Working With Walker Pt. 2

Working With Walker Pt. 2

I woke up to something warm and wet on my dick. I rubbed my eyes and looked down to see Walker sucking my hard cock. His lips wrapped around my shift, his head bobbing up and down. It felt so fucking good!

Before I fell asleep last night, I had a thought that worried me. That maybe it was the booze and the hormones that got the better of us. I was hoping Walker wouldn't wake up this morning with regret and confusion. Or worse, anger and shame. But waking up to the sight of sober him moaning and sucking my cock made all those worries disappear.

I run my hands through his hair, letting out small moans. I move his head up and down, guiding his mouth along my cock. For someone who's never done this before, he's picking it up pretty quick.

"Good morning to you too." I joke. "I guess you didn't get enough last night?"

"Mmm-mmm." Was all he could say with my cock in his mouth.

Works for me. I sit up to grab his legs and pull him toward me. I get him on top of me and put his legs on both sides of my head so we can 69. He hasn't taken his mouth off my cock the whole time I'm rearranging him, so I don't waste time as I take his hard cock into my mouth and suck it for all it's worth.

We were sucking each other for several minutes when I got a little daring. I was playing with his ass while I was sucking him, then I had an idea. I stopped sucking to get my finger nice and wet with my tongue. Once I got it wet, I went back to sucking his great cock and started massaging his hole with my tongue. After a few more seconds, I started to slowly push my finger in. He winced at first and tightened his hole, but eventually relaxed and let me continue. After a few minutes, I was fingering his ass faster and deeper and he was loving it. His moans were much louder now, even if my cock in his mouth was still muffling them.

The combination of me sucking and fingering him was too much. He took his mouth off my cock and said "I'm gonna cum!"

So I kept at it. After about 30 seconds, he let out a VERY loud moan as he shot rope after rope of cum down my throat. I greedily took it all, savoring every drop.

After he calmed down from his high, he went back to focus on me. After maybe 2 more minutes, I announced I was cumming and he kept his mouth glued to my cock so he could taste his reward. And he did. Once I came, he managed to take it all this time. Swallowed every bit of cum I had to give. After I finished cumming, he kept his mouth on my cock, licking and sucking up all them cum. Then he moved up to me and gave me a kiss. I kissed him back, giving us both a taste of each other's cum.

Once we break the kiss, we look at the clock and see it's almost noon. Then it hit us. Shit! All our clothes were still scattered around the living room. Surely someone had come home by now.

We both get up and I get to the door first. I open it slowly and quietly to peek out. When I look out, I first notice it's quiet. I also didn't see anybody out in the living room.

"I think we're good." I say to Walker.

With that, we both slowly and quietly tiptoe out to the living room. We pass Tyler and Grant's rooms, both of which had opened doors. They weren't there. We make it to the living room, still not there. I look out the front window. I see my car on the street, but only Walker's car in the driveway. Coast is clear.

"I don't think they've come home yet. Is that good?" I asked.

"Beats me." Walker said. "But I guess we can relax a bit now."

With that, I gather my clothes and start putting them on. Yes, we're still here alone, but I should still be dressed for when they do show up. Better safe than sorry. Walker took his clothes back to his room and got new clothes on. We both walked to the kitchen and took out some leftover pizza from the other day and devoured it very quickly. Sucking cocks really works up an appetite, so it seems.

It hits me again that last night was Walker's first real sexual experience of any kind. So I figured I should probably ask him about it. See where he's at with it all.

"So how are you feeling about last night and this morning?" I asked.

"I feel great!" He says as a big smile cracks across his face. "I enjoyed it very much."

"Good. I'm glad." I say as I smile at him.

Walker then says, "I've been so curious about guys for so long. I always thought you and Tyler were attractive. I figured if I was ever going to experiment, it would be with you or him."

He brought up a good point. "Speaking of Tyler, why didn't you ever try experimenting with him? He's cute and he's gay."

"Well, we live together. If it didn't work out, it would be very awkward. And if it was bad enough, one of us might consider moving out, and I just didn't want to chance that."

"Yeah, fair point." I tell him.

"But I'm glad my first time was with you." He says as he leans in and kisses me. I kiss back.

We break the kiss. I look at him and say, "Me too."

He smiles and we go back to kissing. Our kisses turns to making out as our tongues probe each other's mouths. I move my hand down to his ass and give it a firm squeeze.

He breaks the kiss again and says, "I liked what you did."


"Putting your finger up there. It hurt a little at first, but then it felt really fucking good. Almost as good as you sucking my dick."

I smile. "Well, we can try the real thing next time if you want."

He visibility got excited. "Yes! I've been wanting to try that. And after last night and this morning, I want you to do it."

With that, we went back to kissing. The lust and passion was building up. My hand went back to his nice ass as his hand went to my covered cock.

He started massaging it when we heard a key go in the front door lock. We both stop and immediately back off each other just as Grant walked in. We greeted Grant as he walked in, trying to conceal out raging hard-ons.

We asked what he was up to. He said he went out of town and stayed overnight at a friend's house since he didn't want to get back here so late. Then we asked about Tyler. He said he talked to him earlier and he picked up an opening shift at the theater, so he's at work now.

"Oh, really?" I say. "Did he stop by before work? I don't think either of us saw him."

"Couldn't tell you." Grant replied. "I'm sure if he did, he just came in to get dressed into his work clothes and left."

I was a little concerned now. The couch was right in front of the front door, so we definitely would've noticed him walking in. Maybe he came by when we were sleeping? Did he see us?

I tried to put it to the back of my mind, but it was difficult. Grant then went to his room to change. Walker looked at me and his eyes widened.

"Do you think Tyler came home and saw us?"

"I don't know." I replied." If he did, he would've said something, right?

We both were a little panicked. We weren't ashamed of what we did or anything. Far from it. But I don't think either of us wanted any of it to be out yet. I'm bi, but most of my family is old-fashioned. They wouldn't get it, and I didn't want to deal with that just yet. And Walker is just figuring his sexuality out now after last night. It's safe to say we'd both rather keep this private for now.

After a little while, we started worrying about it less and less. Tyler isn't here and there is nothing we can do right now. Grant came back out and said he was heading out to work. When he left, Walker and I turned on his Xbox and played some games for a while. After an hour or two of playing, we heard a key in the lock and the door swung open.

Tyler was home….

End of Part II. Let me know what you guys think and I'll work on Part 3!

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