Laura the Babysitter - part 1

Laura the Babysitter - part 1

This is part one, ill get part 2 up soon.


Jake sat in his room, watching a bit of porn on his computer. Whilst watching a black women play with her dark cunt he was rubbing his cock through his pants. He took out his dick and started feeling it up and down with his left hand. He felt good having his 6.5 inch cock in his grasp, as a 15 year old he had been masturbating for a few years now. Taking great pleasure at watching naked girls and stroking his young cock.

“Jake, we’re leaving. See you next week!” Jake’s mom shouted from the bottom of the stairs. Jake’s parents were about to leave on a one week business trip. Leaving Jake at home with a babysitter who was due to arrive in an hour. She was a woman who worked at mom’s business. Jake thought her name was Laura, but he couldn’t remember properly. Jake put his cock back in his pants and closed the web browser. He went downstairs to say goodbye to his parents. After that he sat down on the couch and ate some potato chips whilst watching some lame TV show. About an hour later he heard a car drive up on the car park. He heard a door slam and soon after the door bell rang. Jake stood up and walked towards the door, through the window he saw a black haired woman. She looked about 25. Jake opened the door and greeted the babysitter, “Good evening, my name is Jake.”

“Nice to meet you Jake, my name is Laura,” Jake was surprised, he actually remembered her name. The woman entered and leaned over to put her bag down. Jake looked at her, her round ass faced him, and Jake could see the outline of a thong through her tight pants. Jake poured Laura a drink and they both watched the lame TV show together. Laura then got up, “I’m going to go make dinner, it’ll be ready in half an hour or so.”

“Okay, well I’m going to take a shower now, just call me when dinner’s ready.” Jake stood up and walked upstairs and into the bathroom, there was only one bathroom functional at the moment because the toilet downstairs flooded last week. He took his shirt of and looked into the mirror, seeing his slightly muscular torso. He took his pants of and turned on the shower. It would take a minute before it would heat up so Jake got a towel from the closet. Once the shower was steaming Jake took down his tight black boxers, exposing his now flaccid penis, his pubes and his hairless scrotum underneath. Jake had never shaved his balls, but somehow they always remained smooth. Jake stood under the shower letting the warm water do its work. Jake’s penis slightly elongated but remained flaccid, his scrotum also began to hang looser. Small streams of hot water poured onto the shower-floor via Jake’s foreskin. Jake thought of Laura, imagining what her ass would look like in that thong. Jake’s penis began to harden, his head began to swell up rapidly, stretching his foreskin slightly. Jake’s cock started to point upward and was about 6.5 inches, usually its maximum but the heat from the shower sometimes let it grow longer. Jake’s head continued to enlarge, becoming even thicker than his already thick cock. Jake’s textural veins began pulsating as he applied some soap to his cock and started stroking it calmly.
“Jake, are you in there?” Laura’s voice sounded urgent.

“Umm, yeah…” Jake stopped stroking and just held his cock in hind hand.

“Can I come in? I really need to use the toilet. I promise to be quick and not to look.”

“Umm ok,” Jake panicked “the door is unlocked. Just come in.” Jake put his right hand around his hard cock trying to hide it, and his left hand tried to hide his scrotum. The door opened and Laura came in, she quickly proceeded to the toilet and did not look at all. The toilet was directly opposite the shower and Jake could still easily see Laura through the transparent glass of the large shower cabin. She stood with her back to the toilet, ready to sit. She pulled her pants down, revealing the front part of a white thong. Flowers embroidered on the thong hid the possible presence of a camel-toe. After lowering her pants Laura grabbed the sides of her thong with her index and thumb, she pulled them down. A large triangle of pubes appeared which covered the area above Laura’s clit. Jake watched in awe as Laura sat down and started peeing. He gripped his penis a bit harder, increasing the tension on his rock hard shaft. Laura looked up, trying to find the toilet paper. She saw Jake standing in the shower, his hands covering his privates. Although she couldn’t exactly see his penis he did see Jake’s head because his hands weren’t big enough to cover his whole penis. Laura saw it was uncircumcised, the first uncut penis she had ever seen. She grabbed some over the toilet paper and stood up slightly. She put her hand under her vagina and dried herself with a quick sliding motion. Jake could see Laura’s pure white pussy lips parting slightly as the paper applied force to them so they could be dried. Laura stood up, pulled up her pants and left the bathroom. Jake took his hands of his cock and looked down; his head was thicker than ever and a few drops of precum dripped of his foreskin. After the shower Jake went to his room and dried himself of. His penis was still hard, he didn’t even have to rub it to make it feel good. The sensation Jake got from watching Laura was good enough to keep it hard and pointing upwards.

KNOCK KNOCK, Laura knocked on Jake’s door. When she got no immediate response she peeked arround the corner of the door. Inside the room stood Jake, drying himself of, Jake turned to see who was knocking. Ofcourse Jake knew the only person who it could be was Laura, so he didn’t bother to cover his rock hard boner. He quite liked it when he saw Laura gaze up and look at his cock while she was on the toilet. “Dinner is ready now, get yourself dressed and get downstairs.” Laura tried desperately not to gaze downwards. Although Jake was only 15 there was something about his penis that demanded her attention.

“OK, ill be right there.” Jake dried his shaft as Laura walked away, he didn’t know if she had seen it completely now.
Laura had made some rice and strips of bacon, it tasted quite good. “Im sorry if I made you feel awkward in the shower. I don’t know if you noticed but I saw you trying to hide it.” Laura said.

“No, I didn’t feel awkward… You didn’t see it did you?” Jake tried to act as prude as possible.

“Well, I saw your head. You didn’t quite cover it up correctly, it was a little too big and… never mind, it’s just that I want to make an agreement with you. I’m sure we will have some shower problems again because the other bathroom isn’t working. So, if you won’t tell your parents about what happens here then I won’t tell them either. Agreed?”

“Agreed,” Jake’s penis was tingling “I do have a confession to make, I saw your private parts too when you took of your pants and when you dried your lips. Im sorry.”

“No need to apologize, and the upper part was mostly covered by hair anyway.” Laura scooped up some more rice and bowed forward so she could shove it in her mouth. Jake could now look into Laura’s shirt. Not only did she have a pretty pussy, she had a gorgeous pair of breasts too.

After dinner Laura was going upstairs to take a shower. Jake was planning to make use of the opportunity in order to take a look at Laura. He didn’t want to rush in too fast so he waited a while before knocking on the door. Meanwhile Laura had gotten undressed, she observed her self in the mirror. She saw a beautiful young woman with small perky breasts with small pink puffy nipples placed on top of them, pointing forward. She looked down, a slightly hairy bush was covering her pubic region. “Damn, I got to shave.” Laura said to herself. She got out some shaving cream and applied it to her pussy. Then she shaved it, leaving only a small triangle above her clit. Then she heard a knock on the door, “Umm, sorry to disturb you but I have to take a pee.” Jake said.

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