New life part2

New life part2

I have been Jack’s 13 year old whore for a month now. Since he raped me in the gutter the night after my parents died and I was left alone we have moved into an apartment. The video he had made of “Big Jack”, his 10 inch penis, taking my virginity and then my being gang raped repeatedly by his gang mates sold for a mint so he was able to pay the rent and buy me some clothes to help with business.

When he raped me he thought I was 16 or so – it wasn’t until after the gang rape I told him I was only 13 – I told him so he would let me go but instead all he saw were dollar signs; lots of perverts want to fuck kids and they will pay heaps to do it. The type of men Jack whored me to liked little girls who cried and got frightened so I was perfect. He dressed me in clothes a 5 year old would wear and since every customer acted out raping me – the clothes were only ever worn once. I had always dreamed of falling in love and loosing my virginity to my husband on my wedding night – not to a dirty old man in a gutter who would become my pimp and owner who loved men doing perverted things to my body while he made videos he could sell for heaps. In a month I had become quite the internet sensation of those who liked fucking kids.

I had never told Jack my name – it died with my innocence as far as I was concerned and so he called my Gilly to clients and ‘Fuck’ when we were alone.
“Come here Fuck – get me a beer Fuck – suck my cock Fuck – lick my balls Fuck “

If I ever thought he was being too nice to me he would do something to remind me he was boss. We were walking home one night and I was act actually laughing and starting to enjoy his company. The next thing I knew he walked me over to a homeless man lying in the gutter – not far from where he had found me.

‘On your knees fuck and suck his cock’ I looked hurt and then looked at the homeless man who was asleep – or drunk or both. I hesitated. Whack.
“I said now fuck” He pushed me to the ground. I crawled over and amongst the filth I found the man’s zipper and undid it. I found the filthiest penis I had ever seen but I knew what I had to do. I put my mouth over it and sucked it into my mouth. I sent my mind to a tranquil place and got on with the job of sucking cock. I felt it growing hard in my mouth while the stench of urine and shit made it hard not to wretch. The man woke up and realising he was being watched while a little girl sucked his filthy cock he started to smile.

“Take you clothes off Fuck” I took off my clothes while continuing to suck, tears rolling down my face. I was naked sucking a homeless guy in the gutter while Jack watched. I knew he had the video camera going as well.

“Slide his cock into your cunt Fuck” I stopped sucking and then straddled the homeless man who was smiling lewdly as I slid my little girl cunt onto his filthy cock. I slid up and down as I had been taught.
“Aww shit the kid is fucking me – aww shit I’m gunna cum – it’s so tight aw shit fuck I’m blowing me load in a kid” I felt the man cum inside me and felt cum sliding out of me.

‘Now get off him Fuck – and lay down in the gutter with your legs open. Mate the cunt needs to be pissed on – use her as a toilet” The man stood up and held his cock as he let a gigantic stream of urine flow over my face and body. He laughed and so did Jack but I just stared. Jack was not going to let me be happy.

Jack pulled me to my feet and pushed me in front of him. He made me walk home naked covered in pass and cum.
“Fuck you have a job now and the party wanted you filthy – you will walk into the bar across the street. It is full of perverts. The first one paid me to have you full of cum and covered in piss – he wants to lick it all off you and then the rest of the perverts want to use all your holes and fill you up. This will all be done on the bar with an audience. You got that Fuck??/” I nodded as I walked naked into the bar with Jack and his camera following.

The first guy found me and picked me up placing me on the bar where he started licking me all over. He had my legs spread wide as he found my cum filled cunt and sat at the bar drinking greedily as I stared at the ceiling above me. There was sexually charged silence as the entire bar watched him. He sucked and sucked and then something strange happened. My body started to feel hot and a tingle went through me and before I knew what was happening my cunt was twitching and I was moaning. I had had an orgasm and I had no clue – I just know I felt good. Jack was laughing as he filmed my confusion
“Fuck you just came you little slut – who knows you may just enjoy your new life”

I was totally humiliated but despite this the continued licking and sucking of my cunt sent me over the edge again. My body had betrayed me. Jack continued to laugh as I was dragged by the hair from the bar and was subjected to another gang rape. One pervert dragged my pussy onto his cock while another forced his cock into my mouth. Fingers were being forced into my ass and all around other perverts were holding their cocks in their hands waiting to fuck the child whore.

Jack continued filming as my body was violated, filled and covered with cum. I tried to remain passive but despite my best efforts my body kept cuming and I found myself eating cock hungrily and wanting the cocks in my body to fuck harder and harder – what had I become?

The night wore on and I found myself straddling a huge cock while another cock was being shoved into my ass – I screamed with the pain but the cock in my mouth muffled my cries and my body was wracked with pain as the three cocks fucked me in unison. These were grown men – middle aged and not all that good looking fucking a small girl with small budding breasts and just a hint of pubic hair on her child like cunt. They were all perverts. Despite the pain I experienced such powerful orgasms I passed out. When I woke I was on the bar; an old man drinking greedily from my pussy and ass as I had another orgasm– Jack was getting it all on film.

He took me home; carrying me as my legs were too weak and then he laid me down on the bed. He laid down next to me and began to caress my abused body. He kissed me softly and then started laying gentle kisses down my throat to my small nipples. He took each nipple into his mouth as if it were the most precious thing in the world and caressed it with his tongue. My body shuddered – what was happening? He continued his kisses down to my abused cunt and then he gently licked me – so gently I almost couldn’t feel it but I could feel the warmth of his breath. He licked and sucked gently until my body could stand no more and I experienced multiple orgasms while he help his tongue gently on my most sensitive part. As I shuddered he raised himself up and for the first time in my life I felt what it was like to have a man slide his cock into me gently. At 13 I should not have known what a penis felt like let alone have fucked one but in the last month I had been fucked roughly by men who liked to abuse children; probably over 100 and now I was feeling what it felt like to have it slide in gently. He slid in and out – breathing heavily and kissing me on the lips. He held me as our bodies rocked in unison – the heat building and I was surprised when I found we were both moaning. Jack had been fucking me since he raped me but it was always rough and he never moaned or kissed me. His tempo increased until his face grimaced in what looked like pain – he was coming and so was I. We came together and it was amazing.

“I love you Fuck – I love watching you – I love fucking you – God help me I’m a sick bastard. I never touched a child till you – I thought that was so sick but I love fucking you – I love watching others fuck your little girl body – I love your body filled with old man cum – I love that you are a child and men fuck you. Fuck you have changed me - I want more.” I was beginning to feel happy but then…..

“Fuck I love fucking you so much I never want to fuck a woman again – I want to find more little girls – I want to fuck them – I want “Big Jack” to make them whores and I want you to help me.” I was crushed.
‘I want more than that as well - I want you to learn to fuck animals – we can make a fortune – can you imagine it? A child fucking a donkey, a dog – and how about a fuck show with you fucking little boys or having kids fist you? Oh Fuck you have made me so happy – and Fuck we can be so rich. I love what raping you has done for my life Fuck – you are the best.”

He was happy – but just for a moment I thought he really loved me – but it was only what having a child men could fuck could do for him. And now he wanted me to do even more perverted things. I looked at him – he was smiling – he was the best I had – the closest to family I had. I closed my mind and eyes and slid down to his pelvis taking his flaccid cock in my mouth and gently sucking till I fell asleep.

I would take what kindness he could give me while my life lead me to the very edges of perversion and beyond.

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