

“ I'm not a parent like you three are. So I shouldn't say anything. But if I was her parent, then I would echo Bella's reasoning, and I prefer they do stuff in the comfort of home, where no one can see or hurt them.” Kyle said.

“Oh. But I think you are a parent to her. She adores you Kyle, and totally respects you, from everything she says to us. And the way you two look at one another, we all can see you are so deep in love with each other. So your opinion counts with us.” Kelly said, then continued.

“And, I, or we, should apologize to you guys. We have known for a while now about them, and have given them the freedom to explore their relationship. None of us know if it will last, but if it does, then I am 100% behind them and would welcome Kate into our family with open arms.”

Bella smiled and said, We too would welcome Liz into our family as well. She is so good for Kate. And since Kyle came into our lives, she has really opened up more, at least around us, and it seems around you two as well. About the only thing I can think of that might be a bummer down the road is not having grandkids in later years.”

Kelly chuckled and said, “Yeah, I thought of that too, but there is adoption, or artificial insemination too. Of course there is one guy they would gladly let help them out, and that’s stud man right there:, she said pointing to Kyle’. Kyle’s face got crimson red then.

“Oh, I can think of one more too, sitting opposite of Studly. I’ve heard the girls talk and they both think Ray is Hot too.” Bella said, then laughed because Ray also got red.

Kelly patted Ray’s arm and said to him, “Remember Babe, they say incest is best”, which made all four of them laugh.

“One more thing you guys needs to know. I think you can tell that Ray and I are a free spirited couple. I guess you could say Hippies of our generation. We enjoy pot on occasions, and we are nudist at home. Up until recently, we always had clothes on when Kate would be over. But a couple of months ago, Liz talked to her about it and she said she would be fine going “au natural” as well. I hope that does not make you upset Bella?” Kelly said

Bella chuckled, then told her, “Oh God no, I’m not upset. When Reg was out of town, Kate and I always went naked around the house. Reg thought that was absurd and wouldn’t even think of it. Maybe if Kate was a boy, then he would, seeing he likes dick better. But we too, have been going “au natural” as well, even with Kyle around. Although, when Liz is over, we don’t”

Kelly laughed, “Shit. You mean to tell me we could have been naked tonight? What a bummer for us.” which made them all laugh.

“Easy Dear, maybe next time we get together, we’ll enjoy that. We would actually like to be with others of the same mindset. I think I can safely say that the four of us get along pretty good and we are attractive, so no one would be grossed out. We actually went down to the Caribbean one time and hung out on a nude beach. You’ll see every walk of life then, and trust me, some people should not be naked in front of others.” Ray stated.

“I know this week is Christmas, so maybe next Saturday, you guys come to our house. This time dinner and maybe we’ll enjoy the hot tub. I think I can safely speak for Ray, but we really enjoy being with you two. This was fun tonight.” Kelly said, and Ray nodded in agreement.

Later that night, at Kelly and Ray’s, the girls were in a 69 position bringing each other off. Then snuggles up to one another. As they lay there exchanging I love you’s between them, they could hear Kelly and Ray enjoy themselves as well.

Liz giggled, “wouldn’t it be cool if our parents got together sexually? God, that would be so hot to watch. I mean our mom’s alone would be hot to see, since they are both bi, and probably don’t even know it about the other. But God, I really want to see Kyle’s cock. Fuck, I really want to fuck him just once, that is, after you have.”

This time Kate giggle, “ Oh God, you are so bad. But I do want to feel a man inside me at least once Baby. But no one is going to replace you. I love you too much. To be honest, I would love to have your dad too. God, he is so sexy and I have seen his cock too, and we’ve both been in bed with our respective parents to know what love making is about. Pull out the strap on and fuck me please Lizzy!”

Down the hall, Kelly was on top of Ray, for their second round of sex that evening. The first time was so and easy, but Kelly was pretty horny tonight and needed more. Ray was more than willing to help her out.

“They really turned you on tonight, huh Babe?” Ray asked his sexy wife.

“Oh God yes. Had we all been naked, I would have fucked Kyle and Bella senseless. They also seem receptive to the idea of being naked with us and from a few sly comments upstairs, when I was alone with Bella, swinging could be a possibility too and I think she is Bi. Think you would like to feel this hard cock of yours slide inside her hot, tight pussy?” Kelly asked.

“MMMMM You know I would Baby. She is quite hot. And I know you’d love to feel Kyle’s hard cock stretching this fine pussy of yours as well. It would be great if they are the couple we have been looking for. Have fun with them, do things together, then enjoy sex with them. ….. No more talk woman, fuck me. Fuck me hard”

2 Miles away, Kyle and Bella were just starting their second round, after some intense love making. Bella too, was on top, after Kyle flipped her over without even pulling out. He could feel his and Bella’s cum draining down his balls.

“Oh Fuck baby. I am so amazed how you never go soft after the first time. Did you enjoy tonight, like I did?” she asked

“Yes I did. They are a fun couple, and Ray and I get along great. It would be nice to have close friends like them, since we really don’t have any.” Kyle said.

“Yes, I agree. But are you open enough to share with them too? They both turned me on tonight and I think Kelly is Bi too. God, that would be so great if she was. I would love a girlfriend like that. That is if it wouldn’t bother you.” she said looking down on him, while moving her hips back and forth on his cock.

“Yes baby. I told you before, I’d like to try it, and to be honest, I think it would be pretty hot to see you and Ray fucking, while Kelly and I fuck right next to you. I bet you’d want to lick her pussy after I came in it, wouldn’t you?” he asked.

“Fuck yesssssss to it all. Now fuck me Baby. Fuck my hot cunt” she yelled out.

Chapter 8

Christmas Eve night, Kyle, Bella and Kate watched movies together. Liz had to be with her parents at Kelly’s mom’s house, a tradition they always do. As was their custom any more, they were naked. Kyle had basically moved in with the two. They had talked about it and once the divorce was final, which was coming the next week, he would moved his clothes over and into the smaller of the two closets he had installed. To most of the outside world, they would say it is too soon for that to happen, but these two knew this is what they want.

Earlier that evening, Bella talked on the phone for almost an hour to Kelly. That had started talking almost daily now, since the Saturday they spent together. They did find out they did share many of the same likes in life, not just sex. Kelly even invited her to this art class she was taking, which sounded real good to Bella. Both women admitted that they had no close women friends, who they could confide in. They did make plans to go to lunch on that Thursday, the day after Christmas, just them.

Kate was trying hard to get them to open presents that evening. She still had that little kid in her, but it was also different this year, because Kyle. Kyle treated her so much better than her dad ever did. In fact, she didn’t like Christmas all that much. Mom used to make it special, but her dad wasn’t a fan of the holiday. He didn’t believe in God, so why celebrate and be hypocritical. She was super excited about the gift she was giving her. Even though Bella paid for the watch, it was Kate that picked it out for him.

It was just after 11 when Bella said, we’d better get to bed. As they locked up and turned off lights, Kate asked if she could sleep with them tonight. Neither Bella or Kyle thought anything of it, when they said sure. In the past, when Kate shared their bed, Bella was in the middle, but tonight, Kate took that spot.

“Mom. I love being with you too, like this. You both make me feel so wanted and loved. I love you both so much too. And Kyle, I wish you were my dad. You make me feel so safe, and I feel your love for me, like you would never let anyone, or anything hurt me. My real dad never made me feel that way.”

Bella’s heart broke at that comment, but also made her heart swell with love that she accepted Kyle in that roll. She too, wish that Kate was Kyle and hers. She knew deep down that when she first met him, that he was a special man, and that Carrie had no clue how special he was.

“Kitten, I will always protect you and be there for you, no matter what. You are very special to me and I do love you, just like I love your mom.” Kyle said

“To be honest Kate, I wish too, that Kyle was your real dad. He has shown more love to the both of us, in these last 5 months, than Reg ever did in the twenty years I was with him.” Bella said.

“Well, if you ever marry mom, can I call you Dad, or maybe even Daddy.” she said, but the way she said daddy sounded almost seductive.

“Oh there is no if’s about that. If I could, I’d wait until she was done in court with the divorce, then go see another judge and marry us.” he said.

“Oh would you now Lover. Well I want a proper engagement before I marry you mister.” she said in that proper English accent. Like she was part of the royal family.

“In fact, how many do you know that would allow you to lay with two beautiful women on a Christmas Eve, professing love for each other. None that I could think of, except in this bed.” Bella stated, but then giggled.

“Oh” Kate said as she watched Kyle and Bella turn to their sides and looked at each other, and then held hands, with their hands resting on Kate’s belly.

“I know another family that would. I shouldn’t tell you this, so please keep it between us, but sleeps with her parents too. Kelly and Liz are like us mom. And her dad even does oral with her, but he won’t put it inside her. She so desperately wants that too. Maybe the six of us should move to an island somewhere, then no one would care what we did.” she said chuckling.

Kyle pushed Bella’s hand to Kate’s mound. Kate got the idea and started rubbing it. Kyle took a nipple in his mouth then. Bella did the same to the other nipple, which sent shock waves through Kate’s body.

That wasn’t the biggest shock for her yet. That happened when Kyle moved between her legs and spread them wide and started eating her. “Oh God” she cooed out. Bella worked her clit, as Kyle licked her wet slit.

This went on for a few minutes with Kate squirming

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Oh how Love Has Sharp Claws Part 3

I stared at him with confusion spreading across my face before I said, “You are a what? Darren gave me a Cheshire cat smile as he replied, “I am a Lemurian.” I crinkled my eyebrows as I frowned at him. With that grin plastered to his face, I could tell he was loving every minute of my confusion. Finally, I couldn't take it anymore, and had to ask, “What the hell is that?” That smile of his grew bigger into a 'I have a dirty secret that I want you to guess' smile as he replied, “Oh this is going to...


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My best friends sister_(3)

My best friends sister My name is bubba. Im just your average 16 year old teenager going through all the hormone shit teens go through. Im 6,6 and no in the best shape of my life. My life can be a living, breathing hell from time to time. Enough about me. Im going to tell you a story about my sex life with my best friends sister. I think of them as my second family because ive known their whole family since 5th grade. It was a bright morning for a soon to be shitty Saturday. My friend’s family was invited...


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Bob Sluts His Very Willing Trophy Wife

BOB SLUTS HIS VERY WILLING TROPHY WIFE THE VOLUPTUOUS COCK RECEPTICLE: Bob looked out through the front window of his home and watched his wife, Vicky, guide her luxury sports car up the long circular driveway and park it just past the front door. When the Jag stopped she got out and he watched her preposterously well built body undulate around the rear of the vehicle and start towards the front door, swaying provocatively on her 5 inch, stiletto heeled boots. It was a prick hardening sight to see. She was dressed in an absolutely skin-tight orange jumpsuit that was one...


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Bikini heaven

This is the second story in the series, ‘Soaked through’ is where it all begins...... The evening past with a lot of confusion, Debbie came back downstairs after she had dried off and changed. She wore her usual baggy indoor slobbing clothes and she acted as if the events that had just occurred after het soggy arrival home from school didn’t happen. I wasn’t sure if I was to talk about it or not, seeing as I was supposed to be the guardian, the responsible one. As the evening drew to a close we both said our goodnights and went off...


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The Ravager - Part 1

The novel wasn't capturing her attention as much as she'd hoped. Distracted, she flipped through the pages. Gayle Thomas checked the time on her watch, an expensive little golden gift from her husband. One of his many gestures to soothe the pain of his long business absences. Once again, Jeremy had left her and their daughter Amy alone for an extended time. The watch read 11:43. Amy was still out. Movie with some of his friends, he'd told her. She wished she didn't worry so much. Amy was a good boy and already eighteen. What could he possibly get up to...


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